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Chapter 301: Federation Reinforcements ⑰ Leviathan Sinks Instantly




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Landing Army. Zabrela.

「Everyone, board the ship! Hurry up!!」
「Quickly, quickly, throw those heavy cannons in the river! Just get on board!」

It temporarily looked like the Federation lost the battle, but the situation turned around when the mysterious black boats appeared.
The black boats charged into the enemy, were blasted from all sides with cannonfire, and unbelievably came out unharmed.

「We don’t have time to wait until they enter the harbor. If you can swim, take off your armor and jump in the water. Climb directly onto the boat.」

Probably planning for it in the beginning, all the retreating Federation vessels turned around for an attack at the same time the black ships went into the enemy’s midst and started a chaotic fight large enough to make the wide North Teries river seem narrow.

Ally transport vessels took advantage of that gap to charge into Zabrela.
The Imperial fleet had their hands full dealing with the fight in front of them and had no time to be concerned about us.

Soldiers clamor about rowdily in the city of Zabrela to board the ships.
Of course the 105th division army under me are similarly pushing through.

The difference was that the other soldiers threw away any heavy objects, taking only their swords and shields with them, whereas the 105th division soldiers have abandoned even their swords and shields and are carrying the female prisoners with them instead.

I would have thought the female prisoners would resist, but they said “Slaves who surrender to the enemy will definitely be killed” and “I’ll do anything so I want to you take me with you”, ultimately giving the soldiers no other option.

「Boarding while carrying women…… how will the other corps commanders look at us?」
「It can’t be helped. Weapons can always be made again, besides they can use clubs or pot lids in the worst case scenario, but there’s no way women can be recovered once they’re gone.」

I pat the head of the pouting Celia and then board the ship as well.
We don’t have the luxury to embark neatly as a squad.
The boat at roughly full capacity separates from the shore and detours around the battle area towards the north coast.

「Please. Rout the enemy fleet……」
「Or at the very least, hold out until we get across.」

The crew members pray while gazing at the battle.
Fortunately, the battle is still intense and the Imperial fleet doesn’t seem to notice us.

No, they probably realized we’re circling around the battle on the downstream side.
They should not be able to turn their backs to chase us given they’re exchanging shots with other ally ships coming from upstream. We can get away like this.

「Ah! They took down a black ship!!」

When Celia shouted, the other nearby ally soldiers also let out an anguished groan.
I can’t really see clearly, but apparently a black ship was caught in the explosion of an Imperial ship and both sank.
After that, the black ships which seemed invincible were getting destroyed one after the other.

「There goes another.」
「Leviathan…… damn monster!」

Among the fierce cannonfire, the enemy flagship ferociously rushes down and annihilates black ships and ally battleships alike.
Despite multiple direct hits from ally shells causing fragments of the ship to scatter and parts of the vessel to go aflame, the enemy flagship doesn’t stop.

「That ship’s captain must also be pretty reckless.」
「Yeah, just like Aegir-sama―― funyii, stop!」

I stretch the face of the cheeky Celia when she offers a sarcastic remark.

「They took down a third one!」
「The fourth―― it’s no good! The ship is tilting over.」

We had the upper hand at one point and now the Leviathan’s rampage is tipping the battle to their favor again.


Seeing me go silent, Celia tugs on my sleeve.

「Even if they’re defeated, we can get to the north coast. You don’t need to do anything dangerous!」
「I wonder.」

I glance behind me.
Even though they’re hurrying to evacuate, it’s not that easy to fit several tens of thousands of soldiers on board.
There are still soldiers in Zabrela trying to get onto the ships.

Once the battle is settled on the enemy side and they turn their attention to us, the half of the ships in the rear will be eaten up.

「There are soldiers from the 105th division and girls on those ships too.」

I wonder what would happen if I did something and saved the girls.
My stock will surely skyrocket. When it does……

「Everyone will let me embrace them. It might result in a huge orgy.」
「Aah, geez……」

Celia holds her head worriedly.

「In other words, we win if that wildly rampaging flagship is crushed, right? That’s easy to understand.」
「There is no need for Aegir-sama to do something so dangerous though! In the first place, this isn’t our fight――」

This battle is certainly the Federation’s business and not my own.
The outcome has nothing to do with me.

「Even so, I want to win now that I’m here.」

I’ve fucked women alongside the soldiers of the 105th division, so I’m no longer a total stranger.

「It’s to save Sofia, although I’ve also thrown out a squad.」

If I just return to the north coast, I’m sure various people would be angry.
I have to do my part to make amends.

「B-but there’s nothing we can do on the water!」

I gently pat Celia’s head as she opposes more. I haven’t lived my entire life relying solely on my lower half.
I’ve done some thinking.

I push my way through the soldiers watching the battle on deck and look for Schwartz.

「Ah, wait. Not the nose…… I’m getting all wet……」

The perverted horse was not paying attention to the battle at all and was instead rubbing his nose into the ass of some prisoner girl.
I give his mostly healed ass a slap before jumping on his back.

「Sexy time is over. Let’s go.」
「Aww, I was almost there……」

When I point my longsword at the enemy flagship, Schwartz looks at me like I’m stupid.
He must be saying something along the lines of “Go swim by yourself”.

「How impertinent of a perverted horse. I’ve thought it through.」

The ship we’re on has been making this dull clanging as it’s moving for a while now.
Wreckage from a destroyed ship in the continued battle floated from upstream and hit the bow.

I look at the water and call out.

「I want to get to that ship. Can you help me out here?」

It would take several hours to swim from this boat to the Leviathan whereas it wouldn’t take five minutes for Schwartz ‘if’ he gallops at full speed.

A pale arm comes out of the water and makes the OK sign.

Schwartz hesitates to go in the water, though he realizes that the white hand belonged to a woman. He resolves himself after sighing.

「Alright―― wait, hey.」

I feel my back getting heavier and turn around to find Celia and Pipi riding as well.
Pipi is even clutching Messerschmitt, who senses danger and is trying to get away, to her chest.

「I won’t let you go and leave me behind.」
「Pipi will be useful too!」

They don’t want to leave.

「Gosh, don’t do anything dangerous,」
「I don’t want to be told that by Aegir-sama!」

If we keep talking and the Federation fleet loses, I’ll look like an idiot. Let’s head out now.

「Go, Schwartz.」

At my signal, Schwartz runs on the deck and jumps onto the water.
The other soldiers and that one familiar commander stare blankly.

The heavy Schwartz created a huge splash when he fell―――― rather, landed with a satisfying plop on the water.

「W-why is he on the water!?」
「Look there! A piece of debris…… no, there’s a path!」

The scrap and ruins of ships scattered all over are being gathered in front of us in the form of a path.
After checking his footing, Schwartz quickly picked up his speed.

「Heave ho. Heave ho.」
「No pointy ones, only flat.」
「Fuunyii~ so heavy~」

Our allies probably can’t hear anything because of the roars of the cannons, but they might hear some slight whispering coming from the water if they strain their ears enough.
Mirumi and the children are swimming ahead of me with pieces of rubble and holding them steady.

If one was not aware of the secret, it would appear I was using some strange magic.
I hear astonished voices behind me and some even praying to God.

「Go as fast as you can, you’ll become a target if you take it easy.」

Schwartz dashes swiftly in response.
This is what makes using special medicine on the ass of such a perverted horse worth it.
If he’s still late, I’ll smear some mustard on him.

「Our aim is only that especially large one. Stay away from the other ships if possible.」

It won’t be funny if we carelessly wander too close and get blown away by a cannon.

「You got it~」
「There are too many to avoid~」

The rubble path snakes around until it reaches the center of the enemy where ships are more densely packed together and we inevitably have to pass by getting close to the other vessels.

「Starboard cannons are all lost, you say!? Eei, turn the ship around and point the portside cannons at them. Shoot until you run out of……」

We run right past and Imperial ship. My eyes meet with the yelling man.


That person who has the appearance of a ship captain and his fellow soldiers wipe their faces with towels several times before looking at me again.
Schwartz runs off like the wind during that time. They somehow let us pass.

「Up ahead, that piece of wood isn’t floating.」
「What should we do?」

I hear the children crying.
Because of the current, the piece of rubble hit something sharp. I’ll have to go around it……

I look around and point to one of those black ships. The deck of that ship seems close to the water and easy to jump on.

「That thing is low. Let’s ride across it.」

The rubble path makes a big turn.
I realize when I get close that enemies have boarded the black ship and are engaging the crew in close combat.
Unfortunately, I have no time to provide assistance.

「I’ll be borrowing this for a bit.」

Schwartz jumps in amongst the fighting allies and enemies, passing right through the middle of the ship.

「Don’t hand over the ship! Drive them away…… you’re kidding, right?」

「It’s over once we get on board! Steal the ship…… eh……a horse…… cavalry?」

Both sides stop fighting to stare absentmindedly at me.
I look down at the water on the other side of the ship after running through the narrow deck.
There seems to be plenty of wreckage here so a path can be comfortably made.

「Sorry for interrupting. Continue as you were.」

The on board battle has come to a complete halt. I screwed things up pretty bad.

Schwartz neighs and looks at me.
Is he saying his hooves hurt because that ship was made of metal?

「Oh quit whining. I’ll get a girl to tend to you later, so be quiet and keep running.」

His speed increases. Heh, this perverted horse is so deplorable.

After that, more enemies would rub their eyes before staring dumbfoundedly at me, and it’s thanks to that I didn’t get blasted. The Leviathan is finally close now.

「Looking up close, this thing is incredibly huge.」
「So that’s how it routed our allies.」

It was like a castle floating on water. Whoever made this did a good job.
Numerous cannonballs from ally ships must have hit as there are many holes on the broadside, although they probably seem quite trivial considering how big the ship is.

「It’s too tall. It’ll be hard to jump on!」

The side of the Leviathan is practically a wall.
It’s not at a height where we can hop over.


I point to a destroyed Federation battleship sinking close to the Leviathan.
The bow of that boat is pointing at the Leviathan while its tail end is slowly being swallowed by the river.
It might be possible to jump from that ship to the Leviathan since there is still quite a bit of the bow sticking out.

Without delay, Schwartz changes course while Mirumi and the children swiftly create the path.

「Show me some guts.」

Schwartz shakes his head slightly, then picks up speed before jumping onto the sinking stern, running toward the bow while accelerating further.
Having done their jobs, Mirumi and company wish us well by waving their hands. That’s a little scary.

I stepped on a few Federation soldiers’ corpses on the way, but please forgive me since I’m going to avenge you.
If they appear as a spirit, I can say it was Schwartz who ultimately stepped on them so I want him to be haunted.

I run through the obstacle-filled deck and eventually approach the bow.
The slanted bow is perfect to jump off from.
If we can’t reach like this, nothing will reach.

「Jump, Schwartz.」
「Go Schwartz!」
「Do your best, Schwartz!」

Schwartz waits until he runs out of space before stepping firmly on the tip of the bow and pushing off.
The leap made with a running start really made me feel like I was flying through the air.

The enemy ship drew closer and closer and I could see the dropped jaws of the enemy soldiers.
Oh, I see a dark-skinned beauty on the deck.

「No good! We won’t reach!」

It was a magnificent jump, but we are one step too short.
We stall at the zenith of the leap and begin to fall.

Schwartz turns his head around as if to say sorry.

「No, you did well.」

I take my legs off the stirrups and stand up on the horse’s back. Celia and Pipi realize my intentions and do the same.

「We’ll reach like this.」

I plant my foot firmly on Schwartz’s head and jump off.

「I’m sorry.」

Celia and Pipi push off his back and take off.

We fly even higher in the air after using Schwartz as a jumping platform in midair, who continues to fall with a sad face.

The lightweight Celia sticks her landing beautifully, while I tumble onto the deck, and then pull up Pipi who barely manages to cling to the rail. There was a loud splash as Schwartz falls into the water below us.
Mirumi is there so he won’t drown.

「Boarding successful.」

I draw my longsword and ready it at my hip.
This ship is huge. There should be plenty of enemies. It’s going to be a harsh battle.

「…… oh?」
「Err…… who are you guys?」

The soldiers loading the cannons on deck stare blankly at us.
The enemies extinguishing the fires on deck and the commanders giving orders to fire the cannons are also all looking with their jaws gaping.
It looks like they don’t know what’s going on. It was a sudden appearance after all, I guess they need a signal to start fighting.

I take a step forward and swing my sword around.


The gunner, lookout, and commander get sliced and fall into the water, dying the deck red with blood.

「E-enemy attack! They climbed on board!」
「Time for close combat! Intercept them!」

More soldiers spring forth after the yelling.

「Celia, support me from behind. Pipi, sneak into the ship while we’re creating a mess and burn up everything you can find that seems flammable.」

We don’t have to kill all the enemy soldiers. We just have to sink this ship and we’ll win.

「Leave it to me!」

And so the fight begins.

「There aren’t too many of them. Surround them and take them out!」
「I’ll take the right…… gyah!」

I’m not going to wait until I’m surrounded.
I charge at the enemy and swing my longsword.
The enemies on the water are wearing light armor so it’s still going to be easy for me.

I cut through the side of the first enemy, turn around and thrust my sword into the throat of the second.
I twist my blade and tear through his neck before splitting the head of the third enemy.
I grab the short spear of the fourth enemy and toss both him and his weapon overboard, then deliver a front kick to the face of a fifth enemy who slips through, and finally swing my sword down on the head of the sixth person behind him.

「That’s six for me.」
「I won’t lose!」

Celia stays close behind me, taking out the two crossbow soldiers aiming down from the top of the mast in front of us with her short throwing swords.
One of them drops his weapon before falling down himself, while the other one misfires and hits one of his ally’s back.

Celia charges at one soldier who circles around and approaches from diagonally behind me.


The enemy swings his sword down in a panic, which Celia dodges using the least amount of effort before counterattacking.
When the first soldier collapses in pain due to his thigh getting slashed, another enemy approaches Celia with a spear.

「That thrust!」

Celia parries the attack by tilting her small shield and then proceeds to bash the man’s face with it.


The swift Celia is not going to miss the chance to finish off the reeling man whose nose is now bloody.
He gets his carotid artery cut while he holds his bleeding nose and writhes on the ground in pain.

「The girl is strong too! Let’s gang up!」

Three soldiers crowd around Celia.
That might be too much even for her.


The enemies charge all at once on the signal.

「Crouch down, Celia.」

Celia brings her body low to the ground before worrying about defending herself. I’m happy that she trusts me so much.

My longsword sweeps slightly above the head of the crouching Celia.
Six arms and three upper bodies fly over Celia, leaving the bottom halves to collapse in front of her.

「S-so strong!」
「Gather more men! Stop firing at the enemy ships for now, gunners and reloaders pick up your weapons.」

The enemy halts their bombardment on the Federation ships and decides to deal with me first.
Now, the gunners of several hundred cannons will come flocking to me.

「There are too many of them. I don’t know if we can hold out until Pipi’s done……」

The enemy quickly fills the vast deck of the ship.
I think I’ll have trouble even with my longsword.

Suddenly, my eye stops on something.

「Hey Celia, do you know how to fire a cannon?」
「I’ve studied the process briefly.」

Oh, good.

「Then shall we try it?」
「Eeh? Are you-!?」

I grab one of the cannons installed in front of me. The aim was adjusted not too long ago at our ally ships so it should be loaded with gunpowder and a cannonball.
The on-deck cannons can only move in a fixed range so they can’t be used to fire at their own ship.
Otherwise, we would have been firing away non-stop as soon as we got on the ship.


I pull hard on the cannon to rip off the hinge and nails fixing it in place.

「What is that guy trying to do?」
「He’s…… picking up the cannon! Even the small deck cannons weigh 200 kg!」

I have the longsword in my right hand and the cannon on my left shoulder. Now I can freely aim it.


After cutting down the enemies running at me with my sword, I lower my hips.
My target is the group of tightly packed enemies.

「Celia, shoot.」

The enemies facing the barrel of the cannon visibly get shaken.

「Hey, he’s holding it to shoot!」
「You’re kidding!」

Celia puts a lit torch up against the back of the cannon.
At the same time the cannon roars, I feel a tremendous recoil on my shoulder.


The Leviathan’s deck is wide, which is more obvious now that I’m on board.
My cannonball flies toward the center of the group of enemies.

A dozen screams resound and fragments of flesh and blood spray out like a fountain.

「Hahaha, bullseye.」

I drop the fired cannon and pick up the next available one.

「Here I go, the next one!」

Celia lights the back of the cannon again, which launches a projectile that flies and lands on the deck slightly in front of the group, rolling on the ground and taking out a line of enemies. Fortunately there are plenty of cannons on the deck for me to use.

「One more time!」

This time I aim up at the crossbow soldier on top of the mast and blow the mast to smithereens.

The enemy soldiers are completely falling back. Now is the chance.

This is the flagship so the enemy general should be on board. If I finish him, the ship will be as good as sunk. It’s not like I don’t have faith in Pipi, I’m just doing what I can.

「We’re charging in.」

Celia replies cheerfully.


Dozens of enemy soldiers respond to the commander.

It’s two against everyone where both sides are charging head-on.
To increase my options, I dual wield my longsword and Dual Crater.

「Put your spears in front and skewer him.」

I’m charging right at them so the enemy can easily prop up their spears and charge at me.
Who’s stupid enough to run into them though.


I swing my sword before the fierce fighting begins, sending trash like wood shrapnel and scrap metal on the deck flying.


Depending on how I hit the garbage with my brute strength, it is enough to make the enemies faint.
I jump into the hole opened in the front of the messed up formation and swing both my swords.

The Dual Crater cleanly slices through enemies, while the longsword forcefully tears through the enemy soldiers’ bodies.
Celia is protecting my back, and also taking out the crossbows camped out on top of the masts before they could fire.
I already have a strong dislike of crossbows, so there’s no need to hesitate to massacre all the shooters.

We make our way forward while cutting down enemies, eventually approaching the place on deck prepared as the command post.

「How many…… does that make!?」

I bisect another enemy from the top of his head with my Dual Crater and simultaneously knock a soldier approaching from the right into the river with my longsword.

「45! I have 9!」

Celia reports the tally she’s been keeping while blocking the sword of an enemy charging from her left with her shield, then kicks his crotch before cutting the man’s throat.

The enemy soldiers fall back.

「I-it’s no good. They’re too strong…… they’re not human!」

I’m not a vampire or a mermaid. Well, I’m not an elf either.

「No matter how much we cut or thrust, they’re still lively as ever!」

Both Celia and I have gotten scraped many times by their swords and spears.
The reason we haven’t shed any blood is due to the dragon armor. Even scratches can dull our movements depending on where they are, so the armor has been a great help. Especially for the delicate Celia.

「Don’t get flustered, the gunners of the broadside cannons below deck should be coming up armed!」

A man who appears to be an upper level commander shouts and color returns to the soldiers’ faces.
Celia and I are pretty tired. This situation is looking bad.

I can hear the footsteps of a great number of people coming from the stairs leading down to the inside of the ship.
So he’s not bluffing.

「Can’t we do anything…… hm? Can we use that?」

The cannon right next to me…… it’s much bigger than the one I just used.
It might be a little tough…… I can’t be too picky here though.

「Celia, hold out for 10 seconds.」

I grab the cannon’s barrel and exert my strength to lift it up.


What immense weight. It might be heavier than a normal horse.
It’s not something that is meant to be lifted.


While trying to lift up the cannon, I think about the time I held Claudia in my arms, and manage to take off the restraints on the cannon so I can slowly change its aim.
That time, I really thought my knees would give out.

I drag the cannon so the barrel points to the entrance leading into the ship.
Seeing me set aside my sword, enemies charge at me altogether.
Celia desperately wards them off…… I better hurry.

「Celia, light the fuse.」

Celia somersaults backward twice and returns to my side to set off the cannon.
The boom from this cannon was incomparable to the ones I used before, and the shockwave even knocks over the enemy soldiers wanting to chase after her.

「Division 8 broadside cannon gunners have just arri―――― ugyaaah!!」

The cannonball hits the enemy reinforcements right as they show up.
Wooden splinters, pieces of flesh and fragments of iron all scatter as the entire frame of the ship’s entrance is destroyed.


The recoil of the cannon held in my hands as it was fired sent Celia and I flying backwards too.

「You alright?」

I give Celia’s tight ass I squeeze before standing up.
The enemy soldiers are looking at us with their jaws dropped.

「He lifted up the large cannon and fired it…… our reinforcements were taken out…… we’re done for……」
「They’re not opponents we can win against.」

The enemy soldiers are falling apart. I’ll take this opportunity to finish the commander.

I make sure I have both swords in my hand before charging ferociously.

「I-I won’t let you go beyond this point!」
「Shut up and move away.」

I slash the knight who tries to block my path as I pass by him.

「Run away, Your Excellency!」

I kick away the man resembling a staff officer wearing an expensive-looking uniform, then stomp on his chest to finish him off.

「By The Excellency’s orders, I won’t let you pass! Oh wind, become a sharp blade and ……」

One of the men acting as a guard wearing a robe is mumbling something.
I feel an unsettling presence in front of me and strain my eyes. Something is coming at me while kicking up wood chips.


I swing my Dual Crater at the space where the wood chips were spinning around and feel something get cut.

「Impossible, he cut through my magic……?」

The head of the astounded robed man quickly gets lopped off.
So it was magic, good thing I saw those swirling wood chips.

Only one person is left in front of me.


It was a woman who glares silently at me.
She’s the dark-skinned beauty I caught a glimpse of when I jumped on the ship.

「Are you perhaps the general?」

I inspect her as I ask the question.

For her age, I’m not sure if she reaches 30 or not. She doesn’t look that young nor that old.
Her height is in the mid 170’s, so slightly on the tall side.
She has the same hair color as me, black, and pretty violet eyes.
That brown skin of hers is very similar to the skin tone of the dark elves I saw in the forest.

Moving on to her breasts, they’re fairly big and seem to be pushing up her military uniform nicely.
Her ass is a good size and judging her overall toned body, I can tell she has quite a bit of muscle. So she must be pretty tight down there……


The woman doesn’t answer my question and assaults me without changing her expression.
Her weapon of choice is a one-handed sword of medium length with a thin blade which looks apt for thrusting.

「Attacking all of a sudden? At least answer my……」

The woman attacks again.
Obviously, I’m not going to cut her down. I casually sidestep and was going to pin her down, except…….

「She’s quick.」

She crouches low to the ground before instantly rising up for a thrust, which I twist my body to dodge, but she follows up immediately with a spin and aims for my neck.


I can’t bring my longsword back in time to block so I intended to receive the attack with my Dual Crater, however I didn’t feel any impact.
Before I knew it, the woman has already leaped behind me, kicking the mast to jump diagonally before coming down from above with an attack.
I don’t have time to counter. Her sword will split my head open faster than I can move my sword.
With that judgement, I roll forward to avoid her attack, only to face a vicious downward strike from her right as I’m getting up.

This time, I’m successful in blocking with my longsword and a piercing clang resounded from the contact of blades.
She doesn’t seem intent on competing with me in terms of strength and swiftly jumps backward after seeing her attack blocked.

I look at my hand with a slightly surprised expression. This is more than I thought……


The female was also surprised for an instant and her eyes widen briefly, though she doesn’t say anything and resumes her attack.
She jumps forward and swings her sword.

I got her now. She’s quicker and stronger than I thought, but it’s simple to predict her moves if she’s in the air.
Making sure I don’t deal fatal damage, I intercept her with my longsword.


Celia was probably the one who made that sound.
The female uses her armguard to deflect the back of the blade I swung at her, using the momentum from the impact to change her movement in midair.


I unconsciously let out an anguished groan.
My longsword swung all the way through so I’m open for an attack.
Meanwhile, the girl has tight grip on her sword despite spinning in the air.

「Watch out!!」

A thrust flies at me like a flash of light as Celia screams, which I manage to deflect with my armguard.
I didn’t block it because I saw the attack. I only made a correct prediction that she would aim for my throat.

That should mean she loses her method of attack.
Just when I thought she would put some distance between us for now……

She twists her body silently and unleashes a roundhouse kick.
Thinking it was a weaker attack since she spun in midair from an unstable position, I block with my arm.

The sound of bone creaking as her leg makes contact with my arm can be heard.

I swing my arm strongly to knock the girl back, but the tingling sensation remains in my arm.
She lands perfectly on her feet and I hear a metallic clang when she steps on an iron plate.

She appears to be wearing leather boots, but it looks like there was a piece of iron fitted inside them.
I’m glad my bone didn’t break.

Still, it doesn’t change the fact that things are heading in a bad direction.
Unable to hold back, Celia charges at the girl on her own.

「Wait, Celia!」
「She’s off-balance now! I can do it!」

Not yet. She landed steadily so she isn’t off-balance at all.
Besides, her strength is nothing like a woman’s. She’s stronger than her physique shows…… rivalling Irijina’s strength.
Plus she’s faster than the swift Celia.

She easily makes Celia’s slash at her thigh hit air since that was a standard move against an opponent of larger stature.
The woman leaped high in the air. It wasn’t a simple jump. It was like she somersaulted in the air, meaning both her eyes and arm locked perfectly on Celia.

Celia’s defenses opened up when she blocked the mid-air slash with her shield. As I thought, there is a significant difference in strength.

The girl lands quietly and simultaneously launches a powerful thrust with her sword.

「Dodge it Celia, don’t block it!」

My cry wasn’t able to reach her in time.
Celia takes the blow on her shield.

The shield was sent flying by the weighty strike and Celia was left with just her sword.
That woman’s attacks don’t end there.

She turns her whole body for a horizontal sweep with her sword as well as raises her leg for a roundhouse kick.

Her iron-laced boots and sword close in on Celia from top and bottom.


The slash targets her neck and the kick targets her stomach. She only has one sword to block both attacks.
In the end, Celia chooses to block the sword which would deliver a fatal strike to her neck…… allowing the kick to land on her stomach and send her flying.

「Gehoh! Gabh!」

Celia chokes at she coughs up stomach fluid.
My vision turns completely red. Even though she’s a female, I’m getting an urge to kill her.


With a beastial roar, I charge straight at the woman.
I punch the soldier who tries to get in my way, sending him sliding on the deck for over 10 m, through the railing and into the water. It seems like I can’t control my strength at this point.

The woman wanted to finish Celia off, however she switches her attention to me when I let out my war cry.
I won’t use any tricks.
I put away my Dual Crater and hold my longsword with both hands, then swing it down with all my might.

Obviously she isn’t going to block the full force of my attack.
Sure enough, she jumps back and dodges.

Knowing I missed, I put my full strength behind the strike.
We’re on the deck, which has an iron plate embedded in it like an important place would.

As my sword slams into the deck, it makes a metallic ringing like a cannonball would make when it hits iron directly.
The sharpness of the dragon sword isn’t anything special, however its strength and durability are in a class of their own.
My sword crushes the deck and the wood floor below it, turning everything into tiny pieces and flinging those particles everywhere.


The wood and metal fragments spray the backward-dodging woman.
She couldn’t help but cover her face, losing vision of what’s in front of her for a split second.

I leave my longsword buried in the deck and run at the woman with only my bare hands.

「It’s over.」

My fist meets the woman as she lands.
Bracing herself for the hit, she takes it and flies.

The woman’s face warps in that moment and I was assured of my victory.

I didn’t use any power with that punch. Regardless, she flew so far back.
Meaning she jumped on her own to soften my blow.
She probably surmised that she could finish off my unarmed self if she lets one of my attacks go past her.
I see through her intentions though.

The fake attack didn’t leave me off-balance, so I chase after the flying girl to deliver a real punch this time.
Having jumped herself, she can no longer take a defensive stance.


With a dull thud, my fist digs into her solar plexus, sending her crashing into the mast like a toy and knocking her out.
The fight is over.

「Cheer for vic――」

I couldn’t shout to celebrate the victory.
The Leviathan shakes and then a gigantic pillar of fire erupts from the center of the boat, followed by an ear-shattering explosion.

「It exploded?」

For now, let’s pick up the vomiting Celia and also retrieve both my swords.

The ship is tilting fast.
The bow, where we are located, tilts in the direction of the stern while the stern tilts in the direction of the bow.
In other words, the Leviathan is snapping in two right in the middle.

「Is it Pipi? I told her to set the ship on fire…… what did she end up lighting?」

I feel another explosion that sends vibrations down to my stomach and hear the sound of the ship breaking as the entire vessel sinks.
The area near the center is already a sea of flames.

「I’m worried about Pipi…… still I can’t search while Celia is in this state.」

I can only trust she’ll be fine.

I have to evacuate from this sinking ship as fast as possible.
If I’m in the water, Mirumi can do something to help.

And then, a woman appears from a ladder that seems to connect to the inside of the ship.
She’s accompanied by a few men.

「Alright, we’reoutside…… now to jump into the river……」

The girl and the others look at me and become stiff. Her face seems familiar.

「You are――」
「You are――」

It’s the commander of the river fleet, Ivanna. So she was captured here?
Now that I look, blood and semen is dripping from her crotch, plus her gait is awkward. I don’t have to ask what was done to her.

「Taking advantage of the confusion caused by the explosion, I defeated the guard and freed my subordinates. Who would have thought you were behind all this.」

Ivanna is holding a blood-stained sword. What a strong-willed woman.

「I’ll explain later. There’s no time to chat now.」

The ship can sink at anytime now or worse, it can explode.
Ivanna nods in agreement and gives me a little bow before jumping into the river.

Now then, I should carry Celia on my shoulder and follow suit.

My eye stops on the unconscious girl lying on the burning deck.

「……she’s also a woman. I have to save her.」

Sure I was angry at her before, but I can’t abandon a woman due to situational feelings.

I carry one female on each shoulder and then jump into the river.

As soon as I entered the water, Mirumi and the children gather around me and support me.
I don’t have to worry about drowning.

「It looks like the naval battle is just about over too.」

More and more Federation ships pass by in front of me.
Looking closer, the crew on board are all cheering.

「Heey, over here. Help me out~」

My scream falls on deaf ears as the enthusiastic cheers drown out my voice.

I’ll cheer with you too so can you pull me up?
It’s spring already, yet the water is still cold.

Federation VS. Empire – Comparison of Military Forces (Current + Losses = Max Mobilization. In the case where numbers don’t match, it means there are spare forces.)

Olga Federation 「Zabrela Fight for the Coast – Federation Victory. Imperial Fleet Routed.」
Military Strength – Current: 1 080 000, Max Mobilization: 2 550 000, Losses: 1 470 000, Civilian Victims: 980 000

Garland Empire
Military Strength – Current: 1 330 000 (460 000 of which are military slaves), Max Mobilization: 3 100 000, Losses: 2 230 000 (Military slaves not included)

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator.

Army under command: 105th Division Provisional Army: 5000 men

Accompanying: Celia (fainted), Natia (spectating), Leah (demon top), Marta (fainting in agony)
Brynhildr (in poor physical health), Pipi (on fire), Sofia (big-breasted)
Messerschmitt (escape), Schwartz (falling overboard), Mirumi (triumphal return), Yakov (spectating)

Assets: 13,000 gold
Sexual Partners: 450, children who have been born: 55 + 555 fish




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