Chapter 244: The Night Before the Tragedy




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–Aegir POV–

「Do you think it’s possible to move to the new mansion around the time the year changes?」

「Let’s see…… it will be too tight of a schedule? There are many extremely expensive items after all so carrying them in will take time. We can’t pass off the job to any other workers, you see.」

Claire and I are beside each other watching as object after object gets moved into the new mansion.
They’re certainly being very careful with everything.
The furniture will get beat up and scratched as they’re used anyways so I think it’s fine if the workers don’t stress over it too much.
Besides, if we were scared of damaging the furniture, we would need to isolate Irijina in a separate location.

「Even so, it’s natural for us to move tidily. I’ve told them all that any damage they do would need to be repaid out of their own pocket. ……although they’ll probably never pay it off in one lifetime.」

「No wonder all of them have such strained faces. You didn’t have to threaten them so much.」

Thinking that everything would be set when the dwarven-made chandelier arrives, my right hand moves to ruffle Celia’s hair.

「Hau! Why do you always mess my hair up!?」

Sorry, I always feel like doing it when I put my hand on your head.
You don’t seem to dislike it though.

「Maybe I’ll take a look at the rooms, wanna come with me Celia?」

Looking at empty rooms is boring so I didn’t do so before.
With the furniture in place, the feel of each room would be different.

「I’ll take a look around the perimeter. I will check if more equipment needs to be installed on the outer walls so intruders can’t get in.」

What a hard-working girl.
When I give her cheek an encouraging kiss, the suddenly motivated Celia proudly dashes off.
Don’t yell at the guards too much now.

Beds, tables, chairs and the like have all already been carried into each room.
I still can’t really tell if the place has an expensive atmosphere…… but if the girls like it, I guess that’s all that matters.

「Excuse me, master.」

I hear the sound of a girl behind me.
She’s holding what appears to be a flower vase meant to be placed on the table.
Oops, I was blocking the entrance.

When I clear the path, the girl bows before heading over to the table to carefully set down the vase…….


She got too nervous and tripped over herself.
The vase falls and bumps into the table.

The flustered girl quickly checks the vase, confirming it didn’t break.

「Aaaaah…… what do I do…… what do I do……」

It seems she marked up the table though.
The girl turns pale, trying to rub the scuff mark with a cloth but she was not able to erase it no matter how much she tried.

She can’t hide it from anyone either since I am in the room with her.
I can’t bear to watch her distraught appearance when tears start falling from her eyes.

「You don’t have to worry-……」
「I’m terribly sorry! I will reimburse the cost! I will do anything, even sell my body! So please…… spare my family, I beg you!」

Look Claire, this happened because you threatened them.
This small table costs 100 gold.
If you tell them they have to compensate for damages, of course they’ll be afraid.

「I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!」

I tell her she doesn’t have to worry, but my words can’t get through to her while she’s in a state of panic.
I guess I’ll embrace her first, it’s the best way to calm a girl down.

This girl is one of the employees hired by Claire since fall to help carry smaller lightweight items.
Her family is large and not a wealthy one, located outside the walls of Rafen.
When she got hired to work for Claire, a company with a higher salary than other jobs, everyone was overjoyed for her.

「I-if I damage the goods…… I was told I would need to compensate by selling my body, but also demanding from my family is-…… waaahh.」

I wanted to say it was just to create a sense of tension, but Claire’s capable of doing anything.
It’s better if I don’t tell her.

「By the way, whose room is this?」

The girls’ rooms have already been decided and their desired ornaments have been moved, but I can’t remember who this room belongs to.

「It was planned to be…… Carla-sama’s room.」

The girl answers while wiping her tears.

「Then it’s fine.」

It would be a red signal if it was Nonna’s room whereas I’m sure Carla wouldn’t mind such minor scratches since she’s pretty crude herself and would probably damage it on her own eventually.

「That’s why you don’t have to report this to Claire.」

「Uuu…… but.」

She’s quite the diligent girl, what a cutie.

「You reported it directly to me. That’s fine, isn’t it? More importantly-……」

I brush up the girl’s hair and kiss her forehead.
The tear-filled eyes that look up at me in surprise are really cute.

「Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.」

The hand which patted her head lowered down to rub her shoulder.

「Thank you…… very much.」

The girl doesn’t realize.
I lower my hand even further down to touch her breasts and her body twitches in surprise.

「You…… want me?」

I don’t say anything and smile instead, then steal her lips.
The girl doesn’t resist, although I do check her expression and confirm that it doesn’t seem like she dislikes it.
I’m taking her then.

I have the girl stand up, swiftly slip my hand under her skirt and pull off her underwear.
I’ve gotten really quick at it lately.
Practice is important after all.


I put her hands on the window side and hug her from behind, pushing my hips up against her from behind and adjusting my dick with her entrance.

「……it’s so big.」

The girl gulps.
And then I find the right spot to enter.

「Here I go, sorrah.」
「Aaaggh! Hiiiiiihh!!」

Her flesh makes squelching noises as my meat rod sinks inside.
All of a sudden remembering that others are still continuing to work in the mansion, the girl covers her mouth.

Her white and round ass is cute.
I like how her thighs have some muscle to them.
When I insert my index finger into her ass, both holes clench as a reaction to being surprised.

「Nngh! Nnnn!」

She pleads to me while still covering her mouth.
I guess she’s trying to ask me not to do it too hard.

「You’re a virgin?」

The girl shakes her head.

「How about the ass?」

The girl shakes her head in embarrassment.
So this cute girl actually does it fairly frequently.
My dick gets harder when I imagine what she does.

「Then I don’t have to hold back.」

I grab her butt cheeks and slam my hips against her fiercely.
The dull slaps with every thrust echoes until the girl’s legs finally give out.
I push my hips forward to support her and press her against the wall so she can’t escape.

「It’s feeling good. I’ll keep going and impregnate you.」

「Eeh! I-I’m not ready to get pregnant……」

However, it was about that time when I hear familiar voices from the other side of the door.

「It looks like my room is over here. It’s close to yours.」

「All the wives’ rooms are close to each other. It’s unthinkable in other houses.」

「Isn’t it fine? We get along.」

「I-I don’t really get along with you Carla……」

「Oh, you’re getting embarrassed. I can tell immediately because your boobs swing side to side whenever you do.」

「You’re lying! There’s no way a girl like that exists, stupid Carla!」

Not good, those voices belong to Nonna and Carla.
They’re making a beeline towards us.
It would be bad to continue.

The girl I’m embracing looks at me with concern.
I unwillingly pull out and put her underwear back on.
It’s a good thing I didn’t strip her naked.

「It’s here…… wait, Aegir?」
「P-pardon me.」

The girl bows before slipping past the surprised Carla and leaving the room.
Steam might be coming off her body but her clothes should look neat and tidy.
There shouldn’t be anything questionable about her.

The workers are still carrying items throughout the mansion so it shouldn’t be strange for a girl to enter a room.


That’s what I explained, but Carla and Nonna’s glare at me with narrowed eyes.

I lean against the window frame and stretch.

「What nice weather. It makes me feel like taking a nap.」

「……you’re probably trying to deceive us but there are certain things you can’t hide.」

I wonder what she’s talking about.

「Things like taking off your outer garment even though it’s so cold and also this lewd smell.」

I put on my outer garment and then open the window.
Now it should be perfect.

Nonna sighs and looks away.
Carla points to my crotch.

「……if you’re going to hide something, at least put your dick away.」

Oh crap, I forgot about that.
Explaining why I took out something so erect and so sticky with juices is difficult.
I try to put it back in my pants immediately but couldn’t with how big it’s gotten.

「Sorry, could you help me out? It won’t go back in.」


What a strange but pleasant feeling it is to have Nonna and Carla touch my dick without saying a word.

That Night. Nonna and Carla.

「It’s a grave situation!」

Nonna slams the table during a secret meeting between just the two of them.
Carla drinks with her chin resting on her hand while she listens.

「Cheating comes as a package with a man’s ability. For a man of Aegir-sama’s capabilities, a little bit of womanizing is inevitable.」

「Aegir is the definition of womanizing.」

「However! I think he’s been doing it too much lately. It’s not only about today’s incident, it of course includes the maids, as well as the prostitutes in the city and the females in the bow cavalry unit…… he would have fun over here and then play around over there, it’s just too much.」

Nonna takes Carla’s cup of alcohol without asking and drinks from it.
In return, Carla takes Nonna’s cup of tea and empties it.

「For what it’s worth, I think it’s a little too much as well.」

「I know Aegir-sama has a big heart, but there won’t be enough love to go around if he keeps increasing the number of partners!」

Nonna takes Carla’s biscuit, puts some honey on it and eats it.
In return, Carla takes Nonna’s cake.

「So, what are you going to do? Are you going to tell Aegir not to cheat anymore or something?」

Carla somewhat languidly refills the cup.

「No, the problem is with how much love he directs to us. I want to receive the most love…… despite him having such a large amount of partners. For that sake, I have this!」

Nonna takes out a small bottle and places it on the table.

「What is that?」

「It’s an aphrodisiac. I bought it at a street vendor in Libatis.」

「Are you an idiot?」

Nonna remembers how she used Carla’s name when buying the drug, but she doesn’t mention it to her.

「It apparently has a very strong effect, so if I give this to Aegir-sama to drink…… I think I will receive plenty of wonderful love.」

「……don’t you think that way of thinking is similar to someone we know?」

「It’s not! Er, if I recall you have to dilute it with ten parts water.」

「You sure this is going to be okay? It’ll be bad if you make Aegir drink a suspicious drug and something happens to him.」

「That’s true. Maybe I should have Kroll test for poison.」

Kroll was summoned to the room without delay.
Now that Kroll lost his sexual desire, he is in some ways more trustworthy and is now allowed to enter the women’s rooms when needed.

「Is there a certain person who requires some help?」

「Certain? ……whatever. You’ve been working hard lately and I thought you should be rewarded, why not have a drink of water first…… go on, Carla.」
「I’m not a subordinate of yours……」

Carla mixes the drug inside the cup of water and hands it to Kroll.

「I am grateful.」

Kroll accepts the cup and chugs the liquid.
Nonna pretends to slowly search for something in her purse while observing the reaction.

At first, Kroll closes his eyes while standing at attention and then his body gradually begins to shake.
His breathing then gets rougher and his face becomes flushed.

「How does your body feel?」

「M-my apologies…… my body feels like it’s burning up…… I can’t stand it.」

The two women look at each other and mutters “alright!” quietly.

「Haa…… haa…… something bad is…… flowing to my crotch! Carnal desires…… guoooh……」

「It looks like it works. It made the impotent Kroll like this, so think about what it will do to Aegir-sama who is normally brimming with lust…… fufufu.」

「Heey, that sounds great and all, but are you sure it won’t be dangerous? I mean, look at him.」

「Haa, haa…… female…… females……」

Kroll’s gaze focuses on Nonna’s breasts and Carla’s thighs.
Nonna felt the sense of danger and left several gold coins on the table.

「Ahem! This gold is your reward. This is it for today’s work so you may return to your own room. Go ahead and sleep with that mother and child if you want.」

「…… females, holes, thrust, inside, impregnate.」

Kroll mutters to himself while trudging unsteadily out of the room.

「It turns you into ‘that’ but its effects are exceptional. Ufufu, now I can get intense love from Aegir-sama.」

「He didn’t seem normal…… will this be alright?」

And so it was finally time to call the real target of the drug.

–Third Person POV–

White City. Army of Ice.

An army consisting of 50 000 soldiers are lined up in the plaza of White City.
It was obvious after careful inspection that their pure white military outfit was not metallic armor.
The thick, white fur wrapped around the soldiers from head to toe made all of them look like a strange savage tribe.

「Salute to Supreme Commander Stessel! The northern army has arrived. We will now accept the task of defending White City.」

Martin Stessel, the Supreme Commander of Defense, returns a proper salute to the saluting men.

With the formal greetings out of the way, Martin’s expression relaxes as he walks towards the man standing at the head of the army.
That man raises himself from his kneeling position and spreads his arms wide.

「You’re late, Nikolai. I’ve been waiting for you.」

「Don’t be absurd, Martin. You also know about the winter up north, don’t you?」

The two of them chuckle and hug each other.

「Commander? Is Corps Commander Nikolai a personal acquaintance of yours?」

The Federation with its strict regulations doesn’t normally allow for such acts of intimacy.
One of the staff officers asks the question with a stunned look on his face.

Both parties don’t seem shy.
The two of them pat each other on the shoulder and smile.

「We are both from the same town. He’s a close friend. Our houses are the feudal lords who govern the outskirts of the north, you see. There have been many times we saved each other from harsh circumstances and our houses also get along well so we were brought up like brothers.」

Nikolai purposely exaggerates a bow to poke fun at the other man.

「You’re the one who is skilled enough to become the Honorable Supreme Commander of Defense though.」

Martin deliberately acts arrogantly in response.

「But the Corps Commander here is quite the impressive one himself for being born into the house of a remote feudal lord.」

The two of them laugh again, but then separate after clearing their throats once when they realize the gaze of the gathered staff officers.
Nikolai’s face returns to being strict.

「So, what’s the situation like?」

「Umu, we’ve changed the defense-only plans up until now to repeated counterattacks and ambushes. The enemy hasn’t undone their surround on us but they should not have the forces to do an all-out offensive anymore.」

「Because of that, you want us to breakthrough the encirclement from the outside and enter White City, right?」

Martin smiles to confirm what Nikolai said.
The staff officers place piece after piece onto the map of White City and the surrounding area.

「We now understand the general idea of the enemy army’s battle formation after the repeated counterattacks. Look, it’s a laughable number isn’t it?」

「Let’s see…… they have 2 500 000…… no, they probably don’t even number 2 000 000.」

Martin nods contently.

「That’s right. They number more than 2.5 million however this mark indicates the group of people they call military slaves. We don’t have to include them in our count…… have you seen them? They’re practically fighting half naked. They’re half naked in our winter.」

「There is no cure for stupidity. They’ll be frozen solid soon enough.」

The two of them smile.

「I apologize for interrupting. Isn’t it about time to plan the strategy for our counterattack……」

Martin claps his hands after one of the staff officers speaks up.

「Umu! I was waiting for the arrival of the northern army. Now we can finally begin to counterattack for real.」

「The enemy should be considerably worn down by the cold. It should be possible for us to break the surround of White City if we push out now.」

The staff officers nod at the man’s statement.
However Martin shakes his head.

「Sure, we might be able to break the encirclement, but that’s not enough. They will probably retreat to the south and wait until spring. That’s no good, not good enough. We have to deliver a hard enough blow to devastate them before spring comes. We have to attack them in such a way that they aren’t able to mount any kind of attack again.」

「Besides, only the south of White City is warm. The enemy won’t come to us after they get there.」

Nikolai adds his own comments.

「Warm…… you say?」

One of the soldiers asked in disbelief.
It is already deep into winter time and the enemy is already greatly fatigued, but there are still ally soldiers like the ones in charge of lookout duty who are starting to get frostbite despite being used to the cold.
It was hard for anyone to say that the weather was warm even if they were threatened.

However, Nikolai grins and pats the man’s shoulder.

「My army and I came here from the icy prison of the north. I can even feel when spring is coming from the temperature of White City.」

Martin also grins slightly and continues speaking.

「The sky is becoming cloudy and the wind is starting to blow. It’s just about that time of year, there will be a storm coming soon.」

「Then we would have to postpone our counterattack……」

Everyone nods.
The cold of winter is advantageous to the Federation, but it’s not a unilateral one.
More so when there’s a blizzard, since the only choice would be to hide inside a building and wait until the storm dies down.

「What are you saying? We’ll wait for the storm before we start our counterattack.」
「It’s the perfect environment, no?」

Martin and Nikolai speak at the same time.
The staff officers are once again dumbfounded.

「You know the other name of our army, don’t you? The Army of Ice. God has given us this snow storm to create the perfect stage.」

Martin and Nikolai smirk.

「Tell the entire army. Prepare the best winter equipment they have. We’ll fight in the blizzard.」

There is not a shred of unrest in the eyes of the 50 000 soldiers of the northern army who received their order.
Even the smiling faces of the privates are filled with confidence that they could not lose in the extreme cold, much less a blizzard.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Citizens: 174,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 25,000. Lintbloom: 5000. Vandolea Special Town: 9000.

Family: Nonna (plotting), Carla (plotting), Kroll (sexually excited), Mira & Lola (in trouble)

Assets: 20,820 gold
Sexual Partners: 290, children who have been born: 54 + 555 fish

Federation VS. Empire – Comparison of Military Forces (Current + Losses = Max Mobilization. In the case where numbers don’t match, it means there are spare forces.)

Olga Federation
Military Strength – Current: 900 000, Max Mobilization: 2 550 000, Losses: 1 180 000, Civilian Victims: 940 000

Garland Empire
Military Strength – Current: 2 030 000, Max Mobilization: 3 100 000, Losses: 1 070 000 (Military slaves not included)




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