The Perseverance to Survive in this World – Part 01

The Einbiest army had set up camp a day’s ride to the east of Hopestadt, the largest city in the Confederacy of Einbiest. Their numbers counted a little over 5,000 strong.

While they were called an army, only about half of them were disciplined regular soldiers, while the rest were hired mercenaries, mostly adventurers. Even as mercenaries, their morale was high because they knew that if, by any chance, they fell to Bios, all the demi-humans would be captured and treated as slaves. For these mercenaries, this was a battle to protect their homeland.

“We won the first battle decisively, but there’s still a lot of them.”

Gerhardt was within one of the tents. A lion Beastman, he had a muscular, robust build and a face framed with a thick mane.

Seated on a fur-covered chair before him was Deputy Leader Jillarte, her expression stern. She was human, a rarity in Einbiest, with beautiful features and fiery red hair tied back. She carried curved blades called cutlasses at her waist, one on each side.

“According to our scouts,” Jillarted said, “the Bios army stationed on the plains number around 15,000 troops, but there are no indications of significant movement.”

“It’s all flatlands, but they’re not advancing on us. Damn it, they’re pissing me off.”

“They outnumber us 3-to-1. You’d expect them to attack by now, but I believe our recent victory is affecting their decision.”

In the initial battle, Einbiest had faced off against 10,000 Bios soldiers with about 5,000 troops. Einbiest was impassioned, while Bios dismissed Einbiest as mere demi-humans. Bios crumbled in the face of Einbiest’s grit and retreated, resulting in about a thousand casualties. Einbiest’s side lost no more than fifty troops. Objectively, this constituted a crushing defeat.

Jillarte speculated that Bios was likely thinking, “We can’t afford to lose next time.”

The theocracy held its doctrine in high regard. The teachings of the Pope stated, “Pure humans are supreme, and demi-humans are inferior.” They couldn’t possibly admit to their citizens that they were defeated by Beastmen.

“They want to ensure victory with their next attack.”

“What? There’s no certainty in war!” Gerhardt roared, fed up with the ongoing stalemate.

“I’m concerned about spies.”

Many Einbiest Beastmen had keen perception, and they had been capturing Bios spies infiltrating their ranks one after another. Some of these spies brought toxic substances, which were currently being analyzed in Hopestadt.

“Who cares about spies?! We’re gonna strike head-on and kill them all!”

“Lord Gerhardt…”

“If there’s still no movement tomorrow, we’ll launch an attack. Get ready!”

Jillarte bowed and left the tent. It was clear that Gerhardt’s emotions were running high.

It probably has to do with what happened.

After capturing a hundred Knights Templar that had been wreaking havoc on Southleaf Island, Gerhardt attempted to use these prisoners to negotiate the release of their compatriots within Bios. In Bios, Beastmen were treated harshly as slaves, used as expendable laborers.

There were reportedly several thousand captive Beastmen, and the key agenda of the negotiation was how many they could release in exchange for the hundred knights.

Gerhardt assembled a negotiation team of ten, but Bios sent armed soldiers to the meeting. Without any discussion, the negotiation team was suddenly attacked and slaughtered. Only one member, critically wounded, managed to escape and report the incident.

Subsequently, Bios promptly organized their army and set out.

Gerhardt regretted sending the negotiation team.

“Negotiation was never an option,” he had muttered aloud.

Jillarte, too, had been deeply shocked when she heard of Bios’ brutal actions. Bios didn’t even consider them as individuals.

We need to watch the movements of other countries as well. Since Bios has churches throughout the continent, they should be seeking assistance from other nations. That’s why Lord Gerhardt wants to settle this as soon as possible.

Jillarte placed her hand on the hilt of the cutlass hanging from her waist.

A major battle is about to break out. Can we win? Can I survive? We have to survive. We have to win. Negotiations won’t change anything. There’s no future for us unless we fight and secure victory.

Wispy clouds drifted across the vast sky. Jillarte tried to recall the masked boy who was somewhere far away on this continent, but she shook her head. Right now, she needed to focus on what was right in front of her.

“We will win.”

After finishing his breakfast, Hikaru made his way to a café. It was a spot he frequented, with its outdoor terrace shaded by trees.

“Hey, you’re here already?”

Just as he settled into his seat, Serika greeted him in Japanese.

“Imagine my surprise when you called for me out of nowhere. Your group and Sophie have been busy with the epidemic, right? What’s going on? I specialize in offensive magic, so I can’t really do anything at times like these.”

Hikaru ordered coffee, while Serika opted for a café au lait.

“Serika, do you remember what I asked you the other day? About what you’d do if there was a way for you to go back to Japan?”

Before their drinks arrived, Hikaru broached the topic, and Serika’s expression stiffened.

“I do, but… Please don’t bring up hypotheticals. It’s just painful.”

“There is a way,” Hikaru said, then continued without waiting for Serika’s response. “However, it’s not a proven method, and it hasn’t been verified. It’s like a human experiment. Plus, there’s no guarantee you can come back here after leaving. But… we can send one person back to Japan with near certainty.”


“We call it the spell for crossing worlds.”

Serika was staring at him blankly. It seemed it would take her some time to process the information. In the meantime, their ordered drinks arrived.

“Is that… Is that really true?”

“Yes,” Hikaru said as he took a sip of his coffee.

“That’s not what you said before. You said ‘what if’ a lot!”

“Please calm down.”

“How can I possibly calm down?!”

Serika half-rose to her feet, hitting the table. The cups wobbled, and Hikaru reached out to steady them.

“Serika… It was Sophie who asked me to grant your wish.”


“She knew you would hesitate because of them, so she wanted me to send you back without worrying. She said it’s only natural to want to return home.”

Serika opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out. She sat back down wearily.

“I’m sorry. I’m in a bit of a hurry. If you’re having trouble making a decision right now, I’ll ask you again at a later date. It might take some time, though, maybe even a month or so.”

It was unlikely that Serika would be able to make a decision immediately. Hikaru got up from his seat.

“Sophie is such an idiot. She should have just straight-up told me,” Serika muttered.

“This is only a guess, but I think Sophie intended to send you home without telling Sara and Selyse.”

“I see… She wants to bear all the responsibility. Did she think I’d just say ‘yes’?” Serika let out a long sigh. “I do want to go home, but the thought of that soft-spoken woman playing me like a puppet kinda pisses me off.”

“I’m sure she was just thinking about what was best for you.”

“She thinks I don’t care about them? Fine. I’ve made up my mind.”

She’s not going back to Japan, Hikaru thought.

Although he failed to fulfill Sophie’s condition, he made the effort to grant her wish. He wondered if she would allow him to use the Proselytizer’s Path anyway.

“I’m going to Japan.”

“…What? You are? I thought for sure you would say no.”

“But…” Serika pointed her finger sharply at Hikaru. “After I’m done with my business over there, I’m coming back to this world! You’d better work something out!”

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