Chapter 445: That Which Dwells in the Sword




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

I grab the backward-facing ass in front of me and slam my hips against it.

「Hiih! Hiiiih!」

The woman tries to crawl away, but I don’t let her, pulling her back and giving her another powerful thrust.
My enlarged dick squelches loudly every time it goes in and out of the woman’s hole.

「I-it’s too thick! You’re going to break me! Do it a little slower! Pleaseee!」

Normally when I have the craving to have sex, I’d be gentler, but something happened to me after seeing Wilhelmina’s beautiful breasts and made me turn into a beast.

「No can do. I’m going to be rough and bite down on your shoulder.」

Her desperate pleas only make my dick swell further as I pull her arms back and enjoy the female spy’s vagina to the fullest.
My movements are vigorous enough for sounds of slapping flesh and squishing sounds from the rubbing of skin lubricated with oil slathered out of compassion to be heard.

My teeth sink slightly into the woman’s shoulder and my heavy breathing hits her neck as I growl.
The rhythm of my hip thrusting increases, and it was more like I was trying to shake her entire body rather than just my own.


I push into the very depths of her hole with a grunt and send her consciousness drifting away.

Nevertheless, it’s not going to stop me from continuing.
I release her arms and use my right hand to savagely fondle her breasts instead.

「Auuuu! My boobs……」

She moans in agony.
Then, I make her scream again by pinching the fully erect bud in the center of those mounds.

「That’s not all.」

I stick two fingers first, then after changing my mind, stick three fingers into her asshole.

「My assss!! Kyaaa!!」

Of course, this was in addition to the aggressive caressing of her breasts and the ruthless thrusting of my hips.

Her screaming gradually turns into meaningless squeals, eventually into just rough breathing, and finally moans with saliva drooling out of her mouth.


My timing screws up somewhat and my dick slips completely out of her vagina.
By this point, the woman’s limbs had lost all strength and she was unable to support her own body, so she collapsed face-first onto the bed.

I mount the face-down woman from behind, spread her ass cheeks apart with my fingers and let the weight of my body push my dick inside her.

The woman can’t open her legs in this position so she would squeeze me tighter.
Despite that, my weight can forcibly push my dick deep inside her.

We are no exception; the woman’s vagina clenches intensely and my dick slowly slides in.
My member is long enough to reach the end of her canal and the unceasing pressure might drive it into her womb at any moment.

「No more……I’m losing my mind……」

That was when she cried out feebly.

「Mu, that’s quick.」

I’m slowly approaching my limit as well.
Man, I’m such a premature ejaculator, I thought I could go on longer, but it looks like I can’t endure the desire to cum welling up within me.

I unreservedly fix my cock deep inside her and ejaculate.

It twitched several times right before the exploding with much force and after a few seconds, a large amount of semen gushed out.

The woman’s eyes widen from the sudden burst felt within her body and reflexively coils up.

「Eh!? Y-you’re cumming inside! I didn’t use any contraception!!」

I suppress the weak resistance and apply my weight firmly on the woman.

「Didn’t I tell you to take responsibility as a spy? Just give up and accept it.」

A satisfying ‘glug’ sound was made every time my dick shot the endless stream of cum out of my urethra and into her womb.

「Oooh…… this feels great.」

With every pulse, the pleasure seemed to increase.
Although nothing has overflowed out of her hole yet, I’m pretty sure I just filled her up with some thick yellow juice.

「Nooo…… so much…… I’m going to get pregnant…… I’m going to make a baby…… pull out.」

Her words contradict her body’s reaction as she climaxes numerous times and her womb descends to greedily suck up all the seed spraying out of my dick. Getting pregnant is unavoidable now.

The hot, sweaty skin of the agonizing woman stimulates my desire to protect and her futile struggling excites my sadistic beast. And then the contraction of her walls as if she’s trying to milk every last drop from me simply heightens my carnal urges.

As seconds turn to minutes, it doesn’t feel like the flow of semen will let up at all.

The woman, having resigned herself, closes her eyes and stays still on the bed, allowing me to bury my face in her back and close my eyes.

My mind immediately remembers the image of Wilhelmina with her torn clothes, exposing the porcelain-like breasts――


The woman screams again.
My dick seems to get harder and shoot faster like a water pistol.

Just picturing Wilhelmina’s breasts was enough to send electric shocks throughout my body and make me convulse like never before.
This orgasm is unlike previous orgasms in that it feels like semen is being drawn out directly from my testicles.

Even though it’s rude, I can’t help that I’m thinking of a different woman from the one I’m embracing.
Well, treat this as a punishment for not coming forward sooner as the culprit.

After thirty minutes of ejaculating, I pull out and gently lay the woman on her back.

「Dying…… I’m dying…… my stomach is going to burst and I’ll die…… auu.」

At the same time I removed myself from her body, a fountain of semen surges out from her vagina.
It’s yellow and syrupy as I expected.

Her plump belly slowly deflates back to normal.
I stroke that stomach softly and whisper to the woman. I spoke in a calming voice like I usually do after a passionate affair.

「Now, you’re going to tell me everything. If you resist, Leopolt will torture you.」

「I-I’m just an underling, so I know nothing!」

I maintain the same tone and continue to rub her belly.

「Think about it. Your womb was just filled with all this thick seed. You’re going to bear my child.」

「Uuuu, there’s no way I won’t get pregnant after this…… not to mention it’s a risky day for me.」

I kiss my way from her back, to her shoulder, to her neck and then finally her lips.

「Then why don’t you become my lover right now. And you’ll tell me everything.」

The female spy seemed to hesitate briefly, but after I fiddled with her breasts and ass, she gave in and disclosed everything.


I went one more round afterward and left the unconscious woman on the bed before heading out.

Since I wrote what she said on her ass with lipstick, that should save Leopolt some time and effort.

「Oh, general.」

Coincidentally, I bumped into Yakov.

「What were you doing?」

「A little prisoner interrogation, you see……」

I take a peek where he came from.

「Sob, sob …… my virginity was taken by such a barbaric-looking man…… you’re going to let me go as promised, right!? If you lied, I’ll bite my tongue and die!」

「That’s how it is, so please overlook this.」

She appears to be a woman captured from the battle of Trisnia, but she doesn’t seem to be a low-ranked soldier judging by the clothes scattered on the bed.
Normal procedure would dictate that she be taken to the capital to be interrogated as part of the investigation.

「Tch. Geez, you’re so hopeless.」

He probably felt sorry for her and told her he would set her free.
She doesn’t look like an ordinary soldier nor a commander-level soldier. We most likely won’t get much information from her, however, she’s quite the beauty. It slightly annoys me to think that Yakov stole her virginity.

I click my tongue repeatedly as I sign the document to release her.

「Oh, chief.」

「It’s you this time?」

I bumped into Gido next.

「I was interrogating a conspirator of the enemy……」

I peek into his tent.

「Sniff, sniff……you released so many shots in me……and even made me drink your pee……you’re going to keep quiet about my father’s store helping South Yuguria, right!? If you lied, I’ll haunt you forever!」

「Could you turn a blind eye?」

Based on the strewn clothes, it seems she’s a merchant’s daughter.
The document given to me by Gido details the intimate relationship the father’s company has with South Yuguria.

「Man, you guys are balls of lust, huh. What despicable men.」

I draw a line through the words on the sheet of paper, write “truth not acknowledged” and sign my name.

In the first place, the citizens don’t have much choice but to obey once the enemy army enters the city.
Merchants especially can’t survive unless they curry favor with the occupating party. The father did it to protect his family and there’s no point blaming him for it now.

Next, Pochi swooped down.

After giving me a glance, it begins earnestly searching around for something.
And then, having gotten an idea of where to look, turns toward a pile of barrels and howls.

「Hiiih!! M-monster!!」

It was another woman who rushed out.
Her armor was removed, however, she was wearing boots typical of a South Yugurian soldier.
Was she hiding this whole time?

When large armies fight each other and things get messy, there will inevitably be some remnant soldiers concealed in various spots.
Some time is needed to hunt those survivors.


She draws a sword and attacks Pochi.

Pochi doesn’t move out of the way, allows the sword to hit its leg and snap in two as a result.
The weapon was an ordinary sword, not something a man, let alone a woman, can use to leave a scratch on Pochi’s scales.

She blankly stares at her broken sword and then runs away as fast as she can.

「So unnecessary.」

Pochi flaps its wings a few times to lift itself in the air, then lands in front of the woman.
The wind pressure alone was enough to knock the woman off her feet.

「Uuuu…… I’m going home alive…… I’m definitely going home alive!!」

She doesn’t give up.
She points a knife with a trembling hand.

With one swing of Pochi’s claw, the knife was sent flying high in the air.


Now that she has been disarmed, her arm drops powerlessly, resigned to her fate.

「I-I’ll do anything…… please don’t eat me.」

In tears, she nestles Pochi’s foot in an attempt to save herself.

Pochi wasn’t the one who responded, the allied soldiers who gathered around in a hurry did.

「Don’t screw with me! Since you resisted, you’re not a prisoner! Shoot!!」

Crossbows were immediately fired.
The woman shuts her eyes tightly.
And then, there was a short snarl.

Not a single bolt stabbed the woman’s body,
All of them were blocked by Pochi’s wing.

「Eh? Why?」

Pochi brings its face close to the woman, grabs the additional knife strapped to her leg with its mouth and throws it away.
Then Pochi pulls the woman on her feet by the collar, gives her cheek a lick, and pushes her back as if saying “get going”.

The allied soldiers try to adjust their aim on the woman, but Pochi steps into their line of fire.

「T-thank you.」

The woman’s eyes soften as she gives Pochi a parting gaze before running off.

「She’s a foot soldier. There’s no need to chase after her……more importantly, make sure you don’t hit that thing. It’ll eat you.」

Pochi growls. The woman can be seen bowing in the distance.


I suddenly feel someone’s eyes behind me and turn around.

The three women we were embracing a little while ago were staring from the shadows of the tents.

「Pst, pst……a lizard just showed us how big its heart is.」

「Yet, the humans here are the ones who violated us……pst, pst.」

「Pst……they cum as much as they want inside us and say “I’ll save you”……pst.」


The three of us couldn’t refute.

While looking at us with disdain, the women slowly draw closer to Pochi.

「We should have been captured by you. Instead, I was caught in a misunderstanding as i was being treated kindly after being roughed up.」

「And I wouldn’t have been embraced by some bandit.」

「And I wouldn’t have to entertain calling anyone Gido-sama or licking anyone’s asshole or drinking anyone’s pee, just because he’s slightly handsome.」


Feeling pathetic from what the women said, we did as promised and released the women free of charges.

Because of Pochi’s chivalric display, the three of us were made to look like devils.

It was my fault for losing my mind after seeing Wilhelmina’s breasts.
I have to control myself better next time.

My head was occupied with such thoughts until I discovered blood dripping from Pochi’s leg.

「Hey, you were injured?」

Pochi growls like it’s not a big deal, although I’m reminded of how Pipi was riding a normal horse during our pursuit earlier.
Upon closer inspection, Pochi also seems to be dragging the leg somewhat.

「Let me see.」

Opposite to the manliness shown, Pochi whines uneasily and timidly offers its fore leg. Pochi’s eyes darted back and forth, anxiously searching for Pipi.

「Fumu……it’s not a serious wound.」

The source of bleeding was near the base of the nail of its front leg where the surrounding nails flipped up a little.
Was it from a collision with a cannon ball or perhaps from hitting something during its flight?

Pochi’s scales are harder than steel so nothing went through to its flesh. In human terms, it’s equivalent to the nail partially peeling off.

「At this rate, it’ll interfere with whatever you do.」

Pochi turns pale when I draw my sword.

「Since it’s already come off this far, it’ll heal quicker if it’s removed altogether. Stay still―― hey, don’t run!」

Pochi doesn’t listen until the end, spreads its wings and tries to fly away, but I leap forward and hold the creature down.

「Eeei. It won’t take long, just stay still! What happened to the manliness you showed earlier!?」

While Pochi struggles wildly, I carefully but quickly stick my sword underneath the nearly-torn scale and completely remove it.
This guy’s skin is also abnormally strong too, and any sword besides the Dual Crater probably wouldn’t be able to take off the scale.
Just when I thought it was about to come off, there was mild resistance and an unpleasant ripping sound.

Pochi whimpered weakly.

The fist-sized scale falls with a thud accompanied by a splash of blood and the next fresh scale can be faintly seen underneath.
Now, it should be fine if we cleanse the wound and wrap a bandage around it.

「There, it’s done.」

I pat Pochi’s head afterward while it keeps its face covered and its body trembles.
Its red oblong eyes stare resentfully at me as tears well up.
Crap, I made Pochi cry.

「Aahー!! You made Pochi cry!」

Pipi, who was taking a nap after the tiring fight, woke up and immediately ran over with bed hair.

Pochi springs up and runs straight into Pipi’s chest――almost like it was attacking――it rubs its face against her flat chest while crying and expressing the injustice it experienced.

「I see. The pain is gone now. Everything is fine, let’s go eat something over there.」

Pipi comforts Pochi as she signals to me and leaves.

Damn Pochi, showing your manly side and then going back to being a baby.
What a mysterious lizard.

「Despite its large body, Pochi might still be a child inside. If that’s a child, how much more is it going to grow?」

I mutter to myself as I go to wipe Pochi’s blood off the Dual Crater.

That was when my body was shaken by a large throbbing sensation.

Before I could ask what that was, the same voice I heard in my head previously resounded again, this time at an incomparably higher volume.

『My blood and the blood of that person, as well as the mixed blood, such is fate.』

Last time, it was as quiet as a whisper and I couldn’t make out what was said, but now it’s quite clear.

It was a hoarse male voice that could almost be described as beautiful.


I scan my surroundings but don’t see anybody speaking.

『I am right next to you.』

There is nothing at my feet or above my head.
I can’t locate the origin because the voice is talking inside my head.

『Fool. Can’t you see what is in your hand?』

The fed-up voice points me to my Dual Crater, which happens to be glowing red.

「Hey, hey.」

I originally received the Dual Crater from Nonna and at the time, its blade was shiny like a mirror with no trace of any color.

When was it that the sword started to emit a crimson color?
Its sharpness and feeling in my hand hasn’t changed so I didn’t really notice…… currently, it’s more than a faint glow, it’s a bright blazing red.

「There’s something shining over there.」
「Could it be a fire!? The enemy remnants might have concocted a petty trick!」

The unusual light attracted the attention of allied soldiers.

「I’d rather avoid any unnecessary trouble.」


I quickly sheathe my sword and jump into a nearby tent.
Conveniently for me, it was a storage for food. Such a place is not frequented by many people.


I stab the Dual Crater into the ground and sit cross-legged in front of it.
Fortunately Nonna is not here to see me or she would headbutt me and slap me silly with her breasts.

「What are you?」

I have to ask this question.
I mean, it’s not normal for a sword to talk.

『Why should I have to explain anything to someone as insignificant as you?』

Man, this guy has been acting arrogant for a while now.

「Whatever then. It’s irritating, so don’t talk anymore.」

I reach out to store away the Dual Crater in its sheath.

『……wait. I was joking.』

I knew he would change his mind.
Mumbling in a barely audible voice is proof that he wants me to notice him.

In the mansion, I usually use this tactic with Yoguri and Kuu.
They usually speak quietly while looking at me.

I leave the sword stuck in the ground and sit back down.

And this kind of thing usually won’t be talked about unless I bring it up first.

「So, what are you? The spirit of the Dual Crater?」

The Dual Crater is not a normal sword, it’s a legendary treasured sword.
I’ve heard of stories like this…… of souls residing in famed swords.

『Dual Crater? Is that the name of this sword? That’s impossible, little one.』

I guess I’m wrong, this guy is arrogant about everything.

『I don’t know if it’s a holy blade or a demonic blade. But would a spirit dwell inside a common sword?』

「You have the gall to call Dual Crater common?」

There’s no way a sword that can cut through steel armor like butter can be considered common.
Tell that to Nonna and she would be furious. Too bad she isn’t here.

『It’s merely a mithril sword forged five hundred years ago. It is neither cursed or blessed, it’s nothing more than a sharp razor.』

I silently throw sand at the sword in frustration as he mocks the precious bond between Nonna and I.

『Wapph! Stop! The only reason I can stay here is because there was nothing in the sword to begin with.』

「Alright. Enough already, just answer the question. What are you?」

Dual Crater, no he probably calls it something different.
I ask the voice in a relatively harsh tone.

『You’re only making a fool of yourself by howling like that, little one. However, it’s pointless of us to go around in circles.』

The voice goes silent momentarily.
I can somehow imagine this guy sighing with a self-satisfied look.

『My name is Lindbloom. I am a hellfire dragon that lived several millennia ago.』

The sword glimmers greatly. Good thing we’re inside a tent.


When I put my hand to my chin, the light coming from the sword blinked, almost as if it was disappointed.

『You’re not surprised?』

「The dragon I know is larger than a mountain and has wings, claws, and fangs. You’re a sword, no matter how I look at it.」

The sword sighs and clicks its tongue repeatedly, then asks a question in a noticeably worse mood.

『You fought the fire-breathing dragon in the mountain village, did you not?』

I’m definitely not going to forget that.

「Yeah, I beat that thing up.」

The voice becomes increasingly angrier.

『――that was me. How truly aggravating. Challenging me with swords and arrows is one thing, but to use that metal tube, grrr.』

The dragon’s name was certainly Lindbloom……wait, isn’t this strange?

『When your pierced my heart, my soul transferred into the blade. Mithril is a material highly capable of interfering with spirits. That was how my soul came to reside within the sword. Having lived for thousands of years, my soul is strong. It would take more than the destruction of my physical body for my soul to disappear.』

「So something like that happened back then……?」

『With my great soul stored in the sword, the color should have changed considerably.』

I only noticed a slight change.

「How come you didn’t speak to me at that time? Why did you speak only now?」

I’ve never heard his voice after swinging my Dual Crater around so much.

『Due to the circumstances, I felt tired. I was thinking of sleeping for several decades.』

Decades, huh?
Well, I can’t speak to the lifespans of dragons, but it hasn’t even been two years since then.

『There was an unexpected stimulus, you see. First, it has to deal with that sword called the dragon’s blade. Although it is merely another sword made of mithril, there are traces of the scale of a dragon that I once paired with for a short amount of time hammered in its blade.』

Acevedo’s sword?
That’s right, he only started to talk once the Dual Crater made contact with Acevedo’s sword.

『Then, there is the blood that wet the blade. Half belongs to that one and half belongs to me. How could I not awaken after that?』

Hm? It was Pochi’s blood that got on the Dual Crater.

「Are you saying Pochi is your child!?」

『Indeed. Such a resounding feeling to my soul could not possibly be mistaken for anyone else.』

Pochi should be born from an egg Pipi happened to pick up somewhere and brought back.
It’s a wonder how fate connects such unrelated incidents.

「This is quite an incredible story…… hmm.」

I make a contemplative face.

This voice in my sword is male and the scale in the dragon blade belonged to a female…… which means Pochi’s mother passed away long ago.
And in killing Lindbloom, I murdered Pochi’s only living relative.

It occurred before Pochi was born and I couldn’t have known, so I don’t really regret it.
However, I still feel sorry for the lonely lizard.


『What is it?』

I pull out the Dual Crater from the ground and lay it across my lap.

「Your child is growing up nicely」

It knows how to clean its own living space, do laundry, and trim the plants in the garden.
Just recently, it also created and submitted a menu of desired meals.

「Compared to the time it was born, I would say it has gotten much bigger. It won’t die a dog’s death any longer. Sometimes, I still hear crying at night though.」

There is a limited time Pochi can be separated from Pipi, but it’s not scared of any beast or monster.

「So don’t worry. If you have anything to say to your child, I will relay the message for you.」

I’m not going to mourn this guy’s death, however, I can act as a messenger for him.
With that in mind, I show him genuine sincerity.

『What are you saying? I don’t care about some kid.』


Didn’t he wake up because of the parental relationship between him and Pochi?

『I just said I received a jolt. It’s similar to being splashed with cold water.』

“In the first place,” he continues.

『That girl did not perish. There is but a fragment of the scale within the sword. It’s likely that it naturally fell off and a little one picked it up.』

I’m getting confused.
If she didn’t die, then why was this guy deep in a cave in the mountain by himself? Wasn’t he grieving the loss of his mate?

The voice ignores my bewilderment and happily talks further.

『I met that girl only two hundred years ago, wapph.』

I stab the sword into the ground again.
He’s still Pochi’s father, so he should be nice.

『She was happy when she met me sleeping in the cave. She was about 150 years old and still just a child. She innocently frolicked around after meeting someone of the same species for the first time.』

This has turned into a time of reminiscing.
It sounds like a pleasant story though. Dragons don’t get to meet their kind very easily.

『She would live together with me in my nest and cheerfully bring me small animals and monsters as prey.』

The movement of dragons is equivalent to a calamity to the people in the vicinity, but it’s not like they can go without eating.

『This sort of family lifestyle continued for some time.』

What a heart-warming tale.
I ready a cup so I could have alcohol to accompany this entertainment.

『At 150 years old, when her body was grown, but the inside was still that of a child-』


I don’t like where this is headed.

『I mated with her as a joke. After all, it had been decades since the last time I did so. Despite the crying and screaming, I didn’t stop.』

Even though I poured my alcohol on the Dual Crater, the voice remained sidetracked.

『Dozens of years went by as I kept mating with her.』

Judging by his voice, I can tell his eyes looking into the distance.
I asked because I thought he had an interesting story, not a series of rape.

『One morning, I saw she had disappeared. There was an egg laying in the corner. I could not mate with an egg, so I went back to sleep until you people woke me up. Therefore, I don’t care about some kid which resulted as a product of lust―― wapphh.』

I kick over the Dual Crater.
And then I hastily pick it back up.

「If you weren’t in Nonna’s precious sword, I would have broken and destroyed you. Hellfire dragon, my ass. You’re just a rapist dragon.」

I can’t inform Pochi of this guy’s existence. I would feel sorry.

『Now, hold on. Breaking the sword would really trouble me. At least wait until I regain more of my power.』

The Dual Crater once again glows after he finishes talking.

「Hey, don’t do anything unnecessary.」

『What do you mean? I’m saying that I will turn this mithril rod into a magic sword, a vessel suitable for myself.』

The Dual Crater gradually changes shape.

『All the lives you reaped with this sword will become the sustenance for my soul.』

The blade elongates and increases in weight.

『I will shroud the sword with the magic you deflected.』

A complicated magic seal forms and encompasses the sword from its tip to its hilt, then an intricate design decorates the entire sword.

『I will bind it with my soul.』

The faint red light emitting from the sword intensifies into a vibrant and deep crimson.

「It became something completely different.」

I can’t show this to Nonna.
I don’t think she would like the gaudy decorative addition resembling thorns or a snake.

『Now, the item which houses my spirit has become a true magic sword. It should possess strength incomparable to that of a mithril sword.』

The rapist dragon glimmers proudly.

「I guess it’s easier to use now that it’s longer and heavier. Mmm, who would have thought the shape would change this much.」

I’m mainly concerned about Nonna getting upset. No, she’ll cry.

『With that said, it doesn’t come without a price. This sword is――』

At that time, a commotion started outside the tent.

「That’s an enemy spy! That person tried to blend in with the supply corps!」
「Give chase! Don’t let ‘em escape!」

I didn’t have time to think before footsteps rushed toward the tent.

「Damn! Now that it’s come to this, I’ll set this on fire and spread chaos―― kuh!?」

The man who ran in the tent draws his sword and attacks when he discovers me.

Of course, this situation is not enough to fluster me.
I promptly ready the new and improved Dual Crater.


「Why don’t you?」

He wasn’t very skilled with the sword and I was able to easily parry his slash, then stab him in the stomach.

That’s definitely a fatal injury. But it’s not one that will kill instantly.
I don’t take pleasure in letting someone suffer, so I pull my sword out to decapitate the man, but then the rapist dragon’s voice booms.

『I guess it’s faster to show you.』

The Dual Crater shines a dark red, causing the skewered man to scream.
It was as if the man’s very life force was being drained from his body.

It only took a few seconds.
When the man dies, the sword stops glowing.
I quietly withdraw the sword from his corpse.

「What did you do?」

『Power is needed to sustain this sword and my soul. I absorb the appropriate amounts of life, soul, and magic energy.」

In other words, I have to constantly kill somebody?

「What a ridiculous cursed sword. I’m not a murderer who goes around killing randomly…… no, nevermind.」

I ponder briefly. If I think about it calmly, I actually do kill a lot of people. I guess I won’t have too much of an issue.

『It has been a while since I’ve eaten. Now I’m going to sleep.』

Almost simultaneously to the dragon falling asleep, allied soldiers come running in.

「Damn, he ran in here―― p-pardon me, Lord Hardlett!」

「You mean this guy? I took care of him. I couldn’t keep him alive.」

After wiping the blood off my sword, I exit the tent.
It won’t fit in the sheath anymore. I’ll have to figure something out.

「Sir, my apologies for the incompetence! Damn, this guy was unlucky to encounter Lord Hardlett…… hiiiiih!!」

「W-what the heck is this!? There’s a hole in his stomach, yet there is not a drop of blood…… and his internal organs are gone!? His eyeballs are sunken in too, how did this……」

I walk briskly to remove myself from the soldiers’ presence.

I don’t know what this sword has become, but it’s gotten even harder to use it in public.
The enemy is already calling me a demon too.

I tried asking Lindbloom to do something about the sheath, but I didn’t get any response, so I guess he really went to sleep.

I find a tattered cloth to act as the sheath for now and keep the blade hidden.

On the way, I bump into Brynhildr, who stares at me for approximately ten seconds, and then leaves without doing anything else because the sun hasn’t completely set.

I can sense that she’ll summon me soon.

「Lord Hardlett.」

「What? Nothing is wrong with the Dual Crater.」

Oh, it’s just Leopolt.

He gives the sword a glance, then throws a rock at me.

「What, are you picking a fight?」

I catch it without difficulty, slam it into the ground and break it into pieces.

「That rock is a fragment of the city wall. As you can see, it’s not anything special.」

Leopolt points to the perimeter of the city.

「There wasn’t anything special constructed on the inside either. It is the same as when Goldonia left it.」

Fumu, that’s strange.

Trisnia’s walls definitely endured cannonballs and repelled battering rams.
If we didn’t use the dwarven cannons or the naval rams, which can be considered unfair, I don’t know if we could have broken through though.

「It’s weird that no changes were made.」

「Yes, If the materials and construction are normal, then I speculate normal means were not used to strengthen the walls.」

Outside normal, in other words, magic and things of that nature.

「It’s hard to determine detailed information if we are dealing with unknown magical phenomenon, so until we prove for certain it is the case, we have no other option than to assume all of South Yuguria’s fortresses have the same durability as the walls of Trisnia. We can’t avoid the disadvantage we’ll face during our attacks on their bases.」

That’s truly annoying.
We can’t make any progress no matter how far south we advance if we can’t bring down any of their bases.

「Is there any way around it?」

「That is currently undecided.」

I smile unconsciously.
He could have said “I will do my utmost”, but he decisively said “undecided”, that’s very characteristic of him.

「Well, do your best. And what about the west coast of the river?」

The enemy’s western army has already arrived so they should only have the double-crossers left.

「We’ll ignore them. That area is no longer the main battlefield. Since they don’t have transport ships, there is no possibility of them posing a threat on the east coast.」

「That’s fine then. Those traitors have no clue, huh.」

There are plenty in Trisnia, but the city fell and the ones who cooperated with the occupiers have been recaptured.
The scary part comes after.

「The feudal lords and nobles of the western coast are already asking constantly for their messengers to provide us with excuses.」

I’m sure they are.

「Like I said before, that region is no longer a strategically important point. We’ll ward them away and quietly give them hope, then wipe them out in one fell swoop once the battle has been decided.」

「Sounds about right.」

They can only lament their poor choice.
I’ll have to be careful that I don’t make a mistake myself.
In the worse case scenario, I have to be ready to take the girls and flee.

「Well then, there is also an example over here of a judgement being mistaken.」

I sigh as I observe the scene in front of me.

「You mean the trial for the eastern nobles who were annihilated as a result of Lady Hyuutia’s decision to violate orders which led to her participation.」

It’s funny how Leopolt deliberately emphasizes Myla’s actions as a violation of orders.
He might unexpectedly be the type to hold a grudge.

They are under Erich’s supervision and are being sentenced one after the other in a temporary court.

「Lord Negael. Extenuating circumstances will not be taken into account. You will receive the death penalty and your family inheritance will be forfeited. Lord Uraigir, you will also be sentenced to death and――」

「P-please have mercy! My family was deceived by Lord Uraigir!」
「What are you saying!? My family was the one who was tricked by you!!」

I shake my head in disappointment and sit down on the chair Leopolt brought.

「I see numerous familiar faces, but I don’t feel like protecting anyone. And why don’t you sit as well. I can’t calm down with you standing next to me.」

Leopolt, who felt like there was no need to interfere, simply nodded.

Somebody notices me in the audience and shouts to get my attention.

「Lord Hardlett! It’s me!! I met you in one of the banquets hosted by your wife!! Please! Please help mediate!!」

The man’s shrill voice is truly shameful.

In the corner of my eye, I catch Celia hopping uneasily.
She probably wants to tell me not to do anything unnecessary no matter what.

「Unfortunately, I have no reason to save you. How can traitors be allies?」

A small smirk forms on my face.

Seeing a small hope in my expression, the traitors lean over the spears of the guards blocking their way and shout desperately.

「W-well, Uraigir-dono――」
「What are you implying, Lord Negael!? No, to begin with, it was Lord Hanrown’s messenger who introduced……」

Is it about time?

I draw my new Dual Crater and strike the ground.
Because of its increased weight, it caused the earth to shake a little.

「How unsightly. If you’re going to betray, do it from the beginning. Doing it in the middle of a decisive battle is an act more vulgar than a dung beetle, and dung beetles get squashed.」

I purposely widen my eyes and speak in a low voice, silencing everyone including the judge and Erich.
Intimidated by the blood lust, the traitors collapsed on the spot.

I’m sure they won’t squeal anymore.

Honestly, I don’t care if they betray or double-cross us.
I just want them to take responsibility for their actions. If it works out, fine, but if it doesn’t, then own up to it. I don’t hold a grudge against anybody.

Maybe they were just unlucky they ran into Myla when they were about to betray us.
Anyway, they should give up and obediently go to the otherworld.

In my peripheral vision, Celia pats her chest in relief.
What is she worried about? Did she think I would cover for them?

「Next, Baroness Escaote. Similarly, your family will be executed and your inheritance will be forfeited.」

「Baroness, you said?」

Celia bounces twice as high as before.

The next person to stand trial is a woman in her mid-thirties whose lips are trembling and turning pale.
Her eyes are fixed on the judge, but tears are endlessly streaking down her face.

I remember seeing her at one of the banquets Nonna hosted.
Back then, she came with her husband, but around the time we went to war with South Yuguria, I remember hearing about him suddenly passing away.

「If I may say, the standing of my house is dependent on Lord Haurown……I cannot make any decisions on my own…… if you could be satisfied with my life, at least spare the rest of my family and the inheritance…… I beg of you……」

Baroness Escaote prostrates, her face grinding against the floor.
Her pretty face gets dirty and the rough surface cuts into her lips and forehead, causing blood to trickle.

Erich and the judge remain cold.

「Lift your head. The result won’t change regardless of your disgraceful plea. As a woman of nobility and now a feudal lord, conduct yourself as such.」

「This will conclude the trial. The execution will take place tomorrow morning. Write your wills and ensure your affairs are put in order.」

Cruelly forsaken, Baroness Escaote collapses in tears, her face still on the floor.

「Not good. This isn’t good.」

Celia falls down and holds her face in pain when I stand up.

And then it happened.

「Don’t move!! If you don’t release my mother, I will kill this man!!」

A male voice, before it deepens during puberty, shouts out and a dagger is held to my throat.

My eyes shift to the owner of the knife and I discover it is a young man of about 15 years of age who has an extremely furious expression on his face.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend.
Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City.

Myla (militia commander), Leopolt (staff officer A), Tristan (staff officer B), Celia (jumped)
Yakov (bandit), Irijina (commander), Luna (bow cavalry commander), Gido (pervert), Pochi (chivalric lizard)

Ivanna (sulking), Brynhildr (rage), Annette (princess of the 105), Sekrit (training)
Piris (crying), Harty (motivated), Nonna (sneezed)

Army – Southern Goldonia
Under Protagonist
Escort Unit: 60
Infantry: 4500
Cavalry: 670
Archers: 670
Cannoneers: 380
Bow Cavalry: 7000
Independent Celia Squad: 400
Conscripts + Security Unit: 17 000
Cannons: 40, Large Cannons: 23, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Field Artillery: 20, Chariots: 45

Reinforcements / Allied Forces
Aless Soldiers: 13909
105 Army Corps: 3500

Battleship Suvorov, Battleship Aless of Aless, and others: All grounded.
Transport Ships: 20

Ally Forces: Frontal Warfront – Royal Army: 50 000
Conscripts: 35 000

Enemy Force
Frontal Warfront – Regular Soldiers: 2・50 000
Conscripts: 40 000
Cavalry Army: 25 000 ???
Magrado Local Army: disorganized.
Meldora: insignificant

Assets: -10 000 gold
Sexual Partners: 786, children who have been born: 69 + 567
Current Location: Trisnia (adjusting military force)




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