Chapter 219: Malt Defense War ④ Arrival of New Troops




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–Aegir POV–

I will be conducting the negotiation with the surrendered enemy commander personally.
I wanted Leopolt to do it, but the enemy commander designated me instead.

「I don’t have much to talk about. If you are the main force, then the fight with Malt is done. As long as you hand over all your weapons and return to your country, I have nothing else to say.」

The enemy doesn’t have any power to resist anymore, meaning I could use force to get them to submit, however there is a possibility that the soldiers who ran away could come back and plunder the lands.
A majority of them returned to Vandolea, but I’m sure many went off in different directions as well.
If possible, I want to do as much as I can to get them to leave Malt quietly and obediently.

「……that is a result of the battle, it is inevitable. But do you think you guys can get away with doing something like this?」

The commander named Bejček sends me a vicious look.

「It’s natural for us military volunteers to protect Malt, our motherland.」

「You can cease the poor acting, Lord Hardlett. And stop talking in that disgusting falsetto.」

Umumu…… I was talking to him in a higher-pitched voice while wearing a helmet, but I guess it didn’t work.

「We’re not thinking of doing anything to Vandolea. If you leave our land and fight with Altair or something, everything will be fine.」

Since I stuck with it for so long, I’ll continue using this falsetto voice, even if it’s just for my own pride.
……that laughing behind the tent is probably Christoph. I’ll kick his ass later.

「……hmph, I appreciate you not treating us with disdain after we surrendered. However, you will soon get what you deserve.」

After saying that, Bejček stands up and calls out to the other soldiers of Vandolea who surrendered.

「Everyone, disarm yourselves and move out. Tell those who ran away after they come back as well.」

Bejček removes the sword and dagger from his own hip and throws it at my feet.
As promised, they complied with the disarmament.
What an honest person.

「I hope we never meet again.」

I give him some final parting words to acknowledge his manliness.
I said it using my falsetto voice of course.

The Vandolean soldiers who failed to run from the battle and the personnel in the headquarters walk exhaustedly towards the south with mixed feelings as they were defeated but also spared.
Behind them, me and my army slowly follow.

「The report from the lookout states that they aren’t trying to do anything strange.」

「He isn’t the kind of person to do something like that.」

Part of the reason we are trailing them is so we can confirm whether they head south obediently or not, but our main objectives are to tell the various occupied villages of our victory as well as prepare for any further invasions from Vandolea.

「We just finished defeating an army of 10,000…… can they actually do battle again so soon?」

Celia speaks as she blocks Myla from lining up her horse beside me

「It’s definitely possible. Vandolea has a military force totalling more than 120,000 personnel. There is the conflict with Altair, but they may have around 20,000 or 30,000 forces to spare.」

It was Leopolt who answered.
We might have a hard time with just our own strength if they have 30,000 troops.

「Can we defend with our current strength? Of course I mean protecting Biado.」

「We can.」

Myla replied immediately in surprise at the quick answer from Leopolt.
Wonderful, I’ll send Nina some extremely skimpy clothing.

「As you can see, Malt is a huge grain-producing region, in other words a plains area. With our relatively high focus on cavalry, we can fight here at an advantage greater than numbers can provide. Not to mention we have bow cavalry, something the enemy can’t hope to get and unless they aim for a decisive blow, it will mostly be an overwhelmingly one-sided fight for us.」

If the bow cavalry can be used with the assumption that the battlefield consists of entirely plains, they can make the most of their technical abilities and fight in their unique style.
In short, they can stay at long range and fire their arrows while running away.
With the range of archers and the mobility of cavalry, it is near impossible to chase them.
The squad which chases them will have to fight an uphill battle with the bow cavalry who can move while shooting accurately.

「For some reason, there are multiple forts within Malt’s borders. Adding to the cavalry attacks, if we can utilize these forts and fight a defensive battle while retreating, we can reach our offensive limit before the enemy arrives in Biado.」

Right, there are some forts along the road.
Most of them have become a place for the guards to rest and relax though.

「What is more worrying is…… Vandolea directly entering our territory. As long as they know of our identity, they have no better justification after all. ……theoretically, they should know it is a foolish move to oppose Goldonia, but people can occasionally act purely based on their emotions.」

Leopolt glances at me.
I glance at Myla.

「In that case, it will take around three weeks for Goldonia’s Royal army to run over, possibly forcing the soldiers left behind in a disadvantageous position……」

「I’m sure they’ll be fine.」

That’s the reason I didn’t fully mobilize all the bow cavalry, plus I have Tristan.
If that guy works for his books and meals, the problem should be settled.

A Few Days Later. Southern Region, Malt-Vandolea Border.

「It’s all Leopolt’s fault.」

「I don’t know what you’re talking about.」

At the border region, after the prisoners of war were allowed to run to the south, they cheered quietly as an army of close to 30,000 soldiers appeared in their place.

「You were the one who said something about having 30,000 troops to spare and now they actually showed up. You should have said 300 instead.」

「To think they were this quick…… it shouldn’t have been that long since they received the report of the invading army’s defeat.」

Myla is also surprised.
Certainly, if you think about the time between finding out about the main army’s loss and the next army’s sortie, it is an unbelievably fast reaction speed.

「In any case, we couldn’t have avoided fighting. Now we have to decide whether to fight here or use the forts and fight as we planned.」

「We have no choice but to fight here.」

If we had more time, we could get the villagers to evacuate so we can fight a safe battle while retreating, however it is too late now.
The joyful face of a village girl I freed yesterday pops up in my mind.
Of course, stealing the girl’s virginity and pumping her full of semen has nothing to do with our situation now.

「Isn’t it reckless to challenge an enemy with three times the number of forces head-on?」

「We’ll attack at night.」

Leopolt keeps quiet and looks around at his surroundings.
Spreading out before him on one side are plenty of wheat fields which have already been harvested.

「Can we do it?」

「It is safer to do it while retreating.」

「It’s not a matter of being dangerous or not. Can we defeat the enemy with night raids?」

Leopolt takes a deep breath before saying clearly.

「Yes. If we are successful, we can clean them up in one battle. We will keep the destruction of Malt at a minimum level too.」

Malt is under my protection, and is practically my own territory so to speak. I’ve gotta protect it.
Tell me the plan.

「At a place where it’s suitable for 30,000 troops to set up camp-……」

It sounds like this battle will be quite interesting.

Side Story

「It’s been a while, Brynhildr.」

「Indeed it has. You’ve been thoughtlessly going on trips left and right, have you forgotten your duty of providing me blood?」

Veins bulge out on Brynhildr’s forehead to display her bad mood as she is shown inside the room.
I promised to let her suck my blood about once every week, however I’ve postponed it for a while due to the vacation I went on with my family. It seems she’s upset about that.
I did give her advance notice though.

As I approach and try to cheer her up, she silently extends both hands out towards me.
She’s basically saying “bend down and give me a kiss”.


After a 30 second kiss, her expression softens slightly.

「Umu, I’m going to suck up lots today so prepare yourself.」

「Hahaha, have as much as you want without making me faint.」

We talk as if we’re joking and smile while taking off our clothes.
The surface reason for removing our clothes is so that blood doesn’t spill on them, but the true motive is so we can transition smoothly to fondling genitals and sexual activity.

Sexual desire is directly linked to the sucking of blood so in most cases, my pants will tear if I keep them on.
For Brynhildr, though it doesn’t show on her face, she gets quite aroused after sucking blood and often allows me to do whatever I want to her.

We climb into bed after we get naked and I rest my head on Brynhildr’s chest as she lies on a pillow.
I can feel her small yet tender breasts on my neck.
As Brynhildr takes a peek at my face, strands of her golden hair cascade over me, her glimmering fiery red eyes reflecting her hunger for blood…… she is aroused beyond her control.
My dick as well starts bulging without being touched.

「Still, how much is your cock going to grow…… don’t tell me you are going to turn into a penis-human.」

「Gosh, you make me blush.」

My dick also rejoices and gets bigger.

「I’m not complimenting you! Whatever, I’ll be taking it now…… this long-awaited delicacy.」

Her fangs lower onto the nape of my neck, then continues to pierce through my skin and dig into my flesh.
I have built up considerable amount of muscle around my neck area, though to a vampire, it is as if none of it existed.


A groan escapes my lips as I feel the pain from my flesh being torn.
Brynhildr didn’t say anything although she stops her teeth from going any further.

「Don’t worry. Look, my dick has gotten big, it’s feeling good.」


The vampire wraps my shoulder with her arm from behind and instantly sinks her fangs deep into my body.
I feel a brief instance of pain and then an inevitable pleasure follows shortly after.


My erect meat rod automatically starts spurting, though it is a frequent occurrence so Brynhildr doesn’t pay it any attention.
Despite knowing that fact, I think it makes me look uncool to cum while a woman sucks on my neck.


As if reading my mind, Brynhildr shifts her body so she can stroke my cock with her hand as she sucks my blood.

「Nngh…… nng…… ggkh……」

A strange feeling rushes over me from Brynhildr’s breath hitting my neck and the sensation of blood flowing out of my body.
Just as she declared earlier, she’s drinking quite a lot of my blood.
The sucking force feels like she is trying to kill me, but I trust her. Besides, even if she kills me, I think this is a rather suitable way for me to die.
Still, I don’t want to die before I meet Lucy again.

The blood sucking continues for a while until I start feeling a little anemic, when her fangs finally get pulled out.
A small stream of blood flows down my neck but a towel is pressed down against the opening in my body before the red liquid could drop on the bed.
For some reason, the wound doesn’t bleed much after a vampire sucks blood and it clots rather quickly.

「Aah…… it truly is so delectable…… the best blood…… sorry, I drank a little too much.」

「No, that much is nothing at all.」

Brynhildr speaks after elegantly wiping her blood-stained mouth.

「Perhaps you have more blood because your body is big as well. I drank enough blood to make a regular man faint.」

I’m not sure.
Regardless, I’m more interested in what comes after.

「So…… are you going to reward me after letting you drink my blood? With the usual.」

I put my hand on Brynhildr’s shoulder, flip her over and push her onto the bed.
If she wasn’t in the mood, she wouldn’t have budged no matter how much strength I used.

「……you’ve done well to hold out this long despite being such a sex maniac. I know it’s late to ask now, but vampires eat humans, you know? Aren’t you scared at all?」

「Does this look scared to you?」

I thrust my fully erect cock in front of her face. It’s been a long time since this happened, plus my neck also got bitten.

「……It’s even thicker than my thigh…… are you actually an orc or something?」

Brynhildr complains as she gets pushed down and rolls on the bed.
There isn’t many times where she refuses my requests.

「Make sure you get it wet enough. That thing is way too big for my body. ……it’ll hurt quite a bit.」

「Sure, spread your legs for me.」

I open Brynhildr’s thin legs and place my mouth to the flower garden located in the middle.
Her beautiful hole looked practically untouched and had no traces or marks of being used.
I could probably lick this hole for the entire day.

「Ahhh…… right there…… nnh. Suck on my clitoris as well……」

As she speaks, Brynhildr’s vagina steadily overflows with love juices from my cunnilingus.

「H-hey, don’t suck!」

When I noisily slurp her leaking fluids, Brynhildr resists and pushes her hands against my head.
Her juices smell nice and I’m rather fond of it.

「Is it about…… time?」

「Umu, put it in slowly. Don’t forget your thing is unbelievably big for me.」

I open her legs wide as far as they could go almost like she’s giving birth, then place my enlarged, heavy dick against her vagina.
Slowly…… slowly…… like so.

「Aau, so big, it’s stretching me. As I thought, you’re huge……」

Her erotic voice further heightens my arousal…… slowly now.

「Nnn…… picture yourself climbing on top of me. No matter how you look at it…… guh…… it looks like an orc violating an innocent girl.」


「I don’t want this! I don’t want some orc raping me! Someone save me, I’m going to get pregnant!」

…… I can’t hold back anymore.


「Uggyaaaaaaaaah, that hurt! My crotch is splitting apart! Can’t you stop, you idiot!!」

I couldn’t restrain myself after Brynhildr’s provocation and thrusted my dick into her all at once.
My meat rod is wet but her still narrow vagina is being ferociously stretched out.

I intended to be gentle, yet my hips just started to move like they had a mind of their own.
Brynhildr is sandwiched between the bed and my body as I pump my hips vigorously into her from above.

「Brynhildr! Aah, my Brynhildr!」

「Dowaaah! What are you doing!? Can’t you think about the difference in size, you’re breaking me!!」

A dull and wet rythmical bumping sound can be heard as my hips slam against Brynhildr’s tiny butt.
She matches her movements with mine and I can see a bulge poking against the thin white skin of her belly from the inside.
My dick goes wild inside her body, stretching her small hole as far as it can go and pressing up into her rod pressed against her stomach.

「Brynhildr, I love you!」

「Doing whatever you please! If you don’t stop, I’ll knock you out!」

To prevent her from doing so, I turn her around to face the other way, grab her waist and continue thrusting from behind.
Because I forcefully changed position, my dick slipped out.

「Kuh…… not to worry, I’ll put it back in soon.」

「Wait! You’re pushing against the wrong hole. Hey, you’re kidding me…… pigyaaaah!!」

I can feel a tight, almost painful, squeeze around my meat rod.
I made a mistake and put it in a different hole but both are to be used to make love anyways…… it’s not a big deal.
I don’t pay any mind and continue bucking my hips.

「H-how dare you tear into my ass. I won’t forgive you so easily…… you’re still getting bigger?! I told you it hurts, you fool, stupid, prick, dick head!」

「This is great…… your ass is the best, Brynhildr!」

I lean forward and give her neck and back a trail of kisses while she clenches down, also fondling her meager breasts with large grasping motions.
This is considerably rougher sex and would probably hurt the woman if it was somebody else…… however I trust Brynhildr can handle it.
I get a similar feeling, though it is the faintest feeling, that her aura is like Lucy’s.
It’s probably because they’re both vampires.

「Your dick’s trembling? It’s about time you pulled out then. I won’t forgive you if you release your load in my ass.」

「I want to cum inside though……」

「No, absolutely not! You want me to have your seed leaking out me ass?」

As a vampire, Brynhildr won’t get pregnant and any injuries she sustains will heal right away.
That doesn’t mean the seed poured inside her would disappear though, so naturally it would need an exit to come out.
It seems her pride won’t allow that to happen.

「Fine, then can I pull out right before ejaculating and cum on you?」

「That’s fine. Enjoy the taste of my body until you climax.」

I take her up on the offer and frantically swing my hips, building up my arousal with her extremely tight asshole.

「Aah, it’s squeezing around me so nicely. You have a wonderful asshole.」
「Hmph, of course. It’s different from a human’s and won’t get loose that easily.」

My member begins to twitch.

「Brynhildr, you’re beautiful…… what a joy it is to be able to sleep with a nice woman like you.」
「Absolutely right.」

I can feel movement in my balls.

「I’m cumming.」
「As a special service, I’ll let you cum on my face.」

With her mood improving from the words during our affair, Brynhildr gives me the rare permission of cumming on her face.
Even so, I want to cum inside her anus.

I don’t pull out at the last moment, firmly holding her ass and roaring before ejaculating.
Realizing my intentions from my movements, Brynhildr shouts at me, though it is already too late by that time, and my seed sprays out.

「Ah! You little- you’re cumming inside! Idioooot~~!!」

A nasty rumbling sound was made as Brynhildr’s stomach expands.
She harshly throws curses at me but if she really didn’t like it, she would have sent me flying to the door with a single punch.
In other words, she is fine with this…… so I’ll go ahead and make sure every last drop is inside her asshole.

「Oooh…… oooooh…… it’s still coming out…… I came lots.」

「……doing whatever you please in the front and back, even finishing off by ejaculating in my ass…… you have some nerve.」

After the long ejaculation, I collapse onto Brynhildr, winded and gasping for breath.
Meanwhile, she silently glares at me.
Not good, she’s pretty mad.

「……I’ll twist that thing off. Get it out.」

If I don’t improve her mood, I might lose my dick.

「I feel a sense of security when I embrace you, Brynhildr. You’re smooth and silky…… and your scent really calms me down.」

I try to behave like a spoiled child, burying my face into her small breasts and rubbing my cheek against them.
Her appearance is like that of a child’s but she’s apparently weak to being depended on.


No effect? Maybe one more push is needed.
I know some sweet words which will make any girl turn sweeter in an instant.

「I love you…… big sis.」

「B-big sis-!?…… ahem.」

I feel a soft breath blowing on my head.
At the same time, the bloodlust I felt earlier disappeared.

「Geez, only your body and dick is big…… you’re practically like a child. What a helpless little brother.」

Brynhildr’s arms wrap around my head as she gently hugs me.
She’s making sure to hold back so that she doesn’t hurt me.

「This little boy can’t do a thing without me.」

I feel a twinge of guilt, but I’ll enjoy her kindness for now.

With the blood sucking and sex over, the two of us enjoy a peaceful slumber together.
Brynhildr is resting on top of my chest as I lay on my back and seems to be hugging me when I ask her about it.

「I won’t forgive you if you listen.」

My ears are plugged right now.
Not too long ago, there was a nasty sound as my semen shot into her ass hole.

「You mischievous brat, you’re getting punished the next time you do something like this.」

Her expression and tone of voice don’t sound like she has any intention of punishing me as she pinches my nipples.

「Stop that…… you’re going to make me feel good.」

「Hmph, this is what you get for messing around with my body. Take that and that.」

There’s nothing I can do when my body reacts to her teasing my nipples and playfully biting on them with her pointy teeth.
My meat rod once again rises and pushes up the thin blanket covering my lower half.
She grins at the sight and crawls under the blanket.

「Will you do it with your mouth too?」

「……after you were so rough, I’m craving for another helping of blood.」

I try to sit up as I think about she what she meant, however she pushes me back down with tremendous strength and holds me still.

「Fufufu, time to eat.」

I can’t see what’s going on within the futon but I can feel her sharp fangs hitting my shaft.
I grasp a pillow in preparation for the incoming shock.

「Gabu![1. Nat: biting sfx]」
「Guooooooh! Uoooh!!」

As expected, Brynhildr sinks her teeth deep into my rod.
Because of the shock, I don’t know whether semen or some other liquid squirts out, but the force was enough to send the blanket flying.

「Fuu, the blood from your cock is also something else. Regardless, your cock is even harder than your neck…… what a rock-solid dick, I’ve lived for a few hundred years and I’ve never seen anything like this.」

「T-that’s-…… guoooh…… good…… ooooh!」

「Fufufu, I’ll lick it after sucking so you have something to look forward to, little brother.」

Brynhildr’s face softens for an instant but then returns to a stricter expression.

「Still, I don’t like it when people are peeking on me. The door and upper level!」

There was a thud as something hits the door, then sounds of footsteps…… sounds like three people?
It must be Nonna led by her attendants…… I saw how she was puffing her cheeks when I let Brynhildr in after all.

And the one peeking from above can’t be anyone else but Casie.

(Awawawa, awawawawawah.)

Casie hastily flies outside, but gets carried off by the wind, passing by the window.
She better come back before dinner.

「You’re starting to steer further away from humans. Not only have you been with a ghost, you’ve also done it with a fish, a snake and even a wicked flower, what are you trying to do?」

All of them are my cute girls though.
But a flower? I don’t remember anything like that.

「Oh well, it has nothing to do with me.」

After that, Brynhildr took her time to service me with her tiny mouth and emptied everything from my balls.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 163,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 4500.

Army: 11,650 men (Standing By Within the Territory: 2000)
Infantry: 5800 , Cavalry: 900, Archers: 1000, Bow Cavalry: 1950
Cannons: 30, Large Cannons: 10

Assets: 1070 gold
Sexual Partners: 228, children who have been born: 48 + 555 fish




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