Chapter 248: Serious Affair in the Elf Village ③ Subjugation Squad Defeated




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

The woman who named herself Felteris flips her long, beautiful hair before continuing to speak.

「Normally, I would beat you down on the spot but I don’t have time to deal with the likes of you right now. I guess I can ignore you for escorting that idiot back here.」

She glances at Natia while maintaining her strict tone.

「But, I absolutely will not let you enter our village! If you do something as sly as sneaking in, you will suffer the might of the strongest sword and magic of our village.」

「Felteris-sama is rumored to be the strongest even in the neighboring areas.」
「It’s best if you don’t think about trying anything foolish.」

The two followers also glare over in our direction.
So they really won’t treat us favorably after all.
They won’t let us in their village.

Natia shakes her head, looking like she expected this from the start.
She tried to open her mouth but couldn’t say anything when Felteris stared at her.
I guess their standings in the village are completely different.
She lowers her head apologetically at us.

It’s fine, we were asking for the impossible from the beginning.
We can’t enter the village but the crucial part comes next.

「Felalis…… was it? What a nice name. I heard the situation from Natia, you’re troubled by the appearance of orcs, aren’t you? Orcs are stupid but big, you might not be able to take a hit with your delicate bodies on the off chance they manage to land an attack, so let’s-……」

Before I can even suggest fighting together, a spear comes flying toward me.
I react quick enough to move my body out of the way.

「That’s dangerous.」

「My name is Felteris! I will not tolerate you addressing me in such a filthy manner!」

Crap, I started thinking of things when I saw her pretty lips and heard her beautiful voice.

「I apologize for him getting your name wrong but throwing a spear was pretty mean, don’t you think?」

Natia covers for me.

「Felteris-sama, you don’t have to get so upset at mere humans……」
「That’s right. Besides, what do you mean by filthy?」

The two girls by her side also look curiously at the furious Felteris’s face.

This is…… don’t tell me Natia and the other two don’t know about it.
So my thinking wasn’t wrong about the innocence I was shown occasionally during our journey here.
And judging by Felteris’s more emphatic reaction, she knows.

「A-ahem, nevermind! Anyways, joining together is unnecessary. We can easily take care of orcs by ourselves. Don’t underestimate the proud elven female knights.」

Well, there is one thing I’m worried about right now.

「Orcs are violent and lustful……」

「We will not be overpowered by anything or anyone. More so, orcs are not even worth talking about.」

Felteris leaves the conversation at that and returns to the village.

「The subjugation squad will depart in the morning. The orc nest is only half a day away so we’ll be back by night. Until then, why don’t you go play with Natia? If you are so inclined, why not violate that immoral girl and make a half elf or something.」

「Can I?」


Natia punches me in the head.
It feels like I’m getting hit by her quite often.

But still, I don’t know what I’m here for if I’m not able to enter the village nor am I allowed to accompany the subjugation squad.
If I come and go without achieving anything, Adolph would be astounded and Celia will probably get angry.

「……I’m sorry about all this. I’ll try to do something about the potion at least.」

I grab Natia’s shoulder as she bows to me again.

「It can’t be helped. We’re the ones who asked for something impossible. I naturally want the potion but the option Felteris suggested of creating a half elf is still viable.」

I try kissing her, but she pushes me away while blushing.
This is something I have to confirm.

「Natia, do you want to kiss me? A hot one with lots of tongue.」

「W-w-w-what are you saying!? You expect me to do something so indecent!? Pervert! Stupid!」

She turns red and puts up wild resistance.
Fumu, I see.

「Natia, do you want to have sex with me? The passionate kind.」

「Making children? What are you saying, only a loving married couple can make children. I don’t hate you, but I don’t love you, and we’re not married either.」

A calm reaction, not particularly embarrassed in the least.

「By the way, do you know how children are made?」

「A man and a woman sleep together. After staying one night together, a child is born.」


「Have you ever drank the potion you created to assist with babymaking?」

「I am unmarried after all. I can’t have kids so there’s no reason for me to drink it.」

As I thought.
Natia is undoubtedly a virgin, not to mention she has absolutely no knowledge about sex.
Fufufu, I’m starting to look forward to making her mine.

The next day, Felteris and five elf warriors set out and pass by in front of us.

They’re all wearing armor and holding weapons made with unknown materials which, unlike those made by the dwarves, look too light and unreliable.

In particular, their armor doesn’t cover much below the thigh or anything below the upper arm, so I can practically see the covering portion in their crotch area acting as underwear.

「Lightweight armor…… plus a one-handed sword and short spears, will it be okay to bring such simple gear?」

「Umu, it’s so their attacks won’t be impeded.」

Felteris doesn’t reply and lets out a soft ‘hmph’ before going on her way.
In her place, Natia answers me.

「We fight by jumping from tree to tree so we can’t wear unnecessarily heavy armor. We rely on avoiding attacks more so than defending against them, so being able to freely move our joints is better.」

I see…… it’s true that taking a hit from an orc would be game over for the delicate bodies of the elves either way.
If so, it isn’t wrong for them to think it’s better to be as lightweight as possible to specialize more in evasion.

Still, I think they’re exposing too much skin.
Their asses are sticking out so it feels like they’re wearing nothing but underwear.
It’s making my dick hard.

「However, they should still get heavier and longer weapons. Can they finish off the orcs with swords and spears like that?」

「Umu, orcs are slow but sturdy. It’s hard even for me to deal a fatal blow unless I thrust with all my might」

「Sever the weak point in a fluid motion. Everything is this world’s-……」

Irijina agrees with me.
Kroll is becoming weird again.
Don’t worry, I’ll help you get back to being a horny kid as soon as possible.

「Felteris and the others can all use magic, so they fight using swords and magic. That’s why they have to leave one hand free.」

「Heeh, so they can use magic.」

Natia puffs out her nonexistent chest.

「Unlike humans, most elves can use magic. Not everyone can use it, but a large portion can.」

I wonder if Natia can.

「I can’t use it at all……」

I try to comfort the pouting Natia by rubbing her ass, but she grabs a fallen chestnut and throws it at me.

「Christoph got hit!」

Christoph, who extended his hand nonchalantly to her butt like me, screams after getting hit by a burr.

「Felteris is the strongest user among those who can use magic. Against something like orcs, maybe she won’t need to use her sword at all.」

Heeeh…… in that case, she might actually return home like nothing happened.

「Now I understand that…… but what’s the reason for the subjugation squad consisting of six women? Is it because the men are too pathetic?」

If they mainly use magic to fight, maybe they don’t need the brute strength of a man.
I think having only women fight while the men stay home is uncool though.

「Aah, that’s where elves and humans are different. Male elves are fundamentally gentle and peaceful, or in other words, have a weaker fighting spirit and no courage. They’re not suited to fighting. All the fighting and harsh jobs are mostly done by the women.」

「……that’s somewhat unsettling.」

I can feel the difference in races quite profoundly.

「I prefer men to be strong and tough!」

Irijina shouts in a loud voice.

「I too…… prefer a rougher man…… I guess.」

Alice is in agreement.

Mack looks a little lonely.
Kroll is kneeling and mumbling something like nothing concerns him.

「So will I become instantly popular in the elf village!?」

Christoph gets excited all of a sudden.

「No, peaceful is not the same as incapable.」


Natia puts down Christoph with a single savage remark.
She continues further.

「I’m considered a heretic by the elves…… for believing…… men should be stronger.」

I reactively stand up, as does Mack and Schwartz.
Back off you guys, Natia is mine.

After Mack and Schwartz fight each other and get tired, they lie down behind me.
Then, Alice comes over to my side.

「What’s wrong? You want it in your ass?」

「Yes. But not right now……」

She whispers in my ear.

「I can feel a strong magical power from that one called Felteris…… but……」

Alice takes a peek at Natia.

「The flow of her magic seems to be disturbed. Like it isn’t stable, it’s in strange waves…… flickering about.」

I don’t understand much about magic.
But the situation doesn’t look good judging by Alice’s expression.
Felteris is a good woman despite being arrogant so I don’t want her to be helplessly done in by the orcs.

「The victory announcement will surely come by the evening. The forest will be safe after that so we can go pick the ingredients for the potion.」

Natia smiles and tells us not to worry before sitting down beside us.
She should have her own house in the village above us but she chooses to sit on the ground with us.
She is carrying a mountain of fruits in her hands.
There are some I’ve never seen before, which Alice and Irijina happily gobble up.
This might not be the worst scenario after all.

Late at Night.

「They didn’t come back.」
「Huh? That’s strange…… this shouldn’t……」

The subjugation squad who should have been back by night have yet to return.
According to Irijina’s stomach clock, it should be close to midnight.

Murmurs and soft whispers can start to be heard from the elf village above us.

「Kroll, Mack, draw your weapons and stay on standby just in case. Christoph, put as many torches around us as you can. Irijina, protect Alice.」

If the subjugation squad was defeated, it is safe to assume that the orcs will come here next.
The half day distance should apply to the enemy just as it applies to the elves.

「You’re kidding…… Felteris couldn’t have, maybe she got lost……」

「This place is like your backyard. It’s unthinkable for you to lose your way. Natia, you should get ready too.」

Natia turns pale as I pat her shoulder and then hand her a bow.

Just when the completely eaten apple started to turn brown, I hear rustling sounds and footsteps.
I ready my Dual Crater while Mack brandishes his warhammer.
Natita climbs up a nearby tree and nocks an arrow on her bow.

Elves don’t make much noise when they walk.
I don’t think such obvious noises would be from the approach of the returning subjugation squad.

「Let’s go.」

I signal with my eyes and everyone advances forward with the same timing.
In an engagement at night where visibility is poor, the ones who make the first move are overwhelmingly favored to win.

A torch is thrown towards the source of the sound and all of us charge forward with our weapons.
I don’t know how to hide the sound of my footsteps so the enemy can probably hear us coming too.
Which is fine, I intend to rush in quickly and finish them off before they can react.

I take the lead and step forward as the enemy comes into view.
I start to swing my sword…….

「Stop! They’re elves!!」

The ones who emerge from the darkness are part of the subjugation squad…… specifically, they’re the two female warriors who were beside Felteris.

Mack and Irijina quickly pull back their weapons, Kroll never drew his weapon in the first place, Alice quells her magic.
Christoph’s foot slipped on something and he crashed into a tree.

The two elves freeze when they see my menacing look, and still seem out of sorts after I lower my sword.

「Hey, you alright!? If you don’t at least carry any torches, we would have mistakenly attacked.」

A flame appears on Alice’s finger to illuminate the area.

「Uu…… uuu…… waaaahn……」
「It hurts…… hiiiiinnh…… biiiieeehh.」

The two of them were pretty much naked.
The reason sound was being made when they walked was because they were dragging their feet and walking while hugging each other in tears.

They didn’t carry any torches or weapons with them, their armor was all torn up, they had red marks all over their bodies, their crotches were swollen, and they were covered in filthy liquid.
A red trail of blood dripped down their thighs.
I can only think that they’ve been thoroughly raped.

「The orcs…… the orcs……」

「They were raped, the poor things.」

Just as I feared, they were gangraped by the orcs.
I can’t do anything at this point, but be glad they escaped with their lives.
The least I can do is comfort them afterwards.

When I was about to support the two girls, I hear a sound from further away.
In addition to hearing footsteps several times louder than the earlier ones, I can hear the sound of branches cracking underfoot.

「Nooooo! I-it’s chasing after me!」
「Save me! Someone save mee!」

I set the panicked girls aside on the ground and stand in front of them.
I ready my Dual Crater, which glows a faint red.

I look at the crying elves.
They appear to have suffered violent attacks, probably from being punched multiple times in the face, back and shoulders.
Their genitals are horribly stretched out with blood dripping from them, so it’s possible their wombs were damaged too.

「I can’t forgive you for treating women so roughly. I’ll kill you all.」

The footsteps gradually become louder until a single orc appears out of the trees.
With a height of a little under three meters and a large frame with a chubby belly, it can be considered a stereotypical orc.
It isn’t an enemy I’m afraid of, though girls won’t get off easy if they take a hit from that thing.
Careful attention is required.

「Noooo! I’ve had enough of the orcs! Someone…… huh?」

I acted faster than the orcs could notice me or bellow at me and faster than the female elves could scream.


After charging at full speed, I use my Dual Crater to slice off the orc’s right arm at the elbow.
The arm holding the club danced in the air.


I slice off the left arm trying to protect the orc’s body at the shoulder.
The orc who lost both arms instantly doesn’t seem to realize what’s going on yet.

I swing my sword again and make a deep cut in its portly belly.
Blood sprays out followed by guts spilling onto the ground as the distinct stench of innards shrouds the area.

The orc’s body could not support itself after getting its abs cut and fell to its knees.
I grab its ugly face with my left hand.

「Treat women more carefully in the afterlife.」

I leave those parting words before bringing down my sword.
My Dual Crater splits the orc’s head in half, cutting through its hard skull like it was nothing.
After twitching once, the monster collapses to the ground.

「Well, are there still more of them?」

I don’t think it could answer me, but several more orcs appear out of the darkness.

「Kill them all. Let’s go.」

Mack and Kroll step forward, Alice stays in the middle and Irijina acts as her bodyguard, while Natia takes aim from the tree behind us.

The orcs groaned in a low tone as they raised their hands and swung their tree trunks and clubs at us.

「You’re not hitting anything.」

The orc tries to intercept me as I’m charging with its club but I instantly decelerate so its weapon slams into the ground instead.
I make a single slash at its defenceless face, separating its head in two with a clean cut through its nose.


Mack also evades the orc’s attack before crushing the monster’s head with his warhammer.
The combination of his brute strength and the warhammer made from high quality steel in Lintbloom caves in the orc’s head for an instant kill.

「……burn to the ground.」

The fireball summoned by Alice soars towards the orc.
In an attempt to protect itself, the orc sticks out its left arm but instantly gets turned into charcoal.
Additional fireballs fly towards the monsters, roasting two orcs as they let out disgusting cries of pain.

「It’s starting to smell delicious!」

Irijina comments excitedly as she thrusts her spear at an orc trying to sneak around Alice.
Her attack pierces the monster’s chest but the thick fat weakens the blow and prevents the wound from being fatal.

「There’s more where that came from!! Hmph! Hmph!」

Irijina is relentless with her onslaught.
The continuous flurry with her full weight behind every thrust tears through the chunky stomach fat and her storm of attacks to the shoulder and neck causes the orc to falter.

「Right there!」

Irijina doesn’t miss her chance when she sees the orc raise its club to protect its neck.
She switches from thrusts to a sweeping motion, delivering a powerful blow to the orc’s crotch.
The impact made a splat noise like something got crushed.

Even an orc could not stand up against Irijina’s strength as its back curls up and its head lowers.
There, she unleashes a full-powered strike.

「It’s over!!」

The spear penetrates the orc’s face from the eye all the way to the back of its head, ending the life of the ugly monster.

「Slow…… too slow.」

Kroll appears to be getting attacked one-sidedly.
But he’s avoiding all the attacks with ease so I’m sure he’s doing fine.

「I can see the trajectory of your attacks. I can see it all.」

I get it already, stop closing your eyes in the middle of a fight.
You’ll die eventually if you do that, and when you do, your lovers are mine.


When the orc swings his club and misses, only to get stuck on a tree, Kroll leaps and lands on that club.
He runs up the club and gives the orc’s neck a deep cut.
Suffering an accurate slash to its vital area, the orc falls to the ground while holding its neck.
I don’t remember teaching him to fight like that…….

「This comes naturally when you become insentient.」

I don’t remember teaching him to talk like that either.

「Watch out!」

Seeing the opening as I was watching Kroll’s fight, one of the orcs swings its club at me.
Fumu, I probably can’t dodge this.

Natia frantically fires an arrow, but that isn’t enough to stop the orc’s large body.
I raise my empty left hand…… and block the thick club.


Natia screams in surprise while the annoying growl of the roaring orc stops.

「What’s wrong, did you think you won?」

I push up with my left hand and lift the club along with the orc.
Its eyes are wide in disbelief.


I slam the monster down into the ground of lifting it up to a certain height.
Based on the dull sound coming from its shoulder, I think its bone broke.
I don’t give the orc any time to recover and bring my Dual Crater down on its head.


I casually sidestep the club of the approaching orc and counter with a horizontal slash across its stomach.
After the spray of blood, Christoph rushes forward to deliver the final blow on the monster…….


However, he was repelled by the desperate resistance of the orc and lost consciousness.
Mack smashed its head in his place.

I take the club of that fallen orc with my left hand and block the attack of another orc.
The recoil makes me take a step backward while the enemy stumbles several giant steps.

This isn’t a battle between knights so I have no obligation to wait.
I charge towards the unsteady orc and send its right leg flying with my sword, then break its left leg with a whack from the club.

The orc which fell to its knee after being crippled was like a prisoner waiting to be decapitated.
I accept the role as executioner, lopping its head off with one slash from behind.
Its large head drops to the ground and rolls away.


While my allies are taking out orcs left and right, Natia lets out a sound of frustration.
The delicate woman determined that joining a hand-to-hand combat would be dangerous so she stayed back to provide support with the bow, but couldn’t get in a telling blow because of the thick body fat.
Crushing an eye or disabling joints is helpful enough, but she doesn’t seem satisfied with herself.

「In that case……」

Natia takes out a bottle of some sort from her pocket and empties its contents on an arrow before she shoots it.
The arrow stabs into one of the orc’s stomach…… the place where the fat is the thickest and it’s hardest for attacks to get through.
Of course, the arrow just stabbed into the orc’s stomach and it didn’t appear like it had much effect on the monster at all.

However, the orc suddenly stops moving after a few moments.

「Oi oi……」「How cruel.」

Irijina and I turn away on reflex.
When we went to confirm whether the orc really stopped moving, specks starting appearing all over its body, its eyes, nose, ears, mouth…… blood squirts out from all orifices of its body as the orc writhes in agony. In the end, even its eyeballs dissolved while the orc spasmed for the last time before dying.

「It’s a special poison! What do you think, really powerful right!?」

I acknowledge that it’s strong.
However, if you’re going to use that, come up to the front.
I trust Natia, but knowing that something of that nature is being aimed from behind me disrupts my concentration when fighting.

Taking stock of the situation, there are already over ten orcs laying on the ground and not many left alive.
They must be losing the will to fight as well since they’re slowly inching backwards despite yelling just as loudly as before.
Normally, this is when the battle ends.

「I’ll be killing all of you. Just like I said so in the beginning.」

There is no choice but to eliminate the dangerous orcs who raped women.

I charge forward at the timid orcs and massacre all the remaining monsters.

After the fight was over, Mack and I carry the violated female elves to their village.
The strong smelling fluid covering the girls’ hair, face and their entire body from head to toe…… is probably the orcs’ semen…… the two girls just cling to us while crying.

「The two of us can’t enter the village. Natia, it’s up to you.」

「Ah! U-umu.」

Natia quickly climbs up the tree to notify the elves in the village.

The elves who were making fun of us this morning are now crying into our chests.
Without asking, it’s obvious that the subjugation squad was defeated and wiped out by the orcs.

Feeling safe in our arms, the two girls who couldn’t stand end up being carried by us all the way to the village chief’s house.
They must have been really scared since they’re holding onto us for dear life even after mocking us so much.

「Everything is alright now. I won’t let anyone hurt you while you’re in my arms.」

Except for the son at my crotch.


When the girl looked up for an instant, our eyes meet.
I give her a reassuring smile and she goes back to crying.
There, there, I’ll keep patting you until you calm down.

The elf village is literally on top of the tree, with the houses not actually being structures but made from masterfully utilizing branches and cavities in the trunk.
The village chief’s house wasn’t particularly fancy compared to the other houses and only had a bundle of flowers decorating the entrance.

「Pleased to meet you, human child. I am Yularen, the chief of this village.」

The chief who welcomed us is, as expected a female, at around 160 cm tall with an appearance of a woman in her mid-forties.
Her head of light emerald green hair is, as humans would call it, grizzled.
Her loose clothing makes it hard for me to check out her body.
The way she speaks reminds me of the wife of a high ranking noble, a liberal tone yet filled with majesty.

「Pila, Khru, tell me what happened.」

A quiet response was forced out.
Speaking about what happened to the subjugation squad …… it’s hard for the girls after experiencing it firsthand but we can’t begin to do something about it if they don’t say anything.


The two wipe their tears and start to explain.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. (Warrior) 23 years old. Winter.

Irijina (Female Knight), Alice (Mage), Natia (Fiendish Apothecary), Mack (Warrior), Kroll (Mendicant Monk Swordsman), Christoph (Shield)
Schwartz (Perverted Horse), Felteris (Missing)
Assets: 20,640 gold
Sexual Partners: 390, children who have been born: 54 + 555 fish




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