Chapter 510: Poison and Sexual Feeling




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Pipi’s small body is more apparent as I carry her in my arms and try to run without shaking her.

While running, I consider whether to first take the clearly poisoned Pipi to a doctor for treatment or to Natia who has knowledge on poisons.

It didn’t take long to reach a conclusion.

「Your arm is broken, but your organs are safe, how lucky……oh Lord Hardlett, what is the matter?」

I go and find the well-acquainted doctor……who is treating a soldier……and whose name I forgot.

「Doctor, take a look. The wound doesn’t appear deep, but there is poison involved.」

I lay Pipi down on an available cloth and allow the doctor to check the wound, as well as cut the clothes on her upper body with a knife to expose the base of her neck.


Just when I stood up and was about to search for Natia in the meantime, the doctor raised his head.

「Her breathing is regular and she is conscious. Her heartbeat is normal and she has slight perspiration……I am not familiar with poison of monsters, but her life doesn’t seem to be in danger based on how her body is reacting.」


The poison is potent enough to bring Schwartz down so I thought there’s no way the tiny Pipi would be fine.

I look at Pipi again.

「Clothes are torn……breasts are exposed. I feel strange.」

Pipi pulls the pieces of her clothes together to hide her almost non-existent breasts.
She seems aware of her surroundings and her eyes are back in focus.

「Her symptoms are comparable to being badly bitten by an ordinary poisonous insect. The skin is rough so I am sure she will experience pain and itchiness in the future. Of course, it’s an unknown poison so you should monitor it closely.」

With that said, I’m still not convinced because of Schwartz’s precedent.

「The poison is definitely deadly. Could your diagnosis be wrong?」

My doubt prompts the doctor to ponder briefly and then wash Pipi’s wound with water.

「Aaau, it stings.」

Pipi trembles, realizes something and then makes a confused face.

「This wound on the shoulder is from a bite, not from a being stabbed with a needle. It’s not by a monster, it’s by something smaller.」

I glance down at my feet to see what is making the slurping sounds and find Messerscmitt lapping up water.

「I’m guessing something bit her on top of the stab wound and caused her to bleed before the poison could circulate within her body.」

So it’s something similar to sucking out the poison of a snakebite.

「Did you do it?」

Pipi shakes her head when I ask her.
Her voice and eyesight are unhindered.

「I got stabbed by the needle when I peered into the darkness. It made me so dizzy that I didn’t have time to extract the poison. I don’t remember the rest.」

Messerschmitt sneezes and sprays some snot to the side.

「……anyways, it’s good you’re fine. Right, Pochi?」

Pochi growls and sinks to the ground in relief.
I don’t know if it’s because that strange beam of light was shot earlier, but its voice sounds hoarse and low-pitched like an earth tremor.

A weak whimper is directed at that Pochi.

「Go before it collapses.」

I point at the smoothie……the smooth-scaled monitor lizard that groans feebly in contrast to its large body and stretches out its foreleg in search for Pochi.

I turn toward the doctor.

「I know less about that living creature than I do about poisons so I can’t say anything. ……however, judging by the convulsing of its body and the irregular breathing, plus the apparent loss of vision, I doubt it will last very long.」

Hearing that, I kick Pochi, who reluctantly reaches out to the smoothie.

The smoothie brings its body close, then falls asleep on top of Pochi.

「This might be its final moments. Sleep together until morning.」

Not knowing much about lizards, there isn’t a lot we can do for the smoothie.
At most, we can let it sleep and provide water to drink. The rest is up to its resilience.

Pochi also seems to understand and embraces the smoothie.

Despite being a lizard, it still has feelings of wanting to save Pochi.
If it’s going to die, being in the arms of the male it likes will bring the most happiness.

「I guess I’ll also rest. Pipi is hurt too, so go to sleep quickly.」

I carry Pipi, who is repeatedly concerned about her chest, and take her to the carriage which has been modified into a partial bedroom.

The reason for using the carriage as a bedroom is so it’s possible to sleep while travelling.
It’s necessary to get even a little bit more rest, if possible, to relieve the body and heart of the continuous tension and fatigue of battle.

When I enter the carriage, Nonna smiles, leans her back against the wall and spreads her arms.
I bury the back of my head in her voluptuous breasts and relax like I would on a luxurious sofa.

Obviously, touching women counts as rest.
That is regardless of whether it involves vigorous exercise or not.

「You were so amazing in battle, yet now you’re so cute.」

Nonna presses my head deeper into her cleavage as she caresses my face and urges me to close my eyes.

「Here, say aaahhn.」

Meanwhile, Carla feeds me.

She transfers soft boiled vegetables to my mouth with her mouth and chews up firmer meat before sliding it to me with her tongue.
Every four or five bites she would give me a mouthful of wine along with a passionate kiss.

I have no need to hold utensils or tilt a glass.
I simply have to lay my head in Nonna’s bosom and open my mouth to enjoy Carla’s kisses and the food.

「We will clean your body as well, so please relax.」

I recognize Melissa’s voice immediately even with my eyes closed.

She swiftly strips my top and bottom.
Her experience and skilled technique is evident.

「It’s gotten a bit hard. Fufu, it’s stuffy.」

Before I can say, “I can’t help it because the fighting is over”, my lower half is wrapped in warmth.
The scent of soap wafts to my nose as a soft sensation……Melissa washes my body.

「We will-」
「Wash you here too~」

My left arm and right arm subsequently also get wrapped in warmth.

「Maria is on the right and Miti is on the left, huh?」

Both of them apply soap to their own bodies instead of using their hands or cloths.
Melissa’s soft breasts pressing against me feels nice but so does the rubbing of the two other girls’ smooth skin and smaller breasts.

「I can distinctly feel Maria’s nipples. Have they gotten bigger again?」

「Wah, how could you say that!? You know I’m self-conscious about them!」

The two girls are similarly slender, but the size of their nipples are totally different.
Miti has cute nipples fitting for her petite breasts whereas Maria’s nipples are quite a bit bigger, especially when she’s close to climax.

「My bad, my bad. In return, I’ll mention that Miti’s bean swells up when――」

「Gyaaー! Don’t say it!」

Miti and Maria yell angrily and bite my left and right nipples in retaliation.
Sympathizing with the girls, Melissa joins in and inserts her finger into my asshole, not allowing me to say anymore.

「And Rita, thank you as well.」

「Of course, it is only natural.」

A faint irritating smell blends with the scent of soap.
Rita smears a medicinal herb on every insignificant scratch and bruise on my body.

I finish my meal and the washing of my body also ends with a rinse.

When I get ready to lift my body, Nonna gently covers my eyes.

At the same time, my cock is enveloped by a lukewarm sensation.

「Aegir-sama doesn’t have to do anything. Just eat, be washed, and feel good.」

I peek through a tiny gap and see Melissa, Adela and Leah surrounding my dick with their tongues.

The three of them use their eyes to coordinate alternating attacks and occasionally team up for a simultaneous attack to enhance my pleasure.


Just when I register Melissa breathing hot air on me, Adela drags her tongue along my shaft.


And just as I focus on Adela biting down on my glans, Leah and Melissa suck on my balls together.


The finisher is when Melissa and Adela strongly sucks on my rod, Leah matches the movement of the lifting of my hips by swallowing the entirety of my penis down to the base.

Leah’s throat, which is by no means big, expands in the shape of my dick and she uses the special technique involving the utilization of the contracting of her esophagus triggered by her instinct to throw up to stimulate my member from top to bottom.


After holding her mouth in place for a good twenty seconds, Leah pulls her head back.
Like a magic trick, my dick slides out of Leah’s small mouth.

Without any delay, Melissa and Adela bring their mouths close.
They use the tip of their tongues to lick and prod the particularly sensitive areas like the frenulum and around the glans.

「Oooh……that’s great. My hips are rising on their own.」

They must have anticipated that I would buck in pleasure.
Leah crawls under my legs, lies on her back and sticks her tongue in my anus.

My body reacts and my dick twitches in preparation for ejaculation before I could utter a word.
If the girls ease off here, my dick should automatically begin a violent ejaculation.

「「Pardon me.」」

Melissa and Adela press a point at the base of my dick with a finger.

Along with a dull pain, I feel my ejaculation suddenly stop.

No, it hasn’t stopped.
My cock is already pulsing and my ejaculation has started.
It’s just that the tube where semen passes through is being blocked at the root of my dick so I’m firing blanks.

While continuing to suppress my raging boner, they kiss my shaft from the left and right.
Leah joins in later and kisses my balls.

I feel a roar coming out of my mouth as my pleasure and desire to cum passes my limit, but Nonna seals my lips with a kiss.

In addition, Carla counts down and gives the verbal signal for the girls to crowd around me.

My neck, my nipples, my navel, my side, and my thighs……the girls all start kissing and softly biting to the point that I can’t tell who is where.

「「My apologies. Go ahead.」」

Melissa and Adela remove their fingers.

I let out a bestial groan with Nonna still kissing me.
And then the sound of my intense ejaculation drowns out my voice.

The semen that shoots out forcefully from my urethra, which is closer to cheese than yogurt, splatters the ceiling.

「Woah incredible……」

I couldn’t even determine who muttered.
All I could do is groan as my hips buck repeatedly from my ejaculation that feels like a part of my soul is leaving with every shot.

The pleasure to my penis doesn’t end.
Melissa strokes my cock with her hand and Adela licks the underside while Leah fondles my testicles.

My semen doesn’t stop gushing out and I start to worry whether my organs will come out too.

By now, I’ve lost count of how many times my hips bucked.
The semen that hit and stuck to the ceiling drips down, then eventually the ejaculation doesn’t reach anymore and splashes the girls directly, and finally it weakens to where every time my dick moves, liquid leaks down from the tip.

「Good work~」
「What a splendid ejaculation~」

Melissa and Adela suck the remaining semen out of the opening of my penis.

「The pleasure was tremendous. My hips gave out from the three-pronged attack. I thought I was going to faint when everyone sucked me at the same time.」

I exhale one big breath and lean back feeling weak.
After emptying its load, my dick goes soft and droops down.

「Ehehe~ The three of us practiced~」
「Everyone discussed and decided on the place they wanted to kiss. By the way, I chose your nipple. I sucked until it turned red.」

Leah giggles as she wipes her cum-covered face while Carla licks off the drops that splattered on her.

When I look at my body, I notice that even the questionable spots have marks on them.
As a man, there is no prouder feeling.

「Well, now that you’ve shot everything, it’s time to make preparations to rest……」

I separate from Nonna’s pillowy mounds and stand up.

「Everyone, present your chest.」

The girls who were cleaning up the spilled juices are surprised.

「E-even though you came so much?」
「I was sure his balls were emptied.」

I slide the sleeve of Nonna’s night gown off her shoulder to expose her enormous breasts, and then I grab Leah’s head and press her face against my balls.

「N-no way, it’s hard. He got erect again from looking at my breasts!」
「I hear a swirling sound……don’t tell me he’s rapidly making more semen……this is unheard of.」

I nod and show everyone my dick which has regained its rigidity.

「I can still go on. It’s my turn to attack now.」

The girls look at each other in disbelief as their cheeks turn red from the anticipation and arousal.

I first stand in front of Nonna, who is on her knees, and stick my dick in between her boobs so it goes in horizontally.

「Kyaa! It went in my boobs! This way of inserting is impossible!」

「What’s impossible are those monstrous boobs of yours which can squeeze Aegir’s cock like that.」

Carla interjects as I hold Nonna’s shoulders and move myself back and forth in between her breasts until I ejaculate.

「Hot! It feels like it’s spray directly on my heart! Wabbh!」

Nonna is overcome with ecstasy as the heat of my ejaculation directly transmits to her from within her cleavage, meanwhile semen spills out from the top and bottom of her valley, quickly soaking her face and crotch.

「Nonna, open them.」

Nonna spreads each breast to the outside and the semen I poured in the middle creates a sticky bridge spanning the gap.
Seeing that prevents my dick from going limp and instead instantly gets me hard again.

I set my eyes on Mel next and have her suck me until I’m on the brink of cumming before pulling my dick out of her mouth.

「Kuu, Ruu, come here.」

「Aah, you can’t……splashing the seed that the mother squeezed out on the daughters……n-no, don’t. Resist.」

I answer the hope hidden under Mel’s words as she pretends to dislike the situation, hold the heads of the sisters and plaster their faces with white fluid.

「Why don’t you two lick each other clean?」

「Yesh……eeh, leeh. Sis, you’re all sticky……」
「Uuu, the manly scent is so strong. Ruu, I’ll clean you right away.」

Of course, there’s no way I’ll go soft when I’m watching the sisters slurp up the thick mess clinging on their face.


I make Maria get on all fours and, while hugging her from behind, thrust my hips.
She thought I would penetrate her suddenly, but I betray her expectations and slide my dick past her crotch so it sticks out in front.

「Eh, me? Aaah!!」

My dick passes Maria and enters Melissa.

「It’s like I’m being violated by Maria……uuh, such a weird feeling……aagh!」
「I-I also feel like I’m violating Melissa……Aegir-san, move your hips faster!」

The two of them eventually kiss each other, and Maria swings her hips in time with me almost like she is fucking Melissa with a penis growing out of her own body.

In the end, the two embrace each other while moaning erotically.

「Don’t Maria, pull out! I’m going to get pregnant from having sex with another woman!」
「No way, Melissa-san! I’m going to impregnate you with my seed! Bear my child, Melissa!!」
「What is this?」

Maria is sucking out the cum that I poured inside Melissa.
Obviously, my dick will revive.

「Gretel. You said you had something you wanted to do?」
「Yes. Do you mind getting on your hands and knees?」

When I tell her I don’t mind, for some reason Gretel also assumes that position.

「I want you to point your dick backwards, and with your butt against mine, insert it――」

Gretel reaches under her ass to grab my dick and guide it to her hole.

That’s when Carla shouts.

「Hey you!! That’s how dogs mate! What are you making Aegir do!!?」
「You’re also a daughter of count, you should be ashamed!!」

Nonna also screams.

Yet Gretel ignores the criticism and continues the animalistic sex.
Although I can’t see her face, I can hear her panting in ecstacy.

「Aah……aah……amazing……I’ve always wanted to have sex……no, mate like this……I am a female dog.」

She doesn’t seem to have heard anything.

「Master……do you have a knot that swells?」

What the heck is that?

「Aegir is not a dog, of course he doesn’t have such a gland.」
「Carla, you seem to know quite a bit about canine copulation. Don’t tell me you……」

As if to dismiss the disturbing thought, I satisfy Gretel in the forbidden position.
It was a fresh experience to ejaculate this way but it hurts when my erection gets twisted.

「Carla, Mireille.」

I push down Mireille next.

「M-me!? Isn’t it logical to do Carla first!?」

Carla grins when she sees Mireille get flustered.

「I just thought of something. Mireille has a nice physique and a honed body so I think you can endure it. Rita, help me out here.」

After whispering to Rita, she tightly restrains Mireille.

「Aegir, do that thing. The one where you turn her upside down.」

Those words create a stir among the women.

「Stop there. From there, do this and put this here.」

Carla and Rita stop me halfway and adjust my position as well as Mireille’s.
I am fixed in a position that is difficult to remain balanced by myself.

「It’s done, the revised upside down position! Now I just have to let go and let gravity handle the rest.」

「H-hey wait! This is bad! If it faces this way, it’s going to directly sink into――ugggyaah!!」

When Carla takes her hands off, Mireille’s sentence trails off and changes into a scream.
My cock digs into her in a horrible position, causing her to squirt and flail.

「Hiii, higiii! My body is going numb! I’m dying! It feels too good, I’m dyinnnngg!!」

Rita shrinks back despite being responsible for putting Mireille in that position.

「Maybe we went overboard? This is not a face a woman should make.」
「Where? Uwah, you’re right. Her tongue is stuck out all the way and eyes are rolled to the back of her head. And there’s snot dripping……」

I pull out from Mireille, who continues to squirt.

「Oh well, Mireille is strong so she should be fine. Wait, Aegir what are you doing?」
「I-I knew it would come down to this. I’m prepared.」

It is said that when you curse someone, you dig two graves.

I knock Carla and Rita out in the same position and line them up next to Mireille.
All three of them are similarly making faces that women should not make and are squirting with their legs spread apart.

My dick obviously rises again from the obscene sight.

But then, I become curious about the voices outside.

「It’s Pochi’s voice. He’s seeking help. I also hear the smoothie. Its voice seems happy.」

Pipi, who had been refraining from sexual activities due to her injuries, slowly gets up.

If he’s crying for help, then it’s a serious matter, but I don’t hear Pochi’s voice anymore from that point.
He would keep crying if it’s an emergency and the other soldiers should also make a fuss.

「……it might just be my imagination.」

Pipi also doesn’t seem certain, so we can probably put that on hold.

「Now this is what I’m interested in.」

I hear murmurs between soldiers.

「Shit……did you see how many there were tonight? We’re done.」

「Hey hey, we have Lord Hardlett. You saw how he killed that monster, right?」

They don’t sound too energetic.

「Yeah, I saw. The mighty Lord Hardlett and two dra――giant lizards cooperated to defeat that thing. But what if three or four, no, what if ten or a hundred of those things appeared? We’d be totally helpless.」

「Isn’t that why the dra――the flying lizard is searching for the enemy’s nest? If we find it and demolish it, there will be no more insects.」

It sounds like there are several soldiers.

「And if it isn’t found? Or maybe it’s at the peak of the mountain, but then we can’t even reach it.」

「You saw what happened to Mick. He died after his insides were sucked up by a spider. Rondo was stabbed by a poison barb, turned purple and died……it’s over for us.」

An air of pessimism permeates the army.
After watching the battle today, I don’t blame them.

「I guess I’ll go encourage them.」

Another person went on as I stood up.

「Haah, Lord Hardlett is so lucky. He’s having fun with Nonna-sama and a bunch of other beauties in that carriage. It was creaking like crazy.」

「Well, it can’t be helped since he can fight better than a hundred of us put together…… but what’s that babuu noise?」

「I wanna do it……no, I don’t have to. I at least want to watch. I’ve been hearing this slapping sound from the ceiling, what could it be?」

Carla’s hand rests on my shoulder.

Because she was upside down earlier and received an abnormal amount of pleasure, her eyes are still not focused yet.

「Hear that, Aegir? Normal encouragement won’t work, let’s grant their wish.」

With that said, Carla and Rita accompany me and wobble out of the carriage.
While still naked――

They forcefully swing open the door.

The soldiers gasp.

「Ufufu, we heard everything. If that’s what you want, then we’ll let you watch. Go ahead, enjoy this great orgy between us and Aegir!!」




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