Chapter 575: Nothingness 1 – Nature of Sons




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After entering into a ‘textless ceasefire’, I withdrew my troops, leaving behind a unit to defend Elektra.
Fortunately, Elektra is a city with roads, defense, a harbor, and all facilities in place, so reinforcements can be sent should anything happen.

Then comes the blank period.

Of course, military expansion continued in preparation for the upcoming rematch with the Federation and policies were developed to make it so the nation had enough resources to maintain the production.

But that was Leopolt’s, Adolph’s and sometimes Tristan’s job.

I simply stamped my seal of approval without looking, spent time with family, made women mine, and occasionally dove into trouble when I had too much free time to know what to do with it. Those were my days.


The morning sun shines into my half-awake eyes and the effects of over-drinking last night pound my head.

「Wake up, father. It’s time for breakfast.」

Who is shaking me?
This voice has to be Nonna.

「Mmnn……I don’t need breakfast.」

「Gosh. If father doesn’t come, Celia-san will say to wait until the last minute, and we’ll be late. Hurry.」

Nonna climbs on the futon and jostles me with her entire body.

She’s very light.
Even with all the weight of her body, it isn’t enough to push me out of bed.

As she sways back and forth rhythmically while straddling my body, her crotch grinds naturally against me.
Her pretty hair dances in the sunlight and the smell of faint perfume wafts through the room.
Although my mind is still hazy to make out what she’s saying, I can’t get enough of her bell-like voice.

My sexual appetite is stimulated rather than my appetite for food.

「Wake upー wake upー Waah!?」

I hug Nonna and roll over, pinning her under me.

「Wai- father, you’re heavy~!」

I hold down Nonna’s flailing arms and kiss her neck as she tries to escape.

「Aah, Nonna. You’re beautiful today too……it’s as if a goddess has manifested in the present world.」

「Yuck, are you still dreaming and mistaking me for mother? Well, it’s not. I’m your daughter, Anastasia!」

I repeatedly kiss either side of Nonna’s neck while whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

「Your lovely voice, your flowery scent, today you are also a woman with no equal……I can’t find your breasts.」

「I see you are not only still half-asleep, but you also drank until morning……wait, what did you mean by that last bit? I do have breasts. In fact, mine are the biggest among my peers, it’s just that mother has monster tits.」

I figure I’ll find them eventually and position myself between Nonna’s legs.

「Fufu, let’s make love before eating.」

「This is no time to be getting angry. Father is completely mistaken, plus he’s naked……plus he’s erect. It’s ridiculously huge……and it’s rubbing against me! Not good, it’s getting wet!」

I smile at the flustered Nonna and squeeze her tightly while searching for her non-existent breasts.

「Wait, this is really bad! You mustn’t push it in, father! It’ll go in! We’re father and daughter! We’re related by blood――!!」

I caress the cheek of the fussing Nonna and kiss her gently on the lips like she is a fragile object.


I flick my tongue lightly over her teeth and tongue, and, with my mouth closed, use the vibrations of my throat to say ‘I love you’.

For some reason, Nonna stopped struggling.

「Aah geez, I knew this would happen one day! What excuse can I give mother when father embraces me?」

Nonna mumbles something and spreads her obstinately closed legs, wrapping them around my waist.

「Father’s thing won’t go smoothly into my body, so take it easy. Seriously, having to offer father my virginity is unbelievable.」

I grab her smaller-than-usual waist and her much thinner legs and――

「Wagya, gross!!」

Dust suddenly got into my nose and I sneezed.

My body freezes for several seconds and my eyes blink twice as I wake up.

Laying in front of me is Anastasia and she has shifted her underwear to the side as she’s being held down by me.

「What are you doing? You’re not at the age when you miss your father’s bed anymore.」


Anastasia silently adjusts her underwear back.

Seeing that, I grasp the situation and pat her shoulder, telling her not to worry.

「You’re old enough now. I understand that you are curious about boners, but it’s not proper to play with someone’s dick when they’re sleeping. If you really want to see, I can show it to you.」

Anastasia’s eyes widen one size bigger than normal.
Though she is my daughter, she has inherited Nonna’s looks and is like an angel.

「For having Nonna’s blood, she has average-sized breasts though.」

Oops, I said it out loud.
All of a sudden, Anastasia smiles.

「Father, I have a flower for you.」

「Mu, a flower?」

Flowers aren’t my favorite, but any gift from my daughter will make me happy.

「Yes. Here is a nice rose……for you!!!」

Anastasia plucks a rose from a nearby vase and jams it in my dick.

「Guoooh! What are you doing!?」

「I’m going to eat breakfast now. Have a good day, father.」

She slams the door, not turning around to check on me even once.

「Damn, she stabbed me thorns and all……is this a rebellious phase?」

As I ponder to myself what to do, I hear cute footsteps.

「Aegir-sama, Miss Anastasia came to the dining room with a menacing look, what on earth……eeek!」

Celia jumps back to the wall as soon as she enters the room.
I’m glad that her leg has fully healed.

「Just when I thought it got bigger and grew bumps and veins, a flower has finally bloomed!? Aegir-sama, are you sure that thing isn’t a separate living creature!?」

「Calm down. Anastasia is going through a rebellious phase and stabbed me with a rose.」

Now that I look at it, it does look like I have a rose growing out of my dick.
I laugh about it to mask the pain.

Honestly, it hurts more than having a sword gouge my stomach.
I might scream in pain if I relax for a second, but I can’t do that in front of Celia.

「Sorry, could you help me extract it? The thorns on this thing are crazy.」


I don’t want to remember what happened afterward.
It’s something I hope I never experience again.

「That was horrible. A daughter of marriageable age is really difficult to handle.」

「I suffered quite the shock too. Having to pull a thorny rose from Aegir-sama’s dick……just thinking about it hurts.」

I walk in the corridor alongside the shivering Celia.
Apparently Anastasia has become violent, it would not be good to meet her in the dining room.
Let’s walk around the mansion, it’ll help with Celia’s rehabilitation too.

We walk together to a room with a shut window, through the area of the courtyard where the sun doesn’t shine, and I occasionally turn back and look behind me.

「Are you searching for something?」

As expected, Celia realizes and asks me.

I was searching for Lucy.

Obviously, she’s in the mansion and I commonly see her around.
She invites me to play and also lets me embrace her.

「Something doesn’t feel right though.」

Or should I say she’s not in the mood.
When another girl comes in the middle of our playtime, she takes a step back, and when we have sex, it isn’t intense to the point I lose my mind, it just ends with the both of us feeling good.

We still have a good relationship, it’s just not like the passionate days of when we lived in the forest.
Is she being considerate or maybe she is dissatisfied with something?

「Maybe it was bad to call her mother. Should I declare her as my mother-slash-lover instead?」

「Please don’t, it will cause unnecessary chaos.」

Rebecca appears quietly.

She has been gathering information within the country and keeping watch on the Federation.
With the reprieve, she was able to start building a larger information network in the Federation, so we can expect more accurate reports.

「Any news today? Maybe there’s a gang of bandits or a developing uprising?」

「There isn’t much to report. If I had to say something, it’s about your family.」

Rebecca goes on, not noticing my sudden silence.

「It seems Sulama is performing her duties well.」

Sulama is someone I brought back from the Empire along with the beastmen.
She was formerly a member of the rebel army fighting against the Empire, but she chose to stay with me due to the favorable treatment.

Her job is to look after my sons’ education……in other words, she’s a sex instructor.
Of course with that said, she is not being forced to do so, she is being paid a hefty sum.
And she herself has a preference for younger men, so it’s not an issue.

「Based on my observations, she has done it with everyone. She didn’t simply stop at sleeping with them, she taught them lessons on the body, how to act as lovers, how to make children, and how to follow-up after forcing someone against their will. It doesn’t seem she has any problems with her attitude towards work.」

「So you peeked on everyone.」

Celia says in a pitying tone.

Well, they’re boys.
I’m sure they didn’t feel pleasure or shame from having Rebecca and the other female intelligence officers spy on them.


Let’s move on.

「Bartolome-san, Gilbard-san, Claude-san, and Reiner-san all graduated from being virgins with her help.」

Sulama is man-crazy and a bit of a money-grubber, but she’s got a nice face and body.
She’s perfect for the task.

「Your sons, having learned about women, are steadily leaving the nest.」

Fumu fumu.

「First, Bartolome-san is embracing the girl rescued from the underground like mad. Presently, contraception is being used, but at that pace it will eventually fail and she’ll get pregnant.」

「Despite how mild-mannered he appears, he has a strong sex drive after all.」

「Those two did it in an empty storehouse. They ran away naked when discovered……」

Celia grumbles.

「Mel-san’s eldest son, Gilbard-san, seems to have befriended a maid in her thirties and they seem to be mainly meeting in her room. She is aware of her age though so it doesn’t look like the relationship will progress past playmates.」

「Gilbard’s older siblings are all female so he tends to act spoiled, and his sex drive is strong after all.」

「Those two, sucking on her tit like a baby in the dining room in the middle of the night, I don’t know if I should clean up after them or not because of his spoiled nature.」

Celia holds her head in her hand.

「Maria-san’s son, Claude-san, has that kind of relationship with a younger girl he knows in town, and Yoguri-san’s son, Reiner-san……was discovered just as he was about to embrace Mel-san’s daughter, Miss Miu, and was given a scolding.」

「They have strong sex drives too.」

「I am one of the people who stopped Reiner-san. If I was ten seconds slower, he would have put it in without contraception. Anyway, regardless of whether they are a girl or boy, Aegir-sama’s children all have too high of a sex drive!」

Celia goes on, seemingly at her wits’ end.

「I don’t mean to be slanderous but your daughters are also questionable. When I was training, Miss Ekaterina, Carla-san’s daughter, was breathing hard and watching with strange eyes!」

Hmm, Anastasia also seems to like macho men, and secretly visits arenas and goes to the theater to watch war plays targeted at men. When Mack and I compare to see who’s stronger, she also hurries to come watch.

「Normally, it’s not good for royalty to freely make lovers as that would create ties of obligation, but because everyone has such high sex drives, if they don’t have partners to relieve themselves they end up going for their siblings.」

「This is a problem. I wonder who they take after.」

The two of them silently point at me.

「One last thing.」

Rebecca’s face becomes serious.

「It’s about Antonio-san.」

Oh, him.
He always distances himself from me.

「He graduated from being a virgin with Sulama like the others.」

Did he do something bad?

「The thing is, his size, hardness, and shape are incomparable to that of an average man. He also has natural sense so when he was taught a little bit, he greatly improved……and midway through, he had Sulama squealing and begging to be his lover. It seems he rejected her though.」


I poke Celia’s cheek as she swallows her saliva nervously.

「However, he never came back ever since that time and it doesn’t appear he has found other partners.」

「With his size and sense, it’s indeed odd for him not to seek out women.」

I really can’t understand him at all.

Finally, I tell Rebecca one thing in a casual but semi-serious manner.

「Thanks for your investigation, but you don’t have to monitor my family anymore. It’s not needed whatsoever.」


Rebecca is reluctant.

I know what she wants to say.
Since the dawn of time, it’s common for a king to be betrayed by other members of royalty.
As a person in charge of intelligence, it’s natural to monitor that.

Knowing that, I say it one more time.

「It’s not needed.」

I state clearly.


While dissatisfied, Rebecca acknowledges.

「Let me say this as it is not a family matter. It is known that Sulama is responsible for taking care of your sons’ sex education. Specifically, it was the town girl who is Claude-san’s lover who blabbered to her friends. The bureaucrat nobles and feudal lords have been offering bribes to Sulama――and because she loves money, she has been accepting.」

A smile unconsciously forms on my face.

Sulama has absolutely no authority.
However, she frequently spends time with my sons in bed and thus has many opportunities to whisper the names of people to favor.

「Should she be killed?」

I can’t kill the first partner of my sons.
I’ll probably spank her in front of my sons and love her together with them.

A bit of skinship with the boys isn’t a bad idea.

「Now then.」

I’ve finished listening to the reports and the pain in my dick has subsided.

Just as I’m gearing up to train my out-of-shape body, I make eye contact with Catherine in the hallway.

「Haa, haa, haa.」

Her breathing is labored like she sprinted at full speed for some time.

Without saying anything, I wrap an arm around Catherine’s shoulder.

I had an appointment with Rose, who wanted to watch me train for some reason, but maybe she’ll overlook me skipping out as I can’t just abandon her aroused mother.

「The city……in front of people……」

「Alright let’s go, it’s been a while.」

I lower my head to Celia as she puffs up, and wink poorly at Rebecca as she sighs before heading to the city.




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