Chapter 307: Bond Between Parent and Child




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「My father…… my father……」

Sofia’s crying erases the fussing of the other girls.
She buries her face in my chest without any mention of the stink of perfume and continues sobbing.
Even I know she isn’t talking about her breasts in this situation.

「Tell me everything. I’ll become your strength.」

Sofia continues to talk while crying into my chest.
It was hard to listen when she sounded exactly like a little girl but I was able to understand the general gist of things.

Apparently punishment was being doled out behind the scenes of the victory ceremony.
Obviously, it happened to traitors trying to contact the Empire, but soldiers who went against orders, or commanders whose incompetence stood out, and feudal lords who abandoned the territory and people they were supposed to protect were also judged.

Wolnasky, who in order to save his own daughter, personally led the southern coast landing army on a different mission than the one he originally should have taken.
Sofia is big-breasted and a gentle beauty so I fully understand his feelings, however there was still a chance he could have gotten the whole army destroyed with one misstep.

That fact won’t be overlooked just because things happened to work out.
Although it became the stimulation for the fight that occurred afterward, which resulted in the annihilation of the Imperial fleet and essentially decided the battle.

「As expected.」
「It was quite the heavy sin.」

Celia and Marta look at each other, then go silent.
If I was the Emperor, I would acquit him for taking action to save a pretty girl, however the Federation surely won’t think the same way.

「The Wolnasky family, including the branch family, had all their status stripped away, their territory confiscated…… even I was expelled from the family of my dead husband. My father, while still being treated as a noble, was sentenced to house arrest for an indefinite period of time.」

「House arrest? If that’s the case――」

Celia probably wants to say that it’s a surprisingly light sentence.
House arrest is quite different from a filthy prison, being that he can freely eat all he wants and he can be allowed one or two servants.
He won’t be allowed to go outside, but he can probably have visitors if he requests permission.

Marta, who is more knowledgeable with how things work in the palace, shakes her head.

「Losing status and territory, plus being placed in house arrest, is an unbearable shame to a high ranking noble.」

Sofia’s crying voice continues on.

「Not to mention it’s for an indefinite period so that’s implicitly telling him to commit suicide…… waaah, I don’t want to say farewell to papa.」

Sofia raises her voice and cries like a child again.
What a gentle and naive girl. She was likely raised on plenty of affection rather than strict discipline.


I want to do something to help, but I can’t think of anything. Even if I do something now, I don’t think it’ll affect the decision.
Even if I march into his holding place, beat up the lookout and rescue Wolnasky, it won’t solve anything.

Besides, he himself would not want to add more shame to his already existing dishonor by escaping.
That’s why he will probably only be guarded by the minimum amount of lookouts.

「For now, I should go see him again.」

Arguing when he’s not even here would make me go bald like the top of Adolph’s head.
If I can’t change the conclusion, I could at least ask him if there’s anything he wants.

To begin with, I’m not particularly interested in what happens to Wolnasky.
In other words, I’ll be happy as long as Sofia isn’t sad anymore. I might get the answer if I talk to him directly.

「Would you be able to meet him so easily?」

Celia tilts her head adorably.

「I’ll go with his daughter. It’ll be fine.」

I wipe Sofia’s tears with a handkerchief and help her stand up.
Instead of continuing to cry, it’s more productive to take action, plus it might help distract her. Just that makes it worth doing.

「Of course, you’re going to change first, right? I hate to be rude, but the smell of perfume and…… you know, lewd juices.」

I quickly do as Marta says.
Then something ruffles and falls out of the pocket of my shirt.

「Ah, Aegir-sama, some kind of note――」

Celia and Marta go to pick it up without delay. Now then, I don’t remember putting anything down on paper.

“What did you think of my lewd, dark-skinned ass? I work as a prostitute at the Golden Springs. I will remake the fees so feel free to come by. I will also service you with my asshole. -Amita”

“It’s Wiehle. I work at the Rainbow Light brothel. If Hardlett-sama comes, I will decline all my other customers to attend to you instead, so please by all means pay me a visit. If you feel sorry for this lewd mature lady, then please treat me to your giant spear once more.”

“This is the tiny Pirsil. I’m the lover of the young master of the Altone company. I booked an inn for the beginning of next week without telling the young master, so come see me if you’d like. I’ll prepare many different clothes and even a whip. This petite Pirsil would be happy if you teased her lots.”

I swiftly take the notes out of the girls’ hands.
Of course I know who they are from the written clues. Now I have to store the locations and dates in my head.


「Now, shall we go?」
「Sniff…… yes.」

While feeling Celia and Marta’s indescribable gazes, I push Sofia’s back and accompany her out of the room.

Wolnasky Residence.

「Sofia, and also Hardlett-dono.」

In a reception room without a table, Sofia and I sit across from Wolnasky on chairs.
When I told the lookout that I wanted to see him, I only had to wait a little before I was granted permission.
They must have put him under house arrest with the assumption that he would commit suicide and expected friends to visit him.

「Long time no see. I’m sorry there are only chairs here. I didn’t think I would get visitors anymore so I got rid of the desk in the reception room.」

「Good to see you again. It’s unfortunate we have to meet in this way.」

I don’t really mean it, but I’ll play nice. The only unfortunate thing is Sofia’s gloomy face.

「Haha, I didn’t want to meet you to be honest. You had to suffer so much because of my circumstances after all. I’m too ashamed to face you right now.」

Wolnasky grinned sheepishly.

「But I was able to meet you again after you saved my daughter. As you can see, I’m very thankful.」

The middle-aged man stands up and bows deeply.

「Hardlett-dono, no I’m just a commoner now. Hardlett-sama, I’m extremely grateful to you for saving my beloved daughter.」

That face of his had no trace of regret, lingering attachment or any negative emotions at all.
Even to me who is not particularly interested in him, I can tell it’s a sign that this guy’s dying soon.
Meaning it’s probably more obvious to a relative like Sofia. I can hear sobbing again.
I quickly wipe her tears with a handkerchief.

「Let me be straight with you. Is there one last thing you want?」

I ask Wolnasky without beating around the bush.
I can’t stop his death now. In that case, I will grant his final wish and satisfy him so at least some of his daughter’s sadness will be gone.

Wolnasky thinks for a moment before staring into empty space and replying.

「I know there are things I can’t ask for as a criminal, however I would like to see Sofia’s children if possible. I have probably been too doting on her, but I just love her that much. I was waiting to be told when she conceived a child after she got married…… no, I guess it’s better she didn’t get pregnant now that I think about it.」

Sofia stops crying and hangs her head.

「Our household has already been crushed and nothing of our family name remains, but I at least wanted Sofia and I to stay around as blood relatives for later generations.」

The two of them look at each other sadly.

「It’s possible…… if that’s what you want, I can make it come true.」

I unconsciously stand up.
Wolnasky stares doubtfully while Sofia tilts her head in puzzlement.

「In other words, you’ll be satisfied if Sofia bears a child? Then everything will be solved if I impregnate her right here and now!」

I proceed to undo my belt.

「W-what are you saying all of a sudden――」

「T-that’s true!」

Sofia raises her voice with determination and balls her hand into a fist as if to hype herself up.

「Papa, I will sleep with Hardlett-san and receive his seed! We can make a baby and continue the lineage!」

She starts removing her clothes.

「Hey, that’s too sudden――」

Wolnasky is still baffled, but Sofia has already hardened her resolve.

「Don’t worry Papa, I also love Hardlett-san. During the time I was saved by him, the feeling of being held by his thick arm…… to be honest, I thought that felt even better than being with my dead husband. As I always thought, I like men who are wild and tough!」

「You were always quick to change the type of men you liked……」

Sofia and I quickly get naked.

「I will impregnate Sofia in front of you. If you see that through, you shouldn’t have anything to regret.」

I recline back against the chair while naked.

「I want Papa to watch me make a child too! I’m sure I can do it if my beloved Papa is watching!」

Sofia lowers her ass onto my lap and spreads her legs to allow her father to have a clear view in front.

「……I understand. If Sofia has that kind of determination, I should do the same as her father. Now then, go ahead and show me!」

Wolnasky opens his eyes wide and stares at us.
That is the resolve of a father who has decided to confirm the moment his daughter gets pregnant.

So we begin to have sex.

In a sitting position with Sofia’s back toward me, we adjust the position of our genitals.
Being on the chubby side, her ass is quite soft and fleshy.
This is my first time penetrating her, but the weight of her ass makes it easier for me to insert myself inside.

I reach around to fondle her large breasts as my dick searches for her hole.
Before it could happen, I was interrupted.

「Wait. Isn’t Hardlett-dono’s thing too big? My daughter is going to die…… wait, how big is it going to get!? It’s still swelling!」

「No, it’s fine. Your daughter has a plump ass. That should be enough……」

As I speak, I grab her ass and bring it down on me.
My meat rod grinds its way along her walls as it invades deeper into her insides.

This is a first for me.
I think being able to deflower a girl in front of her father is not an experience I get to have very often.

「Aaaaah!! S-so thick…… it’s big, Papa……!」

Sofia screams and stretches both hands in front of her.
Wolnasky holds her hand in support.

「I love you Papa! I’ll always love you!」
「Papa loves Sofia too. You’ll forever be my cute daughter!」

As the two confirm their familial bonds with each other, I act as a hip-moving machine and start thrusting upward into Sofia.

Her voluptuous boobs, her firm ass and overflowing pussy soon brings me to my limit.
My cock starts to throb inside the daughter talking to her father.

「Ah! It’s twitching inside me!」

Sofia was married and seems to have plenty of experience with guys judging on the state of her insides.
She can guess that a man is nearing his limit just by the movements. She reports to her father with even more fervor.

「Papa, his seed is coming! Sofia is going to get pregnant! A baby will be made soon.」

It was almost like a child telling their parents of the first time a grass crown was made.

「Is that so, Sofia will finally become a mother. As much as I’m looking forward to it, it also feels a little lonely……」

The moment his daughter changes from his own child to a mother must be very moving to him.
As a third party, I shouldn’t say anything. I will only focus on shooting my seed.


I let out a soft groan to not disturb their conversation and release my semen.
I feel the hot juice rise up instantly from my balls.

「Ah, he came! Papa, look, look!!」

Sofia spreads her legs wider and shows her father the part where we are connected.

「Hot! His hot stuff is shooting out!」

The immense amount of semen gushes noisily into Sofia.
It feels like I’ve been cumming non-stop for the past two days, but lately I can feel how fast my balls fill up with semen whenever I lay eyes on a nice woman.
That semen of mine quickly expands Sofia’s stomach.

「N-no way, my stomach is getting big…… Papa, I’ve become a pregnant woman in no time.」

Sofia gently rubs her belly filled with my seed.
Wolnasky also lovingly rubs her stomach, displaying the beautiful bonds of father and daughter.

We were able to say farewell to Sofia’s father, who felt satisfied after believing all of that seed pumped inside Sofia will surely get her pregnant.
He might be able to choose to die without hesitation knowing he has nothing to regret.
Sofia will be certainly be fine. She should live on strongly now that I’ve granted her my child.

「Oops, I forgot my handkerchief.」

I realize right at the entrance of the mansion.
That handkerchief was given to me by Celia so I don’t want to leave it behind.

「The reception room, right? I’ll go get it.」

I make Sofia wait for me and head back to the reception room.
I was about to knock on the door until I heard something.

「Uoooooh!! How do you like this!? And this!」
「Hiiiih, amazinnggg!!」

I hear a man and a woman’s voice coming from the reception room, so I secretly take a peek through the keyhole.

「Master, you’re incredible! You’re already 50 years old! Yet why are you so hard!?」
「Age doesn’t matter when such a nice ass is put in front of a man’s eyes! Hmph! Hn, hm, hmph!!」

Wolnasky is on the floor with a servant who stayed behind…… a maid who is about thirty years old, and thrusting into her from behind.

「I got turned on after seeing my daughter’s pregnant belly. Besides I can’t let my daughter be the only one responsible to carry on the bloodline. I have to work hard in my own way to pass on the family name too.」

「Bloodline? Master is planning to get me pregnant!?」

「That’s right. You’ve served me since you were small and remained till the end. I’ll have you listen to my selfish request.」

Wolnasky speeds up his hip movements.
The woman continues laying flat on the floor and allows herself to be fucked.
Should I stop this……?

The woman lifts her face suddenly.
I can see the joy from deep inside her heart being expressed in her face.

「I-I’m so glad! In fact, I’ve always admired master during my teenage years. I would hold the irrational feelings of jealousy towards the madam and, whenever you were alone in White City, sneak into the mattress with my pillow countless times!」

It might be better if I don’t stop this.

「What!? I love my wife, but I’ve always wanted that young body of yours. My sense of reason helped me on several occasions to kill the desire to pounce on you.」

「Aah, what a shame, I wouldn’t have minded if you assaulted me at any time. Both top and bottom were crying tears of happiness!」

The two of them get into missionary position and tangle with each other passionately.

「My house is no more. I won’t be able to provide decent support with you when you become a mother either. Is that still alright with you?」
「Of course! I don’t need a reason to bear the child of the person I love!」

Their whispers of love are making even me embarrassed, as they roll around the floor and hug each other tightly.

「I’m cumming! My blood…… my child, accept it all! Guooh!」
「I’m so happy! The man I’ve admired for over ten years has finally entered my womb! Ahiih!」

The two of them tremble on the floor while remaining in each other’s arms.
The middle-aged man is literally pouring his seed into the long-employed thirty year-old maid.

After seeing the two of them climax, I quietly open the door, sneak in and retrieve the handkerchief left on the chair.

「Uuー…… uuー……」
「Aahー…… ahー……」

The two never realize my presence as they rub their hips together and let our groans of pleasure.

「Don’t die…… master……」
「I won’t…… I’ll continue to live even if I am shamelessly scolded. I’ll keep letting you give birth to my children.」

Looks like I don’t have to tell Sofia the bad news.
As expected, everything will work out when you embrace a woman and love her profoundly.

I return to where Sofia is as if nothing ever happened.

「I’m going to keep fucking you all day today.」
「Eh…… ufu, of course.」

Sofia buries her face in my chest and smiles.

After everything was solved harmoniously, we returned feeling satisfied and was greeted with an angry yell.

「Like I said, call him back right now! It’s an emergency situation!」
「Don’t be unreasonable! Aegir-sama has gone out on important business!」

The owners of the voices were Celia and Ivanna.

「How noisy. What happened?」

As soon as I entered the room, Ivanna grabs me.

「That woman isn’t here! The restraints have been cut and there is a hole in the ground! That woman, that damned Sekrit ran away!!」

Ivanna kicks the wall as she shouts. Stop that, you’ll let the draft in if you open a hole.

「We’re going to search for her immediately. Don’t think I’m going to let her brazenly get away like this!」

Ivanna throws off the magnificent military uniform she wore in the city and even exposes her breasts.

「Lend me some clothes that are easy to move in. Anything will do.」

It looks like she wants to give chase right away.

「It’s fine you want to pursue her, but we don’t know where she ran. It’s not like we can see her back.」

Ivanna wears my light armor, tying the extra length to her waist.

「The place she’s running to is the Empire, which means she’ll either cross the river and head south or she’ll head west and escape to the sea. Mobilize the river fleet right away and conduct investigations on boats sailing to the west! Also contact the light cavalry to conduct a search in the south!!」

Celia and I look at each other. It sounds like something we’ve heard before.

「Isn’t she in the east?」
「Sekrit seems pretty gutsy after all. She seems likely to jump in the middle of the enemy too.」

Ivanna stops herself before jumping out.

「East? That means she could only be going towards the Central Plains.」

「True, despite it getting a lot better, there are still many ally soldiers staying alert in the south. Not to mention Sekrit is a rare dark-skinned female and will stand out in the Federation.」

「Besides, Ivanna-san checks on her twice everyday and should realize right away if there has been an escape. Wouldn’t it be taken into account that a raid net will be cast if she gets on a boat heading to the sea?」

If so, then the only option left is east.
It may be in the opposite direction, but it might take us by surprise, plus the east of the Federation is quite vast, making it hard to set up a trap.
Furthermore, with the mix of barbarians there, her brown skin won’t be as outstanding as in the west.
If she gets off the boat after a certain distance, there will be no way to find her.

「…… you have a point. A woman like her will do something with fortitude like that.」

Ivanna nods, then heads over to an area near White City where the river fleet was docked.

「Good luck.」
「What are you saying? You’re coming too.」

My hand gets pulled.

「…… there are many things I have to do.」

I was just about to grab Sofia’s big breasts and plant my seed in her again.

「Shut up! If we catch that woman, I’ll let you do whatever you want to my breasts, so hurry!」
「Give me 30 seconds to prepare.」

One Day Later. North Teries River.


Sekrit was found in a barrel in the food storehouse of a stopped merchant ship heading to the Central plains.
As expected, even she couldn’t put up any resistance after being surrounded by armed guards and ships mounted with cannons.

「This shitty woman, how dare she waste my time. As payment for escaping, I’ll carve it into her body.」

Ivanna is infuriated.

「Hmph. You were stupid to think you could escape. What an incompetent woman who could attack nothing besides a mere merchant ship.」

She spits on the floor after provoking Sekrit again.
Blood vessels bulge on Ivanna’s temple.

「As I thought, this woman really needs to be handed over. Before that though, maybe I’ll tear off an arm.」

I hold my hand over hers when she draws her sword.

「That would mean she would get the death penalty.」

「It was perplexing why you would keep her alive in the first place. I am indebted to you so I decided to overlook it, in the end she devised an escape. This is it! If you want this woman, just fuck her senseless right now. Once she’s broken, quickly hang her and be done with her.」

Ivanna is saying something frightening.
She has reason to. I could get around it if Sekrit remained obedient, but she planned an escape.
Still, I can just leave a woman to die.

I’m bad at endurance competitions. I’ll decide it all at once.

「Alright, Sekrit. Why don’t you have a contest with me?」
「…… a contest?」

Sekrit turns her restless face towards me.

「If you win, I’ll let you run off to wherever you want.」
「Are you really going to allow―― mgah, mgh.」

I cover Ivanna’s mouth as she was about to yell.

「……so what happens if I lose?」

I grin ear to ear.

「You will surrender your heart to me. Of course you will do so happily. Give me your heart and your body.」

Sekrit, probably having imagined it for a second, shuddered.

「We’ll compete in a way where the both of us are on even terms. It’s a battle with your freedom on the line. What do you think, do you accept?」

Sekrit stares at with in suspicion.

「You want me to believe you?」
「That’s right.」

Nothing will begin if you don’t believe me.
Either way, Sekrit has not many choices right now.

「Fine then, I’ll accept. But if it’s an unfair contest――」
「I definitely won’t deceive a beauty like you.」

I declare as I look into her eyes.
Sekrit goes silent and returns the gaze, then nods.
It looks like the contract is in effect.

「It’s better to start things quickly. Let’s begin right away.」

I order for the ship to be put on the shore. Luckily we are away from the city so we won’t be seen by the residents.
Mirumi and her children, who are waiting nearby just in case Sekrit jumps into the water, are peeking their heads out curiously.

「Alright, contest time.」

I carry the mumbling Ivanna with me and go ashore.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City.

Accompanying: Celia (jealous), Natia (busy talking), Leah (aroused), Marta (jealous)
Brynhildr (mealtime), Pipi (follower), Sofia (waiting to conceive), Sekrit (contest)
Messerschmitt (worthless dog), Schwartz (copulating), Mirumi (excursion), Yakov (cleaning up aftermath)

Nonna (legal wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine, expecting), Maria (concubine, expecting), Catherine (concubine, expecting)
Melissa (lover), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover)
Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (playwright), Alice (nhiih)
Marceline (pregnant lover), Daughters – Stephanie (lover), Bridget (lover), Felicie (lover)
Sebastian (exhausted), Dorothea (capital mansion supervisor), Claudia (giant meatball), Clara (female attendant)
Felteris (everyone’s lover)

Lammy (agitated), Alraune (propagating further), Petit Roper (parasitic)
Pochi (brave lizard)

Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby, Myla (sulk)
Gido (escort unit), Polte (refugee case worker, emergency), Gretel (wife-dog-to-be)
Leopolt (staff officer, emergency), Adolph (domestic affairs official, emergency), Tristan (domestic affairs assistant)
Claire & Laurie (official merchant, emergency), Lilian (actress), Kroll (servant), Alma (servant)

Assets: 12,950 gold
Sexual Partners: 504, children who have been born: 55 + 555 fish




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