Ruler Vol 2 Epilogue




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【???’s POV】


“So…… You failed.”

I surmised the events that happened in the dungeon with that single sentence.

“Basically speaking, yes.”

Liera replied to me nonchalantly. It’s somewhat infuriating just how laidback she is. But what I’m really surprised about is that not just Liera, but even Regina failed.

“I expected many things of you, but failure wasn’t really one of them.”

She scowled at me dangerously.

“Oh yeah? How about I find another dungeon for you and this time, you go with the Heroes in my place and accomplish those things? Can you?”

“It is precisely because I cannot that I sent you.”

“Don’t talk shit then. Unless you want to face my wrath? Do you, punk?”

It’s exactly because of behaviour like this that I wanted to get rid of you, Liera.

“P-please calm down Liera, don’t be so hasty. Fine, I was in the wrong for asking you to do such a difficult task.”

“Difficult? Killing Sam and his party wasn’t difficult, it could have been easily done. The only difficult thing was the presence of Balgaar.”

And you are still standing before me, alive.

“I cannot say anything about that.”

“By the way, you were the one who confirmed that Balgaar was dead, weren’t you?”

She scowled.

“Yes. What of it?”

Is she suspecting me now?

“Just asking. I was just wondering whether you knew Balgaar was alive or not.”

Yeah, she is. She doubted me from the very beginning, but to think that she is now voicing them directly to me. Something must have happened there.

“Please don’t joke, Liera. If I were to ever betray you three, I would first record it in writing and send it over to you.”

“Yeah yeah whatever.”

“So, do you know what happened to Balgaar?”

“Nope. The moment I became aware of his presence in the dungeon, I immediately ran away. I admit that I’m sort of a battle maniac, but even I don’t want to fight battles where death is certain.”

As if you can die.

“Of course. However, you say that you heard Balgaar’s battle cry. Just who was he fighting?”

“Dunno. All that I know is that whoever fought Balgaar wouldn’t be alive right now.”

“That’s certainly true.”

But what bugs me the most is how Balgaar personally fought his opponent. Balgaar was a monster who held supreme pride in himself. There’s no way he would fight just anyone who happened to meet him.

In other words, Balgaar had deemed his opponent to be worthy of fighting him, to the point he roared in excitement. Just who could have done it? Regina? She wouldn’t be alive then. In fact, I can’t even contact her right now. Don’t tell me that she really died at that place.

“Anyway, good work. You can go now. I’ll call you again if I need you.”


She left my room after saying that, thus leaving me alone.

“Now then, how should I go about doing this?”

My plans have deviated by a large margin. Ideally, Liera should have finished everyone there, and should have been killed by Balgaar. Then I would have later retrieved their bodies from the dungeon. However, she not only returned alive along with Samuel and Jack, she even doubts me enough to openly suspect me. Not to mention that I have most probably lost my most important pawn, Regina.

Good grief.

But I really need Samuel and Jack, dead. They are the final key to completing my grand plan.

Grand Orfei.

Susan, Miller, Laura, Asch, Lisa and Smith.

None of them could do it, and so I had to take some drastic measures. I thought I had to continue with this for a long time, but in came Samuel, along with the trophy named Jack, and I was forced to radically change my plans.

If it’s him, then he can surely accomplish that. I, can accomplish that.

But the problem right now is that they have become too strong. I can no longer control them from the shadows.

I guess it’s time for me to personally enter the stage.

Now then, I hope you will entertain me, Samuel Hayden, before I turn you into one of my puppets.

And I hope you will forgive me. I am truly sorry for this betrayal, but this is all for the glory of humanity, and the glory of my Goddess.


All hail Phiria.




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