Chapter 38.5: Character Introduction




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For your reference the names have been gathered and compiled. As for introduction of the men, it is somewhat random.

Aegir Hardlett
19 years old, Black Hair, Goldonia Kingdom Baronet Royal Central Army 3rd mixed division captain.

Protagonist: He was blessed with the talent for fighting and is muscular and has dynamic vision, he does not worry about the small things, he is not good with scheming or strategies.
He loves women and is great in bed, his range will include those up to 40 but he isn’t fond of little girls.

Friends (female)

Early 20’s. Chestnut-colored hair. Height 165cm B88 W60 H88
Way of calling Main Character: Aegir, Manner of referring to self: I (atashi)

Fell in love with the protagonist when she first met him in the city Roleil. A former hunter and expert with the bow, a free person. She is frank and doesn’t hold back, she shows no resistance to dirty and lewd remarks. She also has perverted hobbies.

15 years old. Silver hair. Height 153cm B74 W55 H77
Way of calling Main Character: Aegir-sama, Manner of referring to self: I (watashi)

Although she was a slave made to do criminal acts, her true self was awoken by the protagonist. She has a fanatically loyal allegiance towards Aegir, but towards others she speaks and acts in a cold manner. Other than her swordsmanship, she has skills in a variety of fields. While being his follower, she is somehow trying to get him to sleep with her.

18 years old. Brown hair. Height 160 B112 W61 H83
Way of calling Main Character: Aegir-sama, Manner of referring to self: I (watakushi)

While being transported as a slave, she was stolen by the protagonist. She is the daughter of the fallen Elektra family and entrusting the family heirloom sword to the protagonist, he vowed to rescue the Elektra household. She has an understanding of manners and etiquette; she is knowledgeable about nobles but not knowledgeable about commoners and has no sense in money. She wears a high-class mask, but during sex she enjoys suffering. She already has extraordinarily large breasts, but they are still growing. She doesn’t only have overwhelmingly large tits, but she has quite the good looks and attracts the eyes of the surrounding people.

22 years old. Chestnut-coloured hair. Height 164 B74 W58 H80
Way of calling Main Character: Aegir-san, Manner of referring to self: I (watashi)

She is the daughter of the Small Bird Pavilion inn in Roleil and fell in love with the protagonist after giving her body to him. She is good at cooking and has high ability to earn a living. She is secretly kind and likeable with kids, but she is a scaredy-cat and not good with fights. Her breasts are very small and even Celia will eventually…

25 years old. Red hair. Height 164 B90 W58 H88
Way of calling Main Character: Aegir-san Manner of referring to self: I (watashi)

She is a prostitute from White City. She has experienced a harsh past which destroyed her genitals but she is compatible with the protagonist. Because she is unable to have kids, she has taken an extreme liking to the child servants. She likes wearing suggestive clothes.

22 years old. Blond hair. Height 156 B80 W57 H82
Way of calling Main Character: You (anata)

The daughter of the rebelling noble, and her husband was killed by the protagonist while her father was executed for committing high treason. For the sake of saving her child and through a misunderstanding, she gave up her body to the protagonist. Currently, she is living together with her daughter Rose in the orphanage. She is hysteric and has harsh assumptions. She is sensitive and gets turned on easily, extremely lewd and has quite the high perseverance when it comes to sex.

14 years old. Black hair. Height 150 B75 W55 H76
Way of calling Main Character: Master (danna-sama), Aegir-sama

She left the orphanage to work and is living in the mansion. She has the essentials down; she is the older sister out of the three orphanage kids and respects Maria. Her duties include cooking, laundry, and other various tasks; she has a secret dislike of Nonna.

11 years old. Black hair
Way of calling Main Character: (doesn’t call him)

The youngest amongst the three orphanage kids. She is always scared and hides behind Miti. She is dexterous so her duties are sewing and knitting. She only talks to Miti and Kroll, she is especially scared of Celia and whenever she gets close to her, she is unable to move.

12 years old. Brown hair
Way of calling Main Character: Hardlett-sama

A caregiver that Leopolt brought with him. She is in charge of caring for him and has shown a tiny bit of affection towards him.

Separated Women

Early 20’s. Red hair. Height 172 B84 W62 H90
Way of calling Main Character: Aegir, Manner of referring to self: I (atai)

She met the protagonist along with Carla and was working together with him. She has an unyielding personality and skilled with the sword and strong-willed. She has a big family in Sheelah village; afraid that there may be famine she returned to her home and left the protagonist.

36 years old. Blond hair. Height 160 B86 W(???) H92
Way of calling Main Character: Aegir-san, Manner of referring to self: I (watashi)

She was the lover of a noble but was thrown away after she got pregnant. She was burned by a large wild fire but was saved by the protagonist. She has two kids on her husband’s field so she is unable to leave the village but she is already pregnant with…

17 years old. Blond hair. Height 158 B80 W57 H84
Mel’s daughter. She supports the relationship between the protagonist and her mother. Her first kiss was stolen.

13 years old. Blond hair. Height 142 B70 W53 H71
Mel’s daughter. She was selling things in the city. She is shy and nervous and generally bad at everything, and screws things up quickly. She has feelings of love for the protagonist yet also trusts him like a father.

22 years old. Black hair. Height 163 B80 W60 H82

Daughter of a former noble, trying to restore her family name she naturally fell into the job of banditry. She was defeated by the protagonist and was even raped in the ass. She ran away and headed towards the Republic of Stura.

Collette and Arisa
Residents of the village and cities in the Eastern Federation. They were kidnapped and sold as slaves but were saved by the protagonist and returned to their hometown. The two of them offered their virginities together.

Claudia Albens Malordol
33 years old. Blond hair. Height 160 B88 W69 H93
Wife of Marquess. She was left behind by her husband in White City due to a bad relationship. The protagonist stole her daughter’s chastity and was called to make love to her and became his prisoner. When they parted she even offered her daughter and tried to hold him back. Currently using a large dildo as a habit, every night she screams like a beast.

Christina Albens Malordol
19 years old. Chestnut-coloured hair. Height 159 B83 W57 H83

She is the child of a noble’s concubine and was sent to White City because of an attitude problem, her relationship with his wife is fragile and after a case of misconduct she offered her virginity to the protagonist. She is scared of the sudden changes in her mother, she has become scared of men and was not able to regain composure of her misconducts.

Lucy Yuktovania
500 years old?? Blond hair. Height 166 B100 W58 H96
Way of calling Main Character: you (anata), boy (boya)

Self-proclaimed vampire living over 500 years, she has unrealistic physical strength and demonic power able to show death to anyone who meets her. She is somehow related to the lost kingdom and has protected the house in the depths of the forest? A peerless beauty with gold-like style, inhuman and terrifyingly skilled in sexual prowess.

Bestowed the protagonist knowledge and reason for living (protagonist’s lover and mother)
She promised to become the protagonist’s woman if he could conquer the surrounding area of the Erg forest and become king, this promise became the starting point for all of the protagonist’s actions. Her existence is absolute and takes priority over everything else.

Friends (male/subordinates)

30’s Macho Adjutant and company captain. From the Federation.
Way of calling Main Character: via job title

Commoner and former company captain of the Federation Infantry Army. He caused a problem and ran away, becoming the protagonist’s subordinate. He is serious and faithful. A skilled warrior and has high administrative skills and commanding ability within the squad. (up to company size) He pretends to not be interested in women (sullen)

23 years old. Macho Private. From the Federation.
Way of calling Main Character: Aegir, Captain

Commoner and former resident of the Federation. Accompanied Agor when he ran away. He is pretty weak despite his appearance and has a weak will. He is quite open and a lecher. He is only useful while it’s bright out. He is hated by Aegir’s team of women lovers’.

23 years old. Man of delicate features. Beautifully shaped. Company captain. Unknown origin.

A subordinate since the days of the Wings of Dawn. He has a flirty tone and his slovenliness towards women stands out. A skilled warrior and a former commander. He is superior to Agor in sword skills when it comes to 1 on 1 fights.

29 years old. Height over 2m. extremely macho. Muscle head. Demonic strength. Private.

Way of calling Main Character: no subject

Former slave. He was freed by the protagonist and company. The only person who could compare with the protagonist in terms of strength. His entire body is muscular and a total macho gorilla, he’s already a monster. He is not good at dealing with Nonna who was brought by the same slave trader. He has little experience with women.

Leopolt Fugenberg
20 years old. Slender. Follower.

Way of calling Main Character: Lord Hardlett (Baron)

He complained directly to the protagonist and became a subordinate. He said he will show unique talent but details are unknown. The person himself says he is good at leading an army and has skill in commanding, strategizing, and scheming. Bringing Nina along, he lives with the protagonist in a separated room.

12 years old. Child. Servant. Blond hair.

Way of calling Main Character: Aegir-sama

He is the only guy among the orphanage kids and is cheeky and acts tough. His duties are chopping firewood and heating up the bath water. He has feelings for Celia but was harshly turned away. Ever since that time with Melissa in the bathroom he has not raised his head, he remembers the feeling while never missing his mastur- bation session at nights.

Characters (Country/Army)

Alexandro Goldonia (Alexandro the first)
28 years old. Goldonian King.

After his father’s death, and the murder of his brother and his uncle he succeeded the throne. For the sake of strengthening the royal power he used various strategies. He rejects his father’s principle for peace and aims for Goldonia to be a strong country. The person who established the central army. He is proficient in scheming, and can perform ruthless plans. Uses the protagonist and the others in the central army primarily, while also heavily using those with some ability.

Marquess Gudroit Hoover
50 years old. Royal army supreme commander.

He is the supreme commander who oversees all the army but since the central army is operated by the king himself, he doesn’t have much influence. He is stubborn and doesn’t trust the king.

Baron Erich Radhalde
30 years old. Leader of Central army.

He has been the leader since the Wings of Dawn days. He is highly capable in tactics, political affairs and commanding ability. Has a good personal relationship with the protagonist. Is one of the king’s favorite subjects. A new noble.

Baronet Bruno Renster
25 years old. Central army 1st regiment captain.

A veteran soldier since the days of the Wings of Dawn. He has climbed to his current status from a private soldier. He has an established opinion of having a steady command and is very persistent, but is lacking explosive attack power. He has a pretty good personal relationship with the protagonist. A new noble.

Characters (other)

41 years old. Bearded. Giant man.

He defected from the Federation; inn owner of Hard-boiled pavilion and a dandy and cool man. He is very popular amongst the female employees. When he was 37 years old, he got married to his wife Natalie at 14 years old, he has no interest in grown women and is a serious lolicon. For that reason(?),He may be trying various things to take advantage of the orphanage.

18 years old. Has the body of a child.

Andrei’s wife who I can only see as no more than a 10 year old child.

40 years old. Orphanage director. Thin.

A middle-aged woman who manages the orphanage. She has a good nature and works for the sake of everyone. She has good wits. If she improves her meals and has her body plump up, she would be an attractive mature lady.

18 years old. Orphanage helper. Small
A girl that grew up in the orphanage. She helps out Dorothea at the orphanage. She is lively and is a child-like girl. She mistakenly takes Andrei’s hot gazes as fatherly love and yearns for it.




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