ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 021




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama


Chapter 21: A Unique Chain Reaction

Welp, since I cannot really do anything serious until my death penalty wears off, I decided to go and have my weapons fixed.

For the current moment they were the only weapons with appropriate damage output that would allow me to take on strong enemies. So if I can restore their durability, than that is what I want to do. I was planning on visiting the old blacksmith, but……

「Closed…… it says……?」

I mean yeah, it makes sense that a store like that would be closed during the middle of the night, since it wasn’t a convenience store and all, but was it really necessary for NPCs to behave like normal human beings?

Not that all of that thinking of mine was magically going to change the sign from “Closed” to “Open”.

「For now, maybe I’ll wait with restoring the weapons until morning……?」

I say that to myself, but in reality I was one of those people who couldn’t be satisfied with the state of their own equipment until it was fully restored and operational. Not to mention that it would feel downright awkward to move around with damaged weapons. However, there was nothing I could really do about it, so I had to leave the necessary repairs for the clerk first thing in the morning.

「You could say that I am lucky even though I may seem unlucky…… Nngh!?」

All of the trivial thoughts shut down when I look around aimlessly and eventually see something peculiar entering my field of vision. I guess if other people saw me like that they would think I’m acting awfully suspicious, but my eyes follow that foreign object that I managed to notice.


Just then.

There was something in the gap between the buildings, inside of a shady back alley, the one that you would never like to go to in real life. Something that apparently only I could see and it was beckoning me.

「…… Vorpal Bunny?」

No, no, no. Vorpal Bunny is a biped that is holding two knives in its paws. Since they are monsters they are naked, but this one that was beckoning me was wearing an expensive-looking outfit, accompanied by a top hat, monocle and a golden pocket watch. But where have I seen something like that before……? Oh yeah, that’s right! Alice in Wonderland!

「Can monsters really pop up in the middle of the city like that?」

But even if it is possible, why would a monster just beckon random passers-by towards itself? It was impossible to enter battle mode in the middle of the town. For now, it might be worth my while to follow it. It looks like a rare enemy, so if I manage to defeat it, it may drop something really nice…… The moment I thought that there was a window suddenly popping out right in front of my face.

「Do you want to start a unique side-quest “Invitation to the Bunny Country”?」


I manage to stop myself from exclaiming my surprise out loud and look around. Fortunately it was the middle of the night and people were busy doing other things, and the fact that it was right behind the closed weapon shop made it so that hardly any players could be seen in the vicinity.

Unique quests.

That is the element that makes ShanFro such a godly game and it is one of its more distinctive features.

The conditions for unlocking them are unknown. The conditions for accepting them are unknown as well. The rewards from such quests are the best that can come around.

ShanFro’s main storyline revolves around the idea of “Developing the world”, but there are countless other side quests to that main plot line. Unique quests are one of said elements, but nobody knows how many there are or how you trigger them.

However, the rewards for clearing said quests are way better than anything that you could buy or that drop from monsters normally, and there was even a guild out there whose whole purpose for existing was finding as many unique quests as possible.

…… At least that’s what I heard from other players while I was still playing shitty games, posted all over the Internet forums dealing with “Comparing this game to that game.”

「Is this perhaps that thing that people call “Oh, the Iron E”……?」

Sure, it may have been unfortunate that I was killed by the Night Prowler and lost two of my equipment slots as a result, but maybe thanks to that I was now able to accept this unique quest. And while I know that I am going to eventually reclaim my lost equipment slots, it was still a little bit discouraging.

And while my Vorpal Knives were in no condition to fight right now, I still had an abundance of Goblin Hatchets and the pair of Swamp Daggers resting in my inventory.

「Right, let’s give this unique quest a go!」

While thinking it was a chain reaction of lucky events started by encountering the Night Prowler Luukan, I happily pushed the “Yes” button on the window.

Because of that I was unable to read the description of the quest that was right next to it’s name…… and was almost immediately transported into a 「TL Note: Please don’t. Please don’t let it be isekai! Truck-kun is not even here!」 totally different area. 「TL Note: Uff, safe.」

Quest Name
“Invitation to the Bunny Country.”
Recommended level………… Lv 80.

The flags for triggering the unique scenarios are not all known and can be really specific, such as achieving a high enough level…… That is why it is not all that uncommon for the players who have received such quests to intentionally conceal their requirements.

Last but not least, those quests are not repeatable or available for everyone. It is a double-edged sword so when you decline it initially, some other players might snatch them away from you.




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