Chapter 24: A New Way




Translator: FF                                            Editor: Roxas Nobody

“Welcome, welcome to the Little Bird Pavilion” [1. tl: the raw said irasshaimase and youkoso. They have a same meaning]

I see a new girl at the counter.

“Can you call Maria out?”

“Umm, what is your relationship with …”

It looks too suspicious for a man carrying a spear on his back to call out the owner’s daughter.

“If you tell her “Aegir has come back”, she will know.”

“Okay…… Please wait a moment”

The girl disappears inside the shop to convey my message. [2. tl: it’s not an inn? I think she means the back is a shop?]
The silence continues for a while, suddenly I heard a *bang* from inside the shop, the sound of something breaking and a scream. Then I hear the sound of footsteps coming from the back.


Maria jumps over the counter…… If you fail the jump, you’ll fall on your face.

“You really come back. I’m glad~~~!”

Tear of happiness floated in her eyes.
Just this alone makes it worth the journey.
Before I hug her, I ask her something.

“The hotel charge is sufficient but, is Carla still here?”

Maria’s body separated from mine and she hung her head, and then she started to talk in a gloomy voice.

“…… Carla”

“Did something happened to her?”

“We were always waiting for you but, Carla’s fetish finally overcame her, and sometime during the summer she had sex with a horse…… And then she eloped with that horse ……” [3. tl: is eloping good enough for human and … horse? Sounds good to me]
Maria starts crying while I reminisced at Carla’s choice.
You’ve galloped to the place where my hands can’t reach to you.

“Don’t say something stupid!”

Carla jumped over the same counter as Maria.
Even though I knew that Maria was joking. I say

“Carla, you came back? In addition, Schwarz is here. That horse is big after all”

“Wrong! I waited all this time for only Aegir’s big dick!! Before you came back, I only used a wooden stick! Me and Maria together reminisced about how big your dick…… “WAAAAAHHH!!”

Maria screamed to suppress the blabber-mouthed Carla..
It’s good that they are on good terms with each other, even during the night.
I hear that when Carla has nothing to do, she’s always helping around here, because she can’t be apart when she thinks that someday I’ll come back here again.

“You haven’t changed a bit, Carla” [4. tl: the raw said “the usual carla”, changed it]

“Of course, it seems that you’ve grown bigger. Your body and your heart”

Naturally we started kissing. I plan to enjoy this “It’s been a long time” kiss but, Carla’s hand started to play with my nether region.

“Is there really anyone who plays around in a public place like this”

“Buuutt… It’s been awhile, you know”

From behind me, I heard someone clearing their throat, “ahem”

“This person, can you introduce yourself?”

“Huh? Aegir’s former woman?

It’s my three journey companions.
Before I knew it, there’s a staring contest going on between my women, including Celia who’s beside me.

“What’s wrong with these big breasts?”

“Wha! You too, I saw that you do indecent things in public, know your shame!”

Nonna and Carla glare at each other, my new and old woman conflicting immediately.
Beside them, Melissa and Maria are greeting each other “welcome” and “please treat me well.”

“You’ve already eaten them, right? Then, it’ll be no good if it’s not a big room, right?”

“You said perverted things in public again, know your shame!”

“What do you mean by perverted? Even you are already shaking your waist to his biggie, right!” [5. tl: the raw said rear. I just assumed it’s waist. Or is it ass? (Waist or ass?)]

I leave those two to glare at each other and started to talk with Maria.

“Because it has been a long journey, I want to rest here for today and tomorrow”

“You will leave again after tomorrow?”

Maria’s face became gloomy.

“No, I don’t plan to go far for now. I have an idea for work in Goldenia”

“Goldenia? That’s not too far, is it?”

“And is it possible for you to go to Goldenia through Acland?”

Because I once had a fight there before. [6. tl: the misunderstanding scene in chapter 16 part 2]
It’s something that happened a year ago but, it would be stupid to get caught on the way.

“Isn’t it okay if you go by ship? Many of our guests travel to Goldenia, and it should be safe because they’re people from the royal capital”

I see, there’s a ship too.

“Because this is the upper stream of the North Teljes it should be fast; you can go down but you can’t go back up. But you have horse too, it would be expensive with it”

There are some downsides as well.
But, the most concerning thing is about the travel expenses.
It was expensive for the previous long journey.. [7. tl: from White City to Roleil]
It would be stupid if somehow I can pay for the journey to Goldenia but can’t pay for the hotel charges.

“If it’s about money, that’s not a problem”

According to Maria, Carla would be able to pay all the hotel charge with the money she earned from working.

“If you’re surrounded by four women, you’ll get deficit after all. If you go there, seriously work hard so you don’t trouble anyone”

I have no words..
Because Wing of Dawn is a mercenary group, you can get a lot of rewards as there’s so much activity.
Although it’s not even a year since that talk about recruiting me.
As I check the account book, Maria gives a portion of the hotel charges back to me.

“Because I’ve grown older, I’ll make it a priority who I’ll love tonight”

She gets sullen as she returns to her work.
As I expected with four people + Maria, the suite room is quite cramped, I should have gotten a six persons room instead.
The bed equipment is plain but, I shouldn’t complain now.
In the end, they would all sleep like a log.
At night, I sit at the edge of bed.

“Then, I will trouble myself…” [8. tl: kinda respectful way of talk]

Nonna takes off my coat.

“Have something to drink”

Melissa gives me mouth to mouth with some fine wine.

“Our first meeting in a while” “So embarrassing”

Carla and Maria are kneeling in the floor and they take off my trousers, then take out my “thing”.

“Wha-what should I do!?”

Celia is swarming around the other girls incessantly.
I grab hold of her, and then kiss her forehead.

“…… Somehow, it’s different”

I’ll harvest you after you’re a bit more mature, even if you say no.

The pleasure starts to increase while I play with Celia.
Carla and Maria suck on me together.
They kneel next to my penis on its right and left side, and take turns giving me service.
The timing is so praiseworthy that I never thought this is a work from amateur.
Using upturned eyes and they entwine their tongues to stimulate my excitement.

“You two…… You already became bosom buddies now?”

Maria hangs her head down, but Carla laughs.

“At first, we practiced how to service you by licking your model, however our tongue became excited while licking it…… Sometimes, we had sex too”

In this case, am I being Netorared by two of them? [9. tl: NTR is 寝取られ. It means “steal another lover”]

“It’s not like that! We’re always imagined that you’re the one who did it”

“Because we thought, it would be bad if we stayed like this, so we used your certain part, right?”

“Anything is OK but, are you sure you want the real me?”

The two of them deny it together.

“It’s not like that! Aegir’s big penis is the best!”
“Me too, I want to be embraced by Aegir-san …”

If I told them they’re better [10. tl: with each other], I’d have to take them back by pleasuring with them until they break.

Moreover, by cooperating with each other, I enjoyed their services immensely
On my upper body, Melissa licks my nipple, and Nonna demands my kisses.
Celia became naked before I knew it, bringing her body to service me, and was unlucky enough to get smacked by Nonna’s breasts.
An Amazing breast, just like a war hammer.

“What was that?”

And yet the Nonna herself doesn’t notice that she smacked the tiny Celia with her breast.

I almost laugh unintentionally, because my composure isn’t that good.
My dick already is at its largest erection, it’s would not be strange if I have an ejaculation even now.

“Amazing, this erection sounded like biki biki” [11. tl: fire crackling sfx]
“Isn’t it? Maybe this is ……”

Maria and Carla looked like they’re having fun while glancing at each other.
Carla is …… taking out the wooden dick.
She lines it up with my fully erect dick.

“This is different as expected”

“The size is big, too. I was sure that the size was this big before”

I don’t care how big it was, but please let me cum.
It’s bitter to be stopped just before cumming.

As I worried endlessly, Melissa comes from the side and sucks my dick.
She licks the glans it strongly with her tongue.

“Guh!” “Wah, she takes it!” “Eeeeh!?”

I can’t resist her, because I’m at my limit, I hold Melissa head and shove it down her throat, and then ejaculate there.
Melissa chokes on my ejaculation, but she has a glad-looking face while swallowing the juice.

“Puhaa, thanks for the meal”

“Hey! It’s cruel to monopolize it from the side”
“That’s right! Even though we’ve worked hard”

Melissa says “I’m so sorry” but her face tells a different story.

“You didn’t notice that Aegir-san wanted to come. We’re Aegir-san’s women, so we should give him priority”

After she said that, Melissa sucked my dick once more, and cleaned the remaining semen from inside the pole.
Feeling agony while being sucked out, I clutched Nonna’s nearby breasts at once.

“Huuhuu, as expected from a former prostitute…… We can’t win with technique”

“Well well, don’t say that, since we have 4 people as concubines “It’s 5!” …… Let’s all get along together”
Nonna says laying on top of Carla.
Their two holes touch each other over my rod, their holes get wet with fluids, and they make my dick slippery.

“Because you two were fighting before, kiss each other”

Nonna and Carla facial expression are bitter as they kiss, my dick rubs their sensitive places in order to make their bodies hot.

Moreover, Maria joins from the side and licks my penis. [12. tl: the author likes to change between dick 肉棒 and penis 男根]
I insert my big penis into the two of them until their base with still some dick remaining, but it is still satisfactory.

And then, there’s Melissa.

“Fufufu, I thought that this will be unpleasant because this is not the shop but …… I am enjoying it now”

From my back, she continues to rock my waist …… And insert her tongue in my ass hole to widen it”


As she expected I let out a yell.
It’s not easy to try to do it even for a while.
Her tongue inserted inside my ass hole, and her hand started playing with my balls.
And then, she licks my ass hole.
This should be a very humiliating act for a woman.

But because It was effective, my dick becomes very hard.

“It-it hurts!”

Because it becomes bigger, Carla raises her voice.
Even when I pull out, I feel that she shrieks in pain.
It can’t be helped, I slid it between the two of them.

“Guh! Buu!”

However, that move is blown over by Melissa ass caress.

“Ouch! It’s painful, please have mercy, Aegir-sama!”

I forcibly insert it in Nonna whose body is more capable than the delicate Carla who is no longer screaming.
Nonna opens her eyes wide and complains because I make violent sound.

“This is her limit, you know? Be gentler “UOOOHHHHH!!!” It seems like she didn’t not heard me….. My condolences”

My violent movement made Nonna unable to endure it and in a trance her foot thrashed about, I become an overbearing animal and slid it between the two of them, and forcibly ejaculate.

“Wabuu! It flies until my faceee…”


I ejaculate the other half of it inside Maria’s mouth and she chokes on it. [For the love of… I can’t even understand what is going on sometimes because the author doesnt give any direction to where everybody is and what they are doing in this orgy.] (tl: this is the romance)
Celia starts screaming when I ejaculate because she feels painful just from watching.

“Hnmmm!! Nnn, hmmnnn ♪”

I hold and violently kiss Celia..
Melissa is licking my ass hole, I am kissing Celia’s lip, and ejaculating inside Maria’s mouth.
Furthermore, there are 2 women’s bodies stacked on top of one another in front of my eyes and covered by my syrup.

“Ahh…… I’m satisfied”

The quantity is several times the usual, I lie down in the bed splayed out in a 大 shape”
It’s comfortable that Melissa and Maria politely following after treatment. [What? Do they leave? Are they servicing him???] [13. tl: aren’t they sleeping?]
Celia begins to doze off despite me giving wine mouth to mouth to her.

“Next, line up side by side, I’m not unfair after all”

They won’t be able forget why they serve me after all.
Because I obtain their love by doing this.
I line up their naked bodies in bed on all fours.
Though Celia is least participant in this battle, because she’s still a no go.
First is Carla.



Everyone is still wet from the actions before so I don’t need to do any foreplay, so I just move savagely.
I insert with all my heart [14. tl: huskar xD] to Carla’s womb entrance until 8/10 inserted, it will hurt her if I insert it fully after all.
I change my posture, I don’t need give any caresses.
What I need to do is make them climax.

“No-not good! I’m flying!”

“It’s okay Carla! Cum!”

Carla shouts an intense and long scream, and then fainted senselessly after turning sideways on the bed.

“Next, Maria”

“Ye-yes! If You can, ple-please be gentle ~ tehe”



Maria is shallower than Carla, and the stimulation is strong because she’s narrow.
I don’t know if she’s feeling sad, her hand reaches back as if she wants to reach my nipples or something.
“Here I go !!”

And then, Maria falls to the bed unconscious.


“Because she just came, please be gentle…”



Even if Nonna is kneeling on all fours, her breasts still reach the bed.
When I think about Maria’s, I can’t help to think about the injustice.
Even if Nonna’s breasts are huge, her body is still slender.
My dick is only half inside and yet so sensitive, It will rise as soon as I begin to move.
While spank her butt and thrust to her limit inside, she grasps the bed sheet, and faints while shedding tears.

“Melissa, come here”

“Fufu, don’t lump me with these amateurs, okay”

As you wish!



I thrust into four-legged Melissa’s womb.
At that time, I push until nothing is left and enjoy.
I try to pull out in a hurry because it entered easily, but Melissa spins her waist so it can’t be pulled out easily.

“Huhu, please drill inside if you want to move ♪”

On the journey, she tried hard to make me feel good.

“This cheeky woman. I’ll give you a good punishment”

We mutually move our waists violently, but my erection is no worse than with 3 people before her.
After that, my penis erects and get even harder inside.
Because of that increase, Melissa get a bigger stimulus, and gradually her composure leaves her.

For about 10 secs, the contest of endurance continues, and then finally my dick cramp as if it want to ejaculate.
Naturally, Melissa feels it buck.

“Oh? You want to cum? It’s my win then”

Melissa turns her flushed face.
But, that carelessness is fatal.
Her tight pussy has no more strength, so I thrust my dick viciously inside her womb.


The confused womb tightens too late.
I, who was already counted out due my ejaculation, near my limit hard and big dong thrust inside deeply into her womb. Properly speaking it can’t be penetrated, her womb had been destroyed because of the cruelty in her past.

“Heei! Nooooo!!”

Melissa gives the greatest pleasure to my penis. [15. tl: this is plus side of Melissa]
Rather than the erogenous zone, her weakness is in the mental and emotional side when not controlling her tightness. [16. tl: this is the minus]
So, it can’t be helped if I plow her more violently.

Froth comes out from her mouth and her legs can’t stop squirming, while she sticks out her tongue. [17. Aheago face? (tl: something like that)]
Now is the time to finish her off.
I bring my mouth close to her ear.

“My sweet Melissa, you can give up now”

In that moment I insert my tongue into her ear, she screams in a coquettish voice until the whole town can hear

I reach my climax too, I pour my semen inside a little bit after her orgasm.
Our movements temporarily stop, the anxiously waiting Celia sees Melissa face and shouts “Hii”.
Though she doesn’t want to be seen by her man, her white-only-eyes remain opened.
When I ejaculate inside her, suddenly Melissa takes the opportunity to move.
No, to be exploded with cum is not easy, to be turned over like a bucket on the bed.

That was probably the last of Melissa’s strength, I support her only using my penis.
When I finish ejaculating and my penis becomes soft, she slips onto the bed and stops moving.
Somehow, I’m able to win.
I can’t lose to any woman other than Lucy.

“Fuh, I’m tired. I’ve had plenty of sex for now”


I see a small butt appear in front of my eyes.
In order to display the butt hole to tempt me, the cute butt hole is becoming flushed.
it would be pitiful to leave it as it is.

“Here here”

I hold this slender waist and put the tip of my penis in the butt.


“…… Ahn”

Although I have already eaten many women tonight. While half erect, it is still tight.
If I have full erection inside her, it’ll be ruptured.

“I still haven’t thrust inside. Endure it”

Looking at Celia shaking, I slide my finger in the fainted Melissa’s vagina.
I rub my sperm juice on her belly, and then rub my dick on it.
I stick my penis to her stomach and shaking my waist, it feels like insertion.

“Aegir-sama! More, please give me more!”

Celia feels like it, too.
Afterward, somehow I move my waist vigorously and thrust my penis while supporting Celia, finally ejaculate on her face and her inexperience genitalia.
Celia is glad that she can ejaculate together with me and fall asleep with satisfied face.
While I search for a pillow to fall asleep, I hear a voice.

“Aegir, can I ask you something?”

Carla turns over to face me still lying down.

“Did you wake up?”

“Yes, after our separation, your technique and that thing have grown, I thought I’d die”

“That’s good then”

“What about Mel and Mirei?”

“I have no news about Mel.”
“There’s a rumor that Mirei’s village has a severe food shortage, but I’ve never seen it myself.”

“After this, I’m planning to join with the mercenary troupe in Goldenia. This mercenary troop seems like a special troop, if all goes well, hopefully I can take care of all of them”

“I see. I think, this is a good plan. Because it’s you”

Carla left something on the table, sometime ago, she had been thoroughly using the contraceptives.

“Well, if it’s okay …… Can I have your baby?”

“Do you want a baby?”

“When Aegir is not here for a whole year, I was lonely. With Maria, we used your tool to comfort ourselves. But when I saw you come back, my stomach went ‘kyuun’. At that time, I knew, ‘I want this man’s child”

Carla held my hand and placed it on her chest.

“Yeah, when the woman says it’s okay, the man won’t complain. When that time comes, I’ll impregnate you”

I gently caress Carla’s belly, and imagine my sperm entering inside her womb, her belly trembles greatly.
But, that’s not excitement…

“Sorry, I need to go to toilet…… I can’t stand up, please carry me. I don’t want you to carry me to outside, I can use that emergency bucket. If I don’t turn my back to you…… No, I’ll say it honestly”

I place the emergency bucket in front of Carla.

And then, ‘suuu’, Carla inhales a big breath. [18. tl: ‘suuu” is sfx of inhaling a breath in JP]

“Please see me pee!! See all of me!! I want you to see meee!!”

Because of Carla’s loud voice, all the members are awake, in front of me, she is urinating magnificently and gathering look of disdain from the others.
The person is in a trance herself because of my amazed expression and the other woman dirty gazes.
Next morning, Maria was busy preparing something.

“Something happened?”

“Yesterday you said that you want to go to Goldenia, right? It’s not that long of a journey, but we still need to prepare”

“You’re coming too?”

“Obviously! Let me be a little unreasonable. I won’t forgive you if you say good-bye. Mama said to, ‘because it’s the war, go! Don’t lose’ she said, and it’s not like I can’t come back anyway”

Maria was well received by everyone, and everyone was welcoming to her.
While everyone left to prepare, Nonna drew her mouth close to my ear.

“At that time when we arrive there, please impregnate me too”

It seems that she heard Carla’s conversation with me.

“I don’t want that perverted woman to give birth to Aegir-sama’s first son. A horse is enough to copulate with that pervert”

I won’t be defeated and put on my apparel. [19. what? Appeal on my stomach???] (tl: 絶対に負けませんと自分の腹に檄を飛ばす。I don’t know what appeal tho ._.)
In any case, I’ll go to Goldenia first.
I check my spear, and take out my Dual Crater from its scabbard.
The luster has not weakened at all.


“Aegir, it’s been a year, right?”

Hard-boiled pavilion master, Andrey saw me and asked it in low voice.
But, that hand has 2 cups and distilled liquor, it seems that he had already prepared for something else.
The moist-eye waitress looked at Andre with a bitter mood.
If he invited her to bed, she wouldn’t refuse.

I don’t respect him the same way.
He always stood up close to me excited to see Celia in a short skirt.

“There’re 5 people other than me. Do have a room big enough? I want to lodge here for a while”

“I thought you only left for a while, surprisingly you deceived many women on road, don’t you?”

Andrey put some alcohol in front of me.
This is his way of welcoming me perhaps..

It’s man duty to take along any woman who fall for him. As for myself, I don’t have many aims now”

I drain the cup in a single gulp.

“I’ll take care of it if you pay me”

I expected nothing else needed than that, the room is big, but the non-stop talk wasn’t needed.
If you talk about taking care of someone, he’s more than capable, but only capable of that.

I guided all the women upstairs to explain the situation.
I explain about the invitation to the mercenary troupe, about the recruitment phase and wanting to apply for that. I finish by summarizing that this shop can take care of our sleeping quarters. I also warn that the shopkeeper Andrey only likes lolis.

“We understand. We’re a hindrance when it comes to being in the mercenary troupe. Then, we’ll wait for your success”

If we talk about war, there’s no such thing as luck, Nonna and Maria agree on that point.
Carla hesitates, she wants to come with me but it’ll be troublesome when a is man accompanied by a woman to war. However, I say that I plan to come here from time to time to make love so she agrees to stay.

“I can’t fight but, can I go as your mistress?”

Melissa makes this talk slightly more difficult.

“If we talk about in the mercenary troupe, It’s no different than a regular military. I can persuade the commander there, so Aegir-san can gain a position easily through that route…”

Melissa tries to make me take advantage of her skills.

But, I don’t want to use my woman to embrace another man.
After I glared at her, Melissa says ‘I’m sorry’ meekly.
I thought that everyone consented but there’s someone who did not..

“I’ll follow Aegir-sama anywhere! As your follower, it’s natural to follow you to war! Besides, I can cut my hair like a man, so there’s no problem”

Now that you mention it, Celia is still my attendant.
I know that she’s flat, will the person be able to serve me as an attendant?

“But what if you get hurt?” “It is attendant duty to protect Aegir-sama, even if I get injured” [20. tl: sure, “injury” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ]

But even if I want to take Celia along with me…… I need to make a reason to refuse her.

“Going to war with you is the only thing that I can do for you. Please use me…… Didn’t I already give my life to you?”

Celia’s decision is firm.
Is this the dissatisfaction when dealing with a child? However I think it is okay if that is her choice.

“Well…… Then instead of as my attendant, will you go with me as partner?” [21. tl: nakama = partner. Not in love way]

Celia’s face becomes brighter all of a sudden, but the other women feel displeasure about it.

“Eeh! It’s unfair!! What is this difference?”
“As expected, you only take Celia…… I’m jealous”
“Celia-chan, isn’t going there dangerous? You’re so small too……”
“Is she the only girl that is your partner? She would break!”

Celia refuses to budge and cuts her hair with a knife, and begins to wear a weapon and armor.
She will not be a little girl forever. Will she be my little concubine or my attendant? That choice is for her alone.

By the way, the only one who refuses to let Celia be a mercenary is Andrey alone.
He’s not excited even if it’s Nonna’s breasts, or Melissa’s lascivious attire, his only weakness is small girl and his wife, the 18 years old Natalie.

“She’s resolute. Let’s support her”

“Yeah. Let’s give her our full support. Don’t die!”

He’s such a simple person.
Beside me, there’s Celia with a sword at her waist and a delicate face, led Schwarz to the Goldenia outskirt to visit the Wing of Dawn campground.

“Are you a volunteer soldier?”

“My name is Aegir. I received an invitation. It was a year ago though”

There’s a mercenary standing at the entrance to check our equipment.
Half plate made of metal with spear, there’s knife on his waist, there’s a bowgun on the tower, it’s unbelievable for mercenaries to have such nice equipment.
Moreover, everyone’s equipment seems to have the same supplier.

“Call the commander!”

The mercenary leads me to the commander.
There are soldiers practicing spearing and cavalry who are practice an assault.

“Long time no see, Aegir”

Someone with a face that I have seen long ago meets me.
Is he someone from the Hard-boiled pavilion? Though I never learned his name.

“I never revealed my name at that time, Eli Radhold. I’m the leader of the Wing of Dawn and 1st battalion commander”

“It seems like, I’ll miss my chance”

“Yeah, just barely. First, I’ll explain about this troupe a bit. The others are dismissed”

I want to let Celia leave but he stopped me, Eli nodded in consent.

“First I want to ask you a question. What is your impression of this troupe?”

Is he going to test me?

“A strange mercenary troupe, I think. First, the location. It’s impossible to have a permit for this campground because it’s too near to the capital. The nobles and royalty hate the mercenary troupes after all”

Eli’s eyes say “please continue’.

Next is the equipment. This mercenary troupe has equipment far above average regular army uniforms. Next is the practice. That was not the spear and cavalry assault practice of a mercenary troupe. As long as a person had already seen how mercenaries are, even for a moment, the person would notice these abnormalities, this troupe is more like a regular army.

Eli nods.

“I’m relieved that you don’t only have superhuman strength. As you can see, this Wing of Dawn is not a regular mercenary troupe. Though the official stance is of a mercenary army”

Eli pours sake and hand it over to me.
A Commander who allows his people to drink alcohol is a splendid commander. Of course I drink it.

“The one who made The Wing of Dawn is the second son of majesty, Hubel II. The second prince named “Eldio”-sama” [22. tl: エルディオ, Erudio. Any suggestion?]

An important person’s name comes out all of a sudden.

“Eldio-sama now is serving as the Cabinet Minister of Domestic Affair and Cabinet Minister of Engineering, but because he owns no territory he can’t own any troops. Because of this, he gathers mercenaries to maintain public order”

In other word, we’re the private troops of prince Eldio?

“So, this is the official end of our conversation. From now you’ll be charged with treason if you say anything. …… The current life of King Huber II won’t last long. It seems, his latest illness made him unable stand. Even if he died today, we wouldn’t be surprised”

“Is he taking a chance at the crown?”

“Yes, he is. And, if the king dies, Imperial Guard Knight General, the crown prince, [Beltrius], will succeed the throne. Or maybe, the successor will be transferred to prime minister Duke Ditrit Allens
The eldest son will succeed the throne, but behind the scene the younger brother and some other powers will continue to compete for the throne.
It’s not an unusual story.

“But, our employer, Eldio-sama is dissatisfied with these developments. As for myself, I want the Goldenia Kingdom to be suitable kingdom”

“So, we want to install the second prince as a legitimate successor when the King dies, is that it?”

“Yes. Crown Prince Beltrius as Imperial Guard Knight General has the power over the soldiers. In other words, our true purpose for the Prime Minister will be to oppose that power”

If it’s like that, I understand.
Not as thieves on a battlefield but as a regular army, still, I lack the reason as a mercenary to associate with some chivalric order.
So, to collect some national military fame, he built this army?

“This is your certificate of enrollment. Of course, you aren’t allowed to disclose this even after retirement. You had no experience to lead in this war but, you have good horse. So I’ll enroll you in the 2nd cavalry unit of the battalion. Your daily wages are 3 silver coins…… If you include that follower of yours, 4 silver coins”

If I have 4 silver as daily wages, I can cover all the costs of our inn and meals.

“On paper, we’ll do thief exterminations and clean up monsters on the highways for a while. Of course, when you get a military achievement, you will be rewarded but, please be careful, because that is not our real purpose”

“How many people who know our true purpose here?”

Of course it’ll be hard to be a secret for everyone.

“Around 3 people in each battalion, at the level of commander and their adjutant. But, I don’t know. There are more ears than that I assume. Please don’t spread this matter at all cost”

Now this is a troubling matter.

“Until something happens, your mission is to prepare and practice, show your real power in your unit to gain a trust or maybe it’s okay just to boast of your strength”

“It seems that you’re thinking too highly of me, or is it only flattery from your mouth?”

“No way, even like this, if I think about you going crazy, I’m shivering with fear over here”

We’re refueled our sake cups and say ‘kanpai’.

My journeyman life has ended, and now my life as a mercenary begins.
Surely I’ll get caught up in a bigger wave, no, I believe I’ll be the one who will jump into it.


Name : Aegir.
Status : Wing of Dawn;  Member of 2nd battalion of Cavalry unit.
Money : 20 gold coins (Silvers and below not counted)
Weapon : Dual Carter (long sword), Large Bardiche (Lance)
Equipment : High Leather Armor, High Leather Gauntlets, High Leather Boots, Black Cloak (Cursed)
Companions : Schwarz (Horse), Celia (follower)
Companions on standby at the inn : Nonna Elektra, Melissa, Maria, Carla (big pervert)
Sexual Partners Count : 28




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