Chapter 524: Wild Evening Party




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Leavat Territory – Feudal Lord’s Mansion.

「Oh God, we’re here.」

「Don’t say that. You’ll upset the them!」

Nonna places her finger on my lips.
Of course, her enormous breasts press against me when she clings to me.
That instantly sends my feelings of annoyance flying.

I’ve come to the evening party hosted by the Leavat family.

「Knight Baron Leavat. He is a new noble who gained territory after his military exploits in the great war. The land is located west of Rafen and borders our house. In my personal opinion, most knight baron nobles are subordinate to other noble families……it’s quite rare for them to possess their own land. Someone of such a family status does not require madam, let alone the master of the house, to go greet them.」

Marta explains.
Celia is always beside me to assist during the war, but Marta is more knowledgeable when it comes to advising on social life and relations between nobles.

She stops halfway and defers to Nonna, who is breathing hard and eager to give her thoughts.

「This invitation is to deepen the relationship between noble families in the surrounding area. It’s unthinkable for a major feudal lord in the Hardlett family to not be present. Another point to note is that the invitation was to me and not Aegir-sama.」

Celia speaks, giving Nonna a cold look after her impassioned speech.

「A short while ago, the head of the House Leavat paid our mansion a visit. He praised the vases, the candle stands and complimented Nonna-san’s taste, even asking if it was possible to get his furniture critiqued too.」

「I see.」

Nonna is as weak to flattery as much as she is weak to works of art, jewels, and gold coins.
She must have gone with the flow and replied.


I caress Nonna’s cheek when she pouts to cheer her up.

「Nevertheless, that dress is incredible.」

Nonna is wearing an extravagant red dress.
Details aside, it is very fluttery to the extent that if she flapped her dress like wings, it feels like it would be possible for her to fly.

「It’s the latest trend to wear fluttery dresses. Luxury was banned during the war and everything looked like mourning clothes so I was a little frustrated……did I overdo it?」

The other participants are wearing similar styles, I don’t think she stands out.

「Well, there’s something else that attracts attention more than the frills……」

The deep slit in her chest area that exposes her cleavage would definitely draw men’s eyes more than her clothes.

「I also considered whether I was showing too much, but I need to let some of it out or else I would look fat. Because I’m thin and only my boobs are big, covering them poorly will make me appear vulgar.」

A flat-chested maid who was eavesdropping bites her lip and leaves.
Nonna made another enemy.

「Aegir-sama should also follow the trends. That formal wear is lovely, but you’ve already worn it ten times.」

「Am I not allowed to wear it ten times?」

I was going to wear it until it breaks.

「But that fur scarf is new and nice. It’s a bit barbaric, but it suits Aegir-sama’s physique and aura. I want a matching scarf too.」

「Hahaha, it’s really warm.」

It’s alive after all.

When I wrapped the fox that was hiding in the carriage around my neck so Nonna wouldn’t find out, it was cozy.

「It’s truly high quality……almost like blood is flowing throughout the tail.」

The fox squirms when Nonna tugs on its fur.

That is when I feel the stares of chatting women who have gathered by the window.
I almost thrust my hips out to ask if they fell for me that quickly, but Nonna is looking, although I don’t sense any hostility.

「Isn’t that lady over there an acquaintance of yours?」

「Mu, yes. There’s a little time before the start so I’ll go say hello.」

Nonna and her two maids slip away.
I am left with Marta, who is dressed in a similar attire with the maids, and Celia, who while in a military uniform, is also wearing eyeliner and red lipstick.

The organizer has not announced the start of the evening party yet. Plus, some people haven’t arrived.
Now should be the time for small talk and banter……no, not just that.

Nonna and company seem to be chatting happily, as well as pointing out others’ poverty with sympathy while casually showing off their own wealth in an ego battle.

「Boasting among the wives of the nobles is part of being good friends. Even so, Nonna-sama is blessed. At the very least, she doesn’t fight internally.」

「She argued with Carla again yesterday though.」

Apparently, Carla was lying on the sofa in the living room eating snacks, and when Nonna told her she was in the way, she brushed Nonna off with her foot.

Enraged, Nonna sprayed a potent perfume, causing Carla to choke and sneeze, showering Nonna from head to toe in saliva and cookie crumbs……or so I was told in the carriage on the way.

「How silly. When I’m thinking about Aegir-sama’s safety, I don’t care about those two.」

「They’re just joking. Normally, the conflict between the legal wife and concubines are messier……the mansion will be like hell, where cliques are formed in the household, and bribes, abortion drugs, and infidelity are invovled.」

「I’d hate such a place.」

I hug Celia and pet her softly.

「Wah! We’re in the middle of the hall!」

She doesn’t resist despite protesting verbally.
I’ll pat her head so her makeup doesn’t get smudged and kiss her forehead lots.

「That person wasn’t a guard? ……why are they kissing in public?」

「Lord Hardlett doesn’t need a guard when outside of battle. If the girl has makeup, then……you know?」

「Dragging his mistress along to a party means he’s as big of a womanizer as rumored. It must be humiliating for his wife.」

Don’t create strange rumors.
See, there’s Nonna with her super hearing, threatening with an angry pose.

「Ladies and gentlemen, my apologies for keeping you all waiting.」

Oh, the organizer is here.
The party is about to start then.

「First, I’d like to thank everyone for gathering this evening――」

Nonna returns to my side with brisk steps, knocking Celia away with her breasts, and then pinches my butt.
The displaced Celia circles around to the other side and begins jostling with Marta for position.

「This small house is merely Knight Baron status and the size of our territory does not come close to what all of you possess, but――」

To mediate, I alternate between fondling Marta’s tiny ass and Celia’s perky bum.
Both of them shake their heads in surprise, but nobody should be able to see because they can’t look away from the feudal lord speaking in front.

「Although the great war ended in victory for our glorious Goldonia, popular sentiment deteriorated and overall rule worsened much more――」

I notice Nonna staring, so I also extend my hand to her soft squishy ass.

「Therefore, in order to build stronger bonds with those governing the nearby areas, we have come tonight to――」

Someone clears their throat from behind.
I turn around to find a middle-aged man watching awkwardly.
Oops, I forgot people can see from the back.


I smile as the three of them pound their fists against me.

「Now then, I will conclude my speech here……and let our special guests, Margrave Hardlett and his wife, honor us with a few words!」


I panicked when my name was suddenly called, but Nonna seems to have known this was coming, and takes my arm before walking with her breasts pushed out proudly. Her subtle glance backwards was probably to intimidate Celia and Marta.

「Ahem. Well then……」

In the end, Nonna spoke for 90% of the five minute greeting……and I only said the last sentence, asking everyone for a toast.

Regardless, the party has begun.

My first encounter is with someone whose name and face aligns with my memory.

「Hardlett-dono, I haven’t seen you since the line of defense!」

「Dingus, you came too?」

Dingus is the commander leading the eastern division of the royal army who fought alongside me in the war.
He’s a competent guy who was able to endure the harsh attacks of the insects.

「Yes. I was granted the rank of Baron and land with two cities thanks to my valor in fighting with you!」

「We’re neighbors, huh? Then I should bring booze over to your place some time.」

Since it’s close, I can make it back home within the day on Schwartz.

「You are welcome to come. The Military Commissioner also stated that he wants fellow new nobles to unite. Let’s hunt together with a few other neighbors.」

「When that time comes, I will go too.」

The one who cut in was Celia.
As someone who was always by my side during the war, Dingus should know her well.


Dingus peeks at Celia’s face and makes a surprised sound.

「Oh my, if it isn’t the adjutant! You’re so beautiful with makeup on that I thought you were another person!」

Dingus shrugs as if to say he was completely fooled as Celia brushes her hair elatedly, meanwhile my clenched fists loosen.
If I saw him trying to woo Celia, I would have had to punch him in the gut under the guise of a playful reunion greeting, but he was simply admiring Celia’s tidied appearance.

「I see Rinuga is here too.」

Rinuga steps out from behind Dingus with hesitation.

He was originally a commander from South Yuguria, but when the fortress he was affiliated to was destroyed by the insects, he and his group of remaining soldiers and citizens he met along the way were fortunate enough to run into us.

Even after the war, because of his low status and the fact that he did not directly engage Goldonia, he did not receive any punishment. I ended up taking responsibility for the citizens and soldiers, while Rinuga himself disappeared somewhere.

「Although he is still mediocre, I assigned him to be my knight for the possibility that he might have a shred of talent.」

He was once a member of the enemy nation, but he was also on the same side of the battlefield against the hell that was the insects.
A person who has shared those experiences is much more trustworthy than a random half-wit.

Nonna pokes my side.
She wants me to introduce her.

「This is my wife, Nonna. Beautiful, isn’t she?」

「Oh Aegir-sama, you and your compliments.」

Nonna remains humble and politely bows.
If you bend over that much, your already greatly exposed cleavage will be emphasized even more……


I naturally thought Dingus and Rinuga would stare with a typical male’s gaze, but they just praised Nonna with “oh, how beautiful” and “so this is what a peerless beauty looks like”, and didn’t fixate on her chest.

「Are you guys sane? Can’t you see how big they are?」

「What are you talking about?」

The two of them agreed to send an invitation to hunt in the near future and then left together.

「They were pleasant individuals. I didn’t feel their eyes on my breasts or ass.」

「Unbelievable. I’d be angry if they looked too though……」

I wonder if the war broke their hearts if Nonna’s rack can’t draw in their eyes.

As I watched the two backs and pondered what was wrong, both of them reached out and gently held each other’s hands.


Celia and I exchange looks and don’t say anything, pretending we didn’t see anything.

Marta curiously stares at us, who are awkwardly silent, and then decides to speak.

「Baron Dingus is your stereotypical friendly new noble and military household. A certain amount of failure is unlikely to crack the relationship, but please be careful that you don’t treat others in the same way.」

「Others? Isn’t this party hosted by House whatshisface of the new nobles? Everybody here should be friendly, no?」

Nonna shakes her head.

「You can’t hold a drinking party just among friends. If it’s a formal evening party, it’s courteous to invite everyone in the area, unless they are of extremely low rank. It’s especially true when claiming the party is for the lords of the land.」

Nonna continues the rest……in a hushed voice.

「Actually, there were people who scowled openly when we were addressing everyone.」

I mean, you don’t have to come if you want to.
Wait, doesn’t that make me look shady?

「Lord Hardlett, may I have some of your time?」

I turned around at the sound of an unfamiliar voice and saw a somewhat weary middle-aged man.

With swift motions, Marta and Nonna whisper in my ear.

「Count Couraud. He is a traditional noble who had territory in the north up until recently, but was relocated on the back of the rewards for the great war.」

「Rumor has it that he was rude to the Military Commissioner and the Domestic Affairs Commissioner didn’t cover for him. His pedigree is first class, but his territory is quite small……I also heard he had to lay off a considerable number of servants and knights.」

I see, that’s why he looks so worn out.

On an unrelated note, because of the two elves, I get hard whenever people whisper from either side regardless of what is said to me.

「Count Couraud……if I recall? I don’t mind.」

Upon closer inspection, I see bags under his eyes and his eyelids are drooping powerlessly.
Strands of white are mixed in with his head of hair and his grip is pitifully weak when I shake his hand.
I wonder if he’s really alright, it feels like he could lay down and die at any moment.

「I heard the rumor. Man, being relocated must have been hard on you.」


Nonna’s shriek causes those in her vicinity to stir.
Weren’t you the one who told me?

「Who in their right mind would say it to the person’s face!?」

The aforementioned Count, while initially shocked, laughs feebly and then mutters.

「Haha, you’re as bold as they say. I guess there is no need to keep up appearances. My house has a long and distinguished history……and was called one of the twenty four Heavenly Kings of Goldonia at one point.」

That’s not very impressive. You’ve gotta make it at least the four Heavenly Kings.

「When a new noble rises in power, it’s inevitable for someone fearing for his position to follow Lord Baldwin ……my house has been ruling the land harmlessly for generations and has tried not to stand out among the traditional nobles, safely staying in the background.」

Even though we are indoors and it’s supposed to be nighttime, it feels like the sky got darker.

「Everyone was up in arms at Radhalde’s ineptitude that led to the sudden heavy casualties at the end of the war, which was later attributed to the Military Commissioner’s incompetence.」

That last incident was probably an insect attack.
I guess for those not in the know, massive losses in a situation where we have an absolute advantage may seem like a blunder.

「To keep up with the excitement of those around, I joined in……」

『The soldiers of the kingdom are the soldiers of His Majesty! It doesn’t matter if you’re the head of the military, you must take responsibility for the losses!』
『Now that it’s come to this, all of us should question Radhalde!!』
『Us traditional nobles are not ashamed to show our loyalty! Let’s openly call him out and hold him accountable!』
『T-that’s right! Let me send out a summons!』

『『『As expected of Count Couraud! Please do!』』』

「……there’s no going back now. Of course, no one else signed the summons calling the Military Commissioner but me.」


I can’t suppress my laughter.

Erich and Kenneth are both candidates to succeed the king as the second highest authority holders.
I’d understand if he was going to compete as a group, but it’d be too disadvantageous for him to go one-on-one, even if he is from a prestigious family.

「Afterwards, when His Majesty and the Domestic Affairs Commissioner discovered that the nation was in danger due to an unknown monster, the blame for interfering with military affairs fell on me without a thorough investigation and I was forced to relocate…… The area of my land was halved, my income was reduced to a fifth of what it was, and my apprentice nobles, stationed knights, and purveyors slipped through my fingers like water.」

Count Couraud stares at the floor with his mouth half-opened.

New nobles near him could hear what is being said but felt too sorry to hurl curses.

「Furthermore, the place I transferred to is full of new nobles and connected to Lord Hardlett.」

Don’t refer to me like I’m some kind of boss monster.

「Additionally last night, there was a sword fight between a village in the new territory and a village in your territory over water supply……」

That’s just adding insult to injury huh.

「It’s clear that blood will be spilled if the Hardlett household is involved. Women young and old will be violated, and men will be gutted and turned into an ornament.」

「I won’t do such things!」

Count Couraud lifts his head up in surprise.
No, don’t be surprised by that. I’m not the demon lord.

「It’s better if you discuss water usage with fellow domestic affairs officials. Attacking you out of the blue isn’t something I would……」

I think for a bit.

「Attacking people isn’t something I really do often.」

Oh no, the gossiping is getting louder.

Count Couraud isn’t much of an enemy despite being a traditional noble since he was abandoned by Kenneth.
Then again, the reason for his relocation was Erich, so he’s not an ally either. I guess he’s neutral.

After consolidating my thoughts, I see a female figure behind Count Couraud.

「My wife returned to her noble family home. However I can’t attend the party alone……so I invited the wife of my younger brother who died prematurely. She is 35 years old and not at an age where she’s looking to remarry, but she’s a sensible and mature woman.」

She notices my gaze and nods together with the Count.

「If you don’t mind, can I leave her with you as a sign of friendship?」

I should get along with him for the future.

I get down on one knee, take the woman’s hand and greet her politely before embracing the widow.

「I’ve accepted that you’ll be lured by girls, but don’t hold them in your arms!」

Woah, not good, not good.
If Celia didn’t speak up, I would have started another bad reputation.

I feel a tug on my sleeve that prevents me from further interacting with the widow.
Nonna and Marta are looking with grim faces.

「My my, if it isn’t Hardlett-dono. Pleased to make your acquaintance.」

A young man. He appears to be in his early twenties, even younger than me.
He has a slender yet muscular build, is about 185 cm tall, and his groomed red hair is fluttering around like crazy.

He has a pompous and dislikable face.
I’m not jealous of his handsomeness or anything.

I respond appropriately to the person who doesn’t make an effort to hide his animosity.

「It seems this is indeed our first meeting. To whom do I owe the pleasure?」

I pass the widow to Celia.


Celia isn’t strong enough to hold her and they both fall to the floor.
Ah, she understands well that purple is an appealing color for a mature widow.

「You don’t recognize me?」

You’re the one who said we’re meeting for the first time, how am I supposed to know?

He snickers and then replies loud enough that those nearby can hear.

「I am the second son from the prestigious family that has sent a multitude of ministers to the palace since the early days of the kingdom’s creation, House Schmidt――」

He pauses to check my reaction.

「All I could tell was that you’re the second son.」


Don’t be absurd.
It’s fine that you’re from a great family and what not, but you can’t expect me to know without you explaining it.

「This is the second son of Margrave Schmidt, Viscount Ormud, Reval Schmidt-sama.」

The widow says, followed by Marta nodding.

What a waste of time, if he had just said “I’m Reval” in the beginning, we wouldn’t have to go through all this.

「As a noble, shouldn’t you at least be aware of the lineage of high-ranking nobles?」

I barely know the head of houses, how would I remember their sons?

「Aegir-sama, you’re thinking out loud!」

Reval’s complexion changes color.

「……I see you have risen too quickly for decorum to catch up.」

I think the same of you, acting with such an air of importance during our first meeting.

「Like I said, your voice!」

Oops, that’s bad.
Let’s change the topic.

「I hear this evening party is being held to gather feudal lords in the area, does Margrave Viscount Orbad-dono have land around here?」

「What a mess! You mixed everything up!」

What’s with all the retorts?
It’s his fault for having three names. Even I get my own surname wrong sometimes.

Reval’s eyebrow twitches as he yells back at me.

「Because I have a rich estate in the north, I rarely come to these remote parts, though I do have a demense here. I was entrusted with managing it, so I thought I’d at least show my face to neighboring nobles.」

I get it now.

「It’s great that you’re helping out your father. How admirable.」

Reval’s entire face turns red.
What an angry guy, if I do say so myself.

Before I knew it, everybody had distanced themselves from us.
New nobles, traditional nobles and neutral parties don’t want to be dragged into our conflict.

「My, my, you two. May I be of assistance?」

A single individual interjects, and another handsome one at that.

「Who the hell are you!?」

The handsome guy doesn’t falter at Reval’s outburst and bows politely.

「Cedric Leavat, eldest son of House Leavat. Is there a problem?」

He is 185 cm tall, just like Reval, and I don’t know if he’s a soldier, but his muscles are defined even through his ceremonial outfit.
Everything about him is prim and proper, including his blonde hair.

「Yes, I can’t stand it!」
「Wait! Why is Aegir-sama flaring up!? This is supposed to be when the other person snaps back!」

Getting stopped by Celia returns me to my senses.
I lost my cool after seeing so many good-looking guys. I’ll control myself.

Cedris and Reval were briefly taken aback, but quickly resumed their staring contest.

「Yes, I have several issues. First is this cheap-looking floor!」

Reval kicks the floor with his shoe.

「If you’re hosting an evening party, you have to use marble, not wood! You’re going to damage my shoes!」

「My apologies. I did not have the resources to remodel. I will polish the floor so your shoes won’t get scratched, please forgive me.」

I hastily lift my foot.
I stepped in some dog shit on the way here and didn’t bother cleaning it, so I hope I didn’t leave any footprints.

Reval picks up a piece of tableware and continues.

「Not even a commoner can use such a thick glass. Tableware is the face of a house……I see your face has thick skin!」

「This is the best our family has. I am sorry that it bothers you.」

Nonna also nods.
The tableware set worth 200 gold that you’ve been begging for will have to wait a bit longer.

「The way you serve food is also strange! Putting aside how poor the quality is, why is meat being served first? It’s going to get us dirty at the start of the party!」

「It is standard for the new nobles, including our family, to serve meat first as a way to fill one’s stomach after returning from war――」

“I don’t care about the barbaric customs of the new nobles!”, Reval roars as I take a slice of meat from the table and put it in my mouth.

「Ah, you grabbed it with your hands again! At least use a knife and fork!」

Nonna always gets angry at me for doing that.

Honestly, there is no need to listen to what Reval is saying.

A prestigious traditional noble house would never participate in a party hosted by a Knight Baron to begin with.
In short, he just came to pick a fight backed by the influence of his House and his words serve no other purpose than to harass.

That handsome man named Cedric knew this, that’s why he is dealing with the complaints politely and fearlessly.

「Oh, how harsh. Us new nobles run from battlefield to battlefield on little rest, so we don’t have the energy like the traditional nobles to spare on manners, please forgive us.」

Nevermind, he countered with a sarcastic remark.

「What do you mean by that!!?」

Reval becomes heated and raises his voice.
He seems to be aware of the difference in standing and is avoiding a direct collision as Cedric would probably win if they were to compete head-to-head.

Reval leaves Cedric, who no longer rebuts, and returns to us.

「Here comes the hot-tempered young master.」

「Like I keep saying, he can hear you!」

Reval stops in front of me, retracts his anger and forces himself to smile.

「Actually, I have a gift for Hardlett-dono.」

After all that?
If it’s a weird mushroom, I’m not eating it.

Reval jerks his chin, signalling a detestable attending knight to bring over a young girl.

She is maybe 13 or 14 years old.
She is wearing very tattered servant’s clothes and has unkempt but not dirty hair.
Most notably, her face is dyed with fear and her teeth are chattering uncontrollably.

「I hear you’re quite the ladies’ man. Let me give you a girl of marriageable age. She’s a girl I found yesterday begging on the street corner and who I made into a servant of my household, albeit for a night, I hope you don’t mind. Dear me, I think she really suits you.」

This second son is laughing at his own joke.

I don’t know what happened to her, but her entire body is shaking.

When I take a step forward, Reval’s knight also steps forward.
Does he think that I was insulted and I’m going to throw a punch? Oh, I’m not going to do anything of the sort.
After all, you won’t even be good enough to act as a wall if I punched for real.

I slowly extend a hand toward the girl.
Her eyelids shut tightly enough for blood to be squeezed out.

「What a wonderful woman we have here. I will take good care of her.」

I hug the girl and caress her head and cheek before whispering kindly to her.

「You’re safe now. It’s not scary, it’s not scary.」

I go on.

「Alright, I’m going to give you your first job. I want you to check if there are any hairs sticking out of my nose. It would embarrassing if I had two sticking out of the right nostril like the young master over there.」


She cracks up like she had an idea of what I was referring to, then gathers the resolve to wrap her hands around my neck.
Her body flinches when I kiss her cheek, but she properly returns the kiss shyly.

Cedric spreads his arms as if addressing the entire hall of guests and then begins to clap.

New nobles follow his lead and eventually the hesitant neutral parties also join in the applause.


After staring at the clapping crowd and realizing how outnumbered they are, Reval and a small group of individuals stomp their feet in frustration.

I think that was pretty cool, if I do say so myself.
Both the girl and the widow entrusted to me by Count Couraud are enthralled.
They should open their legs for me tonight.

But that triumphant feeling instantly vanishes.

「Oops, there goes my foot.」

Reval pretends to slip and spills alcohol on Nonna.
Her gorgeous dress is stained with the amber liquid.

「How terribly rude of me……I will reimburse your dress later with gold. What is the price of your wife……pardon me, the price of your wife’s dress?」

「What did you just say?」

I feel blood rise to my head.
This guy thinks he can buy Nonna with gold?

The embarrassed Nonna grits her teeth and clenches the wet dress she’s so proud of as tears well up in her eyes.

Even if I wanted to splash him with the alcohol in his glass in anger, he’s already drinking it like he’s won.
I can’t let things end like this.

「Ah, that container is-!?」

I snatch a ceramic vessel from a server maid and embellish falling.

「Oh no, my feet!!」

I shout, overturning the vessel and pouring the contents onto Reval.

What flew out was not amber alcohol, but a milky white liquid with an assortment of colorful chunks mixed in……。


The creamy soup lands on Reval’s face.
There was enough force in the direct hit to make an audible splash.


Reval covers his face and writhes on the floor.
Because of how thick the freshly cooked soup is, it lingers longer than hot water.

「Sorry. That was an accident.」

I say as I hand a pitcher of water to Reval, who turns it upside down over his head without shame.
I thought it was full of alcohol. My anger must have blinded me to what was inside.

「How dare you! Do this to me! The Schmidt family! There’s no more water!」

I pass Reval the next pitcher as he berates me and continues to desperately bathe himself.

「Do you need ointment?」


Reval stands up, clutching his reddened face.

「If you don’t apply a salve or something, it’ll swell.」

Reval ignores my warning and slams his fist on the table.
Then he inhales and shouts at me.

「I-I-It seems I was also rude! To atone, I will invite you to a dinner party hosted by the Schmidt family! There, I will also reimburse you for the dress, so please come!!」

「Sure, I’ll go.」

I don’t change my expression pitying him even though Nonna looks at me in disbelief.

Reval falters but quickly shows me a stiff smile.

「Cedric-dono! I have urgent business to attend to, please excuse me!」

「Take care.」

Cedric’s additional blow further exasperates Reval, who stomps away loudly……and trips.

「This is why cheap floors are no good!!」

After Reval and his followers leave, giggles and soft laughter can be heard from various places within the hall.

「You are as bold as the rumors say.」

Cedric turns to me once he finishes watching the poor Reval storm off.

「Mu, it’s you.」

I give Cedric a look that doesn’t mask my hostility and hide my girls behind my back.

This guy is handsome.
Females may end up falling in love if they underestimate the power of a big dick and a handsome face.

It’s not fair that those with a large cock, including me, can’t walk around with it exposed, yet handsome men can walk around with their face exposed.
Doesn’t this make handsome men the same as perverts who always bare their manhood?

The fox bites my ear, bringing me back to my senses.

「That guy knew he was invited out of courtesy yet still came to denigrate the hosting family and disturb the party……what’s wrong with him?」

Before I realized it, Cedric and the family head were standing side-by-side in front of me.
I must have gotten too absorbed in my philosophizing.

「I have actually heard a lot about Lord Hardlett from working closely with the Military Commissioner. I thought he was exaggerating, but the stories turned out to be true.」

The head bows and goes to entertain other guests, leaving Cedric with me to talk endlessly.

「I also made a request to the Military Commissioner for this party independent of my father.」

「I had a hunch. The timing was too perfect.」

I take out a letter from my pocket.

「Regular course: 2 silver coins, paradise course with two at the same time: 5 silver coins, heavenly course with three at the same time: 1 gold coin……?」

Oops, wrong one.

I take out the other letter.
It’s from Erich.

To put it simply, he said something along the lines of “you must accept invitations to evening parties from new nobles”, and “I’ll drag you by force if you skip”. The invitation came immediately after this letter, so it was plain and clear.

If Cedric is Erich’s aide, that explains a lot.

「I’m not going to lie, the Leavat family is insignificant. It is only because of the Military Commissioner’s power that we were granted the status of Knight Baron and territory……exploring deeper-」

「I’d say that he wanted to create a buffer for you.」

Unless they have a special assignment, nobles without territory live in the capital.
They will station guards at their mansion but limits are placed on the armament and number of people.

Being Erich’s aide will naturally make Kenneth the enemy and increase the risk of assassination.

On that point, becoming a feudal lord, even a small scale one, will essentially remove the restrictions on security.
If one’s finances allow it, it’s possible to surround the mansion with watchtowers and protect oneself with heavy infantry.
For anyone to launch an attack, they would have to start a small war, increasing the difficulty of the act by several times.

「That means you’re quite important then.」

Cedric smiles bashfully when I say that.

「Expectations are being placed on me. I must do my best to answer them.」

I take a step back from Cedric and look at him from a distance.

「I didn’t think Lord Radhalde would choose that path.」

Cedric nods as well.

「Apparently, His Majesty encouraged the conflict. One of Kenneth and the Military Commissioner will prevail……and unfortunately, I can’t say the honesty of His Excellency gives him the upper hand in a battle of conspiracies. That’s why I have to fill the gap.」

「I see……so you’re the one who fills?」

I stare straight ahead, trying not to turn my back to Cedric, who returns my gaze.

「His Excellency also has absolute trust in Hardlett-dono. He chose this land for our family’s territory because he wanted me to be next to you.」

「Purposely putting you next to me……?」

The thought sends a shiver down my spine.

「Even though the territory isn’t very large, neither my father nor I have experience being a feudal lord. If we should run into any problems in the future, I would appreciate your help.」

「I have a domestic affairs official named Adolph. You can’t go wrong if you ask him. I’ll introduce him to you later.」

Cedric nods.

「Although I’d like to avoid it if possible, things may get violent. However, for someone like you dubbed as the war demon, I’m sure even traditional nobles are nothing special.」

「There is a man named Leopolt working for me. You can’t go wrong if you ask him. I’ll introduce him to you.」

Cedrid nods.

「I don’t mean any offense, but all I hear regarding the Hardlett house in social circles is the reputation of your wife. If we combine our wits――」

「Our Marta’s forte is in that area. She is over there, let me introduce you. If you lay your hands……no, I don’t have to worry about that.」

Cedric tilts his head dubiously.

「If I may ask, I’d like to speak directly with Lord Hardlett……」

Before I could say anything, the door opens brusquely.

「Greetings~, pardon me~」

Cedric’s face warps as soon as he hears the voice.
The owner of the voice is someone who I didn’t see during the exchange with Reval.
At the same time, the father also freezes.

「Gosh, if you’re going to hold a party, you have to let me know~」

The woman accompanying the frank tone of voice appears to be at an age where youth and sexiness are in perfect harmony, making her ripe enough to eat. Not to mention, her clothes are also extremely risque.

She is 160 cm tall with frizzy blonde hair that curls charmingly.
The only thing bothering me is how oddly skinny she is.

「M-Martory! I told you to stay in your room tonight!」

The family head panics.

「Who’s that?」

「……my sister.」

Cedric holds his head in his hand when I ask.

I see, they have the same bouncy blonde hair and the same black eyes.

「Isn’t it cruel that I’m the only one left out~? Fufu, that’s why I came.」

The female named Martory already seems to have had a few drinks already and wobbles unsteadily in a dress that is barely hanging onto her shoulders.


She bumps into a man that looks like someone’s chaperon, who grabs on to prevent her from falling.


All of a sudden, Martory pulls down the upper portion of her dress.
Her white breasts can be seen from where I am and that guy beside her can probably see the tips of her nipples quite clearly.

Everyone starts murmuring, and the women especially whisper words of disdain.

Rather than feeling shame, Martory cackles and proceeds to put a hand on the hem of her dress.

「Y-you mustn’t! It’s improper to do such things in public!」

When the man hastily takes Martory’s hand, she rests her head against his chest and mutters in a sweet voice.

「Then why don’t you bring me to a place where I can enjoy the night breeze~ Quickly~」

Martory begins caressing the man’s crotch over his pants.
As he resists, she sticks out her tongue and licks the man’s face.
Unable to control her, the man bows once to the family head and then pulls the girl away from the hall.

「Nfuu~ Preferably, I would like somewhere as dark as possible~ Kyahahaha, the mere anticipation already got me sopping wet~」

Her father simply stares at the ground, speechless.

「That lewd girl……embarrassing me in front of everyone……」

Cedric looks over at me awkwardly.

「I-I apologize for showing you something so unsightly. Urk……you must be angry.」

Of course, who wouldn’t get angry over this?

「……if only I was the one who caught her.」

Then she could show me her nipples, lick my face, and touch my dick.

I stop my chain of thoughts there and shake my head.

「She isn’t just a slut. I believe there’s a darker reason behind it all.」

Cedric’s eyes widen in amazement.


I hold my hand out to interrupt him.
If I want to find out, I have to hear it from her own mouth.

「Well, it’s a good time now that the atmosphere of the party has been disrupted. It would be hard to exit if everyone’s eyes were on me.」

I send a signal to Marta with my eyes, who bows discreetly and leaves briefly.

After a few minutes, she returns with Rukino in an attendant’s outfit.

Her arrival causes a commotion that surpasses the one Martory created.

「Is that Baroness Escaote!?」
「You fool! She has already been stripped of her title. Just mentioning that name can count as treason!」
「Traitor, what is a minion of Hauraun doing here!?」
「Somebody, hand me a sword from the entrance. I will cut her down――」

I embrace Rukino who is trembling from the verbal abuse.

Thinking that the trembling is due to the cold, the fox also slithers from my neck to hers.

「I’m glad you’re here, Rukino. I know it’s painful for you, but let me handle it.」

I say as I wrap my arm around her waist.

「My clothes are messed up. May I use the changing room?」

The servant manages to nod despite being confused and guides us.

「Alright, I’m going to do it. Are you ready?」

Rukino closes her eyes, inhales deeply and then nods confidently.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend.
Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City. Mad Demon God. Poison Resistance.

Appears in the present story:
Nonna (a little happy), Celia (makeup), Marta (assistant), Baroness Rukino Escaote (displayed in public)
Rukue (worried), Seika (worried), Dingus (neighboring lord), Rinuga (loved knight), Couraud (neutral lord)
Reval (burned face), Cedric (Erich’s aide), Martory (slut), widow (in love), young girl (yearning)

Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Melissa (concubine), Miti (concubine), Sally (lady’s maid), Maruru (lady’s maid), Pipi (super erect nipples), Maria (concubine), Catherine (concubine), Gretel (concubine), Sofia (concubine), Leah (lover), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (masterpiece), Alice (lover)
Mother: Marceline (lover), Daughters: Eldest – Stephanie (lover), Second – Bridget (lover), Youngest – Felicie (lover), Claudia (free-loader), Clara (assistant), Adela (lover), Benel (coma), Dorothea (side story)

Leopolt (staff officer), Tristan (staff officer), Adolph (hunch), Polte (excuse), Christoph (escort), Yakov (escort), Sekrit (disguised as a man), Natia (adventuring elf), Felteris (adventuring elf), Yularen (mother), Ijaris (mother), Irijina (walking and eating), Myla (commander), Luna (commander of bow cavalry), Rafaella (parasitism pre-search), Altair (world crisis), Remia (seeking salvation), Mack (free), Guigue (suspicious), Sebastian (butler)
Jim, Suzy, Solana

Piris (stable period), Busco (low-life), Gildress (King of Aless), Celestina (reigning queen), Monica (mama attendant)

Head-helmina (inside the bag), T-99 (staying at home), Pochi (giant lizard), Brynhildr (capital), Lammy (lamia), Alraune (root division), Mirumi (mermaid), Messerschmitt​ (sleeping), Tropical Smooth-scaled Monitor Lizard (labor pains)

Territory Population
Total: 364 000
Rafen: 45 000, Lintbloom: 10 000, Richemott (former Libatis): 30 000, Zwei Elfie: 300

Personnel: Infantry: 1000, Cavalry: 500, Escort: 30
Armaments: Cannons: 30, Large Cannons: 15, Dwarven Cannons: 15, Field Artillery: 7, Chariots: 30

Assets: -327 000 gold (miniscule dwarf gold nugget +5000)
Sexual Partners: 808
Children who have been born: 70 + 567
Current Location: Leavat residence




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