SP – Children’s Conflict: Part 2

I do a big stretch atop my bed and get up.
One of the advantages of this shabby body is that this seedy bed feels like a king-sized bed.

「You’re getting up already?」

The sheets bulge next to me and Cufah wakes up, rubbing her eye.
She doesn’t have any clothes on.

「Yeah, it’ll probably get busy so――」

She wraps her arms around my head and pulls me back down to the bed.

「About yesterday, um……」

Cufah’s eyes dart left and right, seemingly troubled, then she finds the determination to speak.

「……I slept wonderfully with you.」

Last night, I took Cufah by the hand and led her into the bedroom.
She knew what was coming next, naturally stripped down, and leaned into me.

「At your age, it’s normal. I also had a bit of a dirty mind.」

That’s right, this body wasn’t satisfied with only being small, that thing didn’t even swell up.
All I felt was my heart tightening, and I had no other choice than to fall asleep next to her.

「It’s strange though. Simply sleeping next to you made me feel safe……despite your body being so small and thin. It’s like I’m being embraced by a large and amazing person.」

I stand on my tiptoes to pat Cufah, who is more than a head taller than me, and help her change into new clothes.

「Your aura, the way you speak……it’s hard to describe……but it feels like-」

“Like an adult male”, is probably what she is implying.
Well obviously, it’s because the person inside this body, me, is a grown man.

「Like a middle-aged man.」

I pinch Cufah’s nose and squeeze her cheeks, then exit the room.

「Starting today, she’s my woman. She won’t do bad things anymore, so please put up with what happened in the past.」

I step in between the cold gazes directed at Cufah, and give her butt a rub before sitting her down on a chair.

「Yeah. Looks like it.」
「Exactly the same……」

The girls around me in particular are whispering to each other.

“She must be cozying up to another man”, is what they’re probably saying.
Well, given that she acted so extremely before, I can understand their looks.
If I keep her out of trouble for a while, the animosity should gradually subside.

「He casually rubbed her ass as he passed by.」
「His move was that of a perverted old man.」
「I thought from the very beginning that he was just like a middle-aged man……」

「I’m not a middle-aged man!」
「Why me!?」

I pull Cufah’s cheeks to stop the gossiping.

「There’s no time to play around.」

I call over the oldest boy who looks capable of going out into the field by himself.
Then I place a marked map in front of him.

「Take enough food and water for each of you and hide in the spot marked on the map.」

The boys tilt their head in confusion, a gesture I would smack them for if they were my subordinates, but I guess I need to provide an explanation.

「The governor bought us with the development funds. So that means he swiped the balance in pay, right?」

The boys nod.

「The reason the kingdom didn’t find out is because we worked to death in order to prevent the development plan from being delayed.」

Cufah soothes her reddened cheeks and nods.

「But now, this happened.」

Outside the window where the burnt rubble of the structures litter the ground, the former slave children run around, and some are even grilling meat.

Everything will be exposed if the kingdom sends someone to do an inspection now.
And if it’s found that there was embezzlement of public funds prior to the matter with slaves, it won’t be long until the governor is hung.

「That governor will first turn red in anger at our rebellion. Then, he’ll turn pale at the thought of being discovered by the kingdom. Because of that. He’ll gather hundreds of thugs and mercenaries and send them to destroy this place. No, they are probably already on the move.」

The boys’ faces tense up and the girls shriek and hug each other.

「Scrambling after they’ve arrived is too late. That’s why you guys will hide where they’ll pass through, and then run back and report to me when you find them. Got it?」

The boys nod meekly after my explanation.

「You don’t have to count how many there are. Just remember how many archers there are, whether there are any on horses, whether there are any siege……anything being pulled along.」

Each boy verbally expresses their determination, gives one more look to the girls of the same age as them and then heads out.

「Alright, next.」

I call a different group of boys over, show them the same map and give them the same explanation while pinching Cufah’s nose as she makes a weird face.

Scouting is difficult.
If I intend to leave it to amateurs, I’d need at least two or three to trust them to do a decent job.

I also have to take a look at the encampment.
After all, my allies are all children, and we don’t have any chance of winning if we do things normally.
My ingenuity as a wise general is needed.

I gently tug on Cufah’s nipple and then stand up.

「He did it again……」
「The way he touches a girl’s breasts is as natural as breathing……」
「His heart seems like that of a bald and oily man’s.」


And so, the time came.

「Only swordsmen and spearmen, no cavalry or archers. No siege weapons either. And their ranks are like……this?」

I imitate the gesture of the boy who spread his arms to indicate the length of the enemy lines.

「Roughly 300, huh? He knows that he can be tracked if more thugs were gathered.」

I estimate the approximate number from the report.
From the beginning, I didn’t think they’d have siege weapons or cavalry, and knowing they don’t have archers either, I’m even happier.

「And us?」

Cufah lifts her head after placing down rocks to count.

「We have 700 bigger boys, 300 girls, and 300 smaller kids!」

In terms of numbers, we have the upper hand――not that it means much though.
This enemy isn’t one we can fight normally against even with a thousand kids.

「We’d just get killed if we didn’t do anything so I can’t say that.」

I stand in front of the moat which surrounds the village.
The whole village is on a hill, making it easier to spot intruders from afar.

「Wouldn’t it be better if we built a fence or wall around the village?」

「It’s not needed.」

I peer into the fairly deep moat from atop a bank made from the dirt dug up to create it.

A wall or fence built by a bunch of unskilled workers from poor quality materials is worthless.
It’ll be broken easily.

But a hole is effective no matter who digs it and it can’t be easily filled up.
Plus, it can be done as long as we have tools and no other materials.

「Alright, gather around everyone.」

As the children start convening, I see some equipped with the leftover spears and oversized armor found in the armory, making me laugh.

「The governor……he’s really coming to crush us.」
「But we won’t lose. We’ve got the strength of over a thousand! If we rush together……」

I hit the back of the head of the enthusiastic boy.

「Don’t run out, idiot. You’d be playing right into their hands if you go into the open field.」

Their suffering must have been horrible or they must have confidence in me, but it’s a good thing that their morale is high. In such a state, they can probably muster enough courage to unflinchingly repel attackers by throwing rocks, striking with sticks, and poking them with spears.

That’s all they’re capable of.
Be it amateurs or kids, having a high enough morale will allow them to attack.
However, if they see one or two friends get their heads smashed open or skewered by spears by the enemy their morale and their defenses will crumble instantly.

「We can’t fight them directly. The only way to win is for us to attack them one-sidedly without any sacrifices.」

The soldiers of the governor stop moving.
They click their tongues when they see us lined up fully armed with a moat around the perimeter.

One person steps forward, who might be one of the supervisors that escaped.
The fierce-looking man stands at the edge of the moat and shouts.

「You damn brats, do you understand what you’re doing? How dare you shame the governor!」

Several faint-hearted children tremble at the threatening voice.
I eat a wild strawberry as a pre-battle snack, thinking that I might as well enjoy the show.

「We want to murder all of you……but we’re not demons. We’ll give you one chance to be spared.」

I wonder if they received notice of the date of the next inspection from the kingdom.
If they fight here and massacre all of us, they won’t make it in time for the inspection.

「If you surrender now, you’ll be let off with a slap to the face and no dinner! Waste more time and your arms and legs will be tied to horses――and you get it, right? Aaah!?」

That won’t go so well because the horses won’t like it.
It’ll be a hassle just doing it once, how many weeks will it take to do everyone?

「I’ll only say it once. Throw down your weapons and line up quietly――bastard, don’t mess with me!!」

The aggressive man looks at me.

「What? I’m listening quietly.」

I’m sitting in the watchtower with my legs crossed, listening to him while Cufah is feeding me a strawberry.

「So you’re the leader!? You’re damn tiny for one yet you’re acting like a big-shot with a girl serving you!」

The man pulls his arm back and throws a sword at me.
It flies in an arc surprisingly accurately in my direction and lands a few centimeters next to my face.

「It looks like we’re done with talking.」

I pat Cufah, who took cover and shielded herself with her hands, on the head and pull out the sword stabbed in the spot beside me.
This one is a superior weapon to the ones in the armory. If he’s giving it to me, I’ll gladly accept.

「Get in position.」

The children scurry purposefully on my instructions.

The angry man, sensing that it’s useless to try and convince us, shouts as he returns to his soldiers.

「We’re up against kids! Run in and trample them!」

The 300 governor soldiers clump up together and run toward the opening to the moat and the village behind it.

Well, they are amateurs too. They don’t form organized ranks and most of all don’t have any hesitation fighting against children wielding armor and weapons too big for them.

「Archers ready……or so I want to say, but we don’t have bows or anybody to shoot them. Go on, throw your rocks at them.」

Older children hurl rocks on top of dirt mounds piled on the inner side of the moat.
These rocks were gathered from outside by the children too young to do construction so we have plenty. 

「My knee!」
「My tooth……gueee! Dammit!」 

While the children aren’t the strongest throwers, it still hurts to get hit by rocks.
Air can get knocked out of your lungs through leather armor and getting hit in the face stings.

Two rocks become three rocks, and eventually grow to a barrage of over a hundred rocks.

「Good, now hide.」

On my signal, the throwers duck behind the dirt mounds.
Immediately after, the enemy throws the rocks back at us.
However, even with an adult’s strength, they are unable to penetrate the mounds of dirt.

「What’s wrong? Are we going to have a stone fight across this moat?」

When I taunt them, a few stones get thrown my way, and I quickly hide while laughing.

「What are you playing around for!? I said to run in and crush them!」

One after the other, the governor’s soldiers jump into the moat.

It’s not exactly many meters deep.
At most, it is chest-high and it’s normal for them to think that it’s easy to cross simply by jumping in and climbing onto the other side.

Even if we try to ward them off with spears, in the end we are children.
They will grab on and pull us down.

「Do it.」

That’s why we have this.

A ladle made only for scooping water extends over the heads of the soldiers who jumped into the moat.
The men gaze dubiously at the thing which is not a spear and watch as the ladle rotates.

「Uwah! Boiling water!!」
「Ugyaa! Hot, hot!!」

They can’t see the pot of water we boiled behind the mounds of dirt.

「Alright, keep giving it to them.」

More hot water is poured with ladles and digging tools.
The governor’s soldiers stick out their hands in an attempt to stop us, but we aren’t directly confronting them so they can’t grab us and turning their heads upward only gets their faces splashed with hot water.
The moat’s depth is merely chest-high but they can’t climb out just by jumping straight up.
They have to use their hands to pull themselves up and it’s not so easy when a torrent of hot water is being poured on them.

Some manage to climb out, but with no backup, they are easily knocked back down with rocks and spears.

「Add more. Use the stronger stuff.」

A ladle reaches into a pot beside the hot water of dark red liquid being kept above a flame, and pours the contents into the moat.
Double the screams come from the soldiers.

It’s a mixture of rabbit and bird oil boiled with blood, which is hotter and more viscous than the water.
Making contact with this liquid may result in life-threatening burns.

Soldiers crawl on the ground with their faces and bodies inflamed while others start running away, bumping into their allies coming up from the rear.

「W-we’re attacking them without getting attacked back……incredible!」
「It’s working! It’s working!」

And while our morale is up, this is unfortunately where things end.

Our hot water and oil-blood mixture is running out and the eyes of our enemies have changed.
Frankly, they are desperate to kill us and hot water won’t stop them. 

「Time to retreat.」

I instruct everyone to run up the hill toward the inside of the village.


I stare at the unsatisfied boy.

「I said, retreat.」

The boy twitches in surprise, then for some reason answers ‘yes’ in a falsetto voice with a red face and obeys.

After dumping the rest of the hot water and oil, everyone withdraws.
Those who finally climbed up in shame number……about twenty percent less than before.

「Alright, you’re in! Now to kill them all!」

The supervisor yells, but the soldiers are walking fearfully.

We ran to the building highest on the hill, and while the other surrounding facilities have been burnt down and they can climb anywhere, this place is also protected by a moat and dirt mounds.

Out of all sides, the west has the steepest slope and is the only side where a moat doesn’t exist, but instead there is a crude fence, which was constructed in only an hour.

The governor’s soldiers all nod.

「Climb up from the west! Destroy the fence!」

Of course.
Not wanting to suffer another painful experience by jumping into the moat, they’ll naturally want to choose this.
Actually, the moat is only knee-high and is just for show.

「Line up the spears.」

The children move in an uncoordinated manner and position spears behind the fence.

Obviously, the governor’s soldiers don’t pay any mind to the flimsy-looking spear line and run up the hill altogether.
Despite the sharp incline or the shabby fence, there’s no reason to be afraid of children.


I raise my arm and wait a moment for as many enemies to rush onto the hill before giving the order.  


All the children scatter in different directions.

Simultaneously, a large boulder weighing several kilograms is rolled down by ten people from the top of the hill, followed by logs, a cauldron, and even a dirty bucket used as a toilet.

「Hey, hey, hey!!」
「You’re kidding!!」

The boulder leading the list of items demolishes the fence like it was a sheet of paper, and without losing any momentum, rolls over multiple soldiers.

「T-they got flattened!」

Soldiers seeing their allies get pancaked fall on their butts in a daze.

It goes without saying that us kids will react the same, but thugs like them will also get frightened if they see other humans get crushed.

The soldiers sitting on their asses end up getting their necks broken by the rolling logs.
The cauldron dents the face of a yelling soldier, and the toilet bucket hits a soldier trying to run in the back, turning him into a rolling object as well, which eventually collides with the soldiers in the back.

Kids can’t win in a proper fight against adults.
We have to use hot water, oil, falling objects and other similar things.

「Fumu……everything is going as planned so far.」
I reach into my pocket for a tomato and put it in my mouth as my eyebrows furrow.
Cufah looks at me in disbelief, but I don’t have time for that.

Squashing them like that is flashy, but in reality only a dozen or so were killed, and although it also incapacitated many, we only dealt with about half of them.

And that was the last of our traps.
If the battle becomes a melee, we have no chance.

「If we can somehow use the chaos to our advantage……」

That’s when a person riding a horse emerges at the very end of the line.

「G-governor! We thought they were just kids, but they’re real trouble!」

「Our buddies got crushed and died! This isn’t what we signed up for!」

「In the first place, our jobs were to control the kids with whips! We were never part of the army so we have no clue how to use spears!」

I see, so that guy is the governor.
This might be our chance.

「They’re that tough……? Several dozen people died……?」

Obviously, the governor who oppressed the children and slyly pocketed public funds will be a coward.
One small cut and he’ll run screaming, lowering the morale of his troops too.

「This is a decisive moment. I’ll go myself.」

I grab the sword I recently obtained and run toward the panicking enemy.
I’m worried whether or not my body will freeze up in fear, but a small-time governor won’t be――

「So what? You guys are soldiers I hired with my precious money, running――」

The governor grabs two soldiers trying to run, one in each hand, and snaps their neck while they’re hanging in the air.

「――is not allowed.」

He easily exceeds 190 cm. His muscles are bulging to the point that his leather armor looks ready to burst at the seams, and he is carrying a double-bladed axe on his back that is as tall as me.

「That’s wrong! A wicked governor is not supposed to be like that!」

「Huh? Who the hell are you?」

Because I unconsciously yelled my thoughts, the ambush is a failure.

「I-it’s this guy! He seems to be the boss of those brats.」

The governor dismounts, breaks the neck of the soldier who pointed at me and them tromps over.

Since I can’t run, I have no choice but to assume a stance with my sword, however the tip of my sword is shaking like a cheap wagon.
I understand the feelings of the owner of this body, but if he doesn’t calm down, we’re going to die.
「So you’re the one who caused the mess. The one who made a mess of my work, of my standing, of my……money!!」

He swings his axe down.
It seems that I have the same eyes as my previous body capable of dynamic vision, and I jump way out to the side to dodge, giving my slower body leeway to react.
Still, the force of the wind from the attack barely grazes the tip of my foot.

This guy’s attack isn’t slow even if I wasn’t restricted to this child’s body.

「Give me back my moneey!」

He immediately lifts the axe after the missed swing dents the ground and sweeps it horizontally.
I somehow lay flat enough to the ground to become one with it and avoid his attack.

Now, how am I going to fight?

Am I going to keep dodging until I see an opening――no, the one who will run out of breath first will be me.
And if I’m just a tiny bit slower, I’ll be sliced in half. That’s not an option.

Jump in and aim for a vital spot――the difference in reach is too big, and I’m too slow.
I definitely won’t touch him. That’s out.

Parry his attack――am I an idiot?

With the overwhelming gap in arm strength and reach?
He also has the upper hand in stamina……this is just like if I were to fight against Celia. 
I guess I’ll go with that.

「My moneeeeeey!」

I hold my sword on the lower right side of my body and charge toward his swinging axe.

Right before the steel sinks into my head, I tilt my body.
The axe slides off my left side. It could have chopped my ear off, but I’m prepared to lose it at this point.

My aim is the artery located in the small space in his gauntlet.
Cutting this spot requires little strength and a deep enough cut can incapacitate him.

The axe doesn’t dig into my abdomen and I feel the impact of the weapon dropping to the ground.
I’ve got him.

I raise my sword to cut him and――

「C’mon. You’re kidding me.」

I complain out loud.
My arms and legs tremble to the point I can’t move them.

One second later, a giant fist crashes into my face and sends me flying.

My brain rattles and I see trails of blood in the air.
Although I try to break my fall, I end up landing on my back and rolling several meters along the ground.

This might be the end.
I can’t stand.


I turn my unsteady eyeball in the direction of the shrill cry and see Cufah running toward me.
She desperately tries to reach my side despite being stopped by the governor’s soldiers.

「What’s with this girl? Hey, calm down!」 
「It’s fine. Punch her and shut her up!」

Cufah’s clothes are torn as she gets beaten to the ground, and when she extends a hand toward me, a soldier steps on her head.

At that moment, my heart throbs.

You’re late.

I slowly stand back up, my vision still blurry.
The incoming axe swing from above is barely dodged.

「I’m alright, Cufah.」

I blow out some blood left in my likely broken nose and take out a tomato from my pocket to eat.

「Only a tomato got squished.」

A smile appears on my face as I run at the governor.
I don’t care how uncool it looks as I put my hands on the ground and crawl like an animal.

「What can an unarmed brat do!?」

The governor’s hips lowered.
He wants to sweep his axe horizontally.

Crawling low as if trying to target his legs――or so I make him think, and instead I spit the chewed up tomato in his eye.

「You little-!」

There is no such thing as unfair when it comes to fighting at a size disadvantage.
I use the short opening to leap up and bite his wrist.

「Are you a beast!?」

As a child, I don’t have the jaw strength to tear anything apart.

「Show some guts. Don’t be a chicken.」

I use my hand to help push my jaw from below, and tear his flesh with my teeth.


The squirting blood tells me that I bit through a blood vessel.

His hand releases the axe, which falls to the ground.

「Now, this is the end. It’s not a bad way to go by destroying yourself for the sake of the girl you love, is it?」

I grab the axe with both hands and roar.

「What is he……」
「Haha, he can’t possibly lift it. The governor’s axe is custom-made and easily weighs more than 40 k……」

This body is not made to lift a large axe.
Its tendons are in pain, its muscles are torn, and its joints are sliding out of place.

Nevertheless, this body didn’t feel frightened or give up.
Through the pain, I can feel my strength increasing.

Eventually, the axe is lifted up to the highest point above my head.

「W-wait! If it’s money, I can give you as much as you want! So please spare――」

I smirk as the governor sticks out his bloody arm.

「This is the way a wicked governor must die. You know that, right?」

I swing the axe down and the governor is split in half from the top of his head.


I let go of the axe and raise my arms in victory.

「The evil governor has been slain!!」

Cheers erupt from behind, and the melee, which was supposed to be forbidden, breaks out.

It should be fine now though.
The enemy’s spirit has been completely broken, and they are fleeing without any resistance.

Once I confirm that, I fall spread-eagle onto the ground, exhausted.


――Several Days Later.

「Wake up. Please wake up. How are you feeling?」

My body is shaken and I open my eyes.

Next to me is the eldest girl.
Of course, she isn’t wearing any clothes.

「Fufu, did it feel good……sleeping together?」

「Yeah, it was soft.」

But I didn’t do anything.
If I can’t get it up, I can’t do anything.

I would share the same bed with several other girls after that, but each time we only laid next to one another.

「You’re still a child, it can’t be helped……although that part of you isn’t childlike.」

The girl gasps and her face turns red as she points at my crotch.

「I did grow up to the point that I’m at least not ashamed if people see it.」

Since the fight with the governor, my body must have undergone some kind of growth as a man as when I woke up after collapsing, the thing between my legs enlarged.
It’s still half the size of what my old body had, but for this body, it is barely a passing grade.  

「No, I mean your body is……like a 3――ahem, monster class.」

Nevertheless, it sucks that I can’t have sex after a mortal combat.
I want to return to my original body soon.  

I stand up with a groan, almost like an old man.
As a child, my rate of recovery is high and starting yesterday I can already go to the toilet on my own.

「Hey, don’t push yourself!」

Cufah chases after me, worried.

「Didn’t I say I would help you when you go to the toilet?」

When she says that, my body immediately loses strength.
Damn, the owner of this body is quite naughty for a kid. What a pervert for getting happy at the thought of being helped when going to the bathroom.

That’s when a boy who went out to scout comes running.

「There’s an army heading toward our village again!」

My expression tenses.
The governor was killed, this might be remnants of his army or maybe his relatives.
That’s why I deployed the scouts.

「They have 900 foot soldiers!」

I tilt my head.
He made a rather confident assertion for an amateur scout.

「I know how to do multiplication. There were five groups, each with six lines of 30 men!」

「So they’re in marching formation……?」

I gaze up at the sky.

The boy continues.

「Also, they have 80 horsemen. There were two groups, each with two lines of 20, and all of them wearing metal armor!」

「Five companies of infantry and two companies of cavalry……did they carry a flag?」

The boy nods excitedly.

「Yep! There was a horseman in the front with a solid black flag! Oh and there was also a wagon with something like a iron tube on it.」

Everyone suddenly becomes lively.

「It’ll be fine! We got more people than last time, up to 2000 and we even have adults now!」
「We fixed the moat and built walls and fences! It’s more sturdy than before!」
「We absolutely won’t lose!」

I chuckle.

「Everyone should drop their weapons and surrender. Don’t make a mistake and throw a stone at them. We’re waving the white flag.」

A collective “Ehhh” erupts from the village.

「That’s a battalion of the kingdom’s main army! We don’t have a chance of winning!」

All of us disarm ourselves.


「So you’re the ringleader?」

We inform the kingdom’s army of our surrender and are lined up in a vacant space within the village.

「Of all people, it’s you……?」

My body trembles as cold eyes stare at me, but I’m sighing repeatedly in my heart.

Damn Leopolt, why did he personally come to a place like this?

I suspect he has a fetish for young girls.
Don’t tell me, he heard about the rebellion by children and rushed over.


He leaves me to ponder and inspects the village.

「There is a lack of equipment and skilled labor, thus a moat. The moat on the inside is just for show to lure enemies to the spot where objects fall. You thought of this?」


I get punched by a soldier for answering disrespectfully.
A tearful Cufah shields me, while Leopolt raises a hand to stop the soldier from going further.

「Take the ringleader back to the capital. Leave the rest in the village and monitor them.」

「Wouldn’t that not fulfill our initial objective?」

The commander next to him says, staring down at me.

「The mission objective has already fallen apart. Because the attack target was taken care of first.」

That’s when I realized.
The kingdom discovered our pseudo rebellion too fast.

It’s barely been a few days since my fight with the governor, no matter how good their ears are, they’d find out today at the earliest.
However, they arrived with an entire battalion in such a short time, something doesn’t add up.
In other words……

「They already had an idea of the governor’s activities from the beginning. Using the commotion we caused as an excuse……」

Their target was always the governor.

Leopolt looks at me without saying a word.
Cufah quickly covers my mouth.

「It’s fine. Take me anywhere you want! If you’re worried, do you want me in a collar and shackles?」

No use thinking now.
I’ll let him do as he pleases.



「Damn him, he really put a collar and shackles on me……」

「It’s because you say strange things.」

Cufah and I are being taken to the capital as rebels.
She isn’t particularly restrained in any manner, rather she is wearing nicer clothes than when she was in the village, while I am being treated like a dangerous prisoner.

「Are we going to be alright?」
「……if we’re going to be executed, we’ll be together.」

My heart throbs, but now is not the time.
Am I going to walk in front of myself as a prisoner?

What’s going on on that side?
Is a different person in my body……fucking the girls like crazy?
If so, then when I attack myself, things are going to get messy.

My chest and groin grow hot from the unpleasant thought, and my body feels like it’s floating.
It would be serious trouble if I awaken to the fetish of cuckolding at ten years old, control yourself.
「Get down!」

The carriage stops at the palace and we are surrounded by soldiers who escort us in.
Onlookers watch from the main street, while nobles curiously peek from the palace.

Some laugh, some feel pity, and some are surprised at my age.

As I’m dragging my leg, which was injured by going overboard in the fight, a soldier grabs my shoulder.

「I can walk on my own. I’m not going to run away now that I’m here.」

My voice is louder, perhaps because of the sense of irritation felt from wondering what is happening with my body.

The soldiers around me all reflexively take a step back.

One of them trips……if it isn’t Christoph.
Man, don’t trip over yourself just from a ten year-old brat yelling a bit. The citizens are watching.

I position my handcuffed self in front of Cufah to protect her, then walk without any support.


At the musing sound, my eyes turn to the brown-skinned female leaning against the wall, who seems to be watching me with genuine interest.
Our eyes meet and she licks her lips like she just found delicious meat.

Chills run down my spine similar to the feeling of when a carnivore is staring me down.

As for my body, it tenses up, and after a brief twitch, trembles in fear.
This guy, did he really consider letting himself be eaten for a second? I can tell.
She’s my woman.

I sense another gaze from above, and when I look up, I see Anastasia watching from the balcony.
My body immediately heats up.

You better stop there. I can tell that you are getting nervous to the point of your stomach hurting.
Should I focus all the energy to your lower half?

「Haa haa……anyone will do, I just want to have sex.」

Felteris mutters as she walks around restlessly.

I told you, don’t look and don’t get aroused.
You can’t even get erect, you perverted kid.

We are led to the main hall.
This is where I lopped the heads of several people, if I recall correctly.

Adolph mumbles behind me.

「Try not to speak out of line in front of His Majesty. Please keep it to yourself.」

Even Leopolt is on standby.

「If you earn death with your mouth and behavior, then that’s all you were.」

What the heck does that mean?
What do you think I am, don’t make me smack you.

「His Majesty, king――」

The moment I hear the declaration, my consciousness blacks out.


My body jolts awake, and when I open my eyes, I see Nonna and Natia with pale faces and Rita crying.
Celia, or I think it’s Celia, was clinging to me and was flung into the air by the force of me getting up.

「Oh! I’m back!」

I check my body after catching Celia, let Natia touch my crotch and then fondle Nonna’s and Rita’s asses.

「It’s perfect!」

If I summarize what the four of them said while hugging me in tears, it would be as follows.

On the night before I entered the body of a child, I was apparently playing with Rita and letting her rest her plump ass on my face.
However, I had been drinking and Rita went crazy from the pleasure of my caresses, leading us to go overboard and resulting in me suffocating.

Afterward, Natia used restorative medicine to restore my breathing, but I’d go on to live a boring life of waking up, eating, going to the toilet, taking a bath, and sleeping, like a zombie.

It seems a part of my soul left my body or something……well, I guess it’s all right now that I’m back.

「Normally, governmental affairs proceeds smoothly even without Aegir-sama, but right now we’re passing judgement on the person responsible for starting a rebellion in the south and……」

「I know.」

As soon as I step in the main hall, the two children press their heads to the floor.

「Let them go.」

The guards quickly step away.
Both of the kids slowly lift their heads and their faces are literally as white as a sheet.

「You don’t have to be so scared.」

I assure Cufah as I inspect the young boy’s face.


It’s the first time getting a good look since I never had a proper mirror, and as expected this guy has a gender-neutral but nice face.
In the future, he’ll probably grow up to be a slender handsome youth.
Meaning he can attract girls with just his face.

「How annoying.」

Guards and bureaucrats shake their heads, thinking that the kid is getting a death sentence.

「Your Majesty.」

Leopolt calls out to me.

「Like I informed you earlier, the governor suspected of embezzling public funds was defeated by this person.」

「I really thought I was going to die. Who appointed that governor?」

「Formally, it’s you, Your Majesty.」

You know I don’t look at the documents for human resources.
It’s not my fault. Let’s close this incident by pinning all the blame on that governor.

「So regarding these two who are suspected of starting the rebelling, I think we should interpret it as defying the governor involved in illegal slave labor and embezzlement rather than defying the kingdom. Considering we were late to notice his wrongdoings, I believe it’s quite lenient……」

Adolph, is he covering for them?

「I understand. In the end, they’re kids and it’s foolish to execute them for the serious crime of treason.」

Besides, what kind of idiot would I be to execute myself for a rebellion that I started?

I give the boy’s forehead a firm poke.


That was enough to make his head wobble.
He’s so weak that it’s hard to control my strength. And his voice sounds just like a girl’s.

As I’m about to forgive them, Leopolt steps forward.

「They certainly didn’t resist and were obedient to the kingdom’s army. We should take this point into consideration. However, it’s a serious offense to burn the flag in the village.」

「That was because we were really happy after being freed from the governor……and so-」
「I didn’t think it was such a big deal……」
「It was done on the spur of the moment. Don’t whine over a single flag.」

Leopolt stares at me.
Forget what I said.

「They played pretend-rebels and defeated the real villain, isn’t that fine? I am not going to charge them with anything――」

I can settle the case here, but my mind changes when I see the boy’s shoulders trembling.
Maybe this guy has simply been cowering while I was doing everything.
In that case, I’ll have to deal with him accordingly.

「――however, it’s ten years too early for a boy like you to play a rebel and have a woman by your side. I’ll take her.」

I carry Cufah under my arm.

For an instant, Cufah struggles, but she must have imagined what would happen soon after.
With tears in her eyes, she forces herself to smile and waves to the boy.


If he sees the girl he likes being taken and stays silent, thinking his life is more important, then that’s all he is as a man.
Since I shared a body with you, I’ll look after you, but if you always run away, you’ll live your life as someone who won’t accomplish anything.

「You’re mine starting from today. I’ll show you lots of love.」

「Y-yes Your Most Generous Majesty……p-please……take care of me……hic.」

Cufah tries to be affectionate, but she isn’t smiling at all.

Then I hear the sound of the floor being kicked from behind me.


I turn around, unconsciously smiling, and hold a hand out to stop the guards from rushing in.


When I apply pressure on him, he wets his pants.

His legs are shaking and he’s a cowardly mess, but he still points and yells back.

「Cufah is my woman! Give her back!」

He only says that one line.
But he’ll leak something else if I threaten him more, I guess that’s good enough.

And so I release both of them and also exempt the others in the village from punishment too.


――25 years later.

「What a story, huh?」

I mutter as I walk around the southern area which has begun to rebuild.
By the way, Lucy went to a prosperous city to buy new clothes while Celia got a stomach ache from eating something bad and is resting at an inn. I never knew vampires can get stomach aches too.

In the end, those two kids briefly played in the capital then moved back to the village, where he should be acting as the new governor apprentice.
He was just a kid when I died, but quite popular, I’m sure things are going well.
Right in this spot, they should be……

「God! Again!?」
「I-I’m sorry, Cufah.」

I jump on top of the roof.
Speak of the devil.

「I’m already 40 years old and you’re making me give birth again!?」
「Well, it’s because you’re so pretty, Cufah……」
The place Cufah walks out of is the governor’s mansion……so he’s officially the governor now.
And the house is quite big, I hope he didn’t become a wicked governor.

Still, the cause of the anger is pregnancy?
I mean, it’s a good thing if you can give birth regardless of the age.

「It’s fine though, right? Since both you and I love kids……」
「There’s a limit to everything!」

When Cufah shouts back, the door opens discretely and a few youngsters run out to comfort their mother.
Following them are kids in their teens, a small child, an infant, a crawling baby……that’s a lot.

「This is the 26th. I’ve been having kids non-stop since I was 15, what’s going on!?」
I almost fall off the roof.
Come to think of it, she was also making a fuss about being pregnant before I died……this is going to be one big family.

「The thing is, when we were going through hard times……it felt like someone entered my mind……and after that, I got this insatiable sex drive. Obviously, Cufah is the girl I love the most, but I also love all girls and want them to bear my child. Even if it’s a lamia who has been appearing in the village recently or a sexy-looking fish thing……」

「Don’t say such ugly things in front of the children!!」

It’s certainly not my fault that he got punched.

Anyways, it’s worthy of respect for him to get a single woman pregnant 26 times.
I wish them a happy life.

It’s positively not my fault.

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