Chapter 91: Monster Extermination




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–Aegir POV–

I bring Celia and one more person with me and when we return to the territory, Carla and Mel are waiting for me, with their strength completely restored.

「Here, let’s have papa carry you.」

「Hey, don’t bite your papa’s fingers.」

「Antonio, it’s dirty outside the carpet, so if you’re going to crawl, do it on the carpet.」

I hold Ekaterina, Carla’s daughter, while getting my finger bitten by Miu, Mel’s daughter, and watch over Catherine’s son, Antonio, who’s crawling around on all fours. To think that all of these guys come from my seed, it’s such a strange feeling.

(How cute.)

「Something feels tingly…… like something’s around my shoulder.」

Carla turns around and twists her head back. It seems like Casie is resting her chin on Carla’s shoulder while watching the baby. It appears that those who can’t see her are completely unable to see her. I wonder what the exact criteria are.

(It appears scaredycats and detail-oriented people are able to see me.)

I see, it seems I’m an unexpected coward.

(You’re a special one, to be able to touch me…… and even rape me, it’s not something that anybody else can do.)

What are you talking about, since you accepted me in the end, it’s consensual. But it’s true that those who are concerned with the fine details can see her. Celia could clearly see her, and it looks like Miti and Alma could see her as well. When we came back home, I believe Leopolt and Sebastian also stared at her. That reminds me, I haven’t shown Adolph yet. Maybe I’ll give him a scare at night.

(I’m not a toy.)

It’s just a prank. In any case, it’s very convenient to be able to communicate just by thinking about it.

「Aegir-sama! It’s fine to play with the kids, but what about my new dress…………」

Nonna barges in wearing a dress which greatly emphasizes the protrusion of her giant breasts. She’s unhappy that I didn’t pay attention to her. Umu, it’s nice that her tits are prominent, but if she shows this to other men, I’ll get jealous.

「What’s wrong Nonna? Don’t just stand there, come sit over here.」

(This person can see me.)

「Gyowaaah!! Afhuhn」

She tries to run away, but the heavy-footed Nonna trips. Then, her breasts acts as a cushion to soften her landing. She falls forward, but it doesn’t look like she’s injured.

「……so that’s how things are. Things sort of happened and she came along.」

(Nice to meet you.)

「She said nice to meet you.」

Casie’s words could not be heard by those who couldn’t see her, so Celia is speaking as her proxy.

「She says nice to meet you?!! It’s a ghost, you know!? She’s see-through, you know?!!」

Nonna is making a huge fuss, while the other girls are staring in puzzlement. It’s natural to be confused if I told them there’s a ghost they can’t see but should treat well. Celia got used to Casie on the way home, and she didn’t oppose communicating with her either. I should have embraced both of them at the same time

「……by the way, Aegir-sama has slept with her.」

(You’re making me blush.)

「You fucked a ghost!? What on earth were you thinking?!」

「I can’t see her though.」

「She’s a beauty then, eh?」

「I guess anything’s possible if it has a hole.」

As I thought, I can’t properly introduce her if they can’t see.

「Casie, is there someway you can make yourself visible?」

(Umm, when I was more of a vengeful ghost, many people could see me. Let me try it.)

Casie puts a hand to her head and starts mumbling something.

(I was abandoned by that man……despair……my neck……from the chair……it was painful……revenge……hate……)

Casie’s face distorts and traces of rope appear around her neck. Her eyes open wide and the color drains from her skin. The girls’ faces start getting paler and paler by the second. It appears that she was able to successfully make herself visible.

(I am here!)



The girls scream and the babies start crying. Mel curls up like a turtle to protect the kids, and Rita falls over on the table, spilling the contents of the teapot everywhere. The cup that Carla instantly threw misses its mark and hits Catherine, while Nonna faints on the spot, falling head first to the floor, though Celia somehow manages to hold her steady.

It became a scene from hell. In the mania, I kiss Casie until she is able to return to her original form, while all the girls run to the toilet. There are several wet stains in the shape of a butt slowly spreading on the floor.

In the end, Casie’s visualization was rejected by all the girls, and used the fact that she is able to hold things to get her to always walk around while carrying a large stuffed toy. Casie gladly accepted the suggestion and the eerie feeling when she is unknowingly by our sides disappeared.

At first, the servants felt creeped out by the stuffed toy floating around in the mansion, but there were no bad intentions from her, so everyone gradually got used to it.

However, if that stuffed toy was taken away, it was believed that the person who removed it would see a nightmare of a woman standing by the bedside repeating ‘give it back, give it back’, so it became an unspoken rule not to touch it.

Casie’s case was a riot, but after that, there was nothing much to do besides development and training; days passed by ordinarily.

One month later



I hold Carla down and slam my meat rod into her all the way up to the root. After giving birth, the entrance of Carla’s womb expanded and I can push myself in there if I shove my meat rod in.

「Aah……that’s good! I’m still cumming!」

「Amazing……not even a single drop spilled……if you pour it in directly and it accumulates in there, I’ll definitely get pregnant……」

Carla’s belly expands like she was pregnant as I release her. Copious amounts of milk squirt from both of her breasts, and a sweet smell drifts from the bed.

「What a waste.」

「Aauh! If you suck it that much, Ekaterina’s portion will-…… I guess I can squirt as much as I want, huh.」

Carla and Mel both squirt plenty of milk from their breasts. If it was only given to the children, their breasts would be quite stiff, so I’m drinking it everyday.

「Mel’s also feeling pain from them being stiff, so drink from her too, kay?」

「Yeah, I’ll do it tomorrow during mealtime, since I tend to forget if I don’t call her to my bed.」

「Well that’s because Aegir fucked her mercilessly. It’s horrible, getting pregnant again just half a year after she gave birth.」

Mel’s period has stopped, so I’m holding back on having sex with her just in case. Based on what she tells me she feels like, it appears as though she’s pregnant again.

「Mel’s also amazing. She’s already 38…… but I guess there are girls like her who get pregnant easily.」

I roughly knew which day it happened. A little while back, when I had nothing to do and was drinking during the day and wanted a woman to go along with it, Mel walked into the room and wanted me to suck on her breasts because they were stiff.

Of course it didn’t end after I sucked her breasts, but I pounded her with all my strength and ejaculated countless times while my meat rod was in her womb. I was also drunk and slept on top of Mel after that, so my cock acted as the stopper for a large amount of seed that caused her belly to swell, and the semen remained in her for the whole night.

「Heey, don’t thinking about Mel when you’re on top of me! I’m probably going to be joining her soon anyways!」

「You can tell when my seed is coming out?」

「Of course I can. Something this big…… but it’s not just the size that’s amazing, but also how rock hard it is. It’s so rugged that I can tell when you put that thing in me……」

Carla strokes her belly slowly.

「It became incomparably bigger than when you first fucked me, and it’s gotten so dark from sucking up all the womanly juices. It’s a giant, veteran dick no matter how I see it.」

She’s saying something pleasant. Both of us hug each other and give each other kisses all over our faces repeatedly.

If I flirt around with Carla, she lets out a happy-sounding voice. With that said though, she isn’t Casie. She isn’t that strong at night so when it gets dark, she goes to sleep.


At the side of the bed, Nonna looks down at me and Carla flirting while connected to each other. The expression she has is way scarier than Casie’s was.

「You girls are able to get pregnant left and right, so why am I not able to?!」

Nonna leaps and jumps onto the bed. Her gigantic breasts cover us.

「Your boobs are heavy! Isn’t it ‘cuz you don’t have any eggs?!」

「Be quiet! Then I should constantly be connected with him for one week. If his man-juices accumulate inside my womb forever, then I’ll get pregnant for sure!!」

To always be connected to Nonna and to live while carrying her around? That sounds interesting, but rumors will spread of us being a perverted married couple.

「Your seed~~!! Give me your seed pleasee~~!!」

Nonna pushes me down and gets on top, ready to ride me, but Carla pranks her by shifting my meat rod slightly so that it thrusts up her ass, thus causing my beloved wife to be troubled with slathering ointment in her anus later.

「Let’s leave the army reinforcement at that for now. Although it is for the short term, any more than that and it will exceed our ability to maintain them. Hereafter, we will improve their combat ability by means of training.」

Pretty much all of the equipment have been distributed so it’s perfect.

「The spring head tax has generally been collected from everyone. However, I couldn’t take from the citizens who moved in from last autumn till now, so they have been exempted. According to calculations, it wouldn’t have been much income anyway.」

I wasn’t expecting much in the first place. The harvest this year around might turn out well though.

「So, what are you trying to say?」

「We are not in any particular rush to achieve any targets. Perhaps because of their own volition as well, Treia will have no reason to come attack us as long as there isn’t any movement in the capital.」

「It’s the same with domestic affairs, and there are not many changes besides labor progressing on flood control and maintenance of the highway. ……That company is annoyingly bugging us to construct a path from Rafen to the iron mine.」

「It looks like the construction of Claire’s company building has been finished as well. I see her often, but is she staying in there?」

I don’t remember the name of her company. Just a bit earlier, I called it the Flitchen company but Adolph told me that it’s fine if I refer to it as ‘that company’.

「No, she’s too busy and is always in and out.」

It can’t be helped that she has to come to such a hard-to-reach place countless times. If something comes up, it’ll be fine if she just comes when I call her.

But I have a wonderful amount of nothing to do. It’s fine to be free, but occasionally, I want to do something too.

「Alright, I’ll go train-」

「Please don’t. It would be more troublesome if you injure people.」

「Then I’ll go inspect the flood control-」

「Please don’t. If you selfishly give out some special reward, it will throw everything into chaos.」

These guys are so irritating. That’s fine, I’ll just go find Celia or Pipi to pet.

I find Pipi, rest her on top of my lap and massage her face to heal my spirit, when a certain corner of the city starts to get restless. As I thought about whether some sort of incident happened, I continue to stroke Pipi’s nape, figuring that Adolph will probably sort it out.

「Chief~ it feels kinda tingly.」

It’s really nice that Pipi, who’s still a child, has tanned skin which is smooth and comfortable to touch. I want to feel it forever. However this bliss would not last for long. Adolph, who I recently parted with, came into the room.

「Hardlett-sama, an express messenger has arrived just now from the southern village. It seems like they are being attacked by monsters.」

「Fumu, I see.」

That’s not unusual. We did some mass cleaning in the territory in the beginning, but the insignificant monsters and bandits are like small flies that can instantly get excited. It would be impossible to constantly check the entirety of such a vast territory, so we can only crush them as soon as they show themselves. It’s for that reason that the soldiers exist anyways, and the entire village can become a vigilante corps.

「It seems they are asking us to deploy soldiers since there are a lot of them, several people have been killed, and when they thought they were somehow defeated, more would come, as if there’s a nest nearby or something.」

Fumu, it’s something that the vigilante corps are unable to handle, and if people died, then this might be something considerably powerful. If I don’t act quick, they’ll increase in number.

「Tell Leopolt and have him send several dozen sold-………… scratch that. Just quickly deploy the troops.」

The village that alerted us is a new village so it’s close to Rafen, only being one day’s distance on horse. I give Pipi’s head a light ‘pat, pat’ and stand up. It looks like this will be a nice way to kill some time.

「……Should I let Leopolt-dono know first?」

I let his sigh roll off my back as I put on my armor and hum while picking up my spear.

「It’s been so long since I’ve fought together with the chief. Pipi can also take care of monsters. I’ll do my best.」

Pipi’s coming with me as well…… but don’t undress in front of Adolph, and put some underwear on.

The next day

「It’ll only be a few days. You don’t have to force yourself to come, you know?」

I find Celia amongst the gathered armor-wearing soldiers, who seems to have followed along. Celia, who has her hand in many different things, should also have other duties to attend to though.

「There is no duty more important than attending to Aegir-sama! And also……」

She glances at Pipi, who I’m playing around with.

「If I let the two of you go alone, when you come back, Pipi won’t be a virgin anymore. Aegir-sama can’t be left alone with a child.」

My thing won’t even fit in Pipi. Well, maybe if it’s just the tip, I can manage somehow……

Celia said the two of us would be alone, but that is only regarding household members, when in reality, Celia and I are in front of about 50 cavalry from the private army. I’m not so foolish as to ride in with just three people as the reinforcement. And if I only bring this many on my own, it shouldn’t interfere with Leopolt’s training either.

「I see it. It’s that village.」

Celia is about to pop a blood vessel from my fooling around with Pipi, but she points at the scene in front. Although it’s supposed to be close, it took us an entire day just to get here on horse, so I thought we could take a break for a bit, but it seems that won’t be possible.

「Protect the right!」

「One of them got in, deal with it!」

「The women should also grab something!」

The fire alarm is ringing throughout the village and the villagers are gathering on the perimeter with hoes and axes to fight the group of goblins. It was far away so I don’t know the details, but I can tell that they aren’t having an easy time.

「All units, get into formation to charge.」

The well-trained units of the private army get into formation in the blink of an eye. But I don’t even wait for that and charge forward by myself.

「Shit, there’s too many of them!」

「If this continues……」

In front of me are three people getting suppressed by ten goblins, so I’m literally cutting in between them. In the midst of intermittent dull fighting sounds, a loud sound resonates.

「Schwartz, send them flying!」

In response to my voice, Schwartz tramples one goblin with its hoof, and kicks away two more with its legs. At the same time, I take a large swing with my spear, instantly removing the top halves of three of them. While the villagers and goblins are stunned, I raise the spear above my head and swing it down on to crush the remaining two, turning them into smashed figs.

Goblins are small monsters just 1 m in length and only have enough intelligence to know how to flock together. If you’re properly equipped, they’re nothing to be scared of.

「Look out behind you!」


The villagers shout. One of the remaining goblins jumps at me on horseback. I’m thankful that it cried out to make things easier for me.


I spin my spear with both hands and smack the goblin with all my strength using the handle. It makes a slightly soft and light-sounding noise, and the small monster flew away like a pebble, easily flying over the wooden stakes temporarily setup around the village and landing right in the middle. The women in the village scream, but I don’t think it could survive that. Although these things really fly far.

After I massacred the ten goblins, Celia and the army she was commanding caught up to us, cleaning up the goblins which were able to push through to other areas of the village. The fighting strength of spear cavalry wielding over 2 m long spears is worlds apart from that of farmers equipped with hoes and axes. Most of the goblins were killed before they were able to inflict any damage, and the few remaining monsters dropped their wooden spear-like objects and fled into the southern woods.

「You don’t need to chase them! Keep watch of the perimeter of the village!」

Celia’s clear voice guides the soldiers as they move to surround the village, making sure they haven’t let any sneak past them.

「It’s the feudal lord’s army! We’re saved–!!」

「He’s actually here himself too.」

「Now we can rest assured.」

The women and children hiding in the houses are coming out one after the other and cheering. But even if we defeat all the enemies who came to attack the village, it doesn’t get us anywhere. We’ll need to chase them into the woods and destroy the nest……

「The sun’s already setting. Shall we fight them after we rest for the night?」

The soldiers sigh in relief. It seems they really disliked having to fight after walking a full day to get here. I’ll just listen to the report about the casualties and the types of monsters and call it a night.

「What marvelous accomplishments on this occasion, and to think the feudal lord himself would do so……」

「Thanks is unnecessary. Just tell me the number of casualties and the details of those things.」

Destroying several goblins is nothing to boast about.

The representative of the village…… a man I’ve seen somewhere before started to speak.

「There are six dead, ten heavily injured and unable to move, and also…… three women who became sacrifices.」

Considering the population of the village doesn’t even reach a hundred people, it can be considered a severe loss.

「The vigilante corps should have been equipped with weapons and armor, so why were there so many casualties? Did a large monster appear?」

「No, there have been slightly large specimens before but they were only goblins. However, they had unbelievable numbers and the attack which caused the greatest amount of casualties had several hundred of them swarming us.」

Fumu, an adult man can win against a goblin even without knowing martial arts. But if a single man has to face several opponents at once, they would need a relative amount of equipment and skill. So it isn’t possible with the vigilante corps that only has a few members at best.

「I still don’t understand. Goblins surge out like little insects, but for such a large army to appear so quickly like this……」

Celia is also wracking her brain. If such a large group exists, we would have realized when we were doing a sweep of the territory a while ago. Does that mean the few remaining ones we couldn’t catch were able to become such a large army in just two years?

「In any case, we have equipped and experienced soldiers. If we remain calm, we shouldn’t be too late. We will step foot into the woods and destroy the nest tomorrow as planned.」

「Alright, I’ll let the soldiers know.」

Celia quickly gets up and is ready to leave.

「Do you know the location of the nest?」

「No……we were kept on the defense the whole time after all, so we had no luxury to search for their base.」

I guess that’s also true. Well, when we step into the woods, I’m sure they’ll come greet us.

At that moment, a sharp piercing scream of a woman came from the house next door.

「Nooooo!! Kill me! Just kill me alreaddyyy!!」

We went out to check what was going on. The other villagers are gathering as well.

Inside the house, the woman is screaming and struggling while a man that looks like her husband is desperately trying to comfort her. Maybe he lost his temper at the end, but he pushes her down and is covering her mouth.

「What’s going on?!」

The woman’s attitude is too ghastly for it to be a lover’s quarrel. The husband lets go of the woman in a hurry, and the woman is about to make a fuss again but remains quiet after I give her a harsh stare. The representative of the village behind me whispers in my ear.

「The woman was slow in running away from the previous attack, and got her child killed. Moreover, the woman herself got gangraped by several of the goblins…… that’s why she went crazy.」

「……so that’s what you meant by three women becoming sacrifices.」

For things like goblins to be able to fuck women, they’re enjoying quite the luxury. It makes me feel like cleaning them up more and more. For now, I’ll comfort the woman and leave the area, but I still have a ton of questions.

「They should be monsters that prioritize hunger over their lust. For them to rape the women and not eat them up is a little strange.」

「That might be true. Then we would have to rescue the three women somehow from the nest they carried them to after raping them.」

「If they were normal goblins, they would have stabbed the women repeatedly and killed them before carrying them to their nest as food.」

Goblins are just small monsters about 1 m in size. Even if the women are weak, if they struggled, it would make it very difficult for them to be carried off. It’s obvious they would be killed first.

「I’m sorry. I didn’t consider that due to my shallow thinking.」


Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to bring Pipi and Celia along with me. If I was going to bring anybody, it might have been better to bring Mack and Christoph. Against that musclehead, the goblins will lose their lustful desires, and if Christoph manages to get raped in the butt, it might be a little pitiful, but that’s not a big deal.

「If Casie was here, then we could have asked her to take a look.」

Actually, just before we departed from Rafen, I asked her to take a look ahead of us. But regardless of the considerable time that passed, she was at the front of the city walls when it was time for us to head out. The speed at which she is able to hover around and glide through the sky is no different from the walking speed of an average girl, and when the wind blows, it brings her back to where she started.

(There is head wind and I can’t advance forward.)

She is more like a kite than a ghost. It couldn’t be helped so I got on my horse and thought of having her come with us, but she said that camping outside would be dark and scary and her back would hurt, and unless it would be in a hooded carriage, she wouldn’t go. The slight remnants of the rope around her neck would also affect the soldiers’ morale so I abandoned hope of bringing her with me. It’ll be quite difficult to get her to help us out during night raids.

「They’re just a bunch of goblins, so we can manage something if we rely on our strength.」

「Please try your best to be careful, ‘kay?」

「Even if they’re goblins, if you let your guard down, you’ll die!」

「Alright, alright.」

I brush off Celia and Pipi’s warnings and get onto the floor. The battle is tomorrow.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 21 years old. Summer.
(Traditional age reckoning)
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount. Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area. King of the Mountains
Troops Commanded: Eastern Independent Army 2000, Private Army 3000, Bow Cavalry 500 At most 6000
Assets: 7200 gold (5900) (Internal Affairs Materials -300) (Labor Cost -600)
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Rita (maid), Catherine (lewd), Sebastian (butler), Ruby (Luna’s follower), Yoguri (just eating meals), Casie (ghost)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio (son), Kuu, Ruu, Rose (foster)
Capital: Melissa, Maria, Miti, Alma, Kroll
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Pipi (follower), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Claire (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 53, children who have been born: 9




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