Chapter 430: Unexpected Chance Meeting: Part 1




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–Aegir POV–

――Patena: Temporary Headquarters – Provisional Commander’s Quarters (rented mansion)

It’s noisy outside. Having my nap disturbed, I scratch my ass and get up, straining my ears to figure out what’s going on.

It seems to be a man arguing with a woman.

I immediately think of Celia reprimanding a soldier, however, I rejected that possibility after some more thought.
She ate Irijina’s special hotpot the day before yesterday and should be asleep.
Her life is not in any particular trouble, but her body became weak after expelling everything and is currently in no condition to yell energetically at a soldier.

Now that I’m completely awake, I make out the male voice to be Gido’s, whereas the female’s voice doesn’t sound familiar.
Actually, there is more than one female voice when I listen carefully.

「Hardlett-sama is resting! I won’t let suspicious individuals pass through!」

「We are pilgrims of Altair, not anybody suspicious.」
「We have a something serious to discuss regarding the religion.」
「It is the duty of pilgrims to cover their faces.」

The voices grow louder.
With all the fuss, I’m not in the mood to drink my morning tea or do my morning exercise.
Gido also sounds irritated, so I better resolve this quickly.

「What’s going on?」

I open the door slowly in my loungewear.

Gido and the visitors are glaring at each other in front of the door, and Marta has also run over to check on the commotion.
She must have been resting like I was, since she has bed hair.

「Ah, chief.」

I thank Gido for his diligence, who promptly straightens his back, then turn my attention to the visitors.

「These people insist on meeting the chief…… I was just about to get rid of them.」

There were three of them, all of who were wearing a white robe over their heads that hid their faces and had rather small frames.
If he allowed such people to pass, it would certainly disqualify him as a sentry.

Gido stands in between me and the mysterious visitors, his hand placed on the hilt of his sword.
His skill with the sword is excellent and he should be able to at least protect me from the first attack if he doesn’t let his guard down.
While I’m unarmed, I stay vigilant enough that these three small fries won’t be able to finish me off.

「Hardlett-sama is very busy. Unless you arranged for a meeting ahead of time, please leave.」

The slightly bewildered Marta positions herself behind Gido and next to me, fulfilling her role as my attendant.

「I’m not arrogant enough to say we won’t listen to what you have to say, but you are too suspicious. At least reveal your faces and your objective.」

Assassins have been sneaking about recently as it is.

Reluctantly, the three robed individuals exchange―― well, it’s actually hard to tell――but they seem to exchange looks before speaking up one by one.

「We are believers of Altair…… we made a pilgrimage to this city from Rafen.」
「Until we reach the holy land, we are required to walk on foot and not to remove the robe……」

Upon closer inspection, I can see their robes are dirty enough to hardly be called white.
Their shoes are also worn out, so it’s likely they actually walked from Rafen. Rafen is where the church is located.

I appreciate them making the long journey here, but I only said it was okay for the young Altair to start a church if she wanted to, I didn’t say that it was okay to march into the headquarters. I’m sadly going to have to drive them away.

Just when I was about to order Gido to send them away, I noticed all three of them were focused on a particular point of my body.

「……why are you staring at my crotch?」

All three of them are fixated intently at my lower half almost like they’re trying to see through my thin loungewear.
Although I can’t see their faces, I can tell they’re in a heightened state of arousal from the up and down movements of their shoulders.

「T-the holy land is finally in front of our eyes.」
「The holy penis purified by Her Grace……」

Gido, Marta and I all look at each other in confusion.

「……you three came just to look at my dick?」


They agree in unison. A moment of silence followed.

「Take your robes…… no, take everything off.」

Judging by their voices, all three of them are young females at an age ready for marriage, so I, having figured out they were women, wrap my arms around them and take them to my room.

「I’ll show it to you lots……no, I’ll do more than that.」

――A Few Hours Later.


I drink some water while stroking the three girls laying in bed.

「In Rafen, Altair received horrible treatment, but they aren’t doing too bad, huh?」

The little Altair isn’t acting as unreasonably as she used to.
Their only other activity outside of Rafen is the so-called pilgrimage, which involves wandering around in a strange attire.
In the first place, their home church is based in Rafen, so Myla would happily squash them should they violate any laws.

As for their funding, they only receive donations from believers, unlike before where they rob from unrelated people.
Apparently, there has been a rise in female believers seeking salvation lately, which I am extremely curious about.
Besides that, if they don’t crawl around wearing such weird outfits during their pilgrimage or whatever, then they should avoid most misunderstandings.

I suddenly recall something.

「You walked around various places during your pilgrimage, right? I have a favor to ask.」

And so, the day of fate arrives.

A Certain Day.

「The naval battle is over so she probably doesn’t have anything to do. I’m sure she’s just bored and left for a few days.」

During breakfast time, Sekrit left without saying anything.

Everyone gave unconcerned replies.
Well, Sekrit was always someone who moved freely, and now is as good a time as ever, with not many duties for her after we annihilated the enemy fleet.

「This one too……just in case……」

Even Celia, who usually flares up saying “how dare she does as she likes”, doesn’t react and seems occupied with scooping mushrooms out of her soup and dropping them into Irijina’s bowl. She is probably reflecting on her questionable choice of eating unknown mushrooms and also trying to get revenge on Irijina at the same time, but her mannerisms are indescribably cute.

「Ah! Chief, what’s wrong?」

Luna’s voice brings me back to reality.
I noticed that she caught the glass which slipped out of my right hand.

「Sorry, it’s nothing.」

I’m the only one who seems tense.

「It’s expected of―― ah.」

I accept the cup from Luna and grab her hand, still smooth despite the calluses from her frequent use of the bow.

Sekrit will be meeting that handsome guy today.
She deliberately left the city of Patena to do so. There’s no way they’ll just say farewell after a drink or two.

I gently stroke Luna’s hand.


He’s that handsome. Similar to how a man is attracted to gorgeous women, it’s natural for women to be drawn to good-looking men.
Add the fact that he’s an acquaintance from the past, she’ll feel more comfortable with him.

I clasp Luna’s hand with both of my hands and rub the gaps in her fingers one at a time.

「T-that kind of…… tickles.」

The only reason he won’t feel any lust for a woman of that caliber is if he’s a homo or if he’s impotent.
He’s someone who called her out on the battlefield, so that man should be a beast who proactively targets women.
He’ll definitely pull her in bed. Alcohol would also come into play, gradually eroding Sekrit’s guard――

I roll Luna’s hand into a loose fist, then thrust my index finger into the space in her hand, pushing it in then pulling it out, almost replicating a certain act.

「Is this what I think…… everyone is looking……」

Sekrit and I have obviously slept with each other many times and she’s someone I have a rather deep bond with, both physically and emotionally.
No matter how good-looking he is, I doubt he can steal her away with alcohol and a one-night stand.

「Still, there are no absolutes in this world.」

I gradually increase the number of fingers pumping in and out of Luna’s fist, eventually stuffing my entire fist inside.

「Wah! That’s impossible.」

Luna’s hand stretches open and breaks the fist.

I wonder what would happen if that handsome guy possesses a cock that surpasses mine and also inhuman sex skills.
Poor Sekrit would go crazy from pleasures she never felt before and her heart might fall in a single round.

It’s not the woman’s fault for choosing what pleases her eye.
Even if she were to be stolen, it would be my fault for being inattentive.

However, I’m not so pathetic that I would sob in bed after my beloved woman was taken away.

I entangle my fingers with Luna’s and squeeze her hand tightly.

「Auu……my body…… has gotten hot…… I’m――」

If something is stolen from me, I’ll just steal it back.
If Sekrit gets won over by a dick, I’ll use a superior dick to win her back. That is a man’s dignity.

I release Luna’s hand and put my hand on the table.

「I just remembered I have some business to take care of. It is highly confidential.」

Unlike Sekrit, everyone turns to me, curious about what I’m going to do.
For some reason, Luna is the only one who looks disappointed.

「Eh? If I remember correctly, there is nothing in today’s schedule……」

Celia flips through her notebook.
Crap. Celia has a full understanding of my plans.

「An urgent letter arrived. I have to do it alone.」

「Eh? Which one?」

Celia takes out all the letters addressed to me from her pocket.
Crap, Celia collects all of my letters.

For now, I’ll try to deceive her by rubbing her cheeks and then I’ll leave.

I bring a bag with me to a vacant residence and sneak inside. Then, I check my surroundings before changing my clothes.
The set of clothes I’ll be changing into is a white robe that covers my face…… in other words, the same outfit that the pilgrims of Altair were wearing.

「Nobody will see through this disguise.」

I run off with the robe enveloping my body, and meet up with the other three pilgrims, who bow slightly towards me as a greeting.

「Let us head to our next destination―― kyaa!」
「We’re chasing that woman.」

I pick up the three females and pursue Sekrit.

Sekrit, not wanting to stand out, is not using a carriage or a horse.
I was right to think this is a tryst.

The range of cities she can travel to on foot is limited.
She’s probably going to the next city…… which I forgot the name of. The small city has become the relay point for trade where people of Patena often travel to and from.
It isn’t unusual at all for a woman to walk there.

On the contrary, we attract a lot of attention and everyone’s stares are rather harsh.

「What eerie people.」
「They won’t show their faces?」

Citizens living around Patena do not have much of a relationship with the Altair religion, so their gazes tend to be more curious due to our strange garments rather than hostile.


Sekrit must also have felt the commotion and turns around to look, but she snorts and continues walking.

「Good, I haven’t been discovered.」

I blend in with the Altair believers and tail her. That is my plan.

It won’t be easy to follow Sekrit because her senses are top notch.
For someone who isn’t good at going undercover or tailing like me, I’ll probably be found even if I try to be as sneaky as possible.

「An apple hidden under the bed would be found easily, whereas an apple placed among tomatoes wouldn’t be found…… was it? I think Tristan said something like that.」

Although the Altair pilgrims stand out, it’s fine as long as she doesn’t realize I am among them.

Until Sekrit reached the next city, she occasionally stopped and looked over her shoulder, trying to probe the presence behind her.
She must be staying alert just in case of assassins, but that means she won’t be thinking of me.

We matched Sekrit’s pace and arrived at the neighboring city in a few hours.

「Uuu…… I’m tired.」
「Oh god…… I’m at my limit.」
「My groin hurts…… pierce me with a holy sword and leave a mark.」

On the way, I lent them my shoulder and carried them, among other things, but the three women are completely exhausted.
I’ll have them rest at some inn.

Now then, this is where the real mission starts.
Sekrit stands on the corner of the city and looks around.

「He’s here.」

That handsome man soon appears from a nearby bar.

My suspicions are confirmed.
Sekrit’s expression doesn’t change, however, she wouldn’t have walked all the way here if she wasn’t interested.

「The prisoners should still be detained……」

I don’t know how he got here, but it doesn’t matter now.

「Your Excellency, this way. We have a secret underground room.」

I see the man respectfully lower his head to Sekrit and say something in a polite tone before guiding her in a gentlemanly manner.
His respect for a woman tells me he isn’t just a pretty face.

The place they’re heading to is…… a high-class inn. What a bold man to skip alcohol and take her straight to an inn.
I don’t have any time to waste.

After I was certain Sekrit and the man disappeared in the inn, I took off my robe.
If possible, I would like to jump in before Sekrit and the man starts to have sex, then steal her back by showing her my manliness.


I pump myself up and try to enter the inn.

「Hey, wait.」

Standing at the entrance of the inn was a guard who grabbed my shoulder.
He was a large man, probably one head taller than me.

「I saw you take off that robe. You’re part of a shady group, aren’t you? I can’t let you enter the inn.」

Argh, as expected of a high-class place. They have someone exclusively guarding the entrance.
I have no time to spare for a leisurely conversation.

「Let go. I’m not going to do anything bad. I have some business with the couple who just went in.」

He doesn’t release me.

「I can’t do that. My job is to stop everyone except for customers from entering.」

The man stands imposingly in my way.

「Then I’ll rent a room. It doesn’t matter which one.」

I take out several gold coins from my pocket.
If I don’t hurry, Sekrit will be embraced.

That would have worked on the unenthusiastic guards of a cheap inn. Unfortunately, this is a luxurious place not found in the middle of a rural area.

The man slaps my hand away, scattering the gold coins, then advises me with a few pats on my shoulder.

「We’re all booked today. Run along now, pitiful little man.」

My inner flame of anger was lit, 20% of it due to the man’s haughty attitude and 80% of it due to Sekrit’s disappearance into the room.

While he was tapping my shoulder, my fist shoots into his chin, sending him flying toward the wall of the inn.

A passerby screamed as I looked down at the guard, feeling regretful that I knocked him out in one blow.
I couldn’t help my temper from flaring up. His face was so detestable.

「Don’t move!!」
「Stay where you are!!」

Crap, I was in front of the city guards.
I can feel the tips of several spears pushed against my back.

「I saw that! You caused a ruckus in broad daylight!」
「Come with us, you savage! You’re going to get a good scolding!」

I get dragged away by multiple city guards.
It’s easy for me to break free, but I don’t want to make this a big deal in front of the inn or else Sekrit would notice.

If she sees me end up in such a compromised and uncool position while trying to tail her, she might actually lose interest in me. As a man, I’ll have to――

「Get a move on!」

I stared bitterly at the inn as the guards whisked me away.




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