Ruler Vol 3 Chapter 2




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】



What? Why is Chloe hugging me so tightly?

“What is it, Chloe? Did something happen?”

I gently placed my hands on her shoulders to get her off me, but her grip didn’t loosen. In fact, she only hugged me tighter, and it was starting to hurt a little bit now.

“I thought I had lost you……”

She finally whispered in a whimpering voice.

Chloe was afraid that she had lost me? I admit that it’s scary to lose your friends, but can that fear compel one to do something like this?

Especially to Chloe, who is romantically interested in Jack right now?

Don’t tell me, is she malfunctioning again?

I gently stroked her hair until her trembling stopped, and tried explaining her.

“Don’t worry about me, Chloe. As you can see, I am perfectly fine and standing before you. So, how about you let go off me so that we can go and meet Reishu?”

Her behaviour is clearly strange. Ideally speaking, she shouldn’t be so attached to me. I’ll have to figure it out with Jack later.

Chloe finally let go of me, wiped the tears in her eyes and weakly nodded.


“Let’s go Drache, Simone. Reishu is probably waiting for us.”

“That’s King Reishu for you.”

She retorted from behind.

“Isn’t that what I said?”

“You didn’t!”

“Please don’t baselessly accuse me. You can ask Drache.”

Shiggurath smiled in a teasing manner.

“Of course. He addressed him as King Reishu.”


“See? You sure you aren’t going senile? How old are you anyway?”

“My age has nothing to do with it! You clearly said Reishu there!”

“Reishu? Is that the way to call your father?”

“You! Stop teasing me!”

She shouted as lightly kicked me.


Chloe giggled listening to our banter. Hmm, maybe I should keep messing with Simone like this? It’ll help keep the atmosphere light after all.

“You’re once again thinking something rude, aren’t you?”

She scowled at me.

“Of course not. Anyway, let’s hurry up. It’s not a good idea to keep King Reishu waiting.”

“Yes yes. Just follow me.”

After replying coldly, she led us to the same conference room which we used earlier. She knocked on the door, and it was immediately opened.


Cornellia shouted the moment she saw me entering the room, and her gloomy expression immediately brightened.

“Sam, my child. I was really worried for you. Just what were you doing in that dungeon, and with the Demon King nonetheless?”

Reishu also asked me in a worried tone.

“Fighting for my fucking life. What else?”

Jeez, these people worry too much. Am I really loved that much?

This is bad.

Maybe I should adopt an attitude similar to Jack? An apathetic cold one. Pair it with my average looks and all that, maybe people won’t flock around me like this? And if they won’t gather around me, they clearly won’t have the time to worry about me.

A win-win situation. Sadly, I cannot adopt that strategy.

“Right right. You were fighting for your life. Why don’t you sit down for a minute? You must be tired.”

He pointed towards one of the chairs.

“Not really. Let’s drop these shams and get to the main point. I’m sure you are itching to ask me many things, aren’t you?”

He smiled slightly, and then dropped his shoulders. With a dangerous glint in his eyes and a flat tone, he asked me.

“Is the Demon King dead?”

Yeah, this was what this battle maniac was really concerned about. He should have cleanly come out from the beginning; it would have saved us a lot of time.

Incidentally, Liera wasn’t here.

“She at least didn’t die in the dungeon or when we got out of it.”

Unless her subordinates revolted against her and used a method to restrain and kill her, she should definitely be alive right now. In fact, she is alive right now.

“I see.”

The way he said this with relief mixed in really makes me question just whose side he is on. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t betray me. And in case he does, well, what can I do except kill him?

“In fact, you could have just asked her personally. There really wasn’t any need to specifically wait for me like this. Isn’t that right, Leticia?”


Reishu stupidly groaned at my declaration. Just then-

“Good grief, you always manage to find me no matter what. As expected of my husband.”


The next moment, the window opened with a bang, and Regina was sitting cross-legged on the window sill. Silhouetted by the setting sun, her figure was as beautiful as ever.

“Demon King!”

Reishu shouted as he took out his sword and pointed it at her. Ignoring him, I continued.

“Well, I can’t help but notice when you’re being this obvious about it.”

Though I hope that she can stop stalking me and go find some other hobby, like flinging herself off a cliff.

“Well, you were the only one who recognised my magic signature, Darling.”


And no, I’m pretty sure that Jack and Shiggurath also noticed that you were here. And so would have Liera if she had been present here.

“Enough with this tomfoolery. Clearly state why you are here, or else face our wrath.”

Jack scowled and threatened her.

Yeah, you handle her Jack. I’m kinda tired right now.

“What if I say I am here to fight?”

“Talk to Sam then.”


“Then you are cordially invited to fuck off.”

I honestly replied.

“Aaah, how cold.”

She complained in a cutesy manner. Should I call her aunty? I’m afraid I’ll be pulverised if I said that, so I’ll refrain.

“Anyway, I’m here to declare war.”

The moment she said, the playful attitude from before was replaced by a dangerous sombre one.

“I see. In how many days?”

“One week, at the grasslands we exited on before.”

A week, huh.

“I see. I certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness and sincerity in personally coming here to inform us.”

Not that it matters.

“I was just fulfilling my duty, Darling.”

She laughed in an erotic way.

What’s up with those darlings and husband anyway?

“Anyway, I’ll be going for now.”


Everyone except Jack and me shouted this, stopping Regina in her steps.


She turned around and asked.

“Just what do you mean by Husband?! What did you and Sam do in that dungeon?!”

Cornellia asked and Shiggurath beside her nodded, while everyone else in the room looked at both of them with dumbfounded expressions. Only Chloe had averted her eyes from the scene.

A fucking Demon King just waltzed into this room and declared a fucking war on them and this is the thing they want to ask her? What the fuck is wrong with these two?

I’m also interested though.

“Oh, do you perhaps not know? After facing all those adversaries together, Sam and I got closer and have vowed to remain together as husband and wife, whether alive or dead.”

I wasn’t aware that we were suffering from the suspension bridge effect.


Cornellia appeared shock over this new discovery. Wow.

“Well then, see ya.”

She winked at me and then opened a teleportation portal. Before we could even blink, she was gone.

“And just so you know, whatever Regina spouted was a complete lie. But I’m sure you are sensible enough to understand that, right?”

Let’s get this out of the way first.

“Y-Yes, of course we know. Right, Drache?”


Their responses are pretty dubious, but I’ll let them go for now.

The more important thing is, Regina has challenged me to a war even after experiencing my battle with Balgaar first-hand. Two conclusions can be drawn from this:

First is that she is being controlled by someone, so she has no choice but to fight me even if that results in her death.

Second, she has found a power strong enough to not lose to even mine.

Judging from her attitude, it’s most probably the second. Or that’s what others would think.

Before that, I wonder, what did she get as a reward? I hope it’s not as outrageous as what I have received.


Anyway, let’s prepare for war, I guess.




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