Chapter 210: Irregularities of the Forest Part 3




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Are you awake?」


The lamia struggles wildly as soon as she opens her eyes, though Mack pins her arms behind her back while I smile and pretend to soothe her by lightly caressing her pretty lips with my hand.

「Relax, we don’t intend to do anything to you. I just want to talk.」

Of course I would like to use her hole if possible and have that thin and long tongue unique to snakes licking my dick but if I brought that up in the beginning, I’m sure she would complain, which is why I won’t say anything for now.

「What do you mean talk…… and why are you touching my boobs?」

As I thought, this lamia is sensitive, I was secretly rubbing them lightly and she realized right away.
I won’t beat around the bush then.

「You have such nice breasts. That and we’re looking for someone. A young girl wandered into the forest yesterday, do you know anything?」

The lamia awkwardly averts her eyes.

「I- I don’t know anything. Absolutely nothing at all.」

「「You know something, don’t you. Tell us.」」

My voice overlaps with Mireille’s
I won’t let her talk her way out of this.
Let me pinch her nipple.

「Hyaa! Why would you squeeze the tip…… fine, I get it.」

She slaps away my hand and wriggles her body to get free from Mack. She may be a monster, but she’s someone who we can get through to using speech.
I tell Mack to release her arms.
The muscular man reluctantly lets go…… oh yeah, this guy is also quite the womanizer if I recall.
He might have been enjoying the soft feeling of her skin.

「Well, speak up, what do you know?」

「……you see, I hate goblins and don’t eat them because they stink. I’m unlike my friends.」

What does her eating preferences have anything to do with what we’re talking about?
I can’t let the comment about her friends pass by though.

「That’s why I always grab fruits from the trees to eat…… but it was hard for me to find any, which is why I went all the way to the outer parts of the forest. And then, I found a human girl, you see. She was being chased by goblins.」

We just saw the overflowing amount of goblins.
In the first place, isn’t it because of the lamia that the goblins went to the outer parts of the forest?
After all, it seems like lamias catch goblins and eat them from what she just said.

「And then I chased the goblins away quickly…… captured the human girl and……」

「Don’t tell me!」

Celia’s face turns pale.

「Well, you don’t often catch human girls after all, they’re soft and don’t smell bad…… and they just scream deliciousness!」

「She was eaten……」

So the outcome was a bad one.
There’s no point blaming the lamia now though.

「I see…… we can’t do anything now that it’s too late. Could you at least return the items she had on her? We have to explain what happened to her mother.」

While getting flustered from the harsh stares of everyone except myself, the lamia pulls my hand to show me where the items were.
She’s quite understanding, I’m sure we could have gotten along better if she didn’t eat that girl.

She leads us to a cavity in a large tree which she made as her home.
I was worried that there would be other lamias since she mentioned friends but she apparently lives by herself.
It wasn’t a large space at all, but the lamia deftly maneuvers her body to fit inside.

「These are the clothes that girl wore.」
「Nngh? Nnn!?」

What was handed to us were neatly folded clothes without a single rip or stain on them.
If we show this to the mother, I’m sure she’ll be able to let go.
Now that her daughter has been eaten, I don’t know if she’ll let me sleep with her though…… it can’t be helped.

「I’m sorry, but I have to live too so I needed to eat the meat.」
「Nnnn! Nnnnnn!」

「I know. That’s why I’m telling you as another human, please don’t eat any more humans in the future if you can avoid it. If you have to eat another human, then let it be a filthy man instead of a girl.」

「Mm…… I’ll keep that in mind.」
「Nnggoh! Nnnnngh!!」

Something’s been making noise in the back for the past few minutes now.
Just when I managed to convince this lamia too.

I take a peek so I can say something to that person and see a naked girl who is gagged and tied up on the ground.

「Nn? What’s wrong?」

When the little girl sees me, she groans and wiggles her body desperately while tears are running down her face.
She didn’t have the luxury to hide the small mounds on her chest and the thin pubic hair just starting to grow from her private part.

「Who is this girl?」

「The girl we were talking about just now, I’m going to eat her now.」


I exhale a single breath, then realize.

「If she’s alive, then say so!」

I grab the lamia’s cheeks and pull them hard.

「Uuu…… my dinner.」

The lamia slumps her shoulders dejectedly, while the little girl hides behind my back and gives the lamia a threatening look after putting her clothes back on.

「Don’t eat girls, in return I’ll give you Christoph.」
「You’re horrible!」

At that moment, something happened in the forest.
There was a beast-like cry and many sounds of vegetation being pushed aside…… and then occasional agonizing cries of death.

「What was that!? I’ll check it out……」

Mireille makes a move to go outside but gets wrapped up by the lamia.

「You can’t go out now! It sounds like my friends are hunting. If they find you, they’ll definitely attack you as well.」

「I-I get it, so stop coiling around me. I still have some traumatic memories.」

The lamia leads us to a place where we can look outside.

「That’s right, you did say you had friends.」

「Yeah, I have a little bit of an issue so that’s why I’m living apart from them, but all of the others live together. I think they must have found a horde of goblins or something.」

If they’re attacking goblins, we don’t have anything to do with them.
A group of big-breasted lamias are pursuing goblins? ……move it Kroll, let me see first.

Outside, the goblins are fleeing while throwing the sticks and spears in their hands.
Behind them should be the group of lamias…… lamias…… lamia?

「Hey, what’s that?」

「Can’t you tell by looking? They’re my friends?」

「No, I can’t tell.」「What are they……?」「This is horrible.」「I’ve never seen monsters like that.」

Everyone else also express their disbelief and shock.

「What? They’re half human and half snake.」

The problem is with which part is human.

Chasing the goblins in front of us are a group of monsters firmly planting their two legs into the ground as they give chase.
The problem is that the other half of their bodies above their chest is a long snake head stretching over two meters high.

The monsters hiss as their heads extend and bite the goblins to gouge out parts of their bodies.
The zigzagging movements of those heads is really creeping me out.
Not to mention the group was made up of a mix of males and females, so while some may be running with their boobs jiggling, others are also running with their dicks swinging around.
They have a mix of obese bodies and muscular bodies too.
What a wretched sight, I don’t want to watch anymore.

「I’m the only one…… who’s strange. Everyone’s upper half is properly a snake and I’m the only one whose lower half is that of a snake…… I may be cursed.」

「No, they’re the ones who are cursed. Without a doubt.」

If the first female I met looked like the others, I think I would have cut her down mercilessly.
Lamias are monsters but these things are another kind of monster. [1. Nat: he uses “mamono” to refer to the lamia while he uses “bakemono” to refer to the other things]

「That’s why it’s hard for me to live together with everyone.」

Be confident in yourself, they’re the ones in the wrong.
You clearly look like what a lamia is supposed to look like.

「Um…… I’d like to go home now……」

The little girl pulls my sleeve apparently wanting to return home quickly…… well, that’s natural.
However, I still didn’t get to touch the lamia’s breasts enough and haven’t gotten to try out her hole either.
Does anybody have a good idea how I can do that?

「Hey…… you took away my dinner so I have a request.」

「Nn? A request?」

When the lamia opens its mouth, the little girl and Mireille hide behind me.

「We originally lived deeper in the forest, which is closer to the heart of the forest, you see. Over there, we have plenty of fruits and bird eggs so I never worry about food.」

Fumufumu, how nice.
Humans don’t really go deep into the forest either so both sides can’t interfere with each other.

「Until…… that thing appeared and changed everything. We had no choice but to escape to the outer parts of the forest and eat the goblins that lived here.」

I see, something chased the lamias out here which in turn chased the goblins closer to the city.

「You seem really strong so could you defeat that thing? That way, we can return to living deep in the forest and we won’t have anything to do with humans anymore.」


I thought about it a bit but I don’t have to protect the peace of the city.
We completed our objective of rescuing the little girl so we don’t have to do anything extra.

「I’ll properly thank you too.」


My body twitches in response to that word.

「Aah, it’s happening again……」
「Further into the forest, right…… we’ll get ready.」

Mireille and Celia resign themselves and start making preparations.
I haven’t even decided whether to do it yet.

The lamia spreads open her arms.
Of course she wasn’t wearing anything on her upper half so her breasts are exposed for me to see.

「I’ll give you anything. I don’t know if there is anything here a human might want though.」

There is.
There is a beautiful woman’s body here.

「Preparations to sortie, right?」「Hey, hey, is it going to be alright?」「I retrieved my wooden stick…… this stick and lid are my weapons……」

Even the guys are getting ready.

「If I defeat that thing…… will you let me do whatever I want with your breasts?」

「My boobs? It’s not a huge deal, sure I don’t mind.」

It’s decided, still I learned from Claire that I need to be greedy at the start when I negotiate.

「Not only your breasts, but will you let me lick your entire body…… and rub my dick on you too?」

「D-don’t say such weird things…… I don’t care either way.」

I still want more though.

「Can I stick my dick inside that hole and stir it up too?」

「That I won’t do.」

「Kuh! So I’m really not cut out for negotiations after all……」

I’ll just stick it in when I’m doing the other stuff.

「Alright. You know where that thing is, right?」

「Yeah, it’s where we originally lived. There’s no way I’ll get it wrong.」

So that’s decided.
That reminds me, I haven’t heard her name yet.
Do lamias even have names?

「My name? It’s &%$#@.[2. Nat: literally a bunch of random symbols]」

Snake sounds…… something I can’t hope to pronounce.
Of course it would be, those snake people are the ones using that name after all.

「I’ll call you Lammy from now on.」

Hey Celia, don’t look at me as if that name wasn’t given much thought.

「Uuuu…… is the lamia coming along too?」

The little girl we saved is scared.
I can’t blame her, just a little bit longer and she would have been eaten.

「Don’t worry, just stay behind me. I’ll protect you.」

I hug the girl and whisper in her ear.
As soon as I did so, the stiffened body of the girl relaxed.

「Okay…… I’m in your care.」

The little girl becomes shy and turns red, what a tender attitude.
Even though we just met 30 minutes ago.

「Hugging her when she’s scared to death, huh……?」
「That’s the most common way to make a girl’s heart fall for you. That’s incredible if he didn’t aim for it.」

Shut up, we’re heading out.

The place we are heading is darker and deeper into the forest, but with Lammy’s guidance, we were able to unwaveringly reach our destination.

「That’s…… a pretty big flower.」

That place is amongst the many dense and rampantly growing trees, yet it was as bright as day.
In the central area is some relatively tall grass and right in the middle is a beautifully blooming flower.

「No, it’s too big. That thing is at least two meters.」

「That…… is the reason we aren’t able to live here.」

Compared to all of us who are looking at the flower with curiosity, Lammy’s face is dyed with hate and anger.

「So we just have to pluck that thing?」

That seems like a fairly easy job to get her body.
If she put out such a request to the city, all the men would probably flock to complete this task.

It happened when I left Lammy, who was making a big deal out of nothing and hiding, and headed towards the central area.

「Aegir-sama! Something is coming!」

I duck my head after being warned by Celia.

There was an annoying screech and then several goblins appeared, with the one near the center being especially larger than the others.
That must be a hobgoblin.

「Let’s clean this up quickly. They’re in the way.」

「Please wait. Something doesn’t look right!」

Looking at them again, they seem to be unsteady on their feet and are heading towards the large area in the center.
It was as if something was drawing them in.

When the goblins approached the central area, a clump of grass moved.
Something from the middle of the large blooming flower rose up.

「The flower…… moved!?」
「That is the true form of the thing that chased us out…… it’s a terrifying monster.」

Something squirms up from the center of the flower and takes the shape of a woman.
It has green-coloured skin and hair like an ivy plant but its form is still reminiscent of a naked human woman.

「A woman…… mggh!」

Foreseeing my actions, Mireille and Celia closed my mouth.
Thankfully, that made it so the goblins or that flower didn’t realize our presence.

「That thing lures you in…… watch closely.」

We do as Lammy says and stare at the scene while hiding our bodies.

The goblins unsteadily walk closer to the green woman.
Their sexual desire must have been stimulated as all of their nasty genitals are erect.

When they got close enough, the green woman brings up some plants at the bottom of their feet.
Those tentacle-like plants seem too thick to be ivy and they have some weird mass attached at the tip.


Gido and Mireille express their distaste.
The vegetation is sucking the goblins’ erect penises.
In response, the goblins groan and vigorously swing their hips.

「Hey…… why do I have to watch these goblins fuck some plant?」
「Shh! You’ll understand soon.」

Since Lammy says so, I guess I have to continue watching.

After receiving pleasure, the goblins collapse on the spot and another tentacle-like plant sprouts up.
This one has a considerable thickness and it almost seems like something will grow from the tip.

The tentacle opens its mouth and drools some strange fluid on the head of the one of the goblins.
As soon as the liquid makes contact with the flesh, it makes a loud hissing sound like when hot metal gets submerged into water and then the goblin starts to melt.

「Uwaah!」「That’s its digestive fluids……?」

The entire goblin quickly dissolves and loses shape as heat vapor rises from the body.
A little while later, an extremely bad stench wafts towards us positioned some distance away.

The mysterious thing was that none of the goblins in the area or even the dissolved goblin himself let out a scream.
It was as if they were broken inside, mindlessly swinging their hips as the tentacle sucked at their crotches until they finally melted away completely.

「It draws prey towards itself like that…… and then dissolves them. Several of my friends were done in the same way.」

「An Alraune…… it’s the first time I’m seeing one.」

Mireille seems to know only the name of the monster and nothing about the details.
While we’re watching, the alraune dissolves goblin after goblin until not a single one remains.

「We can’t face that sort of monster. Let’s pull back.」
「No way, this isn’t what you promised! In that case, give me back my dinner!」

Celia and Lammy argues with each other.
It just means I have to avoid charging into that strange thing.
That tentacle doesn’t move quickly anyways so I won’t get hit with its digestive juices if I’m in a normal state of mind.

I stand up with my spear ready and head forwards at the Alraune.

「Ah! Y-you can’t!」

Lammy screams out something but there shouldn’t be any problems.
I’ll clean this up quickly and return.
Even though it has the form of a woman, it is ultimately just a plant.
If it had bigger boobs, I might have hesitated though.

The alraune turns towards me after noticing my presence and directs her tentacles in my direction.

「Even I’m not foolish enough to copulate in a place like this.」

I swing my spear and cut down the tentacles easily.
Will it be good enough just to cut down the main body?

When I approach, a bunch of yellow flowers sprout out and start waving.
I don’t know if that’s supposed to be a white flag, but I don’t intend to show any mercy here……


All of a sudden, my thoughts start to be distorted.
I immediately think it’s some sort of illusion magic but my consciousness is clear.
The only thing I feel is this overflowing lust which I can’t do anything about.

It could be an animal or a hole in the ground, anything would be fine as long as I can stick my dick inside and release my semen.
Nothing is touching my dick but it’s gradually increasing in size and eventually I could hear the sound of cloth being torn.
My pants rip and my dick pops out.

In front of me is a swaying tentacle.
It looks meaty and soft…… I wonder how nice it will feel if I put my dick in there.
For some reason, I feel as if I’m forgetting something important, yet my hand naturally reaches for the tentacle, then guides it toward my crotch.

「Don’t! There’s no going back once you insert yourself in there!」
「Aegir-sama, I’m coming now!」
「Everyone, we’re going to save him!」

I can hear the voices of Celia and the others.

「You can’t get close to it! If you inhale the pollen, you’ll become the same way! It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female!」
「Then what can we do…… at this rate-」
「Kuh! If only my bow was broken……」

This is bad, the only thing I can think of right now is making myself feel good.
Both my hands grab the tentacle and I push my dick against it.

「Huh…… it’s narrow…… it won’t go in.」

With my dick enlarged more than usual, this tentacle is too narrow for it to fit.
The Alraune thinks for a bit before sprouting another large tentacle about three sizes bigger.
Thanks, I think I should be able to fit inside this one.

Right when I thought I was going to start feeling good, I feel an impact on my back.

「Come to your senses!! What are you doing!?」

The one who tackled me was Kroll. Don’t bother me.

「No good, huh…… eeerrr, I’m sorry!」

Unbelievably, Kroll kicks my dick from the side.

「Guooooh! What are you doing!?」

「Ooooow! Why is it so hard!!?」

Kroll falls and rolls on the ground while holding his shin in pain.

The pain caused me to snap out of the daze I was in.
After slapping my cheek, I ready my spear and charge forward again.

「I know you went to a lot of effort to prepare it for me, but I can’t let you use it!」

When I cut the tentacle with the digestive juices which was rising up, it let out an indescribable shriek.
Continuing forward, I rush towards that monster’s main body.

That thing reactively brings its yellow flowers out…… the same yellow flowers which turned me crazy.

「I won’t fall for the same trick twice!」

I swing my spear horizontally while covering my nose with my sleeve, the sliced yellow flowers drifting harmlessly to the ground.
It gave off another resounding shriek.

I’ve got this.
As I felt that and raised my spear for another strike, I received a bad premonition and jumped backwards.

In the next moment, something popped up from the place where I was just at.
What erupted from the ground looked like a tree root but the end was replaced with a sharp blade.
I have to be careful of whatever is lurking underground too.

「I have to save Aegir-sama!」

Because the flowers were gone, Celia and the others can rush in together.
Oh yeah, I wonder why Kroll was not affected by that pollen.

「Take that!」

Celia’s knives fly one after the other toward the main body of the alraune.
It was able to defend using its tentacles, but it still felt pain when the knives cut through any of them.
Celia’s attacks weren’t for naught.

To counterattack, a tentacle was swung at Celia’s head, though she jumps back to dodge, doing several somersaults before using her sword to cut the tentacle which struck the ground when it missed.
What an impressive move.

「Christoph! Roll to the right!」

Right after he dodged, digestive juices sprayed on the spot he just vacated.

「Christoph, duck!」

A tentacle swings right over his head.

「Christoph, yell!」
「Uooooooooh! Hey, does this actually do anything?」

It’s for pumping you up.
Attacks are being concentrated on him, but that meant that the attacks directed at the others decreased.

「Nnun! Nunn!」

Mack is using his mace to crush the roots which emerged from the ground.
His muscular strength destroyed root after root, reducing the total number which sprouted up from the ground.

「Sorrah! On the left!」
「Two from the right!」

Gido, who lost his bow, and Mireille are back to back fending off the attacks from the tentacles with their swords.
Tentacles are coming at them one after the other, but it’s not like there are an infinite number of them.
Ten of them have already been cut down so the alraune will run out of tentacles eventually.

「Aim for the part that looks like a human! My friends told me that is its weakness!」

Lammy slithers on the ground so a battlefield where roots and tentacles are dancing wildly around is not compatible with her.
Which is why she was tasked with guarding the little girl and giving advice.

「I see.」

I’ll finish it off while everyone is drawing its attacks.

Another tentacle sprouts out when it sees me approaching, but I’ve already gotten used to its movements.
I twirl my spear to deflect any attacks and continue charging forward.

The alraune lets out a high-pitched scream which you would not expect to come from a living thing.
After doing so, the parts that made up both of its arms transforms into vines thicker than those we’ve seen before and attacks me.
I can’t view this thing as a human no matter how I look at it.
I can cut it down without any feelings of regret.

My thinking was to first cut down both arms before moving towards its main body, but that thought shatters after I receive a heavy blow from them.

「Guh, they’re fast.」

As soon as I saw them, it hit my spear.
Even though they should be plants, a piercing metallic screech was made on impact and the hand holding my spear is feeling numb.
They have a terrifying speed, many times faster than a bowgun bolt.
I can barely block it when taking the attack head-on.

「I can’t afford to run now though.」

Its two arms attack me while accompanied by another scream.
I am able to predict the course of one of its arms and deflect it while I evade the other by a hair’s breadth.
I thought I was able to dodge its attack, but I feel something make a gash on my arm.


I lick the blood which flowed from my arm and glare at the alraune.
I’ll decide the fight with the next attack.

The whip-like tentacles attack me for the third time, though instead of deflecting them, I let the tentacles wrap around my spear.
Normally, it would be foolish for a prey to allow themselves to be wrapped by the tentacles, however I have confidence that I can win when it comes to a battle of strength.


I grab the tentacles which coiled around my spear and pull with all my might, which made the alraune waver. When I continue putting more effort into it, its arms finally get torn off.

「You’re mine!」

I throw the vines to the ground and rush in towards its main body.
Everyone is stopping its roots and tentacles.
There is nothing else to block my path.
Despite not having any expression, the monster seemed to be panicking.

It screams again and desperately sprays its digestive juices everywhere.
I saw what happened to the goblins and know that I would be in big trouble if even a single drop touches me, but that doesn’t stop my feet from moving.
On the monster’s main body…… I tear off one of the large leaves growing out and use it shield myself from the digestive fluids.

Sure enough, nothing happened to the leaf after blocking the digestive liquid.
That’s to be expected, otherwise its digestive liquid would dissolve its own tentacles.

「It’s over!」

I leap at its main body…… I strike the feet of the human-shaped figure standing in the middle of the flower.

As soon as I did so, the tentacles and roots flail wildly and eventually wither to the ground powerlessly.
The fight is over.

「Y-you defeated it…… incredible…… even though you’re just a human……」

Lammy and the little girl beside her look at me with wide eyes.
The others didn’t suffer any major injuries and are praising each other for the fighting valiantly.
Christoph was knocked out by one final attack he failed to dodge but that’s not a noteworthy problem.

「I can’t believe you held out to the very end…… you’re my trusted partner!」

It seems Kroll’s pot lid didn’t break even at the end.

Nobody got hurt, Lammy’s enemy was defeated and the little girl was saved.
This is the best possible outcome, a full score.
There is only one thing left.

「Lammy, you’ll have to thank me like you promised.」

Lammy turns red and nods, acting completely different from before.

「Sure, I’ll let you do anything you want. You’re an amazing man. Strong men are so lovely……」

Fufufu, looks like I can expect a good time.




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