Stealth Kid Goes to Cotton-elka – Part 03

“This is quite something,” Kelbeck said, pleased to see the items that Hikaru had brought with him.

Head of Pond’s Thieves’ Guild, he had short red hair and a large tattoo on his face that resembled a flame. His toned body, his thick shirt, along with his baggy pants and high-cut boots, gave him the appearance of a veteran mercenary, but Hikaru was unfazed.

“How much will you pay for it?” Hikaru asked.

“Let’s see… 15,000 gilans.”

“You must be joking. I heard Black Moonflower buds alone go for 20,000 gilans. Add to that the other medicinal herbs and the Honey Crystals from a Rogue Bees’ nest, this should be worth no less than 30,000 gilans.”

“True. Your Honey Crystal is in good condition, but it’s not really worth that much at the moment. There was a huge raid on Rogue Bees near the border last month. The royal capital is overstocked with the

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