Chapter 44:  Arkland War ① Flame which Burns the Night




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Ten days after the conference with the messenger from Arkland, a report arrived saying that the royal army has moved to the border and has repeated armed conflicts with the Arkland army.

Hundreds of units of troops are intermittently fighting. The pioneer villages around the border have already been given orders to take shelter, and the peddlers in the south are all waiting on standby in the streets. Since the border line is wide, places other than along the highway are also experiencing skirmishes.

「The national army and the invading enemy army are fighting each other equally, there has been no territory taken yet.」

Hoover tells the king in the same manner as the messenger. However, in this place there is nobody, Hoover himself probably doesn’t think that they are fighting on equal terms either. The reason that the enemy does not instantly invade is because our large army is in the middle of preparations, and the skirmishes at the border are only attempting to disturb us.

And perhaps, we will not defeat the enemy even after we suffer half the damage we have taken here.

「A full-scale invasion will come soon.」

「There is no mistake.」

The king’s words synchronized with Erich’s. Regarding that, Hoover has no objections.

「How is the central army’s preparations coming along?」

「We are already prepared for battle, if you give the order we can sortie in two days.」

The total troops of the central army amount to 15,000, if we move with a number like this, Arkland should send its main force. What we need is a single victory in a large battle. That would greatly influence the entire state of battle.

「Lord Radhalde, I believe in you. You must definitely bring home victory!」

「With all my strength!」

Erich stands up and leaves his seat. The discussion on the table is over. All that’s left is to decide things on the battlefield.

「Marquess Hoover! The royal army is also needed to reinforce the central army, so the remaining squads – have them all sent out to the front. Get ready!」

「I understand!」

I really wanted to object but it wasn’t the right moment. The air inside the royal palace was wrapped with a strange sense of excitement from the fact that there hasn’t been a war in several decades.
「Lord Hardlett, is everything done perfectly?」

「Yeah, I’ve made my preparations. All that’s left is to rest my soldiers for a whole day. Training has been continuing after all.」

「I don’t mind that. In any case, it takes one day to load the food and water.」

My adjutant, Agor, has already told my battalion that from tonight till tomorrow, they will get a day’s rest. The other squads are similarly given rest, so tonight the bars and brothels around the capital will be fully booked. But it is not the unconditional happiness that the soldiers will get on their usual days off like  drinking alcohol or enjoying women. There was a story that was told to the common soldiers, as well as kids in the town, when war was approaching.

「Agor, Carl, you guys also get one day of complete rest. If necessary, shall I get some prostitutes ready?」

「No thanks…I have something else in mind…」

「Rather than prostitutes, I would prefer it more if I won the town’s girls by persuading them myself.」

I asked later, but it seems that Agor has a certain widow that calls for him periodically to drop by. Carl on the other hand seems to make girls cry in various places. There were two scars on his back caused my women who stabbed him.

It seems Leopolt wants to polish some tactics so he won’t return to the house. He is certainly not an interesting person, but there are many people that make up the world.

The group of soldiers that left the garrison paused while the next group enters the bars with street prostitutes. In the city with a population of 60,000, there isn’t a place where all the soldiers can have fun. The soldiers left behind let out a grumble while they brought their intimate partner with them to the garrison to frolic.

The street prostitutes are going to be making a big profit this time, even if they are well over the market price they will be wrapped around the shoulder and disappear. Inside, there are fellow guys fighting over women, and there is also a woman who took twice the amount of gold to take 2 at a time. There is no need to lure customers as it really is just ‘enter and be eaten’.

The strange atmosphere right before the start of a war not only affects the soldiers and the king, but it swallows the entire city.

「 「 「 「 「 「Welcome back!」」」」」」

As I returned home there were five women’s voices, the entrance had cloth covering it and I couldn’t see the back.

「Aegir-sama, is that man not here?」

I could hear Nonna’s voice at the back. Leopolt is at the garrison and is not returning. It is too bad for Nina, so maybe I should bring some food to her tomorrow.

「Yeah Leopolt isn’t here but what of it?」


The cloth was pulled off and the scene that unfolded was a paradise. Nonna, Carla, Maria, Melissa, Celia – the five women were all stark naked and lined up.

「We heard from Celia-chan that you were going to sortie the day after tomorrow. It will be a big fight so you probably won’t be back for a while.」

「In that case, you should stain us plenty for today and tomorrow.」

「Kroll and Alma are in the annex where Sebastian is cramming the knowledge of a servant into them. So as long as they are not needed, they will not come here into the mansion.」

Miti, the only one who is clothed, speaks while covering her eyes.

「I have done the preparations for meals, and I will be able to deal with various tasks so please enjoy yourself to the fullest…」

Once she finished speaking, the women all clustered around me to throw off my clothes. Instantly getting naked, my cock gradually stood erect and Melissa and Carla alternatingly held it in their mouths to get me completely aroused.

「Yeah, today you are also quite wonderful.」

「Aha, the big dick is ready♪」

The women lightly kissed my erect cock and led me to the bathroom. Oh yeah didn’t Carla and Melissa take me in their mouth before washing me, aren’t they pushing themselves a bit here?

「Hm? It’s totally fine. I like Aegir’s manly smell anyways.」

「I’m also fine. If you’d like, we can do it something like this before you wash yourself every time.」

It seems that they don’t mind at all. However, the sucking would hinder the kissing afterwards so we should take a bath before after all.

I lay myself down on the floor of the bathroom and my entire body was washed clean. ten hands are holding bubbles and rubbing my body, five lips are kissing me on my lips, chest, stomach and cock.

「If you have any requests please let me know. Everyone will thoroughly complete it to the best of their ability.」

Nonna washes my body gently with her hands, but more than that I’m concerned with the feeling of her breasts. If the women are going to do their best then I will not hold back and taste it all.

「Nonna, your hands are nice but…could you wash me with your breasts?」

「Well, you’re quite perverted aren’t you. 」

Nonna happily spreads plenty of soap over her breasts, and presses me from my chest to my stomach with her enormous breasts, rubbing them. Their overwhelming feeling and weight, the excitement of a man being serviced and the feeling of the hardened nipples is indescribable.

「Ah~…this is the best.」

Seeing my face relax, Nonna looks at me with a satisfied look and smiles, but the opposing Carla’s heart burns and she takes the meat rod and sucks intensely. The slurping noises were intense, as if forcibly sucking the seed from my balls, she sucked strongly.

「I won’t lose either!」

「I can’t help that you’re so obstinate…」

I lightly touch the face that is desperately sucking me and she calms down.

「Carla, you want to ride me?」

(Light Novel Illustration: Super Long… Night-time Activities)

「Is that okay!? Yay!」

Carla’s face lights up with a big smile and she turns her ass to face me while she matches my meat rod with her hole, dropping her ass in one motion. The meat rod was swallowed quickly by the energetic girl into the deepest parts, she screamed but she soon started to move her hips.

「Aah-It’s really thick! Did you get bigger again? Your dick’s thickness is amazing!」
She instantly starts to drool while swinging her hips but, seeing her appearance this time, Nonna’s washing with her breasts got more intense. Her giant breasts press into my chest and changes shape, and is going back and forth from my chest to my stomach. Just like using her breasts as a body sponge she is rubbing me and washing me.

「 「Uhm…」」

Not being able to hold back from seeing the obscene sight, Maria and Celia came at me with their crotch towards me. From their crotch, a clear liquid was leaking. Regardless of Maria, even Celia is leaking huh, this is something…

「Maria, get on your hands, I’ll use my fingers on you. Celia, come to my face.」


「Eh? Your face?」

Celia comes close and sits near my face, but it seems like she doesn’t know what to do. For the time being I kiss her while she’s confused.

「What’s wrong? Don’t hold back and get on top.」

「Eh? You want me to get on top of your face!?」

「Don’t worry. I won’t be crushed if it’s just you getting on.」

「But…something so rude…」

She was a bit puzzled about getting her ass on top of her master’s face, but finally her lust won and she slowly got her small butt on top. Once her butt was on top I bit her bud playfully, and inserted my tongue in her hole with a vulgar sound. Celia tried to stand up in surprise but one of my hands grabbed her ass and won’t let go. After attacking her for a while, her hips gave out and she was no longer able to stand, so she obediently rode her ass on my face while moaning.

Carla sways her hips intensely in the cowgirl position. Melissa places her lips at the place where we are connected and was attacking both Carla and I. Nonna was washing my whole body with her breasts, Maria was riding my hands and having her mound fingered while screaming, and finally Celia was riding my face with her ass while moaning, sometimes spraying me with her squirting liquid. Is there a happier bath time?

After that, once I ejaculated the women all swapped roles and everyone had fun taking turns to service me and being caressed. However, Celia riding on my meat stick will be skipped, she is still a girl, so penetration is still impossible.

「Uu…I have already grown big enough. It will certainly go in, so please try it.」

She is saying that, but as soon as the tip starts to enter a little bit she screams.


Her woman hole was spread to the limit and a sharp pain ran through her body so I stopped moving. And Melissa and Maria promptly put a stop to it.

「That’s why I told you.」

「U-….Even though it would be fine if you just used force to thrust it in…」

You idiot, I flicked her forehead. And after I finished making love to everyone, I exhaustedly lay on the bathroom floor.

「Everyone is exhausted it seems, I will also take a short break so in the meantime, it’s fine if you have fun Celia.」

With that said, Melissa also joined in. I do not remember such an intense attack. By the way Celia has stamina since she wasn’t penetrated, so she is still quite energetic.


Celia looks at me with a miserable face. It can’t be helped, I’ll do that. I pile some bubbles onto Celia’s stomach, and with a plunk I place my cock on top. I rub her gently from the stomach slippery with bubbles to her yet-to-mature hole, and repeated it at the fastest speed. Her face quickly gets dyed in happiness and she started to prepare herself.

「Ok-! Go ahead!」

Celia sandwiches my rod with her thighs and covers the large protruding tip of my cock with her hands.

「Oh-, Celia-chan you’ve gotten better at inter-crural sex ~. Looking at its size though, it might not be able to bear children .」

I see, the reason why Celia suddenly got better was because of Melissa. Using her thighs to sandwich my rod as a sort of pseudo-insertion is Celia’s favorite and once we do it, she will be in a good mood for a while. She seems to be interested in being penetrated by me.

「Aah! It’s thick! It feels good, like it’s rubbing inside!」

Although there is no way that there would be any feeling inside, she’s doing it either for me as a service or she’s acting to elevate her own pleasure, but Celia is getting disheveled just as if she was being penetrated. As if responding to that I grab Celia’s shoulder, and move the most intensely thus far.

Celia is also surprised at my tremendous movements. If such movements were during an actual penetration though, even Melissa would consider it rough. I move my hips while licking her neck; I suck her still-developing breasts, and kiss her.

「It’s rubbing! Rubbing…aaaah! It’s no good, I can’t take it anymore, please hug me!」

Due to the intense movements Celia’s bud was rubbed, and her pleasure is increasing. Like how I hug the other girls I embrace her as she reaches her climax, and have her taste the pleasure while in my arms. The tiny Celia trembles intensely in my arms, and deliriously tells me ‘she likes me’ and ‘she loves me’, repeating it while the cock that was sandwiched between her thighs was sprayed quite vigorously with her squirting.

After that, we moved our location to the bedroom and as if we were entangled together, the five of us made love to each other for two days. On the evening of the second day before I had to sortie, I concentrated on attacking Celia until she fainted and retired, but I was merciless against the other girls, even if they lost consciousness I would thrust my meat rod into them and forcefully wake them up, making them faint again.

The girls didn’t sleep long, the only time they slept was after I attacked them until they lost consciousness and during the interval that they were waiting for their next turn to come. And the meal that was brought by Miti was eaten by those that were awake, chewed, and fed to the other girls by mouth to mouth. This ridiculous ritual continued from evening to morning to evening endlessly.

2 days later, Early Morning

「Celia are you ready?」

「Yes, it’s perfect.」

Celia shows off her gallant face. Yesterday evening, she was knocked out and slept like that and it seems like her physical condition has returned.

「The other girls aren’t coming out huh.」

「Aegir-sama attacked them so excessively…everyone probably looks horrible.」

「Uuuu….you’re going already right, it seems I won’t be able to see you to the front door, so I’ll say it here. Stay alive and come back kay?」

Melissa woke up but since she couldn’t stand, she crawled on top of the bed. Her body allows me to enter her deep, and she shows off her former prostitute’s constitution, forgetting her limit.

「Maria is…on the floor?」


Maria is completely fainted and not responding. I kiss her just to check her breathing and it looks like there is no problem.

「I’ll die…I’m going to die…」

Nonna has her legs spread open and leaning on the sofa. She can speak but her eyes are rolled back and her consciousness isn’t clear. She sometimes remembers something and twitches and trembles. During our sex, she spoke deliriously about wanting a child so because of that I thoroughly poured into her; under her crotch was the seed that leaked out forming a puddle.


「Uwa! Hey wait Carla-san!」

It seems that Carla who was clinging to the wall collapsed and she started urinating. Celia tried to stop her but, seeing her letting her tongue out with half-opened eyes, she gave up.


「Wai-! You’re wrong! Stop, let go!」

Carla looks at Celia with vacant eyes and embraced her while groping her crotch. No matter how much she looks, she won’t find it attached to Celia. It seems she is already unable to tell the difference between Celia and me.

I lift Carla up and put her on top of Nonna.

「Aegir there you are♪」

「Aah, I’m already dead♪」

The two of them grope each other’s crotch, they give each other deep, rich kisses and entangle their tongues. They are both shaking their hips, wanting me to put my thing in them. If they open their eyes completely there will be a disaster, so I should go before that.

When I opened the door, Miti straightened her back and stood up.

「I’ll be going now.」

「Have a safe trip.」

Her expression and her tone were also stiff. She must be worried about the children.

「Yesterday was unlike anything before, did you watch it properly?」


Yesterday, when Miti was bringing the water and food we didn’t stop having sex, so if she wanted to know about men and women I told her to go look. She was cautious, but she looked for quite a long time. She covered her face and looked through the gaps in her fingers. The shock from being found out that she was peeping all this time may have been quite big. With this, maybe she won’t be so nervous around me.

I ordered Miti to take care of everyone and clean their rooms and headed to the front door.

「Gyaaaaaaa!! What is thissss!!!」

I can hear the shouting from Miti from inside the room but I pay no attention to it.

「Have a safe trip Master !」

「Have a safe trip」

「…Safe trip stay safe…」

「I’ll be going ahead and waiting for you in the garrison.」

Sebastian, Kroll and Alma led the horses to the front door and were waiting for us. Nina told me to pass a message for Leopolt.

「Please…come back safely.」

Kroll called out to Celia specifically.

「Yeah, I’ll be back.」

Celia’s manly response caused his cheeks to turn red, but are you fine with that? Celia’s probably trying to imitate me.

「I’m heading out.」

The girls, Miti and Sebastian – we passed each of the gates consecutively, and at that time Celia and I changed the expression in our eyes. From the flirty eyes on the bed, to the eyes of warriors – the eyes of soldiers. There was one last person: Catherine was standing on the path in front of our house. She bothered to come out all the way here from the orphanage.

「It would be nice if karma doesn’t come back and you end up dying.」

She says it sarcastically to me. Regardless, I steal her lips and Catherine also doesn’t put up any resistance.

「I intend to have you help me out until Rose grows up. Don’t die here…live and come back and I will be your woman. …I’ll also let you drink a little from my breasts.」

Normally, this is where Celia would look like she would come and attack me but today she is quite obedient. Well this is the last gate.

「I’m off.」

The fun of carnal pleasures is over. Time for the entire squad to move out, the war is starting.

Well, let’s go to the world of steel and blood.

A few days later, During the march

「It must really be frightening huh?」

Agor says as he watches a mother hugging her child. Everyone in the village is looking at us, and staying alert. An army of 15,000 advances along the highway like a giant serpent. The villages in the vicinity have not seen such a large army before, and there were two types of reactions: staring at us in amazement or running away in fear.

「Leopolt, how do you think the enemy will move?」

「If you’re talking about if I was the enemy, I would attack the main force with many small to medium scale squads using early morning surprise attacks and night attacks repeatedly to reduce enemy numbers and destroy their formations. When they respond by splitting their forces to wake themselves from the shock, then I would have our main force collide with them, taking the numerical superiority. Something like that.」

I see, the reason why the enemy main force hasn’t showed up is because the royal army that is attacking is too small-scale, and they judged it to not be our main force. It is more advantageous to have your card out later.

「But it’s not like they can ignore those noisy guys either.」

If they were to receive attacks every night, even if the damage was minor the morale of the troops would fall.

「That’s true. So we should find the enemy first, and launch a pre-emptive strike to wipe out the enemy’s outpost squad collectively in one blow.」

「That is the best case scenario, but we don’t know where they are.」

「Then let’s gather them. Let’s have a decoy prepared and restrict their movements.」

「Are you’re going to send out another large army? If you can do that then we could crush them.」

Agor cuts in but Leopolt laughed from his nose. It’s at these times that you build animosity you know.

「It’s not like they will come in broad daylight. They will approach when it’s either night or dawn. To determine the number of soldiers, you don’t look at the head or their body. You only need to count the number of campfires and tents.」

「Radhalde…let me speak to Erich. Let’s see clearly whether the strategy that you thought up of without taking a break works or not.」

If I think about it, there hasn’t been a time that I used my head to fight. If Leopolt wasn’t here, how far could I go while commanding the battalion?

4 days later, Country Border:  A Certain Place

「Alright! Everyone is here. Today we’ll be camping here so get ready!」

The royal army soldiers take a breath and lower their waist, but they cannot be relieved. In this place, they will most likely be receiving the attacks from the enemy every night; it is a situation where every day there would be someone in the squad that will die. The entire troop started out as 4,000 but is already at 2,500. Adding to the fatigue that the soldiers are suffering from, if we were to get hit with a full-blown attack now we would not be able to defend that well.

Even through all that, the order to gather the entire squad was enough to make me feel hopeful. The fact that we are gathered when we have the responsibility to defend is because we have the important players with us. If things go well, we may be able to return to the capital.

But there would be no reinforcement army even if they get to the rendezvous point they were told to march towards. They are simply preparing a large amount of tents and torches. There would be just a few soldiers among them but it might possibly be too little. There are only 100 people, but is that all? What is left is the landmark, so we spread out straw-like objects around the outer parts of the campsite.

For some reason, the soldiers inside the campsite went to collect the flag. Come to think of it, he was saying something like march under this flag or something annoying wasn’t he…I don’t understand what the central army guys are thinking at all.

I’m thankful that we don’t have to get involved in setting up the tents, but it won’t be a counter-measure against night attacks. I also don’t understand the order to light all the torches. In addition, those guys who got that prepared were incompetent as in the beginning we were only 4,000 people. No matter how you look at it the tents here are for five times the amount.

And if the reinforcements don’t come then as a result, we would have to sleep while in fear of the night attacks. Even now, we could see the light cavalry that we are pursuing nesting on top of the hill. It would be useless to chase them so we should ignore them…

「Is this alright?」

「Yes, the enemy scouts have spotted the large camp and are hurriedly going to return. At this moment, the squad in the vicinity will be assembling and plotting for the night attack.」

My battalion and I are secretly setting up in the vicinity where we can overlook the royal army in the campgrounds and the main force is also scattered around in various positions.

「Until it becomes night time, we will select five archers and form a group in front of the hill, and place them under the ridge line. We will be hunting the enemy scouts.」

「Even though we missed the previous guys?」

「If they discover the place where we set up, it would be meaningless. However, the information is already known to them. The first report tends to be an overstatement, it’s fine if the enemy gains an exaggerated and inaccurate information. There will not be a second report, though.」

The scouts are basing their search for us on their preliminary information, so they will predict the general area where we will appear.

「But even if we were to reinforce the campsite from here, there is too much distance to cover. It would be hard-pressed even for those who can see in the dark.」

Agor and I have the same idea but we purposely say nothing. Since, if it continues on like this we would definitely get retorted by Leopolt.

「Don’t worry. We have prepared lightings. We will turn it on at the same time as the enemy’s signal.」

「I will leave it to you. I will trust you till the end.」

「Thank you very much. Well, as long as the enemy is not as stupid as I imagine, they will not show themselves in places that have light. I will go sleep.」

It’s a precise kind of boldness – that is what I might call a great commander. By evening, the soldiers are sleeping and night has fallen. Celia who was sleeping beside me woke up with a twitch.

「There is….something…」

It’s true that I feel some sort of presence, a lot of them. However, the surroundings are completely dark and the moonlight is also scarce. The only place that was bright and brilliantly lit is the campsite which was unnecessarily placed, only the torches’ light. The archers get ready just in case. That guy Leopolt says that we would know when the enemies come closer but let’s see….





Screams can be heard in the distance. Even so, the exact location is not known but the royal army at the campsite is making a fuss.

It was probably a pitfall that caused the enemy to scream, at the bottom of the hole were spikes pointing up. There must have been several of them placed all around the campsite to have caused the enemy to scream huh…how vicious.
「Give the signal.」

The soldier holding the torch directed his hand around the campsite. Immediately, the soldiers remaining in the campsite release flaming arrows in all directions.

The flaming arrows light up the surrounding grasslands. Of course, normal grass would not create this amount of blaze from something like flaming arrows. What is burning is the dry straw that was sprinkled around the campsite, and instantly lit up the area.

What was projected was the enemy troops; 1000 in the east, 1000 in the west, and about 2000 in the south. Being able to simultaneously coordinate this amount of troops in the dark is a feat that our army is unable to do. However, now that they have been found out, there is no advantage. They are just 4000 people that are out in the open.

「Release all the arrows at once!」

Not only my battalion, but the squads that were completely hidden and the royal army that was in the campsite fired their arrows too. The difference in troop strength was that of the difference in the number of arrows. The enemy soldiers that were trying to escape were defeated by the arrows, and there were some that slipped and fell and others who jumped into the flames.

「Listen up! We won’t charge at them. Right now it is only raining arrows. Don’t leave your positions no matter what!」

When it becomes a free-for-all when it’s night time, you cannot make an effective attack. It is the best case scenario right now to one-sidedly shoot them to death with arrows.

「Calm down, it’s not like we are being surrounded by the fire! This fire is nothing more than light! Retreat from the campsite immediately. Run into the darkness!」

I can hear the enemy commander’s angry shouting. It is certainly the case, and they know the amount of dry straws so they realize it’s not a fire that could burn and kill the entire squad.

「But you can no longer get away.」

Leopolt gave the archers an additional order to attack the external surroundings. Once again, the fire is lit and the dark night was brightened. Unlike the nearby campsite, and though only a portion of it – the only shortest route that they could run to was blocked by a wall of fire created by the straw placed there.

It was there that a strange scenario developed. The soldiers struggling to run away from the fire fell down one after the other. They were holding their feet and squatting down, crying out in pain.

「It’s that engineering corps huh…」

「Yes, it’s simple. I buried wooden stakes facing the campsite at low angles. They will step on them when they pass by, but when they turn back their feet will be stabbed.」

It was just lightly covered in dirt, but even if there’s fire it would be hard to see in the dark. The speed at which the enemy troops are running away is visibly slowing down. There are fellow soldiers in front of them, bleeding from their legs and collapsing to the ground. There is no other way but to watch where they step while gingerly moving forward.

However, if you move slowly, then the duration you get showered with arrows will only get longer. There are no sounds of swords clashing or  of hooves. Anyhow, the enemies have no idea where they are.

They were being shot one-sidedly by arrows, burned by fire, having their feet pierced with stakes and falling down. They were being driven off the path by the fire and arrows in what would normally be the path that they could escape.

「How cruel…」
Agor murmurs. Kill the enemy and keep the allies alive. In war, that is what the ultimate victory looks like.

Isn’t this good, if we can fight like this then it would be good if we could do this as many times as possible. But there will also come a time where we will need to fight and push through with force. It will be Leopolt and I that will be sharing that role.

Eventually, the sky begins to brighten, those who have run away will have to face the 15,000 central army that have showed their faces. Already half their numbers have died or have been injured with no hope of surviving. The cavalry and infantry pursue the enemies as if to unleash their resentment of the archers hogging all the fun. There are few that have escaped, and many young people of Arkland disappeared like the dew on the plains.

「With this, the enemy’s vanguard has been vanquished. Next is for us to cross the border and the enemy will have no choice but to send out their main army.」

Leopolt did not change his expression in the midst of the rising smoke.

「I have also told Erich. My battalion went out to the front, and there have been several villages that have been attacked.」

Even so, I laugh at Agor who makes an unhappy face.

「There is no need to burn or kill. It’s enough to set up your flag and declare that it is captured. They will not be able to ignore that.」

「It will be a fierce battle.」

「Of course. If not then it wouldn’t be interesting.」

The nervous Agor, the expressionless Leopolt, and my laughing self; the three of us started the march with our differing expressions.

Extra Story: Maria’s Daily Life ③

Going back in time a little before the time Aegir was ordered to sortie.

「Oh my? Isn’t that Catherine-san?」

On the way back home from the city after going out to buy ingredients for dinner, I saw Catherine-san passing through in front of our house. I was going to call out to her but she passed by.
Does she have something to do perhaps? I decided not to worry about it and return to the house but I stopped moving. That red handkerchief is tied to the fence of the house isn’t it, even though you treated it as if it was so important to you, you went and dropped it again…as I thought to myself I looked closely at the place where it was tied, it seems like it wasn’t just dropped.

It might have some sort of meaning behind it so I’ll leave it and go back in the house. After that, I encountered Aegir-san who was coming out from his room.

「Hello~! Today’s dinner will be a chicken and vegetable soup~」

「Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. …I’ll be going out for a bit and be back before dinner.」


Maybe he has work for the army? But Celia-chan isn’t going along with him so maybe something personal? I am curious for some reason and stop cleaning to follow him.
And when I did…I saw the Catherine-san who was passing by before and was back in front of the path again! Catherine-san is glancing at Aegir-san here and there and walked the opposite direction without greeting us. Ah! She went to take her handkerchief back.

Aegir-san also doesn’t say anything and follows her after.

「I forgot to buy something so I’m going out again, kay?」

I inform Miti and jump out of the house. Those two shouldn’t have seen each other since Catherine-san went to the orphanage…

Those two sat in a place that seemed to be an open cafe. I also secretly secured a close seat and secretly sat down. It’s helpful that I have a normal appearance.

「How is Rose doing?」

「She’s healthy…You should know well that Dorothea-san is also a kind person. Even though I am still unable to work at all.」

「She’s a nice person after all. Are you eating well now?」

「Well yes, since you gave money for it. Well you’re probably aiming for Dorothea-san’s crotch aren’t you?」

「I won’t deny that. It’s in my nature to do it with beautiful woman.」

「You’re completely a sexual beast. So…it seems that it got warmer and the blanket was attracting lice so Rose was feeling itchy…」

It seems that Aegir-san is handing over some money.

「What about milk for your child?」

「Before I came out I gave her plenty so it should be alright in the meantime.」

「Then are you going? I also want to suck a little of that milk.」

「Haa…before that child stops breastfeeding I’ll probably be pregnant with another.」

「Is that bad?」

「Of course it is!」

「Then you could stop doing it you know?」

「Don’t say something stupid, it has already been a week since the last time…I’m going crazy. Even today I am lusting for the boys at the orphanage and the men at the vulgar market stalls!」

「I wonder why you have become so horny. You’re still in your 20’s right?」

「22! It’s because you utterly pulled and tore apart my insides! Take responsibility and make me feel satisfied.」

「Then are you going to give this to me today?」

Aegir-san’s hand moves to her crotch…or rather he rubs her ass slightly.

「Fine…that place has already become your size anyway. Use it as you wish.」

The two of them locked arms and cling to each other while heading towards ‘an inn to rest’.

「To leave your child in order to invite men, what an amazing mother.」

「Other people will overhear! Also, after you have done it my breast milk comes out well so this is also for Rose’s sake!」

「It comes out well?」

「Yes…like a fountain…」

I don’t know what they are talking about, and I don’t think I can go any further so I’ll finish up here.

「As I was saying…even so.」

It can’t be helped that the male’s eyes are staring only at her breasts, but Catherine-san is also only staring at Aegir-san’s crotch while talking. The ecstatic face she was making when her ass was being rubbed was also lewd enough to make the people around them surprised. In the first place she gets crazy for men in one week huh…

「It’s just like Nonna-san and them said, you are really a naughty person aren’t you?」
To have my beloved man embrace another woman, and moreover he’s probably drinking her breast milk too so it makes me want to put lots of love into this cooking.

「Shall we let Nonna-san and the others know about this?」

I laugh while cooking in the kitchen with Miti, it’s our usual daily routine but Miti seems strange.

「It’s different from your usual smile…a witch with the pot…I’m so sorry!」


Aegir Hardlett      19 years old    Summer
Class:  Central Army 3rd div. Mixed Battalion Commander

Squads:  1st div. Cavalry company  Heavy cavalry 180 units, light cavalry 20 units

3 infantry companies  each with 200 longspear men, archers, bowgun-equipped

Engineering corps  200 people

Total  1000 people

Army Subordinates:  Celia (follower), Leopolt (follower-cum-strategist), Agor (infantry company commander), Carl (infantry company commander), Mack (engineering corps commander), Christoph (rank and file)

Weapons:  Dual Crater (long sword),  Large Bardiche (spear)

Equipment:  High-grade Steel Plate Armor, Black Cloak (Cursed)

Current Location:  Southern Goldonia Border Area

Achievements:  Enemy vanguard vanquished (Joint)




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