Chapter 519: An Elf Development Plan




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「――that’s how it is. You also understand the hardship, right?」

「I guess.」

I pretend to answer seriously while yawning mentally.

This place is Erich’s private residence in the capital.
Erich is a feudal lord so he has his own mansion and territory, but he mostly stays in the capital unlike me and considers this his home base. Thus it is much bigger than my capital mansion.

We are not talking privately in a secret meeting room or the guest room, but in a small stone room created in the garden. And for some reason, I was asked to take off my clothes and wear bathing clothes.

「Are you listening?」

「No, not really.」

I quickly turn my attention back to Erich when he gets angry.

「Geez, it’s important……I didn’t think you would ignore everything.」

You can’t expect me to do such a skillful task when it’s just us.

What Erich was rambling about was regarding the Royal army and the predicament of its reconstruction.

The Royal army is less than half its size compared to before the battle with South Yuguria and has suffered greater losses in terms of strength, weakening further.

Obviously as the supreme commander of the military, Erich wants to build up his forces again as quickly as possible.

「That damn Kenneth, saying he won’t spare any gold for the army now that there are no enemies.」

「Is that so?」

I’m being glared at again so I gloss over it by doing a funny dance.

「……I also understand that the first priority is the restoration of devastated arable land and farming villages. But it’s important to consider the division of resources. I don’t think it’s wise to leave the military out of the equation.」

Erich props himself up with a staff and taps the map on the wall.

「There is barbarian territory to the north that even the Federation can’t lay their hands on. They can head south at any moment.」

Something like that existed?

「A great forest borders the empire to the south. Investigations have not been done to find out what is there.」

The relationship between Goldonia and the Garland Empire was tenuous so there isn’t much information available for the forest area.
It seems South Yuguria sent mercenaries to explore, among other things, but the records and witnesses have disappeared.
Only one person survived……or rather, was left to die.

「The east……has nothing, right?」

No, stuff is there. Plenty of things are there, such as dragons and the base of insects.

Erich smacks the west side of the map several times.

「An unknown jungle region lies to the west, along with city states that have yet come under Goldonia’s vassalage.」

I suddenly remember something and point to the west bank of the North Teries river.

「If I recall correctly, South Yuguria won over Stura and other places around here, but what happened after that? Magrado wasn’t exactly an easy land.」

Erich turns away with a disinterested look on his face.

「……a few days after declaring victory, they completely surrendered and offered to be a vassal. Kenneth did something before I could mobilize the army.」

Is he angry because Kenneth got credit for it?

「With the entire Central plains conquered, the next step is to deal with all the surrounding threats. I tried to make a case that it is imperative to rebuild the army.」

「But His Majesty’s reaction wasn’t favorable.」

「That’s right. I knew Kenneth wouldn’t be for it, but for His Majesty to be that unmotivated……」

The voice of an attendant calls out from outside.

「My lord. I have just received word from Baron Pentley. He says it’s urgent――」
「Leave it in the office!」

I silently ask if it’s okay to ignore such an urgent message.

「It’s fine. I already know what he wrote――pestering me to convey his need for money to His Majesty.」

Erich shakes his head and then lays down on the wooden bed in the room.

「The matter of threats is of course true, but if the military shrinks, my faction also weakenes. I have to maintain the size somehow……」

As the highest ranked in the military and the leader of the new nobles who are mostly soldiers, the army is Erich’s source of power.
On the other hand, Kenneth’s faction is made up of long-standing lords and bureaucrats who are all too pleased to see the military diminish.

「His Majesty certainly did not treat the merits of soldiers unfairly. Many of them have been awarded medals, many of them have been elevated to the rank of knighthood, and they have been lavishly given letters of commendation and gifts of honor for their military service. I have no complaints about that at all.」

「But the reward money is too little.」
「Yes, even you and I were given merely 5000 gold. The other nobles surely received much less.」

Many nobles more or less paid to dispatch their troops with their own money.
Even if it’s the kingdom’s army they are leading, they have to bear the costs of expedition and equipment for their own retinue, plus they need to give solatium to the bereaved families if they suffer casualties. In addition, it is not practical to wait for the kingdom to supply funds for necessary expenses on the frontlines, so the nobles have to pay for most of it out of their own pocket.

Having your own territory further increases the expenses.

Conversely, although the bureaucrats in the capital are working hard behind the scenes by doing activities such as procuring supplies, they are not buying wheat or repairing broken wagons at their own expense. They would have almost no financial burden.

「Then there’s the new territory to the south. Because of my position, I participated in the meeting to determine the allotment of land, but all the areas that will likely generate profit immediately with resources such as mines became the kingdom’s property. Naturally, the officials dispatched to manage the land belong to Kenneth’s faction……and not only does the land given to the new nobles need to begin with the migration of people, they can’t neglect their duty to manage it themselves. As a result, it drains money.」

Nobles who are in dire straits are also begging Erich for help.
Judging how he spoke earlier, it isn’t just one or two of them.

「If left alone, the nobles will need to make sacrifices and some will eventually be swayed to Kenneth’s side. The rights to new territory, the scramble for limited funds……I’m still no match for Kenneth in those areas. There are few within my allies, including you, who are skilled at plotting.」

I don’t think I can mention the severed head that specializes in schemes.

「――anyway, I’m done talking about work. Let’s heal our bodies and minds.」

Erich claps his hands twice and then a servant brings hot stones and water into the room.

「I turned this place into a sauna. I spent a fortune on it before the war……I didn’t think I’d be in such a bind right now.」

Erich mumbles as he pours the tub of water onto the hot rocks.
The rocks hiss as the water turns into steam.

Two women dressed in bathing clothes gracefully walk into the room.
The upper part of their cleavages is in plain sight and the hem is barely covering their groins, and the material of their clothes is so thin that, when wet, their skin can be seen.

「「I’ll give you a massage.」」

I see how it is now.

「Both are a bit over 30, but embracing a soft older lady while enjoying a relaxing massage is the best.」

「I agree.」

I pick the woman I like, get on one knee and kiss her hand.

She blushes nervously, probably not expecting to be treated this politely.
Now we can enjoy ourselves as a man and woman rather than just the reluctant swinging of hips as Erich describes it as.

「I’ve been the one complaining this whole time, yet you’re the one who spent a ton of money on warfare and used a scorched earth strategy on your own territory. Plus, for all your great accomplishments, you received a vast amount of new land that won’t yield any profit.」

I stay silent and lay face-down so the woman can massage my back.

「I’d like to lend you some money……but I can’t give you what I don’t have. You can always come to me for advice if you want. I’ll put up with it.」

Erich and I rotate at the same time, pinning down our respective woman.

I’ll figure something out.

Several Days Later. Southern Region of Territory – Burnt Farm Village.

An unharvested field of wheat lies in front of me, trampled by military boots and reduced to ashes.
The stares of the peasant family huddled in a shack are harsh indeed.
The eldest daughter in particular, who seems to have a strong will, glares at me with tears in her eyes.

「Alright then, here I go. Hooi, there.」

In a nonchalant tone unbefitting of the atmosphere, an elf waves her arm.

「No way! W-what is that……」
「The earth is moving on its own!?」

The family’s shock is understandable.

Clouds of dust are being kicked up from the devastated field like multiple people are swinging hoes to dig up the soil.

「The soil will be richer if more ash is mixed in.」

I wonder if that casual tone is because of her personality.
With one final clap of her hands, the soil swells and a perfect field appears before our eyes.

The elf receives wheat seeds that the dumbfounded family fought desperately to protect.


The elf scatters the seeds haphazardly at her feet to complaints from the family, but it only lasts for a second.

Those seeds are picked up by a gust and carried throughout the entire field.

「I saw it.」

While I was busy looking at the elf’s butt that was exposed by the wind blowing up her skirt, the field was completed and even the sowing of seeds was finished.

「Hoi, a bonus.」

The elf snaps her fingers and buds sprout from the freshly planted seeds.

「I can’t believe she did what would normally take the collective effort of an entire family two weeks to do in just ten seconds.」

「No, no, the truly amazing part is making seeds germinate on the spot!」

The elf promptly leaves the stunned family.
I approach them and put a hand over my mouth.

「Don’t talk about this too much, it won’t be good for either of us. Tell anybody who asks that you just worked hard.」

I smile mischievously and give the eldest daughter a peck on the lips.
She simply looks back in shock, with no air of hostility.
I can only be grateful to the elves here.

「This place where it’s dented? Gosh, I must have really fallen to be using magic for humans.」

Black elves tend to have a colder personality than forest elves.

This demanding slant-eyed black elf is no exception, complaining as she stomps her foot firmly on the ground.
In doing so, water gushes out from the dry destroyed canal, pushing garbage out of the way and connecting to a nearby stream.

「There, it got through. You can do whatever you like now.」

The black elf grabs one pickle that the villager offers as thanks and leaves, crunching on it――but realizes how surprisingly tasty it was, turns around and takes the whole pot with her.

「Grrnnn, so hard……there’s a boulder under the ground……」

Another black elf seems to be struggling.
I embrace her from behind and see if I can help.


Instead of the intended waterway, a bulge emerges in the center of the field and a pillar of water bursts out.

「You surprised me and made the water spray out somewhere strange! You also made me pee a little! I’m going to beat you up!」

I check on the peasants while accepting the protest of the black elf.

「Having a watering hole in the middle of the field is convenient, I guess we can make it a well.」

「That canal took the whole village a month to build before it broke anyways.」

Ha, lucky break.

「What the hell are you saying!? How dare a mere human hug me!! I challenge you to a duel, prepare to be beaten half to death!」

I fend off the fists of the enraged black elf and lead her towards the barn, ensuring none of the citizens get involved.

The four hundred elves are not solely working in front of me, they are doing similar deeds all over the region.

They can only help for two hours a day because they’d run out of magic……or so they said, but the work the elves are doing are things that would take the entire village weeks to complete.

Mobilizing 100 000 workers probably wouldn’t be enough to accomplish what was done today.

Despite relying heavily on the elves, neither Adolph or I are resting on our laurels.

If the black elves build a water canal, we immediately reinforce it with stone and iron materials and install a water wheel, and if they build a field, we line up a net to catch animals.

「Bring the water wheel for canal A. For A-2 and A-3, the younger number is closer to the river. The size and material depends on the waterflow, so don’t get it wrong.」

「From here to here is where you can sow seeds. From here to here is where you need to fertilize and sow!」

「The holes by the field are for the animal net. It just has to be inserted from the top, so make it quick.」

Everything is moving smoothly according to Adolph’s plan.
Perhaps he was frustrated when Wilhelmina told him that he reached his limit as a domestic affairs official, but he stayed up all night for three days writing up a reconstruction plan based around elven magic.

Because he looked so ghastly, I haven’t told him about the dwarf mine. Oh well, I can mention it later.
Balbano also wanted some time to get ready so he can outdo the elves.

「Is it ignorance or pre-meditation that prevents them from sharing information so blatantly?」

I thought I heard a whisper. Don’t tell me Head-helmina came.
She did say that she wanted to learn various things and that she was going to hide among the luggage.
It’s tricky to hide an entire head in a bag, I wonder how she’s going to fit in there.

「Heeey, come here for a sec. Call Adolph-sama too.」

That is when a laborer Adolph brought with him from Rafen speaks up nervously.

「I better go too.」

I stand up, fasten my belt, and help the black elf on her feet too.

「Are you alright?」
「……yes, I’m fine.」

I brush the dust off her back.

「Does it hurt? Can you walk?」
「A little……but I can walk. Ehe.」

I pet the black elf, who rubs her cheek against me, and turn to where the voice came from.

Lying there was the corpse of a giant spider.
No wonder the laborer sounded scared.

「You’ll find them scattered about here in the south.」

The only places where you can find dead insects are the places where battles against them occurred.
A few were probably killed in south South Yuguria, but in the places where people were wiped out, either the corpses were taken back home or simply eaten as no bodies were left behind.

Particularly on the south edge of my territory, there are so many corpses covering the ground that my head hurts.

Not only is it disturbing and unpleasant to see such large carcasses strewn about, more importantly, they could be sources of a plague. So far, they don’t seem to be emitting an unusual odor, but having to clean up the mess is a chore.

Adolph ignores me when I call out to him and examines the corpse.

「This grass……does it look familiar? It’s growing under the corpse.」

The peasant tilts his head when asked, but then claps as he remembers something.

「How rare, it’s Hundred-year Herb. As the name implies, it is a plant that takes a hundred years to grow. In most cases, they are eaten by animals or stepped on and wither away before fully maturing, so the ones that grow up properly are those found in the depths of caves. They are considered good medicinal ingredients, but……considering where they are growing, it might not be wise to use them.」

Adolph briefly thinks about it, then gives out a bizarre instruction.

「I will requisition the corner of this field under the name of the feudal lord. Crush the corpse into fertilizer and then sow seeds here like the other places.」

Is that a good idea? Won’t the field be contaminated by poison or be a spawning ground for insects?
Also, you’re throwing my name around as easily as you breathe. I guess it’s fine, since you’re in charge.

The peasant expressed similar concerns but Adolph refused to budge, saying he will pay the rent.
Well, it’s a field that feeds at most 50 people and it can be repurposed even if it rots, but it’s still a strange thing for him to do.

I sense a presence behind me, and when I turn around, a black and white elf stands side by side with bold smiles.

「Our work is done.」
「It’s your turn next and time for us to accept our compensation.」

「Oh, finally?」

I gulp.

「Yes, did you prepare everything as promised?」
「If you lied even slightly……I won’t show any mercy.」

I have a good relationship with the elves. However, excluding the special cases like Natia who I get along with and am counting down to have sex with, that just means they’ll listen to what I tell them to do.

If I deceive them or humiliate them, I will quickly become their enemy.

I am benefitting so much from their magic so I can’t compromise when it comes to repaying them.

「This way. Everything is ready.」

Enveloped by a tense atmosphere, the elves and I head to ‘that place’.

「Aaaah! So delicious!!」

「Why are apples so sweet? My cheeks are going to fall off!」


The elves eat noisily around the dinner table.
Lined up on the table are fruits, vegetables, and dishes and sweets that don’t use meat.

This is one of what the elves wanted――providing them with food until they are satisfied.

The vegetables and fruits that can be eaten in the jungle and wetland areas where the elves live in are limited.
Wild strawberries and wild grasses are tasty too, but the flavor of big sweet apples and time-consuming cooking are more profound.

「Haha, it’s worth making if all these beauties are enjoying it this much.」

The chef from Rafen laughs and continues cooking in the temporary shed.

「Hmp, mere humans shouldn’t get carried away……seconds on the stew and more pumpkin.」

The chef happily refills the plate of the black elf who still has food in her mouth.

Eventually, all the elves eat until they are full, stand up and stare at me.

「Fufu, I’ll give you a pass for now.」

「This isn’t the end though. You understand, right?」

The elf with a crumb stuck on her cheek smiles daringly.

That’s right, delicious food isn’t enough to settle it.
This is where the real reward begins.

「Kuuu, I’m revitalized.」
「Ah, ah, ah, ah, aaaaah……」

The elves submerge shoulder-deep into the water and moan in pleasure.
One of them sounded like an old man, but I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear anything.

This is their second request, a bath.
Apparently, a few of them took a bath during their excursion to the city and that made them want a larger one just for themselves.

So I dug a hole outside, circled it with stones and filled it with boiling water to make an outdoor bath, which they seem to have taken a liking to.

Both black and white elves soak their bodies up to their shoulders while some even dunk their heads under the water in a state of ecstasy.
Normally these are two tribes that are incompatible, but fighting together and working together may have helped them understand each other better.

Also, I didn’t just make a bath.

「Sniff, sniff. Something smells good.」
「A bucket is floating to us. Lots of fruit juice……and there are cups too.」

Drinking a refreshing beverage in the bath is the best.
In addition, Nonna suggested a strange idea.

「There are flower petals on the water……are these rose petals? Smells nice……it warms my heart.」

The elves are charmed further.
There’s still more hospitality to come.

I peek my head out from the shadows.

「Gyaa! A peeping tom!?」

「No, no. I’m just checking to see how you’re doing.」

I deny it regrettably and take off my clothes.

「You know what comes after a gourmet meal and a bath, right?」

「Y-you still have something else for us?」

The elves look at me with anticipation.

I walk over to the water after getting naked.

「A fine man. Don’t you want one?」


Natia sighs, a fair distance away from the other elves.
I sit quietly next to her.

「Kyaa……oh, it’s just you Aegir. You have some blood dripping from your head.」

「It’s just a small misunderstanding that led to the bucket being hurled at my head. No big deal.」

As expected from an elf, such incredible accuracy.

「So, what are you depressed about?」

When Natia stammers, I poke her side.

「Kyaa, sto-stop! I’ll tell you!! I was just thinking how I’m unqualified to be an elf.」

「Why is that?」

Natia waves her arm at the field, which looks splendid compared to how it was in the morning.
Nothing happens.

「I’m an elf who can’t use magic. You don’t need to be an elf to use a bow, wield a sword or apply pharmacology……I’m a no-good elf.」

I chuckle.
Then I hug Natia who grabs me in protest.

「You’re not no-good, Natia. I was saved by you countless times. Many of my women were saved by you. No elf is more capable or more precious than you. That’s what I think at least.」

Natia struggles to accept my compliment, but eventually nods reluctantly.


Natia nods.

「Thank you, I was feeling down because everyone was using magic――fugyaaa!!」

I push Natia down and move in between her spread legs.

「We were having a nice chat! We were having a nice chat!!」

「You said it was okay.」

That’s the consent for sexual intercourse.

「That’s not what I meant!! Move! Don’t kiss me! Something dangerous grazed me!」

I mount and attempt to kiss Natia repeatedly, who whips her head left and right to dodge.
Mmm, those reflexes definitely belong to an elf.

「It can’t be helped, I’ll start from the breasts.」

「Gyaa! Don’t pull up my clothes!!」

I roll up her shirt and gauge her reaction.
There’s no way I can bring myself to forcibly violate Natia who I am so indebted to.

Her face is flushed and the resistance pushing against my shoulder is feeble.
Her legs are barely flailing and she doesn’t kick my waist.

Moreover, she is letting out hot sighs.


If this isn’t the sign of consent, I don’t know what is.
I put my hands on her underwear and Natia simply covers her face with both hands.

「Noooooo!! You’re going to pee inside, aren’t you!!?」

「I won’t do such a thing! What are you suddenly screaming so loudly about!?」

Natia and I make eye contact.

「Pouring your disease-filled urine into my womb is the height of vulgarity! I dare you to try it! An elf’s pride will repel any human disease!」

「I don’t have any sexual disease, how rude! Saying whatever you want, I won’t hold back, you hear! I’ll actually piss inside you!!」

The two of us straighten our clothes and stand up.

「A proud elf won’t succumb to pee! Now, come! Pour your pee on my head!」

We run at the couple and fling both of them away, Natia throws Felteris so I throw the man.

The mood was ruined again.
I can’t get past being one step away from Natia.

Natia then casually offers a small bottle while pinning down Felteris.

「It’s an insect poison resistance potion. Drink it, just in case there are any survivors.」

I smile, gulp down the liquid and then give Natia a small kiss.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend.
Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City. Mad Demon God. Poison Resistance.

Pipi (super erect nipples), Nonna (legal wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Melissa (concubine), Miti (concubine)
Maria (concubine), Catherine (concubine), Gretel (concubine), Sofia (concubine), Leah (lover), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Casie (6.5 head figure), Rita (stink), Yoguri (masterpiece)
Mother: Marceline (lover), Daughters: Eldest – Stephanie (lover), Second – Bridget (lover), Youngest – Felicie (lover), Claudia (training), Clara (sigh), Adela (stink), Alice (pure white)
Celestina (reigning queen), Monica (mama attendant), Benel (coma), Dorothea (relief request)

Natia (one step away), Felteris (raped?), Yularen (cultivating new land), Ijaris (cultivating new land)
Celia (adjutant), Irijina (ascension), Leopolt (staff officer), Tristan (staff officer), Adolph (staying up all night), Polte (staying up all night)
Myla (commander), Luna (commander of bow cavalry), Rafaella (stink), Marta (returning home), Sally (responsible for explaining), Maruru (returning home)
Altair (world crisis), Remia (seeking salvation)
Yakov (free), Gido (letter of resignation), Mack (free), Christoph (jitters), Guigue (suspicious), Sebastian (butler)
Jim, Suzy, Solana
Dingus (holiday), Rinuga (probation)

Sekrit (???), ??? (abduction)
Piris (insane), Baroness Rukino Escaote (interview), Seika (interview), Visitacion (desertion)
Busco (domestic affairs), Gildress (King of Aless)

Head-helmina (Dullahan Upper), T-99 (Dullahan Lower)
Pochi (complications), Brynhildr (capital), Lammy (lamia), Alraune (root division), Mirumi (mermaid)
Messerschmitt​ (sleeping), Tropical Smooth-scaled Monitor Lizard (!!), Schwartz (demon erection)

Battle Ended – Temporary Disbanding of the Army.

Assets: -110 000 gold (development costs -10 000), (reward money +5000)
Sexual Partners: 808
Children who have been born: 70 + 567
Current Location: Goldonia, Capital




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