Chapter 333: Settlement of Affairs




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Capital – Goldonia.

Nonna accompanies me in the capital.

Since then, we followed the instructions of the Royal Army who intervened and withdrew our troops from Baron Wejini’s territory.
We returned to Rafen immediately and demobilized the army.

Not too long later, I received notice from the capital telling me to come and explain the situation.
Nonna understandably got stressed and even started to pack her bags, but Erich sent a letter guaranteeing we don’t have to worry excessively and telling us there won’t be any concern for assassinations.

Leopolt and Tristan also said it should be fine, yet Nonna is still trembling beside me.

「If you’re that scared, you could have stayed in the territory, you know?」

If something happened by chance, it would be easier to run if she was back in my territory.

「I think it’s better if I, as your legal wife, am with you when you’re apologizing…… besides, our house would be finished if anything were to happen to Aegir-sama. I would rather go to the other world together with Aegir-sama than lose everything and be thrown out again.」

Don’t jinx it.

「I will go with you too!」

Celia pops up and declares with a determined face.
Like I’m saying, don’t jinx things. We’ve been told not to worry.

「Lord Hardlett, this way please.」

After we arrive at the royal palace, the knights waiting there guide us in another direction to the location of the audience.


Nonna and Celia are openly acting cautious, except there’s really nothing to be worried about.
After all, they haven’t picked up their swords yet.
As long as I have my Dual Crater, I can hold out against ten or twenty of these knights.

To ease their tension, I grab both of their asses.


They shriek in surprise together.

「? Is something the matter?」

The knight leading the way turns around curiously.
I continue rubbing Nonna and Celia’s asses out of the knight’s view.

「N-no, it’s nothing…… at all.」
「Y-yes! No problems here.」


When the knight faces forward, Celia stares at me with tears in her eyes and Nonna pinches my arm.
No matter how much muscle I have, the pain from getting pinched doesn’t change.

The room we were guided to is a gloomy cellar…… no, it’s actually Erich’s office.
Oh yeah, I think I remember seeing this knight’s face before. I didn’t realize right away because I was looking at Nonna’s tits.

「Your wife and your follower can come this way.」

The knight takes the girls to another room and the door closes.

「You big idiot!!」

Erich yells angrily.
He also hits me on the head. I wonder how long it’s been since I’ve gotten hit in the head by a man.
It was a decent strike on the top of my forehead. It’ll probably swell up.

「Talks of you and Zilgray going at it have been the hot topic here in the royal palace! I’ve already told you of His Majesty’s transformation and you still do all these unnecessary things! Do you know how much trouble I had to go through to defend your hasty behavior!?」

As expected, the nobles in the royal palace knew who was behind Baron Wejini.

The lecture began after that.
Nonna and Celia were led to another room probably so they can’t see me get scolded.
Erich is being considerate and trying not to embarrass me.
In that case, I’ll sit here obediently while he reprimands me.

Erich initially shouts loudly at me, though it eventually changes from a heavy lecture to a rant complaining about how hard he had to work to keep the incident from spiralling out of control.

「……that guy did all sorts of meddling. He even got Myla injured so I couldn’t stay quiet.」

「Lady Hyuutia? ……well, I understand where you’re coming from. I would also likely have counterattacked if I were in your position」

So he does understand me.

「Still, there are limits. No matter how you look at it, leading several thousand cavalry and going wild is too much!」

Erich slaps my hand right when I was about to toss a teacake into my mouth.
I guess he’s not going to let me eat anything today. I notice he hasn’t offered any alcohol either.

「What kind of idiot gets drunk and goes before the King? You’ll really be hanged.」

Erich sighs and then brings down the tone of his voice.

「On the surface, it was an excessive act for a dispute over water rights, and even though the situation behind the scenes is pretty much common knowledge, most people see that Lord Zilgray was the one who attacked first. ……the minister of commerce has been blindly supporting Lord Zilgray all this time and only recently did he suddenly become indifferent.」

I know nothing about the situation within the royal court but things should work out if I get Leopolt to think about some solutions.

「I do not think the King will exclude you…… that’s why you should be prepared to be shamed and pay a fine. Since you have the luxury to mobilize three or four thousand soldiers, a fine should be nothing to you right?」

Not really. I have to give an excuse to Adolph again. I’ll let Celia do it and run away.

Erich laughs as if saying I reap what I sow.

「You were scolded here by me for nearly an hour and even got hit on the head. That’s what you get.」

What does he mean by that?

Audience with the King.

「Hardlett. I am disappointed with you for what happened. I did not give you such territory and soldiers for you to use on internal disputes about rights.」

「I seriously repent from the heart for troubling you needlessly. In order for no such incident to happen again――」
「For not stopping my husband’s foolish undertaking――」

Nonna and I bow our heads deeply.
I don’t even really understand what I’m saying, I’m just going by how I was told to apologize.
I practiced it countless times with Nonna in the waiting room a while ago.

「About that. I know you acted hastily because one of your women got involved. But as long as you’ve been entrusted with important land on the national border, a deed done to a commander which can end in a funny story can also bring about ruin. Be very careful about what you do in the future.」

The King warns me strictly and then takes a scroll from a minister waiting beside him.
My punishment is probably written on there.
I’d be at a loss if he tells me something like “give up Nonna”. I would have to revolt on the spot.

「For committing such rash actions, Margrave Hardlett will be fined a sum of 20,000 gold. In addition, someone will be staying in your residence to keep watch for a suitable amount of time. Got it?」

「Yes Sire!」

20,000 hurts.
The unnecessary meddling of that stupid Zilgray cost me a huge chunk of money.
If it means no danger will befall my women, I have to bear with it.

Once it was read, the document with my punishment on it is neatly wrapped back up.
Then the King nods slightly and his expression relaxes.

「The ministers pleaded for a harsher punishment. The reason I did not do so was because I don’t doubt your loyalty…… and it looks like the Military Commissioner has already punished you.」

The King’s gaze is on the top of my forehead. I reach up to touch it and feel a bump from Erich’s earlier strike.

Erich turns to the King and nods rigidly.
It causes a little commotion among the ministers and chief vassals.

「The Military Commissioner hit Lord Hardlett on the head, huh……」

Yeah, and it hurt quite a bit.

「For someone like the Margrave to be hit and for that knowledge to be made public, that should certainly be an unbearable humiliation…… it’s not unheard of for nobles who greatly value pride to inflict harm on themselves because of the disgrace…… it should be more punishing than a fine.」

Not really. I’d rather get hit once or twice instead of having to pay more money.
Having to explain myself to Adolph is annoying and the girls have less money to spend on luxuries.
With that said, I’d cave in his skull if I got hit for no reason.

「Regardless, it looks like Lord Hardlett who is famed to be brave and ruthless in battle doesn’t raise his head before the Military Commissioner.」
「So this really means the Military Commissioner is more……」

Erich nods contently.
So him hitting me is deliberately aimed at the King.

He knows that I can’t stand getting hit by Erich who similarly rose in status from being a mercenary.
It’s also his goal to show off his prestige…… but that part is a give and take.


Nonna looks like she’s about to fall over after letting out a big sigh of relief, and as I support her, my hands happen to grab her breasts.
There are people here who’re looking at these huge things. Come on guys, this is an audience before the King so control yourselves.

Nonna and I step backward and then it was time for Zilgray to step forward.
Did he always have that kind of face? I don’t remember.

「Now Lord Zilgray, your circumstances are a bit different.」

The King appears to be more displeased with him than with me.
Well you’re the aggressor here. Your face deserves to be beaten and bruised.

「I warned you not to disrupt the peace in my Kingdom any further, did I not?」
「Yes…… I am properly ashamed――」

The King speaks over Zilgray’s apology.

「You falsely accused someone of a crime with no evidence after being deceived by a forged letter! You were behind the attack which resulted in the loss of the sons and brothers of multiple nobles! Following that, the sudden occurrence of a fire! You’ve caused those around you a series of problems!」

「B-but that was Lord Hardlett……」

The King and those beside him focus their eyes on me.

「Sorry, I do not know what he is referring to.」

I don’t say anything more.
Leopolt told me not to confess anything about the attack no matter what.
They might completely suspect me, but they have no proof.

Finally the King stands up and hurls the glass in his hand at Zilgray.

「Did you think I would not read the report you sent!? The fire in Patena was caused accidentally by an open-flame, the attack which was done by remnants of the rebellion has already been suppressed, didn’t you yourself report that the fire in your private residence was due to a servant who went mad!? Yet you are still laying the blame on others…… is it not that attitude of yours to blame for what happened!?」

Zilgray isn’t saying anything.
He’s the one who attacked. It’s not my problem.

「……I’ve had enough. It looks like I was foolish for expecting anything from you.」

Those in the vicinity become restless.

「Is this…… a dismissal of the Governor General?」
「No, with all that reprimanding, that might not be it……」

Kenneth steps in front of the whitening Zilgray.

「Your Majesty, there is no defense to his repeated incompetencies, however……」

Everyone, including the King, looks at Kenneth.

「Governor General Zilgray’s rule over the former Magrado region is stable though imperfect, and he has not been overdue on sending tax revenue to the Kingdom. Regardless of the cause of the earlier attack and the reason for the fire to his residence――」

Kenneth glances at me. I look away and focus on Nonna’s boobs instead.

「Changing the Governor General in this situation would allow the rebellion to grow stronger and further increase the unease in the citizens.」

「I have not said anything yet.」

Kenneth bows his head fearfully after the King speaks.

「I apologize for overstepping my boundaries……」

The King once again glares back at Zilgray. He doesn’t read off a punishment document this time.

「Margrave Zilgray will be fined 100,000 gold. I will appoint a deputy Governor General for the Magrado General Governorate to whom a part of the Governor General’s authority will be given and future ruling will be done after proper deliberation with that deputy Governor General. You will hear the rest of the details from the Commissioner of Government Affairs.」

「……guh…… y-yes Sire. Under……stood, your…… Majesty.」

He’s clearly shaken.

「100,000 gold…… this may be Lord Zilgray we’re talking about, but how long will it take to pay that off?」
「No, the appointing of the deputy Governor General is the harsher punishment. The transfer of authority takes away the charm of being Governor General.」

「The minister of commerce is silent today. I thought he publicly declared himself to be like a brother to Lord Zilgray.」
「According to rumors, I hear he stopped paying the sum of money he sends every month because of that fire――」

That minister of commerce seems to be feigning innocence while Zilgray glares at him.
On the other hand, Kenneth closes his eyes without letting his emotions show and makes Erich sulk.
I don’t know what’s going on over there.

「Good. Now the two of you, promise me that you will not cause anymore trouble. Any future incidents, regardless of how small, will not only be met with a detailed investigation but a severe punishment. It goes without saying the same applies if you attempt to set up the other person.」

「「Yes, Your Majesty!」」

Zilgray and I show proof of reconciliation by exchanging a handshake in front of everyone.
It honestly irks me to no end, but I can’t refuse to do so especially when Nonna is also present.

「Let us treat everything that happened in the past as water under the bridge.」
「I declare in front of His Majesty that we have made peace.」

The both of us say what is not in our hearts and clasp hands.

At that moment, Zilgray’s face twists and he squeezes my hand as hard as he can.
Despite his large frame, he’s really an underhanded guy through and through. His dick must be small too.

Returning the favor, I also grip firmly, which then produces dry cracking sounds.


Zilgray does his best to withstand with a strained face and hide his soft groan of pain.
He’s proud of his heroic tales too so he won’t say that he broke a finger from shaking another man’s hand.

「That’s a big relief.」
「Oh Governor General Zilgray, you’re sweating so much, is something the matter?」

Well, that’s that.

「F-farewell then……」
「Yes, take care.」

He turns red after we say our goodbyes.
Isn’t Zilred a more fitting name for him? It sounds stronger too.

When I thought it was all over, a different person caught me.

「Not at all.」

I truly mean it. How could I be unhappy when I get to see Rebecca’s tight little ass after so long?

「……just to let you know, there’s absolutely no chance you’ll get to ride me, got it?」
「Oh come now, don’t say that.」

She pretends to say it like it means nothing to her, except I can see even she knows her own face is a little disappointed.
Rebecca sighs and then breaks the ice on that subject.

「Gosh…… you do know how much I did for your sake, right? I’m no Military Commissioner but I’d like to hit you once myself too.」

「Then would you like to try? If it’s you, I’m sure I can take it.」

Might as well try to get her to step on my dick instead of hit my head.
I had Myla step on me before and it was rather nice. It hurt when Irijina did it so I’m not letting her do it again.

「Let’s set aside Lord Hardlett’s sexual fantasies.」

She ignored me.

「As His Majesty commands, I will station one information officer in your residence for surveillance purposes.」


I unintentionally grab Rebecca’s hand.
It would be wonderful to have her come to my mansion. It’s just a matter of time that our relationship becomes intimate when we live under the same roof.
The time has finally come to put my meat rod in her pussy.

「It’s not me! I have a management position so there’s no way I can stay with you…… I don’t get why you’re so happy to have someone monitor you in the first place.」

Oh, sh she’s not coming. I drink my tea with my shoulders slumped dejectedly.

「With that, the secrets of the Hardlett household will be leaked…… and that’s problematic, isn’t it. There’s value only when I’m the sole person who knows about the information, plus I would lose the joy of being the direct line to His Majesty.」

What a clear declaration.

「Then you better send someone who you can put up with to stay in the mansion.」

With that said, it would be unpleasant to have an idiot around.

「It would be preferable to have someone cheerful, not too enthusiastic about work, not too caring about everything, not too bright and also who can’t read. Might as well get someone who enjoys drinking too.」

「Like you will ever find an information officer as stupid as you! What do you think our work is!?」

In the end, Rebecca also hit me on the head.

「I will conduct the selection of personnel. I have someone in mind so please treat them as usual.」

Rebecca gets up from her seat to signal the end of our conversation.
Mmm, I thought there was a chance I could sleep with her.

「Anyways, make sure you treat that person like you treat everyone else.」

Rebecca kept repeating that.

「Remember, treat them normally, got it?」
「Of course I will, relax.」

Aah, I can finally go home.
When I leave the palace, I see two carriages waiting outside.

I’m familiar with one of them, the small carriage which I left in the capital, and then there’s another.


To my surprise, it’s Zilgray.
All this time he must have been getting briefed on the details regarding the deputy Governor General.
There’s a bandage wrapped around his hand too.

「……what a coincidence.」

Don’t talk to me.

「I’ve got to say that carriage is pretty plain. It’s wonderful that you’re living in honorable poverty as a person who originated in the military. However it is a bit concerning when the both of us have to offer money to the royal family.」

Zilgray smiles maliciously.
Well I don’t get why I have to come to the palace in a large carriage when it doesn’t even take ten minutes to travel from my mansion.

「I’m more worried about your right hand. Is it injured?」

His face distorts with anger.
Fufufu, I can do what you’re doing too.

「Sorry master? Are we not departing?」

Seeing how it was strange that I wasn’t getting on, she pops her head out of the carriage.

She―― Adela accompanied me today for my summons to the capital.
We ended on an unsatisfying note the other day so she wanted to finish her service this time.
I told her that I would make it up to her when I get back, but her pride as a lover wouldn’t let her yield and so I decided to bring her.


Adela and Zilgray make eye contact.

「A-Adela! Shouldn’t you be dead!? W-what are you doing here, and with Hardlett of all people!」
「A-au…… err, I……」

I stand in front of Zilgray, using my body to hide Adela.

「Are you acquainted with Adela? I met her for the first time in my territory though.」

She doesn’t say anything and simply hides behind me.

「Know her? She was my mistress! This is the proof that you were the one behind the attack on my knights!」

「I don’t know what you’re talking about. Adela has been living in Rafen for many years.」

Adela nods earnestly.

「Eeii, nonsense! She has the same name and face, don’t think you can hide it!」

How noisy. I would like to sit him down with a punch, but it would be bad to get into a brawl right outside the palace after declaring our reconciliation. I can understand that much.

「Adela is not a rare name. Maybe you have gotten her mixed up with somebody else?」

「I’m not mistaken! I clearly remember her face!」

I look at Adela.
She frantically shakes her head.

「She’s saying no though.」

「This lying woman! There’s no way you can forget after I showed you so much affection! So you switched to Hardlett’s side…… and all that happened was because of your influence!」

Zilgray grabs at Adela.
The large man over 180 cm in height and is directing blood lust at her forces Adela to close her eyes in fear.

「Give it a rest.」

I push my face up close to Zilgray’s face. The royal guards of the palace are watching so I can’t put my hands on him, but glaring at him shouldn’t be a problem.

「She is and has always been my woman. Proof that I attacked your knights, you say? Then why don’t you go back in front of His Majesty and explain it to him. Tell him “my mistress was kidnapped so he’s the culprit” or something.」

He won’t do that.
It would be different for a wife or a family member, but the king wouldn’t take a mistress seriously, besides she’s denying the claim to begin with.
If he tries, it’s obvious that he’s looking to pick a fight and it will result in more punishment for him.

「We’re going. I want to end this strange bond we have right here.」

I suppress my true feelings and speak to him respectfully, then give him a polite bow.

I leave him gritting his teeth and get on the carriage with Adela.

「That guy, how dare he say he showed me affection! He only put me through pain and suffering!」

She also had her own rough times with him.

She grins when she sees my face.

「Right, how about I continue your service now?」

Although the door of the carriage is closed, it isn’t airtight, so voices can still leak out to the outside.
Zilgray hasn’t departed yet and the palace guards will hear everything too.

「I want that man to listen!」

Well, I guess it doesn’t matter if that’s what she wants. It should be fine since we’re technically outside the palace.

「So I just have to fuck you hard?」
「No, he might just think I’m getting forcibly raped……」

Adela clears her throat and then snuggles up against me.

「Oh, I was so scared master…… please comfort Adela.」

Her sugary sweet voice stimulates deep in my ear.

「Is it fine if I just pat your head?」

Her voice becomes sweeter.

「That’s not enough. You’ve got to do more naughty things.」

Adela quickly throws her clothes off.
Letting her underwear slip outside through the small gap in the carriage door was probably done on purpose.

「Hey now, you can’t wait until we get back to the mansion? What a lewd woman.」
「I can’t wait…… please do me here.」

So she wants to show him that she has fallen deeply in love.

「H-hey. Isn’t ‘that’ starting?」
「You serious? ……I heard Lord Hardlett was a womanizer, but this is incredible.」

The soldiers’ voices don’t affect Adela.
After pulling down my pants, she grabs my cock with both hands.

「Gosh, it’s as big as my arm……a big difference compared to a certain somebody…… nmu!」

In place of a greeting, she drags her tongue along my dick and then instantly takes it into her mouth.
The contrast between the crimson lipstick on her red lips and my dark meat stick is really hot.
Even though nothing is being said, the loud slurping and sucking sounds paint a clear picture as to what’s going on.


That’s Zilgray’s voice. Well sorry to say that Adela thinks nothing of you anymore.

「Puha! I’ll leave it at that with my mouth.」

Her blowjob got me completely hard in two minutes. As expected of her skill.

「It’s about time we move on to actual sex……」
「Hey, I haven’t even done foreplay yet.」

She smiles, taking my hand and guiding it to her crotch.
When I make contact with her vaginal lips, a sticky fluid coats my finger, indicating how wet she already is.

「I’ve gotten myself ready just by licking a dick like yours.」

Adela positions herself on top of me and uses her hand to match my rod with her hole.

She rocks her hips back and forth many times, letting the tip of my dick repeatedly kiss the entrance of her vagina.
Adela lifts up her face, smiles, then closes her eyes before slowly lowering herself on me.

「Aaah, it’s going in! The extra thick penis of my master is reaching all the way to my womb…… it’s going in!!」

We’re connected in a frontal sitting position.
She moans loudly as she presses down on her thighs and uses her weight to swallow more of my cock.

This being the first time I’ve entered this hole, my cock spreads apart her insides with a noticeable squelch sound.

「Aauuu~ It’s too big! It’s tearing my hole apart!」

Hoping to distract her a little, I grab the small mounds on Adela’s chest and kiss her collarbone many times.
She returns the kisses despite tears welling up in her eyes against her control.

She takes a deep breath and then puts her hand on my shoulder, then dropping her hips.
My meat rod is buried deep inside her pussy and I feel the sensation of hitting the wall at the end.


Adela screams as she wraps her arms around my shoulder. I’ll help kindly lick up the sweat all over her body.

「Hey, that’s definitely the sound of it going in, right? The carriage is shaking too.」
「What a scream. How big must Lord Hardlett be?」

Of course the soldiers could hear that.

「Wasn’t Lord Zilgray arguing with that girl just now? So did she get stolen away?」
「Yeah, and it looks like it was the girl who did the luring. Check it out, Lord Zilgray is grinding his teeth.」
「Stolen away…… I don’t want to remember it.」

If I can hear the soldiers gossiping, then Zilgray can probably hear it too.
I didn’t hear any sounds of his carriage leaving so he must still be around.

「Haa, haa…… master, can I move?」
「Do as you like.」

I deliberately speak in a detached manner, although it appears that aligned with her thoughts as her precious place clenches up.

Adela holds onto my shoulder and starts moving her hips.
She doesn’t pump them up and down, rather her hips grind against me like a separate organism.

「Ahn! Aaahn! Nnnhーー!!」
「Ooh…… nice.」

Her insides coil around me at the same time.
My arousal is heightened even further when she whispers to me in a sweet tone and kisses my neck.

Her technique is superb and I can understand why Zilgray made her his mistress, except she belongs to me now.

「Uwah, look how much it’s shaking…… it started for sure.」
「Hey look there, Lord Zilgray is trembling. If he doesn’t want to listen, he could just leave……」
「It’s these kinds of times that you actually can’t look away. There was a time I returned home and found my wife doing it with my brother…… I waited until it was over.」

I can just cum like this, but it would be boring to sit back with my hands behind my head.

「Lick them.」

I stick two fingers out in front of Adela.
Without hesitation, she sucks on them like she’s sucking on a dick.

After she coats them in saliva, I pull them out from her mouth and take them around to her ass.

「Ah! There!?」

Adela seems to know where I’m going by my movements.

「It’s just as I expected.」

I grab her bountiful ass, a huge contrast to her lacking breasts, and insert a finger in her tight anus.

My finger knocks on her contracted asshole, which instinctively closes in resistance to my prodding.
When I gently circle my finger around her hole, the muscles keeping her anus clenched relax slightly.


I don’t let that opening slip and push my finger deeper into her rectum.
Adela’s asshole tries to expel the foreign object wiggling its way inside, however it’s already too late.

「Unnnnh! It went inside……」

Adela doesn’t stop moving her hips regardless of her asshole being invaded.
It was when I added another finger that she couldn’t help throwing her head back and slow down her rocking.

「T-the second one is also in! My ass feels strange……」

「Hey…… you hear that? It seems like a finger went in her ass.」
「Lord Zilgray looks like he’s about to pass out. Is he going to be okay……」
「My brother also fucked my wife in the ass…… even though I never did it.」

「How do you like that, does it feel good?」
「It’s good, it’s really good! Having my ass teased feels so good…… I’m turning into a pervert!」

Adela resumes moving her hips and rains kisses all over my face.
When our lips meet, her hand circles around my head and her tongue tangles with mine.

「Haah…… haah…… no more, I’m cumming.」

She pulls my fingers out of her ass and turns her back to me.

「Fufu, you want to let him hear your real moans to finish, right?」

That’s why I thought she turned around, but she shakes her head.

「That’s not it…… I’m on the edge of a really intense orgasm…… and it’s all due to this penis. Not only is it big, it’s also rugged…… the feeling of it getting caught inside my pussy feels so amazing.」

My meat rod had plenty of veins to begin with, although recently Brynhildr has been biting it a lot.
Even though that doesn’t leave any marks, it feels like everytime she does that, the shape of my dick becomes more fiendish.

I’ve made new girls cry before when I showed it to them during my visit to the brothels.
A more familiar prostitute would come out and lick her lips afterward though.

「Then how about this?」

I put strength into my stomach and make my dick swell.
That makes the veins on my dick bulge out further and increase the stimulation to Adela.

「Not that! N-no more!」

I don’t care about showing off to Zilgray, I just want to satisfy Adela.

「I’m moving too.」

I grab Adela’s thighs from behind and thrust my hips up.

「Hiiiih! So rough! T-this is too much …… I can’t think clearly anymore!」

Adela’s legs flail around as she screams and then a certain unexpected incident occurred.


Her leg accidentally kicks open the carriage door.

Fortunately, nobody was directly facing the door so we avoided being seen.
Zilgray and the other soldiers can only see her leg hanging out from where they are.

「Woah, a leg came out! I-it’s long and pretty.」
「Lord Zilgray, is he going to drink? His hand is shaking and all the alcohol is spilling on his clothes.」
「N-not good. I’m remembering what happened with my brother and my wife…… I’m going to take a bathroom break.」

The door should be closed right away, however it wasn’t done quick enough.

「I’m cumming! Bite down! Suck on me! Leave a mark!」

Responding to her wish, I lightly bite on Adela’s nape and suck hard.
At the same time, her pussy starts convulsing.

「Ah, ah…… aauuuuu! Cummiinngggーー!!」

Her leg goes from flailing about to stretching out straight, then slowly becomes limp and dangles powerlessly.

The more her insides clamp down on me, the more it urges my meat rod to start twitching.


I let out a groan along with my semen.
My meat rod pulses and pours my thick seed into Adela’s womb.

「I-it’s over…… crap, my dick hurts.」
「Yeah…… wait, Lord Zilgray is hunched over too. Seriously?」
「You guys stop looking and get back to doing your job. You’ll be charged with neglecting your duties.」

After filling up her hole with plenty of hot semen, I pull Adela back into the carriage.

「We better close the door……」

Adela crawls on all fours to pull the door shut.

Then her eyes meet with Zilgray whose eyes were fixated in her direction.

「T-this dirty whore……」

Adela doesn’t act timid this time.

「Yes, I’m a dirty whore, I’m a pervert who can’t think of anything except Hardlett-sama’s penis.」

She lowers her saliva-covered face for a deep bow.

「That’s why I’m different from the Adela that Zilgray-sama is looking for……I’ll always be different.」

I see an opportunity to tease Adela’s ass when she is on all fours.

「Nnhiih! I’m Hardlett-sama’s toy!」

That was the last thing seen before the door closes and the carriage departs.
The image of Adela’s face of delight as she drowns in pleasure would linger in his mind for a while.

When I return to my mansion in the capital, it was Celia who greeted me instead of Dorothea.
Adela hurriedly disappears.

「There’s lipstick all over your face.」

Celia takes a wet towel and wipes me clean.

I knew she was going to sulk, so I was trying to figure out how to cheer her up, though her face remains serious.
Is she really that angry?

「Of course it’s against my will, but now is not the time to sulk. Please come this way.」

Leopolt and Tristan are seated in the living room.
Aah, so they must have heard about the fine from Nonna. Or maybe they’re more concerned about the information officer.

「Well, it’s not like we can’t pay the amount, and Rebecca will handle things so it should be fine――」
「That will come later, let me explain the more pressing situation.」

As usual, Tristan is swirling around his tea cup while maintaining eye contact with me.

「The Polpo Kingdom has joined with Altair, declared peace with Libatis and has begun to invade Vandolea.」


I don’t really understand.

「There was a change in the political structure in Altair and their governing system was overturned. The new ruler is the queen of Polpo Kingdom. That nation―― let’s call it the Polpo-Altair Union―― has one-sidedly declared a stop to the continued conflict between Libatis and Altair, and simultaneously declared war on Vandalea by starting an invasion.」

「It doesn’t matter if you explain the details, I don’t understand. What’s going on here?」

Altair and Vandolea have always been mortal enemies, and the only reason they agreed to a ceasefire is due to the natural disaster as well as the outbreak of disease.
I can understand if they started again after all of that resolved.
Also, I don’t get the part about Polpo at all.

「Isn’t Polpo over here? And Altair is here.」

I point to the spots on the map.
Polpo is small and Altair is large, so it would make sense if Polpo was the nation that got swallowed up.

「How long have they been in war anyways?」
「No, there was no war. It took one day for Altair to be overturned.」

I tilt my head in confusion.
Unable to figure things out, I pull on Celia’s cheeks.

「Howah! This is a serious discussion!」

「I don’t understand what’s being said either. However, the information from the peddlers, spies, and refugees are saying that so it must be the truth.」

Tristan sighs and then uses ink to paint over Altair’s name on the map.

「A lot of spies were used in the conflict with Zilgray, so our coverage over the southern area was thinned out. Ignoring that fact, we were practically not paying any attention to Polpo Kingdom.」

Same with me. Rather, I forgot where it was.
I forgot about the country but I remember the queen.
She’s the beautiful lady who I sold the cure to the fire pox to.

「Right, the leader of the Polpo-Altair union is queen Wilhelmina.」

Everyone in the room calms down.

「B-but we once fought against Vandolea and Altair also didn’t seem willing to talk. Wouldn’t Polpo be better off if both those nations were destroyed?」

Leopolt turns his emotionless eyes to Celia when she speaks up, and Tristan sighs.

「Taking over Altair and then without delay declaring war on a neighboring nation. All while the disease is prevalent. It’s wishful to expect a person of that capacity to be satisfied with only Altair and Vandolea.」

Celia deflates after hearing Leopolt’s response.
When I pat her head, she revives a little.

「What is the scariest is how a country was swallowed up without going to war. The chaos in governing created by the natural disaster and disease might have helped in the overthrowing of a nation, however the fact they are attacking Vandolea means the hearts of the citizens of the annexed Altair are unified. To do that with Altair whose citizens are known to be fanatic and in such a short time…… I can’t even imagine it.」

Tristan throws up his hands helplessly.

「Then you have the unilateral declaration of peace with Libatis. If I recall, the President election is near…… that should mean they can’t make a move. A very impressive move.」

Tristan smiles wryly.

「That queen, did her name really remain unknown all this time? Did she suddenly become queen?」

「A report just came in from our spies. All the successors in Polpo’s inheritance battle died, leaving her as the only one with royal blood and turning her into queen by default.」

Tristan spreads out his arms as Leopolt answers.

「So that’s it after all……」

Celia also shudders.

「We may have lent a hand to an outrageous opponent.」

She seems to have plenty hiding under that beautiful face. Still, I want to believe she isn’t a bad person.

「Um, Aegir-sama? You have a visitor.」

Nonna peeks her head in during the serious discussion.
More accurately speaking, only a little of her face and lots of her boobs.

「It’s the information officer…… as ordered by the king.」

Nonna adds reluctantly.
Well, we’re going to be monitored. Of course she’s not going to feel good about it.

「I’ll let you guys think about what to do about the south. Come get me when you think of a plan.」

Leopolt bows his head slightly.

Now then, time to meet this officer. I hope it isn’t someone unpleasant.

「Chief Information Officer Mirkura. I’ll be in your care from now on.」

Those are clearly some strict-looking narrow eyes.
Her expression is almost like Leopolt’s unchanging one.
The way she speaks is cold and business-like.

「Until I receive another order, I will be staying in Rafen. Please do not forget these are orders from His Majesty the king.」

I grab the information officer’s…… the woman’s hand tightly.

She’s even shorter than Celia at 150 cm.
She has neatly-cut short pink hair.
A sharp fang-like canine peeks out of her mouth everytime she talks.

There standing before me is a dignified woman wearing a formal uniform, puffing her chest out with pride.

「Of course, let’s get along well!」

When I show my heartfelt welcome, the adorable officer furrows her eyebrow in bewilderment.

I’m glad that I have such a good relationship with Rebecca.
She sent such a cute girl to be the officer to watch over us.

「Now come, let’s have a meal together. After that, how about taking a bath?」
「No, I planned for today only to be a greeting…… to begin with why are you receiving me so warmly……」

What a problem-filled day, I’m happy that it’s finally come to an end.

–Third Person POV–

Information Officer’s Room.


Rebecca smiles in her room alone.

「That Mirkura, she fell into my trap.」

Rebecca looks over the documents on that girl.

Field investigation ability, information analysis ability, ability to lead subordinates, all of them are rated the highest.
She is without a doubt an excellent officer. Probably even more so than Rebecca.

「Not only that, she is greedily coveting my position. She is dangerous.」

She looks over a different document.
That was a document with the details of the investigation done on Mirkura’s personal side.
As an information officer, even her private life is subject to investigation.

「In her past, she’s been with five men…… quite a lot for a twenty year old.」

There wasn’t any particular issue with any of the men’s backgrounds, and they all had various jobs.

「The commonality between all of them is the size of their tools……」

She approached the female information officers and confirmed each man was pretty big.

「She switches partners quick, has an insatiable lust and a love for large packages. I wonder what would happen if she stays with Lord Hardlett…… fufufu, she’ll probably be turned into an incompetent sex-crazed idiot in no time.」

A superior subordinate is useful whereas an overly skilled subordinate is harmful.
Especially now when the king doesn’t even trust information officers, she can be tripped up in unexpected places.

「She jumped at the opportunity to be promoted by taking the position of surveillance duty at the king’s command. That will be the end of her luck.」

Rebecca walks over to the window with a wicked expression.

「The world of information officers is one of carnage, those who can’t sense danger won’t survive. Mirkura.」

As Rebecca was about to sit on the windowsill, she bumps her shin on the corner of her desk like she was being punished by the world in some way.

「Guuuuuh…… oowww…… ow, ow, ow……」

The moonlight shines on Rebecca as she clutches her leg.

Side Story.

After that, a few unfounded rumors made its way throughout the capital.

The first is the origin of that controversy being I stole that guy’s mistress.
Zilgray considered it a dishonor and seemed desperate to extinguish the problem.

The other is that my dick is a masterpiece of a lethal weapon covered in points and bumps.
As a result, I feel like everyone in town is always staring at my crotch.

Lastly is the rumor that I fucked a woman in grand fashion at the boarding area of the royal palace.
I denied the claim as being baseless rumors, but apparently Erich also witnessed it and once again I got punched on top of being lectured for nearly a hour.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City.

Nonna (relieved), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine), Maria (concubine), Catherine (concubine)
Gretel (dog wife), Melissa (lover, expecting), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Pipi (lizard rider)
Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (playwright), Alice (ass lover), Leah (lover)
Marceline (lover), Daughters – Stephanie (lover), Bridget (lover), Felicie (lover)
Natia (elf), Sofia (lover), Sekrit (lover)
Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (capital mansion supervisor), Claudia (ball), Clara (female attendant)
Celestina (queen), Monica (handmaid), Adela (pro lover)

Brynhildr (resting), Lammy (lamia), Alraune (city greenery), Mirumi (mermaid)
Pochi (giant lizard), Messerschmitt (worthless dog), Schwartz (horse), Felteris (gone missing)

Celia (adjutant), Myla (free), Marta (aide), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (bow cavalry)
Gido (escort unit), Polte (refugee case worker), Leopolt (staff officer), Tristan (staff officer), Adolph (fainted in agony)
Claire & Laurie (merchant), Lilian (actress), Kroll (servant), Alma (servant)

Mirkura (surveillance duty)

Citizens: 185,500. Refugees: 24,000.
Major Cities – Rafen: 32,000. Lintbloom: 5000. Special Cultivation District: 13,000.

Army: 8650 men
Infantry: 6000, Cavalry: 1000, Archers: 900, Bow Cavalry: 450, Cannoneers: 350
Cannons: 35, Large Cannons: 20, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Chariots: 27

Troops Dispatched to South: 2200 men
Refugee Guards (Light Infantry): 2200

Reserve Army: 2000 men. Security Unit: 200 men.

Assets: 18,000 gold (fine -20,000), (secret information -50), (bonus for soldiers -500)

Sexual Partners: 555, children who have been born: 66 + 555 fish




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