Chapter 291: Federation Reinforcements ⑧ Victory Drink




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「The center! Break through the center! That 100 gold is mine!」
「Your spear is broken? Throw some rocks! Plenty of those have fallen on the ground!」

Ally soldiers flood through the middle of the enemy lines mounting a fierce attack, wielding swords or spears or even throwing rocks.

「These guys are insane! Anyways, just push them back!」
「The enemy is rushing in so we don’t have time to reorganize our formation! Line up sideways with your shields! Complicated orders are not necessary!」

I see the Imperial army commanders desperately giving orders.
When I see that some places are not collapsing despite the chaos, I can’t help but admire the skill of the Imperial army.

Even though more and more of our ally soldiers are pushing through the middle from the front, the enemy manages to defend decently while retreating.
At this rate, they’ll counterattack the area where the soldiers are exhausted.

I run towards the enemy.

The enemy devotes himself to defend, propping up a shield and thrusting out his spear.
If I run in on Schwartz, the spear will land, and I’d end up friendly firing if I wield my longsword.

「Schwartz. Protect Celia.」

I dismount from the horse’s back, holding the shield in my left, the longsword in my right, and the Dual Crater on my back.

「Clear the path in front! If you get in the way, I’ll run you over!」

I shout while running from the back, pushing away the allied soldiers who are slow to get out of the way.

「Uoh! What was that!?」
「A bear…… no, the general!?」
「He’s big yet he’s so fast!?」

I’m not particularly slow-footed.
I’ve raced against the secretly confident Myla before and won, then used the winner’s privilege to get her to service me with her mouth in the back alleys.
The shield and sword I’m holding is pretty heavy, but that shouldn’t matter when running such a short distance.

「Move it.」

The allies in front of me clear the path almost like bowling pins falling over.
I can see the line of enemies waiting with their shields up.

「Let’s get through that.」

I position my shield in front of my shoulder and charge with my body behind it.
It’s an attack with my shield, which I got Yakov to teach me how to do.

「Thrust! Thrust and kill him!!」
「Pierce through his shield!」

The enemy push their spears out altogether and I can feel the impact on my shield.
However this shield made out of a dragon’s scales can even repel cannonballs so mere spears won’t penetrate it.
Their weapons break and I barrel straight through the enemy lines using the energy from my sprint.

「Running through enemies with a shield…… pugyah!」
「Captain? Dowah!?」

The enemy tries to defend with their shields―― the result was three people get sent flying back when they make contact with me, the surrounding enemies drop their shields and fall over.
That felt lighter than I thought. I’ll go as far as I can just like this.

「He tore through the front like paper! Back row, get ready!」

It looks like the enemy has a double layer defense and I just got through the first one.

I keep the same speed as before and continue my charge towards the back line.


I quickly pull my face behind the shield when the crossbows launch their projectiles at me from the back row.
I hear multiple clangs as the bolts bounce off my shield and fall to the ground.
A normal shield may not have withstood the focus fire of crossbows.


The bowguns hit spots other than my shield.
I feel two hit me in the leg, then two in my right shoulder.

I only feel a little bit of pain from the two that hit my shoulder because of the dragon skin armor stopping them from reaching my body, however one out of the two bolts which hit my leg stabbed the spot in between my pants and boots, causing blood to trickle out.

「Well, our ally soldiers are acting recklessly too. This much was inevitable.」

It hurts quite a bit, although it doesn’t look like it will hinder me when I run or fight.

I pick up speed as I let out a beast-like roar.

「What a guy, he can’t be stopped!」
「He’s coming! Crossbows, stay behind the spears――」

There was a strong impact then screams. After that, enemy soldiers rolled to the ground after being sent flying, accompanied by the repetitive harsh grating of grinding armor.

「Uwaaah!」「People are flying!?」「Five altogether!?」

「That was surprisingly easy.」

When I turn around, a gaping hole was left in my wake after blowing past the front and back row.

「This is…… the end!」

I lower my hips and twist my upper body to store up power before spinning around once with my longsword.

Those who were knocked over and are trying to get back up, those charging at me with spears, the commander shouting angrily at me―― everyone within the range of my longsword gets cut in two through the center of their abdomen, the separated parts falling to the ground.

「One more thing as a bonus.」

I slam my shield into the enemy who ducked to avoid my attack the first time, bashing his face in.
The shape of his head changed so I don’t think I need to follow up with anything else.

「The path is open so hurry up and come. It’s because you dawdle around that you’re called second class.」

I shout at the soldiers who are standing still in amazement.

「Oh…… ooooooh――!!」

Ally soldiers split the enemy apart through the hole in their formation, and more allies come up beside me.
Now I won’t be the only one getting targeted. Of course the first one in front is Celia.

She throws her short swords at the enemy from close range, slips in close when the enemy blocks with their shields and then cuts their ankles.
Leaving the fallen enemies, she tumbles forward and makes the spear coming at her from behind stab the air.
As she recovers and gets back up off the ground, she points her sword at the enemy behind her, though it was unnecessary.


Before Celia could make a move, a giant black body crushes the enemy to death.
Schwartz flies in and mercilessly stomps on the soldier with his front legs, squishing the man’s body along with his armor.

Celia comes running to me after seeing that.

「There you go, running off on your own again―― there’s blood on your leg!」
「I’m fine, it doesn’t hinder my movements. Wipe it gently after the fight is over.」

I put the shield over my shoulder and exchange it for my Dual Crater.
Celia gets into a stance with her sword beside me.

「The fight starts for real from here on out. Just keep on cutting.」

Our ally soldiers reply with a resounding cheer from within the enemy lines, which in turn amplifies the madness.
We’re going to end things right now.


I jump at a retreating enemy and swiftly cut him down from behind with my longsword.
I make another slash with my Dual Crater at an enemy who turns around quickly, dropping his head to the ground.

「You’ve done it now!」

I deliver a front kick to the stomach of an enemy who comes at me from the side, and that was enough to make him spit out blood and render him immobile.

「What a weak guy to die from just a kick.」

Three more soldiers line up their short spears and charge at me.

To counter, I smash the face of one of the soldiers. This technique was doable only because my longsword has the same length as their short spears.

I continue by pulling back my extended sword and deflecting the thrust from the second soldier with the hilt, then sweeping across his unguarded stomach with my Dual Crater. The cut wasn’t deep enough to completely bisect his body, but it made the enemy soldier collapse after spilling out his guts from the large gash.

For the last soldier’s attack, I crouch down while turning my body to avoid getting hit.
I circle behind the enemy who stumbles a few steps forward, then utilize the centrifugal force from my spin to cut away both his legs with my longsword.


It felt like I moved around a lot just now, though in reality it was probably only a few seconds.
I look over at Celia and see that she just finished off one enemy.
She put her sword into the throat of a fallen enemy after his thigh was cut.

「S-so strong…… he’s a monster.」
「Is our general really human……? His swordplay doesn’t seem normal at all!」

Holding my sword with both hands, I run deeper into enemy lines. Celia quickly orders the allied soldiers to follow and I soon hear cheers and footsteps from behind me. The surrounding enemies are gradually being routed.

「At this rate, I’ll get the most achievements. The reward of prostitutes and alcohol will all be mine. Hahahahaha!」
「You’ve got to be kidding, general!」「Let’s go! I want women and alcohol too!」

I cut down the fleeing enemies in the front of all the allied soldiers as well as any enemies who dare to challenge me.

I slice through another courageously resisting spearmen from his head to his crotch, then pierce through the stomach of a commander desperately trying to stop his allies before throwing him backwards.
I intercept a knight who is trying to raise his spirits while charging head-on, cutting through the horse and the knight’s torso in one swing and causing both bodies to tumble out of control.

「Impressive. But you’re helpless before my superhuman strength! Urngh!!」

A knight appears wielding what looks like an axe made for execution purposes and swings it down on my head with all his might.
Too slow…… I can choose to avoid it, however I’m going to use this to bring up morale.

I deliberately position my longsword above my head and block the attack from the giant axe.
The resulting explosive sound of impact was something one would not expect to come from two weapons clashing.

「……so, what is this about superhuman strength?」

The axe was stopped precisely on my longsword.
A normal sword may have been broken. Other than that, his actual strength was nothing special.

「Next is my turn then?」
「Wait! Not necessarily! We also have the option to declare the match a draw!」

No need to be considerate.
I make it easy to dodge by slowly raising my sword above my head before swinging it down.


The self-proclaimed super strong knight lets out a disgusting cry while blocking my strike…… then gets split in half vertically along with his weapon.

Cheers erupt from my allies.

「Our general is invincible! We don’t have to worry about being defeated. Just think about your achievements!」

Yakov is saying whatever he wants.
Well, there are close to ten people cut down behind him. I guess he’s not all talk.

「Kill all the enemies indiscriminately. Capture the women, they’ll be fucked later! Let’s go!」
「Aegir-sama, that’s too classless! Now you’re really going to seem like a bandit!」

Crap, I let my true feelings slip out.

The enemy is unable to rebuild their collapsed formation due to the unforeseen furious attack and falls into chaos after allowing the center to be broken through.
In the middle of all that, the enemy commander who was actually in the center of the formation was cut down by a lucky allied soldier.

That triggered the complete collapse of the enemy and the rout was on, with soldiers being thoroughly chased down.
Most of the enemy’s forces were lost, the few who remained got back onto a boat waiting on standby and they retreated to the south coast of the river.

The aim was to totally annihilate the enemy, but chasing too deep and getting bombarded by the Imperial fleet won’t be fun.
There is no need to ruin the first victory for the 105th division army.

We return to the main army’s garrison after the exciting victory and the atmosphere among all the soldiers of the 105th division is not constrained or sulking like before.
They are full of confidence after defeating an enemy head-on with the same numbers.

「Now they know they can fight a little.」
「Yeah. But the lack of training will eventually become a problem. They have to be more disciplined.」

Celia puffs up with pride. That drew the dirty stares of a couple soldiers, who run away when I look at them.
The rampage on the battlefield is already being spread to all the allies.
That’s a good thing, since I’m really going to mess them up if they try anything on Celia.

「I see, so they’ve become a competent army.」

I turn around when I hear someone speak from behind. It was Stessel.

「A dog who has lost the will to fight can be turned to a guard dog at least.」

I reply with a smile.
Stessel returns a refreshing smile and pats me on the shoulder.

「That’s great! Continue to raise that dog into a wolf and then eventually a ravenous wolf.」

He snaps his fingers happily.
Appearing not long later is a wagon filled with wine barrels. Prostitutes sit on the barrels with bewitching smiles.

「Here’s your promised reward. Enjoy it without restrain…… being able to rout the enemy without the main force being mobilized is huge. I’ll have to consider all of you as valuable assets from now on.」

My thanks was drowned out by the roars and cheers of the soldiers, and Stessel smiles wryly before turning around and heading back to headquarters.

I turn back to the soldiers.

「I don’t mind if you guys drink and fight, but treat the women with respect―― ooh, and also-」

I single out one of the soldiers.
This one took out the enemy commander…… or rather, I hear that the randomly extended spear thrusts managed to stab into the commander’s horse, causing him to fall off and break his neck.
It doesn’t change the fact that this soldier finished off the commander.

「As promised, here’s your reward. Well done.」

I toss a heavy bag filled with the 100 gold coins.
Yakov decided this reward on a whim so I have to pay out of my own pocket, and for that I’ll make sure he works hard accordingly.


As the man roars after checking the contents, I turn around to leave.
Of course I’m leaving to visit the prostitutes.


I feel five…… no six people’s gazes.
The sun has set so Brynhildr must have woken up.

「Obviously you’ll all be first.」

I hug the girls and smile.

Nighttime Fun

「Aah! Mr. Soldier, you’re so thick…… amazing, so good~」
「I’m good, right!? I’m pretty confident about it. Aah……your boobs are super soft.」

「Guh, cumming!」
「It’s so viscous…… I’ll get pregnant……」

「Aah…… that was good. I want one more round.」
「Ufu, thank you. But we have to switch now or the people lining up behind you will get angry.」

The moans of women and grunting of men echo repeatedly in the tents.
This place was prepared specifically for the prostitutes to entertain the soldiers.

The only thing going for the tents is their size and there are gaps everywhere to let a draft in―― more accurately speaking, the line of soldiers goes all the way outside which is keeping the entrance wide open.
It’s freezing cold outside, although with several dozen couples on top of each other, it could be considered hot instead.

「You’re in the way.」
「Ooh…… wait, general!?」

The man was literally seconds away from embracing the woman before he realized I was there.

「General, weren’t you walking around with some pretty girls?」
「They’re all exhausted. I’m having trouble calming myself down, you see.」

「All of them…… even with so many!?」

All the girls are passed out in an unladylike state in my tent.
Natia, the only one who hasn’t surrendered her body to me, is looking over the others in anger.

「You don’t have to be so worked up. There are no ranks when it comes to sleeping with women. The only important thing you need is your dick.」
「Hehe, you’re not wrong there. Sorah!」

When the man takes out his dick, the woman draws her hips close.

「Aau, so big! It’s thick and it feels tight, so go slowly……」
「I know. Mine is pretty big. I’ll be gentle.」

The prostitute continues to praise his size while the man looks boastfully at me.

「Fufufu, you think you’ve won with that?」

I take out my dick and put it up against the woman’s hole.

「G-general…… why do you have a log growing out of your crotch……」
「Gyaaaaaaah!! I-it’s too big!! What is this――!!?」

The woman arches her back like a shrimp and screams, attracting the attention of all the soldiers in the area.

「Sorry. I’ll make you feel good.」

I keep my hip movements small as I search for the woman’s weak point.

「It’s too thick…… plus the tip is so wide…… and it feels so rugged…… aahn, not to mention it’s rock hard――――!!」

The explanation also draws the attention of the other prostitutes.
If all of you look, I’m going to get even bigger.

「Is it here?」

The woman instantly reacted when I grinded against that spot and her eyes shoot open.
It looks like I found it.

「Fufufu, you better prepare yourself.」
「Aaaah, you found it…… if you use such a extra large thing…… what will become of me……」

I kiss the prostitute softly while caressing her and furiously shaking my hips.

「Hiiiiiih―― I- I’m dying――!! I’m going to die because it feels so good――!!」

After confirming her shrieks were not due to pain, I gradually get rougher.

「Look at those moves.」
「More importantly, that dick…… it’s way too big. He’s hung like a horse.」
「Stupid, of course the greatest general will have the biggest dick.」
「Rather, isn’t the other way and he’s strong because he has a big dick?」

I hear people praising me but being complimented by men is gross, so I don’t want it.
Just focus on your own prostitute and swing your hips.

「A-aheh…… pound me more…… I don’t care if you kill me…… do it…… harder.」

The prostitute’s consciousness is already starting to fade.
To finish, I cover her with my body.
She’s a prostitute who makes money by letting men sleep with her, but she’s still a woman. When a woman climaxes, it’s best to treat them gently.

「That was great. Will you let me cum?」
「C-cum…… as much as you want……」

I push my hips against her as I’m kissing her, and release my semen.
She twitches in surprise and lets out a low growl…… before passing out.

「Thanks, that felt really good.」

When I seperate from the woman’s body, I see she fainted with a happy face and her legs are trembling while spread open.
Along with a rhythmical sticky sound, a large stream of seed sprays back out.
I give her one more kiss on the forehead before leaving.

「T-that was incredible, don’t you think?」
「Yeah…… I may have gotten wet without perfume.」

The prostitutes and soldiers are starting to get rowdy after watching me have sex.

「……hey, what should I do? All that semen is making a puddle…… her pussy’s all stretched out and gaping too……」

The row of soldiers behind me are staring blankly at the unconscious woman and the seed leaking out.

「Now then, time to go to where the prisoner girls are.」

「「「You’re still not done!!?」」」

The soldiers and prostitutes shout in unison.
It feels like I’ve still got half a tank left of semen. I always feel pent up after coming back from battle.

–Third Person POV–

Side Story: Runaway Chronicles ②

「Where is that idiot hiding, I’ll definitely find him and drag him out! For a staff officer to run away…… what a disgrace!」

A single shadowy figure coldly watches Myla slam the table in frustration. It was the expressionless Leopolt.

「L-Leopolt! You were here?」

Leopolt nods without saying anything.

Myla, who holds noble status, obviously has higher standing than Leopolt however she often puts herself under his command due to occupational duties and has trouble with how to interact with him. Especially when the head of the house is not here, her position is not quite clear.
Leopolt on the other hand had no such confusion.

「No signs of Tristan yet?」
「No, where did that idiot run to? I’m pretty sure I’ve looked all over Rafen already……」

「It’s close to the time for the collection of spring head tax. Adolph is at his limit working on his own, we have to bring him back soon.」

Leopolt spreads open a map of the city of Rafen.

「No need to worry about him running out of the city. He can only survive in a comfortable environment. It’s unthinkable that he would jump on a wagon and flee by himself.」

「He won’t use any public wagons.」

Leopolt nods in agreement with Myla’s statement.

「If he’s hiding within the city, he can be here or here or in this district…… how about the bookstore or book lending store?」
「Wanted posters have already been distributed to all the shops. The net has been cast, but he’s not biting.」

Leopolt looks upward.

「Have you searched inside the stores?」
「We haven’t searched houses…… even so, the security unit is handing out the wanted posters and checking door to door. If they see his face, a report should come in……」

「What about visited stores?」
「Here and here…… here as well.」

Leopolt thinks for a few seconds.

「I can’t imagine him pushing into a store and threatening anybody. Which means…… a family structure.」
「Here are the registration records.」

After checking the documents, Leopolt makes a red circle around one point on the map.

Estelle Book Rentals

「Hey Tristan, I’m going to wipe my body with the water so don’t you dare peek.」
「I know~」

「I’ll be stark naked so you absolutely can’t look! My boobs are pretty big so I might not be able to hide all of it.」
「I won’t look~」

「Wah, you made me lose my page.

The peaceful days won’t continue for long.

Federation VS. Empire – Comparison of Military Forces (Current + Losses = Max Mobilization. In the case where numbers don’t match, it means there are spare forces.)

Olga Federation 「Stalemate」
Military Strength – Current: 1 220 000, Max Mobilization: 2 550 000, Losses: 1 330 000, Civilian Victims: 970 000

Garland Empire
Military Strength – Current: 1 070 000, Max Mobilization: 3 100 000, Losses: 2 030 000 (Military slaves not included)

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator.

Army under command: 105th Division Provisional Army: 7500 men

Accompanying: Celia (escort, assistant), Marta (aide), Natia (temporary follower), Leah (temporary follower)
Brynhildr (temporary follower), Pipi (archer), Messerschmitt (worthless dog), Schwartz (horse), Mirumi (arrived), Yakov (105th Division Army Deputy Commander)

Assets: 13,490 gold (reward -100)
Sexual Partners: 447, children who have been born: 55 + 555 fish




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