People Call the Dungeon the Forest of Deception – Part 06

Freya said it wouldn’t take long, so they decided to talk as Hikaru walked her home. It was already dark, and Hikaru wanted to return to Lavia as soon as possible.

“So, Sir Unken actually called me to his office today.”

Freya had changed from her receptionist’s uniform to plain clothes, a stylish burgundy dress that Hikaru wouldn’t have expected her to wear. She gave a ditzy vibe, but it looked strangely good on her.

“He did?”

“Yeah. You were curious about Count Morgstadt’s murder, right?”

“Is there progress with the case?”


Freya told him that the Count’s daughter had vanished into thin air en route to the capital, and a soldier was ambushed by a young bandit. In fact, it wasn’t just a soldier, but the commander of the kingdom’s knights himself, but Freya withheld that information. News about the commander’s defeat must not be made known to the public.

“Were they killed?” Hikaru asked.


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