Chapter 48:  Arkland War ⑤ Guardian of the Gate




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—Calvaryman POV—

With a thunderous roar the bolt was destroyed and the gate opens.

「Overrun them!!!」

A cavalryman with his long lance propped up, came charging towards the gate.

To let your own town be turned into the enemy’s base and all you peasants do is just stand there watching, you lot are traitors! I’ll kill all of you townspeople.

Just like how many rebellions were suppressed in the past, the townspeople were cowardly and underhanded folk. When their feudal lord was stripped of guards and left without protection, the people of this town were brave enough to beat him to death with their mob mentality. However, when an army of this caliber arrives, they will come out to beg for their lives.

Needless to say, I will not heed their requests.
The battle during the day ended with an unsatisfying result, But to make up for it I’m going to rampage in this battle to my heart’s content. Let’s settle this quickly, I’m looking forward to breaking through the enemy’s headquarters and accomplishing my misson.

「Something is weird?」

The landscape spins vertically. Then things turn black. He did not even notice until the very end that his head was flying severed in the air.

—Aegir POV—

「That’s two people down!」

The first two units that came through got their heads blown off as they stood in the way. Following up, I stabbed their horses with a straight thrust from my pollaxe and dragged them towards the ground. The fallen soldiers who could not avoid in time had their heads crushed, while I finished off the horses by slicing off their necks.

I feel sorry for the horses, but I dumped the corpses in front of the gate, so they can no longer run at me while on horseback. I don’t have to worry about them leaping over an obstacle of this height.

「Who is it?!」

「Clear the path!」

One of the enemy horsemen was being noisy so I throw the dead soldier’s spear at him to shut him up. Words are unnecessary. I’m going to kill you guys, so all of you should also try to kill me. It’s quite simple isn’t it?

I cut down the soldier who tried to maneuver pass the gate somehow while still riding his horse. The cavalry quickly dismounted with their spears at the ready, trying to pierce me to death but I use my Dual Crater to cut up all the spearheads. The heads of the dumbfounded soldiers are promptly and cleanly sliced in half.

I did everything possible. I swung my pollaxe, slashed with my sword, and threw any dropped weapons back at them.

When about 30 of them were turned into corpses, a bolt suddenly pierces my shoulder. It seems someone was aiming at me with a bow gun from outside the gate. A sharp pain runs through my body but I can still fight.

I pull out the bolt protruding from my wound, and crush the face of the soldier who came running at me thinking that it was an opening and once again, bolts came flying one after the other soon after. But I won’t be eating those so easily the second time. I grabbed my cloak and bring it in front of my body. Although it’s a cloth that might not be able to block arrows from a bow gun, this is a special one which prevents projectiles, like arrows, from piercing through.

I assessed the hole in my body. It’s deep, blood is flowing out but it’s not an vital organ. It’s not like the blood is squirting out either so I’ll be able to hold on for a while.

Because I seem to have become quiet, they thought it was an opportunity to rush in and I wielded my pollaxe and sword to meet the oncoming wave.

Spreading open my cloak I brandished my pollaxe. There was a sound of something bursting and four sounds of a person falling over the pile of corpses, then something broke off and there are three sounds of something dropping.

There is one short? When I checked, I saw that there was some fat from a humans body remaining on the spear, thereby causing my pollaxe to lose some of its sharpness, causing the last person’s head to be cut only halfway through. It’s too gross so I use my hand to tear it off.

「I’m still not dead yet you know? What are you guys going to do about it?」

I laugh while brandishing the head I twisted off in one hand.

「Bow guns! Move forward and kill that monster!」

What cowards. I throw the head, and once again use my cloak to stop the bolts.

It’s a hellish scene where sweat and death are dancing. But being in the middle of it doesn’t feel too bad.

A spear stabs my leg. In return, I use my sword to pierce his head.

Someone thrusts the sword into the gap of my crushed armor. In return I split his body in two.

My wounds increase one by one, but the heart calms in proportion to the amount of blood flowing out. I calmly check my body. I already have wounds all over but I still have yet to get a fatal wound. I can still fight.

A certain soldier comes forth and names himself as some knight, but I can’t hear anything. I swung my pollaxe at him, but after going through many fights and clashes throughout the years, it has finally reached its durability limit and my Bardiche broke. My heart is calm, but I’m sad because one of the things that connected me to Lucy was broken.

The knight seem to be elated with his success but I don’t know why they feel like they won. He was hurting my ears so, putting together my resentment for my Bardiche, I thrust my broken pollaxe into his neck and he became quiet. Forcing the broken metal pieces into him definitely looks like it hurts.

I put force into my leg and pull the Dual Crater out and held it over my head in an overhead position. The enemies close in on me as I cut them down consecutively, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…all the way to about 20. I am out of breath and my vision is going dark. I may have lost too much blood.

I can’t die yet. I haven’t fulfilled my promise with Lucy, there are women in the mansion that adore me and will let me do as I wish. It will be a waste if I die here.

「Wh-what are you doing?! 1500 Steel Lance Cavalrymen are being pinned down by one person!」

「But captain! He has already cut down 100 people…」

「You should go! Go forward and cut him! The reward will be whatever you want.」

「No way! I can’t possibly do it!」

Was it 100 people? Just 1400 left and it feels so far away.

The pathetic knight that his superior told to charge in was split in half.

「Was that…101?」

(Light Novel Illustration: Aegir Slaying 101)

When I laughed, the enemy knights and their followers slightly fell back.

—Erich POV—

Central Army Campsite   Army Commander Main Troops
「Let go, let go, let go, let go!!!!!!」

The emotionally unstable girl is being held down by Agor, the adjutant. If he lets his hands go, then she would quickly head towards the town.

Those guys in the third division mixed battalion went under the command of the main troops. If they were left on the battlefield, they would still have an important role to fulfill but his follower, even though she’s a little young, she is also his lover. Her temper tantrum is in quite a terrible state.

The night battle initially pushed us back because of the effectiveness of the surprise attack, but right now, it was developing in our favor. The enemies, along with our allies, were exhausted after the battle during the daytime, so the difference between our army, which has rested a little bit, and the enemy who had to prepare for the continuing night attack, is showing.

Clearly, the enemy soldiers are out of breath due to the fatigue. But this should not be out of their expectations, the enemy hopes to burn the town and have the Steel Lance Cavalrymen charge us from behind.

With the town burning, the confused mass of soldiers will be rushed by the cavalry. It should be enough impact to finish things off.

For the time being, the long spear squad will hold them off but to the 1500 heavy cavalry unit, they will be nothing but paper.

But they didn’t come. If the town has fallen, then they would at least burn a torch and fly the Arkland flag on the town walls.

It’s not something that a single man could hope to stop. With the time that he bought for us, we are rapidly closing in on the enemies.
Surely he can’t be saved. That’s natural, if he could survive by himself against 1500 cavalry, then that would make him the reincarnation of the god of battle or the demon king. His sacrifice will not be in vain. If we can crush the enemy main forces first then they won’t be able to burn the town and the victor will be determined.

「We’ll go from the right wing. Concentrate your arrows! They should all be flaming arrows. Burn the enemies while lighting the place up.」

「Quickly! If I don’t go quickly he’ll die! Aegir-sama will die!」

The battle continues, Celia’s sorrowful screams ring through the night sky.

—Aegir POV—

「15…2? Or is it 153?」

It’s hard to keep count while fighting. I retaliated while grabbing hold onto the spear that stabbed me in the side but I couldn’t pull it out, and my body has been pierced with several bolts. My right leg has been slashed and I can’t move it as I want.

If they all come attack me at once then I won’t be able to block it all, but there is no use worrying about that. The area surrounding the gate already has corpses piled up to my waist; it’s becoming a place that is quite hard to run through.

「Um…! Us too!」

Behind me, the residents of the town are gathering. At first, I thought that I was going to get stabbed from the back or something, but seeing that if the Steel Lance Cavalrymen got in they would also get killed, they wanted to cooperate with me.

But I refused them. There is nothing they can do. If I pulled back and had them protect the front of the gate, then it would be easily broken through.

To stop a 1500 cavalry unit, you need to do so in a tight space. If they get out and spread in a wide space then there is nothing you can do.

I call over a woman who was holding a stick and looked like she was about to cry.

「You don’t have to worry, so go back home and sleep. When my wounds heal I’ll pay you a visit at night.」

While not missing the chance to flirt, I turned to face the enemy soldiers coming at me.

「Not being able to move my leg is inconvenient!」

I grabbed my sword and let him pierce his own throat on it, continuing with the second and third person, I slash them away.

「Er…156 was it? There are still so many.」

When I look up, the sun was about to rise. If I were to look at it from above the town walls, it would be quite beautiful without a doubt.

—Third Person POV Erich—

Central Army

「Raise your shouts for victory!!」


The Arkland soldiers ran and scattered. The soldiers who continued to fight despite their fatigue have finally reached their limit.

It was a small scale collapse, though the rout spread in a flash throughout the whole army, the enemy gave up on gaining control over the town and chose to at least withdraw orderly.

But Erich was not naïve nor incompetent, so he wasn’t going to let them go for free. The central army moved in all directions for a full power attack on enemies in all locations, defeating them, chasing them down, and wounding them severely.

He wanted to pursue the enemies, who have already retreated, but chasing the enemies who have ran away may lead to a counter-attack from the enemy camp which is dangerous. Also, there are high-value targets still remaining.

Having destroyed the enemy main forces, he was thinking about how to deal with the rest of the matter and wanted to eliminate the Steel Lance Cavalrymen right now.

He gave the orders to each squad to head to the town but when he did so, Celia and Agor jumped on their horses and kicked them to a gallop.

「Follow me! I’m going to help the battalion commander!」

There was nobody who truly believed that he was still alive. But as such, Celia will be the only one who will dive in there.

Celia is the mascot of the first division cavalry company. There are many who think that she likes to nag, and is always trying to seem tall standing on her tiptoes, but also see it as cute. If he let her die under his nose then it would affect his pride as a man.

Following the girl, the whole army moves. Victory has already been achieved, what is left is to bask in the glory of victory.

「What do you mean by that?」

In front of the town walls, a pile of corpses made up of Steel Lance Cavalrymen was stacked where the gate is located.

There were many, probably over 1000 left. They should have been occupying the inside of the town at this juncture, but they are still stuck outside.

「They have still not been let into the town…and that means he is still alive!」

The cavalry division coming up from the rear realizes that too, and started to increase their speed.

They have suffered some losses and were less than 100, but it was significant that they appeared. It means that the Arkland army has been defeated and the arrival of the reinforcement caused the Steel Lance Cavalrymen to panic. Soon, a few thousand infantry units appeared together with the first cavalry division, it turned into an all-out brawl.
Because of the huge wedge made in front of the castle gate, they were unable to reform their battle lines properly, with each one trying to be first, it caused chaos when they started to retreat, a spear was thrust from the side, and the infantry swept the horse’s legs to cause it to fall over.

Without even giving a glance at the scene before her, Celia rushed to the gate. All around the gate there were countless corpses piling up, such that it blocks the vision of anything beyond them. Her horse also lost its balance and fell over.

As if it didn’t hurt when she fell off her horse, she crawled over the mountain of corpses and entered the town.

And then she found him. With his entire body drenched in blood, he was using the enemy’s spear as a stick to support himself. The sword he was gripping in his hand was the treasured sword Duel Crater; it was the sword he received from the woman he once lived together with.


He was standing but his eyes are not opening. Fearing the worst, she rushed over to him but he suddenly rubbed Celia’s ass when she came to hug him.

(Light Novels Illustration: Celia Reuniting with Aegir)

「You’re becoming more like a woman…maybe it’s about time I eat you.」

「Saying something like that at a time like this… I’ve always been ready…」

While still hugging and enjoying the soft sensation of the sobbing girl, Aegir lost his consciousness.

Extra Story  Maria’s Daily Life ④    Going back in time a little before the order to sortie

—Miti’s POV—

「Ahh..Miti, I’m sorry! I spilled a little tea…could you wipe it for me?」

Wipe it yourself! And what’s more, you’re the one who spilt it on the carpet!

「Miti, we ran out of sugar, can you go out and buy some?」

Don’t tell me that when we just came back from shopping!

「Miti, I want to try on some new clothes, could you support my breasts a little?」

They’re too big! Even using both hands they’re too heavy! What did you eat for them to become like this?!

—Maria POV—

In the evening, when the preparations for dinner were done, Miti was also finished cleaning and was taking a break in the kitchen. Miti was voicing her complaints about Nonna-san with a dejected face.

「Nonna-san.. she really hates me doesn’t she? I don’t remember ever doing anything bad to her though.」

No, more like Nonna-san acts like that towards everybody else except for Aegir-san.

「It’s alright~ Nobody hates you Miti. Everyone knows that you’re a good kid~」

「Uu~ I love you Maria-san. But, I’m not good with Nonna-san, or rather I dislike her, she’s too mean~」

Well, Nonna-san is not a bad person either, but maybe she just hasn’t lost her attitude as a noble. I’ll also let her know directly. But first, I need to remove this internal conflict between them.

「Miti, are you alright for tonight? Will you come to my room when everyone is asleep?」

「Yes? I’ll be fine, but what happened?」

I chuckle while reassuring her and telling her it’s alright, she’ll surely be surprised.

—Maria’s POV—

Later at night,

「Good evening~ Sorry I’m disturbing you so late.」

「I was the one that called you after all~ Well, let’s go.」

Miti wonders where she would be going as she tilts her head; I pull her along by her hand and head towards Nonna-san’s room.

「Eeeh! If we go at this time then she’ll tell me a bunch of things…」

「Don’t worry about it, since it’s Nonna-san’s turn today. Put your ear against the door and listen.」

Miti timidly places her ear by the door, her hand comes up to her mouth and she turned red.

「Maria-san! Inside is?!」

Today, Nonna-san is getting affection. If you stay quiet, even without putting your ear against it, you could hear Nonna-san’s moans.

「I think Nonna-san’s body is undergoing foreplay. If they were going at it for real then her voice wouldn’t be like that.」

Her voice is surprisingly loud, only second to Carla-san.

「Why are you showing this to me?」

「Ufu, Miti was peeking when it was my turn, right?」

Miti instantly turned red.

「No wa-! Something like that!!」

「If you make such loud noises they’ll realize you’re here~ You should watch carefully because that Nonna-san also has a cute side~」

She’s denying it, but she is already quite used to opening the door without making a sound. It seems she has quite the experience with this.

Once the door was opened, Nonna-san’s voice became louder.

「Look, right now they are becoming one~」

「A, amazing. She’s leaning back so much and screaming…」

「Nonna-san has gotten on top~」

「Her irritatingly large breasts are jiggling. Ah, she sat down.」

Actually since a while ago, my eyes already met with Aegir-san’s. I pointed to Miti and smiled and grinned. He’s surely putting on a show for Miti.

「Arara, she’s being lifted up.」

「He’s going to do something like that too!? Nonna-san hasn’t said a word.」

She has been only raising her voice. And if that is done then it’ll be about time I think.

「Watch carefully. Nonna-san is about to become cute soon.」

「Eh? What will…ah!」

Nonna-san screams and spasms, she loses her strength and became just like a puppet.

「That is, that right?」

「Right, she’s having an orgasm, but it won’t be over until Aegir-san is satisfied~」

He further goes at Nonna-san who was limp like a puppet. Nonna-san was still getting fucked but whether it was her instincts, her arms and legs remained entangled.

「Give me, a child, a baby.. 」

She was mumbling incoherently and repeating it over and over. She really wants his child doesn’t she.

「It’s just about time.」


Miti swallows her saliva, her eyes couldn’t look away. Aegir-san also makes it so that everything could be seen from over here. His movements stopped. Aah, right now he is in the middle of pouring his seed in her.

「Maria-san, that is that thing right?」

「Yeah, right now, he’s implanting his seed~」

Because Aegir-san is amazing, it will take 30 seconds.

「Nonna-san, is she alright?」

「Yeah, she is actually the happiest person right now.」

After everything was over, Aegir-san fell asleep in the shape of the 大 character. Nonna-san came to her senses and was cleaning up his precious tool.

「Look, isn’t Nonna-san cute when she’s desperately servicing him? Normally she has a sarcastic side, but if you look at her like this, she’s just a woman.」

Miti whispered in a quiet voice.

「That is only when she is in front of the man she loves that she flatters him, isn’t that inconsistent?」

「Did you say something?」

「No, it’s nothing! That aside, for me I’m scared of a man’s thing…No matter how I think about it, it’s impossible! My hole for example will explode for sure!」

「Aaah~ That’s because Aegir-san’s thing is quite special. Normal guys have things about half or maybe a third of that size.」

That’s according to Melissa-san, so I can’t really compare since I haven’t seen other guys’.

「I-is that so!?」

「Yeah, and also the amount of seed coming out from normal guys will not expand your stomach that much either. As a man he is quite an amazing person~」

If the first one you see is Aegir-san’s, then if you see other men’s then you’ll probably be disappointed. Or maybe she will join us just like that as a part of our group?

「Hey Miti~? Have you thought about becoming Aegir-san’s woman?」

At this point, why not ask her clearly?

「Eeeh! I don’t know about something like that. It’s a little scary. 」

But it’s not like she dislikes it. If she’s like this then she might be ready to eat tomorrow. Aegir-san doesn’t seem like the person who prefers little girls, but since coming Miti has been rapidly growing up, and is already one of us.

Miti is getting restless and seems unsatisfied, like something is missing. Is it because I’m here that she can’t do something very important?

「Well I’ll be going back to my room. Don’t stay out too long.」

「Ye-yes ma’am!」

「Also, one more thing. I’ll give you something you can use against Nonna-san.」

I bring Miti’s ear close.

「No way! She did something like that!? Carla-san would laugh at her is she knew!?」

「Ufufu. Well goodnight then.」

Although, I think you should have waited until I got to my room before you lowered your underwear…..

—Miti’s POV—

The next day,

「Miti! The tea leaves are running out. Didn’t I tell you to buy these?」

You didn’t say that. That and the fact that the amount decreased so quickly is because you are chugging it down like water. But today’s me will not stamp my feet in frustration, because I have a powerful weapon.

「I’m very sorry. Yesterday I was cleaning the area around the mansion and it took up my time.」

「Cleaning is your daily routine isn’t it? To make such an excuse–」「Sorry, but it seems that there was someone who had an ‘accident’!」

Nonna freezes suddenly.

「It was excessively scattered around, I thought that it may have been sprinkled from the window. It wasn’t there yet when I made my rounds in the ‘afternoon’.」

Nonna who was red down to her neck took her empty cup and pretended to sip from it by putting it to her mouth.

「I’m counting on you to get it tomorrow when you go shopping. I’m busy so I’ll be going now!」

Nonna quickly scurries off to her own room.

—Miti’s POV—

「Like I said, it was so much that people could see! It was Aegir-sama that did it! Being embraced had nothing to do with it!」

「What are you on about, mumbling like that it’s disgusting. Has it gotten to the point where your brain is controlled by your breasts?」

Ignoring Carla snide comments, Nonna leaves.

I won, I finally won! That nasty woman is destroyed. I’ll be drying the laundry in the best mood today. While spinning a basket full of laundry, I exit to the garden. The sun is nice today; let’s increase the number of rotations.


I collided with something and tumbled around. The basket landed steadily and somehow the laundry didn’t spill…over…

In front of my sight was Celia-san who was flipped upside down. Right next to her was the master who was smiling bitterly; they were probably practicing their swordplay in the garden. It seems that she fell over because I bumped into her from behind.

「Owie…be careful!」

Celia-san shouted, but she has yet to realize her own situation.

「Your cute butt is showing.」

The master points out while laughing.

That’s right, Because I was holding on to the hem of her short pants, even her underwear was pulled down; Not only was her smooth and shiny little ass showing, but even her genitals were exposed.


Celia-san quickly covers herself and turns red. Of course, right after…

「How dare you…how dare you embarrass me in front of Aegir-sama…I won’t forget this…」

Perhaps because the master was there, her angry voice was somewhat suppressed, but it was still the angriest voice I’ve ever heard from her.

Even though I’ve just gotten out of one thing another problem arises, so it seems that my days of peace is still far away from being realized.

Aegir Hardlett      19 years old           Autumn
Class:  Central Army 3rd div. Mixed Battalion Commander

Squads:  1st div. Cavalry Company  Heavy cavalry 120 units, light cavalry 20 units (with damage)

3 Infantry Companies  150 men,  130 men,  100 men

Engineering Corps  200 people

Volunteer Soldiers  250 people

Total  830 people

Army Subordinates:  Celia (follower), Leopolt (follower and strategist), Agor (infantry company commander), Carl (infantry company commander), Mack (engineering corps commander), Christoph (rank and file), Yogley (volunteer soldier manager)

Weapons:  Dual Crater (large sword)

Equipment:  Black Cloak (Cursed)

Current Location:  Arkland territory northern part  Town of Datrohn

Achievements:  Enemy vanguard vanquished (Joint)

Villages captured  x8  , occupied Datrohn  , repelled the Steel Lance Cavalrymen

Single-handedly defended Datrohn , 200 people killed




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