Chapter 520: Fair Trade and Zwei Mothers




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Lintbloom: Deep in the Iron Mines――

「It should be around here……it isn’t dug very often so the place isn’t maintained properly……I knew it, there’s a cave-in.」

Balbano gives the dead end wall a thump and groans.

「A cave-in? We’ve already come this far, you’re kidding me.」

I let out a groan several times louder than Balbano’s.

We followed Balbano through a narrow tunnel running alongside the mine.

「What? I followed the path. A big man shouldn’t whine」

「It’s hard for me because the tunnel matches your size.」

Although there is plenty of room width-wise, the height is no more than 160 cm.
For someone like me who is 190 cm tall, I have to constantly walk bent-over.

「I don’t have much stamina to begin with, so……fugyaa!」

The pathetic scream came from Adolph who hits his head on a protruding rock behind me.

Adolph insisted on coming when I mentioned the mine but he’s incredibly clumsy. I think he’s equal to Tristan in that regard.

「A-are you alright?」

Polte checks the spot on his head for any wounds as Adolph presses down on his forehead.
She exclaims when she sees his forehead, and then goes quiet.

「You’re in the way. Please don’t stop like that.」

Celia and Pipi slip past him from the side.
Celia’s skillful maneuvering of her body allows her to ignore the ceiling that barely accommodates her height, while Pipi is nimble and small, and also doesn’t seem to be having any trouble.

But when Pipi squeezes through a tight passage, she lets out a small shriek and holds her chest.

「My nipples are really sensitive. Just rubbing them gets me soaking wet.」

Oh, I’ll keep that in mind.

「Wahahaha! It’s tight for me too! Wait a second!」

Irijina, who is over 180 cm tall, also bumps her head on a rock like Adolph, but continues walking like nothing happened. Is that the difference in endurance……

「What do we do? I didn’t bring a hammer or my Dual Crater.」

I figured there wasn’t much space and didn’t carry anything likely to get stuck.

「It’s not a problem. Cave-ins are expected……move back!」

Balbano messes around with something, wiggling his butt at me as he does so, and then tells us to step back.

In a hurry, Adolph bumps his head again and Polte checks for injuries.
This time, she sees the top of his head and goes, “here too!”. I wonder what that’s about.

「Here I go!」

A muffled explosion occurs a few seconds after he shouts.
The blast sends a cloud of dust through the tunnel, prompting us to cover our faces with our arms.

「I modified the gunpowder to make it easier to handle. You guys are pointlessly stuffing it into tubes and shooting balls, meanwhile this method is much better.」

The dwarves never heard of gunpowder before coming into contact with us, but now they’ve acquired a mastery over it. Despite their boisterous nature, they are adept at crafts and tinkering.

When I peer into the back, the wall that blocked our way had crumbled and became a path leading to a wide open area.

「This is――!?」

Adolph is speechless.


Polte squeals like a harpy and almost faints.

「Wahahaha!! How pretty!!」

Irijina, lower your voice. We don’t want another cave-in.

「Fumu, it is indeed gold ore.」

I look at the ceiling, walls and floor with admiration.

Even though I don’t know the first thing about mines, I can clearly recognize gold when I see it.
Every surface of this space is sparkling. There is gold in plain sight.

「N-normally, searching for a gold mine is incredibly difficult. You have to slowly chip away at the walls and scrupulously check every fragment, and everyone, including the feudal lord, would make a fuss if even a tiny bit of gold is found because that means a mine is near.」

Adolph explains.
Balbano isn’t listening and looks around for the mining tools he left behind.

「This is how it is.」

Balbano casually swings his pickaxe at the wall, breaking off a chunk, and throws me a piece.
When I catch it and hold it up to a torch, I see what looks like small grains of gold mixed in with the rock.

「Hm, so the gold is mixed inside. I thought because it’s a gold mine, there would be masses of gold buried here.」

Adolph snatches the rock away when I say that.

「What are you talking about!? Even in a gold vein, it’d be a good result if you get two or three pieces of gold from shattering a one-ton boulder. But ten percent……no, close to twenty percent of this whole thing has gold in it. I can’t believe such a gold vein exists!」

Adolph and Polte fall on their butts.
Meanwhile Irijina and Pipi are rather indifferent.

Comparing the two sides, I wonder if it’s more intelligent if I also fell on my butt.

「What are you laying down about? I think I had some leftover from last time……oh, here it is.」

Balbano pulls something out from a pile of rocks and dirt.

「It’s refined gold.」

The object placed at our feet with a thud is actually a lump of gold.
Yes, this is the gold I imagined would be covering the mine in my head.
Balbano throws gold nuggets at us one after the other.


Adolph and Polte hug each other joyfully.
This guy has real guts to hug Polte in front of me. I have to do something to match that.
I’ll embrace Celia, who is waiting for me with her arms spread, and rub my cheek against her.

「The last time we dug for gold was to make new wine cups. There were about fifty of us and I guess the others must have gotten carried away with digging and refined them. This soft metal isn’t used for much else so it was left here.」

「Are you alright with giving all of it to us? Don’t you know gold has a considerable amount of value to us?」

I ask as I pick up the gold nuggets that were thrown at us.
Celia seems curious so I give her one, but she falls over. Ah, it’s too heavy.

「We don’t want it, so do as you please. If you really can’t accept it for free, then give us something in exchange.」

It won’t be an equal relationship if we simply take from them.
We should do as Balbano suggests and give something back.

「This place goes pretty deep. You guys will probably have a hard time going in. Our sleeping place is also close and we can’t stand it if you make noise. So we’ll do the digging and refining in our spare time, and once we’re done you can come pick it up.」

Dwarves are a short-tempered species and don’t get along well with humans.
If miners go near their residence, they will eventually encounter trouble.
The best thing for both of us would be if a reasonable price was paid for the gold.

「So, what’s the rate――」

Adolph regains his composure, but Balbano cuts him off before the question could be finished.

「Gold is quite heavy for how soft it is……let’s see. How about we measure the weight and exchange gold for alcohol at a 10 to 1 ratio? It has to be the strong kind that burns your throat or it doesn’t count.」

「T-trading for an amount of alcohol that’s ten times the weight of gold!? That’s a total rip――」
「Listen carefully. It’s the opposite.」

Polte and Celia go back and forth with each other.

「I think it’s somewhat cheap.」

I count with my fingers and still believe the deal is in our favor.

「It’s fine. Besides, I don’t want to get into any troublesome talks with anyone else except you guys. I’m sure my buddies will also be happy that they can get booze for picking up garbage.」

「I don’t think we’re talking on the same level.」

Adolph’s remark gets ignored.

「Cheap or expensive doesn’t matter. One thing I’d like you to remember though, is that dwarves are more useful than elves――’kay?」

Balbano grins and puffs out his bulky chest.
I shake his hand and smile wryly in my heart at the rivalry the dwarves have with the elves.

「This is the kind of trade that will lead to war down the road if it was done between humans, right……」

And so the fair business transaction with the dwarves was concluded.

Right as we’re about to leave the mountain, Adolph firmly grabs my shoulder.
What does he want?

「Don’t tell anybody about this matter. The ones who will receive the gold will be limited to a handful of trusted miners and the ones who will transport it from Lintbloom will not know about the contents of their load.」

「You’re a weird one. Of course I don’t intend to spread it around, but it’s not like it has to be kept secret――」

「Keep it a secret.」

I’m surprised how insistent he is.
Polte is worrying about something when I avert my gaze.

「A nugget of pure gold……if my younger brother got one fragment he might be able to buy the warhorse he always wanted……gulp.」

「We already have to pay a tax to the kingdom for the iron mines――」

I’m more interested in Polte’s internal struggles than Adolph has to say.

「Repairs can also be done to the broken house. Maybe I can also buy the more expensive bed that mother wanted……」

Polte holds her head in her hands.
I don’t mind if she takes a little, but now is not a good time.
Celia is watching closely while also listening to Adolph so if Polte sneaks a piece into her pocket, Celia will pounce immediately.

「The impact of a gold mine is immense――the kingdom which is facing financial troubles will surely――」

「That goes against my loyalty……but I want to at least pay the interest of my younger sister’s loan……」

Polte puts a knife against the gold nugget.
Not good, Celia has put her hand in her pocket and is in position to attack at any moment.

「We won’t just be concealing it, miners will not be allowed in and only prospecting――」

「I can’t! I can’t do it after all! I can’t betray Hardlett-sama and more importantly, Adolph-sama!」

Polte drops the knife.
At the same time, Celia takes her hand out of her pocket. That was close.

「That’s why.」

「I understand. Then let’s go with that.」

I’ll ask Celia what he said later.

「It’s important that you don’t tell Claire-san or Nonna-sama. I’m seriously begging you.」

「I won’t bring it up. But if Nonna asks, I’ll answer. No promise takes precedence over my wife.」

Nonna is my beloved wife.
I trust Adolph and I know what he’s telling me to do is correct, but when asking me which to prioritize, I’m going to choose my family.

「……we have to make sure she doesn’t sense a thing then.」

Adolph probably knew my answer and sighs, shaking his head.

「Mm, someone who would prioritize work over his own wife isn’t trustworthy.」

Balbano shares my opinion.

Thus, we call it a meeting, leave the mountain for the time being, and everyone except Balbano and I retire first.

「Oh, one last thing.」

I pull Balbano aside and take out a gold coin from my pocket.

「I was going to buy something for the girls for leaving them alone for so long during the war, but I don’t have the money. I can’t carry an entire chunk of gold with me either.」

The coin in the palm of my hand is one from the kingdom of Goldonia.

「I want a bit of gold to go shopping with. Can you make it in this fashion?」

Balbano shines a light on the coin and then scoffs.

「Who do you think we are? Such childish processing can be done while picking our noses.」

「Alright, I’m counting on you then. Don’t actually put snot on it though.」

That’s perfect.

Later. Erich Territory.

「Sorry for calling you.」

「You’re the one who has it hard, coming from the capital, no?」

Erich and I have met up to talk again.

The location is in Erich’s territory and I am supposed to be visiting, but since he’s usually in the capital and has to travel a longer distance, it feels like he’s the one coming to visit.

「Actually, I was in the middle of preparing for an inspection. I figured I’d stop by the territory since it’s been a while.」

「Preparing to inspect?」

I was sure he would be inspecting his own territory, but I guess I’m wrong.
It’s because he neglected the territory for so long that the governor plotted something and caused a ruckus yesterday, though I’m not going to mention it here.

「Yeah, inspecting the south……the land that belonged to South Yuguria. The allotment of territory was decided. His Majesty should send out an official notice soon.」

Erich takes out a map and draws a line on it.

「This is the land I was given. And this is yours.」

The size of the land given to Erich is about the same as the size of the land given to me.
What interests me is that part of former Libatis territory is included in my land.

「This is the result of my hard work. Former Libatis territory is abundant in citizens and land so many nobles stormed the palace with petitions expressing their desire for it. The reason you’re getting the share, despite not being in the capital, is solely because of my efforts.」

I’ll have to thank him upfront for that then.
Adolph will be happy.

「……and what about here?」

It’s vast land spanning north from the border of the Garland Empire to the center of what was the South Yuguria Empire.
The size is incomparable to the portion of Libatis territory.

「Well, it’s big. Mm, big. It’s very big.」
「It looks very spacious. I’m sure it would look great if a turret was built and a flag was raised on it.」

Those are all my thoughts on it.
After the deadly battle with the insects, we knew that nothing and nobody is in this place.

Erich puts an elbow on the table and says pitifully.

「There were new nobles who received land for the first time. They said things like, “I’m finally a lord now! Let’s be good lords who are loved by the people!” and ran off in high spirits. Even though I told them repeatedly not to expect much……my heart feels heavy from having to face them.」

It’s possible that in the worst case, there would be nobody there but them and their subordinates.
No more than a few people in each village would be alive, if there are any survivors to begin with, and they’d be lucky to have ten people.

Erich decides to move away from the painful topic and draws another line.

「Aside from our territory, this is what the new noble faction was given. This is what the traditional noble faction received.」

I compare the two areas on the map.

「It seems the merits in battle had an effect in the new nobles receiving more.」

The ratio is 7 to 3.
Of course a few great feudal lords part of the traditional nobles also participated in the war and government officials distinguished themselves in the background so the distribution is appropriate.

「That’s if you only look at the land. Like I said earlier, many new nobles received barren land. Taking that into account when you look at it……the distribution is split cleanly in half.」

I realize one thing from that.

「What are the spots that don’t belong to either faction? They’re scattered here and there.」

「You’ll know when I do this.」

Erich scribbles down the names of the known landmarks like mines and reservoirs.
Almost all of them did not belong to either faction.

「These are areas controlled by the kingdom. The only time my opinion matched with Kenneth’s was during our protest when this was shown to us.」

Erich smiles cynically.
Looking at the map, it’s clear that those places were chosen blatantly and unapologetically.

「In the end, His Majesty had his way……」

I mean, you can’t win against the king. It’s sad.

「That’s how tight the kingdom’s finances are. They need every resource they can get even if it means upsetting all the nobles. ……you should be careful too, they’re going to stick their hands into any profit you find.」

This is an oddly well-timed warning.
Or maybe I’m overthinking things.

「With that said, you and I are in dire straits, so the kingdom will only find promissory notes no matter how hard they search.」

Erich gulps down his alcohol and laughs heartily.
I smile too, knowing plenty will come out from my direction, but there’s no use thinking about it.

「By the way……that.」

Erich still has a serious expression on his face.
I put my glass down, wondering if he still has more important things to talk about.

「Do you……still have an erection?」

「It’s calm, since you’re the only one here.」

What’s with that question all of a sudden?
I’d be scared if I got hard when Erich is the only one in the room.

Don’t tell me he’s going to invite me to ‘those’ kinds of activities.
It might be time for me to switch to Kenneth’s side then.

「I don’t mean it like that! After recovering from the insect’s poison, my cock stayed erect for a while. Now that I can stand again, I can’t seem to get it to calm down.」

Oh it’s about his lower half? I thought it was something serious.

「……I’m not bragging but in addition to my two lovers and the maid in the mansion under forty who was on cooking duty……I couldn’t hold back and laid hands on the younger sister of a subordinate entrusted to me for apprenticeship. And this is all within one night. I haven’t had this much of a sexual drive since I was 15 or 16.」

「You’re an animal! Control your lower half at least, it’s deplorable.」

Erich rolls up the map and hits me in the head with it.

「By the time it settled down, I had impregnated all the women I slept with. My seed was also extra thick.」

Erich leans his face close to me bashfully.

「This is undoubtedly the effects of the poison……which in isolation might be useful, don’t you think?」

What do you mean?

「Well, you have piles of those insect corpses in your territory. And I hear you have a skilled doctor by your side. In that case……can’t you……extract a particular component out of the poison? I don’t have much money to spare, but if you manage to do so, I’d be willing to purchase it――」

I’ll get Natia to thoroughly analyze those corpses then.

After the conversation, I walk over to Schwartz so I can return to the mansion.
Riding a slow carriage from Rafen to Erich’s territory would take a day, whereas Schwartz can run the distance in two hours.

But I see someone beckoning me in the corner of my eye and I dismount from Schwartz before slapping his ass.

「Go back first, tell Celia that I’ll come later and not to worry.」

Schwartz neighs, unsure of how he would convey the message, and reluctantly trots off to Rafen.

「Fufu, a clever one aren’t you.」
「Are you done with work?」

I nod, taking the hand of each individual.

They belong to Ijaris and Yularen, the chieftesses of the black elves and forest elves respectively.

「I’m a bit late, but everything’s settled. I am ready now.」

The reason I was hectically running around overseeing the development, checking out the mines and talking with Erich is so that I could complete my work before these two came.

The two of them grab either side of my waist intent on not letting me escape.

「I’m not going to run away. I’ve prepared myself for this.」

Their eyes sparkle ominously.

That is when a handmade ball rolls over from the side.

「I’m sorry~」

Chasing after it is a girl who doesn’t look to be over five years old.

Ijaris’s expression immediately changes.
It isn’t the usual composed expression or the bewitching smile she often shows me.
It’s more of a softened expression filled with affection.

「Ara ara, you’ll get hit by a carriage if you play here. The sun will set soon. Go on now, return to your home.」

Yularen gently pushes the back of the girl, her tone unchanged.
However, she keeps the robe on her head down tightly and bites her lip slightly.

The girl doesn’t realize the two of them are elves and waves to both with a big smile before running off.
By no means is she a full-fledged woman, but she’s an adorable child.

There is one thing that bothers me though.
That is the fact that as soon as the girl disappeared from sight, both of their expressions seemed to distort a bit.

A hint of sadness, of jealousy……I wonder what that’s about.

Turning around back at me, their expressions return to normal as they push me into an isolated house.
What I thought was an inn turned out to be an entire dwelling that they rented. They don’t have to worry about noise leaking through the walls to the next room now.

「Alright, are you ready?」
「Bend your knees more.」

I am on all fours, naked on the floor with Yularen on my back and Ijaris on my ass.
It’s like I’m playing horse with children.

Apparently, this is what the girls desired as payment, to embarrass me fully.

Helping humans is against the law for elves and they did a very special thing this time.
The two of them seriously got angry and wanted to humiliate me so I wouldn’t treat them lightly in the future.

「How do you feel, not only having to prostrate naked but having us riding your back?」
「What would your wife, children, and citizens think if they saw their lord in this state?」

I hate having to prostrate and having other people prostrate before me.
I haven’t done it in front of the king, let alone naked and with my forehead touching the floor, and don’t intend on ever doing it.

「You know, it strangely doesn’t feel too bad. It actually feels g――uuugh!」

Ijaris reaches her hand under my ass and violently strokes my dick.
She isn’t using any oil or saliva, so the dry overly strong stimulation shoots straight up to my brain.

「You’re so unnecessarily large. I’m impressed you can fight with such a big rod and balls hanging from your body.」

「Fufu, you look like you’re suffering, but if you open your mouth like that――eeii.」

Yularen stuffs her sock-covered foot in my mouth.

「Hm? You got hard from a foot entering your mouth. You……」

The two of them bring their faces to my ears.


An electric shock runs down my spine from the simultaneous two-pronged verbal attack.

When I unconsciously arch my body, Ijaris sticks her finger into my anus.


Not long after my body twists from the shock, Yularen twists my nipples.
I can feel my dick twitching even though it’s not being teased.

「Oh my. Your giant root seems to be crying a clear liquid.」
「The great general is a mess from having his anus and nipples played with.」

The stimulation is the main cause, but deliberately whispering into my ears makes it unbearable.

「Since you’re our horse now, how about walking around the room for us?」

Yularen grins.
Already having so much done to me, I think to myself that isn’t so bad until Yularen takes out something suspicious from her pocket.

「What is that?」

It resembles the stick used to hit a small drum except more polished and shiny.
It also seems somewhat pliable――aah, I figured it out.

「Oh, a whip? You’re going to slap my ass with a whip too, how far do you plan on humiliating me?」

Going as far as whipping me like a horse, I can’t help getting turned on from the humiliation.

But Yularen and Ijaris simply smirk. The whip isn’t swung, rather they grabbed my dick.

「You’re correct about the whip. Not so much about how it’ll be used……there.」

Ijaris says in a seductive voice as she inserts the whip into my urethra.


I let out a howl from the intense stimulation.
Yularen remains merciless.

「Don’t bend your knees. Now, keep moving. Do a lap around the room.」

I slowly move one step at a time, groaning and feeling my knees about to buckle.
Ijaris continues her ruthless assault, slowly but surely moving the whip in and out.


After finishing the lap, I fall over sideways.
The whip is pulled out at the same time and pre-cum gushes out like a fountain.

「Fufu, it’s like you’re ejaculating.」
「Did you get aroused from having a foreign object in your urethra……this lord.」

The two of them bring themselves to either side of me again.


My dick twitches and squirts out more liquid.
Their dual name-calling is bad news.
If I’m not careful, I’ll cum just from their voices.

「It’s about time for a reward I suppose.」

Ijaris straddles over my face as I’m lying down and begins taking off her clothes.
Thin fabric of each piece drapes over my face and lastly, her slightly moist underwear drops as well.

Now naked, Ijaris lies face-up on the bed and opens her legs in my direction.

Before the two could form their next words, I spring up from the floor, hold the dark-skinned body and get ready to insert my penis in the missionary position.

「Needless to say, you are here to entertain us. Unless we say so, you are not allowed to stop or ejaculate.」

Although I verbally agree, my dick that had thoroughly been tormented via the urethra is already begging to cum.
I’m going to have to endure sheerly through willpower, but how long will that last?

To please Ijaris, I make an effort to thrust deep and shallow, all while rubbing her breasts, kissing her and kneading her clitoris.
And then, I kissed her neck passionately as if I was etching her with my love.

「Haa……you can stop.」

I was surprised by her cold response.

「It didn’t feel good?」

Ijaris sighs and folds both her hands behind her head, emphasizing her boredom.

「Not at all. I played along previously to satisfy you……but you merely rely on your size to stir around for some childish sex. I wouldn’t feel a thing even if you did it for an entire day.」

Her statement was such a shock that the rising seed in my dick on the verge of release actually went down.
I aimed to do my best, yet I disappointed her to such an extent.

「I apologize. From here on, I’ll put forth my utmost――」

A finger presses against my lips to interrupt my excuse.

「Enough. More importantly Ijaris, that sexy man you found at the bar last night, won’t you let him embrace me once again?」

「Good idea. While we’re at it, let’s show that unskilled boy so he can learn.」

The two of them smirk at me.

This is where I understood it was all an act.
It was part of the ploy to look down on me and abuse me――no wait, not feeling aroused might have been a lie, but it might be true that they brought the other guy. It’s something these two would definitely do.

「You’re going to watch us get embraced by another man.」
「We’re going to squeal sweetly in front of you……」

The two of them approach me.


My hips buck upward.
I’m starting to wonder if their words have magic within them.

「Off we go.」

Yularen is really going.
I’m obviously not someone who likes being cuckolded, so I get up to stop her.


Ijaris stabs something into my back.

It was just a spike as small as a toothpick when I checked to see what it was, but as soon as I felt the sting, my whole body went weak and I collapsed on the bed.

「It’s a numbing agent made from the insect poison that will immobilize you for about an hour. Rest assured as it isn’t harmful.」

I don’t doubt that but I can’t lift a finger.

「Fufu, we weren’t playing around when we said we’d bring another man. We’re going to be fucked in front of you while you can’t move.」

When the two of them licked my ears with a flushed face, freedom suddenly returned to my body.

「I won’t allow it!」

I run after Ijaris, flip her onto the bed and insert my dick again.

「W-why can you still move!? It hasn’t been thirty seconds――aah!」

「I won’t tolerate it. I won’t. You are my woman! At the very least, you are mine right now!!」

I don’t know the reason, but I have no time to worry about it.
I’m not going to let such beautiful bodies be taken by another man!

I ram my penis deep into Ijaris’s body.

「What are you getting cocky for? Can’t you see Ijaris isn’t aroused……I mean, a little can’t be avoided, but can’t you see she doesn’t want you?」

Yularen whispers coldly to me.
I can’t tell if she is acting or not.

「It’s thicker……and rougher than before……it’s……haah!?」

When I glance at the tanned woman pinned by me, she seems to be in ecstasy with her tongue sticking out, but shakes her head when she notices my gaze a second later and makes the same disinterested expression from earlier.

Is it no good after all?
Her vagina is clenching down on me and her abdomen is even convulsing a little, yet her face tells me that my sex is boring.

Ijrais won’t be satisfied by having sex with me.
Both of them will go to that guy and spread their legs or suck his dick.

「I can’t……let that happen.」

My mind which is already dulled by jealousy and arousal races at full speed.
Is there anything that can help me? I need something to fulfill Ijaris’s sexual desires.

One answer pops into my head.
I’ll try it. At this rate, the two elvish beauties will be stolen in front of me by a handsome guy.

I push my dick deep into Ijaris, even holding on firmly to her shoulder, and whisper in her ear.


It’s a word that means mother.


Ijaris lets out a voice I’ve never heard from her before.
Then, after a brief moment of silence……


With a loud yell, Ijaris’s bountiful breasts press against my chest.
Her voluptuous body arches and her lovely legs stretch out.
It seems I chose the correct answer.

「――! ――!! ――!!!」

My hips resume moving as I repeat the word over and over.

「S-stop it! Saying such a stupid word won’t do anything……」

Ijaris puts her hands on my shoulder and attempts to push me away.
She also shakes her head side to side.

This resistance is proof that my answer is correct.
Otherwise, she would simply scoff.

The face she showed to the little girl before coming here was full of motherly love.
And the face she had when the little girl waved goodbye was one that a mother makes when parting with her child.

Mother――that was the key word.

I hold Ijaris’s face with my hands and kiss her aggressively.
Then I hurl the word that means mother at her again.


It’s like the black elf chieftess turned into a different person.
Yularen is also dumbfounded with her mouth hanging open.

「I don’t get what you mean by mother! No child is as big as you! Such a muscular and macho body……」

I bury my head in Ijaris’s dark-skinned bosom and suck on her tits.
I’m not doing it as a kind of sexual technique, I’m doing it purely from the perspective of a baby who seeks out a mother’s milk.

「W-what kind of child jams his root into his mother……kuuuh!!」

Ijarsis’s long arms caress my head and her legs wrap around my waist.
After an extended high-pitched moan, I feel the body clinging to me tremble four times.
The faint squelch was the wet sound of her pussy squeezing my dick.

「Ijaris, did you actually cum?」


She can’t even respond to the shocked Yularen.

When I pull my hips back, Ijaris’s lower half follows.
Her hole and womb that is further back is sticking to my dick and won’t let go.

「……impossible……I can’t believe just calling me mother……」

I grab the waist of Ijaris, who is still stunned, change into the sitting position and whisper to her again.

「Aah! D-don’t! Cumming againnn!!」

Ijaris climaxes from a single thrust and the white liquid leaking from where we’re connected tells me her arousal is genuine.

I hug her tightly and thrust once more.

I turn her body around and thrust again while rubbing her boobs.

「I can’t stop cumming! T-this hasn’t happened in hundreds of years……no, this hasn’t happened at all……」

I pull my cock out, mount the body that slowly tries to crawl away and whisper in her ear.
That’s all it takes for Ijaris to shiver again.

I grab her weakened ass and plunge my rod up to the base.

My hips slam repeatedly against her butt as I pull her arms backward.

Ijaris, the experienced impregnable thousand-year old elf, is a shadow of her former self and she climaxes continuously like a slut who has consumed an aphrodisiac.

The sounds of slapping flash and rhythmic piston sounds are laced with her moans and my voice calling her mother.

At this point, her number of orgasms exceeded ten.

「I-I’m cumming aggain!! I-I’m going to die……」

Suddenly, as Ijaris arches back in missionary position, a shining pink crest appears on her stomach, perfectly where her womb would be.


Yularen gulps and jumps in between us.

「The infertility spell is fading! If you cum any more――!」

「Cumming! Cumming!! Cumming again! My hole is cumming on its ownnn!!」

Both of Ijaris’s arms and legs stretch as she howls, leading to the sound of glass shattering and the mark on her stomach disappearing.

「I’m at my limit too! I’m cumming!」

「You mustn’t!」

It was Yularen who shouted, not Ijaris.
As if snapping to her senses, Ijaris’s face wet with saliva and tears stiffens and she pounds my back with her fists.

「L-let go!! You can’t cum inside! P-pull out!!」

「Kuuh, n-now that it’s come to this……I’ll use magic……oh no, I exhausted my magic from today’s work and don’t have enough to attack……」

If I was still level-headed, I might have realized their abnormal reactions and pulled out obediently.
But as a result of intense sex, I’m on the verge of ejaculation and my thoughts are completely clouded.

「I should have enough for an ice blade……」

Water gathers around the hand of the pinned Ijaris and forms into a point.
At the same time, I feel the final pulses of my dick.

「I can’t……even if my son is this big……I’m not a mother who can strike her child……」

「What are you saying? He’s just a lecherous man! If you don’t convince yourself soon, he’s going to cum inside you!」

I don’t feel pain, I only feel a hand softly brushing the back of my head.

「Guh, cumming!」


I give in to my release as Yularen and Ijaris screams out in protest.

My testicles, penis and the muscles in my lower body tense up as a stream of semen flows into the tanned beauty.

「So much……my womb feels hot……」

Ijaris tilts her head up at the ceiling while her hand softly rubs my back.
Every time my dick pulses, the sticky sound of squirting echoes throughout the room.

I pressed my hips against her as hard as I could and clenched my teeth for the first ten shots, then I sucked on her quivering nape, propping myself up with my arms for the next ten shots, and then I fell onto her sweaty body, panting heavily for the last ten shots.

When my dick stops throbbing, Ijaris caresses my face.

「Have you finished?」


I slowly separate from her body and Ijaris rolls spread eagle onto her back.

「Show it to me!」

Yularen collects light into a small ball on her hand and places it on Ijaris’s stomach.
Her belly glows red in response.

Yularen slumps over in disappointment.

「T-there is life dwelling within……you are pregnant. What are you thinking, climaxing until the infertility spell breaks!?」

It seems she can tell by magic.

Ijaris lays still, physically spent while Yularen scolds her.
I approach Yularen and hug her from behind.


I use the word that means mother again.

「……you think the same trick will work after I’ve witnessed its effect?」

Unfaltering from the extreme murderous intent directed at me, I try saying it again.

Her hostility becomes so apparent that she could stab me with a knife at any moment, but I hear the sound of a drop of liquid hitting the floor.
When I look down, I see love juice trickling down her thighs.


Both Yularen and Ijaris are alike.

「As chieftess, you’re not allowed to bear children huh.」

But their maternal instincts are greater than others.
That’s what drove them to gobble male after male.
Their love of virgins is likely the product of a misguided love for children.

「Treat me as your child.」

I say as I drag her underwear down her pure white body, put her hands on the wall, and grab her ass.
We’re in the standing doggy style position where we’ll be connected solely by our genitals.
She doesn’t resist any longer.


She lets out an anguished groan when I thrust and puts on a sullen expression unlike the last time we had sex, but her lack of acting fires me up.

What turns me on more than anything is that despite her indifferent expression, her insides are contracting and her uterus is dropping down.
This is the movement a woman’s body makes when she is cumming like crazy.

I whisper into her ear again and her back trembles.
Another whisper prompts her to inhale deeply and for drool to spill from the corner of her lips.

There’s no doubt about it.
She has just been enduring through those thousand years but she is in fact a sopping mess.

I bring my body down and bury my face in her back, and adjust my thrusting slightly to imitate the unrefined motions of an amateur.

「M-move properly. Thrusting like some……virgin……like a child……ah, aaaaah!!」

Yularen self-destructs by saying it herself.
Her legs go taut and a moan comes out of her mouth.

Then I hear the sound of something shattering――

「I-Ijaris……save me……at this rate, I’ll also be impregnated with a half-elf.」

「I can’t. My hips have completely given out. Just accept your fate.」

I clutch her ass as she screams and a second unthinkable stream of seed gushes into the pale-skinned woman.

As her ass shakes in pleasure, Yularen checks her stomach with the same magic from earlier, and after seeing the light turn red, resigns herself and passes out.

――The Next Day. Rafen.

「Hardlett-sama, I would like to create an experimental city in the new territory in the south, may I have your approval?」

Ijaris takes the document from Adolph.

「Be careful, my lord. I don’t want you to cut your hand on the sheet of paper. I wonder if mother can read this?」

Beside me, Yularen pulls out my booze from the office desk.

「Such strong alcohol is bad for your body. From now on, mother will decide how much you drink. You’ll be punished if you try to drink secretly.」

Adolph’s repulsed gaze hurts.

「How did this happen……」

Celia mutters.

I tore through the infertility spell of both elf chieftesses and successfully planted my seed in them.

It is said that the spells are powerful enough to prevent orcs from getting them pregnant.
But according to them, the magic was disrupted from climaxing consecutively until it finally broke.
From there, considering my extra thick baby juice entered their wombs, even elves can’t avoid becoming pregnant.

「Now that I think about it, using up magic for the development may have been a major factor in that happening.」

「Everything bad……took a turn for the better. This too, is fate.」

The two of them straighten my collar and fix my crooked belt.

After the deed and not being able to have a child for a millennium due to laws and their duties as chieftess, their maternal instincts seem to have exploded within them to the point that they’re treating me like their real child.

As a result, Yularen often reprimands me out of concern, while Ijaris is overwhelmingly sweet to me.

This is likely influenced by their original nature.
Forest elves are polite, proud and shy, usually acting coldly even towards their lovers.
On the contrary, black elves are violent and short-tempered, but turn to mush when they fall in love.

「What’s the matter? Do you need to use the toilet? Should mother hold your peepee for you?」

「You’ll get a rash if you don’t wipe it clean.」

Fending off the voices from either side, I confirm with Adolph.

「So, what do you mean by an experimental city?」

「Right. Now that we’ve raised the funds through ‘that’, preparation for development in the south can start. With that said, we don’t have enough manpower to build a pioneer village, so……」

Adolph spreads out documents over the desk.

「You’ll hurt your back if you lean forward so much. Sit up properly.」
「Let your mother massage you.」

Celia pulls the two of them away.

「The center of the new southern territory……this part is where we’ll place a new city. The minimum amount of wells and inns will be constructed, but we won’t migrate farmers there for development.」

「That’s not going to work. No trade can be done with nothing in the area, what else is there to do but work the fields?」

Adolph hands me a paper with red writing and an excess of sticky notes pasted on it.

「……adventurers wanted. No experience required, travel expenses paid, mercenaries and soldiers welcome……what the heck is this?」

「We will gather skilled individuals and send them out for exploration missions. The kingdom might control the widely-known locations but there are also hidden mines in the territory of local lords, jewel beds and precious herbs buried in caves……on the bad side, there may be underground nests of monsters or insects that survived the purge. The point is, we will offer a reward to those who discover such things.」

It’s an interesting idea on paper, but will this be enough to attract people?
Moreover, this kind of promotion will also lure bandits and other thugs.

「Have you forgotten? The armies of the kingdom and the other lords will be reduced. There will be plenty of soldiers with nowhere to go. 」

「I see, even without searching my territory, they’ll come from all over the kingdom.」

Adolph nods.

Celia and the elves start arguing.

「Normally soldiers that lost their jobs become an existence similar to brigands, but not only will we be able to make a profit from sending them to remote areas, it will also act as a measure to improve security.」

We’re killing two birds with one stone.

Their quarrel is getting louder.
Celia’s tone is becoming rude.

「Our main objective is of course development. If a large jewel bed is found, there will be an influx of people from the Federation and Empire.」

「The kingdom will intervene though.」

I try to play devil’s advocate.

「Yes. That will lead to their eyes diverting from Lintbloom. Putting it another way, as long as we keep the gold mine a secret, we won’t be short of money.」

Adolph was better.

「Alright, do as you wish. Inform me at the stages when you reach your goals.」


It seems meaningful and most importantly, it sounds interesting.

Celia becomes agitated and grasps at the elves.

「My last concern is regarding the name of the city.」
「Zwei Elfie.」

It came to me instinctively.


Celia finally gets blasted by wind magic.
I quickly grab her, and as I’m about to chide the two elves, Yularen turns the other way pouting, while Ijaris puffs her cheeks.

A second later, someone knocks on the door.

「Oh, enter.」

It was Gido.
He was severely wounded but now he’s able to stand huh.

「I’m happy you’re healthy――」

「I would like……to have some free time.」

I cut my words short and let the dizzy-eyed Celia sleep on the sofa.

「Tell me more.」

With how somber he looks, this is shaping up to be a rather serious conversation.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend.
Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City. Mad Demon God. Poison Resistance.

Pipi (super erect nipples), Nonna (legal wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Melissa (concubine), Miti (concubine)
Maria (concubine), Catherine (concubine), Gretel (concubine), Sofia (concubine), Leah (lover), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (masterpiece), Alice (lover)
Mother: Marceline (lover), Daughters: Eldest – Stephanie (lover), Second – Bridget (lover), Youngest – Felicie (lover), Claudia (free-loader), Clara (assistant), Adela (lover)
Celestina (reigning queen), Monica (mama attendant), Benel (coma), Dorothea (side story)

Adolph (forehead and top of head), Celia (fainted)
Natia (adventuring elf), Felteris (adventuring elf), Yularen (mother), Ijaris (mother), Gido (letter of resignation), Irijina (walking and eating), Leopolt (staff officer), Tristan (staff officer), Polte (staying up all night), Myla (commander), Luna (commander of bow cavalry), Rafaella (parasitism pre-search), Marta (assistant), Sally (lady’s maid), Maruru (lady’s maid), Altair (world crisis), Remia (seeking salvation)
Yakov (free), Mack (free), Christoph (jitters), Guigue (suspicious), Sebastian (butler)
Jim, Suzy, Solana
Dingus (side story), Rinuga (side story)

Sekrit (???), ??? (abduction)
Piris (side story), Baroness Rukino Escaote (side story), Seika (side story), Visitacion (side story)
Busco (domestic affairs), Gildress (King of Aless)

Head-helmina (Dullahan Upper), T-99 (Dullahan Lower)
Pochi (complications), Brynhildr (capital), Lammy (lamia), Alraune (root division), Mirumi (mermaid)
Messerschmitt​ (sleeping), Tropical Smooth-scaled Monitor Lizard (!!), Schwartz (prepared)

Battle Ended – Temporary Disbanding of the Army.

Assets: -107 000 gold (dwarf fair trade +6000), (adventurer city construction plan -3000)
Sexual Partners: 808
Children who have been born: 70 + 567
Current Location: Rafen




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