Chapter 442: Man Ball




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「That was great. Thanks.」

I separate from the body of the prostitute I chose to take care of.
She is already unconscious and the only answer I received came in the form of a wet, goopy sound from her crotch.

My feet feel unpleasantly sticky.
Apparently, the floor was splattered with my seed and her love juices.

When I dismount from the wagon, relaxing soldiers and coworkers of the prostitute look at me nervously.
We’re all doing the same things so there’s no need to focus on me.

「No, I mean, it’s abnormal for the wagon to be shaking that much…… I thought it would tip over.」

「The screaming could be heard clearly too. I peeked countless times to see if she was being tortured. It turns out she was simply feeling good……more importantly, how incredible must you be? If I…… no, nevermind. I’ll probably end up like that.」

At the same time, a pathetic cry devoid of reason comes from the back of a wagon.

I left after pulling the hand of the prostitute attending to a soldier and guiding it to my crotch.

「That person was this big when he was limp, can you believe it!?」
「You’re lying!? That’s――……」

It feels like the sky is gradually getting brighter, however, the rain hasn’t stopped so I don’t know the exact time of day.

「……are you finished?」

Celia appears from the shadow of the wagon.
Her face is oddly big…… or so I thought, it’s just her puffing her cheeks.
I poke one of the inflated sides and let the air out.

「Pshhh…… Leopolt-san is almost done preparing. We’ll be ready to depart shortly.」

Celia straightens my clothes and takes out a set of makeup tools, then dabs my nape and neck with them.

「There are kiss marks all over…… it doesn’t look good, so I’ll hide it for you. Just keep walking.」
「Oh, thanks.」

I don’t really mind since they’re like badges of honor.

Celia darts to my left and right in search of every hickey, bouncing up adorably when there was a high spot she couldn’t reach.
I do as she says and continue walking, smiling at Celia’s healing cuteness.

「Watch out.」

I narrowly tripped on a bunch of rocks near my feet.
They’re too regularly-shaped to be used by catapults. Maybe we should stack them up for a platform…… or whatever.

「This rain isn’t stopping at all.」
「Yes. I’m worried that the wet ground will affect the horses.」

If it continues raining, the river might overflow too……

「……it’s not rising at all.」

The water level isn’t particularly increasing a whole lot.
Those sailors of the evacuated combat vessels are looking bored on the deck of their ships.
Well, it’s not a torrential downpour, so I guess they’re not too concerned.

「Mm……and I’m done!」

Celia finished erasing the kiss marks on my body.
I won’t point out that I felt her lips give me a peck on my neck.


I wrap my arm around Celia’s shoulder and go in for a kiss.

Of course, she doesn’t refuse, closing her eyes and tiptoeing to meet me halfway.


She suddenly realizes the gazes of soldiers on her and hastily separates from me.

「What are you guys looking at!? Have you forgotten the strict order to finish up by noon!? Keep your hands moving!!」

Their commander also scolds them and demands them to get back to work.

A slender and long hole……resembling that of a moat, is being dug directly toward Trisnia.
If we want to brace for the enemy’s counterattack, I would think it’s better to dig it parallel…… even if it’s for an ambush, there’s no way we won’t get seen digging forward from the enemy vantage point.

「Maybe I shouldn’t interfere, being an amateur and all.」

I walk along with the embarrassed Celia under my arm.

「We will now commence our attack. Please take command.」

Leopolt declares after looking at my face.

「How sudden.」

Obviously, attacking comes with the territory of war, but our poor situation hasn’t changed.

Celia gets agitated and starts huffing and puffing, but remembers the mistake she committed last time and deflates.
She’s cute when she’s fidgety.

「Did some kind of new weapon arrive? Something that can blow up the wall into pieces in one hit.」

「Currently, we have no method of destroying the city walls. I want you to use brute strength.」

He’s asking for the unreasonable again.

「It didn’t work after being blasted that much by cannons and catapults. It’s not going to fall if I――tch.」

Coincidentally, Gildress happened to hear what I said at the worst timing and came over.
His body trembled as he entered the tent with a smile…… a few minutes later, Aless soldiers try to push their way in.

Reading my intent, Celia stands in the entrance of the tent with her arms stretched out, blocking the Aless soldiers, then asks Leopolt with a sideways glance.

「What’s the reason for doing that?」

「It’s a diversion. The real operation is a little too large-scale and noticeable.」

I’m sure it is.

「I’m wary of enemy spies so I haven’t given a consolidated order yet, but unless we distract them, I fear they will find out. Also, for a rather pointless brute force attack, it’s more natural for Lord Hardlett to take command more so than me.」

There are things I want to say, however, Leopolt goes on before I could open my mouth to protest.

「I’ve already discussed it with the Military Commissioner, who is prepared to sacrifice soldiers. In fact, if their deaths are more flashy, it would be more effective as a distraction.」

He’s the same as usual.

「Don’t say this in front of Yakov. He’ll start a fight again.」

「Understood, though I don’t remember there ever being anything of the sort.」

Almost at the same time Leopolt finishes his sentence, I hear the sound of resounding footsteps,

「Hurry! We’ll be late for battle!」
「It’s truly fortuitous we get to power our way through!」
「If we aren’t using our honed muscles now, when else would we use them!?」

There it is.

「I won’t let you through! Aegir-sama is still in the middle of――hngyaa!」

Celia, who had her arms spread wide and her chin raised to project her voice, gets blown away.

She adjusts her body in midair and lands softly back on the ground. She rolls on the thin carpet and comes to a stop.
Then, she faces the culprit who bumped her, Gildress, and her hair stands up in a point at him.

「Hey, what do you think you’re doing to my cute――」
「I heard your plan, friend!! That we’re going to start a manly attack!!」
「――yeah, that’s right.」

I don’t feel like complaining anymore.
He probably doesn’t realize what he did to Celia.

「That’s what we’re doing. You guys will participate too, so go get ready.」

「Of course. There’s no way I’ll sit out a manly attack!」

What is that repulsive attack name?

「Time to attack. Vanguard, advance.」

I give out orders while riding Schwartz.

「25th Battalion, start attacking!」
「29th Battalion, don’t lose your nerve!」

Royal army soldiers entrusted to me by Erich, rush towards the city walls.
Behind them, catapults launch rocks and ballistae fire arcing bolts.

「It doesn’t have much effect though.」

Myla murmurs beside me.

By the way, Celia was tasked with defending headquarters with her own battalion.
Her army suffered great losses in the previous battle, which actually works out in her favor, making it easier to control the group.
She’s really just starting over a few steps back.

「Well, we’re only using rocks and chunks of iron. We’re unable to use burning rocks and oil in this rain.」

If it was only a light drizzle, they might still have a small effect, but everything is pretty wet since it’s been raining for several days. Now, it’s impossible for oil and gunpowder to start a fire.

「Battering rams are absent too.」

「We’ve confirmed that they have no effect.」

Cannons are unusable in this downpour.
We can’t exactly build a rain shelter in front of the enemy and hide in it either.

「So we have no choice except to go with a primitive tactic.」

Yakov chimes in from the opposite side.

「I feel sorry for the soldiers, but this is war. It can’t be helped.」

After the sorry excuse for an attack, the soldiers step forward.

Three people per group carry simple wooden ladders.
They’re hoping to climb up the walls quickly and take control of the ramparts.
Trisnia’s walls displayed an unknown tenacity, but are fortunately only five meters tall, an easy hurdle for ladders to clear.


Allied soldiers yell loudly and run forward.

The final chapter of siege warfare, invading the city…… that’s what their goal is.

「Archers, loose!」
「Ballistae…… begin firing!」
「Catapults, pull back…… now!」

Arrows, bolts, and rocks and iron balls from within the city fly at us.
Our vanguard falls and the momentum of our attack is quashed.

「They’re coming straight at us! Heh, we’re not so naive that idiots can beat us by charging in blindly! Do it!」

Pots filled with liquid drop down on the heads of the soldiers starting to put their feet on the rungs of the ladders.

「H-hot――!! Gyaaaah!!」
「Uwaaah! My eyes! My face!!」

As soon as the liquid touched the soldiers and the ground, steam rose and harsh sizzling sounds could be heard.
Those directly hit instantly fell over and died, while others writhed in pain.

「……boiling oil. That can be used in spite of the rain. No, if it makes contact with water, it will splash even more and be extra annoying.」

Myla furrows her brow.

「It can’t be blocked by shields so it’s harder to deal with than rocks in a sense.」

Yakov also comments with a troubled expression.

The vanguard was completely stalled and casualties continued to mount.
Commanders quickly turned to me in a panic.

「Have them fall back. We can’t do anything against that.」

So the advance guard retreats, and our next attack squad steps forward.

However, we have no breakthrough solution.
Just from the enemy showing their fierce resistance, the movement of our soldiers seems worse than the vanguard.

「This isn’t good.」

「Yes. It’s quite one-sided. We should change our offensive――」

Sorry Myla, it’s not how you’re thinking.

Since this is a diversion, the deaths are necessary sacrifices.
Although, the enemy might get suspicious if we prolong such a pathetic and pointless attack.

We need to be more flashy…… at the very least, we have to make them lose their mind.

「Yakov. I want to do something a bit reckless. Your plan……」
「Right. Then…… guoooh!!」「Leave it to us!! Aless has a plan!!」

Gildress knocks Yakov aside and rushes to my side.

Myla was about to help Yakov up after he smacked his face into the ground, but she jumps back and insults him.
Oh yeah, I think I heard a scream mixed with a strange noise from his ass.

「A plan from you? Are you going to tear down the fences or something?」

How unexpected.
It would be as normal as Tristan or Adolph training their bodies.

Gildress disregards my concern and continues to explain in a booming voice.

「Brute force is certainly a masculine way, however, it’s not the same as haphazardly throwing soldiers at the enemy!」

Being lectured by this guy hurts my heart.

「It’s like destroying a massive boulder! Simply punching it isn’t manly, it’s idiotic! You have to ram into with a running start, kick it, and headbutt it. That’s the true way of a man!! As my friend, you are a true man. Sit here.」

I was directed to a pile of cloths.
I felt obligated to sit down in the moment and later noticed that I was on a bundle of sheets or pillows and that a stinky smell was coming from them.

「A real man doesn’t hesitate!! We won’t fall behind either!!」

Gildress plops himself down on a similar mound of cloths and signals his men with a swing of his arm.


The Aless soldiers take a catapult―― oh, they carried one over.

「That’s a fully built catapult they’re lifting……」

Myla was speechless.
I don’t see what’s wrong. I’ve already accepted the fact they’re beyond common sense a long time ago.

「Friend, prepare…… no, forget it! A man of your caliber won’t be frightened. It was offensive of me! Anyways, do it!」

「My king! Fellow man! Fully demonstrate your military prowess and muscular ability!」
「We won’t be far behind! Now, go wild!」

I can’t follow this conversation. And in the next moment, Gildress and I, along with a few other Aless soldiers, are covered with a cloth.

「Hey, what’s going on!?」

Although the cloth is dirty, it’s soft and doesn’t hinder my breathing or my movements.
However, I have a bad feeling.

「「Into the fray!!」」

I feel myself being lifted up by multiple Aless soldiers and tossed.
A small gap in the cloth allowed me to see the same thing being done to Gildress.

Did we just get put on…… you’re kidding me.

「This is a “man-ball”! Let it fly!!」

At Gildress’s order, my body leaves the ground.

「L-Lord Hardlett――!! Aegir-san――!!」

I hear Myla shout.
It’s cute how she instinctively called me by name, but now is not the time to be focusing on that.

This is a nostalgic sensation…… it was the same when I was carried off into the sky by those monster birds……and then fell down.

After reaching the peak height, I start descending.

I can’t see because of the cloth over me and I’m disoriented from being spun around.
Well, the most I can do is curl up into a ball and brace for impact.

It wasn’t long until I landed.


The force of the crash pierced through my back and into my chest, pushing the air out of my lungs.
My entire body gets banged up as I slowly roll to a stop.

「W-what was that? What did those guys from Goldonia shoot at us!?」
「A cloth? Is it possibly soaked in oil or maybe it’s hiding gunpowder……」
「Wait, I think I saw some people being covered. Do you think……there’s no way.」

Those voices I hear must belong to South Yugurian soldiers.
I guess I landed somewhere in the middle of the enemy camp.

I check the state of my body in a split second.

I don’t feel anything out of place.
Oh, so that’s what the cloth wrapping was for?

「T-Try poking it first. It might explode.」
「Sure…… protect me with your shield.」

Even though I was partially cushioned by the cloth, I was just launched by a catapult, so my whole body is in pain.
I don’t think I have the luxury to stretch though.

I open up my body from the curled-up state and tear off the cloth.


I scan my surroundings immediately.
It looks like I was sent over the walls successfully.

「I knew it was a person! They’re crazy!」

I stand up, draw my Dual Crater out from the sheath on my waist and slash diagonally at the spear-wielding soldier nearby, then proceed to use the momentum to ram him with my shoulder, knocking him into the city walls.

Three soldiers stared blankly behind me.

Before they could react, I slit the throat of one of them.

I block the blade of one enemy who finally mustered enough strength to move, then take a step toward him for a powerful thrust into his chest.

I briefly let go of my Dual Crater to pick up the sword of the enemy I just killed, then use his weapon to split the head of the final standing enemy soldier.


Just when I thought I eliminated everyone, I tilted my head to the side barely in time for a few crossbow bolts to graze my ear.
I should have expected as much. This is the enemy’s territory, of course I’m going to be attacked from all directions.

Four of them have crossbows, six are running in from the right with spears, eight soldiers holding swords and shields are on the left, then ten archers are aiming from below…… argh, how troublesome.

I pick up a shield lying on the ground to help protect myself for now, but I won’t be able to cover all my blindspots as long as I’m surrounded.

「Damn Aless and their fool of a king. I’ll ball them up and fire them out of a cannon.」

My situation changes before I could finish cursing.

「My name is Gildress! Now, come and fight me!!」

Gildress charges into the four crossbowmen and instantly turns them into mince meat.

Oh right, this guy was also fired into the city with me.

「Wahaha! Weaklings, I’ll teach you what a real man is!」

Two Aless soldiers, who I believe were also launched into the city with us, runs into the enemy spearmen and begins fighting.

Another ball of cloth falls in the middle of the enemies holding swords and shields, knocking over two soldiers in the process, and then a melee develops when the Aless soldiers burst out of the cloth.

「So they’re still shooting people.」

I see balls of cloth landing on top of the walls and other places within the city, followed by Aless soldiers being unleashed.

The ridiculous strategy resulted in a few broken arms and legs, however, the Aless soldiers laugh it off and continue to fight.

Some crash into the wall or fall to the ground, but they simply get back up and return to the catapult to be launched again.

「More and more of them are―― eei, so the earlier attack was to set this up!?」

A high-ranking man shouts

「How can this be called a strategy!? In what world do you launch soldiers with catapults!!?」

I share his sentiment.

「But this is convenient.」

Because of such an outrageous display, they’re completely overlooking Leopolt’s plan.
This diversion can be considered a great success. At the very least, the place we were shot is very chaotic.

Obviously, when everything is over, I’m shooting those Aless idiots out of a cannon.

「Guooh…… my arms are dislocated and I can’t get up.」

I pick up the Aless soldier who injured himself from the fall, forcibly shift his arms back into place and shove a sword and shield in front of him.

「What are you writhing around for? Hurry and fight.」
「Thanks, friend! It was pretty pathetic that I dislodged my arms from something so trivial! I’ll have to retrain myself after going home!」

That soldier puffs out his chest, showing me he has recovered, and then runs off toward the enemy.

「……I guess I have to go too.」

I look down at the city of Trisnia.
It’s a five-meter jump and there’s a chance I could break my leg if I land awkwardly.

I see a wooden shed nearby, probably built as a storage for the South Yuguria army.

「I’ll use that.」

I hop off without hesitation.
It resembled a certain someone beside me.

「Hahaha!! Our true friend, we think the same way!!」

I actually did it reluctantly.

The roof of the shed collapsed when Gildress and I landed on top of the weak structure.
Unable to bear the weight, the walls of the shed were also crushed.

And our actions attracted enemies in no time.

Even in the rain, the falling debris of the shed created a small cloud of dust that shrouded our bodies.

I heard a collective gulp from the soldiers surrounding us, then I waited for the moment the smoke was cleared by the rain.


I didn’t mean to time it with him or anything, but Gildress also roars simultaneously.

For some reason, we happen to yell at the same volume and tone, amplifying the shockwave and causing the enemy soldiers to take a step back.
Some of them even fall on their asses.

「If roaring works, then I can take care of this in one go.」

I say as I survey the city.

Trisnia is a big city, but that’s only in terms of its population and functionality, not the actual area enclosed by the walls. If it’s sheer size, then Rafen is way bigger.

Other than that, the residential buildings are awfully close to the walls and will likely get damaged in this battle.

「Well, I guess nobody’s living in these anymore.」

The former houses closest to the walls are all reinforced with iron plating, several alleys are sealed off with piles of rocks, and windows are hammered shut with thick planks of wood.

「So if we managed to get through the walls with the first attack, we would have to demolish each house individually?」

Even without the wall, it would be difficult for us to conquer the city then.

More soldiers come flooding out of the former houses.
As their allies increased, the soldiers who faltered from our roar also recovered.

「Shall we do it here?」

「No, run into the houses. For the two of us, fighting in a narrow space is more advantageous. It’ll be hard to deal with them while getting poked at in such an open area.」

I point to the town area of the city-turned-fortress with my Dual Crater.

「There are only two of them! We can bury them in one strike!!」

All fifty enemies coordinate a group attack.

We don’t wait for them to set up and run straight at the ones in front of us at a faster speed than they expected.
I didn’t particularly signal to Gildress, however our timings are synced up perfectly.

While I click my tongue, Gildress smiles contently――his body shivering in delight.

First I deal with the vanguard, slicing the first enemy soldier’s head with my Dual Crater from the skull down through his chin.
Beside me, Gildress uses his beloved blade that rivals my Dual Crater, the Light of Aless, and slices an enemy whose legs are in an L-stance.

An enemy aimed for the moment my sword was lowered, but I simply tilt my head to the side, letting his spear narrowly scrape a layer of skin off my ear.
I raise my leg at the same time to evade the slash aiming for my foot…… or so I make it seem, instead I stomp on the blade with my steel boots and shatter his weapon.
I don’t wait long to lift my leg again, immediately kneeing another enemy in the torso, rupturing his stomach and making him vomit.

Gildress bends his upper body backward to dodge a thrust from a sword, then counters with a punch to the face.

「These guys are as strong as they look!」
「No, it’s not only that! They’re unbelievably skilled―― kuhi!」

I sliced his trachea before he could finish speaking.
I deliberately allow my slash to be shallow so his neck bone doesn’t get cut and use minimal wasted movement to swing my sword back, slicing the windpipe of another enemy, then I instinctively dodge the sword aiming at me from behind and spin around to slash the right side of his abdomen.

Gildress parries two spears with his shield, closes the distance in a single leap and finishes off the enemy soldiers with his shield and sword respectively.
He lets the swinging war hammer from behind hit air, grabs the man’s arm and slams him into the ground with a shoulder throw, and confirms the kill with a stomp to the face.

Then Gildress turns in my direction and yells.

「Friend!! To the right!!」
「I know.」

Gildress and I stop charging and point our swords to the right.

Soaring through the air are six arrows. They must be highly-capable archers as they are all on course to hit their target.

First, I swipe at three arrows aimed at my chest with my sword.
Two come at my thigh and one goes for my crotch. Taking damage in enemy territory isn’t good.
At that trajectory, they would still hit even if I jump backwards.

I picture Celia’s movements in my mind as I store power in my legs and spring up.
I wasn’t simply jumping backwards, I arched my upper body in midair and stuck out both my hands, completing a full flip by pushing off the ground and landing back on my feet.

「D-doing that with such a large body…… you’re kidding.」

Those arrows narrowly missed their mark and bounced off the ground with satisfying clinks.

One arrow comes straight for my face as soon as I land to confirm the kill.
I can’t swing my sword because I’m off balance, but I should be fine if it’s going for my face.

The palm of my hand catches the arrow, only hurting me a little bit.
I hate using my bare hands since the hooks on the arrowhead always cuts my skin.


Gildress dodges the arrow aimed at him with a fancy cartwheel.
Similarly, he grabs the final arrow out of the air with his bare hands.

The enemy soldiers are dumbfounded.
We’re not going to let this chance slip away though.

Gildress and I step firmly on the wet ground and dash off.

Afterwards, I lost my sense of time from being too engrossed in battle, and after inhaling and exhaling ten times, about 30 enemy bodies laid at our feet.

We finally arrived at the fortified row of houses and kicked down the iron plate sealing off the entrance before going inside.
We made it just in time for countless arrows to pelt the roof noisily.

「It would have been bad had we stayed outside. Hmp.」

「Umu, if we had ten Aless soldiers, they could deflect all the arrows, but you don’t have a shield. Hngh.」

I joke lightly as I smash the head of the enemy soldier guarding the house against the wall.
Gildress also runs up to another enemy and bashes his head in too.

Of course we can’t rest at all.
The enemy should already have this house surrounded.

「Good thing it’s raining or else they could set this house on fire.」

「Yeah. Now, will they come through the door, the window, or maybe the roof? Mu, this isn’t good.」

As I prepared for them to come through the entrance, my vision started to shake.
I thought something must have hit my head, but the thing that was actually shaking was the house itself.

「Pull! Pull it down!!」
「If we don’t hurry, they’ll rush out! Demolish it before they can!」

I guess the enemy soldiers are trying to collapse the entire house by tugging on ropes attached to the supporting pillars.

Despite the reinforcements done to the building, it’s still a regular residence.
It shouldn’t be able to withstand the force of a few strong men.

Cracking noises can be heard all throughout the house as walls start to break and pillars split apart.

Ultimately the roof caves in and an abundance of wood and stone falls down toward us.

Gildress and I get pinned under the rubble.

「We did it! We killed the demon!」
「Wait, we still don’t know for sure. He might be alive under the debris. We have to deliver the finishing blow.」

I hear the sound of footsteps on top of the wrecked house closing in.
Judging by the soft thuds of rocks being pushed aside, I can assume they’re searching for us.

「They have to be crushed. Oh please be crushed…… ah.」

My line of sight happened to meet the eyes of one of the enemy soldiers. Now is the time.


As Gildress and I stood up, we opened up our arms that were crossed over our chests to protect ourselves.

Pillars, rocks and other debris were instantly flung off our bodies and we exposed ourselves to the rain again.
The scattered fragments fall toward the surrounding enemies, eliciting a few surprised shrieks.


The enemy soldier who I made eye contact with tries to lunge with his spear, but it’s too late.

My right hand grabs his neck and my fingers squeeze tightly.
My left hand picks up another enemy trying to save his buddy.

In a mere two seconds, I feel the sensation of bone cracking through my arms and the men hang limply.

「We’re running!」

I finished that in a cool manner, but now that we lost our shelter, arrows are going to pour in from all directions.
We can’t spare a second to catch our breaths.

Gildress and I run at full speed towards the walls.
Even we can’t fight when isolated and with nobody to support us.

「After them! No, I don’t want to chase! Shoot them to death!」

Fortunately, no enemies are in our path and we can run freely.

We have no time to stop and deal with the arrows fired at us from behind.
If we had that time, it would be better spent running even faster.

「How come we can’t hit them! They’re two big targets!」

「They’re abnormally fast! There’s no way to shoot them if they’re faster than scouts proud of their speed!」

The enemy’s helpless cries are quite pleasing to the ear.
I’m always thought to be sluggish because of my size, but that’s definitely not the case.

I think the only ones I know who are faster are Celia and Sekrit.
Leopolt’s speed is unknown, but I don’t want to imagine him sprinting, that’s gross.

We rest our hands on the wall after shaking off the enemy.

That’s when the type of noise around us changes.

「Uwah, now they’ve done it! Water is going to flow in!」

「Calm down…… we’re safe here. Rather, they’re the ones who have to withdraw. What a foolish plan.」

The enemy soldiers who had been busy hurling oil and rocks at our allies finally stopped.
And the noise coming from those allies of ours being attacked by them disappeared.

Did they perhaps retreat?

「Hey, give me a break.」

If our allies actually withdrew here, then we’re totally on our own.

「These are walls that don’t budge when hit with battering rams. They won’t collapse that easily!」

Something seems off though.
If our allies pulled back, then the enemy would either cheer with joy or come looking to eliminate us.

I scan for a place with less enemies and peek my head over the walls.


I unconsciously let out a gasp.

The levee of the river was cut down by our allies and water started pooling in front of the wall.
The water level was about waist high, but our ally soldiers must have escaped to a safe place by now.

「Is this his plan? What is Leopolt doing?」

I admit I was surprised at first, but I have doubts now that I’m calm.
A water attack is certainly powerful, assuming the enemy is standing on the ground.

Attacking an enemy protected by a wall with this much water won’t have any effect.
On the contrary, it makes things more difficult for our allies.

Is this the extent of Leopolt’s brain?
I guess it’s time for me to become a resourceful general.

「It doesn’t look like the end yet.」

Gildress points further upstream to the burst part of the levee.
Ally soldiers were also gathered there…… using some kind of catapult device to pull out the iron plank.

「They blocked the river? I guess the amount of water was not as much compared to how long it rained.」

So Leopolt didn’t simply destroy the levee, he cut off the water further upstream.
And now, he’s going to release it.

Water pours out of the hole in the levee and the quantity of water visibly increases, with waves easily taller than a person crashing into the walls of the city.
Hmm, it’s the same result though.

「Calm down! Our walls won’t fall from that. The enemy is hoping for us to get flustered!」
「Both the inside and outside of the city have proper flood control. The water will drain away soon.」

Sadly, the enemy is right.
From what I can see, not much of the city has submerged and the walls don’t appear to waver.

It might have been rigged so that the levee broke, but Trisnia is ultimately surrounded by only one river.
The quantity of water is known and it’s not strong enough to break through walls built to withstand many floods.

To begin with, if the floor was strong enough to demolish the walls, the city would also be wrecked.
This isn’t any different to burning down the place, which Erich probably won’t like.

Although the South Yugurian army initially showed signs of trepidation, they take heart after realizing they didn’t suffer much damage.
Our plan didn’t even shake the enemy a little.

「Hahaha!! Are we playing with water now!? What perfect timing, I was just getting bored of your monotonous attack.」

「I’ll give you a boat, so why don’t you go fishing or something? Wait, nevermind, this was your transport vessel that we captured!」

「Was the earlier screwed up charge to give us a present? It’s not really my taste, so I’ll take the head and give the body back.」

As the talkative commander yells out jokingly, his soldiers join in and laugh.
Even though it’s not my plan, I’m annoyed. I’m going to run in and kick them into a muddy stream.




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