Test Your Skills, Glory Awaits the Victor – Part 02

【Soul Board】Sara
Age: 18 | Rank: 39 | 9

【Natural Recovery】2
【Toxin Immunity】2

【Muscle Strength】1
【Weapon Mastery】
【Short Sword】2

【Power Burst】3
【Life Cloaking】2
【Mana Cloaking】1


【Life Detection】1

Sara only had 1 point in Life Detection, which allowed her to see signs of life within a ten-meter range, but Hikaru had 3 points in Group Cloaking, giving him the same effect as 3 points in Life Cloaking.


Sara stood still, and Serika looked in the same direction—where Hikaru was—wondering what was going on.

“What’s wrong, Sara?! A frown doesn’t suit you!”

“Something’s bothering me…”

Hikaru gave a start. Right, Instinct! It gave me a hard time when fighting that knight. So it works in this case, too.

Hikaru’s Stealth had been active all this time. Unless they did something very conspicuous, they shouldn’t be spotted. Plus, they were about five meters apart.

It should be fine… All good…

“Sorry. Must’ve been my imagination,” Sara said with a smile.

The four women left, and Hikaru heaved a sigh of relief. Lavia and Paula too did the same; they had been subconsciously holding their breath.

“Th-That was nerve-wracking,” Lavia said.

“They really didn’t see us,” Paula added.

“The effect wears off once they perceive you, though,” Hikaru explained. “It only worked this time because they never saw us from the start.”

“Wait, what about the tournament?” Lavia asked.

Her question was understandable. The battles were public, and Hikaru would be perceived the moment he made his entrance.

“I have something in mind,” Hikaru said. “I’m kind of tired, so let’s finish the commission and go out to eat.”



Hikaru couldn’t help but wonder why the Four Eastern Stars were here. And Serika—the woman named Serika Tanoue—was probably Japanese, just like him.

Naturally, he wanted to talk to his fellow countryman, but it was still dangerous at the moment. Serika was one of the Four Eastern Stars, a party of adventurers tasked with escorting the suspect in the murder of Count Morsgstadt.

If they learned about Lavia, they might hand her over to the kingdom.

Delivering the item to the Adventurer’s Guild was surprisingly easy.

“Would you like to be paid in gilans?”


“Understood. Here’s 10,000 gilans for the delivery.”

The receptionist handed Hikaru silver coins in a leather bag.

Ponsonian gilan was a valid currency in Einbiest. Other usable currencies included the ones issued by the Theocracy of Bios and the maritime nation of Vireocean. Einbiest lacked the technology and economic power to issue its own currency.

“And this one as well,” the receptionist said.

“What’s this?” Hikaru asked.

“The recipient seemed to know that there was a delivery and asked me to give it to the carrier.”

“I see.”

Hikaru took the letter and put it in his pocket. He was glad that he was treated like an actual grown-up despite his young appearance.

The overwhelming majority of adventurers in the guild were of the Beastman race, followed by Elves and Dwarves. The ratio was consistent with the population distribution in the city.

The presence of fantastical races such as Elves and Dwarves raised Hikaru’s excitement level. The only Elf he knew was a dashing blacksmith with rolled-up sleeves and the only Dwarf he knew was a fashionista with a braided beard. Elves and Dwarves found in fantasy works were not like that.

After completing the commission, Hikaru was promoted to rank F. And since they were away from Ponsonia, Lavia asked for a guild card from the Adventurers Guild.

【Adventurers Guild Card】
【Registration】Hopestadt Adventurers Guild, Confederacy of Einbiest

She already had a soul card, but the last Blessing she set would take effect. The receptionist, a cat-eared lady, initially showed reluctance since Lavia was only 14 years old, but her attitude changed as soon as she saw the four-character Blessing Flame Elemental Magic God: Flame Magus. Blessings were highly valued in this world.


“I’m so happy for you,” Paula said.

“Hehehe. Yeah!”

Lavia was happy to finally become an adventurer, something she had always wanted.

They had lunch, and then headed to the arena.

“Oh,” Hikaru breathed.

“There’s lots of people here,” Lavia said.

“And a lot of food stalls too,” Paula added.

“We could’ve had lunch here too.”

Compared to the last time Hikaru was here, where it felt like everything was still in preparation, most of the food stalls were now complete. The smell of grilled skewers and fried food wafted through the air.

The biggest crowd was gathered in front of the giant gate, where a bulletin with a 20-meter wooden board was posted, displaying the tournament lineup.

Thirty-two participants… All races are in, huh?

Last time only less than thirty people joined, as the minority races did not participate.

This time, however, all thirty-two slots were filled. The two most notable participants were the current confederacy leader, Gerhardt Vatex Anchor, and Jillarte Kostenlos Jäger, the daughter of the previous leader. Their prominence was emphasized by the fact that Jillarte’s name was written on the leftmost side of the tournament bracket, while Gerhardt’s was on the right.

The matches were apparently determined by lottery.

I thought that a lottery in a closed room would mean a lot of cheating, but if they were going to cheat, they would have put Gerhardt and Jillarte against each other in the first round to quash a revolt in its early stages. So did they really draw lots? Or maybe they want to drag it out to the finals and win decisively, or show her lose in the preliminary rounds.

With Jillarte’s participation made public, Gerhardt couldn’t harm her openly. The tournament bracket basically guaranteed her safety.

“…Wait, what?”

“Do you see that, Hikaru?”

“Lord Hikaru, look.”

All three of them noticed something at the same time. A familiar name among the thirty-two participants.

Selyse Lande.

If Jillarte advanced, she would meet her in the third round—the quarterfinals.

What’s she doing here? No, wait. We already saw her earlier. It’s not just her either…


Jillarte would have to fight him in the second round.

It was just East, so there should be nothing to worry about. But Hikaru couldn’t help but wonder.

The East that Hikaru knew was a knight, his full name being East F. Garuda. A nobleman of the Kingdom of Ponsonia, he was in charge of guarding Count Morgstadt, so of course he knew Lavia’s face. It could be that the reason why he wasn’t listed by his full name was to avoid incurring hostility, since his name indicated that he had a noble status in the kingdom.

Did the kingdom send them?

The Ruler’s Rumble was open to outsiders in the form of endorsement by a race. Jillarte told Hikaru that the winner of the tournament could give their position as the leader of the confederacy to whomever they desired. This also applied to Hikaru.

The Fire Drakon Catastrophe and the fall of the fortress city of Leather-elka were only the latest in a series of events that undermined the dignity of the kingdom. It wasn’t surprising that the kingdom would direct its rage to this place.

Suddenly, Hikaru heard gasps.

Jillarte had arrived, surrounded by people from the Dragonfolk and Ogrekin.

“Is that who I think it is?”

“It’s Lady Jillarte! Lord Kouga’s daughter! Is she participating in the tournament?!”

“Go tell the boss! Everyone in the tribe!”

Some reactions were positive, but of course there were also negative ones.

“What’s the Half Dragons thinking now, using the previous leader’s influence?”

“Does Lord Gerhardt know about this?”

“Ugh, Dragonfolk. Disgusting.”

“What are they doing with the Ogrekin?”

Such comments were coming from the Beastman, which comprised around half of the people present.

Then, there was another stir. A group of canine Beastmen in glittering armor arrived with a large number of soldiers in tow. The Dragonfolk and Ogrekin moved to defend Jillarte.

“Are you Jillarte Kostenlos Jäger?”

“So what if she is?”

Utekko and Garan faced the Beastmen.

“I would like to have a word with Miss Jillarte.”

“She has no reason to talk to Beastmen.”

“Relax. We’re here as Lord Gerhardt’s representative.”

The Beastman’s words caused a stir.

“That’s right!” a soldier shouted.

“Get out of the way!” another added.

This looks bad, Hikaru thought. A scuffle here would definitely result in injuries.

As Hikaru pondered whether he should take action as Silver Face, the canine Beastman chuckled.

“Okay, okay. We’ll back off,” he said. “But know this: Lord Gerhardt’s doors are always open to you, Miss Jillarte. Whenever you feel like it, you may visit him at his residence.”

“Th-That’s ridiculous,” Utekko said. “Who would fall for such an obvious trap?”

The Dragonfolk and Ogrekin voiced their agreement.

“I have passed the message. See you around.”

As the Beastmen left, the tension in the atmosphere faded.

“Good grief,” Hikaru said. “So much trouble.”

“It won’t be easy,” Lavia added.

“G-Good luck, Lord Hikaru!” Paula said.

The name Silver Face was also on the bracket. If all went well, he would face Jillarte in the semi-finals.

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