Chapter 423: Battleship Tale




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Port City – Patena.

I feel the faintest hint of murderous intent and suddenly wake up, kicking off the covers in the process.

「Nn, you’re awake?」

However, there was nobody in the narrow room. Only the naked Sekrit was on top of my chest.

「I felt an unusual bloodlust…… was it my imagination?」

Sekrit rests both her elbows on my chest and snorts.

「We’re in the middle of war. Bloodlust is everywhere, what good does it do if the supreme commander is scared?」

「Damn right. What a cowardly thing to do.」

I smile wryly and fondle Sekrit’s exposed bosom.
She allows me to do that much, but when I try to bring my mouth to her nipples, she pinches my nose and runs away.

「Don’t get turned on in the morning. There’s no time for that.」

She slips off the bed, walking away still naked.

She has such a pretty neck, an impressively muscular back, a fine ass that shakes everytime she moves…… as I was fascinated by the perfect body line, a pitcher of water was hurled at me without any restraint.

An average man would have been hit directly in the face and knocked out, but I easily catch it in one hand after my drowsiness was erased during the earlier incident.

「If you’re going to throw something, I’d prefer if you threw a cup.」

I say as I drink directly from the pitcher, pouring the liquid down my parched throat.
Celia would have brought a cup to my side and helped me drink. I’m forgetting something.

「Don’t prattle about something so feminine.」

After replying in a harsh tone, Sekrit smiles and, while still naked, sits on the table and also drinks directly from a pitcher.
She’s actually a fine woman, if only she acted more like it.

I stare in between Sekrit’s thighs as I continue drinking, wiping my face as well.
Celia would have wiped my face while I was sleeping――I’m forgetting something.

「Lecher. You want to see a vagina that much?」

Noticing my gaze, Sekrit throws the now useless wooden cup at me before spreading her legs. What a wonderful sight to see in the morning.

That was when I spit out what I had in my mouth.


「No, I just remembered what happened yesterday.」

When she heard what I said, Sekrit became upset.

After the naval battle victory, I fired off my long-accumulated seed in Sekrit.
It was already closer to cheese than a fluid and it stuck tightly in her body, not coming out for multiple days.
Even she started looking concerned until last night―― where the semen liquified and flowed out.

「……at the worst timing.」

It was in front of the repair and remodelling of the captured battleship, Aless of Aless.

Ivanna was briefing the sailors and crew centered around the Aless soldiers, then suddenly a splat of something sticky came from Sekrit’s crotch. All that seed inside her flowed down her thigh and made a puddle under her.
Furthermore, because of how long it remained inside her belly, there was an awful stench that wafted everywhere.

Sekrit tries to cover up her lower half with her prosthetic hand, which was unluckily equipped with her claw hand, so she couldn’t do anything except glare at me with the semen continuously dripping out.
As she said, it was the worst timing because hundreds of Aless soldiers were lined up in front of her.

「Ooh, that woman wet herself! There’s so much of it!」
「Wait, it smells like a man! The king’s friend pumped it in her! As expected of a true man, he does things differently!」

The Aless soldiers cheer.

「Still, what a cute way of wetting herself! I heard that she was as great as a man, but she isn’t a real one after all!」

「If our king can’t make it to thte toilet, he opens his legs, folds his arms, and sticks out his chest boldly before letting it out! That is how a true man does it. I want to be that way when I piss too.」

Fortunately, those guys started talking about something else so Sekrit avoided being made fun of.

However, Ivanna’s briefing was ruined and she became livid…… screaming at the top of her lungs.

I grin when I remember what happened and beckon Sekrit over with my hand after putting down the pitcher.

「Don’t get turned on by something so stupid. I said we don’t have time.」

Sekrit refuses me as I present my erect dick to her.

「Come. I want to embrace you.」

I use a stronger tone and Sekrit falters, eventually sighing and standing up.

「I have much to do today too. Finish up quickly.」

Sekrit climbs up onto the bed again and gets on all fours.
Immediately, I grab her dark-skinned ass.


As I was ready to penetrate her, there was a slight vibration in the bed.
I could also hear a muffled voice.

「……come quickly.」

To gloss over the issue, Sekrit spreads her genitals.
I resume bringing my dick closer to her.


I definitely felt the bed shake, and the muffled voice sounds familiar.
In addition, there is a cute murderous intent permeating the room.

「Wait a second.」

I pause temporarily and lift up the entire bed.

「Gmohーー! Please help me! I’ll kill that woman!」

Under the bed was Celia, who was gagged and had both arms and legs bound.
She somehow twisted her body while completely tied up and kicked the bed.

「So the murderous intent that woke me up was Celia’s, huh?」

That reminds me, yesterday I slept with Celia and Sekrit in that order.
Afterward, both of them fell asleep on either of my arms.

「Fueeeh, Aegir-samaa. It was that woman…… that woman tied me up and put me under the bed……」

「How could you do that to my cute Celia?」

I hug Celia after freeing her and stare at Sekrit.
She turns her face unhappily to the side and dresses herself, letting out a disappointed reply.

「It was her that attacked first. She was trying to kick me off the bed, so I fought back.」

Celia buries her face into my chest. Well, that’s a pretty common occurrence.
After I wake up from an orgy, I would often see only Celia with me in bed the next morning and the rest of the girls on the floor.

Anyways, I guess I have to wake up now.

「Go first. I need to get ready.」

Sekrit leaves before I could finish speaking and Celia reluctantly follows suit, then I slowly dress myself.
Soon after, I hear a voice outside of the room.

「Margrave Hardlett. I’m here to change the bed sheets.」

「Oh, enter.」

A soldier wearing a military uniform comes in.
The soldier was holding a rolled up replacement bed sheet.

Having given permission to come in, I turn around half-naked and grab the empty pitcher.

「Last night was pretty intense. Look, even the floor is soaked.」

「Haha, as expected of Hardlett-sama.」

The soldier replies indifferently and drops the sheets――

「Prepare yourself――!!」

A sword was pulled out from the sheets and thrust at my back.

「Oh, prepare, huh?」

I partially turn my body and let the blade pass under my arm.

This surprise attack was too slow.
I knew it was coming, but I might have been able to deal with it even if I wasn’t ready.


I bash the man’s vulnerable head with the porcelain pitcher.
A sharp shattering sound was made as the pitcher exploded and at the same time, there was a dull crack from his skull splitting too.


The man’s sword drops from his hand and he collapses forward to the floor.

「You were releasing murderous intent in front of the room.」

I use my foot to turn the man onto his back.

「It’s possible that she could have been looking for an opening to eavesdrop, but there’s no way I would mistake Celia’s bloodlust for somebody else’s.」

He starts to convulse.
Since his head was split open, he’s obviously going to die eventually.
I’m not the type of person to let someone suffer, so I end his misery by breaking his neck.

「I’m late. I better hurry.」

I make sure no blood spilled on my clothes and run out of the room.

Patena Port – On Board Aless of Aless.

A little bit of repairing and remodeling was being done on the captured battleship, which was moored at the harbor.
Celia and I was watching it together

「What are they doing there?」

I ask as we watch men carry unknown parts and crawl under the stern of the ship.

「I think they’re changing the rudder. I believe Balbano finished it late last night.」

Celia checks her memo and answers promptly.

I see. If I recall, the rudder is what a ship uses to change direction.
I still don’t know much about ships.

「It seems they’re also changing the armor. There is new plating in certain areas.」

「Ivanna was arguing yesterday as we..」

She made an uproar about mobility this and armor that.
I was finally able to calm her down after she insisted that she is the commander.

「Ivanna-san was trying to say that expanding the armor would negatively affect the mobility. Aless of Aless was already the slowest and most sluggish of the ships, so it would really lower the overall speed of the fleet.」

She has a good point.
If I replace the image with land armies, it would be like slowing down an already slow-footed squad and decreasing the overall speed of the entire army.

「On the contrary, that woman very arrogantly said, ”It depends on the situation. There are cases where a slow and heavily-armored turtle would be useful.” After that, the aforementioned bursting of the dam happened.」

「Your imitations are really good.」

Celia absolutely won’t call Sekrit by her name.
Meanwhile, Sekrit isn’t willing to use Aless of Aless as the ship’s name.

「I’m sure the firepower will also be increased.」

My attention shifts to the broadside where the cannons are lined up.
A few cannons have been removed and another cannon…… the large cannons brought by my personal army, are being installed in their place.

My army utilizes four different types of cannons: the regular cannons constructed in Lintbloom, lightweight cannons made for field use, large cannons made using the dwarves’ design as a reference, and an especially large cannon the dwarves made according to their taste.

Right now, the large cannons are being installed.
At first Sekrit wanted the dwarven cannons, but the mechanisms were too complicated for the quickly-gathered sailors to operate.
Not to mention, Leopolt had to tell her not to move them because he needed them for a plan, which made the both of them stare at each other for more than ten seconds.
I’ll pretend I didn’t see Celia secretly agitating Leopolt from behind.

In any case, Aless of Aless had its armor and firepower enhanced.

「By the way, where did Sekrit go?」

She puffed her cheeks when I started to pat Celia’s head so I need to deflate her.

「Over there. It looks like she’s training the Aless sailors.」

I look and see the Aless soldiers in several small boats doing oar-rowing training. Despite being a fair distance away, I can hear Sekrit yelling.

「Move together. You won’t build up speed if every one of you rows separately. How many times do I have to say it until you understand!?」

「There is no such thing as impossible for our muscles!」
「We’re starting to turn right. That’s proof of the port side winning, row harder! Victory is within or grasp!」

I can’t bear to watch.

「That’s horrible.」

Celia copies exactly what I do.

The boats take turns turning right and then left more frequently than going straight.
Weren’t they more in sync during the landing operation? In the end, it was no use.

Sekrit also reaches her limit and begins to kick the soldiers with as much force as a man. Yet, the Aless soldiers simply laugh jovially.

「Ah, they’re going to crash.」

No sooner than those words came out from Celia’s mouth did two boats collide, throwing Sekrit and the Aless soldiers into the river.
Other boats either stray off course and run up onto the coast or row so hard that the oars break, rendering them helpless in the water.

「Wahahaha! We crashed!」
「Since both boats sunk, we can say this is a draw!」
「Damn, these oars are weak! They’re not suitable for men of Aless!」

The Aless soldiers float in the water, shouting back and forth.
Well, since they swam across the North Teries, I’m sure they won’t drown.

Some of them display excellent swimming skills as Sekrit makes her way over towards me.
She deftly lifts herself up onto a protrusion being repaired and silently shakes her head once.
Most of the water was shaken off from her beautiful black hair.

「Good work.」

I offer the towel given to me by Celia.
Sekrit accepts the towel and throws it back at Celia.
Upon closer inspection, I see it was a cloth dirtied from the cleaning of the ship deck.

「They’re trash. They don’t listen to a word anyone says.」

The soaked Sekrit plops herself onto a wooden crate.
I don’t think she’s asking for my opinion, so I’ll stay quiet.

「I had high hopes since all of them are well-built and proficient in both swimming and close combat……」

Celia, whose face was turned black, throws the towel back at Sekrit.

「They can’t even row together. Instead, they rely on strength and break the oars. They pull so hard when unfurling the sails that the ropes tear. They get too excited when boarding that they jump into the river before making contact…… are they beasts? They’re even dumber than you. They only have power.」

Sekrit nonchalantly evades the towel, then kicks a pot containing resin at Celia, tripping her and making her fall.

「Don’t say that, give them a chance. You don’t have anyone else to rely on.」

Besides, it’s not an easy task to gather hundreds of capable swimmers.
And the only option we have, if we want to make it in time for the naval battle, is to train the Aless soldiers.

「That’s why I’m irritated. I don’t have any other choice than those idiots!」

The Aless soldiers climb onto the shore one after the other.
Nobody was washed away or injured. Their durability could not be compared to average people.

「I don’t know what the training consists of, but why not use metal oars instead of wooden ones? That way, they won’t break.」

「Metal oars would be too heavy. The boats wouldn’t have the propulsive power to move―― no wait, those idiots might be able to do it.」

Sekrit puts a hand to her chin to ponder the thought, easily avoids the angry Celia’s attack, and drops a caterpillar stuck to the wooden box inside her collar. Celia screams, takes off her shirt and jumps into the water.
She swims…… aah, she runs back after stepping on an Aless soldier’s head. She looks fine.

I point to the ship to make another suggestion.

「I have one more idea, albeit an amateurish one. Since the muscle heads are the crew, why not use those? The tall things with ladders.」

「Boarding towers? It would be absurd to have those things on a battleship……」

Sekrit glares at the Aless soldiers who returned from the river like nothing happened.

「It might be better than mishandling a cannon.」

Sekrit nods, stands up, kisses me and shouts at the Aless soldiers.

「Next, we’re doing training on how to operate a ship. There’s no time to rest!」

「Rest? We won’t take a break in the middle of training!」
「Yeah. Resting once every five days is more than enough, there’s no time to waste when honing our bodies!」

Sekrit gets fed up and leaves, and in her place, Celia comes back with some seaweed on her head.

「Damn her, one day I’ll put a hot stone down her shirt and throw her into a muddy stream!」

Can I consider the training to be progressing smoothly too?

The sun sets.

Sekrit continues her training through the night and Celia has her own preparations with her battalion, leaving me alone again.
Just when I was about to go drink with Ivanna and walk around the town, I feel the same murderous intent I felt this morning aimed at my back.

「Good grief, again?」

When I turned around with a hand on my Dual Crater, I didn’t see a wicked assassin, it was a single woman.

The woman was shocked momentarily when I faced her and considered running away, but resolved herself to approach me.

「Um…… Hardlett-sama, right?」


I inspect the woman as I answer her.

Agewise, she’s in her thirties, and she’s wearing clothes that show off the valley between her large breasts.
She’s around 160 cm tall and her body proportions are slightly plump, with some excess fat around her thighs and upper arms.
My instincts tell me that judging by her laidback way of speech, her strangely gyrating hips and upward glance, she’s quite the pervert.
She fits my tastes perfectly.

「I believe this is our first meeting…… how can I help you?」

I take my hand off my Dual Crater and speak as gently as possible, my eyes focused on her breasts.

「A-actually, I……」

She puts both hands on her cheeks and shyly shakes her head.
How cute.

「I heard rumors of Hardlett-sama and thought I’d see you with my own eyes…… but……」

She leans forward to emphasize the gap between her cleavage, then looks upward at me seductively as she confesses.

「You’re more lovely now that I’ve met you…… and lewd, it’s embarrassing.」

She stretches as far as she can to bring her lips close to my ear. Her sweet breath makes my ear tingle.
From under her short skirt, I see a clear fluid ooze down her chubby thigh.

「If you don’t mind…… could you make a mess of me?」

I change my plans, take the woman by the arm, and accompany her to an inn.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City.

Celia (battalion commander), Myla (going south), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Sekrit (ship captain)
Leopolt (strategy preparation), Tristan (staff officer plenipotentiary), Gido (escort unit), Yakov (105th commander), Brynhildr (vampire), Ivanna (angry), Annette (princess activities)

Nonna (awakened legal wife), Carla (bad influence)

Under Protagonist: 42 000

Escort Unit: 100
Infantry: 10 450
Cavalry: 1100
Archers: 1200
Cannoneers: 450
Bow Cavalry: 8700

Independent Celia Squad: 1000

Aless Soldiers: 14 000
105 Army Corps: 4940
Cannons: 60, Large Cannons: 22 (-8), Dwarven Cannons: 16, Field Artillery: 20, Chariots: 50

Battleship Suvorov, Battleship Aless of Aless (being repaired)
Large Combat Ships: 5, Small Combat Ships: 20, Transport Ships: 20

Port City: Stationed in Patena

Enemy Force: Confirmed Portion
Western Army: Approx. 50 000, Magrado Local Army: Several Tens of Thousands
Fleet Stationed in Tebia: (Battleships: 1. Large Combat Ships: 8, Medium Combat Ships: 46, Small Combat Ships: Approx. 90)

Assets: -230 gold (remodelling fee -200) bill
Sexual Partners: 783, children who have been born: 69 + 565




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