Chapter 365: The Mountain Nation’s Doubt




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Natia rushed in without knocking and placed a bottle excitedly on the desk.

「I made something incredible! This is it, take a look!」


The way she acts makes me a little curious.

「It’s a color I’ve never seen before.」

Pipi clings to me and scrunches her face as she inspects the bottle.


The mysterious liquid contained in a 15 cm bottle is a unique purple color and seems to sparkle depending on the angle at which you look at it. That color would be fitting for a jewel of some sort, but putting something of that color in your mouth will take courage.

「First I made a medicine to rapidly recover stamina. It was an ordinary medicine that I altered in my own way which should have been mixed with the cap of a fainting shroom and the powder of a poisonous wart bug in a 1:3 ratio while being heated, however, I sneezed and dropped an entire dried rotten lizard inside.」

「……some disgusting things in there.」

Natia talks on and on in an agitated state.

「I wanted retrieve it quickly so I stuck my hand inside the pot…… it was hot so the fermented goblin’s eyeball I left beside me was also dropped in. The saliva from my sneeze was added as well.」

The only decent ingredient in there is Natia’s saliva.

「Naturally, I felt depressed for my failure…… I figured I might as well experiment and then something amazing happened!」

The force which Natia slammed the desk with made Pipi hide behind my back.

「Here, look at this rat.」

Natia takes out a cage with rats inside.
She apparently uses rats to test her medicine.

One time, Rita fainted when she saw the dozens of rats in Natia’s room.
Fortunately, Pipi doesn’t hate rats.

「Fumu, so which part is weird?」

There are three rats inside the cage.
One of them is creeping about, another is sleeping.

「This one! I gave this one the medicine!」

The rat Natia pointed to is running around like crazy.
It’s running as if possessed by something and has no intention to stop for a second.


Pipi makes a skeptical face.
Honestly, I’m not too interested either. So what if a rat is running around?

「Normally, this species of rat can only more continuously for around three minutes――」

Natia leans forward and explains enthusiastically, though Pipi and I have no way of understanding what she is saying.
Even so, I can’t treat her cruelly.
She has done a lot for me and more importantly I plan to have her spread her legs for me some time in the future.

「So what kind of medicine is it?」

Natia, embarrassed as she is brought back to reality, clears her throat before declaring.

「A medicine which prevents you from being tired. It clears away any sleepiness and also makes it possible to move all the time.」


There was actually a street vendor who was selling a potion with the same kind of slogan in the back alley.
Guards arrested him at once and he should be in an underground cell by now.

「Don’t associate this with such a dangerous potion! I’ve done various tests with it and there are no negative side effects, so it’s purely an incredible vitality agent! Being able to create something better than a rare medicine with such common ingredients…… I better record this in the book for future generations!」

Natia starts to scribble down the instructions on how to recreate the medicine.
Then she stops abruptly.

「…… I can’t write anything down until I actually test it on a human, so can you drink this for me?」


Before I realized it, Pipi ran away.

「Don’t worry. If you consider the ingredients, it isn’t dangerous.」

「Is that so?」

I think I heard the names of many disgusting things in there.

「Please drink it.」

My doubts are not extinguished, but I can’t just refuse something Natia asks of me.
More so when she looks at me with eyes full of anticipation.
If I fall over from intoxication, I’m sure Natia will nurse me to health and I might be able to use that to take her to bed.

I steel myself and gulp down the purple-colored liquid.

「You’re supposed to drop a tenth of it on your tongue at a time.」

「…… tell me that beforehand.」

I poured the whole thing down my throat.
It’s like nothing I have ever tasted in this world.

As Natia and I look at each other, the door opens.

「Aah, my beloved! So you were in this room!」

It was Claudia who appeared.
Clara is following her.

「I brought tea and snacks. We should have a chat every now and then.」

Two additional servants behind her carry a specially-made chair for Claudia.
With how voluptuous Claudia is, normal chairs would not fit her body and end up getting destroyed.

「My, you’re having alcohol. In that case, I shall have the same. Can you pour me some?」

Claudia has mistaken the medicine for alcohol.
She raps the table and looks at Natia.

「N-no, this isn’t alcohol……」

「Oh my! Alcohol you can’t serve to me? Alcohol which only you and my beloved can drink? I will not allow it!」

Claudia leaps towards Natia at a speed unimaginable from her corpulent physique.
Even the nimble Natia couldn’t react to the inhuman movements of a bouncing mass of flesh.
In a flash, Natia was pinned under Claudia’s body and she could only flail in vain.

「Ah, wait, get off, uuuu…… so heavy! So hot――!!」
「So this is it! What a peculiar color…… I wonder what kind of delicacy it is.」

After stealing the potion, Claudia tilts the bottle and gulps down the liquid.
The change was immediate.

「Oh my, what a strange taste. It tastes similar to a spoiled lemon combined with overly-aged cheese―― m-my body feels hot for some reason!」

The temperature in the room rises in accompaniment to the abnormalities in Claudia.
It wasn’t a comfortable heat, instead it felt muggy and unbearable.

「Nnaaaaaah! Hot! I’m sweating! I want to move…… there is an unstoppable urge to run around inside of me!」

In saying that, Claudia runs out of the room.

「Madam, please wait!」

Clara chases.
The two of them run off somewhere just like that.

「Is this going to be okay?」

Claudia is one of my precious women too.

「……it’s because she drank all of it. The potion is powerful, not poisonous, so she should calm down after running around for awhile.」

Natia comments confoundedly, then peeks at my face.

「Nothing is happening to Aegir…… why is that?」

「Who knows?」

I close my eyes and concentrate on my mind, but I don’t feel a change like Claudia did.

「Don’t tell me you’re actually an orc and human drugs don’t work……」

「What a rude thing to say to Aegir-sama!」
「Pardon me for interrupting~」

This time, Celia and Sofia enters the room. We’re getting a flood of people today.

「Perfect timing. Come and test this.」

Natia takes out another potion.
It is an orange color and looks easy to drink.

「This one is for the body’s metabolism…… in other words, a medicine to make your body feel warm. It will make it so you don’t feel cold as easily.」

「It looks safer than the last one.」
「Maybe it tastes good. May I have some too?」

Sofia and I drink it together, then we wait.

「Oh, the warm feeling is coming.」

「Fumu, so other medicines work fine…… wait, what’s that about!?」

I look down at my crotch to where Natia is pointing and realize my pants are wet.
Thinking I pissed myself in front of women, I take off my pants quickly to confirm the truth.

「Aah, I didn’t pee my pants. My crotch just got so hot that it let out lots of sweat.」

「Why did that happen!?」

Natia yells at me.

Well, the truth is the truth. Natia’s medicines mainly makes my crotch warm.
The heat travels from there to warm up the rest of my body.

「Aegir-sama, spare pants.」

Natia stares at me in disgust before moving on to ask Sofia.

「How are you feeling?」
「It feels incredibly hot. I’m sweating and it seems like I’ll get leaner.」

Sofia’s softness feels nice so I don’t really want her to become too thin.

「No abnormalities with the drug’s efficacy…… if so, then maybe……」

Natia presents the next medicine.

「Drink this too. It’s a medicine that temporarily increases your muscles!」

「I will have some too. If I bulk up, I’ll be more useful.」

Celia and I drink it together.
I don’t want to see Celia looking too buff.

「How is it?」

「I feel like it’s working. My biceps have gotten a little bigger!」
「For me, nothing really……」

Then I feel a strange sensation in my crotch and I lower my pants again to check.


Celia and Sofia audibly gulp.

Not only is my cock erect, it appears thicker than usual.
Several thick veins bulging out from the shaft eliminate any even surfaces there and the tip is engorged with enough blood to create a shadow over the three women in front of me.

「I see, it got burlier.」

「Why the penis though!? It’s not that kind of medicine!」

Despite how unreasonable it is, Natia hits me on the head.

「Amazing…… if that thing goes in me…… not good, that last medicine is making me burn up…… haa, haa……」

It seems Sofia is becoming aroused.
When I make a gesture to tell her I’ll meet her in her room later, she nods countless times.

「Next is this! A numbing agent!」

「Hey, are you telling me to drink that?」

「What are you trying to make Aegir-sama drink!?」

Celia takes it away.

「It’s a weak drug for self-defense and it only lasts for a short time!」

If she insists that much, then sure.
I take the medicine from the worried Celia and drink it.

「So? It is quick-acting so your body should be robbed of its freedom to move.」
「Fumu…… gh, I feel the tingling!」

I drop my pants for the third time.

「The feeling on my dick is tremendous. I can’t control it!」

「Why are the effects all concentrated in you dick!?」

Natia throws an unknown substance at my crotch.
There’s no use asking me, I don’t know either.

「……whatever. It’s just another thing in this world that doesn’t make sense to me. I’m going to rest my mind.」

Natia trots off to her own room.

Maybe I did something bad and ruined her mood even though she came in such high spirits initially.
Oh, now the numbing sensation is gone.

「It shouldn’t matter that it’s Natia-san. You shouldn’t drink something like a numbing agent. It would have been trouble if assassins showed up at this time.」

「Hahaha, I have Celia to protect me from that, isn’t that right?」

Celia puffs out her chest, affirming me with great enthusiasm.

「Alright, I’m going out for a bit――」

Celia grabs hold of my sleeve.

「You’re going to see Sofia-san, aren’t you.」

Of course. I would feel sorry for her if I left her in that state of arousal and that would definitely become a reason for her to cheat.

「I’m coming too! My muscles have increased so I can probably take Aegir-sama!」

I touch Celia’s body.
Hmm, I don’t feel much of a difference in her abs…… well, I guess it’s fine if she’s satisfied.
I’ll have some fun with Celia and Sofia together.


As I go to prepare for the trip to the mountain nation, I notice Schwartz not coming out from the stable.

「What, are you still in pain? You’re at that age, huh, the day when you become horse meat is nearing.」

This guy is big so he’ll make for a filling meal.

「I better inform Irijina and Claudia about it.」

Schwartz stretches out his neck and bites my head.
Argh, stop it. I’ll turn you into horse meat.

「So, if it’s not because of your injury, why didn’t you come out?」

Schwartz turns his head behind him.

「Schwartz-sama is concerned for me!」

I follow his line of sight and see the female caretaker in the corner of the stable.
She is Schwartz’s exclusive caretaker.
After being fucked by the perverted horse, she became his caretaker/lover and they have sex every night.

Schwartz has a penis which matches his massive body and it isn’t something meant to fit inside a human.
Nevertheless, the woman continues to insert it forcibly into her body.

I tried to invite her to be with me, feeling sorry that she had to be a horse’s lover, however she strongly rejected me.
“Let go! I would rather die than be embraced by someone other than Schwartz-sama!”, she said, so I didn’t push my luck further.

「I prepared a room for you so why are you staying in the stables―― oooh.」

I saw the reason why.
Her stomach is large.
It looks like she’s pregnant, in fact she looks ready to give birth at any moment.

My wives didn’t get that big during their last month of pregnancy.
I’m surprised her stomach hasn’t burst yet.

「If you’re pregnant, then it’s all the more reason to stay in your room. What if you catch a cold out here?」
「Next to Schwartz-sama is where I belong! I don’t need you meddling with me!」

As usual, she doesn’t let her guard down around anybody except for Schwartz.
Yet it’s all a lie.

「Fufufu, this pervert of a horse got his woman stolen.」

I repeatedly knock Schwartz’s head.

The woman is pregnant.
In other words, a man Schwartz doesn’t know planted his seed in her.

「You can’t blame the woman for this. It’s your fault for being unsightly.」

I’ll at least use the brush on him today.

However Schwartz looks at me like I’m stupid.
It really irritates me how a horse is giving me such a condescending look, so I brush him extra hard.

「Stop the vulgar suspicions, it upsets me! The child in my belly is Schwartz-sama’s child.」

The woman declares boldly, prompting Schwartz to gently bring his head close to her stomach.

「Is that so?」

I’m not going to corner her any further.
Horses can’t get humans pregnant, I’ll leave it there.

「Then do as you please. I just ask that you sleep inside. The cold stable will affect the kid.」

Turning around with those last words, I hear Schwartz neigh furiously.

「I-it hurts…… it’s coming out!」

I see the woman put her hands on the ground in pain.

「Right now!? Wait there!」

I rush into the mansion.

Although it isn’t my child in the woman’s stomach, it is still a big deal.
Being in the stables is essentially being outdoors and that can’t be considered safe.
I have to arrange for a midwife at once.

「No way! I’ll give birth right hereー! I want to do it in front of Schwartz-sama――!」

「Gosh, you’re so unreasonable! Giving birth in such a cold and unclean place…… it’s coming out now! Bring as many clean cloths and warm water here as possible!」

The woman insisted on staying outside in the stable, ignoring the midwife’s advice of moving her to a bed inside the mansion, and ultimately the midwife yielded because she ran out of time.

「So stubborn to the end.」

There is nothing more I can do. I sit down somewhere close and watch over her to make sure she has a safe delivery.

「Uuuーーー! It hurtsーーー! It’s coming outーー!」
「Your stomach is really big. The child must be huge, be careful!」

From the groans of the woman and the midwife’s comments, I’m guessing she’s almost there.


「What’s wrong!?」

Both the midwife and the maid lending a hand let out a shriek.
The image of a terrible outcome pops into my mind, although it’s hard to think a veteran midwife would scream at the sight of a stillbirth.

I hurry over to their side and see a foal struggling to stand.
Blood is covering its entire body like it was just born.

「How strange. There shouldn’t be any pregnant horses in this stable.」

The foal stands up somehow, although its weak legs could not support the weight of its body, causing the baby horse to fall back down.

Schwartz aids the foal and partially forces it to stand.
Once standing, the foal starts walking on its own.

「Oh, that must be it. There was another mare in the same stable.」

When I glance at that mare, she gives a disgruntled neigh and goes to sleep.
It doesn’t look like she just gave birth to me, however this foal must belong to her.

「Haa, haa…… m-my…… child……」

The female caretaker touches the foal and tries to catch her breath.
Seeing the exhausted midwife and maid clean up the aftermath, it makes me think the caretaker gave birth, but there’s no way that’s possible.

「I forgot what I was doing. I’m going to sleep.」

Shaking my head twice, I leave and return to my room.
I must have drank some booze because I can’t distinguish between hallucinations and reality.

The next day, I forget about yesterday’s weird dream and travel in a carriage to meet the mountain nation elders.
Since I’m not going on an exciting excursion, only Pipi and the sisters Luna and Ruby accompany me alongside the escort unit.

「This time, this many people died. That includes the ones gone missing…… it was a brutal fight at the end. We couldn’t even retrieve the bodies.」

I make the declaration in front of the gathered leaders.
Easily more than 1000 people died and many were rendered motionless after suffering serious injuries.
To the mountain nation who are not a populous group to begin with, having so many die is probably a major blow to their survival.

As expected, the leaders are quite troubled.

「On top of that, hostilities are likely to continue for awhile. I think I still need you to fight for me in the upcoming wars.」

I can’t imagine Wilhelmina stopping her advance here.
She should eventually want to move further north.
Perhaps we will fight next time in Goldonia or even my territory.
And fighting without the powerful bow cavalry isn’t something I want to think about.

「I’m sorry, I ask that you lend me your strength. I will definitely repay you.」

I lower my head slightly.
I hope this works, otherwise I might have to convince Luna.
Or maybe I’ll have to convince the leaders’ wives and daughters.

「Fumu, a considerable amount of our people died.」

「However their deaths were for the chief’s sake, so they likely did not die in vain.」

「Originally, a portion of our people always died of hunger and thirst every year. The food given to us by the chief has eliminated that, so really this isn’t a number to be depressed about.」

「We find ourselves in a bad position if the chief is bowing his head. Please, stand tall.」

The leaders drink their alcohol and encourage me to drink too.
Considering the harsh environment the mountain nation live in, dying of starvation and thirst may not be so uncommon.

Still, the lives lost are my fault and male bow cavalry weren’t the only ones who died.
It is truly pathetic of me to let the women who fought for me die. It is fitting that I lower my head.

「That Pukuria must be strong to make fighting difficult for the chief.」

It sounds like I lost to a pretty pitiful opponent when they say it like that.

「They’re nothing special. When they eventually face off against the chief, that’ll be the end of them. That Queen Helhelmina will become the chief’s woman.」

Their version isn’t a very powerful-sounding name.
In any case, I’d really like for a beauty like Wilhelmina to be mine. It seems I have a long way to go though.

「Which means we must continue to fight on. I do not fear people dying, it’s just if too many die it will negatively affect our ability to hunt and fight in our daily lives…… we must multiply!」

Everyone seems to be in agreement with the opinion of one of the leaders.

「That’s right! We need to create more and more children!」

「Normal children are not enough if we are going to fight a hard battle! We need strong children!」

「That means we need strong men…… with the strongest seed……」

Everyone’s eyes fall on me.

「「「The seed of the strongest, the chief!」」」

「Of course.」

The wasteland, which should be surrounded in darkness after the sun has gone down, is now illuminated with the warm glow of torches.
Furthermore, the supposedly bare grounds of the wild are covered with carpets or straw.
They are obviously assuming we will be having an orgy outside.

「This way.」


With only a cloak covering my naked body, the similarly naked Luna guides me to the designated area.
More women than I can count are gathered there.
Everyone’s intentions are aligned as they are all naked. Despite it being a cold winter’s night, nobody seems to be cold, perhaps due to the torches or the strange sense of arousal surrounding the atmosphere.

「You guys too.」


Luna urges Gido and the rest of the escort unit members to step forward.

「Now then, your clothes.」

I throw off my cloak and become completely naked.

I am confident in the size of my dick so there’s no need to hide.
I spread my legs shoulder-width apart and boldly reveal myself to those present.

「It’s exactly as the rumors described, no it’s even bigger!」
「Not to mention it’s dark!」
「I’ve never seen something so rugged before……」

As the commotion extends to more people, Luna shouts loudly.

「This evening will be a festival…… one to praise those who have returned from battle, one to remember those who died and one to create our future!」

Taking Luna’s proclamation as a signal, the men of the escort unit and I as well as the mountain nation women close the gap and link up with each other.

What followed was so intense that the scene could not be described by a single word.

The first group of women to crowd around me are all glamorous and have excellent proportions. They would wait for me to penetrate them from behind on all fours or while standing and I would answer by giving each of them a creampie.
Fucking one as more wait patiently in line for their turn was wonderful to say the least.

After the beauties exhaust themselves, the following act is a group of tiny girls who are small even by mountain nation’s standards.
They give off the scent of virgins and don’t reply when asked of their age.

「We can make babies, so we’re full-fledged women too!」

That’s what they keep insisting, climbing on top of me one by one as I lay on my back.
All of their holes were tight and narrow, with some of them having hairless vaginas that were as smooth as a baby’s bum, but all of them were determined to put their entire weight on my dick.

Being virgins, they would all let out a scream when they rode me and my dick would be stained with their blood.
Most of the girls would reach their limit at that point and fall over onto my chest, prompting me to grab hold of their tiny asses and rocking my hips until ejaculation.

Succeeding the miniature female bodies are the bodies of ripened mature females.
Women past their mid-thirties come to me saying “I’m past my prime……”, and act reserved.
Of course I also love older women so I don’t hesitate to pounce on them and ram my lust into their seasoned pussies.

In the process of having rough sex not possible with the smaller girls, the mature ladies confess that they’re married.
Apparently they wanted to receive my seed no matter what and hearing that fired me up, which ultimately led to 90% of them fainting and 50% of them peeing uncontrollably.

When I am able to take a breather after satisfying dozens of women, I look around and find the other escort squad members also participating in an orgy with the other girls.

「My dear brother-in-law. I’ve been thinking of you for so long. But…… it’s awful that you married my sister.」

「I knew about your feelings. Back then, I was a pathetic late bloomer who thought it was forbidden to be with anybody other than my wife. Now, I think I can answer your feelings.」

Gido presses himself down on a girl and she lets out a sharp gasp.

「O-ow! I finally offered my virginity to my dear brother-in-law……」

「I’ll go ahead and get you pregnant. You’re fine with that, right?」

「Yes, I’m glad! I’ll be receiving bro-……no, Gido-san’s child!」

「Yeah, keep it a secret from that one though.」

「Of course! It’s a secret from elder sister! Fufufu, if I can make a child before my sister, then little by little……」

It seems Gido is cheating again.

「Hey, shoot your seed in here.」

A wooden tube is stuck out in front of me.

「Sekrit? You came along?」

She mixed in with the escort unit again.

「Don’t worry about that, just cum in here. I’m in a hurry.」

「It doesn’t really work like that.」

Neither I nor my dick is unprincipled enough to cum because I am told to.

「Whatever, just shoot out lots.」

Sekrit strokes my dick roughly and inserts a finger into my ass.
In addition, she presses her irresistible dark-skinned breasts against me.
Semen gushes out as if being pushed out from the inside.

「…… it’s thick as usual.」

Sekrit scoops up the seed into the wooden tube and leaves.
What does she intend to do? Don’t tell me she’s going to chug it all down.
That’s quite the perverted act in itself, but it somehow arouses me.

「Big sis, where did you go?」
「Kukuku, do you know what this is?」

Sekrit is hugged by a naked girl.
Judging by the atmosphere between them, I would say they’ve been making love with each other.

「This is…… from a man!?」

「That’s right. I’m going to take this and pour it into your hole.」

The frightened woman is pinned down by Sekrit.
No matter how much the mountain nation girl struggles, she won’t be able to escape from Sekrit.

「Stop it, big sis! I offered big sis my virginity and my heart…… I don’t want a man’s seed at this point!」

Sekrit ignores the girl’s pleas, forces the girl’s legs apart and mercilessly turns the wooden tube upside down.
My seed will be flowing into that girl’s vagina.

「The owner of this semen is an ugly, smelly and dirty man, whose only redeeming feature is his sex drive. No woman wanted to have sex with him so he turned to cheap whores. Because of that, he might have caught many different diseases.」

What a cruel story.
Although I know she’s making it up, it still hurts my heart.

「Noooooooo! I don’t want something like that! Stop, pull it out!」

Naturally, the girl screams and flails about. Sekrit just shoves the tube deeper inside.

「There, the rotten semen is going inside. I wonder what monstrosity will be born from it.」

「Nooooo! Big sis Sekrit, you’re so mean!! Too cruel…… c-cumming!!」

The girl came.
Well, I’m not going to complain if that’s what she wants……

「Chief, if you’ve recovered can you be my partner?」

Oops, I can’t be looking elsewhere. I have to knock up more girls.

「Actually I have a little bit of a special request……」

「Fumufumu…… sounds interesting.」

I stand naked in an imposing manner, opposite to the girl who is dressed in her bow cavalry gear and holding a sword.
People nearby gather curiously to watch.

「Here I come!」

When the girl raises her sword and runs at me, I casually brush her away.
I see, she is coming seriously after determining that going easy would be rude.


I narrowly avoid the girl’s second attempt to cut me.
Striking air, I step forward toward the girl, hook her leg and trip her, sending her sword flying.

The crowd oohs and ahs.

「I-it is my de…… ngh!」

Before she could admit defeat, I grab her face and force my dick in her mouth.

「Nngoh! Uughーー!」

「This fits a loser like you perfectly. If you think about biting me, you’ll face an even crueler fate.」

I hold her head and violate her mouth, flipping up the choking girl’s armor and tearing her clothes while I do so.


I ignore her screams when I penetrate her without any foreplay, proceeding to swing my hips without concern.

The scene is completely duplicating the instances of women getting raped on the battlefield, but this is what she asked for.
She wanted to challenge me, be defeated and then taken by force.
That and she also wanted everybody to watch.

「So this is what getting raped by the chief looks like…… such intensity……」
「I want to try getting fucked like that too.」

I don’t attempt to match my timing with the girl and fuck her at my own pace, groaning when I pump my seed into her and then delivering the finishing blow.

「T-……that place…… aaaaaah!!」

I quickly wet three fingers in my mouth and stick them up her asshole.
The girl trembles vigorously and sprays her urine in front of everyone before collapsing.

「Fuu, this isn’t usually my style although I got a bit fired up from it.」

Ultimately wanting to treat her nice, I kiss the girl softly and then cover her with a blanket.

「Um…… could you also fuck me in the same way you did to her?」
「I want to be raped violently as well!」

To hell with rape if they’re fingering themselves.


Sekrit is in line for some reason.
She likes this kind of stuff I guess.

I continue enjoying the orgy after that until dawn when piles of bodies are stacked on top of each other in front of me.

「Ah, ah, ah! Nnnnh!!」

Currently, Ruby is riding on top of me as I’m sitting cross-legged.
The only ones still up are Ruby and Luna, who have grown used to being embraced by me.
As a side note, Pipi isn’t good at staying up late into the night.

「I’m here too.」
「Oh, sorry sorry.」

The female bow cavalry who I saved ―― named Mimi, is puffing her cheeks.

She’s been licking my body devotedly this whole time.

Since the time I rescued her from a life-threatening crisis, she fell head over heels for me.

「I’ll do anything for the chief. Even this……」

Mimi flicks her tongue over my asshole.

「Guoh! Hey, that’s dirty. You don’t have to…… guh!」

The sensation is shocking and feels good, so I guess I’ll let her continue.

As Ruby climaxes, I support her hips and also ejaculate.
Falling over after doing so, Ruby and Luna rest on my arms
Mimi stays around my crotch, sucking and cleaning up my dick.

Nobody is left awake.
The whispers I hear are most likely people mumbling in their sleep.

「Ever since the chief came back from the capital, you’ve had a troubled expression.」

Luna comments as she lays on my right arm.
It isn’t a topic that’s easy to talk about, however it might be fine during pillow talk.

「The king is acting strange. I can understand him getting upset over his woman being hurt……」

I briefly explain the abnormal behaviors of the king.

Luna and Ruby listen intently while Mimi also perks her ears up while sucking me, nodding once in a while to indicate she’s still paying attention.

When I finish summarizing the situation, the girls look blankly at me.
Is it because they don’t understand? It isn’t like I understand either.

「No, it isn’t the problem with the story. There is a doubt we have.」
「Yeah, the king is a more important person than the chief, right? If he’s not acting normal――」

The three girls, Mimi included, say the same thing together.

「「「Then why doesn’t the chief become the most important person?」」」

All of them look at me.

「It’s natural for someone strong to rule over more people. If the king is stronger than the chief, then it can’t be helped.」
「If not, then the chief should be the one who rules over everything.」
「Rosario or whoever that female is probably prefers if a stronger male rules too.」

I couldn’t speak up to retort.

It does make me think about the reason I’m loyal to the king.

My goal is to become king so I can make Lucy mine.
In order to do that, I needed to become a noble and rise up the rankings, which required me to swear allegiance to the king.

The thing is, I can’t become king no matter how loyal I am to the king.
If he was old and decrepit without a successor to inherit his position, then it might make sense to remain loyal.

However, the king is young and the opposite of sickly.
He shouldn’t be at the age where he needs to think about heirs.

So what is the meaning in me swearing allegiance to the king?
Is it because I owe him a favor or is it because of the sense of duty I feel? He isn’t someone I personally dislike, I guess.
According to the common sense of nobles that Nonna crammed into me, it’s natural to serve the king.

But is all that comparable to obtaining Lucy?
I’m getting confused.

「It’s irritating me again. If anyone is awake, I’ll gladly embrace you.」

Girls respond to my shout and gather around me.

It’s something I have to think about eventually.
Still, that will have to come after dealing with the South Yuguria Empire.
Right now, I just want to drown myself in female bodies.

――Two Mornings Later.

「Thank you…… very much…… for the strong…… seed!」

The girl shaking her hips on top of me falls over.
She squeezes out the last remaining ounce of strength to add some sort of mark on my back.

When the other girls saw it, they started shaking.

「Big 1, medium 8, small 5…… 185 people…… Hiiieee!」
「Please do not take offence when I tell you this. The chief is not human…… the chief is a monster……」

I think I ejaculated at least once with all of them. I’m starting to be scared of myself.

「Have you finished?」

The mountain nation leaders walk over to me.

「Yeah, it was satisfying.」

I state while rubbing Mimi and Luna who exhausted themselves right before dawn today.

「A truly absurd affair. You are the definition of unlimited lust.」
「All the females have seed dripping from their crotches. They should all be impregnated.」

This amount of sexual desire is unusual even for me.
Perhaps this has something to do with Natita’s potion, although I don’t want to say anything and appear uncool.

「In any case, I’ve given you close to 200 babies.」

It isn’t certain that everyone will get pregnant…… no, it’s possible with how thick my semen is.

「Over a thousand people died. It isn’t enough.」

Fumu, then what should be done?

「We will be sending a hundred girls of suitable age to Rafen every month. If you could, please impregnate them before sending them back.」

What an attractive suggestion.
It makes me seem like an evil feudal lord picking out all the young girls in the territory though.

「What are you saying? None of us are against receiving the chief’s seed.」

「That’s right, even those who are married will gladly allow themselves to be pushed down by the chief. If they can be granted strong children, they would not mind being fucked in front of their husbands.」

That turns me on.

「Even males will offer their asses if they can receive the chief’s blessing.」

「Don’t tell me something I don’t want to hear.」

The image of Gido blushing and turning his ass toward me appears in my mind.
There goes my arousal.

「Anyways, I accept the deal for a hundred girls every month. I’ll do my best to send them back with a child in their bellies.」

「My humble thanks.」

Being a feudal lord who impregnates any girl he wants is a good thing.
I’ll choose to think so.

「I’ll head back to Rafen then.」

There’s an unsettling feeling in my heart.

Erich’s smiling face crosses my mind.
He’s a good man. Will he remain my ally until the end?

I shake my head to clear my thoughts.

「What’s wrong? You’re making quite the interesting face.」

Sekrit sneers at me.

「It’s nothing.」

My tone is harsher than usual for some reason.

「You’re really making an interesting face. That face of yours――」

I grab Sekrit’s head and shove my dick in front of her lips.

「Suck it.」

I didn’t think I could speak to women with such a tone.
Sekrit was surprised briefly, then her expression was replaced by a grin.

「Sure, I’ll suck it. I’ll do it as much as you want. After all, you are―― gugh!」

I jam my dick into Sekrit’s mouth to silence her.
Regardless, she conveys the message clearly through her eyes.

“-the man who will be become xxxx”[1. Nat: left out in the raw.]

I just finished having a grand orgy with the mountain nation.
Now I’ll be returning to Rafen and forced to solve problems one after another.

In fact, Claire and Laurie are requesting for an urgent meeting.

Everyday life continues as usual.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City.

Nonna (legal wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine), Maria (concubine), Catherine (concubine)
Gretel (dog wife), Melissa (mother), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Pipi (lover)
Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (playwright), Alice (ass lover), Leah (lover)
Marceline (lover), Daughters – Stephanie (lover), Bridget (lover), Felicie (lover)
Natia (irrational), Sofia (loved one), Sekrit (delight)
Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (capital mansion supervisor), Claudia (lump of meat), Clara (female attendant)
Celestina (return preparations), Monica (maid), Adela (pro lover)

Celia (dissatisfied), Myla (commander), Marta (attendant), Irijina (commander), Peticheri (confused), Luna (orgy), Ruby (orgy), Gido (impregnated sister-in-law), Polte (domestic affairs official)
Leopolt (staff officer), Tristan (distressed), Adolph (head of domestic affairs), Claire & Laurie (carnage), Lilian (actress), Kroll (servant), Alma (servant)

Brynhildr (extremely angry), Lammy (lamia), Alraune (bare), Mirumi (mermaid)
Pochi (homeowner), Messerschmitt (sleeping), Schwartz (transcended), Felteris (discovered)

Citizens: 212,000. Refugees: 5,000
Major Cities – Rafen: 37,000. Lintbloom: 6500. Special Cultivation District: 14,000.

Escort: 150 men
Infantry: 14 500, Cavalry: 1500, Archers: 1500, Bow Cavalry: 2400, Cannoneers: 400 (reserve bow cavalry mobilized)
Cannons: 60, Large Cannons: 30, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Chariots: 45

Reserve Army: 0 men. Security Unit: 200 men (completely satisfied).

Assets: 1400 gold (small gifts to mountain nation -300)
Sexual Partners: 771, children who have been born: 68 + 565 (non-human)




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