Ruler Vol 4 Chapter 11




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


After gathering myself and recovering from the shock of absolutely zero luck, we finally decided to proceed with the other important things.

“Say, this status. Can it only show my stats?”

“No. It shows everything about you, including your titles, skills and magic.”


“What are skills?”

“They are simply magic spells which are much more efficient than the normal ones and can be used without going through the troublesome stuff like building mana and all that.”

Hmmm, that sounds incredibly convenient.

“And what about magic?”

“It shows you the elements you can use. Different from my world, most people here can use only one or two elements.”

Hmm, that sounds hard.

“And how can I access them?”

“It’s easy. Just say Properties.”

……Gotta say that whoever came up with that name didn’t really have good naming sense.

But putting that aside, I did as Phiria told me to do.


This time, another translucent green screen came up in my vision.



TITLE: The Fallen, Hellwalker, Executioner, Ruler of Death, Overlord, Ruler of Hell, Slayer, Hero

SKILLS: Aspect of the Hell Guards, The Only Lord, Absolute Requiem, Freezing Grave, Death Shot……………………………………………………………………………………………… ………, Combination X, Creation X

MAGIC: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light, Dark, Space, Time



The list was just so fucking long that I thought I would get a headache just by looking at it. Specially the Skills section. Like, it had just so many skills that I had to scroll down a lot just to get to the Magic one!

I have become an OP MC!

I’ll look through the Skills when I have a lot of time. First is the Titles. I can understand the rest, but what’s this ‘Executioner’?

“Hey Phiria, what’s this Executioner title?”

“Hmm?” Her eyes narrowed as she looked at the place that green screen was supposed to be at. “Ah, that. I may have an idea of it, given by how it’s situated between Hellwalker and Ruler of Death. But this properties screen should also be able to give you an idea what each title and skill means. Just focus on it.”

Ohh, the properties screen is really convenient.

As per Phiria’s instructions, I focused on the title ‘Executioner’. The screen changed as it showed a description for that title.



EXECUTIONER: The only being to ever wield all the Extinctions.
All limits on the ability to wield weapons are lifted; the holder can use all types of weapons with maximum proficiency.



Ah, now I see. But all limits disappear, eh? That sure is a very convenient buff. Let’s check out ‘Aspect of the Hell Guards’.



ASPECT OF THE HELL GUARDS: No information available.




“Phiria, why does it say ‘No information available’ for Aspect of the Hell Guards?”

“That’s because your nasty ability is an original skill, which can only be used by you. The System has never encountered such a skill, and even the creator of the System wasn’t aware of its existence. And since you, the skill’s creator, hasn’t put any description for it, the System has no other option than to say ‘No information available’. In fact, ‘Aspect of the Hell Guards’ is under the Skills section only because the System has no idea where to put it.”

Nasty? That’s rude.

But, the System cannot describe it because I myself didn’t give any description? That’s kinda sad. Should I put one right now?

Nah, that would be a lot of work. Anyway.

“So, does this happen every time an original skill is encountered?”

“Of course not.” She shook her head. “Yours is a special case. The System is actually capable of finding out everything about a Skill by ‘reverse engineering’ it. Through that process, the skill is also recorded in the System, thus making it available to everyone across the universe. Of course, the necessary conditions to acquire and use the said skill are also added so that not just anyone can use that skill.”

The System, huh?

I wonder how the System is doing nowadays?

“So, it cannot reverse engineer ‘Aspect of the Hell Guards’, huh.”

Well, that was to be expected. While creating the protocols, I worked along with Maxwell and Jack to make sure that no one could reverse engineer or copy them. Since ‘Aspect of the Hell Guards’ is derived from those protocols, it is only natural that the System cannot do anything about.

Anyway, let’s move on to the next skill.

“And what are these ‘Combination X’ and ‘Creation X’?”

“Combination is a skill that allows you to combine the basic elements of magic to create new ones. Creation, on the other hand, lets you create new skills from scratch. The X following them is the roman numeral for 10, which indicates the proficiency. Proficiency starts from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. The more your proficiency, the better you are at that skill.”

Another outrageous skill. How did I even get this one? This is too much.

But my feelings aside, it goes without saying that these skills are going to be very useful in the upcoming crusade.

“Anyway. That’s enough for now; I’ll look through them more thoroughly at a later date. Let’s get to the city now.”

“I would be fine sleeping outside if it’s with you, though.”

Phiria said the words which I knew she would say with utmost sincerity and innocence.

“I appreciate your sentiments, but I think we should at least stay under a proper roof.”

“Well, as you wish.” She agreed unexpectedly- “It would be easier to attack you that way.”

………… I dunno if I should be sad that she is planning to ‘attack’ me or happy that she at least has the common sense to not do it in a forest like this.

Maybe I should stay the night here……. Good grief.

“Let’s go now.”

I’ll handle her later.


And with that, we started walking towards the road that would lead us to the city. Though I call it a road, it’s actually a wide forest trail which was maintained just enough to make sure that carriages could pass through it.

Ah, right! How could I forget about that!

Since I’m in this world, I must work on changing myself so that no one can recognize me.

⟦Did you have enough friends to even care about that?⟧

⟦Alright, there was no need to personally attack me like that………..⟧

What pissed me off the most was that I could not find any words to refute Maxwell. Goddamnit!

A-anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to be careful, would it? So I should at least change my face.

“Are you perhaps thinking about changing your appearance?” But Phiria made the first move by bringing up that topic herself. “Your silence means that you indeed are. Honestly speaking though, I don’t think you need to do it.”

Oi. What exactly does she mean by that?

“But it wouldn’t hurt to be careful, would it?”

“Well….. it wouldn’t, I admit. But there’s no need to worry about that since I’m with you. Just keep your mask on, I’ll handle the rest.”

She claimed with conviction.

“Before that, just how much can you actually interfere with the affairs of this world?”

“Hmm.” She out her finger on her chin. “Besides my duty to keep you under control, unless it’s for self-defence or to protect you, I cannot attack someone. Nor can I do anything which would tip the current balance of this world. So at most, I can use illusion and healing magic on you. Of course, there are some exceptions.”

She answered while adding a ‘Yeah, that’s about it’ to herself.

Anyway, even that much is enough. Situations which would require Phiria to fight would not really arise, and even if they did, I could act to be in danger to give her a reason to fight.

“I see. I’ll be leaving the protection of my identity under your care then.”

“Leave it to me!”

She exclaimed excitedly.

That settles the basic preparation, I guess. Everything else will be planned and improvised upon getting more information.

Anyway, let’s start my first proper isekai adventure!

Or so I thought.

As we continued walking down the road, several presences surrounded us while hiding inside the forest. To be more precise-

“They seem to be…. hostile.”

Phiria murmured. And soon enough, after confirming that we were properly trapped in their encirclement, from the trees around us jumped out 8 men, while 2 remained inside the forest, hidden. All of them wore leather armours and had weapons on them, which were pointed at us.

They were clearly bandits.

“Whoa there, brother!” One of them called out to me in a condescending tone. “What are doing wandering in a forest like this at night?”




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