Chapter 298: Federation Reinforcements ⑮ Treatment of Wounds




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

It took one day to arrive at the city of Kalinin, however it’s taking longer to go back.
Not only is Schwartz injured, he’s got three people riding on him.
Brynhildr may be lightweight like a child, but I’m worth one and a half persons in weight and Sofia is on the chubbier side.

I’m not going to ask Sofia to walk after being physically and emotionally ravaged, while there is no difference in weight if Brynhildr walks or not.
If only I could get off.

「With all those bolts in my back, it’ll be hard to walk…… it’s bad enough that I’m starting to feel numb.」

The injuries on my back are not any less than Schwartz’s bloody ass.
It was bad enough for Sofia to pass out when she tried to treat the wounds.

「They haven’t reached your internal organs so you won’t die. You’re sturdier than most after all. Still……」

When Brynhildr puts her hand on my back, the pain I stopped feeling was suddenly brought back, causing a groan to escape my lips.

「Because they weren’t pulled out right away, the flesh has started to wrap around the arrows. Not to mention it’s starting to fester…… taking these out will be hard. It will be extraordinarily painful.」

If the arrows aren’t taken out immediately, the flesh will close around them.
In my case, my back was stabbed with many arrows and the circumstances were not appropriate for first aid to be done. There’s a chance I die from blood loss if they’re pulled out carelessly so there was no choice but to leave them.

「That sounds scary. I want to hold Celia’s hand while they’re pulled out.」

Schwartz neighs jokingly.
Oh shut up, you’re unsteady on your feet too so I don’t want you saying anything.
Besides, your ass is the same. I’ll get male vets to get those out for you.

「I think we’ve caught up for the most part, but our allies are also heading north. They might have reached Zabrela.」

When I said that, Schwartz neighs.
I look to the front and faintly see a Federation flag.

「Oh, we’ve caught up. They must have been moving really slow.」

That’s an awfully slow march, though that works out for us.
Now I have time for my wounds to get tended to, and more importantly can travel around in a carriage.

「Wait, something seems off.」

Brynhildr rubs her eyes as she comments.
It’s daytime now so her eyesight is not as good.

「They’re not marching. They’re resting…… no, that’s not it.」

The situation comes into view as we get closer.
They have set up camp with a few tents propped up. A fence is being built around the perimeter.

「They would arrive at Zabrela if they just walk for one or two more days, so why have they camped in a place like this?」
「I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like a good sign.」

We are soon greeted with three incoming horses.
It’s Pipi, Celia, and Natia. I’m sure Pipi saw our flag and realized it was us from far away.
In any case, treatment comes first.

I unconsciously let out a sigh of relief and was about to fall off Schwartz.

「Woah, that was close.」

After grabbing onto the saddle in a panic, Brynhildr whispers in my ear.

「Now you need to joke around with that Celia girl. Just a little bit more.」

Fumu, looks like Brynhildr found out.
After all that, I can feel my consciousness leaving me soon. Because of that, I’m fortunately having trouble feeling the pain.

「Aegir-sama, gosh! Do you know how worried you made me after leaving that letter―― your back!!」
「Y-you’re terribly hurt!」

Sure enough, Celia and Pipi jump on me and scream when they see my bolt-riddled back.
Natia has a hand over her mouth and is left speechless.

「I stopped them all with my flesh so it’s not as bad as it seems.」

I lower Sofia down from Schwartz.

「More importantly, I rescued the girl. Please look after her.」
「I-instead of me…… you should get looked at first.」

I smile as I joke with Celia.

「She’s got some huge boobs, don’t you think? Fufufu, I can’t wait.」
「Muu, I thought I would have the biggest ones with only Pipi and Natia-san around, yet you bring back another girl!」

Celia puffs her cheeks. The initial heartbroken atmosphere is gone.

「I feel more tired from running here nonstop through the night than from my wounds. Let me sleep for a bit.」

I also jump off Schwartz before finding a place nearby to lie down on my stomach.
At the same time, Schwartz also falls down in an exhausted heap.

「Yes. I’ll bring the doctors and get the medicine ready right away!」

Celia runs off. I watch her leave until my eyes slowly close on their own.
I’m not actually tired. It’s due to the intense pain and blood loss that I can’t maintain my consciousness any longer.

「You did well. How manly. Let me praise you.」

Right before completely losing consciousness, I feel a small hand brushing my head gently.


「B-bear with it…… I’m really sorry……」

As I lie on my stomach, Celia straddles my back and pulls out a bolt.
I let out a groan despite biting down on a cloth.
Having them extracted is way more painful than being shot.

「There are still seven left. As I thought, wouldn’t it be better if a doctor does this instead?」
「No, if I let that guy pull out one more, I might break his neck. You do it.」

The first two were pulled out by the doctor and not only did it hurt, it was a dirty middle-aged man who did it.
The pain from getting the first one removed turned into murderous intent and I could feel my hands start moving on their own after the second one. There won’t be a third.
I can endure more when it’s Celia.

「I brought the dragon’s blood with me, but it can’t be used……」
「It would have been better if the wound was from a sword.」

The dragon’s blood is a medicine that can heal any injury. It can heal a fatal injuries and heal people from near death situations.
My injuries would instantly be cured by the blood, except it can’t be used.

「……it will be a huge problem if only the wounds were healed and the arrows are left lodged in your back.」
「Umu…… I may actually turn into a real porcupine.」

The dragon’s blood can’t be used when my back still has foreign objects stuck inside. Each and every one has to be pulled out before medicine can be applied to the wounds.


Six left. Celia wipes the leaking blood away and then slathers the ointment on.

「Oh yeah. Explain what’s going on with the army in the meantime. Why are they camping here?」
「I was thinking of telling you after this, but I guess it can help to distract you. It isn’t a very pleasant report though.」

So it wasn’t for a good reason.

「We retreated to Zabrela for a brief moment…… however the fog lifted almost at the same time we arrived.」

Well, that was inevitable.

「And then the Empire already had a large fleet on the other side of the fog.」
「Oi oi……」

「We were immediately bombarded. They had too many cannons for us to even think about firing back, so we ran away from the river and decided to set up camp here.」

「We knew the fog was going to clear eventually, but we didn’t think the enemy would be waiting near Zabrela for that exact moment.」

「I led the 105th division to retreat. They were not at the front so the amount of casualties they suffered were few in comparison to the other squads. A portion of them did get blasted though.」

「Aah, good job. Celia, you’re so dependable.」

Celia smiles happily when I compliment her.
I’m only able to leave the army so freely because I know she’s there.

Wait, that female commander of the Empire’s river fleet…… Ivanna, was it? What happened to her? Don’t tell me she’s dead.

「The headquarters might have more information. I’ll go and――」
「You can’t. Eei!」

Celia holds me down as I try to get up and yanks out another bolt.


Celia applies the ointment to my wound when I fall back to the bed.
Something like a pain-numbing agent must be in that, as the wound feels slightly more soothing.

「Regardless, we can’t return to the north coast. We are isolated now. We’re unable to head north and there’s a strong enemy army in the south. The west is still under the enemy’s control…… the situation in the east is unknown.」

It was clear this would happen when the river gets blocked.

「It’s not something we can do anything about on our own. We need to get support from White City, except we don’t have any way to contact them since we are unable to use ships.」

「This isn’t time for me to sleep.」

Celia makes an angry face.

「No. The other corps commanders said you can show up after you get treated.」
「Hm? They shouldn’t have found out about me leaving though.」

That’s why I used the plan I spent an entire night thinking of.

「……you mean those objects you left with the letter to let Yakov disguise as you?」
「Yeah. If he does all that, nobody would know the difference.」

I left all the props necessary on the day before too.

「Smear charcoal under your eyes to create dark circles and change the face. Always use falsetto to disguise the voice. Stuff strange fruit in the crotch area to―― disguise the size of the genitals. That was everything, right?」


「He got exposed in three seconds. Yakov was about to be killed for mocking the other commanders.」
「Tch, so that guy screwed up. My perfect plan was wasted.」

Celia lets out a big sigh.

「He’s loyal enough to actually follow through…… so please free him from house arrest later.」

She clears her throat with a cute “ahem”.

「Your objective was also obvious. While Aegir-sama was sleeping, that girl…… Sofia, she talked with the other commanders.」

I guess I’ll never be a resourceful general.

「Be that as it may, Aegir-sama should still show up tomorrow. Once the arrows are all removed, the dragon’s blood can be used.」

Celia attempts to pull the next arrow, which seems to be buried deeper than the others, but is unable to budge it.
I feel a terrible pain, though I try not to look too uncool by letting out a groan instead of pathetic whining.
I tell her to put the brakes on when I realize something.

「Not good. Stop!」
「Eeeh!? D-did it hurt that much!? I’ll go get the doctors-!」

Celia becomes flustered. No, it’s not about the pain in my back.
I get up from my lying down position and sit on the bed.

「Pull it out like this.」

Celia makes a troubled face.

「Eh? I think it would be easier if you laid down. The pain may get worse if you’re up like this.」

That’s not it. It’s not about that, Celia.

「Look here.」

I pull Celia closer so she can look at more than just my back.
Celia looks down at my crotch with a face full of concern and confusion, and sees how my dick is sticking out after tearing through my pants.

「It’s been hurting pretty badly for a while and no wonder. If I lay on my stomach like this, it would be painful for my erect member. The pain in my back is nothing compared to this.」

Celia falls prostrate on the bed.

「Why are you getting hard in this situation…… I was worried so much that I thought my heart would stop beating……」

I pat the complaining Celia. Still, it’s gotten bigger if I do say so myself.

「It’s incredibly large…… way more than usual. The veins are popping out and it’s almost like a deadly weapon.」

I’m pent up plus I got injured in battle. If I’m not careful, I may end up turning into a beast and destroying a woman or two.

Celia circles around to my front and blushes.

「Should I suck you off first? It’s gotten terribly big.」

Refusing an offer to get a blowjob is out of the question, however getting serviced while my back still has arrows in it is a strange sight, and it honestly still hurts. I’d like the bolts to be removed before I cum.

Celia, seemingly already in the mood, kneels in front of me, grabs my rod and opens her mouth.

「Pardon me.」

At that moment, an intruder walks in.


Seeing what can only be considered as me getting a blowjob from Celia, the intruder lets out a gasp of surprise, while Celia screams when she realizes somebody looking at her.

「Oh, it’s Sofia. I’m surprised you knew this tent was mine.」

I smile and put my dick aw―― my pants are ripped so I can’t, and have to talk with it sticking out.

「Y-yes. I asked the soldiers and they all told me this one……」

She’s not looking at my face. Her eyes are completely fixated on my dick.
When I tighten my stomach and make it twitch, her gaze also follows.

「Haha, sorry for letting you see an unsightly side of me while I’m being tended to.」
「It’s awfully large and considerably…… no, nevermind.」

Sofia composes herself as Celia covers my crotch with a towel. The bulge makes it appear more indecent.

「I talked…… with my father.」
「You talked with your chichis[1. Nat: chichi sounds like father and also breasts] !?」

Sure, they’re splendid but I didn’t think they could talk.

「Yes. My father cried when he saw me. He said he was really happy that you saved me.」
「They cried……」

Perhaps breasts are a more mysterious thing than I thought.

「I heard from my father. He didn’t actually ask you to do anything……」

Sofia hugs me.
What do you mean by being asked by breasts? They were always hanging from Sofia’s chest.

「You are my savior. My father said “I will probably lose everything. So you should depend on Lord Hardlett and live happily. Offer everything to him and let him make you happy”. Well of course I also…… you know…… want that. Rather, it’s impossible not to fall in love after being saved like that――」

Sofia continues to speak, but none of it registers in my mind.
My mind is occupied with the thought of her breasts.

In the first place, what is this ‘everything’ her breasts are going to lose? I can’t think of anything besides her nipples.
Still, her breasts are really intelligent. Is it possible a certain amount of intelligence grows in proportion with their size?
If so, then Nonna’s breasts might have a certain level of genius.

「I have permission from my father, the head of the family. Please treat me however you wish.」

I can’t hide my surprise from the shy girl.

「H-head of the family, you say?」
「Yes, my father is the head of the family, what about it?」

I never expected there to be a family where breasts are the head…… wait, Sofia should be the daughter of the Wolnasky house.
If her breasts are the head, then where does her now arrested father stand――

As I was about to sink into the swamps of my thoughts, Celia brings me back with her unhappy face.

「Aegir-sama, she’s referring to the previous commander Doskevich[2. Nat: dosukebe means lecher] Wolnasky-dono as her father. It’s not those lumps of meat swaying unpleasantly in front of me.」


I can feel my body instantly go limp.
That’s a relief…… I was feeling worried and was racking my head thinking about how to talk to Nonna’s breasts when I get back to the mansion.

When I think about it now, everything seems so obvious.
My mind may have gotten dulled by the injury. Let’s go with that.

「And Miss Wolnasky.」
「Sofia is fine.」

Celia addresses Sofia with respect since she’s a noble, though the venom in her words can’t be hidden.

「As you can see, I am currently treating Aegir-sama. If you have finished your business, could I ask you to step out?」

Sofia must have a timid nature. She doesn’t make any retorts and looks to me for help.

「Then why don’t the two of you treat me.」

The more girls there are, the less pain I feel.

「It’s not fair!」
「Funi…… I’m sorry.」

Celia roars, while Sofia apologizes.

Celia is sitting behind me on the bed and providing treatment to my back after pulling out the arrows, like she has been doing.
On the other hand, Sofia is standing in front of me while I press my face against her exposed breasts.

「I get dizzy when I see blood or wounds……」

She is still a young noble lady despite having suffered a hellish experience. She can’t do first aid and she has no tolerance to blood. That’s why I had her stand in front.
Nevertheless, she can still be useful. If she puts those boobs on my face, I won’t have time to think about the pain.

「Guooh…… Celia, pull it out a little slower.」
「Are you alright!? Do you want more of my breasts!?」

This dream-like treatment has a weakness.

「I can’t bear it, this is like torture.」

Burying my face in her boobs feels wonderful, except that leaves my crotch open.
My hard dick is being left alone.
If I don’t get stimulation there, lust will just keep building up within me.

「Um, I can use my hand.」
「No! That’s too unfair!」

Celia complains when Sofia extends her hand.
Is there any girl who can save my dick?

「Pipi is here!」

Pipi jumps into the tent. Behind Pipi is Natia, who is covering her face with her hand.
I guess they came to check on how I was doing.

「Ooh, that would be a big help. Swallow it!」

Pipi throws her clothes off as soon as I speak, slips between my legs and puts her mouth to my dick.

「It’s too big and won’t fit in my mouth. Pipi will use her whole body!」

Pipi grabs my rod and hugs it against her chest, then proceeds to move her body.
The overflowing pre-cum and her saliva mix together to create a sticky sound as she rubs against my shaft, granting me pleasure all the while.

「Oooh, that’s good. Do more.」

This treatment is wonderful, with there being a single pair of cold eyes. They belong to Natia.

「……you’re the worst! I even made you a medicine with painkillers in it to help with the bad injury!」

She throws a bottle of medicine at me. When I take a drink from the bottle, I really do feel the pain diminishing.

「You made it especially for me? Thank y―― ooh.」

I let out a strange groan because Pipi is sucking on my urethra.
That made me not finish my sentence. Look, she’s angry now.

「I’m going now. Enjoy yourself then!」

I call out to stop Natia from leaving out of anger.

「You’re not going to watch?」

Natia yells angrily.

「Haah!? Are you stupid? Of course I’m not going to watch!」

I exert strength into my stomach and make my meat rod even more erect.

「You’re interested in humans, right? Watching humans make love here and there can be quite educational.」

I know she’s staring at my dick with eyes full of interest in between her fingers.

「Human? Seeing something so dark and thicker than an arm…… not to mention the wide tip, a monstrous penis like that can’t be used as a reference!」

「Wah! It’s getting bigger!」

The instant Natia begins to talk dirty, my cock inflates and makes Pipi scream out.

「Don’t be like that. Come see if your medicine is effective.」

When I give her an excuse, Natia closes her eyes unwillingly and sits in the corner of the room.
Of course, she opens her eyes slightly to stare at my cock.

「It’s not like I want to see! I just want to ensure the efficacy of the medicine I gave you! I’m looking!」

My back is treated by Celia, my face is buried in Sofia’s breasts and my dick is getting sucked by Pipi.
Natia is watching all of that. Even if I didn’t have the painkillers, there’s no way I would feel anything.

「This is the last one. I’m taking it out now.」

Celia finally pulls out the last arrow.
I don’t know if it’s the relief from it being the last one, as soon as the arrow was removed, I feel a wave of pleasure come over me.

「I’m cumming.」
「Pipi will take it all!」

As Pipi strokes my shaft, she puts her face in front and opens her mouth.
She intends to take my seed on her face.
However, a dull pain unlike the pain from the wounds on my back runs through my dick.

「Looks like it got stuck again.」

It’s something expected. If it’s this backed up and this thick, the answer is obvious.

「Celia, Sofia, grab my balls. Pipi, put your finger in my urethra.」

「U-understood. ……so semen is something that can get stuck.」
「Yes! ……Aegir-sama’s load is special.」

「Like this?」
「No, push your index finger to the root.」

Celia and Sofia massage my balls from either side while Pipi stimulates my urethra.
Until finally my thick, thick lust shoots out.


I grab Pipi’s shoulder first and ejaculate standing up.
The unbelievable load spewed out makes me think my dick broke down. The viscosity is just as unusual as the amount.
The yellow-tinged semen instantly turns the small Pipi into a sloppy mess.

I see Messerschmitt, who was sleeping nearby, also heavily splashed by the juices and trying to run.
He’s fast despite those droopy eyes.
Maybe I should shoot some semen at Tristan the next time I see him sleeping during a meeting…… or not, that’s pretty gross.

「Waabh! So hot! I can’t breathe!」

Anymore than that and Pipi will drown, so I have Celia sit down next, plastering her from head to toe with my seed.

「There’s so much! It feels like I’m getting burned!」

The fluid wasn’t coming out in spurts matching the timing of my dick’s pulsing. It was more like an endless fountain.

I also straddle Sofia who has unconsciously fallen on her butt and get her face covered too.

「You’re cumming too much…… my husband and the men who raped me…… everyone seems like toys in comparison……」

I pour more of my seed over the three girls’ already languid bodies bathing in semen.
It really isn’t stopping.


I can’t make Natia, who has dropped her cup and staring blankly, feel left out.
I approach the sitting Natia while stroking my cock.

「Wait, you don’t have to! Stay away! Stooooop!」

She’s trying to say something, but I can’t hear her.
The tremendous amount of yet-to-cease semen not only dirties her from head to toe, but also flows into her open, screaming mouth.

「Nooooooo!! It went in my mouth!」

And thus my treatment ends.

The Next Day.

「I have plenty to say to you―― however there is no time for that.」

The next day when I attend the meeting with the other commanders, everyone is looking at me with cold stares, though they seemingly have nothing to censure me for.

「Just now, an ally who infiltrated the enemy ranks has just sent a messenger with orders from headquarters.」

The man replacing Wolnasky as the commander of the landing army states.

「The headquarters has not abandoned us. They will put their troops on the ships constructed in the eastern region and have them engage the enemy. It will be a fierce naval battle.」

The fighting hasn’t ended.

Federation VS. Empire – Comparison of Military Forces (Current + Losses = Max Mobilization. In the case where numbers don’t match, it means there are spare forces.)

Olga Federation
Military Strength – Current: 1 130 000, Max Mobilization: 2 550 000, Losses: 1 420 000, Civilian Victims: 980 000

Garland Empire
Military Strength – Current: 1 420 000 (460 000 of which are military slaves), Max Mobilization: 3 100 000, Losses: 2 140 000 (Military slaves not included)

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Early Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator.

Army under command: 105th Division Provisional Army: 5000 men

Accompanying: Celia (soupy), Natia (soupy), Leah (confused with being anxious), Marta
Brynhildr (sunlight sickness), Pipi (soupy soupy), Sofia (soupy)
Messerschmitt (soupy), Schwartz (injured ass), Mirumi (submerged), Yakov (house arrest)

Assets: 13,000 gold
Sexual Partners: 450, children who have been born: 55 + 555 fish




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