ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 042




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 42: Three Hundred Fantasies and Those who Pursue Them

When it comes to Loser’s Woods, this thing was dangerous. And I’m telling you this after duking it out with Night Prowler Luukan. This thing was really, seriously dangerous.

Getting touched by the toxic vapors oozing out of its body would grant you an instant debuff. Its “hair” roots had a nasty tendency of burying themselves underground and popping out from right under your feet (of course there was motion tracking involved). I’ve heard many disturbing sounds during my career as a gamer, but its blood curdling howl was something that was bound to keep you awake at night. It wasn’t good for your mental health. Anyways, instead of trying to attack it, I truly focused on staying alive during those five long minutes.

Shit, avoiding this thing was hard enough as it is, but with my mental exhaustion slowly catching up to me it was a whole lot harder. And once I stop it will be over for me.

I tried to sneak a strike or two on it in between my dodges and evades, but it was of no use. And it wasn’t like with the Night Prowler, that my attacks kept on bouncing off of it. No, it was something different. They were connecting properly, but nothing was happening.

「Is this thing completely immune to physical attacks……!?」

It would be completely different if it was only because of the difference in stats. If I was indeed hitting it like a wet noodle, it would be possible to drag this out long enough to accumulate some good damage out there. But it wasn’t like that. My attacks weren’t doing any damage. And things would stay that way permanently, since I didn’t know any kind of magic and nothing points to the fact that I will in the future.

The bunnies must have known what was going on, hence the sudden change in condition of clearing the stage. So I resigned myself to doing just that, but that idea of mine was brought to a swift end about twenty seconds later.

「Hey, that’s…… dangerous……!!」

The earth around my feet started to turn into a black bog, and that rotten mass slowly started to erupt. For fuck’s sake, yet another weird attack!?

Loser……For someone with such a name this thing surely has a whole lot of different attacks up its sleeve. And let me guess, each and every single one of those attacks are insta-kills, right? Do you have any idea just how annoying that is? Worse yet, none of its actions were repeating themselves, it was constantly pulling new moves.

However, there was still a chance for me. It stays at the center of the arena at all times, not moving an inch. Its attack also must have a high recast time. This should at leave me with some window to catch my breath.

So it should be okay as long as I don’t get caught in that magical attack for five minutes……

(I don’t really like running away, but I have no choice here……)

So for the next twenty seconds or so I focused solely on dodging whatever magical attack was sent my way, either be it a fireball or a mud splash.

Shit, I’m starting to have a headache…… I want to eat something sweet…… Focus, my brain cells! Focus! Collect information, do your job properly……!

「How am I supposed to clear this game if I simply give up half-way there……!?」

That would mean that this game was worse than even shitty games! Well, the hidden quests could be a little less hidden for my taste, but that’s beside the point right now!

Because of my hesitation, I felt something strange around my feet and I realized that I was caught in that strange mud. I felt as though I wanted to puke. Just then a thought crossed my mind: “This is the way I die.”

Instead of acting like a true hero of the game should, I acted in a really stupid manner. Yup, this is all on me. I felt so embarrassed that I wanted to scream.

So what, does that mean that my mental state won’t allow me to have any more fun with this game? Was there too much godgenium in my system and way too few shittygenium? Was that it? …… It must be.

「Come on, let me do it…… Let me clear you!」

I’m really tired.

The question is, how do I avoid getting myself killed here? This monster is completely immune to my attacks and will continue to overwhelm me with his magic, and eventually this gutter under my feet is going to completely swallow me up.

I know that. Magic is something that is fairly easy to understand and was a nice thing to have in your build. However, my build based around agility was unable to give me anything that would help me deal with magic…… Ahh, dangerous, dangerous.

「Lightning, it should strike some half second after casting……」

It was an attack that I have never seen before, but it would be worth my while to remember about it. Additionally, since it probably wasn’t a homing attack, so it would give me a moment to recover my stamina.

Next will be mud…… Come at me!

「I got this!?」

Remember, his attack patterns!

First goes the fireball, then the earth trap, then the mud geyser, magic chains, lightning, smoke grenade…… and physical attack at close range!

Thinking about it calmly, the attack pattern and the elemental attributes of said attacks were more or less the same. Usually I would pick it up on that fact in an instant, but why I didn’t do that now!? I really need some sugar! I need it badly!

「A monster whose attacks grow stronger and stronger over time, whilst immune to physical attacks…… No, that’s not it.」

If this guy was proficient in killing physical fighters with magic, wouldn’t that mean that he should also be weak to physical attacks…… But it was certainly something else.

Was this the developers assumption that every single player who managed to reach that stage would be proficient in some sort of magic? Clearly that was not the issue here. They would give physical fighters at least some sort of a way to counterattack.

「So, that would mean……」

I could see it now. A path to victory.




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