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Translator: Nat

On a Certain Afternoon――

I lie on the sofa, soaking up the sun’s rays through the window as I nibble on a lemon.

「What nice weather, though it seems cold.」

The sun is shining down brightly, but I hear the whistling of a cold-sounding wind.
Without the fireplace, I probably wouldn’t be in such a calm mood.

I saw Lammy bring a pile of logs from the storehouse earlier.
Apparently, unless everything is warmed up, she ends up sleeping in a hole until spring.

「Ara Aegir, you look bored. Do you want to eat this pie with me?」

Carla sets down a meat pie. It’s steaming, let me have some.
I think I’ll enjoy her breasts after the meal too.

「Aegir-san, you don’t have anything to do? That looks like a tasty lemon.」
「I also have a delicious apple too~」
「Can I eat it?」

Mel and sisters Kuu and Ruu also come over. Eat as much as you want.

「If you eat too much now, you won’t have any room for dinner.」

Maria is here too. Despite what she says, she prepares tea and snacks for all the people present.
She should have my child in her belly, but it still doesn’t show, perhaps because she’s skinny to begin with.
I change seats to one where the sun’s light is hitting.

「Oh Aegir, it’s rare for you to be in the living room……ah, I came at a bad time.」
「Mireille-san, you’re eating something heavy at a strange time again!」

Mireille appears with a meat on the bone in one hand that she probably bought from the town market.
Before I knew it, 6 people had gathered.

「Now that I think about, it’s been a while with all of you.」

The girls who have oddly assembled in the same location are the ones who I met at the beginning of my journey.
If only Lucy were here……no, I can’t start thinking about it or it’ll make me sad.

「You’re right, the Aegir we met was just a womanizing muscle head.」
「You think so? I always thought he was reliable……」

The topic sparks conversations among the girls.
I was the one who uncharacteristically mentioned the past, but once the girls get going, I can’t keep up with them.

Not long later, Carla brings up something strange.

「Hey, since we’re here, why don’t we play with these members? Seven of us, huh……fufufu.」
「Play? Play what?」

「Hide-and-seek? I’m tiny so I’m good at it.」
「Ruu……how old are you? We’re not talking about those kinds of games.」

Carla writes a number on a bunch of wooden tags and distributes paper to everyone.

「What is this for?」
「We write something on the paper, turn them over……and then we each draw one based on the order of the tags. For example……」

Carla hands Mireille the tag with the number “1” on it and flips over a sheet of paper.
Written on the paper is “Number 1 urinates in front of everyone”.

「If this is flipped up, it means Mireille has to do exactly what it says. You can write whatever you want on the papers, but you don’t know who has which number, so you might end up having to do what you wrote.」

「Wait a second! You better not have written stupid stuff like this!」
「Eh? This was just a test, so I wrote something easy.」

The girls surge toward Carla.

「They’re even worse than this one!? What do you intend to make us do in front of Aegir-san!?」
「I-I won’t be able to live with myself anymore!」


I can only laugh sheepishly.

「Fine. Then I’ll let Aegir have the option to declare it void, okay? Although it won’t be fun if you do it all the time, so be reasonable.」

Naturally, I don’t want to ruin the mood. I won’t invalidate anything unless it’s absolutely ridiculous.

Thus the game began.

「Err let’s see――Number 2 and number 3 share a hot kiss. Well, this one’s pretty harmless.」

Ruu drops the tag with the number “3” on it.
She looks at me, hoping that I had the other number, but I smile bitterly and place the tag with the number “7” on the desk.

「……i-it’s me.」

Believe it or not, number 2 was Kuu.
The both of them look at me, pleading for help……but stepping in at such a level will make the game lose its fun.

「Uuuu, here I go Ruu.」
「’Kay. Sis……」

The two slowly bring their reddened faces closer and press their lips against each other.


Carla, Mireille, and even Mel watch in fascination.

「Nn, nhh! Nm――! Nnnnh!!」
「Nnha! Nch……schu……nnn……」


Carla urges irresponsibly.
The sisters comply obediently and go from simply pressing their lips together to noisy sucking of their tongues and messily swapping spit.


A string of saliva bridges from one sister’s lips to the other as they finally separate.

「Uhyaa, that was incredible.」

Maria blushes.

「Ufufu, very assertive. Let’s do it the next time with Aegir-san.」

Mel also grins.

「Looks like Aegir’s reacting a little bit.」
「It’s true. There’s a bulge in his pants.」

Carla and Mireille glance at my crotch area.
Seeing two girls kiss is different to having sex and has this indescribable sense of arousal about it.

「G-geez, that was embarrassing! Move on to the next one!」

「Next is――number 3 dances naked.」
「Hey, wait a second.」

Mireille grabs Carla right as she reads the paper.
Oh, she’s number 3?

「Why are you grabbing me in the first place!? I’m just reading what’s on the paper.」
「You’re obviously the one who wrote this silly request!」

Carla and Mireille go back and forth, one denying the deed and the other saying not to lie.
I don’t get why Kuu averts her eyes.

「Dancing naked is not an impossibly difficult request. I want to see it too. Go on.」

「Urrgg……Carla you idiot, I’ll remember this……」
「Like I said, it wasn’t me.」

Mireille steels herself and strips naked in a flash.
I can’t tell if she’s resolute or just trying to hide her embarrassment……some girls are proactive in bed but are shy to do anything in the living room during the day.

「T-this should be good enough!!」

Mireille prances around with her precious place hidden.

「Bfft! Ahahahaha! You’re not revealing everything because of your hand. Use this to cover!」

Carla laughs hysterically as she hands her a tray which had fruit on it.


「Uuuuu……how humiliating……I look like a fool.」

Other girls aside from Carla also can’t hold back their laughter. And even I had to apologize for unintentionally laughing.
At this rate, Mireille will become publicly shamed. Let me help her out.

「You have such a nice body. Your abs are really prominent……and I’m sure those toned muscles makes you tight.」

When I stroke her abdomen, Mireille cracks a smile.

「To love the body of a masculine woman like me, anything goes for you, huh Aegir. ……Can I stop now?」

Mireille ceases her dancing and returns the tray to the table.
The heroic Mireille is blushing up to her ears.
This scene makes my crotch react more than the naked dancing.

「Aah, that was so embarrassing…… I’ve never done naked dancing even in my mercenary days.」
「Wait, Mireille you-」

「What do you want!?」

Mireille uses a harsh tone to mask her embarrassment.
On the other hand, Carla is grinning widely. I think I know what she wants to say, but it’s better if she doesn’t say it.

「Your naked dance, shouldn’t you have done it in a more alluring manner like a dancer or a prostitute? Dancing with the tray is something a drunk old man does.」

The other girls burst into laughter again.
I didn’t think she would do a ‘zundoko’ dance either.

「It wasn’t arousing, but it was interesting. You did good work, Mireille.」

「Shut up!! It’s not like I buy prostitutes!! The only naked dancing I know is the kind done by old men in bars!!」

Carla restrains Mireille, who lashes out as she reaches the peak of humiliation, meanwhile the game goes on.

「Next is――number 4 and number 6――they have to exchange clothes.」

Number 4 is……Ruu huh? Her clothes aren’t very versatile.
If it was Maria or Kuu, it might work out somehow――

「So it’s me.」

Mel? That’s not going to work.

「I maintain my figure pretty well, it’ll be fine.」

No, it’s going to be impossible. Don’t do it..

「Ruu, hurry up and strip. We’re exchanging.」

Mel and Ruu are wearing similar white blouses as tops.
Meanwhile Mel has a long skirt for her lower half, whereas Ruu has a shorter skirt.

I told her it’s not going to work.

「It’s a bit tight……hng!」

It’s more than a bit. The chest, stomach, and ass area are not going to squeeze into those clothes.

「Mom~ don’t push yourself, it looks hard.」
「Mom, seriously, don’t push yourself! It’s very embarrassing!」

Ruu and Kuu both express concern, although the parts they are worried about are different.

「Just a little more……eeei!」

The sound of cloth ripping slightly can be heard as Mel finishes putting on Ruu’s clothes.
No, this can’t be considered wearing.

「Indeed, there is certainly plenty of exposure.」
「It’s somehow kind of sad.」
「I’m getting worried……」

Rather than wearing the clothes, it’s more accurate to describe it as being bound by the clothes.

The skirt, which was already short when worn by Ruu, doesn’t even go past Mel’s hips, completely revealing her underwear.
Moreover, Ruu is slender for her age, while Mel’s thighs are plump.
She’s trying to stand calmly, but her toes are forced to turn inwards.

「Gu……ufufu, it’s really a little tight after all.」
「It’s more than a little, mom……」

It’s not only because of shame that Mel’s face is bright red.

Her upper half is even worse.
The blouse, which is usually loose-fitting, barely reaches her cleavage, exposing her belly button and most of her breasts.

「U, ufufu, it’s like I’m a prostitute.」
「No, I doubt prostitutes would wear anything that shows off their nipples.」

This is something more on the line of what a pervert would do. It’s Felteris’s field.

She tries to smile bewitchingly, except cold sweat runs down her body as if she’s having a hard time.

「Mel, that’s enough, you can take it off now. I feel stifled just looking at you. ……plus it makes me remember something.」

She really went too far this time. Wearing Maria’s or Ruu’s clothes would have been appropriately tight and quite the spectacle.

By the way, unbeknownst to everyone, Ruu is wearing Mel’s clothes and is dragging the long skirt on the floor while she is staring sadly at the chest area of her baggy blouse. Aah, maybe it was a good thing Maria wasn’t the one chosen.

「A-Aegir-san, what do you think? Does it turn you on?」

Mel poses and acts flirtatious towards me, but her face turns from red to blue.

「Yeah……it’s sufficiently arousing. I won’t be able to hold back if you continue, so you can change out of them now.」

Sometimes, kind lies are necessary.

「Well then……」

Mel crouches to take off her clothes.
Right as she does so, there was a big rip.
It doesn’t seem like much from the front.

「Uwa, the back is torn! Your ass is too big!」
「That surprised me. All of a sudden, your ass popped out.」
「I-it was bound to happen. It’s not because Mel-san’s ass is big or anything.」

Mel trembles in embarrassment and blushes.
I won’t tell anyone, but the sight of a bashful mature lady is highly arousing.

「We’re moving on.」

Mel, who is hugging her knees in the corner of the room, and Ruu, who is depressed from her skirt being torn, are sitting this round out.

「Number 1 serves number 5――with their boobs! A good order, but if this is between women again……」
「No, I’m number 5.」

I can finally have something delicious to think about.
The girls grow lively when they hear that I am number 5.

「So who’s number 1?」
「What an enviable position.」

「While we’re not participating……Ruu, let us endure our misfortunes.」
「My misfortune is my skirt tearing from mom’s butt……」

It’s a shame Mel isn’t joining, but Carla’s assertive service is nice and the inexperienced Mireille’s service might be fun too. Let’s see whose breasts I get to enjoy.

「It’s me.」

The one who raised her hand was Maria. The normally pleasant and bright Maria is emotionless.

「……Ah, these kind of things are all about feeling.」
「……ur, right right, as long as you have love, you can do anything.」
「Those words hurt the most.」

Maria stands in front of me, takes off her shirt and rubs her fair skin against me.

「You have such nice skin. It’s warm and feels great.」
「……close your eyes.」

I do as I’m told.
I feel her separate from me for a split second, then I once again feel her smooth skin on my arm.

「How is it, does it feel good?」
「Yeah, I feel Maria’s soft breasts. It’s nice.」


I hear Carla and Mireille’s disappointed voices.

「Maria, a bit harder……」

I open my eyes and realize my mistake.
Maria is facing the other way and pressing her back against me.


Crap, my kind lie backfired.
Tears well up in her eyes.
I’ll have to smooth this over by force.

「Uooooh! Maria!」

I push Maria onto the sofa and suck on her petite breasts.

「Your boobs are the best!」
「Don’t say something you don’t mean. You couldn’t even tell the difference between my back and my chest!」

I won’t falter. I’m going to keep praising her.
I fondle her barely noticeable mounds with a grasping motion.

「Your chest is certainly not big. However, that makes your nipples comparatively bigger.」

Each of my hands pinch one of her nipples.
They correspondingly enlarge from my concentrated attack.

「Waaah! Stop, it’s embarrassing!」
「You don’t have to be modest. There are plenty of girls with bigger breasts than you. But you don’t lose to anyone in terms of nipple size.」
「That’s not a compliment! That’s not a compliment at all!」

What is she saying? That’s the greatest compliment.

Comparing Nonna’s breasts with Maria’s breasts is like comparing the entire army of the Olga Federation with a band of brigands.
If we look only at the size of their nipples, Maria has the advantage.
They stand out even more because her breasts lack volume.

When I pleasure her nipples with my mouth in addition to my fingers, they eventually become erect.

「Fuu……this is the true form of Maria’s nipples.」

I show it to the other girls too.
They don’t get many chances to see this because Maria’s nipples don’t usually get attention.

「Uwa, that’s amazing!」
「Incredible……I definitely haven’t seen nipples like that before.」
「They’re double the size of mine.」
(Wow. It makes me want to suck on them.)
「Sis, it’s like the fertile shoot of a horsetail.」
「It really is amazing……but I don’t envy her at all……」


「Aren’t they great? They aren’t just big, they’re also sensitive.」

I hug Maria from behind and rub her nipples.

「N-not there! If you do that……a-aah! Hiiiiii!!」

Maria screams.

「You’re kidding! She came from just her nipples?」
「Oh please, there’s no way……」

「It’s true. Watch!」

I pinch Maria’s nipples.

「Nnhiii!! Aaaaah!! Aaaah!! Aaah……」

After Maria’s body twitches, she collapses and becomes weak.
Good, I’m glad I helped her recover her honor.

「Errr, next――」

Maria can’t participate due to her orgasm and her shyness, so she’s sitting out this round.

「Number 3 yells their age out the window? What the heck is this?」
「Who is it?」

Mel throws the number 3 tag on the floor and stands up.

「Who wrote this?」
「Mom, calm down……」

「State your name. If you come out now, I’ll forgive you.」
「Stop, mom! Your eyes are becoming clouded!」

Mel mutters to no one in particular as I sense something translucent phase through the wall.

「……well let me just cancel this one, since it seems targeted and isn’t very interesting. Okay?」

I wonder who wrote it. It doesn’t resemble the handwriting of anyone here……but it seems familiar.

「Let’s get back on track――number 2 has intense sex with number 4――yes! I’m number 2! I can finally do it with Aegir.」


It’s not me.

「……I’m number 4.」

The ones to have intense sex will be Carla and Mireille.

「Hey, Aegir. Watching will be boring for you too, right? Cancel this one and go to the next――」
「Get started. I’m excited to watch.」

My girls lay with each other, and I get to spectate that with my other girls. How can I not be excited?
Maria goes and brings a dildo with an evil grin.

「Uuu……these things only happen to me……」

And so the lovemaking begins.

「Agguh!! Carla, I said you’re swinging your hips too much! Don’t thrust so viciously!」
「Nnah! It can’t be helped, the order was to have intense sex! Why don’t you match my movements! Here, I’m going to pinch your clit!」

Carla is holding down Mireille on the sofa and fucking her with hard thrusts.
The room is filled with sounds of flesh slapping against flesh and their moans……as well as their complaining.

「Hey, I said not to lick my neck! Aahn, don’t suck!」
「Like you can talk, don’t spread my ass apart! You’re going to make it so my asshole is completely visible!」

Umu, I can clearly see her gaping asshole. I’m getting aroused, so it’s a good thing.

「What kind of joke is this?」
「I didn’t think I’d be doing it with you either.」

The two argue as they bring their faces close――and press their lips together.

「I-idiot……you don’t have to kiss……nnh! Nnn……」

She probably got swept up by the mood. They share a hot kiss while having pseudo-sex with the dildo.
Then I hear something like cloth ripping.
Mel hastily checks her own ass, but that’s not.

「Sorry, it’s me. I got too turned on.」

That sound just now was my pants tearing and my dick popping out.

「So Aegir’s turned on, hey Carla.」
「Yes, I know. I’m going to be rougher.」

The pounding gets louder and sweat starts to fly as the other girls also start getting flushed.
Unconsciously, they reach down to their crotch and finger themselves, making some quiet squishing sounds.

「Look Carla, everyone’s doing it while watching us.」
「It’s strange……yet it’s arousing.」

I’ve just about reached my limit. At this rate, I’m going to break the rules and join in.
Let me advise them in order to speed things up.
The one who currently has the upper hand is――it’s Carla after all. Then I’ll help Mireille.

「Mirielle, Carla is weak to spaced-out slow thrusts deep inside her.」
「Hey! Aegir, don’t tell her that!」
「Ehh……like this?」

The tables are turned, Carla is on all fours on the sofa and Mireille is the one thrusting from behind.
With her weak point revealed, Carla quickly gets closer to climax.

As both become more turned on, their moans get louder and their movements intensify.

「Mireille! Mireille!! Aaah, I’m cumming――――!!」
「Carla! M-me too!!」

They embrace each other in the final moment and then collapse after letting out a bestial scream.
Carla buries her face in Mireille’s bosom, her breathing ragged.


The other girls must have came at the same time.
Several moans overlap and eventually the room goes quiet.
A thick lewd scent envelopes the area.

「……I can’t hold back any longer. I’ll draw the last one.」

In place of the weary girls, I flip over one of the papers.

「――Number 1 to Number 7――will have an orgy. Let’s go.」


I brandish my erect manhood and pounce on the girls.

I don’t pay attention to the fact that I got 7 replies.

I also disregard how Mel sneakily put in a tag with “numbers 1 to 7 are to catch the ghost and put her in the pickle barrel” on it.

I just focus on the girls in front of me, who have followed me this whole time, and making them happy.

「Kyaa! It’s bigger than usual!」
「It’s going to tear me apart!!」
「The dildo’s supposed to be the same size! You got bigger again!!」

「Fuhahaha! Is that all the size of you got!? I’m far from being done!」

I think I’m allowed to be cocky.

「No more――!!」
「It’s going in my ass too――!!」

「Hiiiiiih――! Ah, sorry Mireille……I’m done. I’ll say it again. Sorry.」
「It’s fine if you squirt――wait, you-!! This is different! Heeey!!」

I got too carried away and turned the living room into a sloppy mess.
Not to mention, Nonna came at the worst time and scolded us.

This kind of game was pretty fun.
We should include Nonna next time.

「Mom, where are you going?」
「Ufufu, nowhere.」
(Stay away.)

「What is that? A water jug?」
「We’re going to use it to pickle things. I think they’ll fit if I squeeze them in.」
(Why are you coming this way!? You can’t see me, right?)

「Let’s soak these pickles for about a year.」
(Someone save meeee!)

I guess I’ll go take a nap.




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