Chapter 322: Here Comes the Female Spy




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

The wheels of a wagon heading to Kisatto makes a satisfying rattling sound as it rolls along the road.
It had the citizens looking on with curiosity.

With the knowledge of the disease spreading, the number of wagons heading south from Rafen have decreased significantly, though not enough to call them rare.

It was clear why the wagon was attracting attention though.

「Don’t let your guard down everyone. Show no mercy to any bandits who target this wagon, and cut off their heads!」

The reason was because of the multiple fully-armed cavalry accompanying the wagon.
One would think a king was riding in the carriage with that amount of security, and it was to be expected.

After all, that wagon was tightly packed with the wonder drug for the fire pox.
That medicine is the fruit of Natia’s hard work and can be considered the lives of the sick patients so no chances can be taken when it comes to keeping it safe from robbers.

「Look at those guards. Is the feudal lord or his wife on that?」
「No, the feudal lord was just seen walking in the brothel district.」

Someone saw me?
I heard they got a new girl so I went to check her out.
Please don’t talk about it in town so much. Nonna will get mad if she hears that.

「I heard that wagon is transporting medicine to the south. What was it called again, fire pox or something?」
「Aaahー that disease prevalent in the south? I heard it’s a really dangerous one.」

The people of Rafen don’t have a first-hand experience of the fire pox.
It would have been hard for them not to hear about it though.

「Huh? There’s another one accompanied with guards.」
「That’s enough, we should go back to work. If the both of us are late, the boss will lose it.」

The two men yawn as they walk towards the craftsman district.

That other wagon is headed for Malt.
I was somehow able to convince Adolph to agree to distribute 30 out of the 150 bottles of medicine that can be made in one day.

「The medicine will be delivered until the road is repaired so stop the invasion from the west―― or something like that?」

Tristan was the one who came up with the reasoning.
His ass was beat so much he wouldn’t have time to slack off.

「They really expressed how much they didn’t like the idea though.」

I gave the document filled with complaints from Leopolt and Adolph to Celia.
It was enough to make her angry while reading.

「It’s only 30 bottles. I don’t know what to say to Celestina.」

Adolph went as far as saying “anymore than that is impossible, fire me if you want to do it”, so it can’t be helped.

「This is why I hate domestic affairs. It’s an endless cycle of adjustments. War is much better in that you win if you crush the enemy.」

My frustration is coming alive.

「High! Oww……」

「Sorry, I accidentally used too much strength.」

I apologize to the woman underneath me and stop moving.

「That’s not it. The feudal lord-sama is kind, it’s just your tool is so incredible that moving a little bit really stretches my hole.」

The woman smiles and gives me a kiss to tell me not to worry about it.
Feeling reassured, I once again start to move my hips slowly.

I actually wanted to make sure the shipping of the medicine was going smooth.
Except a sexy lady caught my eye and now I’m on top of her.
Apparently, she came from the countryside to work and was looking for a man after feeling horny on her day off.

「Mu, I’m about to cum.」
「Today is dangerous for me. But I guess it’s fine if it’s the feudal lord-sama’s seed. Go ahead and cum. At least lie for me――」

I ram my hips deep inside her for the last time before whispering the girl’s name in her ear.

「I love you. Bear my child.」
「aaah…… I will!!」

I pour my semen without restrain into the girl who clings to me.
A girl I met for the first time today just got impregnated by me. This must be some sort of fate.

「It’s still coming…… it won’t stop.」

The girl lets out a feeble cry while she holds onto me tightly, my seed continuing to flow into her womb until I feel her eggs are taken away with certainty, prompting me to give her a final kiss before leaving.

「So you were over here!? You should have been watching over the wagons but I couldn’t see you and I got worried!」

When I left the woman’s house, the commander of the transport corps called out to me.

「Oh, sorry. I was watching. Everything should be fine with that many guards. It’s not like an army will come to steal something. Now go and make sure you don’t lose focus.」

「Yessir! I will return to the transport corps.」

The commander mounts his horse and leaves.

I didn’t tell a lie. I was watching properly through a small window while on top of the woman.

「I have to talk to Celestina, it would be nice if she didn’t get sad……」

Things are fun when she smiles whereas seeing her cry also makes me want to cry. It’s a strange power she possesses.

「Hey you.」

As I was about to head back to the mansion, someone calls out to me.


I turn around and find a woman whose head is covered by a hat standing there.

She appears to be around 160 cm tall, with fairly large breasts and no other outstanding traits.
Her hair and eye color are common in these parts of town.

「Do you know anything about that wagon?」

「I guess.」

I was the one who gave the order.

「I see, I want to ask a few things if you don’t mind. Do you have some time now?」

The woman removes her hat and looks up at me slightly.
I have to take back my thought about her having no outstanding traits.
Her eyebrows are thin and her eyes are narrow, which gives me the impression that she’s an intellectual type.

However I have to return to the mansion. If I don’t go back immediately after observing, Celia will come looking for me.

「Sure. Ask away.」

Weird. My body is acting separately from my mind.

「Then let’s do so while we eat.」

I don’t have time to chat leisurely.

「I’m excited to eat with such a beauty.」

Huh? This is weird.

We go into a nearby bar―― rather we enter a place that sells food since it’s daytime.
Of course I avoid Leticia’s place. I would be in trouble if Carla or Mel were there.

「You do a job which relates to that wagon in some way right? You were talking with a person who looked like a commander.」
「Yeah, well transporting and other stuff.」

It’s my order which gets the transportation started so technically, I didn’t lie.
It’s not a lie even though Celia is the one who actually writes the document on my behalf and stamps my seal.

「Transporting……so you’re involved with logistics or something…… regardless you have quite the buff body.」

「I used this body to rise up in the world.」

I offered to show her my body, but she declined.

「Doing unfamiliar administration work despite accumulating martial accomplishments……you don’t seem the brightest, so just biding your time, eh?」

She is mumbling something. I can’t really make out much so I’ll just smile.

「Ahem. Anyways, could you tell me about that wagon?」

Those smart eyes are nice. She’s more of a beauty than a cutie.

「The wagon is carrying supplies to the Besselink treatment center.」

The Besselink treatment center isn’t really a secret.
Still, what a strange thing for her to be interested in.

「Isn’t the security too tight though? I would understand if it was for a king or titled nobility.」

The medicine isn’t anything confidential either, although Tristan did tell me not to spread it around unnecessarily……

「I will thank you if you tell me.」

She opens up her shirt a little bit.
I hear a clink from something metal but quickly disregard it.
The important thing to focus on now is the valley between her breasts, not to mention they look extra sexy covered in sweat from the heat of the hot summer.

「Ara…… fufu.」

Realizing my gaze on her chest, she purposely pulls back on her chair and re-crosses her legs.
For a split second, I definitely caught a glimpse of her black underwear.

「This summer, it’s pretty hot.」

More of her breasts get exposed.

「That’s because the medicine for fire pox is in there. There isn’t a lot of it so the heavy security is meant to deter any idiots from trying to steal it.」

The woman’s eyes widen in surprise and she tries to blink several times to maintain composed.

「It’s not fake? There are plenty of unknown medicines floating around in the south.」

That offends me a little.
There’s no way Natia’s properly made medicine can be fake.

「An army wouldn’t protect something which is an imitation. There is proof that it works.」

Seeing how I got upset, the woman presses her hands together and apologizes.

「Sorry, I didn’t mean to doubt. It’s important to you after all.」

She rubs her hands together during her apology. My anger has dissipated.

「Do you know the ingredients or the formula for the medicine?」

「Hey now, that stuff isn’t something you go telling everybody.」

I gulp down the cup of tea after saying that.
Even I know not to say that much. Actually I don’t remember much.

「Fumu, do you still have time?」

「It’s no use trying to persuade me.」

I am a strong-willed man.

「Now don’t be like that. Let me try a little bit here.」

The woman grabs my arm and leads me to a simple inn―― in other words a traditional an inn for couples.

I’m a strong-willed man. Thus I have no choice but to follow..

As soon as we get into the inn, the girl makes a show out of taking off her clothes.
Her breasts are on the large side and her pink nipples are small, just like I thought from my first impressions of her.
She has a lean body and a defined waistline.
Her slender legs match her pretty face quite well.

「You can just tell me what you know. If you tell me about the medicine, I’ll give you my body.」

What a nasty temptation, taking a man’s lower half hostage like that.

「I’ll give you money too. Not only can you treat me like your plaything, you get paid. A pretty good deal, right?」

I don’t care about the money, more importantly I get to steal her luscious lips, grab her long legs and thrust my rod into her crotch?

「Fufu, looks like you’ve given your answer over here.」

She smiles after seeing the large bulge in my pants.

「I’ll pay you in advance. If you want to go all the way…… speak up now.」

The woman pushes me to sit on the bed and lowers my pants.

「I’m confident with my mouth so I’ll just give you a quick―――― uwah, you’re huge!」

A woman’s shocked gasp is music to my ears.

「So there are men who can get this big…… uuu, it’s still getting bigger.」

The girl brings herself close, as if hugging my meat rod, and starts to lick the base.


「What do you think? Pretty good right?」

Her large tits are pressing against my shaft and I can feel the hard nubs rubbing on me.
That tongue of hers is really focusing on attacking a man’s weak spots too.

Now that I think about it, the ingredients are all things which are hard to get.
It won’t matter if I tell her.

「You don’t get to cum if you don’t tell me. I won’t let you use my vagina either. Hey, are you going to talk?」

She kisses the tip of my dick and flicks her tongue across the opening of my urethra.

「The ingredients are――」

She smiles and stuffs her mouth with my dick.
I surrender to the stimulation of my glans.

「The first is Lammy’s love juice.」
「Lammy? A person’s name…… so in other words a female’s love juices?」

「And then tree pollen if I remember correctly.」
「Tree pollen? Perhaps a cedar tree would do.」

「And then you need a ball with curly hair growing on it.」
「So that’s…… like a man’s testicles? How would you use an ingredient like that?」

「Lastly, is a lizard’s blood. The bigger the better.」
「The living blood of a large lizard…… finally something which sounds plausible.」

「You mix them together and boil it for half a day. I think the ball can be used again.」
「……I see.」

The woman takes notes while still naked.

「That’s all I know.」

「Fumu, that seems simple enough to make……」

I embrace the girl from behind as she goes into thinking.

「There, I told you. Reward me now.」

Before she could reply, I lift her up and roll her onto the bed.

「I know. Be gentle…… you’re big after all.」

I nod and then spread apart her crotch.

「You’re a little wet.」
「Don’t say it out loud, I have a thing for muscular men.」

Feeling happy, I kiss her while grabbing her hand and fondling her breasts.
She seems to get a little bit wetter.

「Here I go.」

「Sure…… aaaaaah! You can hear my hole stretch! You’re too big, it’s so tight!」

「Sorry, endure it for a short while.」

I lick the nape of her neck and rub her clitoris while trying to slowly insert my dick, but her face warps in anguish.
She isn’t a virgin, though her pussy seems to have closed up from not having any intercourse for a long period of time.
My meat rod may be too thick for her tightly shut hole.

「Let me go in a little deeper.」

I hold her shoulders and push my hips forward.

I can feel the head of my penis spreading apart her insides and invade to the very back wall.

「Uaah! I-it’s in…… don’t move yet.」

She squeezes her eyes shut, bracing for impact while rubbing my shoulder and chest.
So she really likes muscles, huh?

「I’m confident here too.」

Her face seems to brighten up after touching my toned abs and liking what she feels.
It’s probably better if I fuck her in my arms.

While remaining connected, I sit on the edge of the bed and get into seated position face-to-face with the woman.

「I’m going to rock my hips slowly like his, so hug me and bite me as you please. Try to avoid my neck if you can.」

「’Kay…… ah! Something so thick is sliding in and out of me…… amazing, I’ve never had something so thick!」

Her anguished expression from putting up with the pain gradually softens up and eventually changes into an expression of pleasure.

「Let’s feel good together. How about this spot?」

I rub her near the entrance where a woman’s weak spot is, making her throw her head back and moan.
That’s a normal reaction, so that’s not the spot I’m looking for.

「Then how about this?」

I try making larger motions and focus on thrusting to the back.

「Aaahh! That’s good!」

She bites down on my shoulder and rubs my arm.
That seemed to make her feel good, but that’s not it either.


Stirring around her tight hole got me closer than I expected.
I flex my stomach to resist the sudden desire to ejaculate.

「Aah! It just swelled up inside me…… aaaah!!」

She screams and her tongue hangs out of her mouth, leaning back so much that she could fall over at any time.
So she likes it when something expands inside her? What an interesting way to get turned on.

「Fufu, found your weak point.」

I move from the sitting position to the missionary position and lead forward, pushing my dick in as far as it can go.


I tense up my abs and make my dick enlarge.

「Nooo! Are you doing that on purpose!?」

I hold down the girl’s flailing legs, shaking my hips vigorously before stopping at her deepest parts and making my dick swell up again.


Her legs stretch and her toes point, then I feel a warm sensation on my stomach.
It looks like she squirted.

This should be enough.

「Now then, time for me to ask a few questions. Who are you?」


She looks at me with a flushed face, like she has a fever.

「I can see why you would be interested about such a wagon, but asking about the medicine’s formula and ingredients isn’t normal at all.」

Tristan also said that more people will start sniffing around once rumor of the medicine gets out.

She might be a spy working for another noble or big merchant…… or perhaps another country.

「I’m just your average traveller! I was just curious!」

「Don’t try to hide it. If you were only slightly interested, you wouldn’t go so far as paying money or giving up your body.」

I grab the woman’s hips as the color drains from her face and she tries to run away.

「Now tell me. I won’t do anything bad―― hmph!」

I tighten my muscles and make my dick expand one more time.

「Ahiiih! I-I can’t say! Ukyiii! Nnhiiiih! Hyaah!」

「Take that, come on, tell me. If not, I’ll stop halfway.」

I repeatedly make my dick swell up inside her while licking the nape of her neck.

Adding a few light twists to her nipples finally prompted the woman to talk.

「T-the south! I’m from the south!」

「South? Vandolea then?」

The most suspicious one would be Vandolea who I’ve gone to war with in the past.

「I-I can’t say that much!」

I see she wants to continue resisting. I draw close to the woman’s ear.

「If you talk, I’ll let you feel even better. You know what happens right when a man ejaculates, right?」

「Aaaaah…… i-it swells up……it really swells up a lot when a man cums…… if this large thing cums, what would happen……?」

「I wonder. Use your imagination.」

To accelerate the girl’s delusions, I gently rub her stomach.

「A…… ah…… ah……」

There is a risk of her getting pregnant when I shoot my semen, but her head shouldn’t be clear enough to think that far.


I bring the girl up, hold her and thrust.
She is forced to cling to my chest and abs.

「Where did you come from? Who told you to come? Say it!」

I repeat the large motions. With me nearing the limit, my dick is starting to swell for the final moment.

「I can’t…… this is too much for me to resist! I’ll let everything out, everythinnnngg!!」


As I let out a roar at the same time I climax, the woman spills everything she was hiding.
What’s more, her love juice and urine also sprayed everywhere.
In return, I shot plenty of semen into her belly.

「……so am I going to jail? Or will you execute me here?」

She asks feebly while laying sideways on the bed.

The normal treatment of enemy spies is just as she mentioned, but I’ll let her off because she’s a woman.
Besides, Polpo isn’t an enemy nation or even geographically close to us.
She’s not really a threat.

「No, I’ll let you go. You can’t sniff around anymore and you have to go straight home, got it?」

「…… are you sure?」

She wanted to look at me, however her weak hips keeps her sunk in bed.

「I don’t kill beautiful women. Plus, your womb probably…… fufufu, I’d like to see it bud.」

「Ahー…… you mean how you released such rich semen in me? I was prepared for that.」

So she was ready to get pregnant from the start.

「As a little something extra for letting you impregnate me, could you give me a bottle of medicine? I want to take it back with me.」

「Don’t push your luck.」

I shove a finger wet with both our juices into the woman’s asshole.
That medicine was made with Natia’s sweat, Pochi’s shame and Lammy’s pleasure.
Every bottle is precious and it can’t be wasted.


She squirts just from getting a finger put up her ass.
I guess everything I do to her will feel good at this point.

「I’m going now. Get out of here as soon as you can walk.」

The girl’s hand naturally reaches out for me as I leave the room…… then she proceeds to bury her face in the pillow.

「There, I did my duty as a feudal lord to ward off spies. I didn’t think I was such a hardworking person.」

I stretch my body under the setting sun. The warmth is comforting and pleasant.

「Good work.」

Myla is beside me for some reason.

「Coming out of a couples’ inn with a heavy stench of a woman on your body, I have no doubt you were working hard!」

「Yeah, it was a tough battle. You want to hear what happened?」

「No, thank you!」

When I held Myla’s hand on the way back to try and cheer her up, Celia was the one who sulked next. It’s so hard to get the balance right.

–Third Person POV–

Polpo Kingdom – Royal Palace.

「I’m going abroad. I’ll let you handle things for a while.」

Wilhelmina tells Zaphnes in her room.
The man stopped moving briefly because of how abrupt that decision was.

「Where? What are you going to do?」
「Southern Goldonia. Apparently one of the spies confirmed the existence of medicine for that disease. I’m going to negotiate.」

Wilhelmina starts to change clothes in front of Zaphnes almost like he wasn’t there.
Zaphnes smiles wryly and continues the conversation despite the girl stripping down to her underwear without hesitation.

「Isn’t this too rash of you? You haven’t heard any details.」

Wilhelmina glares at Zaphnes.

「Don’t say the same things as those incompetent ministers. The situation changes constantly, meaning speed is the greatest weapon. Acting quickly and being wrong often produces better results than waiting to act and being correct.」

The young queen quickly makes preparations to travel.
Zaphnes chuckles, commenting how the followers in charge of arranging for a ship and the corresponding journey preparations have it rough.

「Continue reinforcing the army as we’ve been doing.」

「Understood. I know nothing of domestic affairs though.」

Wilhelmina takes a necklace with a large jewel on it which she normally doesn’t even look at and puts it around her neck.

「I’ll be back in two weeks or so. If a problem arises, suppress it with force, then I’ll follow-up after I return.」

「Does it have to be now? To be honest, you not being here will hurt. If this isn’t anything important, this should be where you act prudently.」

Wilhelmina smiles at Zaphnes.

「Of course it’s something important. If things go well, I’ll be able to swallow Altair by winter.」

Her smile had a childish feel to it. However it made Zaphnes feel a chill up his spine.

「Oh right, didn’t you try to create the medicine for the fire pox? What happened to that?」

Wilhelmina becomes expressionless.

「It resulted in a horribly smelling piece of filth. Stupid Anita, that cancels out her achievements.」

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City.

Assets: 54,990 (disease countermeasure supplement -1000), (to Anita’s bedside -10)
Sexual Partners: 546, children who have been born: 66 + 555 fish




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