Operation: Liberate Southleaf Island – Part 01

Southleaf Island, though not particularly large, boasted a well-kept harbor, owing to the numerous residents whose livelihood hinged on the bounty of the sea.

Like cherry blossom petals adrift upon puddles of water, the harbor teemed with numerous fishing vessels. However, presently, not a soul was in those boats. Silence shrouded the harbor.

The only signs of life were found on the Knights Templar’s medium-sized armored ship, a robust vessel with steel reinforcements on its hull.

“How refreshing. Not a single Beastman in sight.”

“You can say that again. The place was crawling with them when we arrived. It gave me the creeps.”

Two knights stood upon the ship’s deck, watching the empty harbor. Similar to the ferryboat, their ship couldn’t dock due to the shallow seabed, necessitating the construction of a makeshift bridge of linked small boats.

“That boat looks to be swaying. Look, one of the boats we’re using as a bridge.”

“Probably just

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