Ruler Vol 4 Chapter 23




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


The goblins inside that hall were mostly sleeping. The others were eating, toying around or doing other incomprehensible things.

They had let their guard down.

Irene nocked 3 arrows in her bow and fired, her impeccable aim instantly ending the lives of 3 goblins. Their death throes immediately alerted the remaining 20 goblins. As per the plan, Garn and I jumped between them to kill them using melee attacks. But as I was pondering on whether to use my sword or not, I noticed something strange.

At the end of the hall was a throne.


I instantly seized the sword from the goblin in front of me, lopped off its head, and then threw the sword towards the darkness behind the throne.

“Hey what are you doi-!”

Garn’s retort was cut off by the metallic clang that rang out from that place. The goblins stopped attacking us and started laughing(?) in their disgusting voices.

The reason for that was the three figures that stepped out from that darkness.

“Oi oi oi, you’ve got to be shitting me……”

Garn grumbled under his breath as his expression turned into one of desperation.

The three figures that stepped out were most probably goblins, but of a different kind. The one walking in the centre had a sort of royal feel to it. He was wearing a red cape, and the cloth hiding its nether regions also seemed to be of superior quality. With a height of 3 metres and a ripped body, it was probably a leader or something.

The other two beside it were around 2.5 metres tall and were also overflowing with bulky muscles. Both of them were carrying broadswords.

As we retreated back to our comrades at the entrance of the hall, the middle one said something with a wide sinister grin.

“Glob go gob gob!”

The other ‘normal’ goblins also started grinning thus revealing their yellow pointy teeth.

“Hey Mary, what are they?”

I decided to ask my walking encyclopaedia.

“The middle one is a Goblin Lord. It’s like a king of goblins. The other two beside it are Goblin Champions. They are kind of Commanders, I guess?”

She replied sounding bored. On the other hand-


Garn shouted with all his might in a voice full of desperation as he stood in front of us, his back indicating that he was determined to sacrifice his life so that we could run away from here and survive.

Taking that as the cue, the goblins pounced on us. The Goblin Lord and Champions stayed behind, as if they were enjoying an interesting show. A show where humans like us would be hunted by the goblins, our remains would be laid bare for all to see and our dignity would be crushed beneath their feet.

Garn stood in front of us to buy us time. But alas, his sacrifice wasn’t going to be enough. In front of him were 20 goblins, and a Goblin Lord with 2 Goblin Champions waiting behind them. Forget the latter two, Garn would be hard pressed to stop even the 20 goblins. It wasn’t a matter of power; that was just his physical limit combined with the goblins’ desires.

He could handle 10 goblins simultaneously at most, and it’s not like he was the sole target for the goblins. Most probably, the goblins would just try to ignore him and aim at us as out of the four of, three were women.

They would capture the women and kill the men. The women would then be used as their playthings and ‘breeders’, to give birth to young goblins and expand their nest. The two women stripped butt naked and chained behind the throne were further proof of that.

It would be extremely difficult to run away from these goblins, not to mention that this cave was their own turf, and most probably had traps laid out for adventurers trying to run.

While I was thinking all that, the goblins had almost caught up, which actually happened in an instant.

“No! We’ll stay and fight!”

Meanwhile, Irene cried as she readied her bow


While Aulia supported her in her loudest voice that I had heard from her. And that was actually the correct choice. Splitting up while fighting against a goblin horde was the height of folly as that would allow them to single us out, surround and corner us and ultimately defeat us. But Garn was having none of it.

“Don’t be a fucking idiot!” He shouted back while defending against the club of a goblin and turned to me. “Samael! I’ll leave them in your care! Protect them with your life!”

Uhhh, no, isn’t that a bit extreme? How could he ask me to put my life on the line to protect people I met just hours ago? I might consider it for Phiria, but at least not for those two.

Some of the goblins were already ignoring Garn and coming for us. This had turned into one big problem.

So what’s the solution to that problem? There’s no need for one, because I’m going to eliminate the problem itself.

“Well, I guess it cannot be helped. I’ll be stepping in, Mary.”

“Take care.”

She waved me goodbye like a housewife seeing her husband off to work.


As Irene groaned in confusion, I stepped forward and raised my hand.

“Uh, Fire Balls, I guess.”

Around 20 or so fireballs appeared in the air above me, each of them almost a metre in diameter. Before the goblins could decide on their further course of action, I launched the fireballs on them. Each of the fireballs hit a goblin square in its chest and burned it to a crisp. But I did take special care to avoid turning the goblins into ashes or accidentally hitting Garn.

Operation ‘Yeet-those-little-shits’ complete.

Commencing ‘Yeet-those-big-shits’.

The Goblins Lord and Champions were instantly flustered and enraged at the scene in front of them. But before they could move, I jumped from my place and instantly reached up in the air.




「Goblin Lord」
HP: 1690
MP: 98
STR: 301
DEF: 287
AGI: 185



「Goblin Champion」
HP: 1230
MP: 75
STR: 247
DEF: 267
AGI: 219



「Goblin Champion」
HP: 1300
MP: 69
STR: 251
DEF: 269
AGI: 223



Hmm, The Lord was around 6 (6.54 to be exact) times stronger than a normal goblin, while the Champion were around 5 times stronger. But in the end, they were still weak.

It was already clear that with my stats, which were apparently the double of the Hero’s and 7 times the Lord’s, would be more than enough to deal with these fuckers.

But those were, in the end, just theoretical values. I still don’t know the practical significance of having an STR 7 times the STR of the Lord, nor do I know how it would affect combat.

Well, time to find out, I guess. While we are at it, I should check out my new sword as well. The shopkeeper said that the colourless Spirit Stone could adopt the element of its user. But, was that its limit?

I took out the sword to check. And as I had expected, the stone turned black. I had assumed that the ‘darkness’ of Tzeeneth was an element in itself, and as a result, the stone managed to absorb a really small portion of it.

Oh well, even that was enough.

I first of all decided to take down the Goblin Lord who was leading these goblins. I slashed at it with my sword, and it took out its own staff to defend against it. The moment our weapons clashed, the darkness inhabiting the stone creeped out and covered the blade of my sword. As a result-


The sword cleaved the staff and its owner into half. As the Lord’s two sides fell on the ground with a slush, the Champion on the right slashed with its sword horizontally. I evaded it by jumping, and returned a swing of my own, which sliced off its arm.


As it screamed in agony, I cut off its head. The other one tried to attack me from behind, perhaps seeing this as a chance to avenge its comrade or to get all the women. But of course, 7 seconds was all I needed to lop off both of its arms.

As it lay in front of me, defeated, it opened its mouth and let out in its hoarse wheezy voice.

“M………… Mer……cy………”

It can speak? Is it because it’s a Goblin Champion, or is it just a special case? Anyway.

Since the look in its eyes was anything but remorseful, I ended its life. With this, we had achieved our primary objective of eliminating this Goblin nest. Even though we had encountered some unexpected difficulties, we had managed to make it out of it alive.


And so, my first Adventure in this world was brought to its end.




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