Chapter 245: The Night of the Tragedy




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

I try to suppress my smile as I head to Nonna’s room.

After I got out from the bath, one of Nonna’s attendants told me to go to her room.
She had already finished taking a bath so there was only one thing for me to do.

「Fufufu, what a cutie. I better make love to her so much that her legs give out.」

I could bury my face in her breasts while fucking her in the missionary position or I could go doggy style while grabbing her tits from behind.
Watching her bounce on top of me in the cowgirl position while watching her boobs jiggle would be nice too.

「Oops, better tidy up my appearance.」

We’re both going to get naked immediately anyways but Nonna’s quite particular about this sort of thing.
A stylish look would get her pretty wet while pouncing on her naked would make her a little upset.
Which is why I’ll head over wearing the clothes she purposely picked for me.

When I reached Nonna’s room, I hide my overflowing lust for her and knock on the door in a gentlemanly manner.
My lower half also hit the door so it became a double knock but that shouldn’t affect anything.

「It’s me.」

「Please come in.」

I feel a little bewildered when I enter the room.
Besides Nonna in her nightgown, Carla was also sitting on the bed in thin, almost see-through clothes.
I thought I was called because she wanted to be given love one-on-one, what’s going on?

「For today, we want you to make love to the two of us.」

「I’m all for that but…… is there something else?」

The two of them act restlessly.
It appears they have something special planned.

「Yes, today…… we have a request of you before commencing.」

With that, Nonna places a small bottle on the table.

「What’s that?」

「An aphrodisiac. Nonna bought it.」
「It’s a vitality drug!」

A strange laugh leaks out of me.
But I’m a little worried.

「Is the way I show you love not enough? I’m sorry.」

If they’re giving me a drug like this, it means they’re not satisfied with the sex they’re getting.
How pathetic for me as a man, I’ll have to give my body and soul to loving the two of them today then.

「It’s not like that! We just want more love than the others, more intense if you will……」

Nonna hesitates.
In that case, I’ll fuck her so much that fluids start leaking out from her holes.
I take the medicine bottle and instantly down its contents.

「Ah, you have to mix it with ten parts of water……」

「Hm? Did you say something?」

I drain the liquid and toss the bottle away.

「Here on out is unknown territory. It seems like something amazing will happen.」

Nonna is shocked while Carla holds her head in worry.
Well now, did I do something wrong?

「Show me your lewd appearances until the drug starts taking effect.」

At my request, Nonna and Carla sit on the edge of the bed and put on a masturbating display for me to enjoy.
Of course, the girls are stark naked.

I get naked again and stand imposingly in front of the bed at their request.

「How naughty, Carla. Spread your vagina more and stick your finger deeper inside.」

「Like this…… nnh! As I thought, this is embarrassing and turns me on.」

Carla pulls apart her labia with her finger to show me more of her insides and then puts three fingers inside.
Fluids start overflowing from her hole, creating a puddle beneath her.

「Nonna, grab your boobs and lick your own nipples.」

「Yes, nnmu…… nnn, what a strange feeling.」

Nonna lifts her heavy breasts and stuffs her nipples in her mouth.
Seeing such a wonderful scene makes my dick engorge with blood, which in turn makes the girls who saw it massage their boobs more, further stimulating their arousal.

「Aegir’s body is so lovely. It’s so muscular and manly.」
「It’s a naughty request but if you can do this with that, I’ll-」

I grin as I grab my meat rod and slowly stroke it up and down for them to see.
My dick is already rock hard from the visual stimulation of the two beloved women’s naked bodies.

「It really is amazing. All the veins are popping out, it’s super thick and just plain naughty, but so lovely.」
「There’s some liquid dripping from the tip too. The scent of a man is making my head spin.」

The girls’ fingers move quicker and harder to pleasure themselves closer to climax.
Their bodies start to twitch and they’ll probably cum if they continue.

With my a smile, I push my dick right up to their faces and Nonna unconsciously sticks out her tongue towards my tool. When Carla laughs at her, Nonna immediately pulls back.

Nonna and I are at our limits.
Instead of masturbating, we want each other’s bodies.

「I want it hard and rough today. We can focus on mood at another time.」
「Right, the effect of the drug should be kicking in soon, so getting ravished might not be too bad.」

Nonna and Carla’s faces turn red as they continue masturbating.
Normally, I would happily pounce on them but my body feels strange for some reason.

「Haha, this aphrodisiac is pretty powerful. My body feels like it’s burning and my desire for women is stro-……」

I couldn’t finish my sentence because I felt my heart throb hard.


「A-Aegir-sama!?」「What’s wrong!!?」

Nonna and Carla rush to me when I fall onto the floor.

「My body feels so hot. I’m burning up.」

「Stupid Nonna! So it really was some strange drug! Aegir, hang in there.」
「I made sure to test it on Kroll first too! I-I’ll go get the doctor right away!」

Their voices seem to get further away.
Just when I thought my consciousness was about to fade into black, my vision turns red instead.


I grab Nonna by the leg and pick her up upside-down.
My reason is telling me not to do something so violent but the lust welling up inside me is pushing logic out of the way.

「Aegir, are you okay…… kyahn!」

I grab Carla by the arm and pull her onto my shoulder violently.

「Women…… gotta fuck women……」

I don’t even know what I’m saying.
There’s a dull pain in my crotch.
My dick must be too strained.
I don’t think I’ve seen my dick this enlarged before.


I throw the two of them on the bed and climb on myself.
Which one should I go for first, probably the big-breasted one.

「Spread your legs!」

That was louder than I thought it was.
Nonna’s shoulder flinches before she quickly parts her thighs.
I forcefully hold her legs and push the head of my member against her.

「Hiiih, what is this size!? It’s much bigger than usual, it won’t fit!」
「Wait Aegir! That size is impossible for Nonna, she’ll break!」

The two of them are saying something but I don’t understand what it is.
I can only think about eating the two beautiful women’s bodies in front of me.

I hold off the feeble resistance from Nonna and mount her.
My dick has become too big so it’s hard to insert myself in the missionary position, which is why I decided to lift her butt up a push from above.


I push down strongly without holding back.
The resistance put up by the entrance towards my thick tip lasted for a split second before the rest of my shaft sunk deep inside her canals.
Her stomach comically bulges out and the shape of my dick can clearly be seen.

「Kaah! Hgyaah!」

With one thrust, Nonna’s limbs stretched out and the resistance disappeared.
I hold her trembling waist with one hand while using the other one to grasp her giant breasts, then move up and down.

Her hole is squeezing down so tight that I drag her along with me everytime I move.
In that case, I’ll have to hold her thighs and then forcefully…….

「Wait Aegir, if you do that you’ll really break Nonna!」

Sensing the emergency situation developing, Nonna’s two attendants jumped in.
Alright, more holes for me.
I’ll fuck everybody.

The moment that thought manifested in my head, a rush of pleasure shot down to my crotch.
It feels like I’m ejaculating unbelievably prematurely but there’s a heavy sensation in my balls.
A huge load is coming out.

「Ooooh…… cumming! I’m cumming! Gaaaaah!!」

I push my hips forward while holding onto Nonna’s boobs.


The sound of my ejaculation was loud enough for all three girls to hear as Nonna’s stomach instantly expanded.
Her consciousness is already gone and her body has gone limp, so she’s laying there motionlessly.
I’ll gladly pump her full of my seed then.

「I’m still cumming, it’s not stopping. I can’t stop cumming.」

The force of my ejaculation is unstoppable.
Nonna’s stomach just keeps getting bigger, then she starts struggling again when she feels strained by the stretching of her body.

「Master, the madam is going to burst at this rate!」
「Please. Pull out for now!」

The two attendants are clinging to my back but I can’t understand what they’re saying.
The only thought filling my head is to fill the woman in front of me with my seed.

「Aegir isn’t sane right now. I’ll try to do something about it so evacuate Nonna when you see an opening.」

「Auu…… Aegir-sama…… no…… more……」

Nonna lets out a weak voice when I hug her, and then I feel a soft feeling on my back when I try to inject more seed into her.
I turn around to find Carla hugging me from behind and pushing her breasts against me.

「Aegir, my ass is bigger than Nonna’s and I’m sure it’ll feel great if you thrust into me. Won’t you plunge that huge dick of yours inside me instead?」

Carla turns her ass towards me and spreads her butt apart with her hands.
All of a sudden in the corner of my hazy mind, a thought pops up telling me not to hurt Nonna.
My lust then tells me to embrace the new woman in front of me.


I pull my dick out of Nonna.
Immediately after, the two attendants get under her and carry her out of the room.

「Carla-sama, we’ll be right back with reinforcements! Please try to stay safe until then!」

I wrap my arms around Carla from behind and push my cock against her.

「I’ll try my best…… though it’ll probably be impossible…… hiiiiiiiih!! It’s so thick!」

I grab Carla’s fleshier ass and start moving hard from the beginning.
Carla’s laying flat like a stretching cat and moaning. Her hole is certainly not as narrow as Nonna’s and it’s easier for me to move.

「Your pussy’s great! More, I’ll fuck you more!」

「If you can be a bit more gentle…… er, you can’t even hear me, right? Aaghu……」

I hold her ass and ram into her forcefully.
My lust guides my hand around to her front to grab her breasts tightly as my meat rod invades all the way into her womb.
What tremendous pleasure…… before I knew it, I feel like cumming again but it doesn’t bother me.
I think only of fucking her.

Carla was feeling good while I was pounding her but she stopped reacting after just five minutes.
I check on her and see that she’s passed out, her body is limp and some urine is leaking out.
It’s easy for me slide in and out, but this is boring.

「Next. Where’s the next woman!? Give me a woman!」

When I direct my shout to the halls, a young girl timidly shows her face.

「U-um…… did you need something? Kyah, Carla-sama!?」

I’ve seen this girl before.
If I remember correctly, she was hired as a handmaid to bring water and snacks to the girls.
She’s pretty young but she has a hole.

「Come here.」

The young girl looks frighteningly at my dick which is still spewing liquid after being pulled out from Carla.

「H-hau! I’m still just 12 years old……」

I don’t care about that.
Right now, it feels like I’ll go crazy if I don’t stick my dick inside a girl.

When I speak in a firmer tone, the girl resigns herself and lays down.

「I understand…… uuu, I’m going to break.」

The girl climbs onto the bed and removes her underwear, then I grab her thin limbs and push my cock against her.
I can only think about shoving my tool, which is thicker than her thighs, into her tiny hole.

Right before I could thrust my hips forward, the door opens.

「Aegir-san, please wait!」
「What are you thinking, embracing such a small girl!?」

Mel and Mireille rush forward.
Ooh, full grown women.
If there are proper women around, I don’t need to fuck a child.
I release the girl and close in on Mel.

「Uu! Why is it so big…… let me relieve you once with my mouth first.」

As Mel tries to bend down slowly, I grab her and viciously tear her clothes off.

「Kyah! What are you doing!?」

I’ve been cumming non-stop for many minutes already yet my body continues to get hotter.
Uttering any words is getting annoying too.

「Kyaaaaaah! Don’t be rough…… aah, but it’s a little lovely.」

I forcefully steal Mel’s lips as I screw her standing up.

「Hey, if you’re so forceful, Mel will-……」

I grab Mireille in mid-sentence, throw her onto the bed and put her on top of Mel.
Now I can fuck both of them at the same time.

「It’s too thick that my hole will tear……!」
「What happened to you……」

I pin Mel down and taste her mature body.
As expected, she doesn’t have much stamina and she faints in less than a minute of intense fucking, falling to the floor with a bellyful of semen.
Then I pick up Mireille.

「Wah! Aegir, that thing’s too big no matter how you look at it! Uwaaaaah!!」

Mireille doesn’t have as muscular a frame as Irijina but I can still thrust without holding back.
She’s trained a fair bit so she should have some stamina and toughness, but perhaps due to her inexperience with sex, she faints just like Mel after a few thrusts.
This is not good, the girls lose consciousness too quickly.
I can’t satisfy myself at all.

It appears girls have gathered outside the room.

「A vitality enhancing drug, are you insane!? He already has a large enough cock and is peerless in bed as it is!」
「If we don’t try and settle him down, Aegir-sama will fuck everyone from pregnant women to children.」

I don’t care who, just give me women, more women.

The one who came in was Rita.

「I will be your partner next. Go ahead and indulge…… w-what a wonderfully large cock you have.」

Rita drops to the floor and greets me politely but her gaze is drawn to my cock.
Without saying anything, I pick her back up, push her until her back is against the wall, then fuck her from the front.

「Aaggu…… it’s so thick……」

I lift up one of her legs and then push my rod into her vagina.
Rita’s lower half, especially her ass, is fleshy but I can still distinctly see the shape of my dick poking up from inside her stomach.
When I thrust in an upward motion, the tip of my enlarged dick trespasses into her womb.

「Ah, ah! The huge dick is inside! The huge dick just went inside my womb!!」

Rita splashes me as she squirts intensely, causing my further expanding meat rod to tremble not as I expected.
We switch to a reverse standing position and I shake my hips wildly.

「Nnhhooooo! Big dicks! Giant cocks! Super huge penises! It’s just what I’ve always dreamed of, this is the best!!」

Rita continuously shouts out dirty words but it doesn’t take more than a few minutes for her to faint.

「Uu……it hurts a little. It won’t feel good even if you act recklessly. Why don’t you calm down and go slowly?」

Alice places her hands on my face and chides me as I thrust into her vagina.
The only thing in my mind right now is swinging my hips.
But her hole hasn’t gotten wet in the least, so I’ll put it in her ass instead.

「Ah…… that’s my asshole…… n, nhhhhooooh!! Cumming, cumming, cummingggg! Ahiiiiih!!」

Alice swings her hips, even with the knowledge that her ass will tear, screaming in pleasure before her consciousness flies away.

After that, I keep embracing girls and switching them out for new ones when they pass out, creating a pile of bodies on the floor.
My overflowing lust keeps my dick at peak size and it doesn’t take long for any girl to fall over exhaustedly.

Yoguri, the Kuu and Ruu sisters, even the highly experienced Leah all collapse to the floor weakly and out of breath.
I move on to Celia, Irijina, Myla, Luna, and Pipi but none of them were a match for me.
It took a mere 10 minutes for all of them to drop down and squirt like a fountain.

「Call the Treia sisters over as well!」

Nonna, who seems to have revived, summons Stephanie, Bridget and Felicie.
When I embrace them, their eyes roll back in no time at all.
Bridget was lewd enough to hold on for a bit, but it was only a few minutes more.

「Call over the girls from the annex too!」

Eventually, all the women from the annex rush over.
I get buried by the dozens of women but with my ever-expanding dick, it’s getting to the point where the girls pass out just from penetration.
Stacks of girls were accumulating on the floor in no time and the moan of the last girl I made collapse in the cowgirl position signaled the complete annihilation of the annex team.

「T-the ones in training are also considered lovers!」

Polte and Gretel also came.

「What is thissss!!?」「W-woof! Yelp, yelp, yelp!」

These amateur girls only added to the total victim count.
When I pounded Gretel in the doggy style, she pisses herself with her butt raised high in the air.

It feels like I’ve been cumming for hours.
I’m getting thirsty here to I put my mouth to Polte and Gretel’s crotch to slurp up their love juices.
With that, I can keep going.

「It can’t be helped. Get Claudia-san over here too!」

Claudia and Clara show up.

「Go ahead! Throw all your love at me!!」

Claudia is practically a sphere so I’m sure she won’t break no matter how hard I thrust into her.
She squirts with every thrust I make and then ten times the amount of sweat would also leak out everywhere, but I was able to enjoy myself for more than ten minutes before she fainted.

「Nonna-sama! There’s nobody left to entertain him.」
「At this rate, he’ll violate the pregnant women and young girls…… no, probably even the baby girls!」

Anything is fine as long as it has a hole.
It really feels like I could settle for a little girl.

「It can’t be helped…… invite the servants and maids. I’ll give out a special bonus so recruit those who can help tonight.」

「I-I’ll do it!」「Me too!」「I’ll even do it for free!」「I want a big cock!」

A few moments later, maids and girls in charge of laundry came one after the other.
I push them down, ram my dick inside them and then swing my hips.
When the girls pass out and squirt, I put my mouth to their crotches to rehydrate myself…… repeatedly.

Eventually, no more maids or servants came.

「W-we really don’t have any other girls for him!」
「At this rate, the master will move on to pregnant women! And the kids!」

「Kuh…… this is the last resort! Make a proclamation to the city of Rafen! It will be an emergency recruitment of women for two gold a night!」

Not enough holes…… I don’t care who, just let me stick my dick inside you.

「We won’t make it in time even if we start recruiting now!」

Without anymore partners in the house, I open the door and walk outside.

「Then we’ll also lure the maids who are married with rewards…… haah!」

I grab the shoulder of Nonna, who is turned around and giving instructions to her attendants, then drag her into the room.

「Ah, girls save me!」

「Madam, it’s too late. I will go and relay the message to the people now.」
「Your hole has gotten looser from the earlier sex so you should be fine…… I’m sure of it.」

Nonna desperately clings to the door and looks longingly outside while I grab her ass and mercilessly shove my rod into her.


「Madam, she was making an incredible face.」
「Her tongue was sticking out and she was drooling…… it’s like she’s a naughty pervert.」

I don’t remember much of what happened after that.

It felt like I slept with a snake, a mermaid, some familiar prostitutes, Lilian, and other actresses.
I think I remember seeing Laurie moaning with an anguished face too.

All I’m sure of are the heaps of women everywhere from the bedroom to the halls, the living room, and even at the entrance, and also the intense pain of my dick being overworked.

Nonna and Carla, who normally sit beside me when eating, are for some reason kneeling on their chairs at the other end of the table.
Carla repeatedly hit Nonna but she’s unusually quiet and not making any comebacks.

Finally, the way the other girls are looking at me is weird.
Let’s change the mood.

「Well, wasn’t yesterday an intense night? My balls feel so light.」

「It wasn’t just intense.」「Celia-chan pushed herself too hard and is still asleep.」「Roughly 150 people…… unbelievable.」

What a waste that I can’t remember anything.

「Oh that reminds me, I haven’t seen Kroll today. Where did he go?」

「Now that you mention it……」「It’s not so much where he went.」

「About that-」

The one who nervously raised her voice was Lola, one of Kroll’s lovers.
Because of yesterday’s incident, a large majority of the maids were worn out so she was asked to serve us instead.

She should know what happened.

「Actually, Kroll-sama was aroused yesterday.」


And so what?
Why do I have to eat breakfast while listening to how Kroll became hard and started jacking off.

「Recently, Kroll-sama…… well, he couldn’t get it up maybe because he was worried about his size……」

Oh right, he became impotent for a while and was acting strange.
So he’s healed now, isn’t that great?

「Well he pursued us wildly last night, but returned to how he used to be in the morning…… and became speechless. Even now, he’s trying to get it back up by looking at my mother’s naked body and frantically stroking himself.」


Like I said before, so what?
Why do I have to eat breakfast while listening to Kroll’s erection problems.


Nonna and Carla raise their voices.

「Didn’t you test it on that kid before you used it on Aegir?」

I see, using that drug with normal dosage also produces powerful effects.

「If there is any of that drug left…… perhaps……」

You want me to give some to Kroll.
That’s probably what you want to say.

「Sorry, I drank it all yesterday.」

「Is that so……」

Lola’s shoulders slump in disappointment.

「By the way, that drug was unusually powerful. Where on earth did you buy something like that?」

Nonna looks down embarrassingly.

「It was when we went to Libatis. It wasn’t from a store, it was from a street vendor so I don’t know much of the details.」

Fumu…… it’ll be hard to find it even if I wanted to buy some for Kroll.
He’ll have to continue living as an impotent man.
Was it fortunate or cruel that he saw hope during that one night?
Nobody knew the answer.

「Would you like some more soup?」

「Sure, why not.」

The one who asked me is apparently one of the young girls I slept with last night.
There wasn’t enough help around here so she took the place as one of the maids.
Now that I look at her, she’s still practically a child…… who I didn’t think I would want to embrace.
I must have been out of my mind that day.

「Sorry about yesterday. Are you doing alright?」

「Yes, rather I’m…… ehehe.」

Being forcefully violated by a man might make her hate men.
To try and let her make some pleasant memories of men, I called her out this morning so I could kiss her gently, fondle her breasts softly and carefully lick her crotch.

She agonized in pleasure and climaxed countless times, and was even willing to let me penetrate her in the end.
Of course I don’t have a fetish for little girls so I declined but she’s still smiling bashfully at me.
Surely she isn’t fearful of men anymore.

She’s still just a little girl but I still need to treasure her.

When I was basking in the pleasure of doing a good need, I hear a loud sound come from the main entrance.
The soldiers are shouting something while trying to stop the intruder.
Don’t tell me I stole some guy’s wife during the commotion yesterday and now he’s coming back to get me.

「Carla-dono, I came to repay the loan you gave me in the past! Show yourself!」

Now that I listen carefully, they’re asking for Carla.
How strange.

「Me? What’s this about, let me check it out.」

Carla doesn’t seem to remember doing anything like that and stands up with a curious face.
I’m a little interested too, so I’ll also go take a peek.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Citizens: 174,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 25,000. Lintbloom: 5000. Vandolea Special Town: 9000.

Family: Nonna (remorseful), Carla (remorseful), Mel (concubine, exhausted), Miti (concubine, expecting), Maria (concubine, expecting)
Catherine (concubine, expecting), Kuu (lover, exhausted), Ruu (lover, exhausted), Mireille (lover, exhausted), Leah (lover, exhausted)
Casie (???), Rita (head maid, exhausted), Yoguri (exhausted), Pipi (exhausted), Alice (torn ass)
Marceline (pregnant lover), Daughters – Stephanie (exhausted), Bridget (satisfied), Felicie (exhausted)
Sebastian (butler, cleaning up afterwards), Dorothea (lover, in the capital), Melissa (lover, left for the capital), Alma (left for the capital)

Claudia (satisfied, free-loader), Clara (exhausted)

Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina, Amata, Anastasia (daughters); Antonio, Claude, Gilbard, Reiner, Bartolome (sons); Rose (foster daughter), ??? (son?)

Non-humans: Lammy (snake lover), Mirumi (mermaid), Alraune (growing)

Subordinates (temporary): Celia (asleep), Gido (escort unit), Kroll (impotent), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby
Myla (security officer, exhausted), Polte (training supervisor, exhausted), Gretel (domestic affairs trainee, exhausted)
Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Tristan (staff officer B)
Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress), Totipa (everyone’s wife)

Assets: 20,660 gold (Servants Special Bonus -60), (Rafen Recruitment -100)
Sexual Partners: 390, children who have been born: 54 + 555 fish




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