ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 032




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 32: Human, Rabbit and Bird Head

Thanks to cooperating with Emul…… No, looking back at this fight he was the one who did like eighty percent of the job, we somehow managed to defeat the area boss, the Mud Digger.

Frankly, it was a good experience for me. Mainly because I managed to learn about the fact that some enemies possessed insta-kill moves and that not every single battle could be won solo. I also learned that not every single attack can be interrupted. It was a frustrating discovery, but it was a good kind of frustration this time around.

So until I manage to get on Emul’s level, I must do my best and try not to get in his way too much.

「For now, let’s just proceed to Thirdrema…… Guh.」

Because I still had one HP left, my body felt awfully sluggish and I was in a lot of pain. If we were to engage in another battle right about now, I would be dead for sure. I try to restore some of my HP with potions and medicinal herbs, but surely it would take a while for them to recover my health fully right?

Still, the amount of HP I managed to recover instantly was not so bad, so I had no complaints there.

「A, are you alright?」

「I’m alright. Collateral damage is just collateral damage, nothing that can be done about it.」

「For me it looked more like a fatal wound rather than collateral damage……」

Fuh…… That’s right.

Well, my HP was slowly recovering, so we could finally proceed to Thirdrema without any problems…… Unless that Big Bad Wolf decides to show itself once more.


「What’s wrong? You don’t look so well.」

「No, it’s nothing. I just thought that if it was a flag event something would have already happened by now……」


Wouldn’t now be ideal moment for some monster to try and ambush us? I swear to God, if something like that does happen, I am going to cry!

「Right, so after I upgrade my attributes and repair my things in Thirdrema, we might want to go straight back to Rabbitz. What do you think?」

「Wah……! I think that going to Rabbitz would honestly be the best course of action!」

「Thought as much.」

Well, if it turns out that the next exploration zone is a good place for levelling up, we might spend some more time there. Although I didn’t say that out loud, as to not startle Emul. Together we went towards Thirdrema, while I was still staggering just a little bit.

「Ah, please wait just a moment, Sanraku-san.」


We were about to reach the gate of Thirdrema, where a bunch of other people and NPCs were waiting in line at the town guard’s checkpoint. It seems that when you pass that checkpoint, you will safely arrive into town. Emul stopped me just as I was about to approach that checkpoint.

「If we keep on going that way we are going to be attacked.」

「Hm……? Ah, yeah, I guess. Technically you are still a monster…… But wait, weren’t you going through town without being bothered by anyone the moment we first met?」

Ahh, I only realized it now, but surely he must have appeared inside of the city’s limits via the Teleportation Gate. But he wasn’t just any ordinary monster right now, but a member of my party, so it should be quite alright for him to be able to enter the town together with me. But what if some NPCs start asking question upon seeing him? Should I hide him somewhere? But where? I was half naked, so there was no way that the guards wouldn’t be able to notice him.

While I was wondering about that, Emul touched the bracelet that was on his arm and started to sing some incantation.

「This is one of the secret arts that we, the Vorpal Bunnies possess! Sanraku-san, please watch closely and be amazed! “Metamorphosis!!”(TL NOTE: 177013, nuff said.)」

Bwaah!? What’s this!? For some reason, Emul was wrapped in a really thick smoke screen accompanied by an equally ridiculous sound effect. And when the smoke was blown away, what emerged from it was Emul, but……


「Fuyaah…… No matter how many times I do this, I still can’t quite get used to the feeling of this body……」

…… That’s strange, I thought I was playing a Full Dive game, one of which Japan could feel proud before the whole world. “Creating and Enjoying the vast new world……” that was supposed to be ShangriLa Frontier’s catchphrase, if memory serves me correctly.

「Fufufu, thanks to this here disguise magic, my brethren and I are able to easily merge into human society!」

「Ah, umm…… Rather than a disguise I would call it a freaking anthropomorphism, so it’s something on a completely different level……」

「Whatever do you mean by that!?」

This wasn’t a Dating Sim, so why was he looking like some smoking-hot European-looking woman all of a sudden……?

Where did that adorable little bunny go? And why was he stretching his limbs right now, looking like some sort of a little child that pulled off a prank successfully while he was doing that!?

「Thanks to that I get into town without anyone suspecting anything! But the only downside is that I’m getting so tired after using it that I won’t be able to transform again for quite a while……」

「I see, so that’s how it is. Sneaking into the city’s limits. Like that, monsters can infiltrate human society. But Emul, you are…… No, all of you Vorpal Bunnies are quite the devilish creatures. I was careless with my opinion of you.」


The way that Emul was acting right now with his stretching was similar to that of a fighter flexing his muscles right before the fight in order to show off.

「But I guess that being accompanied by a half-naked bird-face of a person balances our suspicion scale.」


Rather, I think that people will completely ignore Emul and focus their attention solely on me. But without him changing into a human we wouldn’t be able to enter the city’s limits. Or maybe he could act as a monster and cast this spell on me in order to make me look more normal? I must ask him about that some other time. Maybe we’ll start drawing straws to see who would roleplay as who.

「For now, I guess the town is going to be full of gossip about a “Woman who subjugated a bird-man looking monster”……」

To my words, the Emul-lady cocked his head, seemingly unable to understand what I just said.

And just like that, it was hard for me to tell who was a sidekick for who in this game any longer.

Vorpal Soul Ring.
A unique item that allows Vorpal Bunnies to use the unique magic “Metamorphosis”.

Instead of using all of the user’s MP at once and dissolving after a set amount of time, the magic will gradually consume a portion of the user’s MP every set amount of time, until the user uses another spell or his/her MP reaches zero.

In other words, even a monster can become a pretty human for some time!




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