Chapter 384: Central Plains Unification War ⑨ Brown-skinned Lover




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–


As soon as I return to the tent, I get Sekrit naked.
This isn’t so I could make love to her, this is so I could check on her wounds.

「Treatment is done. It didn’t stab too deep either, it’s not a big deal.」

She was hit in the thigh with a bolt from a crossbow.
It should be more powerful than a regular arrow, however the injury itself doesn’t look major and she doesn’t appear to be in pain.

「A salve was also applied. Do you think I can enjoy fighting if I’m scared of getting an injury like this?」

Sekrit lightly kicks me as I examine her thigh further and then takes my clothes off.

「You got hit several times, didn’t you?」

The slashes that landed didn’t pass through my armor, although it was like being beaten by chunks of metal, so bruises would naturally be left behind.
With that said, I’m not soft enough to let something of that extent slow me down.
Only one spot worries me.

「……a bolt went through a gap in your armor? This spot…… in an average man would have pierced all the way to the lung for a fatal blow.」

「I trained so that wouldn’t happen.」

「Fool. These are back muscles you trained to embrace women.」

One bolt magnificently stabbed into a gap in my armor, but didn’t slip past my muscles.
Since it is my back, the simple first aid I already completed may not be enough.

Contrary to Sekrit’s remarks, she is carefully treating my wound.

「Take your shirt off, your back is most likely covered in bruises.」

I comply, seeing no reason to refuse.

「I have to admit your muscles are impressive. They make you look like an uncouth barbarian.」

She rubs the ointment gently while badmouthing me.

「Take off the bottom. You were hit in the thigh and waist too, no?」

This is a reasonable opinion to have, except I heard a gulp from behind me.

「……your underwear too.」

「Is that so you can cure me?」

She answers right next to my ear, letting her breath blow against my skin.

「Of course…… look, there is a bulge in your crotch. I need to heal it right away.」

I turn around and stand imposingly.
My cock has swelled so much you could hear it, which is actually the sound of cloth ripping from my underwear tearing.

「This isn’t good. If I don’t hurry, it might be too late. C’mon, take it off.」

Sekrit throws the ointment and brush to the corner and approaches my feet on her knees.

「I would be put in a difficult position if you died, so it can’t be helped.」

She places hands smaller than mine on my underwear, which should be big for a woman, and slowly pulls it down.

「It’s stuck. For it to be so swollen…… hah!」

She pulls down more forcefully.
My dick, already completely erect, flings out with enough momentum to make a loud slap as it bends back and hits my abs.


Sekrit is surprised in spite of my liberation.

「I know you get pent up after battle but…… you monster.」

I grab the hand she places on my dick and stop it from giving me foreplay.

「No need.」

I wrap a hand around Sekrit’s back, slip my other hand under her knees and pick her up.
I walk steadily toward the futon and, after confirming no foreign objects are laying there, violently throw her on it.

「I’m going to fuck you.」

My sense of reason is at its limit with the brown-skinned woman laying vulnerable on the futon.
It’s a wonder how I lasted this long. To be honest, I could have done without the treatment and jammed my dick into her immediately.

However, the woman in front of me wouldn’t accept the order I proposed.

「Wait a little more.」

She takes the hand I was about to hold her thigh with, pulls me down to the futon and rests her head on my chest.
Several seconds passed without anything happening.

A strong desire to grasp her breasts and shove a hand into her crotch wells up within me, but I know not to fulfill it at this moment.
I mentally request my dick to endure as I stroke her hair with my left hand and slowly run my right hand from her back down to her butt cheek.

She reciprocates by brushing a hand from my chest to my abs then caressing my neck to my lips.
Although it wasn’t a particularly strong sensation, I feel her breath on my chest gradually grow hotter.
To match, my cock gets stiffer and engorges with more blood to the point it hurts. I can’t tell whether I’m in heaven or hell.

「Alright. You can fuck me.」

The second she said those words and the second I turned her around into missionary position was almost exactly the same.

My hands squeeze her firm, muscular ass, lift her legs up high and spread them apart wide so I can get in between.

「Aah, I can finally claim this superb body.」
「That’s right. Be grateful and savor it.」

I move my hips forward, panting heavily like a beast. My sense of reason is gone and there is no meaning in keeping it.
Her vagina is already slippery enough from the earlier caressing.
She is probably just as pent up as I am after battle.

「Guh…… so big. This…… won’t go in.」

It doesn’t go in. It isn’t because she lacks preparation, it’s because I’m overly prepared.

「I’m not going to back down after coming this far. I’ll jam it in.」

I grab further up on her body and position myself directly above her, applying my weight down.
The tip of my dick spreads apart her hole.

「Guuuuh! You’re being so forceful!」

Sekrit clutches the sheets tightly, though she quickly lets go and digs her nails into my arms instead.
She’s strong enough to scratch my skin until blood trickles out.
The stinging pain only serves to fan the flames of my arousal.


I cry out as I push my entire body weight down and sink my hips as far as possible.
Doing something similar to Nonna or Celia would tear their precious places, but Sekrit should be able to handle it without any issues.


My dick is buried inside her up until the root.
Her legs stretches out straight and tenses up as she lets out a resounding scream.

My first thought was that she passed out until she looks at my eyes and speaks in between her rough breathing.

「Fuuh…… fuuh…… you and your monstrous dick…… you can move. Gobble me up like the beast you are! Fuck me!」

What a woman.
In this moment, I want to take advantage of those words.

I hold her in place firmly and then start moving my hips.
My enlarged dick, which is as hard as steel, pushes to her very depths and then the tip scrapes her insides as my dick pulls out.

「Uugh! Guuuh! Aagh!」

Her moans aren’t sexy, they resemble the grunting of an animal.

I can’t expect to continue treating her so violently.
Thinking that, I caress the mounds on her chest and slow down my hips.

My hips come to a complete stop as I request a kiss from her, but her answer comes in the form of a bite.

「I told you to fuck me. Thrust harder, holler like an animal.」

Fine, she said it. I won’t show any mercy.

I grin and once again fix her hips in place.


Roaring like a beast, I slam my hips against her like a battering ram bashing the gates of a castle.
Her stomach bulges in time with my thrusts.
The sound of our hips bumping reverberated. It wouldn’t be strange to think two people were having a fist fight from the sounds of flesh being hit.

「It’s far from over!」

My hand circles from her waist to her ass and lifts her body up.

「The angle…… uugh! It’s sinking deeper……」

I already penetrated the entrance of her womb with the initial insertion.
What she is feeling now is my dick reaching the back of her womb.

「How’s this?」

Without stopping my thrusts, I press down lightly on her stomach.


Sekrit’s eyes widen in shock and they even start rolling back.
Her limbs tense up briefly before drooping down limply. Did I go overboard and make her faint?

She only fainted for a split second.
She regains consciousness almost immediately and wraps her legs around my waist.

「More. Become more like a beast. Embrace me with the intent to kill!」

After saying that, she bites down hard on my shoulder.
I feel her teeth piercing my skin and digging into my flesh.

I retaliate by grabbing her right breast and pinching her nipple.


Neither of us are human anymore.
We both bit each other as we lusted greedily for pleasure, howling like animals.

By that time, my pleasure has reached its peak.


I hold down her body and yank my dick out in one swift motion.
Sekrit screams as it felt like my thick dick was going to pull her womb out with it, but I won’t give her any time to lay down and catch her breath.

「Turn your ass this way. I’ll do something interesting to end.」

She does what I tell her to and I push my dick into her hole from behind.
Of course, I don’t hold back. My penis instantly infringes her insides, ignoring what little resistance her body musters, and enters her womb again.

「Don’t put your hands on anything.」

I rest my hands on my hips and slowly stand up.

「Wait, don’t tell me you’re…… uuuu! I’m close to 70!」

「That much is nothing to me. There, up you go.」

I support Sekrit solely with my cock.

「I’m going to cum like this.」

I thrust upward into her for the last spurt.

Sekrit is flailing her legs in the air while her hands grab her hair.
If she holds them so tightly, she’s going to rip them out.

「All the weight is to the back…… my stomach is going to break.」

I shouldn’t do this for too long.
With a light nibble on Sekrit’s shoulder, I finish things.


She lets out at surprisingly cute moan when I ejaculate.
At the same time, I feel her vagina clench tightly around me. She was apparently holding her orgasm so she could time it with mine.

「UUuuuu…… ooooh……」

Her groans lasted as long as my ejaculation.

Sekrit was lowered a little more every time my dick shrunk one size, until it completely slipped out of her, allowing her to fall head-first in a tired heap onto the futon. More semen splattered onto her ass and back as a parting gift.

「I can’t move my body. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten this exhausted even after a battle, you big dick monster.」

「Sorry. I lost my sense of reason.」

I apologize as Sekrit lays on the futon with me a cleans me off with her mouth.

「If you were simply being rough, I’d be fine. The problem is with this size.」

She flicks the tip with her finger. Hey, that hurt.

「I know people call this on the level of orcs, but it’s beyond that if you ask me. I know since I’ve been captured by orcs and tormented by them before.」

Don’t say such scary things so casually. I’ll reform you later.

「It’s still twice as large as an average man’s penis when flaccid. What do you have to eat for it to grow into a monster? In the first place, I’ve never heard anyone say that they came too much that their urethra hurt.」

Sekrit doesn’t hesitate to poke her index finger into my dick.
Hey now, I’m going to get hard again if you do that.

Sekrit tries to stand up so she could fetch some water.
First she tries with her right leg, then pauses and switches to her left leg.

She drinks a few gulps directly from the pitcher before shoving it in front of me.


I do the same and tilt the pitcher to drink directly from the vessel.
If Nonna was here, she would make a big deal about that.

「Alright, it’s your turn next.」

I pat the spot on the bed next to me.

「You haven’t had enough?」

Obviously not, but that’s not what I meant.

「You said “pay the debt in bed”, didn’t you? I’ll do whatever you like next. I could lick your ass if you want or hit you with a whip.」

Sekrit simply chuckles through her nose and exits the tent.

「Don’t think you can repay it all in one night. I’ll take another payment after this fight is over. This will be all for today.」


She walks off somewhere.

「That’s fine and all, but you’re forgetting one thing.」

I look back to the side of the futon.
I quickly chase after her with a change of clothes, but Sekrit already disappeared.

「You’re naked, you know?」

She’s an excellent yet strange woman.
I’m getting hard just thinking about her.

Now then, I think I could hear a familiar voice from above me.

「Can’t see, can’t see. Tired. No more.」

Shortly after, something crashes into a nearby tree.
Then, I hear the rustling of leaves as that thing falls.

「Owie, owie. Hungry. Piiih.」

「Oh, it’s you.」

Those familiar wings, talons and not-very-intelligent-sounding voice belong to the harpy.
It’s the one I embraced frequently too. I can tell from the slight differences in her body.
I thought I left by myself and it turns out many others followed me.

I lift the harpy, helping her untangle the branches and leaves from her wings, then also washing her scratches with water.

「What are you doing here? Your eyes don’t work very well in the dark, right?」

The harpy tilts her head to one side briefly and then answers.

「Scouting, scouting!」

Scouting? Scouting for what?

This time she tilts her head longer.

「Forgot, forgot!」

I knew she would say that.

「Hungry, hungry!」

「Food, huh……」

I look around and find an untouched meat skewer beside the smouldering campfire.
The person who cooked it must have left for something urgent.
It would be a waste to let it cool down. Besides, we received plenty of supplies for meat.

「There, you can have that meat.」
「Meat! Yumー」

The harpy voraciously devours the meat and gazes at me with affection-filled eyes.
Though she might seem stupid at times, she can be cute when thought of as a child.

The circular-shaped food gets stuck in the harpy’s throat and I watch as she struggles to pat herself to loosen it.
Her figure is similar to that of a child, although she still has a curve on her upper half resembling breasts. They jiggle slightly as she rocks back and forth.

Her wing-hand deftly grabs a pot and pours water into her mouth, then the harpy looks at me with eyes brimming with carnal desire.
Despite her small size, she is a full-fledged adult female. At the base of her thin thigh, she has a hole that grants her the ability to reproduce.

「Have you finished eating?」

「Yummy, yummy. Stomach full!」

That’s good.
I carry the harpy and take her to a dark place where nobody is.

「Dark, can’t see, piiih.」

「It’s alright. Leave everything to me.」

I hug her close to my chest to ease her concern of the dark.
She should be fine if all she can see is me.

I pull my pants down enough to free my cock.

「Yotto. It goes in quite easily even though you’re small.」

「Piih. Something big went in.」

Compared to Sekrit, the infant-sized harpy doesn’t appear to be in pain from insertion.
Perhaps this is the difference in species?
When I embrace her in the face-to-face seated position, she flaps her wings happily.

「Breeding. Strong children. Piih.」

If she ruffles her wings too much, patrolling soldiers may notice us.
Spotting me with a harpy will cause rumors to worsen.

「Don’t move around so much. Here, I’ll hug you.」

I wrap my arm around her body, including her wings, and then she settles down with a soft peep.
Our noises were reduced to tiny groans from me and chirps from the harpy after each thrust I make.

「Pi, pi, pi…… piiih.」

「You really seem like a child in my arms.」

This one’s stature is in between that of a human female infant and a young human girl.
Her words are broken like a baby and I’ve occasionally had delusions that I’m doing the deed with a small child.

The harpy’s temperature is gradually rising and her voice is getting louder.
I guess, she’s almost there.

I cover the harpy’s mouth and make a few final thrusts before ejaculating.


A considerable amount of semen shoots into the harpy’s body.

「Pii…… made again, eggs made again.」

Because I was concentrating on the sensations of my ejaculation, I couldn’t pick out what she mumbled.

After the act, the harpy squeaks on top of me as I lay face up.
Thinking she’s a bit too noisy, I decide to put her to sleep.

While softly patting her head and wings, I hum a lullaby.

A lot of the other girls liked Nonna’s song and sang it to their own children enough times that I know it by heart. I hope she forgives me for having a low-pitched voice and not being good at singing.

「■▼●――♪♪ △□◇――♪ ――♪♪♪」

Initially, the harpy stared blankly in bewilderment, but eventually matches the rhythm.
She manages to gradually adjust the tune of her voice irrespective of my harsh grating voice. Heh, she’s better than me.

「You know this song?」

「No, don’t know. First time hearing. Interesting.」

The harpy, seemingly fond of the song, repeats the melody I taught her.

「Piihー♪ Pipipiー♪ Pihー♪ Pipipii♪」

All of a sudden, my eyelids feel heavy.
How ridiculous of me to fall asleep to a lullaby at this age……

I can’t exert any effort to stand up.
The same helpless drowsiness resulting from drinking alcohol washes over me.


My eyelids drop and completely cover my eyes, leaving the last image in my mind as that of the harpy singing cheerfully.

「――Lord Hardlett! Lord Hardlett!」

I am woken up from my body being shaken.

「Mu, it’s morning?」

It seems like I fell asleep by the campfire.

「Y-you’re finally awake.」

I don’t remember this man. The least I can do is thank him for waking me.

「Oh, thanks.」

The man awkwardly averts his eyes.

「Um…… it would be best if you put on your clothes first.」


I take a quick look at myself and realize I’m naked.

Yesterday’s memories replay in my mind.
How strange, I only shifted my pants a little bit.
Did the harpy do it one more time after I fell asleep?

「Hey look…… it’s crazy how big it is. That’s just when it’s limp? It’s at least triple my size.」

「I heard Lord Hardlett was quite the womanizer. I mean, I would be too if I had something that large.」

「More importantly, he has this manliness about him. Trumpet call was two hours ago. He just lay naked and spread eagle while the soldiers ran around hectically.」

「I can’t win against such a great man…… no, I’ll lose and be gouged.」

I heard something disturbing. So I was apparently sleeping naked in the middle of headquarters during the morning trumpet call.
If only the harpy woke me up…… no, it would be bad if she stayed with me.
Besides, if Sekrit found her, she would eat her like a delicacy.

「With the information passed to the soldiers, the Military Commissioner will be coming soon……」

「Tell him I’ve gone out.」

I run back to my tent.

「Kyaaー A big dick!」

I mistakenly entered the tent for female soldiers.

「What are you doing waving that impressive thing around.」

The unamused voice belonged to Sekrit.

「I don’t know what kind of woman you were screwing, but you better get ready. The enemy is on their way.」

She test swings her sword as she snickers.
That appearance of hers seems off…… oh, I see, so she was wearing light armor yesterday too?

「You’re going to be fine wearing that?」

「I don’t want to hear it from you while you’re naked.」

Sekrit is a veteran soldier. She can decide what armor she wears on her own.
It isn’t my place to interfere.

Things are getting rowdy. So the enemy is here.

「Attack from the enemy eastern army and central army! ――In addition, a new detachment of cavalry and wagons have appeared to the south!」

「Orders from the Commissioner! Field army is to sortie, Arkland Defense army is to move to the walls! Deploy the catapults! Transport corps move to the rear! Lord Hardlett is to drop by the headquarters after the fight is over!」

I have a really bad feeling about that.

–Third Person POV–

Side Story: Disguised Celia.
Zan Dora Line of Defense. Headquarters.

Celia maintains an austere expression, wrapped entirely in a black cloak and with a greatsword by her feet.
Beside her is the solemn-looking Myla, who is standing at attention as usual.
Leopolt sits at a distance with his eyes closed, unconcerned with what is going on.

「Battle report, the enemy has not moved from the border after meeting up with reinforcements. They fought back during our forced reconnaissance, however they show no intent to pursue……pfft.」


Celia nods and answers in a lower-pitched voice than necessary.
The soldier who finished giving his report looks down at the ground, his shoulders shaking as he takes his leave.

「Supply from Lintbloom is progressing steadily. A sufficient amount of arrowheads, cannonballs, and spare armor have been secured…… puhu.」


Celia excitedly slaps her knee.
The messenger from Lintbloom covers his mouth and quickly walks away.

「Here is your regular contact from Rafen. The city is peaceful and there is nothing significant to report. I will keep the letter from the Madam.」

「Give my regards to Nonna-san. Tell her, I will make lots of love to her after the war is over.」

Celia opens her mouth and laughs heartily.
The messenger clears his throat several times before turning his face away and departing.

When only three individuals remained in the room, Celia heaves a big sigh.
Myla prods Celia in the back of her head with a finger.

「That hurt!」

「How long are you going to continue this charade?」

「If Aegir-sama isn’t here, the morale of the soldiers will decrease. That’s why I’m acting as his double……」

「They obviously recognize you’re not him! Who is going to mistake you for Lord Hardlett when you’re three times smaller than him…… stuffing your crotch doesn’t make a difference either!」

Myla pulls Celia’s cheeks.
Leopolt doesn’t react to anything.

「Hrgah, gah―― I know that! Still, that’s the order I’ve been given and I have to fulfill it. I wanted to follow Aegir-sama!」

Celia opens up her pants and drops the cushions inside.

「……anyways Myla-san, bring Irijina-san and Luna-san to my tent tonight. Aegir-sama doesn’t take any nights off when it comes to embracing women.」

「Why do the four of us have to sleep together every night……?」

Celia removes her cloak and undoes her disguise, then walks together with Myla to the well to take a bath.

There, the two girls overhears the conversation of soldiers.

「Celia-sama also observed today in that outfit.」
「Yeah, she’s trying to act as the feudal lord-sama’s body double, right? Everybody can see through it though.」
「Idiot, read the mood. You’re supposed to pretend not to notice! If she finds out we know, she might stop doing it.」

Celia trembles in humiliation while Myla stifles a laugh.

「Oh right, at night I saw her take Irijina-sama, Myla-sama and Luna-sama to her tent. Is she going to act as a double in that regard too?」

「Of course. We’re talking about the serious Celia-sama here, I’m sure she replicates the night activity too.」

「So that means…… gulp.」

There was a brief moment of eerie silence.

「Based on Celia-sama’s physique, she’s on top, right? And then she alternates between Irijina-sama or Myla-sama in that area……」

「No way! I pictured her laying on top of Myla-sama! And then the other two would take dildos and……」

「Stupid, dildos are wrong. She uses her fingers and tongue to extensively pleasure the others one by one until they’re sopping wet……」

「Aaaaaaaaaah!! Why is this part the only part you believe so vividly!? Believe everything, you blockheads!」

Celia flies out in a rage and kicks the soldiers.

Nevertheless, the obstinate Celia persists in her role as a body double.




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