Chapter 250: Serious Affair in the Elf Village ⑤ Muscular Orc




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

There was no time to look after the three violated women as yelling could be heard from outside the hole.

「What happened!? What……is that thing?」

I’m not sure whether to call that monster in front of Kroll and Mack an orc or not.

An orc is a monster whose looks are somewhere in between a pig and a human, a little under two to three meters in height and has an overall plump body.
An orc has considerable strength which corresponds to its size and because of its thick fat, cannot be easily penetrated by swords or arrows, but in return cannot move quickly due to its sagging body.

On the other hand, the monster in front of me appears to be three meters tall and has a face with features from both a pig and a human, so it can still technically be called an orc.
The part which is decisively different is its body.

「It looks like this orc has done a lot of training.」

A chuckle escapes my mouth.

Its body doesn’t have any excess fat but instead has bulging muscles.
In particular, its arms and thighs look to be twice as big compared to the other orcs.

My eyes are quickly drawn to the four meter long tree its holding in its right hand, which seems to be freshly pulled out of the ground with dirt still attached to the roots.
In the other hand……


Natia shouts out the answer.
That thing is grasping a naked Felteris with its left hand.

I’m not sure if she heard Natia, but Felteris slowly raised her head.
Good, she’s still breathing.

「Nnboh…… an orc’s extremely thick dick is sho amashing…… I lost to it……」

It seems Felteris was tormented so much that she’s lost her sanity.
She must have been getting raped up until this moment, shown by her tragically stretched out genitals and the waterfall of semen leaking out of her.

「How cruel……」

That orc glances at Irijina and Natia.
Deciding that Felteris was of no use, it throws her away.

「Noo…… I’m one of the proud elves……」

Felteris lays on the ground, mumbling something indiscernible.
She’s in a dangerous state.

「Bastard, how dare you!」

Its poor treatment of someone she respected pissed Natia off and led to her firing one of those special poison-tipped arrows.
That weapon has already proven itself throughout this battle to be able to kill orcs in one hit if it lands.

The arrow soars towards the orc.
However, that monster uses its free hand to grab the arrow in mid-flight.

「It’s fast!」
「That’s not the speed of a typical orc!」

I could understand if it blocked the arrow with its arm or deflected the attack with its club, but catching it like that…… I can’t just treat it like an average orc.

The orc turns the arrow around and throws it back at Natia.


The arrow seems to fly faster than it did when it left Natia’s bow, leaving her no time to react.
If she was hit by the arrow’s poison, it would indiscriminately do the same thing to her as it did to her enemies.
That same cruel death would befall Natia.

「I’m not going to let that happen though.」

I grab the arrow in mid-flight just like that orc did earlier.
The tip stopped a few centimeters from her eyeball and a single drop of the poison fell to the ground.
Realizing what had just happened, Natia’s legs gave out on her and she fell flat on her ass.

「Don’t shoot those things anymore.」

I snap the arrow in half and throw it away behind me.

「Uwah! That was close!」

I hear Christoph shout, but I have no time to worry about him right now.

「Felteris needs first aid. She’s badly hurt. Leave this guy to me.」

She’s convulsing and raising her hips while remaining in her fallen position.
She needs to be treated as soon as possible.

「That thing looks really strong though!」

Irijina looks at me with a worried expression.
I’m sure she’s right, I can tell its strength just from its appearance.

「That’s why I’ll fight alone.」

After finishing my sentence, I throw my spear at it and rush forward.

The orc takes the giant club in its right hand…… or more like a giant tree…… and casually brushes the attack away.
It then continues to furiously swing down the trunk in an attempt to crush me.

It’ll be hard to block that large tree considering the size as well as the force it’s being swung with.
Not to mention it has width too, so narrowly dodging is risky.


I roll to the right and avoid the downward swing.
With a tremendous rumbling sound, the tree slams into the ground and shakes the earth.

That should have created an opening to attack.
It would take a little time to recover after hitting the ground with something so heavy.
If I slash at the orc during that moment…….


That thing’s strength was beyond my expectations.
It forcefully pulled the trunk out of the ground and swung it sideways without any delay, giving me no chance to dodge and having to block it with my left arm.
I didn’t think it was such a powerful strike but I could hear an unpleasant creaking in my arm.

The distance between us was already closed.
No matter how muscular this orc was, it shouldn’t be able to withstand an attack from my Dual Crater.
Because of the height difference, I slash at the most accessible area, its stomach…… and miss completely.

「……are you some kind of monkey instead of a pig?」

Seeing that it was unable to dodge it, the orc dropped the large tree and leapt into the air to grab a branch above him, supporting itself in midair.

「No way! That thing jumped at least five meters!」

Being a muscular freak, the orc’s movements were completely different than that of a normal orc.
In that case, I need to forget everything I know about fighting orcs.

The muscular orc broke two thick branches, one in each hand, before landing back on the ground.
I ready my Dual Crater with both hands and lower my stance.

「Here I go.」

That thing matches my timing and roars.
The two of us rush forward together.

Its weapons are just the thick branches of a tree but judging from the craters it makes in the ground after a missed hit, it’s probably bad if I got hit by one of those things.
For me, I have the Dual Crater and should be able to easily to cut through its body even with all that surrounding muscle.

I swing my sword while anticipating the trajectory of its weapons.
I either dodge the branches or cut them up while targeting its arms and legs.
However, that thing was also anticipating my attacks and doesn’t overextend.
It’s incomparably faster than a normal orc plus it also has above average intelligence.

At this rate, clashing swords will be inevitable.
Maybe I’ll be a little adventurous.

I distance myself slightly.
The orc also readjusts its stance and readies its branches.

「Here, catch.」

I twist my body backwards and snap forward to hurl the Dual Crater at the orc.
The sudden move illicited gasps of surprise from allies alike and the muscular orc seems to freeze for a split second.

The Dual Crater soars toward the chest of the monster.
Its speed was incomparable to that of Natia’s arrow so the orc shouldn’t be able to catch it.

I trained with Celia quite a bit and it was pretty fun getting her to teach me step by step.
We end up rolling on the grass and embracing each other, but that’s a secret.

The orc tries to block by crossing the two branches together.
However the Dual Crater slices through the two thick branches like butter and pierces the orc’s chest.

「You did it!」
「Yahoo! ……uaaaaah!! I stepped on that arrow!!」

Irijina and Christoph cheer.
No, it was too shallow.

The Dual Crater’s blade can cut through anything, not the handle.
The handle gets caught in the branch and stops the sword from going any deeper.
Only being able to stab a little bit into the orc’s chest, the attack was far from being a fatal wound.
But that was good enough for me.

The orc was shocked by the fresh blood leaking from its chest and reels back from the pain.
I take advantage of the opening and lower my body before springing back up.

I approach barehanded and pull my arm back for a punch.
The weight of my punch along with the momentum of my run-up was aimed at its stomach.

「T-that’s too reckless! Using your bare hands won’t work!!」

Natia sounds like she’s on the verge of crying.

The orc’s stomach was protected by its bulging abdominal muscles so half-hearted attacks won’t do any good.
I needed to punch with all my might.


The impact my right fist made as it dug into the orc’s stomach caused a dull sound to echo.
Its abs were hard as steel just like expected, I wonder how effective my attack was.

That thing doesn’t even twitch.
Just when I was feeling anxious from my attack not working, I hear an unpleasant sound from above me and stomach juices get coughed out.

So that hurt, then I’ll keep going.

I put my hips behind a left hook to its side.
The orc drops the branches in its hands.

My right fist follows up immediately with a body blow on the opposite side.
That made the orc cough up more stomach fluids.

My fists continuously pound the orc, who was unable to defend its body.

After five consecutive hits, the orc’s head drooped down.
I don’t have any reason to pass up this perfect chance.
I swing upwards and land a powerful uppercut on the orc’s forehead.

The attack makes the orc’s eyes spin and its eyes roll back after falling on its back.

「Beating the orc barehanded…… unbelievable.」

Praise me more, Natia.
I’m the man who will become your lover.

「That’s a human man? What power, totally different from male elves……」

That comment came from one of the three elves who were being supported unsteadily.
Would they like to see what a human man can do in bed too?

「Aheeh…… two especially large orcs…… I won’t give in.」

It seems Felteris still hasn’t recovered yet.

I might have let my guard down after thinking my flurry of punches was good enough.

「Not good!!」

Mack shouts in his low voice when he realizes, but I feel the muscular orc’s fist connect with my face.
Spit flies out of my mouth and my vision is shaken as my legs stagger.

Everyone gasped in shock at the sudden turn of events.

I was sure its eyes rolled back, but it must have sprung back up immediately when I looked away.
As expected, this thing is tough.

Still…… I’m sure that earlier combo did damage.
Its speed and power have dropped significantly.

I feel my strength escape my body as its fist hits me.
It hurt, but it wasn’t enough to knock me out.
I plant my feet to stabilize myself, then widen my eyes to lock onto the enemy.

That was probably an all-out attack, so it didn’t even think of following up with a second punch.
The orc threw itself off balance so much just to land that blow that its head is low enough for me to reach.
I grab its arm to prevent it from running away and then pull my arm back.

I can see fear start to appear in the eyes of the over three meter tall orc.
Conversely, I might be smiling.

「Now it’s my turn.」

I swing my arm straight into the orc’s chin.
The sound of the impact wasn’t one of a punch landing, but more like two rocks crashing into each other.
The power of this strike was strong enough to shatter its jaw.

The muscular orc couldn’t even scream and just collapsed face first to the ground.
I need to finish it off for good this time.

I get on top of the face down orc, and lower my arms around its neck and head before twisting.
There was a brief creaking of bones, and when I put in more strength, there was a crisp crack to let me know the bone broke.
Its neck should be broken and it should be over now.

「Um…… couldn’t you have finished it off with your sword?」

Natia points to my sword.
Oh well, I just felt like doing it this way.

「He broke that monster’s neck with his bare hands…… what a monster. He must be a different kind of orc!」
「Will we get raped by him next? He looks like he could have a big dick too…… my crotch is already torn up.」
「Men are scary……」

Hey, I did my best to defeat that thing so why is everybody looking at me like that.

And so after massacring the orcs, we send Natia back to her village as a messenger and carry Felteris and the other three elves back to the village.

「Are you alright now? Is there anywhere else that still hurts?」

「Yes…… we’re fine now. Except the fatigue still doesn’t let us move too much……」

「That’s fine. Just relax and rest on me.」

Mack and I each carry two girls on our shoulders.
We’re exhausted after fighting but these girls are light as a feather and doesn’t put any burden on our bodies at all.

「I’ve never seen such effective medicine before.」

By the way, Felteris is on my shoulder.
Her injuries were way worse than the other three and I used the emergency-use dragon’s blood I carried with me on her.
After all, her ass and vagina practically merged into one hole.
Not only that, her internal organs were badly damaged and she honestly couldn’t have been saved without the elixir.

「You can sleep until we reach the village. It’s not like your fatigue was cured.」

Especially her mental fatigue.

「……I can’t really fall asleep.」

Yeah, I guess she can’t after that.
Regardless of the reason, the responsibility for the annihilation of the subjugation squad will fall on Felteris, the captain.
She probably can’t ignore that and sleep peacefully.

「In that case, let’s settle all the unpleasant thoughts first. Maybe you can tell me what happened. That muscular orc threw a bunch of things at you, but I can’t think of why you collapsed so suddenly in the first place. If you were just as capable as what I’ve heard, you should have been able to defend while escaping.」

Felteris hides her face and mutters soft enough that no one else around her could hear.

「Even I don’t know what happened…… it’s just when the situation was becoming grimmer and thoughts of the consequences of losing or getting raped by dozens of orcs and turning into a mess started circling in my head, my stomach suddenly gets hot and I can’t fight anymore.」


「Now that I think about it, my body was feeling hot on the night before setting out as well.」

This is perhaps…… I want to confirm but I’m not so mean as to do it after she just got raped.


Just then, I tripped on an uneven step, causing me to have to adjust the positions of Felteris and the other girl on my shoulder after they slid off a little.
When I pulled them up, my hand accidentally touched an area close to their genitals.

「Ah, no…… it’s scary.」

Having just been raped, the girl reacted excessively to the stimulation of her genitals.
This is an expected reaction.

「Ah, your finger went in, the impudent finger of a man is forcefully being inserted inside me who can’t even resist! I’m going to lose again to the humiliation! I’ll lose my pride and become just a female in heat!」

Felteris suddenly realizes what she’s saying and goes limp, pretending to sleep.
It doesn’t look like I have to confirm.

When we returned to the village, we were allowed to sleep in the special elf tree.
Everyone slept like a log after such an exhausting battle.
Natia was just as tired and had no choice but to postpone the collection of herbs until tomorrow.

Amidst the surrounding silence, I get up from my sleeping place.

「I can’t sleep like this.」

I touch my erect cock.
My dick always gets hard after a battle.
I want a woman pretty bad but Irijina and Alice, as well as Natia are all fast asleep. I can’t just wake them up.

「Maybe I’ll calm myself down by taking a bath.」

In the elf village, there is a hollow tree where water is accumulated so I can take a bath there.
It’s already late at night so I shouldn’t have to fight for it with the other elves.

That’s what I thought until I reached the hollow tree and heard the subdued voices of women.
So there were people using the bath before me unfortunately, not to mention they were female so I would cause a huge fuss by jumping in there.

「Don’t you think it’s clean already?」
「Yeah, it doesn’t smell too bad either.」
「But…… it surely is still dirty. My whole body! I can’t clean this filth!」

Those voices sound familiar, so I take a peek and find Felteris as well as the other six from the subjugation squad.
I thought they already washed their bodies countless times ever since they returned to the village, but it looks like they’re still doing it at night.
They’re washing each other’s bodies and rubbing so hard that their skin turns red.

The filth sprayed on them by the orcs have already come off.
However the girls’ hearts were still stained by the dirty memories of being violated.
I can’t leave them alone like that.

I should be the one to rescue their hearts.
I take my clothes off and jump in.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. (Warrior) 23 years old. Winter.

Irijina (Female Knight), Alice (Mage, magic power exhausted), Natia (Adventuring Elf), Mack (Warrior), Kroll (Mendicant Monk Swordsman), Christoph (Shield)
Schwartz (Horse), Felteris (Pervert Elf)
Assets: 20,640 gold
Sexual Partners: 390, children who have been born: 54 + 555 fish




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