Chapter 32: New Home




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「Well then, the terms of the contract has been fulfilled with this…」

「Yea, I appreciate your efforts. If someone asks me for a good real estate agent in the Imperial Capital, I’ll make sure to recommend them to you」

Milda quickly escapes from the scene. If he was that afraid, there is probably no need to be concerned about him anymore.

Furniture is continuously carried inside one after another. Nonna is really fussy about the placement of the furniture and Christoph and Agor was being made to do this and that. As expected I didn’t really need to step in, so once it was carried in I plopped myself on to the sofa. It was a really high-quality sofa and it was softer than the couches inside of an inn.

「Fuu…. Thinking about it, it’s been about a year and a half before we’ve been able to settle down」

After that time in the forest, I haven’t lived in a house. Carla was sitting beside me.

「Carla is that you? Where are the other people?」

「Maria is cleaning the kitchen in high spirits. Melissa is checking around the bathroom. Celia is checking to make sure the outer walls don’t have a secret passageway, she’s quite nervous. Nonna is….. troubled with the positioning of the chairs and the tables」

Asides from me, all the other people shouldn’t have lived in a house for a long period either. I guess its fine to let them frolic around and have some fun.

「What about you Carla, isn’t there something you want to go and see?」

「I’m fine. Honestly, I am not really interested in a house」

Carla’s hand reaches out towards my knee.

「I’m only interested in you……. Do you still remember the promise from the other day?」

Her hand slid into my pants and I caressed her hair.

「What was it?」

「You’re purposely making me say ecchi things aren’t you….. It’s the connection between a male and female.  A male’s job is to build a home, work in the military…… and bring back the food. Then what should the female do?」

「Do you really want it that badly?」

Holding Carla close I whispered into her ears, Carla’s hand doesn’t stop moving.

「Yes, If you are fine with it, I don’t want to use the medicine」

Taking her hands out of my trousers I stood up. I need to go and check up on the other women as well.

「Then shall we do it naturally starting from tonight? Tell me if you get pregnant」

「Yes, I want to get pregnant soon….」

Carla was thoroughly licking the hand she used to touch my spear with a melted look on her face as she sent me off.

「Maria how are you going? How’s the kitchen?」

「Aegir-san. It is wider than the kitchen I used to own besides that the stove is also nice. I think that I can make some professional dishes~」

「Then that’s good. Then I will be able to eat Maria’s homemade cooking everyday」

「Yeah! But it hasn’t been used in a while so it’s quite dirty, because it’s quite big I also have to do a lot of cleaning…. 」

「In that case, you should have the children who are going to come over tomorrow help you out. Using their small hands, it will probably be easy to clean all the nooks and corners」

Today it’s just going to be our family, but starting from tomorrow the children from the orphanage will come over here to start their apprenticeship whilst living in our house.

「Hmm, I feel kind of embarrassed to let the children do all the cleaning~」

「It’s just cleaning, you don’t need to mind it. As long as we provide them a hearty feast, I’m sure the children will be very happy, unless you are going to be like a demoness and work them until they reach exhaustion?」

「O….Of course I won’t do that~ Ah!」

I embraced Maria closely and whispered in her ear that I would also be relying on her from now on.

「Yeah…… I will try my best….. Cooking and cleaning for the person that I love…. has always been my dream 」

Parting from Maria, she had a bright red face as she continued with her cleaning.  Although I wanted to grab her ass and thrust into her, I didn’t really want to start anything with Agor and Christoph being around here so I left the scene.

The garden was very large, but because it wasn’t being taken care of, there was plenty of weeds sprouting out everywhere. Celia acted like she didn’t care about the garden and she climbed up and down the wall that was recently repaired in order to make sure that there wasn’t any secret paths to the house.

「Did you find any holes?」

「No, it seems that that the repairs were done properly. The place that collapsed has also been precisely filled up」

After all this was merely a house wall, if someone wanted to destroy the gate, they could easily come through, or they could just jump over it. I don’t think it’s necessary to pay so much attention to the outer walls.

「Aegir-sama, it seems that the others don’t think well of new nobles. Although Aegir-sama is not someone to have personally made an attack against the small fry around, those type of fellows who always aim for your weakness are always around」

Since the start, Celia was always an intelligent girl who used her head. Although she was a little prone to worrying about the minor details, she definitely has a point.

「Even so this is a private house, so there is going to be a limit to its defenses」

「…..Yes, if I am not here, the only one who can fight is Carla-san. I actually want to employ a guard for our house but if they cannot be trusted, it won’t be reliable」

「As an temporary measure, we can put iron spikes on top of the wall…. It may be able to deter some thieves. At the very least it will buy us time」

「That’s true! We should also put a bell on the gate and if an intruder comes in, we can evacuate everyone to a safer place, like to a basement or the attic」

Celia seemed convinced and she immediately prepared to set off to the blacksmith to make some orders. She moves swiftly and her actions are clever, even her way of speaking has really shown that she has become my faithful subordinate. I mustn’t let her forget that she is also my woman.

「Then I’m going to head out and be right back, Nn Ah!」

Holding on to her shoulders, I screw my tongue into her mouth giving her a rich kiss. The sound of water flowing and the mixture of our saliva drips down our mouths.

「Hey that’s….」「Uwaa amazing!」「Doing that with a girl that looks like a child….」「But that girl is also responding to his advances」

Because we were outside the gate when I called out to Celia there was naturally going to be incoming traffic and people, not only that but this was broad daylight so there was more than usual. Having a passionate kiss in the middle of a busy street was drawing the attention of the crowd, in particular, the women slowed down their walking speed in order to cast a side-long glance and observe; they were also whispering amongst each other.

「Nnah! Wait! Mou! I’m heading out!」 [1.Nefarian: Mou = Geez!]

When our lips separated, Celia looks around her surroundings and dashes away with a red face. Don’t get run over by a carriage alright? Celia’s breasts have grown larger. Those might just turn into huge breasts one day.

「Ooh~ amazing」

When I went to the bathroom Melissa seemed to have drawn the water from the well to try things out, there was water in the stone bathtub.

「How’s it going?」

「Aegir-san, this is really cool, whenever the slate is removed water starts flowing out! Well in reality we still need to heat the water from the outside though」

Once there was enough hot water from the outside, it seems that you can adjust the amount of hot water you want inside of the bath by opening and closing this slab.

「But drawing water is really difficult~ I worked really hard but there’s only this much. If we want to fill up the tank to the full capacity, we would need to draw the water hundreds of times」

From tomorrow onwards, Kroll is the one who will be taking on this role. Hmm, I’ll let him do it once and if it seems that he can’t handle it then I don’t mind being the one to do this job.

「If it’s too hard on the children, please make sure to help them out okay? Even if you get tired, I’ll make sure to amply heal you in the bath♪」

Although Melissa likes to wear showy and indecent clothing that reveal her curvaceous body, she’s really gentle towards children and weak people. Perhaps because she was once a prostitute, she’s had it ingrained in her that she needs to be dressed in a certain way.

「Melissa, what do you think of this house?」

「Hm? I think it’s a good house? So much that I still can’t believe I’m going to be living in it」

「Is it better than the house you lived in before?」

Melissa twitched and trembled.

「That is…. such a mean question」

Feeling guilty I held her in my arms and placed her on top of me; I was sitting cross-legged as I embraced her.

「Ah! …..Mnn alright」

Melissa probably thought that I desired her body. Her breasts were exposed and she spread her legs widely. She changed to a position where it would be really easy for me to enter her.

「That’s not it. Although you might not be able to return to your old house anymore, you are neither my prostitute nor a slave. 」

I shut her feet together and caress her head.

「You are my woman, but also part of my family. Just like all the other women here. This is a house where family lives together, you don’t need to worry so much」

「Nn geez. What are you saying all of a sudden, I’m acting like I normally do~」

Although her tone of voice was the same, I could tell that her eyes were slightly tearing up.

「I’ll make sure to buy you another outfit next time. I also want to see Melissa in a fashionable appearance」

「My selling point is my sexiness! But perhaps a different style of clothes will be a good change of pace」

Melissa once again leans her body against mine, but this time it wasn’t to tempt my sexual desire, I thought that it was more like a little sister wanting to be doted on by her big brother.

「So about the children that are coming over tomorrow. Apart from when they are working, can you let me take care of them? I really do like children…. but you know I can’t bear any」

「Yeah, I’ll leave it to you」

Before she entered a bad mood, I lifted her up and stroked her butt.

「Ahhn! Even though we were in the middle of a serious atmosphere!」

「Forget about the past. You should live more happily from now on」

Going out of the bathroom, I thought I heard her say “Thank you…. Onii-chan” from behind me. I thought that I was the one that was 5 years younger than her…

Now then, when I returned to the dining room Nonna was holding her chin and thinking about something. Christoph was having a few drinks with the sake that was brought in and Agor was sitting on the floor breathing wildly, what’s with this scene?

「After all, should it be placed more towards the center and a little further away from the window…..? I’m very sorry about this but could you please move it one more time?」

「…..Just how many times…. do you think……. In the end…. it’s in the same…. position as before」

I see, Nonna was repeatedly amending the position of this large table and Agor is the one who has to move it. But the question is, why is the other worker Christoph just taking it easy?

「…… If the table is moved by someone who is incompetent, it just makes me even more tired」

「I have jobs that are more suited for me! In terms of physical labor, boss Agor is more competent」

I see so Christoph’s deceptively strong appearance is just becoming a hindrance here. After I paid his bills for staying over at the inn, for him to try to skip out on helping with the manual labor…. Some nerve he’s got. Before we even get to the military training it seems that I need to teach him some manners first.

「Alright then Christoph, I have a mission that’s perfect for you! It’s shopping」

「Ohh that sounds good, just my favorite thing to do. Naturally, I will be able to receive any profits from goods I’ve bargained down, right?」

「Of course, the thing I want you to buy is firewood, I’m counting on you on obtaining around 100 of them」

Christoph is frozen in place. By the way, one bundle of them is around 10 kg and costs about 2 copper coins. I passed him 2 silver coins.

「Wait! You must be kidding right……… I definitely can’t carry that much!!」

「It’s alright, the shop is really close from here, you just have to carry 5 at a time and you’ll be complete once you do this 20 times. Aren’t you glad?」

「No way! Oh that’s right, you have a horse don’t you? If you can just lend me that….」

「If you want Schwarz to follow you then I don’t really mind it, but if you get kicked to death don’t blame me later ok?」

「After you are finished you’ll get to eat Maria’s cooking, so just hurry up and go」

Christoph goes out trudging. Hopefully, he learnt his lesson here even if it’s just a little bit….

「That frivolous guy really paid for skipping out on work didn’t he?」

「Ahh, if only one side of the table gets sunlight, it would be a little strange wouldn’t it? After all, let’s move it further inside」

Agor was completely exhausted and was lying sprawled out on the floor. Finally, the table was in a position where Nonna was satisfied and Agor is liberated. Agor staggers towards the water in the well in order to refresh himself.

「All the furniture is finally arranged properly and it’s starting to look like a house!」

「Quite the price was paid though」

I prayed for Agor to recover before the establishment of the corps.

「You’ve really become a noble haven’t you?」

Nonna leans against my shoulder. The side of her huge breasts touches me, it seems that she’s still growing. Since this seems like a good opportunity, I should take my time to touch them.

「We still have a long road ahead of us」

「That’s right. The next objective is to become a Baronet, that’s a hereditary title」

「Is there a difference?」

「Of course. If you have the title of Baronet, your children will be able to succeed you. If we can accomplish this our dreams will surely be fulfilled, your children and grandchildren….Nn!」

I grope her breasts to the extent that she would feel a little bit of pain.

「I don’t have any intentions of making my children do something. I’m the one that will accomplish my goals」

「Are you planning on becoming an Earl after being a Baron? Being an Earl of a remote region will allow you to have your own military forces; Or perhaps you want to become a Marquis and try to run a country?」

Nonna was not taking me seriously, she was smiling cynically. However, I am serious.

「That’s not enough….. It isn’t possible for a single noble to challenge the Federation」

「Then wouldn’t it be impossible?」

When I have this comfortable feeling of massaging her tits, my courage comes forth. My spirit also ignites.

「I can do it. I just have to become a King.」

Even without Nonna’s affair, I would have done this anyways.

「Those words… You cannot say them if you are with anyone else you know?」

Nonna looks to her surroundings and makes sure that nobody else was listening.

「That’s true, right now it’s just a wild dream. Talking about it only causes inconvenience」

「I’ve decided to believe in you. Until the day that I die, I will always trust you and follow you」

Nonna opens her clothes and invites my hands that have been persistently rubbing her tits.

「However, I want to you to have some insurance」

「Insurance? Are you telling me to ask help from other men?」

That a little inexcusable.

「Yes, that person is right here」

Nonna’s hands reaches out towards my crotch. With her practiced hand she smoothly invades my pants, my cock was already a little hard and she further slid down to gently massage my balls.

「I want your heir which resides right here, to be inserted in my womb so that I can raise them.」

「Like I said before that’s」

Nonna places her finger on my mouth.

「I understand that you want to do it yourself. However, on the off chance that you are defeated, you will need someone to repay that grudge」

「I give up, I guess I’m not alone anymore.」

「That’s what it means to be a noble. From tonight shall we start our baby making session? I’m already 18 years old. It is no longer premature for me to start giving birth to a child」

I take out the contraceptive medicine made out of Seil Sap and give it to her. Not limited to Carla but Nonna was also aiming to have my seed inside of their wombs, it seems that all my fortune of being born male is going to be used up at this rate.

「Ah, but the children from the orphanage will be coming here starting from tomorrow. Would it be better if I gave the girls some of the medicine?」

「I ain’t interested in little girls! ….. But the oldest girl coming here is the same age as Celia isn’t she…?」

After thinking for a little while, Nonna’s speaks in a panic.

「Y-You can’t! Dorothea-san trusted you and is sending them here, if you were to violate them, you’d be the worst!」

Oh What, she was telling me a joke before? I almost took her seriously for a second there.

Just as a precaution I asked her to take the remaining medicine and keep it for an emergency. Nonna showed me this blank expression which she’s used many times before stating “Please make sure you don’t make the mistake in the first place!”.

It seems that she doesn’t have any trust in my relations with other women.

Well then, Agor has just returned, shall I offer him to drink some sake together as a thank you for before? Making fun of Christoph as he shoulders the firewood will likely make the sake taste even better, right?

……… Reaching his limits by just carrying 2 bundles back, is he a kid?!


「Please treat me well」「…….care of me」「Pleased to meet you!」

As the sun rose the three children arrived and gave a cheerful greeting. From the left was the oldest girl Miti, the shy Alma and the mischievous kid Kroll. Miti seems to have led them and walked here from the orphanage. I told them to bring luggage since they were going to be staying here from now but all of them only brought some small bags. They probably had very little personal belongings living in the orphanage.

「I’ll guide you to your rooms, come with me~」

Melissa who was going to be in charge of the children, brings them along with her. Wearing a short skirt which revealed her slit further inside it, the three children were exchanging glances. Melissa was guiding them to their rooms and Kroll’s eyes were glued to her ass. Considering how sexy she was it was not unreasonable, I will overlook his behavior as long as he doesn’t attempt to touch her.

The room was similar to a guest room capable of housing three people. Three common beds were placed in the room. There’s also a container to place items inside of it but since they didn’t bring much luggage they probably won’t need it.

「It’s so soft~!」「Soft~」

Kroll jumped into the bed and Alma is also rolling around in it. Melissa was laughing and Miti scolding them, just by having children in the house it has become much more cheerful around here. Since they like the room, it shouldn’t be too hard of a move.

「Well now that we’ve settled down, it’s time for introductions. I already know about you kids so it’s my turn to make introductions」

「First, the Head of this family is Knight Hardlett-sama」

All of them bowed their heads.

「Hardlead-sama!」「Heart red-sama?」[2. Nefarian: these kids can’t pronounce his name haha, I understand! sometimes names can be hard (To spell)  T.T …..]

It may be a little hard for the children to remember… Because Nonna and Celia were looking at me, I followed up.

「You can just call me Aegir. At least when you’re in this house」

「Aegir-sama please treat me favorably. 」「…….Aegir-sama」「sama」

「Next, this person is Carla. She’s really quite blunt and intense when she speaks, so don’t let it get to your heart alright?」

「What’s with that! I’m a nice person!」

「Also because she’s really strange and eccentric definitely do not try to copy her behavior, otherwise you won’t be able to become a bride in the future」

Nonna butts in and was having a staring contest with Carla. The children looked at each other and was at a loss. You guys, don’t show these kids your quarrelling.

「Ahem, and so the person with the big breasts here is Nonna-san. She’s really strict with manners so make sure not to anger her」

「If I find out that you’ve been displaying bad manners, I will point it out」

「She’s wily and has a persistent temperament, she also has sharp ears. If you try to whisper bad things about her, she will crush you with her monstrous breasts!」


The children seem to be afraid but only Kroll had this doubtful expression. Getting crushed to death by boobs is not really something that a male would find so unfortunate after all.

「Hang on Carla! Can you not tell the children such lies!」

「That’s cause you made me out to be some kind of weirdo!」

「But you being a pervert is a fact!」

「What did you say?! You sly woman! Breast monster!」

I stepped between the two of them and strongly grabbed their asses. Are you sure you want to make me angry again?


「When you guys are together things become complicated. Why don’t you go back to your rooms and do some cleaning.」


The two noisy people are gone. I urged Melissa to continue.

「Umm…… This person here is Maria. Cooking, Washing and Cleaning, she’s in charge of all the housework around the house. Both Miti and Alma will often have to help her around the house, so please be mindful of this okay?」

「I’m counting on you girls. I’ll be teaching you various things about housework so let’s do our best」

Because I am the landlord and the other two women had a really strong personality, it seems the children were relieved to find that Maria was like an ordinary woman. Maria is gentle and kind, I’m sure they will get along just fine.

「Next the girl with the silver hair is Celia-chan. She’s the most closest to your age group so it might….. not be easier to talk to her, but she’s attended wars and triumphed in battles before, so if you ever run into some kind of trouble, you can rely on her」

「I’m Celia. I am working as Aegir-sama’s attendant. Make sure you aren’t rude to the Master.」

Celia’s attitude when she’s acting like a spoilt child towards me and her attitude towards other people is completely different. Even so, can’t you be a little more sociable? Aren’t they most afraid of you now?

Kroll looks at Celia and gets red in the face but when she glared at him he quickly faces down and looks away.

「Lastly, I am Melissa, I will be taking care of all of you so whenever there is something you are troubled with, please make sure to let me know.」

Although she may look completely like a harlot, the children could tell that she had this sincere feeling towards them, and there was no sense of anxiety from the children towards Melissa.

Melissa proceeded to tell them about how their life would be from now on.

「You will be given three meals a day, it comes from the kitchen so make sure you don’t sleep in or you’ll miss out.」

Hearing that there will be three meals a day, their eyes sparkled, the standard house would usually serve about two meals a day. Even when they were at the orphanage they must have not been able to eat satisfactorily at times. I am quite lavish when it comes to food and I’m going to make sure they are able to eat their fill.

「Come over here~」

Melissa bubbly guides the children to the back door and goes outside.

「This here is the water well and boiler pot used for bathing.  Draw water from the well and place it in the boiler to heat the water, this will be Kroll’s job. It might be a little difficult but you are a boy, so please do your best okay?」

As if they had never seen a bath, the children were looking at the place with fascination. Kroll tried to draw water from the well as a trial and he seemed to be able to draw a sufficient amount. It may be that drawing water from a well is also a boy’s job at the orphanage.

「Once you’ve all done your work and our family has finished using the bath, you children may also enter the bath okay?」

This is also what I’ve allowed. That’s because I dislike having dirty people wandering around my house. Moreover, Miti seems to have grown up well. With a little more refinement I think she will turn into a fine lady.

「That’s about all there is to it. Other than that, whenever you find something you don’t understand please ask me okay?」

Suddenly Melissa brings the three children close to her mouth.

(You guys should try to not bother Nonna-san and Celia-chan if you can. They will probably get mad otherwise)

It’s good that Nonna isn’t here right now. Considering how sharp her ears are, she would have probably heard that whisper. The three of them were nodding their heads earnestly.

「Alright then, shall we start by cleaning lightly today? Miti and Alma, both of you girls should go and help Maria alright? Kroll will come with me to prepare the bath. After it’s all done let’s all hop in together~」

The children who have never entered a bath before cheered and they were enthusiastically heading to their cleaning duties.

「Is this really alright? having such a loose relationship?」

Celia probably wanted me to have a more systematic type of relationship between Master and servant. Because she has such a serious personality, she probably didn’t like these types of more laidback relationships.

「They are still children, even if I only act strict towards them, it won’t necessarily turn them into good kids」

「We are not those children’s parents! We should deal with them as if they were servants」

「If that’s what you want, you may treat them that way. After all, in terms of logic and reasoning you are in the right.」

It’s likely that both Maria and Melissa will be spoiling the children, so it may actually turn out to be a perfect balance.

「Moreover that punk he….. was leering at me with his perverted gaze!」

I think it’s been a long time since I’ve heard Celia use such rude words.

「You are cute, so men will have their eyes attracted to you. Just endure it if it’s to that extent」

「But! I am Aegir-sama’s woman so that’s unacceptable!」

「If he tries to make a move on you just knock him out, just make sure you don’t injure him.」

「Of course. I’ll make him regret it.」

Well if he did dare to lay a hand on his Master’s woman whilst working, it is probably better if he learns a bitter experience from it. Let’s pray that it won’t come to that.

「Uwaahh~ it feels so good~」「Alma…. Hauu~」

Kroll worked hard (Although I also helped him out because he became exhausted towards the end) and managed to heat up the bath, everyone excluding him was enjoying the bath. Normally the servant would not enter the bath together with the Master, but today we were going to teach them how to use the bath properly so everyone hopped in. The bath is wide and even though eight people were in it, there was absolutely no problems. But as expected it wasn’t really plausible to have everyone enter.

「Aegir~ wash me too~」

「You are not allowed to make the Master wash your body! I will be the one to wash you!」

「That hurts! Don’t scrub so hard!」

At first Alma and Miti was afraid when they were here alone with me, but the women seemed to come in one after another to gather around me so seeing these beautiful women, they became interested rather than embarrassed.

Seeing the scene of the women flirting with me whilst their magnificent naked bodies were bare for all to see, Alma covered her face with her hands but made sure to leave a gap between her fingers.

「Aegir-san don’t go out of the bathtub okay?」

Melissa embraces me from behind.

「What is it?」

「Aegir-san’s penis, has become really ecstatic hasn’t it?」

Well after seeing all these women nude, it’s a natural body reaction.

「Although it’s a splendid specimen, if you show the children such a fiendish thing, they will develop a trauma.」

Nevertheless, both Miti and Alma clearly looked at my thing, and when they got out of the bath they were saying “So big!” “Scary!” squealing as they returned to their rooms.

「Umm, excuse me but may I ask something?」

When I was going to go out of the bath, Melissa begins to talk in an ashamed manner.

「What is it?」

「Kroll will be entering the bath from now but….. may I stay here to accompany him? He would be so lonely if he were left all alone」

As she says, it may be quite lonely for a person to be alone in their first bath.

「But, from today onwards, won’t Kroll be alone?」

There’s obviously going to be a problem with him entering with Miti and Alma.

「That may be true but, since this is the first bath he will take in his life so….」

Perhaps, Melissa herself wants to enter together with him. She cannot give birth to her own children, and perhaps being able to wash and clean a child in the bath is one of her dreams.

「Kroll is a male but he’s still a child…. Will you please allow it?」

「I don’t mind it. He’s also gotten pretty dirty after all. Make sure to clean him properly, but seeing your naked figure at his age will probably cause him immense trouble at night though」

Kroll was throwing in the firewood to maintain the heat and he was wiping his sweat off his forehead when I called out to him from inside.

「Kroll? Everyone’s already left so you should also come in now」


Still answering me with a nervous voice, Kroll goes toward the bathroom. Like he was taught, he undressed his clothes in the changing room and enters the bathroom, but he froze as he entered.

「Welcome! Look, you’ll catch a cold so quickly come on in.」

「Eh? Ehh?」

Kroll thought he was going to enter the bath alone but was instead greeted by this beautiful woman so he was totally bewildered. The beautiful woman who appeared before him was the kind person who guided him around the house just before. Although, her appearance did resemble a prostitute that he sometimes saw around a street corner.

「This is your first time in a bath right? Wouldn’t you be lonesome if you were here alone」

The woman who showed her smile to him was like a goddess incarnate in his eyes. But even more than the gentle smile she showed, Kroll’s eyes were attracted to something a little below that. His eyes were stuck to her well-developed chest. Melissa was sitting on the low wooden chair placed on the floor, her private parts were covered with a towel, but, her very shapely tits were completely naked.

「Come on, come over here」

Kroll was fixatedly staring at her chest as he sat in front of Melissa.

「How is it? Does it hurt?」

Using a coarse towel, she was scrubbing his back. Stepping into the bath for the first time in his life a terrible amount of grime and dirt was falling off his skin. Melissa was happily scrubbing the boys back and smiling.

「Uwaa~ this is amazing. Make sure to clean yourself as well okay~?」

「Un…. Okay」

So that she could wash the dirt off even more, she bends forwards and puts more power in her hands and her breasts touched the back of Kroll’s head. Because of that, the boy was not able to continue washing his body anymore.

「What’s wrong? You need to move your hands」

「Umm, but ….」

The boy was covering his crotch with both of his hands. Even after knowing clearly the nature of a man, Melissa didn’t place any meaning in his bodily reactions. She told him that she was going to wash his front as well, so she removed his hands and exposed everything.



Kroll was just like a young boy, he still had most his foreskin still wrapped around his erect penis. If you were to compare the size to the Master of this household, it was like comparing a gigantic tree to a sapling, but it was brimming with vitality and was standing vertically.

However, if you were to consider his age Kroll it was about ripe for him to peel his foreskin off. Melissa thought that this was a good opportunity and she intended to cleanse this spot as well.

「Don’t be ashamed. When a boy sees a woman, it will naturally become like this. But because it isn’t good for it to be covered and suppressed by all this skin, I will clean the inside as well」

「Eh? But the inside of the skin is….?」

「Fufu, leave it to Onee-san」 [3. Nef: Onee-san = Elder Sister]

Other parts of his body were also being washed and he was being taught how to clean himself in the bath. If the foreskin is peeled inside of warm water, it probably wouldn’t hurt as much.

(In truth, I would have preferred to just hold it in my mouth in order to peel the skin quickly, but that would be going too far, right?) [4. Brackets (abc) means the person is having an inner monologue]

Melissa’s beloved man was not someone who would get jealous at a young boy, but in the chance that he got angry, Kroll would probably be driven out. The boy in front of her was trembling with both shyness and arousal; however, she didn’t want any misfortune to befall him.

「Alright, I’m going to peel it~」

She reached from behind him with both her hands and inside of the hot water, she lengthened his small penis.


「Ah, it hurts!」

Her skilled hands made quick work of the procedure and using her fingers she started to rub off the dirt and filth which accumulated in this area. Her movements were both fast but gentle and were done in order to minimize the pain the young boy would feel. However, experiencing his first sensation of intense pleasure Kroll’s waist jerked up above the water.

「Uwa! Are you okay!?」

「Haaah! Haaa! Haa……」

Shaking and splashing the water’s surface the young boy moved his waist towards the sky. He was in such an unsightly appearance right now but, because the boy had never released his sperm until now and he was suddenly stimulated by a beautiful woman who had actually peeled the foreskin off his phimosis penis, it could not be helped.

「Hmm, could it be that you’ve never let it out before?」

「Let it out? Pee?」


Melissa thought for a little while.

It would be virtually as easy as taking candy from a baby for Melissa to squeeze this young boy’s first ever ejaculate and wring him dry, but she was worried that it might stir the jealously of her beloved man. Nevertheless, she wasn’t going to be using her mouth, so she judged that this was still safe to perform.

「Kroll, come out of the water and sit down on the chair, I will teach you how to wash this place properly.」

Clouded with his arousal, the young boy follows her commands without thought, he no longer had no ability to resist Melissa’s words. Kroll sat down on the chair and she reached her hands from behind him. Having his skin just peeled off, the skin of his thing was entirely pink, she wrapped her hands around it and began to rub.

「Like this you peel the skin off, and pay special attention to the nook and corners of this narrow part」

Melissa used her own saliva to lubricate her hand before stroking his weak spots, and used her other hand to tighten against the base of his penis. In conjunction with giving pointers on how to wash it properly, she gave him a terrifying amount of pleasure with her technique that was used to wring and squeeze the energy out of hundreds of men. This virgin boy who had just had his penis foreskin peeled stood no chance for the oncoming waves of pleasure that attacked him.


Within a mere 10 seconds of caressing his member, his cute specimen throbbed and convulsed as if it was going to explode, and as proof of him becoming a man the young boy spurted out his seed vigorously into the air.

「Oh dear….. You came」

When compared to the violent ejaculation of her beloved man, this was such a minute amount of semen that it was a cause of worry, however, it was forceful enough that it was capable of flying all the way to the bathroom wall.

This is already a sufficient amount and it’s just that her beloved was the weird one capable of releasing a large amount of ejaculate that was strong enough to reach the ceiling. Melissa pretends not to see the thick yellowish sperm on the wall and climbs out of the bath.

「Alright, it’s all done. From now on make sure to wash it properly by yourself, so that it doesn’t get dirty」

His waist falling towards the floor, the young boy was breathing wildly. Melissa was going to get out of the bath at the same time as Kroll but she found that the young boy’s thing was still standing erect.

(He’s so pitiful if I just leave him like this, so maybe I should do a little side service?)

「Kroll, I’m going to go out first okay?  Though it may be difficult to draw water, please try your hardest from now on」

Giving him a hug from the front, her breasts lands perfectly against his face, and his recently awakened penis was tangled with her pubic hair. “See ya later” after saying that Melissa released her body from his and left the bathroom.

Melissa takes her time to wipe her body in the changing room, and secretly peeks into the bathroom. What she saw was Kroll desperately calling her name over and over whilst stroking his cock.

「If a virgin like you does it that much, you’ll end up making yourself dry and empty you know? But I suppose it’s better than making a mistake with the other children…」

It’s not like the young boy could just say that he wanted to be pleasured. Suddenly, Melissa spreads out her fingers and recalls his size.

「Hmm. Is it about one-fifth…..? or perhaps it’s one-sixth?」

It was a fortunate thing that the boy could not hear her.

That night with Melissa included, the large bed that was specifically ordered by the women had arrived, and making use of it the six people made love with each other. She felt a little guilty for helping the boy with his mastur- bation, but having this incomparably enormous first-rate specimen in front of her, that tiny sensation completely flew away from her mind as she became disheveled.

Miri and Alma were unable to fall asleep in this new environment and they were laughing and rolling around in their beds till late at night, playing with each other.

Kroll hides under his bed and continues to stroke himself empty and dry until he falls asleep.

From that day onwards, the boy would recall the sensation of Melissa’s naked breasts and he would squeeze out all the seed within himself as a daily routine.


Name: Aegir Hardlett 19 years old, Spring

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Knight, Central Army First Division; Commander of the Calvary Unit

Annual Salary: 80 gold

Assets: 245 Gold coins (Silvers and below not counted)

Weapons: Dual Crater (Long Sword), Large Bardiche (Spear)

Equipment: High-grade Steel Plate Armor, Black Mantle (Cursed)

Companions: Celia, Nonna Elektra, Melissa, Maria, Carla

Servants: Miti, Alma, Kroll

Subordinates: Agor, Christoph, Schwartz (Horse)

Sexual Partners Count: 28 people




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