Ruler Vol 4 Chapter 25




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


I somehow convinced Garn and Irene to rest and leave the guard duty to me. As I’d predicted, they dozed off the moment they lay down inside the tent. They were quite exhausted after everything that happened inside that cave. With that, I was left alone.

After a few hours, as the sun made its presence known across the horizon, morning arrived. A monster or two did try to attack us in the night, but they had been easily warded off.

“Let’s go.”

We decided to move as soon as morning came; we still had the women we rescued with us after all. Even if Phiria had healed all their injuries, they would still need proper rest, and clothes.

Just like yesterday, I held Depo while Garn held Alia, and together we made our way towards the capital as fast as we could. Thankfully, similar to before, we didn’t encounter any monster on the path we took so our speed didn’t drop.

Before long, we were back at the South Gate. The Gatekeeper did seem surprised to see us come back so soon, but upon seeing the two girls in our arms, he quickly understood that something was wrong and ushered us inside the guard post.

“What happened? Why are you guys back so early? And who are these girls?”

“About that-”

Garn started the story about everything that happened in that cave. About how the goblin nest that was supposed to be comprised of just normal goblins was actually under the rule of a Goblin Lord, which additionally had 2 Goblin Champions working under it. And how that nest had been eliminated with the combined efforts of all of us.

We had already set our story straight; upon encountering the Lord and Champions, we fought together while giving it our all and ultimately prevailed. Of course, there were finer details involved, but they were saved for reporting to the Guild.

“I see. For now.” The gatekeeper took out clothes from the cupboard and handed them to those 2 girls. “Wear this; we can’t have you walking in that attire.”

The girls nodded and went into the room at the back to change. Perhaps because they were experienced adventurers, their willpower hadn’t completely diminished.

“Even if their injuries have been healed, we should take them to the church and get them checked.”


Irene nodded.

“How about this?” Garn started. “We’ll take those two to the church along with the Gatekeeper, while you two can go and report to the Guild.”

He handed me the bag which had the goblins’ noses in them. And since I didn’t have any proper reason to refuse their request, I was forced to take on the task of reporting to Selica. Though to be honest, I didn’t really want to do it.

And so, we (me and Phiria) headed towards the Guild. The Guild wasn’t that far from the South Gate, so even after taking a short skewer-break, we reached it pretty soon.

As one would expect, the Guild was crowded with adventurers looking for a quest or satiating their hunger. We made our way towards the reception desk, which was thankfully being operated by Barge.

“Yo, boss!”

“Y-yo. Have you already completed your quest?”


I showed him the bag containing the noses.

“Okay, let me see….”

He shuffled through the documents at the desk and took out one from it. He then took the bag from me, emptied out its contents in one corner and began looking through it.

“One, two, three- wait.” He took out a large nose from among the small ones. “Isn’t this a Champion’s nose?”

“Oh, so you recognised it? There should be one more there, along with the nose of a Goblin Lord.”


With a quizzical look on his face, he searched through the pile and soon found the nose of the remaining Champion and Lord. He stared at me, then at the noses, and then at me again.

“You know what? I’m calling Selica.”

“Wait why would you do that?”

Let’s resolve this between men, yeah?

“Because she ordered me to call her if you did anything.” He smirked. “Outrageous.”

I didn’t do it. We defeated those goblins together.”

“You can tell that to the Guild Manager herself.”

He said as he went inside the back room with the bag.

“Doesn’t seem like you’ll get the normal adventure you want, Samael.”

Phiria also giggled. Goddamnit!

A short time later, Barge walked out of that room, but the bag was no longer in his hands.

“She’s calling you inside.”

Having no other choice, we walked inside. Selica was sitting behind the desk, leisurely sipping tea. The bag was lying on one corner of the table, while the three noses of their leaders were in front of her.

“Ah, Samael, Mary. Please have a seat.” After we complied. “So, I hear you two have done something admirable again?”

“What do you mean by ‘again’, oi? Those things on your table are the combined efforts of all of us.”

“Please tell me everything that happened there.”

And so, I relayed to her the events that transpired in that cave, after modifying some parts.

“I see, I see.” She nodded. “And, what is the truth?”

“This is the truth.”

“You sure are stubborn, aren’t you? I almost want to use the truth detecting globe, but….”

“Do that and we will leave the Guild.”

“Geez, I’ll be in for one hell of a scolding if that happened. I understand, I’ll accept your testimonies. As for the rewards, here’s your share after splitting up.”

She handed me a pouch, inside which were 7 gold coins and 18 silver coins.

“Gold coins?”

“That’s the worth of a Goblin Lord and two Goblin Champions. Ah, in addition to this, the quest that you two completed is actually a B class quest. So, you only need to complete one more C class quest in order to rank up.”

Ah, there was that system also, right?

“But if you’re willing to agree, I can process your rank up right now.”

She did say that adventurers can rank up at the guild master’s discretion.

“What’s the catch?”

“Absolutely nothing. Think of it as a way of apologising for prying too much into your business.”

“I won’t owe you any favour in return, ya know.”

“That’s fine by me.”

She smiled.

Hmm, that’s a tempting offer; a rank up with no strings attached. But the very fact that she’s the one suggesting it itself is a catch. She might have some ulterior motives, but I have too little information to arrive at a suitable answer.

“All right then, I’ll accept your offer. Please convey that to the third princess.”

“Haha, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Her smile didn’t waver. “Please give me your Guild Cards to make the necessary changes. Oh, and take these.”

She pulled out two pendants, which were in essence just a rectangular metallic plate tied to a chain. The ones she had given to us were made from steel and painted the bright blue colour of Sapphire.

“These are your Adventurer plates. Make sure to never lose them, okay?”

With that, she shooed us out of the room.

“Oh, so you’re Sapphire ranked adventurers now?”

Barge said after seeing our Adventurer Plates.

“So it would seem.”

“Congratulations on your promotion. Rank up again and then you’ll be able to take B class quests.”


With that, we headed towards the tavern to calm our rumbling stomachs. Yet once again, we were being treated specially, and this could not escape the eyes of some of the more observant adventurers. Most of them ignored us, except that one group.

“Heh.” He spat. “Seems like a rich kid.”

The other one who was hungrily gobbling down his food looked up from his plate.

“Heard they just ranked up to Sapphire too.”

“Ha? Didn’t they join, like what, 2 days ago?”

“Yeah. They did. And they seem to be in a pretty intimate relationship with the Guild Master too.”


Do these guys not realise that I can hear them? And there were many other questionable points too. If these guys were in the acting business, they would have produced consecutive flops.


Now, I wonder how things will go from here?




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