Chapter 402: Sweet Punishment and Night Before the Decisive Battle




Translator: Nat

–Third Person POV–

South Rafen – Deserted Lands.

The Hardlett army is chasing after the fleeing South Yuguria army. Fights break out intermittently as both groups move further and further south.

「Cavalry, circle around from the left. Alternate the center of attack between the left and right, maintaining pressure on the enemy at all times.」

「You can break through if they counterattack from the front. Let the reserve battle ranks take their attack, then seal off the path of retreat and strike.」

Once again, Leopolt and Tristan are taking command of the Hardlett army.

「On the right! This time the cavalry are coming from the right!! Where did the spear unit go!?」

「They were torn to shreds from the last attack! We’ll have to defend with just us!」

「Enough, retreat to the back already! If you don’t, we’ll continue being chased forever!」

「Don’t be stupid. If this part collapses, the entire army will be annihilated. We have no other choice than to withdraw gradually!」

Day and night, the South Yuguria army are chased, with more than an entire day passing by and their losses mounting.
The soldiers’ fatigue levels have reached the limit and their reactions are becoming duller.

Meanwhile, the morale of the Hardlett army is running high.

「Alright, next up is the left wing. We’ll take a five-minute break!」

「What, already? We could easily attack more. Let’s drive them off in one go.」

「This is part of the plan. If you really can’t control yourself, throw some rocks during your break or something.」

They are also fighting without sleep or rest, however they are winning and are experiencing the excitement from chasing the enemy from their own territory, thus forgetting their exhaustion.

「I was really frightened when Rafen was under attack…」

「Yeah, but when the feudal lord-sama returned, the enemy was smashed into pieces.」

「Even if a new enemy appeared, everything will be fine as long as we have the feudal lord-sama. Let’s push on.」

Compared to the South Yuguria army who are desperately trying not to fall apart, the Hardlett army has a rearguard, which gives the soldiers’ spirits a sense of security.

Like earthworms writhing from being exposed to the scorching sun, any attacks attempted occasionally by the retreating South Yuguria army get squashed.
90% of the corpses left in the wake of the two armies come from their side.

Of course, it wasn’t like they didn’t try to do anything.
Corps commander Patricia Raleigh struggles hard to reorganize the troops and the headquarters, however――

「Bring the soldiers on the right wing and shut down the enemy’s offensive! The third division light cavalry unit should escape harm!」

Patricia shouts fervently, but her staff officers are not very receptive.

「The third division light cavalry went ahead to the south as a precaution to the enemy’s detour to the rear. Won’t they not make it in time even if we send a messenger?」

After the staff officer spoke, he turns his face away and audibly clicks his tongue.

Patricia realizes it herself, yet she gives the next order nonetheless.

「Then call the reserve infantry in the rear and have them form a defensive wall! We can’t withdraw properly unless we cut off contact with the enemy!」

「The order has already been given, but it looks like more time is needed due to the disruption in command…… hmp, crybaby.」

Another staff officer mutters something after giving his report.

「What did you say just now, bastard!?」

「I didn’t say anything.」

This time, Patricia barks back, however the staff officer simply straightens his back and denies her accusation.

「……since the last fight, everyone is…… unhappy about my behavior and I know that. But right now, we should only be thinking of keeping losses to a minimum and shaking off our pursuers! If we get through this, we can meet up with the central or western army and bring down the capi――」

Patricia strains her voice to encourage her subordinates to no avail. None of the headquarters personnel show any positive expressions on their faces nor do they cheer.

「If you run away crying, our allies might save you.」
「You should bring a change of underwear just in case.」
「If only head staff officer Schterzen-dono was alive instead of her……」

Instead, all she could hear were biting comments that she couldn’t distinguish who said them.
Patricia bites her lip and stops her ineffective inspiration.

Her crying and incontinence while retreating had already circulated to everyone in the eastern army.
It’s reasonable, considering she was running across the battlefield while wailing so loudly.

Patricia’s dignity fell to rock bottom after the failure of the dual ambush of Rafen and Lintbloom, then the major defeat following that, so staff officers, upper class commanders and of course rank-and-file soldiers, all look at her with contempt.

It was inevitable for command to come apart at the seams since Patricia was barely recognized as a commander in the strict South Yuguria army.

Reports continued coming in as if pouring salt in her wounds.

「The Sixth Division cavalry successfully broke through the center of the enemy, but they were blocked by the second line and surrounded! They can’t avoid total destruction.」


Patricia’s eyes widen, then she looks down and mutters with a dumbfounded expression.

「Their command changed again…… this method of inviting the attack and then crushing it…… no, the reckless charge might suddenly come again. Thinking that way, we can’t carelessly respond with a strategy…… however we can’t compete against such a detailed style while fortifying the front in preparation for the charge……」

Patricia is at her wits’ end.

「Commander, your orders, quickly.」

「Without your orders, we’ll have to decide on our own to retreat the army.」

Her subordinates hurl merciless words.

「You guys……」

Tears well up in Patricia’s eyes again, although she knew her disdain would worsen if she cried here, so she wiped her face to hide it.

「Abandon the 10 000 soldiers in front! Using the time they buy, we’ll have the rearguard regroup and retreat steadily in a square form――」

Faster than she could finish, a large pillar of fire bursts into the air and screaming soldiers can be heard.

「What!? What happened!?」

「A catapult!? No way, we’re on the field!」

「That’s not it! This is the same as when we attacked Rafen…… look! In the sky――!!」

A giant black shadow flies in the air, dropping flaming barrels and pots down on the soldiers’ heads.
The rearguard Patricia intended to reorganize quickly lost composure and they started to retreat in a scattered mess.

「The rearguard has collapsed. I propose that you make a necessary modification to your orders.」

「The vanguard is also on the verge of collapsing. They urgently require your orders. Commander.」

「What is that…… s-something like this…… why is this……」

Patricia’s beautiful face distorts and tears overflow from her eyes as she continues commanding in a nasaly voice.

–Aegir POV–

Rafen – Bedroom.

I break the tension first as Gido and Luna stand nervously in front of me.

「Let me tell you right away that I don’t intend to punish you.」


It shouldn’t be surprising.
To begin with, it’s ridiculous of them to take responsibility for someone else’s actions.
I know they’re all part of the mountain nation, but the clan is separated into independent families who have different lifestyles and aren’t physically living together.

「If you’re going to bring up responsibility, you’d have to constantly monitor them. How stifling.」

It’s not a futile effort to try and prevent betrayal.
However, it would be better spent on dealing with the traitor after the fact.

「I’m sure you two have your reasons though.」

「It is exactly as you guessed.」

Gido and Luna have the largest family in the mountain antion.
Most likely, their leader told them not to upset me this time or get punished.

「It wouldn’t be smart to leave lasting effects though. I should end this decisively.」

I finish a cup of alcohol and offer some to the two of them.

「I will gladly accept.」
「Me too. So, I have this suggestion for our punishment.」

Gido has an idea?

「How about if we do it to each other? In other words, I will punish Luna-san…… and then Luna-san will do this and that to me.」


I nod once.
It wasn’t in agreement to Gido, it was simply acknowledgement of his suggestion.

It appears he still has lingering attachment to Luna and it’s my duty as a feudal lord to sever that.
Fufufu, I just thought of a suitable punishment as an immoral feudal lord.

「Alright, preparations are complete.」

Luna and I are naked on the bed together.
Meanwhile, Gido is wearing a casual shirt and naked on his lower half, sitting on a chair by the bedside in a rather pitiful pose.

「What’s with this……」

Gido’s legs are spread apart with his ankles tied to the legs of the chair and his arms are bound behind him in a way that prevents him from moving.

「You’ll understand soon. Luna, get on top. Keep your ass facing me.」

I sit cross-legged and allow Luna to mount me.

「Uu…… so big…… uugh!」

My cock is already erect.
Rather, I haven’t been able to ejaculate lately so it’s way bigger than normal.

「It’s too big…… can’t fit…… can you pull my hips…… ugh…… please?」

「I can’t. You have to push down on your own.」

Luna seemed to pout for a split second before spreading her legs wider and applying weight to both of her thighs with her hands.

「Uuuuuu――!! I-it’s going in!」

Luna lets out an anguished groan as the squelch of flesh sliding against flesh can be heard and I feel my rod getting swallowed up.

「Luna…… -san」

Gido should clearly see Luna’s hole stretching and taking in my dick.
He sounds frustrated, yet he can’t hide his arousal…… obviously, because his lower half is totally exposed.

Luna is so focused on lowering her hips that she doesn’t pay attention to Gido’s gaze and continues exerting her strength.
Eventually, my meat rod reaches the entrance of Luna’s womb.


At the same time, Luna’s body loses strength and she falls into my chest.
The reverse sitting position is complete.

「Haa, haa…… chief.」

Luna turns back to look at me with a flushed face that is satisfied after completing the task she was given.

「Fufu, was that a little mean of me? Well, you were pretty cute when you were trying your best.」

「Aahn. Your thing is thicker and much harder than usual, so it was a struggle. Even now, my hole is―― nnmu!」

I don’t let her end her sentence and steal her lips, slipping my tongue inside her mouth as well.
Simultaneously, my hands circle to the front of her body to fondle her breasts while I move my hips up and down.

「Aah, so thick…… your manly hands are squeezing my chest…… ah, don’t pull my nipples…… nnnh!」

Luna melts from the kissing and caressing, her vagina correspondingly leaking with fluid and her nipples harden.

「Chief…… I can’t take this.」

Gido groans miserably in his chair.

「Oh, I forgot.」
「Gido……it’s getting good, don’t get in the way……」

I might be an evil feudal lord right now, but I won’t do something as cruel as letting Gido watch me fuck Luna in front of him, knowing the feelings he has.

「Luna. Use your feet to stroke Gido.」


Gido couldn’t believe what he heard, while Luna, whose decision-making ability is gradually disappearing as her mind is captured by the pleasure, stretches out her leg without any resistance or embarrassment.

「Is this fine…… ah, don’t stop moving your hips.」

Luna closes both her feet around the dick of the bound Gido and strokes him slowly with the soles of her feet.

「Using her feet…… how vexing…… but it feels good!」

Gido could only writhe a limited amount with his body tied up.
He desperately tries to push his crotch up to heighten the pleasure, only to fail and get stopped by the ropes restraining him.

「It’s rubbing inside…… aaah!!」

Closing her legs up in her current position further increased the stimulation within Luna, making her moan.
This is quite the immoral scene.

「Sorah, how about this?」

I release Luna’s lips so I can lick her from shoulder to neck, finishing off with a bite to her nape.


Luna screams.
A stream of liquid squirts out from her crotch and splashes onto Gido.

That set something off in Gido’s brain.
He thrusts out his hips and groans.

「I’m gonna cum! Let me spray it on your body!」

「Ah, you can’t!」

Gido’s request doesn’t get through.
Luna presses Gido’s dick with the bottom of her foot.

「Gu…… uuuuh!」

The semen that shot out from Gido’s relatively splendid cock sticks to the bottom of Luna’s foot and sadly drips to the floor.

「Haa, haa…… how could you-」

「Fufufu, it’s not over yet.」

I lift Luna up and lay her back on the bed, transitioning to missionary style.

「Luna, do it with your hands next.」

I bury my face in Luna’s bosom and furiously shake my hips.
I don’t want to see Gido’s thing while having sex.

「U-understo…… aaah! So rough!」

The bed creaks noisily as Luna screams in a high-pitched voice and inattentively grabs Gido’s dick.

「Ow, Luna-san, your nails!」

「I’m sorry! I couldn’t help it! The chief is going wild inside me!」

Luna had no space in her mind to worry about Gido, so while she is lying face up with her hand unnaturally stretched out, she could only follow my instructions exactly, grabbing Gido’s dick harshly and giving him a rather crude handjob.

「If you do it so hard…… but Luna-san’s hand is so smooth…… aah, cumming!! Let me do it on your face!」

「Ah, you can’t!」

Luna covers his dick with both hands in time for Gido’s semen to splatter on her palms, then sadly drip to the floor.

「Haa, haa.」


Both GIdo and Luna seem languid, but of course I’m not done with them yet.

「I’ll do it from the back next.」

I roll Luna over and stick it in from behind.


Luna arches her back and makes eye contact with Gido.



Before the two of them could say another word, I pull my cock out as far as I can without leaving her hole and slam it back inside to the very back.


Saliva flies out from Luna’s mouth when she howls and gets on Gido’s chest, stomach and crotch.
I can’t see it from where I am, but I’m sure Luna has an unbelievably naughty expression on her face.

「Luna. Take it in your mouth.」


That last thrust completely eliminated the needless thoughts from Luna’s mind, allowing her to open her mouth and lower her head to Gido’s dick without hesitation.

「Luna-san’s going to use her mouth……」

Despite cumming twice already, Gido’s eyes light up with expectations and he tries his best to hold up his crotch covered in a syrupy mess.

I stop Luna right at the moment her lips touch Gido’s dick.

「I can’t do it after all. Use only your breath.」

「Fue…… yes.」

「Wait, you can’t-!?」

Luna obeys, purses her lips and blows air on Gido’s crotch.

Gido deflates after being ready for her lips and getting let down. At this point, he could only slightly twist his body to deal with the ticklish feeling.

「Chief…… you’re too cruel..」

Gido glares at me.
That’s fine. I’d actually be upset if he gave up and pathetically accepted all that’s been done to him.


Luna’s breath quickly changes his angry look to a shameful look.

「Gido, I know you still have feelings for Luna.」


Gido turns pale.

「It’s natural to be attracted to her since she’s such a beauty. You’re free to steal her from me if you wish.」

I continue on as I thrust into Luna.
Luna is still doing as she was told and keeps blowing.

「If you truly want to make her yours, don’t do it sneakily.」

I grab Luna’s butt cheeks and spread them apart.

「What good is it to be a small man who goes behind my back and satisfies himself by secretly laying hands on her?」

I cover Luna with my body and suck her neck strong enough to leave a distinct mark.

「If you want Luna, be a bigger man than me and steal her confidently. Stick your dick out in front of her and tell her “be my woman”.」

「From the front……」

I grab Luna’s hands and pull her back.

「As you are now, you can’t take Luna away. Look, can you get a woman to make this kind of face?」

I swing my hips fiercely.

「Hiih! Aagh! Aoooh!!」

I’m not thrusting gently to bring both of us to climax.
It was a move that a dominant male uses to force a woman to orgasm.

「The normally lovely Luna-san is drooling…… and snot is dripping from her nose……」

「So? Do the girls become like this from your thrusts!?」

As the screaming Luna stares blankly at Gido, I give her one final deep thrust.


Luna’s entire body trembles. A profound orgasm rises from the depths of her body.

「Gido…… become…… a great man……」

As soon as Luna finishes her sentence, her back arches and she lets out a bestial grunt.


Gido simultaneously ejaculates on the floor.

Afterwards, Gido mutters to the unconscious Luna.

「Chief…… I’ll become a great man.」


Before that, I’ll leave kiss marks on Luna’s back and chest.
I’ll put some on her inner thighs as well.

「When that time comes…… I’ll take Luna-san.」

「I think it’ll be impossible, but go ahead and try.」

Gido looked handsome when he declared his goal, although I realize that he’s still tied to the chair and naked from the waist down.
The puddle of seed at his feet makes him look worse.

Then, something clicks in my mind.

「I forgot to punish Luna.」

Having sex with the girl Gido likes in front of him is enough of a punishment for him, however, it would only be pleasurable for Luna. I’d rather not think hard about it, so let’s go with something easy.

I wake Luna by shaking her and once again embrace her from behind.

「For your punishment, I’m going to pound your ass. As I am now……」

I look down at my enlarged penis.

「Your ass will tear, but I’ll give you proper ointment later.」


「I-it will be a punishment to me too……」

I push my dick, clearly oversized compared to Luna, against her asshole.

「Here I go.」

――Three Hours Later.

After helping Luna smear ointment to soothe her anal fistula, I leave the room.
It’s a high-quality medicine so she should heal by tomorrow.

「……the girl I love in front of me…… in the ass until it tore…… she looked so happy…… uuuuu.」

On the contrary, the damage on Gido might have been pretty big.
Perhaps I overdid it a little.

It would be silly if a new conflict is born from this so I’ll show Gido a good time.

「Is anyone there?」

When I shout into the hall, maids come running to me.

「Master~ how may I help you?」

「Uwa, smells of semen! Wait, Gido-sama is crying? ……eh, eh!?」

I’ll get straight to business before any misunderstanding occurs.

「There was a bit of a situation and he’s feeling depressed now. Could I ask one of you to comfort him? Of course, you can refuse if you don’t want――」

Hands swiftly raise up before I could finish.

「I-I will do it!」
「No, I’ll do it! My boobs are bigger!」
「No, me!」「I should be the one!」

Almost everyone, from a married woman over 40 years old to a 14 year old apprentice, raised their hands.
I didn’t include his popularity in my calculations.

Gido slumps his shoulders and orders from the selection of women.

「I’d like a young woman with large breasts. Also, is there anybody who can handle a little rough play?」

It might have been a good idea to corner him more.

I sigh and exit the room.
After doing so, the maids and servants tense up unnaturally.

「Hey, that’s……」
「I hear it’s for taking responsibility for what Pinette did. Regardless, it’s incredible.」

「Uwa, it gets worse every time I look back. You can see everything.」
「I can’t work like this. That should be against the rules.」

Aah, is it Rita?


Rita ignores the gossip around her and devotes herself to her professional duties.
Her entire face is red though.

The punishment I gave to Rita was extremely simple.

「Something like that can’t even be called a skirt anymore.」

The hem of her skirt was raised 45 cm above the knee.
Merely standing still reveals her underwear, which was purposely chosen to be a black one and covers very little of her ass.
It would be embarrassing if anyone saw, yet it doesn’t stop the serious Rita from working.

「Everyone already knows you’re taking the blame for Pinette, so let’s end it after one day.」

I run my hand from the bottom of her ass to the top with a flicking motion.

「Hyaah! M-master…… fuu, I thought somebody finally decided to pounce on me.」

Looking like this, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine the male servants losing their sense of reason and violating her.
I’ll give a warning just in case.

「Don’t worry. If anybody dares to attack you while you’re being punished…… they’ll be thrown into the dungeon like Pinette.」

I can tell a few male servants scattered after that.
This should be fine.

「Master, Sebastian-san has a report for you about that matter.」

Hoh, then I should go see him right away.


「What is it?」

I give Rita’s ass another rub.

「You have such a nice-looking ass. I almost want to eat it up.」

「Gosh! ……I’d be pleased if you do.」

Alright, time to find out what this report is about.

「This is the one.」

Standing beside Sebastian, frozen out of nervousness, is a single maid.
She appears to be in her mid-twenties and, judging by her makeup, she seems to be the fancy type.
She’s an average beauty and one I haven’t slept with.

「Yes…… actually-」

The girl looks up to check my expression as she begins to tell her story as follows:

She was able to hook up with another guy after not having a lover for a long time.

That person was very handsome and caring, capturing her heart in no time.

They were happy together, however that person had been asking recently about the mansion and about the circumstances regarding me.

She did not answer at first because she thought it was suspicious, but because the man was skilled in bed and had a decently-sized dick, he won her over and got her to talk.

That was when she received a gentle warning from Sebastian and decided to confess everything.

「I see.」

「I have an idea regarding that.」

I listen to Sebastian and we devise a plan together.

「So the document is being kept in this inn?」

「Y-yeah. It clearly looked like something important and I was afraid of keeping it in the house…… sorry.」

「No, don’t be. You did well. I knew you were the best.」

「It’s nothing. I’ll do anything for Locke.」

The maid and her man talk and get closer.
When they entered the inn, the door slammed shut behind them.

「I’m sorry, Locke.」

The maid quickly hides herself.

「My apologies, Locke.」

I punch the man in the head and knock him unconscious.
Problem solved.

After inspecting the man’s belongings, it wasn’t hard to figure out he was a spy for South Yuguria.

I pat the girl’s head when all is said and done.

「Well done for not leaking the secret.」

「Thanks…… master took care of me after all.」

She blushes and smiles.

I’m sure she’s hurt after having to cut off the man she fell in love with.
Maybe she’ll want me to comfort her.

「Not really, I didn’t have any hesitation. I mean-」

The maid runs to Sebastian’s side.

「I found a much better man than that…… you know…… ehe.」

Why am I getting a bad feeling about this?

「These wrinkly fingers…… ufu, auu.」

When my eyes meet with Sebastian’s eyes, he didn’t do anything besides the usual graceful bow.

「I’ll do anything for Sebastian-sama, and I mean anything……」

「Then if I may, I feel your appearance is too flashy for a servant of the mansion. Could I ask you to consider toning it down?」


The girl quickly removes her makeup and her accessories.

「……anyways, good job Sebastian.」

「It is a butler’s duty after all.」

Sebastian bows deeply this time. Let’s leave this matter at that.
His fingers…… were they really that amazing?


As I become lost in thought, Celia comes running over.

「What does my finger technique feel like?」

「When you rub the area above the entrance with your thick finger, my hips give out―― gah, this isn’t the right time for that!」

Celia wiggles her hips as she reminisces, but then instantly straightens herself.

「It’s a message from Leopolt-san! “The enemy has weakened after our thorough pursuit. We have ceased the chase due to the soldiers reaching their maximum level of fatigue, with the enemy constrained to a wasteland near Zan Dora. There have been confirmed sightings of them joining up with others from Malt, so we have set out to completely annihilate them.” That is all!」

「Shall we go?」

I look out the window.
The conscription of a provisional force should be just about finished.

「We’ll crush the eastern army.」

Time to sortie.

–Third Person POV–

North Coast of North Teries River.

「Enemy transport ship spotted! It looks like they’re attempting to land!」

The entire defense force tenses up when they hear the lookout’s report.

「They’re finally coming…… and to where we are of all places.」

「Our defenses aren’t very strong…… can we really stop them……?」

The Goldonia army could not focus their troops in one location since they had to cover a wide area on the north coast of the North Teries river.
Compared to the number of incoming transport ships, their forces seemed quite worrying.

「We’re going to l―― pugya!」

One of the trembling soldiers fall to the ground.
The one who kicked him had long and flexible dark-skinned legs.

「You coward. What good is it to be scared of that fleet of tiny ships?」

Sekrit snorts as she rests her imbalanced, one-armed body on the back of a chair.

「They don’t have any ships with flat bottoms that can directly ride up the shore nor do they have ships packed with cannons to support them.」


Sekrit rests her feet on the back of the soldier who fell down on his hands and knees in front of her.

「You have no reason to fear.」

Sekrit crosses her legs. The gaze of the soldier being stepped on is drawn to what’s underneath her skirt, however one glance sends his eyes downward.

「I’ll teach the enemy that they should be the one who feels terror for trying to land with a fleet like that.」

Those violet eyes of hers glimmer as they stare at the approaching fleet and the corners of her pretty mouth lift up eerily.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City.

Nonna (legal wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine), Maria (concubine), Catherine (concubine)
Brynhildr (gathering), Gretel (concubine), Melissa (fainted), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover)
Mireille (lover), Pipi (aerial bombing), Casie (untraceable), Rita (45 cm above the knee), Yoguri (playwright), Leah (injured)
Marceline (lover), Daughters – Stephanie (lover), Bridget (lover), Felicie (lover)
Natia (wealthy person), Sofia (lover), Sekrit (off on her own)
Sebastian (disciplined), Dorothea (capital mansion supervisor), Claudia (volunteer soldier), Clara (resignation)
Celestina (weak), Monica (troubled), Adela (embarrassed)

Celia (adjutant), Myla (commander), Marta (attendant), Irijina (commander), Peticheri (intelligence), Luna (anal fistula), Ruby (around somewhere), Gido (escort unit), Polte (dealing with aftermath)
Leopolt (staff officer), Tristan (staff officer)
Claire & Laurie (total exhaustion), Lilian (relaxing), Kroll (dealing with aftermath), Alma (dealing with aftermath)

Rafen Defense:
Adolph (dealing with aftermath), Jim (Rafen defense), Suzy (no-good staff officer A), Solana (no-good staff officer B)
Felteris (orgy), Alice (relieving fatigue)

Lammy (monster unit), Alraune (potted plant), Mirumi (monster unit), Balbano (meeting and farewell), harpy (equipping with bombs)
Pochi (tactical bombing), Messerschmitt (aboard a flight), Schwartz (horse)

Citizens: 220,000 (uncertain in wartime)
Major Cities – Rafen: 40,000. Lintbloom: 7000. Special Cultivation District: 14,000.

Rafen Defense Force:
Security: 150
Guards: 500
Volunteer Soldiers/ Recruits: 16 000 ⇒ 23 000

Under Protagonist: 28 250

Escort Unit: 120
Infantry: 12 000 ⇒ 11 800
Cavalry: 1300 ⇒ 1250
Archers: 1400
Cannoneers: 450
Bow Cavalry: 9000 ⇒ 8950
Aless Soldiers: 3980 ⇒ 3979
Cannons: 60, Large Cannons: 30, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Field Artillery: 20, Chariots: 50

On Their Own
Aless Soldiers: 10 000

Assets: 159 500 gold
Sexual Partners: 782, children who have been born: 68 + 565 + ???

Enemy Eastern Army Force: Approx. 50 000 ⇒ 25 000
+ 10 000 (Malt reservists) = 35 000




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