Chapter 28: Wing of Dawn 4 – New Order




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Wing of Dawn – Royal Palace District Area – Main force
Heavy Cavalry 80 horsemen
Light Cavalry 200 horsemen
Raid Cavalry 40 horsemen
Assault Unit 30 horsemen
Light Infantry 200 men
Elite Infantry (Bowgun user) 60 men
Spearmen 180 men
Archer 140 men
Imperial Guards
Imperial Guards Chivalric Order 300 men
Royal Palace Guards 200 men

They are a splendid group of red and silver on the other side, on our side is a black and brown group.
They are Goldenia’s chivalric order imperial guards and Wing of Dawn’s cavalry, if it’s the usual, there are many people that come in and out of this center plaza.

I, who was leading the war against the enemy waves, push my way through as I cut down knights.
As I worriedly see Celia coming to one of the knights, she skillfully avoids the enemy’s sword and cut his wrist.
The assault unit behind us also puts up a good fight.
Even if the imperial guards used heavy equipment, they never had any practice in terms of war. When it’s war, you’ll need some distance from each other and need to have tacit understanding with each other.
Though you can march together like that, you won’t get maximum charging power from that kind of charge.

Still, we can’t penetrate plate armored knights that easily, If it’s 1vs1, we can topple them with our sword (tl:skill).
I shall attack and defeat their captain he is the one wearing some sort of feather in his helmet, this will serve to intimidate them a little.

“Step back, you servant! I’m a Count’s …” “Noisy!”

I swing my spear before hearing his complete sentence, as expected from a captain, he can defend my swing, but that was not a clever thing to do.
After that, I follow up with 3 more swings.

“Wait! My weapon…”

His head goes flying when he was speaking his sentence midway.
The imperial guards are making a commotion, while the assault units are cheering loudly. The battlefield is a place to exchange blows though…

“Captain, excellent!” “Continue! Kill them all”

All the imperial guards in surrounding is crumbling, they’re killed one by one.
Because they’re barely able to confirm each other’s location, they’re quite confused.
As expected from the spearman unit that is protecting the HQ, though our numbers are similar, we’re still in disadvantageous position.
With them protecting the infantries, they can’t breakthrough.

“Oh…… Isn’t this bad?”

Of course this is bad.
Because even if we help, we can’t reverse the situation.
After all, the assault unit has 30 members, and our specialty is breakthrough.

“If the HQ is safe, then there’s nothing to worry. We will break through the Imperial guards chivalric order as is and rampage in royal palace”

Celia and Mark following me without complaints, and the others still continue to fight.

“Don’t enter in a row to the royal palace, spread out! Kill every man that holds a weapon, old men that wears clothes, and all middle aged man! Don’t kill the women! Don’t pillage anything, after this we’ll get more rewards, understand?!”

They say “OU!!” as they charge ahead.

After that the fight restarted, I don’t pay attention to my allies except Celia, so I cut down the enemies to advance.
There’re so many “I’m someone’s …” and someone who called themselves something, so I just ignored and cut them down. They seemed so pitiful dying just like that.
After I killed over 10 knights, I can see a royal palace’s entrance gate.

“Oi! The gate will open”

Even though we breakthrough the imperial guards, there is supposed to be more guards stationed at the gate and the gate should be closed, however, the gate is opened and the guards are lined up side-by-side.

“They never think that we’ll breakthrough their army. Maybe they thought that they can get some achievements like the usual sortie”


Around 20 horsemen from the Assault Unit Corps survived.
As the imperial guards chivalric order notice us, they go berserk, it’s already too late to close the gate.
We rush into the royal place in a single line as we kill all the guards who stand in the way.
Furthermore, Mark brings a big Warhammer and smashes it to the iron gate.
Originally, the royal palace’s gate isn’t supposed to as strong as fortress, so it’s strength is not that great.
With this, we can easily enter the royal palace.

In a flash, we came inside the royal palace courtyard, on the way there, the guards came out one-by-one without a proper formation, they can’t stop our 20 horsemen and they only get trampled when they tried.

As expected, I can’t move while riding Schwarz inside the royal palace building, so I slap its butt so it can shoo off and play elsewhere. (tl: Aegir smashed the horse butt, not Celia’s xD)
Though the royal palace is big, I put the bardiche on Schwarz and unsheathe Nonna’s treasure sword, Dual Crater.
The silver lining stands out but, there are more knights who wear armor that stand out even more than this inside the royal palace.
Celia and Mark descend from the horse, Carl follow us next.

“Okay, we’ll still good even with only 4 people, next we’ll search some party with 4-5 people together!”

After I finished giving instructions, Celia slashes at an enemy in the armpit to kill him.

Celia-jouchan fast as usual (tl: jou or ojou usually used for someone higher 2nd generation, like princess. But in this case, he used it for amusement as Celia is still young but had higher skill than her other peers)
“Shut up, I’ll go first!”
By the way, Carl saw that Celia was a girl while she took a bath in the last sortie.
Her ability is the real deal, but above all else, she is used for healing in the unit. (tl: NO LEWDING! Celia is used for healing purpose as she is still young and a girl. Not in sexual way. Well, except Aegir xD)

But, after Carl saw Celia naked body, she wanted to kill him.


Mark smashes the door to confirm something.

“Carl, front! Celia, behind! Mark open all the suspicious door!”

As Mark break open a door, 2 knights charge at him.

“As for me, I’ll cut everyone!”

The pitiful knights are sliced like butter, the royal palace corridor is dyed in blood.

You spoil the high-class carpet

Celia also seemed like she was getting accustomed to this.
When a woman servant sees this scene by chance, she faints on the spot.

“As expected, this place is so wide. We can’t check every room one-by-one like this”

When a knight appears before us, Carl cut him.
As if it’s the only right thing to do.
But, the crown prince place must be in the center of royal palace, and it’s possible that Prime minister is with him too.

“The next batch of mercenaries will come. For now, we’ll check the suspicious rooms and head to the center of royal palace”

I won’t let anyone escape.
Especially the Crown Prince, if he escapes, our plot will be revealed and then we will be destroyed by the regular army.

“In the end, this is still a troublesome task!”

I curse as I cut 3 knights.

I cut a rushing-knight, and some servants back away when they see me, while in the way, we checked for any suspicious rooms.
I feel a bad feeling when a group of knights want to run away.
One of the knights was an old robust man, he was wearing a red gorgeous mantle, he must be has important position in the kingdom.
Above all, he’s not using the same clothes like the regular imperial guards.
Not everyone can bring a private soldier in this kingdom.

“I ask again! Who are you people!”

I raise my voice to someone who wants to escape in the back.

“You servant! Kill them!” “Take precaution, we’ll succeed”

The knights go toward us, this is the usual development.

“Your highness Prime Minister! Please go faster!”

We nod to each other.

“Duke Prime Minister Alens! We want your life, as you have taken the 2nd prince life!”

I lead and slash at the group.
As expected from Prime Minister private army, they are able to see and react to my slash attack.
I smile while thinking something like that.
Of course they will defend my slash with their sword, but that is a fatal mistake.
Their swords are broken, and one of his hands flies in the air.
If Dual Crater is only the usual iron, it’ll be broken.
After that, I take a step further, and slash at his chest.

“Incredible…… it seemed like he cut through butter”

Carl seems to be shocked as well.
Two slashes, 2 knights down, the other knights started to tremble while 3 knights were rushing together towards me.
Though it takes courage to command a retreat order, unfortunately the Prime Minister is not able to do it.
The knights are killed, and then the others run away, and the Prime Minister unable to stand up crouching in corridor.

“Where’s the Crown Prince?”

“You’re Eldio’s lackey, huh…… No way”

“Answer my question! Maybe I can let you live longer”

“The Crown Prince already declared himself as the king! However you all will be finished!”

As Carl see my sign, he swing his sword to the Prime Minister neck.
We have to rush to Crown Prince.

“Next is the King’s room! Let’s go”

Though I said it, no one moves.

“What is it?”

“…Where is king’s room?” “Dunno” “Me too”

Ah! We as a plebian never know about royal place geography.
It can’t be helped.
As the door kicked open, we catch the shivering maid beside the bed.

“Do you know the way to the kings room?” (tl: room or chamber?)

“Do-don’t kill me!! Noo! Help me! I don’t want to die! Forgive me!!”

We bring blood-stained-sword as our weapon, suddenly Carl takes a head from behind his waist and shows it to her.
For a maid who has only known peace, this scene is probably frightening.


The maid slumps in the pool of pee as she asks for help.
This is ……


I gave her a french kiss for about 10 seconds.

“Have you calm down now? I won’t be violent to you, what is your name?”


I kiss her once again.

“Your name?”

“My name is …… Francesca …” (tl: Furanchesuka)

She’s a bit calm now, she can’t answer our question if she’s frightened.
Even if she’s still leaking. (tl: Aegir you bully. Wwww)

“Okay, Francesca. Tell me where’s king’s room. I won’t do anything to you”

“King’s room is … in the west……”


After I heard the whereabouts king’s room, I kiss her for the last time and dash.
Francesca surprised and held her lip as she see us off.


“No, I just respecting your fondness of woman more now”

“That was a hot kiss. You might as well kill her”

We’re fooling around until arrive at the King’s room.

“First we need to check if this is the correct room”

Maybe other than assault unit has been broken the imperial knight defense.
I’m sure that there is another fight in some place at the royal palace

“Ooh! You’re also safe”

As we arrive at the king’s room, we notice Blueno and his subordinate.
And, in the middle of them is ……

“For His Highness to come personally ……”

“This command originally came from me. Of course I need to show my face”

He has the gut to sit around this place.

“So, where’s the Prime Minister? That guy already run away when we arrived here”

I take a head from Carl’s waist.

“Just now, I killed this guy in royal palace corridor”

Eldio shows a big smile.

“Umu! Good job! You’re different as expected” (tl: there’re so many ‘yes’ in Japanese. Umu, hai, yoshi, etc. Umu is more like an approval more than normal yes)

“Your highness, if the highness Beltrius is still on the run, this ploy will be found”

As Blueno reminded them of this fact, Eldio says “Umu!” and changed his expression.

“Is brother here? Make him come here”

All member stop while Eldio taking the lead and open the door.

Inside, there are 20 imperial knights and unexpectedly the Crown Prince Beltrius holding crowned cane calmly glare at us.

“At last you’ve come, traitor. This place is protected by our ancestral spirit”

“This country history is more than 100 years old, you also know about spirit protection, right?”

The two glare at each other, we and the imperial guards also glare at each other.

“Ani-ue, do you think I’m the one who is qualified to be the king or are you? You who is only capable of merely leading 20 knights qualified?” (tl: ani-ue is similar to aniki or onii-chan. But it’s usually used for royalty)

“A King is someone who brings the system and stability to his people, you, who destroy the society, are not fit to be king at all!”

“System? Stability? Wrong! King is the one who brings prosperity, also someone who brings the future”

“Prosperity is extracted from peace and stability! Our late father always said it!”

Prosperity is always improved day by day. Today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow is must better than today. The late king fears the uncertainty, he only wish no more than yesterday and the same as today

“Kisama…… You want to disgrace our father’s ideal?” (tl: kisama = bastard, you [rude way])

“From the beginning, that was our source of problem. I only looked at the bigger picture and the future, there’s no need this kind of small scale war at all”

“Enough! Bring me the traitors head to restore the stability!”

Beltrius commanded his imperial guards to fight for him and at the same time he grabbed his own sword and brandished it towards Eldio.
However, Eldio doesn’t draw his sword and makes a step back.

“Why are you turning back?! Are you afraid?”

“My sword is this force, I’m different from you”

Now, the preparation is complete.
Soon, the imperial guard, Beltrius included, will cross with sword with our force.

“Captain, will we get peerage after this?”

While we try to kill each other, Carl cracks a joke.
Hmm, let’s try something. If I think about it, I’ve never go rampage with this sword.

“Celia, Mark, go behind me”

As the two confused after seeing my face, they step back behind me.
Maybe they saw a smile on my face.

Clanking sound resounded, a man screaming voice heard as his armor gap has been stabbed by a sword.
In the war, those kind of voice are mixed.
A man with only upper body screaming for help while crawling, and there’s someone who still walking despite 3 arrows pierce his body.

“Who’s next!”

I held my swords with 2 hands as I leave 3 bodies behind.
The imperial guards high-level armor seems like nothing with this sword.

I slash my sword at the man chest until his crotch.
All his organ fall down on his feet as his body spilt into 2.
I slash the next man feet clean, and step on his head with my war boots while laughing. (tl: Aegir, the war-crazed man ._.)
Inside my heart, maybe I really love to fight.

The other imperial guards see their captain like want to say “impossible”…… A middle-aged man with special armor is already down.

“Let me! Hey you! Introduce yourself!”

“Aegir. No family name”

“Your fighting style is really like a servant”

The captain introduce himself with his house name, not interested.
I aim at his neck, and the captain-sama parries it with his sword, that’s a bad move. (tl: sama = way of calling. Like [san] or [chan]. Has no literal meaning in English)
Dual Crater is sharp by itself but, there’s no one who can receive my slash attack without preparation.

As the clanking sound resounded, the sword is broken. Captain-san is confused about what will happen, but it’s already too late.
It’s too late to move, you need to retreat.
After all, a mock fight is not a real fight.
I slit his neck after the 3rd slash, he already sink in his own blood while he is screaming.

He’s unexpectedly weak”

Having two of his most capable captains killed by me within half a minute of each other.
He did not have many other strong subordinates left.
There is already no chance of winning, there is only two choices to make, surrender or die.

Even if you’ll surrender, you won’t be treated as royalty.
Eldio is not the same as the traditional king.
In that case, there’s only one answer.

“Eldio! You ruined the Goldenia royal family!”

Beltrius charged with his sword.
I and Blueno confirm to Eldio by watching his eyes, he only lifts his chin lightly with his uninterested eyes.
My sword pierced Beltrius and then his body fall down, after that countless swords and spears pierce his body.

Goldenia royal family’s late king, Hubel the 2nd, from this day the only legitimate prince Eldio will throw away their past by changing his name to Alexandro the 1st.
He sits on his throne while watching his army paint his throne with blood, he declares his enthronement as Alexandro the 1st.


Name : Aegir.
Status : Wing of Dawn;  Captain of Assault Battalion; Annual salary 8 gold coins.
Money : 80 gold coins (Silvers and below not counted) (Money was deducted for travel expenses without being mentioned in the story. Rough estimate)
Weapon : Dual Carter (long sword), Large Bardiche (Lance)
Equipment : Steel Helm, Chainmail, Steel Boots, Black Cloak (Cursed)
Companions : Schwarz (Horse), Celia (follower), Mark (Macho)
Companions standby in the inn : Nonna Elektra, Melissa, Maria, Carla (pervert).
Sexual Partners Count : 28




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