Chapter 23: Coming Back




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After winning my fight against Claudia I returned to my hotel. Nonna and Celia ran towards me with teary eyes as they embraced me.

“Aegir-sama, are you okay? I thought that you got caught and got jailed.”

“We want to do something for you but we don’t know what should we do!”

I embraced and stroke their heads until they felt relieved.

“Alvens Mallord is it? Does Nonna know about him?” [1. tl: [アルベンス・マロードル]. Does anyone have better suggestion?]

“Yes, Alvens is the name of a big city, and Mallord is the name of the most influential aristocrat of the Federation. Don’t tell me …”

She shakenly stepped back.

“The girl I embraced yesterday was here apparently. So I was called over by her mother.”

Nonna face becomes pale.
It seems that she’s not someone to joke about.

“Le-Let’s get out from the Federation! If we go to the Empire, they can’t track us anymore!”

“It’s okay. The mother told me that as long as I could satisfy her, she would not make any complaints.”


“Are you saying that… you had sex with the marquis’s wife too?”

“Yea, she’s fainted many times too”

“Sex maniac!! Why do you always lay your hands on anyone you meet? Are you an orc?!”

Since she got out from Elektra, Nonna’s jeers and headbutts became stronger.
And I always get healed when my head is caressed by Celia.


“On the Red side! The First Knight, Captain of Imperial Guard, Viscount Cedric Orion.”
“On the White side! A long serving military veteran mercenary, A fierce god with herculean strength, Aegir!”

How come they are able to come up with different names and titles every single time, I don’t even remember ever saying that I served the military.

Captain Cedric prepared his sword in silence, he seems to be the type that never speaks with a commoner. He held his sword with his two hands, even the size is the same with my sword. It seems that we’re the same type.

As the starting signal sounded, he’s charging at me.
He doesn’t even bother to glare.
I’m absolutely confident in my ability.
His strike is twice as heavy and twice as fast as Luciff’s [2. tl: ルシフ. Any better name suggestion?]
In term of strength, I’m still better but with my speed, I can’t hit him. If I show him an opening, I’ll lose for sure.

In a flash he shortened our distance and jumped behind me.
It seems that he wants to end this fast.
In that case I will slow things down by thrusting my sword towards his chest and bring this to a deadlock.
This circumstances is related to the other party difference in ability.
I know that Cedric is waiting for me to make a move.
If I push forward and ward it off his attacks that would be fine, but if I tried to retreat he would gain the advantage and it would spell the end of me.

Even I know that it was hopeless situation for me, it will be my loss if this continues.
That’s why I decided to rely on Nonna’s favored technique. I planned to meet Cedric’s sword head on. A sword that was locked in place cannot be swung freely, at best his sword is only capable of cutting my forehead.

This action of mine was unexpected and it caught Cedric off guard, but if given enough time react, he would easily be able to counterattack and retaliate.
The meaning of this head-butt is to merely distance myself.

I place my sword on my right shoulder and put my left foot slightly forward.
There are neither defense nor movement, this posture is to make strongest blow possible.
His sword and my sword length are identical, he must jump in to break my sword defense range to win.
If he really did jump in from the front, he can’t evade to side so he can do nothing but to ward my sword off. This would turn the fight into a raw battle of physical strength, narrowing down his movements decreases the ratio of skill involved and increases the necessity of speed and power.
The prideful Cedric’s can’t tolerate looking at a commoner like me. My experience tells me that Cedric’s distance is almost close enough to jump towards me. I won’t get fooled with his feint by paying careful attention to his muscle and eyes movement.

His eyes are expressionless, I have no doubt that next time is the time he will strike, I have a feeling that he is smiling at me.

He jumps in, and I ward off his sword.
He tries to slant my sword trajectory diagonally.
I knock his head.

A metallic sound reverberated as his helmet is thrown in the air.
My sword sends his helmet flying and …… cuts nothing but air.

My defenseless chest and my sword is hit, and then my sword is leaving my hand and struck the earth. I lost the winter sword skill tournament in the semifinal.

I stand up, straightening myself I took a breath.
There’s Cedric in front of me.

“It’s my win”

Did you just wait for me to stand before saying it? What a narrow minded person.

“Yea, it’s your win”

After I said that, I leave.
Probably, I’ll be asked by Nonna later.
A noble is really troublesome.
It wasn’t just sarcasm.


“What a beautiful victory”

Receiving a victory praise from his subordinate. Cedric doesn’t say a word, he throws his sword and walks away with a strange face.

(That’s why you’re no good!) [3. tl: Cedric is criticizing himself]
When they’re the one who fight that mercenary, they would lose instantly!

If it’s a serious match, he would have been defeated today.
That mercenary’s sword hit his helmet.
If it’s a sharpened sword, his head would be cracked too.

Of course, it was Cedric’s win.
There’s no one who doubts it either.
However, he feels uneasy that he barely won.

Cedric goes to a room with nobody in it and kicks a chair really hard.


“It’s my complete defeat.”

I tell Kristoff and Agor in a drinking bout.
They seemed to have seen my match.

“If it’s a serious match, that blow would cracked his head”

Agor’s theory is a bit strange.

“That match had a condition that use a bladeless sword. If a sword user that win against lance user, there should be no difference with brawl”

“Is it really like that~ ?”

With empty glass, Kristoff is seeing his surrounding but no one fills his glass.

“If you already experienced a real fighting you should know. But your equipment now is the one that used for real match. Of course, one vs many is not counted”

“I ashamed that my real combat experience comes from exterminating monsters and thieves. I just can’t say that was a proper combat experience”

“Same with me~ We don’t get real battles living in the White City”

Isn’t it nice to live without fighting?
Even I said “If you change your mind, marry me!” to Lucy.
But Nonna seems to hate it.

“So, the tournament has ended, I should go to other city soon”

“Ah, Aegir is still on the way in his journey, right”

“Really? What a boring person~”

Kristoff, you only want to see Nonna’s breast, right?
Incidentally, after Nonna saw him, she put towel on her cleavage.

This city is a good place, but I can’t stay here.
There’s no need to rush, but I have no time to relax either.
I want to see the next city, too.

I want to be the next king of that place, moreover I don’t want to pick a fight with the Federation.
But, it’s difficult to rise in an already stable society, this Federation is the best example.
Though I don’t know about the empire, with the chaos around the world, it should be like the central plains.
There are countless countries grouped together that suddenly rise in power, and then collapse.
In the middle of that chaos, there’s a chance to rise a flag [4. tl: rise a flag to make new country I guess]

“Where will you going next?” Agor asked.

“I think, I’ll return to the south side of the central plain. Triea……. No, maybe Goldenia”

I don’t know why I thought about the “Wing of Dawn” [5. tl: 「夜明けの翼」wing of dawn. Any other suggestion?]

“If you want to go south, it’s nice to go in April, rain in southern area of Federation would have ended by then. The road becomes muddy when it’s raining and you can’t continue your journey”

Agor said something serious for once.
it seems that this is a trustworthy piece of information.

“Then I’ll take it slow. For once, I can let loose my purse if Celia and Nonna want to go somewhere around the journey”

Inside town, there’s no problem when a single woman walks alone due to the high amount of public order and security. Celia and Nonna must be glad that they don’t need to feel uneasy.

“I wonder, what Aegir-sama is doing right now? It’ll be good if we can go together”

“Of course. When I’m free, we’ll go together”

Because I have something to do, too.

“………Please give your tool some rest, too”

I heard Nonna’s sarcasm when gulping my sake.

“Ah, Welcome!”

I’m hugging Claudia in her private room.
But, I don’t force her.
In the first place, I don’t live in the noble district. Even when she summons carriage for me, the employee’s glance was painful.
It’s too hilarious to be a comedy when someone that aims to be a king has to be someone else’s secret lover.

“Quick…… Though I want you to come to somewhere for now”

Claudia is taking something out from her purse and puts it on a desk.
There’re 100 piece of gold coins there, as one would expect, its money from the marquis. But, what about it?

“Ufufu, please do accept it. After all, because of my charm, that person gives me this much”

Although she was kicked, Marquis Mallord still gives many money to Claudia.
I heard from Nonna that Marquis Mallord owned a large city, a distinguished noble at that, so this amount is probably small to him.

“Until today, that money was wasted, because of that my daughter became like that”

Driven out from home by father, so there’s money to use to live awkwardly with mother in law. [6. tl: I’m trying ._. N4 is just so so]
So, she became like that.

“But, now it’s become unnecessary. As long as I have you, I’ll be happy. I don’t need any other dick!”

Then Claudia pushes me to the bed, and then strips from the top to the bottom.
It’ll be hard to say it now, I just came here to say goodbye.
It can’t helped, I’ll just think about it after one battle. [7. tl:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ]

She services my dick in her mouth devotedly, and screamed when I jam it in her throat. I’m so excited that I make her crawl on the ground and plunge it into her from behind like a dog,

After sex, in my chest, Claudia whispers her love and then …

“You traitor! Although I befriend you this much … Lowly person, go away!!”

In the end, Claudia shouts at me to leave this city, and throws me a pouch of gold coins. It may be that, before this, she already told the soldier. As expected I would hesitate to shop with a gold thrown away by someone.
On the other hand, I don’t want it to go to waste.
So, I’ll use this with good intentions.

My good intention is … going to spend it at the brothel.


The hostess is bowing to me as the door opened.
Behind her, Melissa waves her hand.
But, I don’t come here to play.
I held Melissa’s hand who wants to lead me to the room, and bring her to the hostess.

“How much to buy her out from here?”

All the other girls are making commotion.
Isn’t it a dream to bought out from prostitution?

“Is that … to take her out to go to date?”

“No, it’s not. What I mean is to take her out from here to be my woman.”

Melissa opened her mouth as big as a hand because she can’t believe what I said.

“Hmm. Let’s see she’s a real beauty so I think I’ll sell her for 100 gold coins, it’s decided.”

“Wha!! What kind of a stupid thing is that!! You bought me for only 10 gold!”

Melissa flare up at the hostess.
If I can’t take out 100 gold, then I can’t buy her.

“Shut up! I’m the one who talks to him! Not you!”

If it was the talk about buy someone out, the prostitute herself can’t say anything. It was always one of the brothels iron clad rules.

“So, how about it, Mr. customer?”

I never think that the hostess will ask this much.
I guess that I can negotiate by trying to cut the price in half.

Because I’ve seen Celia negotiate like this before.
However, if I negotiate about her price, it will lower her value.
I’ll never lower the value of my woman.
In the first place, this money is given by another woman, so I can’t even talk big about this money.

“Count it!”

I put the pouch in the desk.
And then, Melissa shouts “Wa!!” as she jumps up and shrieks.
The hostess was dazed when saw the pouch and forgot to count the coins.

“I’ll go now, is that okay?” [8. tl: maybe, there’re redudant texts here. Sorry if the original meaning is off]

“Okay. No problem. Now that girl is free.”

Melissa put on my coat and goes out from the shop lightly dressed. [9. tl: it’s not a brothel?]

“*sob* I *sob* by men… Always thinking *sob* about you… I don’t *sob* believe *sob*” [9. tl: the first part is so messed that I can’t TL it. Improvised xD]

Because she sobs hard, I can’t understand what she’s saying. So I kiss her to stop her from crying and lead her to our inn. From inside, I think that I can hear a soft voice “I’m glad” from the hostess.

I stand in front of the inn.
I hold the dreamy state Melissa in my arm.
This is my room, after I open the door, no one will criticize me inside.
But, there is also Celia and Nonna inside. Recently our ladies have a concerning problem “Don’t bring another woman!” in their faces.
I will start thinking for an excuse for a bit.

“I’m home”

“Welcome … back”
“Aegir-sama, I want baked-sweets in café …”

The two don’t move their eyes for a moment.
Did Melisa’s presence made them like this?

“My name is Melissa. From today, I am Aegir’s woman. Please treat me well”

She greets them as my woman.

Celia is screaming unceasingly, and Nonna is like “Again?” amazed.
Well then, I should put them in order now, so we can start our next journey without trouble. There are three carriages in front of the inn, nobles are a pain in the butt.

However, I never expect the person who comes out from the carriages.


Claudia herself rides the carriage. The surrounding attention is not good but, the person herself never cared about them.

It’s not good to bring her to my room.
Though everyone is surprised by this sudden visitor, she only has me in her eyes.
For a high-class noble, an attendant may not be treated as human being.
Nonna led Celia and Melissa from our room.

“I’m sorry about my cruel talk before! After you went away, I was frightened to death that you would take it the wrong way”

“It’s okay but, is it okay for you to come here?”

I indirectly said that she should go back.
I also remember the detour.

“I don’t care about that small thing. Because I can’t live without you!”

“Even if you say something like that, in the first place, I’m just a traveler. This place is not my home, sooner or later …”

“Then …!”

You’re loud.

“Then, live in my house! No, take one of my knight’s house and live there! After that, you can embrace me as you please!”

“No, it’s not that …”

“You can even embrace our servant. You can even embrace our daughter if you want to! Because there’s no one who can say no to me!”

I hug Claudia to calm her.

“I’m sorry but I have something that I must do. I can’t stay here”

“No……… Oh yeah, This!”

Claudia take out golden ornament from her bag, and a jeweled dagger as big as fruit knife.

“This! I’ll give you this! So, please, stay here………”

I lift Claudia in my arm and put away the treasures gently in her bag, then carry her to the bed.

“I don’t have sex with you because of this, you know. If I want to do it, then it’s because of you”

Claudia no longer say anything.
It seems that, this is the only solution. [10. tl: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ]

I put his dick in my mouth, and servicing him. [11. tl: author likes to change POV without warning. But, I’ll give you one ^^]
I feel guilty because I offer money to try to detain him for myself.

I lied on the bed, and spread my hole.
When he licked mine before, he spread my disordered public hair.
And now there’re no hair and as clean as baby.
It can’t be compared to my dirty hole before.

“It seems like a kid’s hole”

“Don’t say it! It can’t be helped…… Before I meet you, there are only useless man out there”

She said it without care.
In the beginning, the shy Claudia always tried to push her butt to me.
She wants to make her butt a little more sensual.

“Aaaaah, it feels good. This is the best…… Oooh…… Wha!? Noo!”

Might as well insert in her butt hole.
Yep, let’s try it.

“Claudia, let’s make your butt hole bigger”

“Eh? Do you mean that … !!!”

She can’t disobey my order even she notices that I want to put it in her butt hole.
I still widen her butt hole even though she said “No” or “Don’t”.

She cries as she arches her back like a shrimp.
There’s a bit blood from her butt hole, so it’s not that big wound.

“Oooh! My butt !! My unclean place is … !!”

“Say something more perverted”

“My butt… my butt … ass! A big penis is hammering my asshole! I can’t control my assholeee!!!”

After that, I shoot inside the butt hole, and the worried Claudia climaxes as she screams not like a man or woman, but like a beast.
After ravishing her, she laid back in my chest and then I gently talk to her.
This is the usual for me.

“I don’t say that this is the end. Because we’re still alive, we’ll meet again. Until then, please make yourself stay beautiful”

“Yes……… Yes! I understand. I’ll try my best for you!”

Can we say the issue is settled with this?

“But, you still have one or two days to depart, right?”

Even if the weather turns bad, this is still a man responsibility.

“Please leave it to me, from today on I’ll come to you every day”

After she went home, Celia and Nonna go silent on top the bed, but Melissa says “as expected of Aegir, she’s a noble right?” I will not worry about her for now.

After sometime passed, the time to depart has come.
I stayed at Roleil for 5 months, has one horse and three woman for a travel-mate. [12. tl: Aegir bad! you lump the horse and your woman in the same category. Wwwww]
I reject the gift from Claudia when she said she wants to give me a carriage.

I think that she was weird.
She tried to give me a certain noble heirloom, and said that I can have sex with her daughter. As expected I would think of her as weird.
this kind of frustrated middle-aged woman is quite fearsome.


I cross the North Teljes river from White City, travel along the western plain then enter the empire, I arrived in a certain place in empire where the Teljes river and sea meet, and then came to various towns around the way.
Furthermore the season is changing, the weather is chilly this time around, our journey finally takes us to the central plains in the south, Roleil, Triea Kingdom.

“I’ve finally returned after a long time”

If it think about it, after leaving the forest Lucy was in, I stayed here for around a month.
After I go out from the forest, most of my time was used to travel.
But, I never forget. Besides Carla and Maria, I also met Mel [13. tl:Ruu’s mom] and Mireille here. A year is long, they won’t wait for me either, and they likely will be another man’s woman by now. In that case, I will take them back.

After this one year, I’ll fly high. [14. tl: the real text said “I’ll open the bird cage to let myself fly”. He thought himself as a small bird inside a bird cage. Yea “small bird” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ]


Time Period: After returning to Roleil.

Name : Aegir.
Status : Independent mercenary.
Money : 30 gold coins (Silvers and below not counted)
(Money was deducted for travel expenses without being mentioned in the story. Rough estimate)
Weapon : Dual Carter (long sword), Large Bardiche (Lance)
Equipment : High Leather Armor, High Leather Gauntlets, High Leather Boots, Black Cloak (Cursed), Fur Coat
Companions : Schwarz (Horse), Celia, Nonna Elektra, Melissa
Sexual Partners Count : 28




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