Volume 8 Release Commemorative Special – Vampire War

Continental Calendar Year 65. Remote Territory Rhine Erinne – Secluded Mansion  

I lay spread eagle on my back and wrap both arms around my two supreme jewels.


One is Celia.
Traces of our earlier love making are left in her beautiful silver hair and on her sweaty body.


The other is Lucy.
Numerous red marks are scattered all over her enormous breasts and thick goopy liquid which I pumped into her leaks out of her plump buttocks.

How many times did I do it with them?
I remember climaxing 10 times, but lost count afterwards.

Our compatibility with each other is so great that we can turn each other on no matter which part of the body we touch.
It’s a given, having been sleeping together for decades now.
Moreover, our stamina as vampires surpasses that of a human’s, meaning the number of rounds we can go is limitless.

「……or maybe not.」

One time when Celia was away, I tried to see how long I could have sex with Lucy.

Many sexy outfits, viscous lubricants, and magically-enhanced dildos were bought, a multitude of positions were tried, and we not only sucked each other’s blood, but we also whipped each other and choked each other during sex.

We lost consciousness after the proof of my ejaculation splattered the wall for the 200th time…… when Celia returned, she dumped cold water on me and stuffed garlic in Lucy’s mouth.
I am told we almost turned to ash together.

That’s how I found out that even vampires can perish if they fuck beyond their limits.
I’m sure no other vampire ever experienced such a feeling before, so this will be valuable data to leave behind for future generations.


While reminiscing about silly things, I slip my tongue into the fainted Celia’s lips and stir it around her mouth.

It prompts a hand with porcelain skin to crawl up my back and somewhat forcefully pull me in.

「Fufu, you’re finally awake. I was waiting because I didn’t get enough……although it seems you haven’t woken up here yet.」

Lucy giggles, stroking the soft penis dangling between my legs.

「It’ll revive immediately if you use your mouth.」

「Ara, then I’ll use the best and most intense……」

Lucy’s long tongue slithers out of her red lips.
Oh, that alone is enough to get me going.

「……or so I want to, but it doesn’t look like we have much time.」
「You’re right.」

We stand up, completely naked, without bothering to cover up.

『Break in!!』

Suddenly, the skylight shatters and a man wielding a spear descends.

「Die, you cursed vampires! With this holy silver spear, I will pierce your――he-?」

I grab the spearhead with my right hand, suspending the man in midair.

『Alright, go!!』

Almost simultaneously, the front door is destroyed with a hammer and a different man rushes in, thrusting a stake from the hip.

「Stabbing a vampire with a wooden stake will ――gukh!?」

Lucy stops the stake with her smooth white palm.
No matter how hard the man pushes, Lucy doesn’t budge one millimeter and the stake doesn’t even tear through one layer of skin.

「Fumu fumu.」
「Ara ara.」

Lucy and I exchange looks, and then we both grin as the attackers’ faces fill with fear.

「Take this.」

I swing the spear down, slamming the man to the ground, then jam the spear into the center of the agonizing man’s torso.
The spear penetrates the man’s body, goes through the floorboard and stabs into the ground.

「Higya! Hiigii!」

A puddle of blood spreads out as the man struggles like a skewered insect specimen.


On the other hand, Lucy casually pushes her hand against the stake.
The non-pointed tip of the stake is pushed into the man’s chest until half of it protrudes from his back.


The man who lost his heart dies instantly and falls forward on his own, diving head-first into the ground.

「Only two left?」
「No, one.」

Someone hidden outside jumps in and unleashes fire magic to burn down the entire house.


However, the magic flew in the complete opposite direction.
One second later, both of the man’s arms drop to the ground, and his head also slowly slides off his body.

Lucy’s question was answered by a naked Celia who went off ahead……actually, she’s not totally naked like us, she’s covering her precious place with a cloth.

「It looks more indecent that way.」
「Umu. Quite wonderful if I do say so myself.」

「Q-quiet! Only Aegir-sama is allowed to see that part!!」

As Celia turns red and yells, the last person hiding in the brush……or who was trying to hide, attempts to flee.

Not that it’s possible.

「Fufu, too bad.」

Lucy was waiting for the man.
Trying to escape a vampire during the night is like trying to beat a fish in a swimming contest.

Lucy, however, stops her attack right before it connects.

「I-I see now! The rosary on this hammer is effective! Eeei, begone! Evil one, begone!!」

The man, who was wailing pathetically earlier, turns around waving a strange accessory, seemingly stronger. 

Hm, I can’t sense anything, but Lucy’s expression says otherwise.
I contemplate the possibilities briefly and then realize that Lucy’s eyes are on the man’s face instead of the accessory.

「He’s my type……」

Lucy licks her lips and extends her arm toward the man.


I jump in and give the man a kick to the face.
He flies parallel to the ground about 20 meters, rolls 30 meters, and then finally crashes into a rock and explodes, losing all his limbs.

「Aww……he’s in pieces. He was quite handsome too.」
「Blood from handsome guys are poison! If you want to suck someone’s blood, find someone with a small dick who can’t be called a man.」

A woman who is easy on the eyes will do as well.
If it’s a woman, I’d ask Lucy to keep her alive and release her. 

「Anyways, who are these guys?」

They tried to kill us from the beginning so I couldn’t help massacring them.

I scrummage the corpse of one of the assailants.
A silver knife, an unknown tool, a paper to ward off vampires, plenty of garlic……
It’s a bunch of weird stuff, though I guess I’ll take the garlic since we ran out.

「Aren’t they the vampire hunters which are popular these days? I often hear about them in town.」

Lucy dresses herself and tidies her hair.
I answer, my eyes fixed on her.

「I guess it was a bad idea to live inside a suspicious house.」

This house we slept in is separated from the town and considered to be cursed.
When we first entered, there was a magic circle emitting cursed energy in the basement, and the owner and his family had turned into bones.
Most likely, the owner drew a magic circle with unreliable knowledge and failed.

The curse released by the magic circle has the effect of weakening humans to the point of taking their lives, but doesn’t seem to have any effect on vampires, so I thought it’d be harmless to stay there.

「Muu. I made sure to only leave at night and I didn’t feel anyone particularly paying close attention either……」

Celia adds, putting on a cute and sexy outfit which she acquired from her adventures.
When I stare at her, she shyly smiles and covers herself.

「I was surprised to see a sorcerer, but is this amount of people and inadequate equipment enough to be vampire hunters?」

Vampires are very powerful creatures.
Even if they are unaware of my strength or Lucy’s strength, they wouldn’t have been able to defeat 3 ordinary vampires with their current manpower.

「I hired them because they claimed to be veteran hunters, but they’re no different from small-time thugs.」

We slowly turn around.
Standing behind us is a man wearing a pitch-black coat and a black hat which shields his eyes.

「You are someone of the same race.」

Lucy’s remark is acknowledged with a tiny smirk and a nod, then a spreading of the arms.

「I have no intention of fighting. I simply want to talk with my fellow vampires.」

「Then you could have come from the start.」

The house is a mess.

「I apologize for that. But if you struggled even a little against those guys, it wouldn’t be worth it for me to talk with you.」

He’s pompous and arrogant.
And judging by what I can see of the bottom half of his face, he probably has a handsome face.
It’s fine if I knock him down, right?

「Ara, is that so? What do you want to talk about?」

Lucy returns a relaxed smile as she sits on a chair and crosses her legs.
On the opposite side, Celia holds her hand on the sword at her hip, ready to pounce at any moment.

The man calmly sits at the table.

「The king will be revived.」

「What, is that true!?」

Lucy and Celia turn to me.

「Sorry. I exaggerated to see what reaction I’d get. I don’t actually know anything.」

The two girls click their tongues, an action that pierces my heart even as a vampire.

Hey vampire, read the room and keep explaining.

「The forefather of vampires, the great Draguria-sama, will soon revive.」

Hehhh, I don’t know who that is, but that sounds amazing.
To celebrate, should I bring him the strange accessory I picked up earlier?

「And what does that have to do with us?」

Lucy’s reply also shows a lack of interest.
Vampires have no sense of friendship or fellowship with each other in the first place.
Those who have been turned into a vampire by another are treated as servants, but aside from that, other vampires are practically considered on the same level as monsters.
Whether they kill each other or not depends on personality and compatibility.

Naturally, we are the exceptions.
Because we love each other.

「Don’t you think it’s wrong……that weak humans are running rampant in this world, while we have to hunt and hide even when we are far stronger than them? Doesn’t it aggravate you?」

The vampire removes his hat.
He reveals glowing red eyes and the pallid face of the dead which is dyed with rage.

Before I can interject and say it’s because we are undead, the vampire continues on.

「When Draguria-sama revives, everything will change. The king and all the vampires gathered under him will turn the human world upside down!」

I sit down on the floor.

「How? By killing and making them obey?」

The vampire shakes his head.

「Simply killing humans when they are superior in numbers won’t work. Powerful vampires have died trying.」

I thought as much.

「Conveniently, the people of the continent are united under one nation, the Goldonian Empire of the royal family of Hardlett.」 

「Right. The royal family of Hardlett.」

Lucy and Celia exchange looks.

「We do not need to kill every human. We only need to kill the royal family……or bring them under our control.」

「I see.」

Lucy and Celia move backward slightly.

「The current Emperor……who was it again?」

Lucy and Celia move until they are touching the wall.

「Yes, that old woman Anastasia. If we bite that old hag to death and manipulate her, then there is no need to remain in hiding. I can gobble up my favorite meal, girls under ten, as much as I want and whenever I want.」

「Hahaha, I see.」

Lucy goes under the table and Celia covers the pot.

「Our king will reign with a human emperor as his servant and we will be given as much food as we desire! The age of vampires will have finally come! Come, my brethren, swear your fealty to the king and join our ranks!」

I fold my arms and mull over the dilemma in my head.

「I see, what should I do?」
「What reason is there to hesitate!? If you serve the great king, you can eat as many girls as you――」

I shake my head.
It’s not about that.

「I’m thinking about how I should kill you.」

Time seems to pause for a few seconds.

「You fool! I have no more words for a beast who doesn’t listen to reason!!」

As soon as the words leave his mouth, the vampire simultaneously swings both arms.
He might be bare-handed, but a vampire’s claws can tear through a knight’s full-plate armor with ease.

「I don’t want to talk anymore either. Don’t open your mouth.」

I catch both his arms, stopping them stiffly in place, and make it a battle of strength.

「Hmp, I can tell by your smell. You’re a half-breed who has yet to mature past a hundred years old. How can you to win against me, Fritsua, who has lived for four hundred――」

Fritsua is interrupted by a dry crack.
The 400-year old man stares dumbfoundedly at his right arm, which has snapped at the elbow, and his left arm, which has been ripped off completely.


Fritsua expresses his disbelief as he hops backward at high speed.


Then he shouts a strange language at me as I give chase.

Immediately, sharp icicles materialize out of thin air and pierce my body.

「……ancient magic.」

Lucy mutters.

「You thought I couldn’t fight without arms, greenhorn!?」

Blood dripping from his severed arm hardens into a giant scythe, and he swings it, slicing horizontally across my stomach.

Just as Fritsua grins, thinking that he killed me, the left half of his face crumbles and scatters to the wind.

「That’s the power of a 400-year old vampire? It’s pretty weak.」

The icicles did indeed stab me and his blood scythe did indeed slice me.
But only my skin and muscles…… His attacks didn’t reach my organs.
I don’t think his attacks would have killed me even if I was still human.

Conversely, my fist completely destroyed half of Fritsua’s face.


The bones of his face are shattered and his brain matter is spilling out.
If he was human, he would undeniably be dead――

「H-he’s regenerating.」
「Uwaah, is this what I look like when I regenerate? Gross……」

As Celia and Lucy says, the dispersed fragments reassemble and the vampire’s body begins to heal.
So this guy wasn’t lying when he said he was 400 years old.

「H-how dare you……it’s been 200 years……since anybody has reduced me to such a state……」

I’m not interested in hearing the recollections of a 400 year old.

I pull out the silver spear from the man skewered on the floor.

「S-silver! Stop! Don’t come near me!」

The regenerating Fritsua molds his blood into a blade and tries to fend me off, but I deflect all of his attacks with the back of my hand.
Then I plunge the spear into Fritsua’s heart right as his muscles and blood vessels are reforming.


White smoke gushes from Fritsua’s chest as he screams loud enough to shake the entire house.
His grotesquely reforming head melts like time is reversing.

「Hooh. So silver weapons actually work if they stab all the way through.」
「That was close, eh?」
「Better be careful in the future.」

I joke around with Lucy and Celia as I pick Fritsua up with the spear and throw him out the window.
Perfect timing, it’s beginning to get bright on the horizon.


Fritsua is pinned against a stone statue in the garden and is gradually exposed to the sun.

After a mix of wailing, shrieking and cursing, the 400 year old vampire becomes ash.

「Nothing lasts forever. This is also your fate. Rest in peace.」 

Eventually, the sun also falls upon me, and I quietly walk away from the window.

「So, what are you going to do now?」

Lucy asks with a sigh.

「I want to go back to Goldonia, to the royal capital……I guess, it’s the imperial capital now.」

「You’re going to save her, aren’t you?」

Celia confirms, nodding.


I’m no longer human.
I don’t intend to get involved with nations or politics.
Now that I’m dead, I don’t want to meddle with royalty and all that comes with it.

「Even so.」

After my death, Antonio defeated the Federation and the ethnic tribes, and then, alongside the Continental Empire, established the Continental Calendar.
Currently, it is year 65 of the Continental Calendar.

「The only one I know is Ana. I could care less about countries and governments, but I want to protect her.」

Ana’s lifespan is also nearing its end.
I want to be by her bedside.
Vampire king or whoever, I won’t let her become his servant.

「I will follow you, Aegir-sama. ……I don’t want her to die either.」

Celia is determined too.

「It would be incredibly awkward if I’m found, but-」

Lucy scratches her cheek.
It’s probably because she is at the top of Anastasia’s list of people who she wants to send flying.

「Well, my sister is also in Goldonia. I’ll come along in secret.」

Right, Brynhildr is in Goldonia.
If those vampires sniffed out a roaming party of three, they wouldn’t ignore Brynhildr who has dozens of vampires under her control.

If what Fri……Fli……Flinder said is correct, our enemy is the army of vampires working for the king.

Which means, this is a war.
Vampires versus humans……no, it’s us versus the vampire army.

Wait, did he have such an exciting-sounding name?
Whatever, who cares about a guy who turned into ash.

Now, time to go to Goldonia.

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