Chapter 254: Serious Affair in the Elf Village ⑨ Swamp Monster




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

The noise outside is getting louder and louder.
However, I am unable to get a good grasp of the situation from this semi-underground prison based purely on the sounds.

「Hey, what do you think is happening outside?」

I casually groan and ask Mack.
My initial thought was that the monster we saw in the swamp appeared again, but it doesn’t seem like anyone is fighting.

Mack shakes his head, as if saying “how would he know” and then grunts.

「I wanted to talk to that village chief and ask what’s going on…… it might not be possible now.」

From the way things are looking, she might not have time to meet with us.
I wonder if we can use this chaos to slip away.

「I’m going to stay…… ogh……」

Mack groans as he stands up, I also inevitably stand up.

「Then after this is over, let’s get ready to leave little by little.」

In that moment, the door of the underground prison was violently kicked open.
I can hear the sound of multiple people’s footsteps coming down the stairs.

「Aegir, are you hurt!? We came to save you.」
「Did those marsh elves do anything bad to-……」

To my surprise, it was Natia and Felteris as well as Irijina who rushed in.
In order to disguise themselves, all of them are wearing the same armor that the other black elves wore.
Sorry, and thanks for coming to save me.
Irijina seems to be a bit excessive, her whole body bursting with energy.


The girls scream as soon as they see me.
I can’t blame them, we’ve been hit by multiple arrows although they’re shallow wounds and appear to be emaciated, seemingly from undergoing harsh interrogation.
Our physical condition is fine though, no need to worry.

「Not that, you idiot! The two of you together, how lewd! Disgusting!」

Natia turns red and throws whatever she can find at me.
Looks like I couldn’t deceive her.

Mack and I are standing as we greet the girls.
There would have been no problems if that was it.

But we are butt naked, sandwiching the black elf captain from both sides.
I’m pumping my hips, thrusting my dick into her vagina while grabbing her plump dark-skinned ass.
Mack is holding down her head and swinging his hips as she sucks on his dick.

「Nnbh! Nngh……nngoooh!!」

I occasionally stuff a finger into her ass, Mack rubs her ears.
Everytime we did so, she would let out a muffled scream and her eyes would light up with happiness.

「That’s right! I could understand putting her on all fours, but how could you leave her hanging forward while the two of you stand! Plus, you’re sliding those two huge things in and out from the back and front…… not to mention her legs are floating so the cocks are scraping her insides……」

「You, just shut up! Pervert!」

After kicking Felteris aside, Natia takes a whack at the prison bars with her sword, but is unable to cut through.
While the bars appear weak at first glance, it seems the black elves weren’t lying when they said they were sturdy.

「She has the key, doesn’t she? Hurry up and open it so we can get out of here!」

I’ve only came five times so far……fine.

「Alright, give me a sec.」

I bend forward partially, holding onto the captain’s waist and grabbing her breasts from behind as I rock my hips furiously.


The black elf captain who is still sucking on Mack drools and moans agonizingly.


With one final thrust, I slam my hips against her ass and release my seed.
The loud ejaculation spewed my semen into her womb along with all the gratitude of letting the two of us enjoy her body and her stomach slowly expands.
Even Natia and the others could hear me pumping each shot inside her belly, making them stop shouting and look blankly at me with wide eyes.

「Fuu…… alright, let’s go.」

「Wait. Me too.」

Mack pulls his dick out of her mouth and grabs the girl’s dark-skinned ass, inserting himself into her convulsing pussy which is still dripping with my semen.
It made squelching noises as he pushes all the way to the end.
I previously spread her apart when I fucked her so Mack is able to easily slip inside her womb as well.
You better be thankful.


I can hear her scream once again now that her mouth is free.

He should have been near his limit with her mouth already as Mack pulls the captain’s arms back and groans after pounding her several times.

「Aaaaaaaahh! …………au」

Enjoying the black elf quite a bit, he also came buckets, his ejaculation clearly heard by those around him.
Her large inflated stomach grows even bigger and the captain looks completely like a pregnant woman.
Finally reaching her limit, the captain lets out a piercing scream before collapsing to the floor.


As soon as Mack pulls his dick out, both of our juices gush out from her hole to create a big puddle on the floor.
The stench that once accompanied the underground prison disappears, only to leave the smell of our semen in the air.

「With that out of our systems, let’s go.」

Mack and I smile.

「…… enough already, take the key, these bars are extremely durable. Haa……after meeting you Aegir, it feels like I’m getting used to these dirty things.」

Natia comments while still covering her face with her hands.
If you really don’t like seeing it, close up the gaps in your fingers.
Learn from Felteris, she’s clinging to the bars with sparkling eyes.
Her eyes are just those of a middle-aged man who gets fascinated when they see a dancer in a bar.

「I don’t need the key.」

Mack and I grab the bars.

「I was telling you earlier that they’re more durable than they look.」

Paying no attention to Natia, I exert strength into my arms


When the two of us pull the bars, they start snapping until completely breaking apart.
Alright, it’s open.

「…… monsters.」

We ignore Natia and kneel in front of the twitching captain, still leaking juices from her vagina.

「It felt great. Thanks.」
「I’m so happy. Your tanned skin was the best.」

When we kiss both her ears, the captain smiles and squirts.

「Human males…… the best…… only large sturdy men can satisfy……」

We lay down the completely enamored captain, then exit the prison.

「Here, your armor and sword! It was left in the corner. Don’t let that thing swing around anymore, hurry and put it on!」


Natia chirps while blushing.

「Good grief…… we’re escaping while the commotion outside is still going on.」

Oh right, I was so busy fucking her that I forgot to ask.

「What’s going on? Also, you did well to acquire black elf equipment.」

.Natia puffs out her chest with pride.
Compared to the black elves, she’s really lacking in that area, there is a gap between the armor and her chest, but I guess that can be a good thing.

「Hnhmph. After shaking them off and sneaking back quietly, we saw them take you away…… we followed them, found out where the village is and then poured lots of baby-making potion into their water late at night! And then, the lookouts as well as those all over the village started to strip…… and ahem! That’s why it was so easy to steal armor.」

I see, the black elves’ village is smack dab in the middle of the marsh and the swamp water is dirty, so they can’t drink it directly from the source.
They need to collect rain water or store filtered water.
That’s what they aimed for.

「I actually wanted to use a poison instead, but that might be going too far even for the marsh elves……. There’s a possibility Aegir might drink it as well.」

Poison is too excessive.
On that note, an aphrodisiac will only make them horny, in which the most harm would be having to give birth to and take care of a child whose father is unknown.
They did well.

「Everyone outside is…… well, everybody is busy making babies so there are no lookouts and nobody will pursue us. If we’re going to run, now is the time.」

If possible, I want to get naked and get in on the fun as well, though it would be pretty pathetic if that led to us being captured again.
Let’s just escape now.

Mack and I along with the three disguised black elves run out of the underground prison and into the village.
Looking around, the entire village has turned into a mess.

「Aaah, it feels so good. Lick me more~」
「More! Get it hard again!」

「Uwah, my penis feels like it’s going to come off!」

A young man, who still looks to be a boy, has one woman shaking her hips on top of him while another woman is sitting on his face.
To the side, a woman who appears to be his mother is desperately trying to push away the women…….

「What are you doing to my child!? Enough…… aah…… no more! Move it! I’ll be the one to fuck this child!!」

Even the mother ended up participating.

「Look, he has a big one!」
「Incredible, it’s longer than ten centimeters.」
「It’s making me go crazy just by looking at it.」

Three women crowd around a single man’s feet.
What do they mean he’s big?
I want to show them what a big one really looks like, but unfortunately right now I have to run.

With practically the entire village participating in the orgy, no lookouts suspected the three disguised as black elves.

However, Mack and I stood out, especially being guys in a female-dominant village.

「Look, males!」
「They’re burly.」
「They look like they’ve got big dicks!」

The girls immediately flock over to us.
Just like a horde of zombies, the girls crowd around me and Mack.
I can’t kick them away like rotten corpses though.

「Kuh, what should we do?」

We don’t have time to satisfy each of them one by one.
Mack looks troubled and turns to me for instructions.
Irijina is also being swarmed.

「What a big lady…… use those thick arms of yours and embrace me.」

「Ooh? I’m a girl! I can’t help you!」

「That’s fine, we can rub our pussies so let’s feel good together.」

Irijina’s large physique seems to draw the lewd black elves to her.

What should we do?
I start thinking about making a stand and taking out my dick until I suddenly hear a piercing scream.
It was distinctly different from the moaning accompanying sexual intercourse and the pleasure-filled cries from climax.
Rather it was one related to pain or fear.

「Move aside please.」

I push away the girls and head in the direction of the scream.

「Wait, we have to run first.」

We certainly have to do just that, but if the owner of that voice was in danger, I have to save them.
Mack and I probably impregnated those two prison guards and the captain.
We’re not totally unrelated anymore.

It didn’t take long for us to find the source of the scream.
Several black elves are in agony on the outskirts of the village, close to the border of the village and swamp.

「Those tentacles…… that thing from yesterday?」

Those things look familiar…… though this time there wasn’t just ten or twenty of them.
Over a hundred of those slimy tendrils stretch out from the swamp and wiggle about in the air.

「Stop it!! HIiiih!!」

The tentacles have wrapped the arms and legs of the owner of the voice, suspending the girl in midair with her crotch spread open.
There is one especially thick tentacle right in the middle…… about the size of the girl’s thigh, penetrating her.

「Gyaaaaaah!! It’s breaking my stomach!!」

The tentacle doesn’t stop there, also extending another one to her asshole.

「N-no way…… that place is…… nnnaaaah!!」

The tentacle buries itself into her ass, making the girl foam at the mouth and scream.
That scream eventually gets muffled by a third tentacle entering her mouth, turning her screams into sobbing.

Stupid, you’ll wreck her if you treat her so roughly.
As if I’ll let some unknown monster fuck a beauty who has the potential to become mine.

I draw my Dual Crater and run to the girl’s aid.
Not realizing I’m here, the tentacle squirms its way to wrap around the leg of another black elf who has fallen to the ground in fear.


With a single slash, I cut down the tentacle attempting to make the girl another casualty.
The other tentacles all wiggle before turning to attack me.

I’m glad that it decided to switch targets to me.
I swing down my sword to bisect the tentacle coming at me from above, then bring my blade back up to slash the tentacle aiming for my body.

Two new tentacles burst up from the muddy ground and coil around my legs, though I quickly stab one and sever it with my sword.
The other one tries to trip me by pulling my leg but it isn’t strong enough.
I forcefully raise my leg and crush the tentacle underfoot, making some strange liquid explode from it.

「I’m coming to save you now.」

After repelling the the attacks on me, I run towards the girl whose limbs were wrapped by three tentacles, slicing away all the tentacles holding her up.
I catch the falling girl who was released by the limp tentacles in one arm and hug her close, slapping her face lightly to wake her up.

「Are you alright?」


It doesn’t look like she suffered any huge injuries but I don’t think she can stand.

「Time for a rematch. This time I won’t miss a single one and slice up every last one of those tentacles.」

I leave the girl to Natia who came running after me and raise my sword.

「Hey now, we don’t have to look after the black elves. We just have to run away ourselves.」

True, we have no obligation.
However, it doesn’t look like many of the black elves can put up any resistance against this tentacle monster.
The ones who are barely able to fight are struggling to keep their crotches safe.
It was just bad timing as the girls drank the copulation potion Natia injected into the water so their strength has decreased quite a bit.
Wouldn’t it be sad if their entire village got wiped out because of us?

「I-If you put it that way, though they still attacked us without trying to listen……」

I pat Natia’s head as she hesitates, interrupting her mid-sentence.

「About that, the black elves in this village as well-」

I point my sword at the squirming tentacle.

「They will become my women.」

I run forward as I speak.
Lowering my body to evade the four attacking tentacles by a hair’s breadth, I charge and bisect the last and thickest tentacle.
Suddenly, the four tentacles I avoided spasmed out of control.

Like I thought, the tentacles work together but the thick one in the middle controls all of it.
If I just cut that one, the other tentacles will be in disorder and openings will surely come.

Not letting my chance go, I immediately cut up the remaining four tentacles.
And then, as if trying to ambush me, thick tentacles pop out of the ground…… which I just skewer with my Dual Crater.

「I’ve already seen you pop up from the ground once before.」

It won’t work the second time.

Guessing that the usual attacks aren’t having any effect, a bunch of noticeably bigger and thicker tentacles appear.
Is it finally time to get serious?

「!? Watch out!」

Irijina shouts.

Its movements were different from when it coiled around limbs or when it swung for a hit.
Rather, the tentacle juts out straight, almost like a thrust from a spear.

However, it’s easy to avoid attacks coming at me head-on.
I clear away at about the halfway point and dodge with minimal effort.
The tentacle grazes my shoulder protected with armor and shaves off some of the steel plating.


Looking carefully at the tentacle, it appears there is a claw or fang attached to the end.
Based on how it’s moving, I’m guessing it really wants to kill me now.

「Wait…… so the reason it was trying to coil around me was so it can violate me as well?」

I’m not going to offer my ass to some tentacle.

I grab a sword dropped by one of the black elves with my left hand and casually widen my stance.

「Come at me, I’ll shave off the tentacles you’re so proud of.」

Once again, a bunch of fang-tipped tentacles assault me.
I defend using the black elf’s sword and my Dual Crater.
I merciless slice up the ones that get deflected in the air, though I’m not making much of a dent in the number of tentacles.

「Five! Six! I’m jealous you have so many.」

If I had just as many dicks, I could embrace way more girls.

After fending off the seventh tentacle, the black elf’s sword shatters.
Seeing its chance, multiple tentacles fly toward me.

「You dropped something.」

I take a severed end with a fang attached to it with my freed up left hand and swing it around.
As expected of something as hard as steel, the fang pokes deep holes in the attacking tentacles or tears them completely apart.

I’ve never used a whip before but this is pretty fun.
No, I have…… when having sex with Rita, I played the part of a master punishing a maid and used a whip to lash her butt.
Ever since then, Rita carries a whip on her so I can chastise her whenever she makes a mistake.

The attacking tentacles collide head-on with the one I’m swinging around.
Both fangs end up crumbling from the force.

「What’s next?」

I then hear the sound of several footsteps behind me.
When I turn behind me to look, I see fully equipped black elf warriors coming this way.

「Bastards, how dare you escape……」

「Let’s deal with that later. Take a look in front.」

The squirming tentacles in front is enough for the warriors to grasp the situation.

「Let’s get rid of this disgusting thing first before we talk.」

「T-that’s a roper!? But it’s impossible for there to be one of this size!」

It looks like they know the identity of this creature.

「It’s actually in front of you. Get a hold of yourself.」

I lightly pat the agitated black elf warrior’s shoulder.
She nods slightly before giving out orders to everybody.

「We’re eliminating this giant roper! Shoot your arrows!」

Arrows fly left and right, piercing the tentacles of the monster but it doesn’t seem to have much effect.
The occasional magic blast would cut off a tentacle or two, but that’s a drop in the bucket.
Several more individuals get grabbed by the tentacles and get stripped of their armor and underwear.

「Be gentle!」

I slice off the tentacles before the screaming girls could get violated.
Somehow, I feel I need to stand in front.

「I’ll stand in front. You girls got attack from the back or the side. Natia, you girls support them.」


I stand in front of the black elves who were cowering helplessly before the enemy.

「If you stay behind me, I’ll protect you. Don’t worry.」

I rub the ear of one of the warriors.
The black elf blushes and obediently does as she’s told.


As if trying to interfere, a bunch of tentacles shoot out.

「Don’t get in the way when I’m trying to talk to girls.」

I slice off two tentacles simultaneously with a single counter slash.
I deflect the further attacks with the inner part of my sword, cutting down any when I get the chance and dodging when I can’t block it.

It was impossible to completely evade all its attacks considering the speed so I end up getting grazed in the shoulder and thigh, the tentacles shaving off metal from my armor and leaving shallow gashes on my body.

Even so, I was able to cut off more than ten tentacles with the fang attached to them.
Irijina, Natia and the other black elves are fighting behind me.
No tentacles come at me from behind or the side so I’m having an easy time fighting the monster.

「We’ll never finish it off at this rate.」

After all that, even I’m a little out of breath.
Its main body should be inside the swamp.
It would be game over if we get dragged into the mud, plus we don’t have a technique to aim directly at its body.
If the tentacles can regenerate then it really will be an endless fight.

Just when I was thinking that, tentacles emerge from under me again.
The same attack won’t work a third time, or so I thought.
Then it hit me, this is a chance.


My leg gets bound by the tentacle as I don’t take any action to defend.
Irijina shouts out when she sees me get caught.

「This is fine, don’t come over!」

As I yell back, more tentacles work their way around my body, leaving only my arms free.
Its trying to forcefully drag me into the swamp.
I fall over sideways and then grab a post beside me with my left hand.

「This post is secure, right?」

I ask the black elf.

「Y-yes! It’s a post for the village’s foundation so it shouldn’t come loose or break that easily! More importantly, do you need-……」

「No. Let me handle it.」

I hold her back and then pull with all my might.
The movement carrying me into the swamp is halted, then I start pulling myself and the tentacles back up.


The tentacles wrapped around my body are desperately trying to pull the opposite direction but I’m stronger.
It was a really slow movement, however I can clearly feel my body rise from the swamp, pulling the tentacles up with me.

「Ueh!?」「I-incredible. What power.」

The shock of the black elves is pleasing to my ears.

The additional tentacles grabbing onto me in an attempt to overpower me do little to change the situation.
I don’t think the monster has a face, but I can tell it’s starting to panic.

I defend myself with the Dual Crater in my right hand as it tries to tear me apart with fang-tipped tentacles.

「Now, what are you going to do? If your main body is that of a beautiful woman, letting you off the hook isn’t out of the question.」

It’s unlikely though.

As I gradually pull the monster up, I can start to see the black body where all the tentacles originate from.
Realizing its predicament, it finally gives up trying to pull me in the swamp and unravels all the tentacles binding me.
If I was going to let this thing escape then I wouldn’t have let myself get caught in the first place.

I bite down on the tentacle trying to slip away.
The tentacle has a thick and durable skin, although not as hard as steel, so my teeth can still get through.
I bite down harder and yank the tentacle.
Hopefully, it doesn’t come apart like a lizard’s tail.

The remaining tentacles seem to wiggle around in a frenzy, trying to throw me off, while I deflect any fatal-looking blows with my Dual Crater and deliberately let the other minor attacks go.
Even with all of that, my power doesn’t diminish.

「It’s coming out!」「This is…… huge!! It’s several times larger than a normal roper!!」

I continue pulling as the black elves comment in surprise.
Finally, that thing is completely pulled above the water surface.

What was pulled out was a cylindrical creature with a diameter of two meters, a height of about eight meters and a big eyeball in the center of the middle column.
It was only extending the countless tentacles growing out of its body above the surface while its main body stays hidden in the swamp where it’s safe.

「Unfortunately, you’re not beautiful at all. That means I can kill you on the spot.」

As I grin with the tentacle still in my mouth, it stops attacking me.
Its tentacles were just flailing about in an attempt to get its body back into the swamp.

「Shoot! Destroy it!」

Felteris and the other black elves fire their arrows and magic altogether.
Their attacks are concentrated at the main body of course, making the monster let out a cry resembling the sound of someone blowing a conch.

「Tch, that wasn’t enough?」

The skin of the main body seems to be definitively thicker than the skin of the tentacles.
Felteris’s wind blade cuts into the monster, leaving only a minor wound and spilling a few drops of green liquid, not nearly enough to be a fatal blow.
The attacks from the black elves resulted similarly, with nothing dealing any significant damage.

It would be a different story if it was hit by Mack’s war hammer, and although it’s above the water surface, the monster is still technically in the swamp.
If we aren’t careful and step in there, we’ll end up endangering ourselves, besides we can’t exert much power when the mud takes away our footing.
What can we do……?

At that moment, I heard a beautiful high-pitched voice, which sounded like a flute.

「How ugly. Disappear from my sight.」

The muddy water of the swamp is lifted up and changes shape.
In an instant, the water becomes giant black arrows and soars toward the monster.

The muddy water arrows puncture through the monster one after the other, making it leak out body fluids from all over and let out an agonizing cry.
One arrow tears through the tentacle I was biting, undoing the monsters hold on me.

「Not good, it’s running.」

Again, the pretty voice answers my hurried comment.

「Leave it to me.」

With one breath, the water split.
The bottom of the swamp became visible, exposing the roper trying to hide itself under some mud.
The giant eye in the center wavers in agitation.


An enormous stake made of water, several meters in length, pierces through that eye.
The stake digs deep into the eye, entering the body of the monster about halfway before turning back into water.

The roper twitches once before completely losing strength, its tentacles sliding apart in all directions limply.
And then, the parted water returns to its normal state, everything disappearing under the veil of the cloudy water.

「Water magic, huh?」

And not to mention she’s a pretty powerful user of it.

「Village chief!」「Ijaris-sama!」

All the surrounding black elves rush over to her.
So she’s the chief of the black elves.

「There, there, is anyone hurt?」

「No! Well…… this man…… protected us.」

The black elves seem to have trouble speaking.
That’s natural, since on top of raiding their land I broke out of prison.

「I-Ijaris of the water blade…… awawawa.」
「Wh-what should I do, I have to run……」

Natia and Felteris are clearly distraught.
I don’t feel like she’s going to attack, I’m sure everything will be fine.
Besides, the wound hurts and I’m tired and I can’t move.
If we were attacked now, there would be no other option but to give up.

「Can somebody explain?」

For the first time, I get a glimpse of the face of the woman who eliminated the monster.

She appears to be in her late thirties or maybe forties, and her height is around 160 centimeters, which is on the smaller side out of all the other black elves.
She’s wearing loose black clothes, the heavy emphasis on exposing her body gives me the impression she likes tempting men.
The breastplate is positioned low on her body so I could probably see her nipples if I peek from above and her long skirt is cut at her ass so I can occasionally see not only her thighs but her black underwear as well.
More than anything, she has a voluptuous body which stands out from all the other busty black elves, with large breasts and a plump butt.


Mack is forced to bend forward.
I can feel my dick getting bigger too.
Of course I’m not going to do something unprincipled here, though there is irresistible sexiness wafting from her like some kind of smell.

「Hooh? What explanation can you give as to why your dirty rod is getting big.」

Ijaris purposely bends over and peeks at me with a mischievous smile.
As I suspected, her pink nipples show themselves to me.

「Come here.」

After confirming I saw her breasts, she turns her body around and heads for the center of the village where a building resembling that of the village chief’s house stands.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. (Warrior) 23 years old. Winter.

Irijina (Female Knight), Alice (Mage, magic power exhausted)
Natia (Adventuring Elf), Felteris (Magic Warrior Elf)
Mack (Warrior), Kroll (Mendicant Monk Swordsman), Christoph (Shield), Schwartz (Horse)

Assets: 20,640 gold
Sexual Partners: 399, children who have been born: 54 + 555 fish




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