Chapter 319: Healing Agent




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–


「Fumu, so did you figure out the truth of the epidemic and a way to treat it?」

Natia is breathing hard as she stares at me.
She kicked my crotch multiple times. I’m worried whether her thin legs got hurt or not.

「I-I thought I was going to get violated…… ahem! First, take a look at this book.」

The book smells musty, plus the cover and pages are discolored.
I can tell it’s quite old.

「I don’t know if I can read this or not……」

I can read the words themselves but there are many phrasings I’ve never seen before so I couldn’t get the meaning from those sentences.

「Here. Multiple bumps form on the body, a fever so hot it feels like there is a fire inside, and dying after vomiting blood…… I think this is the disease.」

Natia states after comparing the reports sent by Leopolt and what is written in the book.

「In Old Ulhof region―― presently the eastern remote region of the Empire―― it didn’t break out very often, only appearing in the Central plains once in a hundred years――」

I interrupt her.

「You can tell me the details of the disease later. Let’s talk about the medicine to treat the disease. Can you make it with the help of this book?」

The disease is already here, so I don’t care if it’s been a hundred years or a thousand years.
Incidentally, the fact that I can see Natia’s pink nipples because she’s lightly dressed is also trivial.

「The instructions on how to create the cure are also written.」

「Then can you make it right away? If you want gold, name your price and I’ll pay it. If you want a man, I can fulfill that role, and of course I can do the same if you want children as well.」

If a cure is made, Adolph and the others can take control of the current situation quicker, and most importantly Malt can be saved, meaning Celestina will go back to smiling.

「I don’t need more money than the minimum requirement. Wait, so in the end you just want to shoot your seed in me! Don’t mix such weird thoughts in your offers!」

She whacks me on the head.

「Ahem. Could we talk about the medicine as quick as possible?」

Celia gets mad.

「Let’s get back on topic. The instructions on how to make it are all written here. The problem is the ingredients.」

「I see, a good medicine needs to have good ingredients. Are they really rare or something?」

If they’re just expensive, I can rely on Claire to send me some.

「Unfortunately, not a single one can be easily obtained. The necessary ingredients are…… the body fluids of a lamia, pollen from an alraune, ball of a merman, and the lifeblood from a dragon, mostly these four.」

「They’re all ingredients I’ve never heard of…… Claire-san might not be able to help.」

Celia was about to take note and get Claire to procure the ingredients, but slumps her shoulders.

「They’re all materials not normally used. We have to gather them individually…… it might be a long journey.」

Let me think for a minute here.

「Actually, the first two can be collected here in Rafen.」

I pull Natia by the hand and open up a window facing the courtyard.


Lammy is humming while watering the plants in the garden.
The alraune playfully extends a vine to her.

「Geez, didn’t you drink enough water?」

Lammy asks while sprinkling the alraune’s head with water.


The alraune’s body trembles like it enjoys the feeling of water.

「There’s a lamia!」

Yeah, she’s been living here for a while now.

「And there’s also an alraune!」

Aah, I guess she couldn’t distinguish the alraune when it normally doesn’t move around.
There are plenty of them in front of the city walls too.
Since a lot more space is available, it seems to be growing quite rapidly lately.
Maybe the alraune will grow around the entire perimeter of Rafen in the near future. I have to make sure to tell it not to grow near the gates.

「Wait, Natia has never met Lammy before? I felt like she made a fuss about a lamia living here a long time ago.」
「N-now that you mention it……」

Natia averts her eyes from me.
She seems level-headed but has a screw loose somewhere.

「I-I didn’t know about the alraune though! That monster can camouflage as any plant after all so seeing it once won’t―― maf-!?」

I pull on Natia’s cheeks. Having a casual dialogue is a waste of time.

「First we need Lammy’s love juices, right?」

「……the bodily fluids, but whatever, love juice is fine.」

I wrap my arms around Lammy, who is tending the garden, from behind.

「Wah!? What’s going on all of a sudden!?」

I repeatedly kiss the surprised Lammy’s neck.

「Ah…… aahn! During the day……? Gosh, you’re such a pervert.」

Lammy puts down the watering can, and we move into the shadow of the little hut out of sight from the mansion.

「Fufufu, what nice breasts. Your nipples are splendidly erect too.」
「Don’t say it out loud.」

I topple Lammy over, put her nipple in my mouth and pull on it slightly.
She lets out a piercing cry and her snake-like bottom half writhes about.
I bring that snake part close to me and plunge my fingers into her genitals.

「Auun! Good! Amazing!」

Lammy anguishes as she climbs toward her climax.

「This part feels good? Or this part?」

「Aaaahn! Both are equally good!」

Lammy’s long tongue sticks out.
She’s almost there.

「Lammy, I’ll attack everywhere simultaneously. Don’t hold back and cum.」

I suck on Lammy’s neck, fondle her breasts and rub her pussy.


Lammy’s forked tongue extends as she squeals in ecstasy.
At the same time, a honey-like fluid floods out from her vagina.

「Haa, haa…… that was incredible.」
「Fufu, what a cute orgasm.」

The two of us stare into each other’s eyes and then exchange a hot kiss.

「By the way, I have a request.」

「Hm? Ask me anything. Do you want me to stimulate your urethra with my long tongue? Or maybe you want me to wrap up your whole body and rub you that way?」

Lammy tangles herself around my arm coquettishly.

「I want some of your love juices. I’m going to make you cum successively, so let it out freely.」

Natia will get her ingredient and Lammy will receive pleasure. Then I can watch Lammy’s foolishness.
This is a win-win.

「Wait, love juices? Your pervert! No way, you’re going to use that tub!? Don’t put your finger there, it’s so embarrassing but I can’t stop myself from leaking!」

Lammy fills up the tub and faints after my merciless attack.

Next is the pollen of an alraune.
It should be easy to get something like pollen, except the alraune is not cooperating with us.

「Please. We need the pollen.」

The only alraune left in the garden, about the size of a small girl, places its hand on m crotch.

「…… you want this?」

The alraune nods and lowers my pants, then presents a branch with pollen on it.


The pollen gets in my face.
Inhaling the pollen of an alraune would send anyone’s sense of reason flying out the window, that’s how powerful of an aphrodisiac it is.
My dick instantly points up to the sky.

「I can’t resist!」

I push down the human-shaped plant and play with its body.

The main body of the alraune is ultimately a plant and the human-shaped part is a dummy designed to attract prey.
But, the alraune is slowly molding itself closer and closer to a real human after watching me embrae Lammy and the maids.

Recently, it even has a normal-looking vagina that I can have sex with.
It feels good to have my dick sucked by tentacles, but cumming inside a pussy gets me going the most.

「I’m putting it in.」

When I insert my rod into the human-shaped alraune, it wraps its tentacles around me happily.
Due to the pollen, I couldn’t restrain myself and my hips start moving right away.

「Umu, what a nice pussy, it feels just like a mature married woman’s hole…… except it’s rubbing too much.」

I have no complaints about the shape, the problem is that it isn’t lubricated with love juices and the level of friction is too strong.
It doesn’t hurt, I’m just yearning for a more slippery feeling.

The alraune realizes something and moves the human-shaped part.
Suddenly, the hole overflows with fluid.

「Is this sap? Aah…… it’s really slippery now!!」

The sap is much more viscous than love juice is, with a consistency of thick honey.
That viscosity helps elevate the pleasure.
Honestly, this might be even better than normal love juices.

My hips are moving themselves.
I hug the alraune’s human part tightly and vigorously thrust my hips.

「This is great! The best! Wonderful!」

I’m moving so roughly that it feels like I’m going to break the human figure.
Even so, the alraune seems happy enough to rub my back and make its hole continue to coil around my shaft.

When I finally reach my limit, the alraune hugs me tightly.
That gesture is done by a woman when they want a man to impregnate them.


My ejaculation was like water bursting out from a dam and it gushed out so loudly that it made me a little annoyed.

If I was with a woman, my seed would leak back out from her genitals or her stomach would expand to be a large as a pregnant woman’s belly, meanwhile the human figure is probably sending my load to the main body. I don’t see any physical change no matter how much I release.

「I’m still cumming! I’ll cum as much as you want!」

The effect of the pollen and the sensation of the alraune’s hole causes me to shoot out an endless supply of semen.
During that time, the alraune pats my head gently.
I think one of the older maids did this before when I had sex with her in the garden. So this thing was watching.

When my ejaculation eventually ends, the alraune leaves behind plenty of pollen to fill a tub.
Now we’ve collected the second ingredient.

I take Lammy’s juices and the alraune’s pollen and return to Natia.
I don’t pay attention to the cold stares given to me by her and Celia.

「The next ingredient is a fishman’s ball, was it? I can’t guess what that is from the name. What kind of ingredient is it and where can we find it?」

「A fishman is a variant of mermaid. A mermaid is normally a human on the top and fish on the bottom whereas a fishman is the reverse of that.」

I wonder why such a simple explanation brings up a specific image in my mind.

「The ball which that fishman gives birth to once every few decades is the ingredient that we’re looking for. I don’t know much about the origins so I can’t say where we can find it…… we’ll have to do a thorough search in a lake where mermaids are likely to―― wakyaー!!」

Before she could finish, I pick her up and run to the bedroom.

「W-what are you doing!? This way is the bedroom!? Is this leading to what I think…… aah, it’s over……」
「Weren’t we in the middle of an important discussion!? Are you aroused again!?」

What do Natia and Celia think I am?
Do they think I’ll get turned on in the middle of an important conversation?
I just linked the words “fishman” and “ball” in my head.

I throw Natia on the bed after rushing into the bedroom, then scrounge around in the wardrobe.
If I’m correct, it should be stored in here somewhere. Found it.

「Farewell…… my purity……」

I place a box in front of the closed eyes of Natia.

「Look at this.」

「Y-you’re going to show it to me first? Wait, what is this?」

Natia is slightly blushing and cracks open her eyes before fully blinking slowly and deliberately.

「In the past, well a lot of things happened. Take a good look.」

When I first met Mirumi and fertilized her eggs, I also had sex with a fishman. I was given a strange ball as thanks.
It was squishy and had a strange elasticity to it, which grossed me out, so I put it away for the longest time.

Natia clears her throat them shyly reaches for the box.

By the way, I haven’t missed any of her reactions up to this point.
I’m pretty sure I can go all the way with her if I use a little force.

「T-this is-!?」
「Don’t tell me, this is a fishman’s…… gyaaaah!!」

Celia, peering from behind Natia as the box is opened, tumbles backward.
I also express my shock.

It was supposed to be a squishy ball, and now for some reason it has hair growing all over.
Not only that, the hair is strangely long and frizzy and extremely gross.

「This is undoubtedly a fishman’s ball! Furthermore, it has matured!」

Apparently the ball grows hair when it matures. I think there’s a long story behind it so I don’t make any retorts.

「In any case, this makes three. The last ingredient is……」

Natia preciously puts away the ball and her shoulders slump.

「The lifeblood of a dragon…… we’re in the realm of folklore and legends now. I have no idea where to start looking. For this, a grand adventure where one wagers their life……」

I take Natia’s hand and put it on a dark red fragment.

「What is this?」
「Dragon’s blood.」

Natia holds the fragment up to the light, takes a whiff of the scent, breaks off a tiny piece and licks the fine powder.

「Dragon’s blood! Is this house a devil’s cave? Why do you have all these rare ingredients!?」

Natia runs aimlessly around the room.
She’s like an innocent little kid and very cute, but it’d be nice if she stopped so dust doesn’t get kicked up everywhere.

「Ah…… but……」

Natia stops abruptly and slumps her shoulders.
Is there yet another problem?

「This has already crystallized. Crystallized dragon blood can cure any sort of injury on the spot…… however the ingredient listed here is living blood, meaning fresh blood that hasn’t crystallized.」

「In the first place, I’m surprised that legendary doctor made such a medicine.」

A dragon would have to appear perfectly in time with the outbreak of the disease.
I would think that would be a straight line to destruction, but elves might be able to hunt the beast quite easily.
As for me, I struggled quite a bit.

「There’s no way to get the living blood of a dragon. That’s why I didn’t get excited after looking at this book.」

Natia sighs and hangs her head.
Another dragon is not going to show up out of nowhere.
Giving up when we’re one step away is so frustrating.

「No use worrying about what we don’t have, let’s try using something as a substitute. Natia, put in a compound.」

「Err…… substituting is definitely part of the basics of being a apothecary.」

She has used substitute materials in place of hard-to-acquire ingredients before.
The effect may be weaker and it may result in unnecessary side effects, but at least the medicine still works.

「I don’t know what the substitute for the living blood of a dragon is though. Besides, if I fail……」

I rub Natia’s head.

「If you fail, it won’t change anything. If you succeed, it’ll be a matter for great congratulations so do everything you can.」

「If it has a lethal side effect……」

She still seems afraid.

「If you succeed it’ll be your achievement, and if you fail it’ll be my incompetence, so there’s nothing for you to worry about.」

She grumbles while I continue to rub her head.
I asked her for help so naturally she takes responsibility for everything.
Besides, what difference will side effects do to those infected with a disease that kills 90% of patients. Either way, the patient will die whether she does anything or not.

「…… muu.」

Celia is pouting for some reason so I also rub her head for a bit.

「Should we look for things that can be used as substitutes? I can capture a man with a dragon-like face and extract his blood……」

At that moment, I hear a knock coming from outside the room..

「What is it?」

When I open the door, I see Pochi.
It cleverly used its front leg to hit but not damage the door.

Pochi looks at me and croaks. Is it calling for Pipi?
Sorry, but I can’t go right now. I’ll make it up later……


I stroke Pochi’s face.
It tilts its head and croaks again.

I tap Pochi’s scales lightly.
It croaks back in a troubled tone.

I try wiggling Pochi’s wings.
It croaks back sounding somewhat embarrassed.

「I wonder if Pochi’s blood can be used as a substitute.」

Pochi is just a giant lizard, but it still has durable scales, wings that allow it to fly, and can breathe fire, so it’s not like there are no common traits between this thing and the dragon I fought in Lintbloom.
A slight similarity could make a huge difference in the chance of success.
Now that it’s gotten much bigger, drawing a little bit of blood shouldn’t be a big deal.

Sensing an unsettling mood in the air, Pochi tries to run away.
I grab its tail and drag it in the room.

「Good luck, Pochi. This is for the chief’s sake.」

Pipi, who comes running, pets its head which makes Pochi whine pitifully.
It was literally turned face up and is about to have its blood extracted.

「Its scales are too hard to go through. We have to aim for a gap somewhere.」

I look around its body but the creature is as armored as a heavy knight.
The only areas without scales are its eyes and the inside of its mouth.

「Ah, this spot doesn’t have scales either.」

When Celia points out the area, Pochi flails wildly.
Hey now, that’s……

「It’s true. Then let’s go from here…… it’ll be fine. We’re only drawing a little blood. It won’t leave a mark.」

Natia tries to comfort Pochi, but it doesn’t stop moving.

「Trust the chief and Pipi.」

Pochi eventually calms down after being reassured by Pipi…… then Natia takes a needle and goes in the gap between scales in the middle of its legs…… to be more specific, the spot right next to its anus.

Pochi makes an indescribable face and cries sharply.

「Don’t be so embarrassed. I often get bitten and blood drawn from there too. If you get used to it, it’s not so bad.」

Brynhildr has recently been biting my dick a lot.
The pleasure mixed in with the intense pain is starting to become addictive. Not good, it’s getting me hard.

Thus all the ingredients were gathered safely and Natia could finally experiment creating the medicine.
Seeing her stir the bubbling cauldron and throw ingredients inside is creepy, but I don’t say anything.

「For now I’ll adjust the measurements and make enough for a few people at a time. I won’t know if it’s effective unless it is tested on actual patients.」

Before creating a large portion, she first needs to find out the perfect combination of ingredients that will produce the greatest effect.

「Then entrust it to a messenger and have it delivered to Kisatto. If you assign numbers to them, they should come in with reports.」

「It would be faster if I went myself.」

I won’t allow that. What will you do if you get infected?

「There’s no need to worry with Leopolt and Adolph there. Their reports are accurate.」

A few days after the messenger was dispatched to Kisatto, a messenger comes running back with an urgent message instead of a regular report.

「Let’s see here…… “The treatment medicine has a remarkable effect. Requesting for immediate production increase. Further, the rate of effectiveness of the medicine is separated by number, the details of the side effects are mentioned later――” So it’s effective. It looks like we made it work somehow.」

I was going to take a look at the details below, but because there were so many, I pass it off to Natia.
The one who wrote that was definitely Adolph. He reports every little thing.

「Fumu fumu, this is better than I thought. The most effective mixture saved the terminal patients coughing out blood, and also the side effects were all within expectations. I didn’t think using the lizard’s blood as a substitute could produce such results.」

「The guy who wrote the book wasted his efforts. He could have used a lizard’s blood instead of the living blood of a dragon.」

「Umumu, but that person was a great doctor…… who I don’t think would do anything if it was unnecessary……」

By the way, Pochi was embarrassed after everyone watched blood being extracted from its asshole, so it curled up into a ball in the basement and wouldn’t come out.
It took Pipi and the worthless dog an entire night of comforting before that thing recovered.

90% of the success of the medicine goes to Natia while Pochi gets 10%.
I’ll reward it with a roasted pig.

「I know the perfect combination now too so I can start mass producing the medicine. I won’t be going out for a while.」

「……sorry. Once the epidemic is under control, I’ll listen to whatever request you have. Put some thought into what you want.」

Natia chuckles.

「Fufu, I have already decided.」

Is that so, good. I’ll do my best to respond in kind.
When I smile back, she whacks my head.

「It’s not what you think, don’t get hard! You don’t really have to thank me either. Helping people who are suffering is a natural thing to do.」

「I see…… I could have prepared a man with a large dick for you at any time. If you want numbers, I can reluctantly also prepare multiple guys for you.」

Of course I’ll include myself in there.

「Don’t lump me together with Felteris! Besides, I’m sure you just want to join in! ……giving me a little travel money before going out for my adventures is good enough. I don’t need anything that I can’t carry in my hands.」

「You really like adventuring, don’t you.」

Natia smiles.

「It’s my reason for living, and even though I may lose my life, I will still be satisfied.」

A recommendation letter is easy enough, although saying you may die is a bad omen.

「Well, if you’re about to die, I’ll just come save you.」

The comment was made toward the closed door.

「Hm? Crap, the report wasn’t finished yet.」

Besides the report on the medicine, it seems there was another matter worth mentioning.

“It appears there is major change happening in the government of the Polpo Kingdom. Details unknown――”

「Let’s eat. I’ll go give Pochi something too.」

I put the letter in my pocket and head to the dining hall.
Where was Polpo located again? I’ll ask Celia later.

–Third Person POV–

Side Story: Phantom Battleship.
Pond near Rafen.

「Come on, this should be the guards’ job~」

As Christoph grumbles, he walks lazily around the pond with one of his fellow escort troop members.

「The feudal lord is in his mansion so we don’t have much to do. Just treat this as a little breather.」

Their duty is to protect the feudal lord, in other words fulfilling the same role as imperial guards, however there was no need to be very alert knowing that feudal lord is in his mansion in Rafen where it is safe.

That’s why they’re currently helping out the security unit and patrolling the pond on the outskirts of Rafen, monitoring the river source for any suspicious activity.

「It would be a disaster if poison seeps in here. The water would enter the aqueduct and cause trouble to all of Rafen.」

「That’s true, but there are so many guards around. That’s going to be impossible.」

Guards make their rounds around the perimeter of the pond regardless of the time of day.
They’ve already captured a few people, although they were doing activities not directly related to the water such as hunting in the forest close to the pond or cultivating in an area overlapping with the forbidden district.

「Anyways Christoph, is it true that you knew the feudal lord when he was still a commoner?」
「Yeah! Aegir and I were friends since back then. I’ve also fought with him!」

Christoph declares proudly.

「Addressing him without honorifics…… if he finds out, you’ll be cut into pieces.」
「Him and I are buddies. No need to be so worried.」

The fellow soldier looks curiously at Christoph.

「What an incredible connection……it’s a real mystery.」
「Hehe, big shots tend to attract big shots――」

The soldier hits Christoph’s head as he gets cocky.

「That’s not what I mean. You’re the feudal lord’s friend and comrade who has been in many battles alongside him…… if you think about this normally, isn’t it strange you’re not his close aide or a general? Why are you still a low-level soldier?」

The air of the supposedly hot summer freezes.

「W-weill I’m a late bloomer? Right now, I’m still preparing, you know…… maybe tomorrow…… I’ll work hard……」

The fellow soldier gently grabs Christoph’s shoulder.

「You’re…… terrifyingly weak, right? The feudal lord also won’t promote you, right?」

There was a brief moment of silence.

「I feel like taking a piss now. I’ll get hanged if I do it here so I’m going outside the forest.」

With that said, the soldier leaves.

Christoph was about to fall to the ground grasping his knees, but then he sees something hidden in the field beside the pond.

「What the heck is that?」

When he gets closer, he sees a small wooden boat.

「I-is this a villain’s―― I might get promoted if I report this!」

Christoph holds onto the boat and investigates.

「It’s well made, but it looks pretty rough. Did an amateur put this together? For exactly what reason…… hm? Some words are engraved. Let’s see “Liu ayasan II”, what does that mean?」

At that moment, Christoph feels a hand on his shoulder.

「Oh? You’re back? Look at this suspicious boat. If I report this, I can at least become a squad commander……」

When he turned around, he didn’t see his colleague, instead it was a dark-skinned beauty.

「――you saw it.」

A scream echoes in the forest.

–Aegir POV–


「Here is the escort unit report. Today a portion of the squad was assigned to guard the river source, and in doing so Christoph was knocked out by something. He hit his head and doesn’t have any recollection of what happened. Other than that, he didn’t suffer any injuries.」

I tilt my head at Celia’s report.
If one of the patrol soldiers got taken out, we would normally move with the assumption that a ruffian invaded, however we make an exception for Christoph.

「So, are there any dangerous animals over there?」
「Maybe foxes or a racoon dog.」

Christoph getting knocked out isn’t anything out of the ordinary so no further investigation is needed.

「Maybe it was a squirrel. There were a lot last time we went, remember?」
「They were so cute.」

Celia and I smile at each other.

「Christoph getting taken out doesn’t justify an increase in the number of guards.」
「……he’s an old friend so he isn’t a bad guy. I was thinking about promoting him.」

I need some sort of reason to promote someone.
Even expanding the scope by a hundred times, I can’t find one.

「I’d feel sorry for the soldiers who will work under Christoph. He can stay a private for his entire life.」

Celia brings her body close to me after saying that.

「Well, it’s part of his daily life.」
「Yes, anyways it’s time for us to go to bed……」

I hug Celia and slip into bed.
Eventually moans start echoing in the room.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City.

Citizens: 186,000. Refugees: 26,000.
Major Cities – Rafen: 32,000. Lintbloom: 5000. Special Cultivation District: 13,000.

Army Staying Behind: 4800 men
Infantry: 3700, Cavalry: 500, Archers: 300, Cannoneers: 300
Cannons: 26, Large Cannons: 20, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Chariots: 10

Troops Dispatched to South: 5700 men
Infantry: 2000, Cavalry: 500, Archers: 500, Bow Cavalry: 500, Refugee Guards (Light Infantry): 2200

Reserve Army: 2000 men. Security Unit: 150 men.

Nonna (pouting), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine), Maria (concubine), Catherine (concubine)
Gretel (dog wife), Melissa (lover, expecting), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Pipi (comforting)
Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (lobbying), Alice (ass lover), Leah (lover)
Marceline (lover), Daughters – Stephanie (lover), Bridget (lover), Felicie (lover)
Natia (mass producing), Sofia (lover), Sekrit (concealing)
Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (capital mansion supervisor), Claudia (ball), Clara (female attendant)

Celestina (queen), Monica (handmaid)

Brynhildr (vampire), Lammy (juice extracting), Alraune (pollen extracting), Mirumi (mermaid)
Pochi (embarrassed), Messerschmitt (worthless dog), Schwartz (horse), Felteris (lewd elf)

Celia (adjutant), Myla (security officer), Marta (aide), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander)
Gido (escort unit), Polte (refugee case worker)
Leopolt (disease countermeasures), Tristan (disease countermeasures), Adolph (disease countermeasures)
Claire & Laurie (merchant), Lilian (actress), Kroll (servant), Alma (servant)

Assets: 59,000 (disease countermeasure supplement -2000)
Sexual Partners: 542, children who have been born: 66 + 555 fish




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